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2023.03.22 07:01 yellowwelephants Processing

I finally got out of the most horrific four years I have ever been through. It’s been almost two months. I blocked his number and felt so much guilt for it. Only recently have I been having flashbacks to him combing through my social media convinced I was cheating on him. Going through my journals that I eventually stopped writing in (my only outlet since I couldn’t talk to friends or families about what was going on). Combing through Reddit, looking and inspecting me and my body when I hadn’t seen him in a few days. Whenever we would FaceTime he was convinced I was hiding someone in my room. I had such severe anxiety around him. I hate myself for staying as long as I did. He called me names. The lazy, low hanging ones like “fat”. “Bitch”was a favorite one of his, sometimes “fat bitch” together. He called me a “cum dumpster”, because he begged me to open up to him. I confided a time I was drunk at a party and was taken advantage of. He berated me for it for years and years. Always telling me any man would be horrified to be with someone like me. Not to mention he struck me across the face and choked me out. And I stayed. What is wrong with me? He was an addict. Always lying about his sobriety. Using the entire time. Letting me think he was having mental health struggles. The only way his story began to unravel was his nurse broke a HIPPA law and told me he was fine, just high on meth. I was in shock. Anyway, I could write for days about all the trauma I’ve endured that he made me believe I was responsible for. I’m so glad I’m finally free. I’m thankful for this group and to finally not be afraid of him reading this.
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2023.03.22 07:00 Mammoth_Tooth1 teeth on cutlery

I just recently have come across misophonia and I have never related or understood myself more than reading about this disorder. For as long as I can remember, I have always been emotionally annoyed by little things like chewing, cutlery being scraped on plates/bowls/pots/pans, teeth being scraped against cutlery, a fan on that has a ticking noise, low chatter or tv noises when I’m trying to go to bed.
The thing that makes my skin crawl the absolute most is teeth scraping on cutlery. I simply cannot handle it, I have to leave the room or put in headphones. I have a roommate who does this everytime he eats and I get so heated and goosebumpy and angry at the same time.
I am grateful I found this group and can’t believe I haven’t found it sooner. Makes me feel less crazy
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2023.03.22 06:59 Lost_Raspberry_9421 My Sun Conure loves attacking me and my brother

So we have a 3 year old sun conure not sure what it’s gender is. He’s obsessed with my parents and always flies to them and plays with them talks to them kisses them. But since last year he’s become very aggressive towards me and my brother. He’s nothing but loving to my parents but last year I was sitting in my moms room and he flew to my head and sat there and started BITING me showing no mercy and but the living fuck out of me for ten minutes he kept flying back to my mom then to me to continue attacking me my eyebrow was bleeding and I was crying hysterically and gasping for air in pain it was pure hell. He’s obviously not clipped my parents would never clip him because they like him being able to fly to them and everything. Ever since that day if he’s not in his cage he’ll fly to me or my brothers head and bite the shit out of us very hard for no reason. Yet when he’s in his cage he lets me pet him and feed him everything but if he’s open he would murder me if he could lol. I’m not a child and nor is my brother I’m a 21 year old female n my brothers 26. Please help me figure out wtf is going on with my parrot we’re both terrified of him thanks
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2023.03.22 06:58 Legitimate-Key7447 I need advice..

On one of my previous posts, I wrote about my dad being emotionally abusive. I feel today was no different. Out of no where, he got irritated with my mom while she was cleaning our house. When I reacted on that in a rude way which I'm not proud of, my dad started looking for things to throw at me and I had no option but to go to my room. Immediately, he stormed out of our house. Later, my mom comes into the room and says to me, why can't you keep your mouth in control and ur making your dad upset. I'm done with them tbh. My dad does this act frequently. We cannot guess when or how he gets so angry and upset for no reason.
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2023.03.22 06:56 PossibleBlackberry76 M4F) looking for a new role-play partner(s)

Hi there my name is Ty I have several years of roleplay experience I’m a 20 year old male. I’m literate to advanced literate I prefer to write a minimum of three paragraphs per response but I can always go lower then that to match my partner.
I’m looking for a partner that is at least 18+ no minors please, someone’s who’s semi literate or above with a great form of descriptiveness, someone who can use face claims and references for outfits, someone who doesn’t make me feel like I’m carrying the story all to much and I think that’s it.
1~ A blind date set up by mutual friends causes to strangers to go out on the town of New York after the wait staff at the restaurant were out of pocket, (flirting with my or your oc and ext.) My oc is more of a hoodlem doing races at the edge of nights causing him one day to get in a bad accident. (This would be long term into the rp.). (Long term slow burn)
2~ A new restaurant opens up in the ghetto’s of Chicago. Serving breakfast from 7am-4pm. You play as a new higher and I’m the owner of the restaurant. However both The restraunt and I have a dark secret I’m a arms/drug dealer using the reatraunt to launder money and sell drugs and guns. (Long term)
3~ a weird situation. Your my brothers ex wife however your vacation was already planned before the you caught him cheating. We’ve been friends since children and I was the one who introduced you to him. Both our ocs are from West Virginia and the vacation is in New York or somewhere else.
You decided to go and so did I however were from different classes as I’m often getting in trouble with the law and my big brother is a successful businessman who’s rich. I am youngest child and the second oldest brother is who bought my hotel room but as I get to the hotel a couple minutes before you I find out my hotel room was canceled and I have to sleep on the couch of the penthouse room you got. (Long term slow burn)
All my plots are romance/drama/action, and I’d be happy to incorporate some of your ideas as well into them. I have other plots as well some I’ve been wanting to do more then these!
I only use discord to role-play sorry if that’s a deal breaker for you. I have some plots in my head atm but I’d love to hear yours as well. Hope to get a dm from you soon!
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2023.03.22 06:55 BlitzPlease172 A guy from navy invade sensei's house and then died (ft. Karin & thorns)

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2023.03.22 06:51 SmurfSniffer2 Benchtop drill presses with low runout?

I'm on tue market for a benchtop drillpress that will mostly be used for standard drill-press-stuff, but I also plan to buy a decent cross-slide vice for milling wood, plastic and occasionally aluminium (very slowly). This is going in my apartments living room so I cand get a full sized drill press. I checked out some drill presses in local stores and it seemed like the smaller drill presses all have quite a bit of runout. Are there any brands you'd recommend for a small, low-runout drill press?
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2023.03.22 06:50 tiredasubitch [PC] [2014] [Horror game with puzzles]

Platform(s): PC I believe (I watched a YouTube play it)
Genre: Horror
Estimated year of release: around 2014 (peak YouTube game plays I think)
Graphics art style: semi realistic gore, tub full of blood, would show pictures of gore, dark and old setting. Mostly dark colors like black and grey but would have deep blood red to contrast the gore
Notable characters: I don’t remember other characters, you just played as the character
Notable gameplay mechanics: you would pick things up and look at them closer, could be pictures or items, would be like a puzzle to find clues to open safes or doors. Would keep items and use them to open other areas or escape. You use arrows to move to different rooms
Other details: Okay this is just going to be a description if what I remember because I genuinely can't find it. It's an older horror game where you click arrows to go through an old house and there are puzzles throughout the house to keep moving on. I don't remember if this is a different game from the same creator or not but later on you end up at another house and in the vents a body pops up. Then you end up at a church and realize the apocalypse is about to happen? A similar game style to another game where you go through a mansion with all of these weird things to do an interview or something and you end up going into a maze finding a cabin where there is a man murdered? Please help me I'm desperate to find the names of them
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2023.03.22 06:50 TARecoveringAA Landlord sent me a bill for his son's birthday present and tried to evict me when I didn't pay it.

It was recently my landlord's son's birthday, who I get along with decently. I wouldn't say we're friends, but we've had the occasional conversation and spent time together before because we have mutual hobbies. Over the past year or so though, I've grown apart from the son because every time I tried to invite him to something, he'd cancel last minute with a long-winded excuse as to what happened. Whatever though, not all friendships work out.
So as his birthday was coming around, my landlord asked if I had any idea what his son might want as a gift, and I let my landlord know about a specific game that his son had been interested in. It was Twilight Imperium 4th edition for anyone who's curious. The whole game runs about $150.
After I let my landlord know that his son wanted this game, my landlord mentioned that the game was really expensive, especially for some plastic and a little bit of cardboard. I agreed that it was a bit pricey, but assured him that $150 for that game was fairly reasonable. It took a little convincing, and showing him comparable games, but after a while, my landlord agreed that $150 for the new version was a worthwhile expense for his son.
Then my landlord asked me what I was going to get his son for his birthday, and I let him know that I wasn't planning on getting his son anything. I hadn't really seen his son in a few months, and we didn't speak regularly so it felt weird giving him an unexpected gift. I also wasn't invited to the son's birthday party, which I heard about secondhand, so I figured this meant I was in the clear to not get him a gift.
So some time goes by, and when my landlord's son's birthday comes around, he sends me a huge thank you for the birthday gift. It came out of nowhere, because I didn't get him a gift, and I didn't even wish him a happy birthday. I replied to ask what he was talking about, and he just sent me a picture of the game, with a tag on it that said it was from my landlord and me. I just told him to enjoy it and decided not to burst his bubble that I didn't get him anything.
Now, I have an awkward living situation, where my landlord is also my roommate, so when I got home I let my landlord know that I appreciated him saying the gift was from both of us, but I asked him not to do it again in the future. I felt weird about him giving out a gift from me without my knowledge or permission. He said that was no problem, but then he let me know my portion of the gift was $75. At this point, I was feeling really confused, and I asked him why my portion was $75. I didn't agree to split it, and I told him I wouldn't be getting his son a gift.
My landlord simply started insisting that it was implied we would split the cost of the gift, and the only reason he bought such an expensive gift is that he thought I was going to split it with him. I told him no, it was an unreasonable expectation and again reminded him that I was not going to get his son a gift. My landlord then brought up that my not getting a gift was what implied that I wanted to split the cost and send a mutual gift. I again replied no, that's a completely unreasonable jump in reasoning. The conversation ended with passive-aggressive tension and me just going to my room.
A few days later, I received my utility bills, which I split with my landlord and pay in the middle of the month. At the end, there was an extra charge of $75 that didn't say what it was. Naturally, I asked what the $75 was, and my landlord again started insisting that I had to pay a fair share of his son's gift, and it would be expected at the same time as every other utility. I didn't even reply as I set the bill down and gave him everything but the $75 for the gift. He started counting it and told me I was short the $75, to which I just walked away.
A few more days passed, and when I got home I found an eviction notice for failure to pay my entire utility bill. I've already arranged to simply move out at this point because this isn't the first issue I've had with my landlord, but the eviction notice just sealed it for me. I gave my landlord my 30-day notice that I was leaving, and I've been avoiding him during the little bit of time I'm at home each night.
I also don't think anything will come of the eviction, especially since proper protocol for California wasn't followed in giving it to me. That being said, I am absolutely seething in anger at that cheap-ass piece of garbage.
Also, my landlord's son is a 29-year-old man if you're wondering.
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2023.03.22 06:49 Darkness-Prevails-63 Creepy moaning heard in apartment bedroom while home alone

I was home alone one day and I was playing some songs through my phone, but I had headphones on. I was experimenting with the sound recorder I downloaded and had it going as I listened to the song. A little later, I listened to the audio and noticed that the song was being played aloud rather than through the headphones, and I caught this terrifying, nightmarish moan that sounded as if it was in the room with me, I did not hear anything but the song. I've seen things, and heard things before, but never like that. Does anyone know what kind of spirit could make that sound? Or how it could've gotten there? Also, I'd love to share the sound with you, but I'm not sure how to add it to my post here.
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2023.03.22 06:48 Unmanned_user628 Starting my journey

I apologize for the following rant, but I need to write down how I feel, and just get it out. When I was about 6-7 years old I started watching soft core stuff on YouTube like kissing compilations. Those videos soon turned into full porn, and by the time I was 11 I was on the hub almost daily. I'm now 14, and about a month ago I dropped my best friend because he was bad for my mental health, and the visits to the hub got more common. As of a few days ago I have decided to quit porn, and the feelings are really hard to overcome. Every day I sit in my room with the lights off for hours on end and feel no motivation to do anything. Despite these awful feelings I and going to push through this and end my addiction. Thank you in advance for any words of encouragement.
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2023.03.22 06:47 Longjumping_Dance101 Getting tired of being with my husband

So I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few years ago and my husband was there when I got the diagnosis. The last couple of years since having it I have slowly been getting worse and my husband doesn’t seem to be helping me with this at all. I tell him time after time that I am tired and my overall health hasn’t been well and he doesn’t help at all. I was in the hospital a few weeks ago and the whole time in the waiting room he’s complaining and wanting to leave me there alone he did end up leaving midway through and when he comes back he’s still just complaining about being there with me. When we get home that night as I was able to leave with him we get home at 1 in the morning and he still didn’t help me by taking out our dogs even though I very much am still not feeling up to it. (We live in an apartment and have to walk them)I’m tired of it and living like this but I know I can’t leave because I can’t afford health insurance at this moment I am still in college and just only started. At this point idk what to do I know it’s shallow of me to only stick around for the insurance but there’s so much more that I have dealt with him that I honestly don’t feel bad. I’ve tried to get him to go to marriage counseling many time but he won’t. Can I get any advice on what I should do?
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2023.03.22 06:47 seedling-ghostling Healing through reflection bursts

I've become numb to simple pleasures of life as if I have lost my awe and wonder and have forgotten to be grateful. I had an unstable upbringing, always moving around with my mum to reside at her temporary boyfriends houses to stay away from home with dad (who I now feel deeply empathetic towards). I grew up in a third world country, where my mum is from - my dad is a foreigner. My mum knew there wasn't much for me in this small town... (I was the only "white/mixed" kid in school. She has always been free spirited maybe sometimes a bit too much where she isn't really my mum, but more of a friend.. My family were very broke..I remember debt collectors would come knocking on our doors with death threats..She knew I always wanted to live in the country my dad was from..Cleaner environment, public transport, free healthcare and maybe I can make some friends. So we left.. I remember calling my dad on the phone while I was at the airport telling him mum and I weren't coming home.... My mum and I stayed at her sisters tiny unit (my aunt). It was a 2 bedroom, with my aunt and her partner and her two kids. Mum and I would sleep in the same bed on the floor of the kids room until I could get a part-time job and move into a sharehouse (I was 15 at this point) I was enrolled into highscool, would work after work and on weekends just to make ends meet, and was able to get into a sharehouse with my own room. My mum had to go back to her country due to financial and visa issues. And I've been on my own since. I loved making friends, but it was hard for me to accept that the people I met here were born here, or grew up here. And they had family homes, and pets and stable finances and connections. So my friends focus was purely on what they wanted to do and who to be. I never told anyone about how envious I was, it's hard to admit to say I was envious but I was definitely hurt. "Why not me". Friendships became harder to maintain when people wanted to go to the beach or the next party but I was always working just to keep a roof over my head or food on my plate. Or even, send my mum a little bit of money because she couldn't make ends meet back in her country... At 17, I was introduced to drugs. And I lost control. It took away all my stresses, I felt free.. Eventually the escape was all I wanted.. I stopped going to school. I stopped going to work.. I got evicted.. I couch surfed at a few peoples places that did drugs..I started stealing for clothes..and for coins I would find to buy more drugs because I couldn't come to terms with how my life was heading. Then, I took 2CI - a synthetic LSD with a group of people I didn't really know. I went into psychosis.. And couldn't come out of it.. I would get emails from my mum and dad asking whats happening where am I why am I not responding. My aunt must have called the police on me, as they rocked up to my friends place looking for me. I ignored it all. Finally I reached out and said..I need help, I need to come home. And dear god, there must be something out there protecting me or the mind can work in really mysterious ways. I managed to get on a flight back home with borrowed money. I was exteremly underweight and didnt have nice clothes. My mum was horrified. My mind eventually couldn't come to terms with how everything has turned out and I lost it.. I remember waking up in hospital and asking what the date was.. 3 months had passed. I was diagnosed of schizrophrenia, bipolar 2, psychosis
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2023.03.22 06:47 5Cloudy4Dayz1 Found this while replacing a breaker....

While replacing a faulty breaker in an apartment today I found what appears to be two lines with a pigtail going to the breaker. Same way with the netrual. Is this standard practice or code for multi family residential in the state of Georgia? The label on the panel face plate said kitchen, dining room front door wall.
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2023.03.22 06:46 jsingleton86 Atlantis on Prime Video...

So, I stopping being a sucker when Amazon raised the price of Prime LAST time, but got caught in their sneaky " is a free month on us!" nag and accidentally accepted it. So while I'm stuck with it for a month (They literally force you to keep it even after cancelling it, presumably to nag you again when the month is up I decided to check out Prime Video again. I saw that Atlantis was back on it. That was actually one of the (many) reasons why I stopped paying for it.
Anyway, I noticed that now have the crappy edited for syndication version? The same as Hulu? Most noticeable is the scene where Ford and Sheppard go through the gate to go to Atlantis for the first time and Sheppard asked Ford what it was like to go through the gate. Ford says it hurts like hell, and then laughs as he jumps backwards through the gate. (Which would have led to him falling on his ass in the Atlantis gate room.) And the last time I watched on Prime, this scene was intact. But now, it is like the Hulu version where Sheppard asking Ford about it is totally gone, so all we see if Ford laughing and jumping backward through the gate, which is just plain odd with no context.
Seems odd that with the Amazon MGM deal finally going through that they would have the syndication edits and not the full versions. especially when they had the better versions before. (And funnily, I still has all my placeholders from years ago.)
Does it also have the fade outs and ins where commercial breaks used to be? And in some cases the commercial bumpers? That as another good part of the old Prime Video version. Those were edited out so the flow of the episode was not interrupted
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2023.03.22 06:45 Sadieofthebabies Advice for carpet

Hi I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask for this kinda advice but I'm really desperate. Earlier today I wanted to freshen up my room and so I bought some oxy pet odor remover.
When I first poured the powder the scent wasn't very strong but after I let it set for 9 minutes it got extremely strong and overwhelming. My entire house reeks of this stuff now.
I've got a dehumidifier running, a fan and I left my window open for over three hours and the scent is still extremely strong. I also vacuumed up as much as I possibly could of the powder.
I have asthma and it's really affecting my lungs bad and I'm really stressed out I accidentally scent bombed my house so bad I can't be in it. I read some carpet scents can last for days before going away. Any advice on how to get the smell to calm down would be great.
I don't own my home, I'm renting and my carpet is not safe for any kind of bleach products as a heads up. Thanks. Sorry if this isn't the correct place to ask!
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2023.03.22 06:43 jsgunn The Mother of Heroes Part 12

This happened in the final few weeks of my senior year. I was getting ready to graduate, and trying to decide if I should pass the reins to Amy 3, Pepper or Hannah the eviscerator. I'd undecorated my room, and was getting some studying done for finals, up way past my bedtime when there was a tap tap tap at my window. I looked to see a figure silhouetted against the dark night. I pointed towards the front door and, with a sigh, went to meet the person who'd be keeping me up.
I should have known who it was when I grabbed the door knob and felt it was ice cold. Not realizing the value of these omens, I opened the door to see Dahlia the harpy. She was certainly in a state, hair a mess, cheaters molting, with streaks of mascara running down her face. Her eyes were red from crying. I mean redder than usual. In a pitiable voice she asked "are you Shannon?" I said that I was. She asked if I still let anyone come to me with any problem. I said I did. She said "we haven't met, but my name is Dahlia. Will you help me?"
I stood slackjawed for a moment until a sniff snapped me out of it. I took a moment and thought WWHD (what would Helga do) and decided I would. So I invited her in, grabbed two pints of butter pecan, and sat down. I grabbed two pints because I didn't want to split one with her, and because I knew I'd need my own to get through this one.
She took a bite and then just sorta melted back into her human form, and for a minute just cried. When the wailing subsided, I asked her what her trouble was.
"I'm pregnant." She said. I'll admit with some guilt that the first thing I felt was relief. I was afraid she'd killed an adventurer and was trying to dispose of the body, but by now I'd handled unexpected pregnancies enough to be back on familiar territory. Then through the sobs she explained "I haven't seen my boyfriend in six months and I got lonely and…"
The relief gave way to white hot rage. She'd taken the one guy who had shown any interest without also being either insane or with one foot in the grave, and she had the audacity to do this? "WWHD" I whispered to myself. I realized I'd crushed my pint in my fist and forced my hand to unclench.
Dahlia continued "and Ethan is coming out in two weeks for graduation and I don't know what to do. I could sleep with him and then say…"
"FUCK" I shouted and sprang to my feet. It took everything in me to not strangle that woman where she sat. She looked up at me alarmed and afraid and I shouted "I SPILLED MY ICE CREAM AND I NEED TO GET A TOWEL." I shouted this loud enough that a few curious heads peeked out of their dorms.
Hannah asked if I was ok as I walked by. She heard me muttering "don't kill her don't kill her" and asked if I wanted her to take over.
I replied "no, but I'm going to need you on standby for afterwards. For me." I made it back to my room, screamed as loud as I could into my pillow, got a towel, composed myself and returned to face the monster. I cleaned up the spilled ice cream and was about to sit down, but then I looked at her and my eye twitched and I said "HANG ON LET ME PUT THIS IN THE LAUNDRY."
I was something that resembled composed when I finally got back, less than three minutes after my outburst, and I was able to pick up my ice cream and resume the conversation. Now given its prevalence in the story, it may surprise you to find out that while I do like butter pecan, it isn't my favorite. I don't know why it became the universal comfort ice cream of my college days, but it seemed everyone liked it and it worked to cheer them up so I didn't question it. The rest of that pint, though, tasted like ashes.
Dahila explained that when she told the father she was pregnant and it was his he'd literally run away, blocked her on everything and last she'd heard he'd left the state. Given that Dahlia was an eye eating harpy this response was understandable but absolutely detestable.
"Deliah, honey." That word was a struggle to get out. "Why would you do that? The thing with Ethan?"
She looked up at me and there was only despair in her eyes. "Because if I don't I… I'm… I'm afraid."
"Afraid of what, honey?" I asked.
Her answer was a whisper. "I can't do it on my own." And in that moment I felt a little better about not slamming the door in her face. I let her comment hang for a minute and she continued. "My mom was a single mom, and I never knew my dad and she… I don't want to be like her." Her voice broke. "I can't be like her, Shannon. Please."
I realized what she wanted. She wanted my approval to go ahead with Ethan, for me to tell her that that was the right thing to do. And if she wanted me to tell her that, it meant that she knew it was the wrong thing. I considered my next words carefully. "Dahlia, you're a senior. You're about to graduate. What kind of degree did your mom have?"
"She got her GED when I was nine."
"Well there you go, honey. You're already miles ahead." I said, false sunshine in my voice.
"But what if…"
"Yeah, the job marker sucks right now. But you're Dahlia the h…" I was going to say harpy. "The mighty. You can do this."
"But Ethan… what if I need him?"
I wanted to pull a Hannah, to verbally give her the ol KA LI MA and verbally rip out her heart, but I held myself in check. "Dahlia, you know that this plan of yours is wrong." I said, a little more sternly than I meant to. She started to protest but I interrupted her. "It's also setting you up for misery. You'll live in fear. What if he finds out? What if he realizes? What if he does the math and realizes that you can't deliver at a full 40 weeks if you've only been pregnant 32 weeks. What if he does a DNA test for one of those heritage websites? He might not know, but you will, Dahlia. You'll always know, and it will eat you up inside. What happens if, in ten years, you get in a fight and get drunk and decide to tell him, just to see how much it hurts him? Because it will hurt him. It will kill him. Do you think he's earned that?"
She just cried. She cried and cried and cried. And finally, in the smallest voice, she whispered "no".
"Then you have to do the right thing."
"I can't!" She shouted, then cried some more. "Will you help me? Please?"
Come to Shannon with your problems! She'll always do whatever she can. I got the number from her, and with each digit I dialed I cursed the stupid reputation I'd cultivated. I almost came close to even considering to curse Helga for believing in me.
The phone rang, and with each a sprout of hope blossomed in my heart, hope that it would go to voice-mail. And at last my prayers were answered! "It's Ethan, leave a message. If this is mom, hi mom!" Beep. I hung up, relief flooding into me. I tossed my phone down on the table and took another bite of ice cream.
Then I heard it.
The wrrr wrrr wrrr of my phone vibrating on the table. I recognized the number. Dahlia looked at me, a silent plea in her eyes.
I answered it on speaker. "Hello?" I said.
"Hey, I missed a call from this number?" Ethan said, from his voice he'd been asleep.
"Hi is this Ethan? Hi, my name is Shannon McMatthews, I'm the RA of dorm 6." I waited a moment for a reply.
Well I suppose that one was on me, I didn't give him much to go on. "Now don't worry" I was about to say that nothing was wrong but that wasn't the truth. "She's not hurt, but I'm here with Dahlia. She needs to talk to you."
I clicked it off speaker and slid my phone over to Dahlia, who took it in shaking hands. I said "I'll give you some privacy. Come knock on my door when you're done."
She did a few minutes later and from her expression I knew how the call went. I just took my phone back and hugged her. She didn't want to talk more, so I walked her back to her dorm, returned to my own and then cried my eyes out. I told Hannah what had happened, and then without explaining to them what was wrong, she got the other girls to come out. And I cried. Because it's me and I guess that's my thing. I realized I'd been burying my feelings. That I didn't want this to end with graduation.
Pepper started it. One by one they took turns telling me about how I'd helped them, about when I'd been there for them, about what I'd done for them. They told me they loved me, how much it meant to just know I was there. Rachel said she thought of me as a big sister. Amy 2 said I was like the mom she never had. Hannah said I'd given her a voice. Girls, if any of you are reading this, know that it was a pleasure and an honor to have been there for you. I remember every single thing you said, I've written it on my heart and the memory of that night is one I cherish dearly.
Classes the next day could fuck right off, though.
I talked to Dahlia a few months ago, and found she'd really turned herself around. Brayden (of course) is a really cute kid. Dahlia herself is doing great. She works for a non profit helping single mothers. She did a bunch of therapy and is working on her MSW. I asked if she was dating anyone and to my delight she said "not at the moment, but it's fine, I might want a man but I don't need one." She's also stopped eating eyes. Well, she's stopped eating HUMAN eyes. So that's a start.
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2023.03.22 06:42 spicycucumber17 Help!! Water is coming out of my bathroom drain when i shower

Hello everyone, yesterday i tried running a shower and the water went through the shower drain fine. However, in the second drain on my bathroom floor, the water was coming back up, and my entire room flooded. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this or idea what could be going on?
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2023.03.22 06:41 TBBPat I broke a Looter chest in creative by mistake on my server, Help?

So to get this out of the way I host a Minecraft server and won't go into it more on this sub for fear of breaking the advertising rule. On my server, I do a lot of custom builds and rebuilds, and rn I'm rebuilding a desert temple. While breaking some blocks I ended up breaking one of the lootr mods' chests and now I'm panicking trying to figure out how to fix this as it was going to be the main loot room of the "dungeon" I was making. If anyone knows how to fix this I would greatly appreciate the help.
Note: I don't have a world edit of any kind.
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2023.03.22 06:41 fatigued- slowly getting the help i need but a bit frustrated by the world/the pace of getting help

So i posted a while ago in desparate need of help, asking how to get a social worker because I cannot keep trying to do it all myself.

I ended up getting a disability peer counselor through Independent Living Resources which is an organization in the US with like 400 branches across the US. They have been tremendously helpful and i feel like i finally have hope again! Theyre helping me get state healthcare, food stamps, improving my living space, finding out how to get a wheelchair and ramp, hire a parttime caregiver, all sorts of stuff. They even came over and took out my trash.

That being said, I am still basically at home mostly in bed all day every day. My body is getting a lot weaker because i am not able to get up and do things or even spend much time sitting up. i took out the trash today and it was pretty hard. My legs are very weak--they were already weakened which is why I am in bed, I don't have a wheelchair yet, just crutches and a cane that only are enough on some days, but now my legs are weaker because I cant use them much so the muscle is fading.

I guess I'm just kind of frustrated because like, if the world operated in a world where everyone cared about each other and things were produced so that people could use them instead of so people can make money off of em and not everyone can access them, I would probably already have a ramp and a wheelchair by now, and maybe someone would have come help me set up my room so I can have proper seating so I don't have to always be lying down (i don't own a proper chair yet). Maybe there would be more community meal sharing and I could have access to nuritious cooked food even on tired days. I think part of my body declining so fast is because I am barely eating anything some days.

I'm not sure how this all will go, how long it will take to get everything I need. I want to get a chair and a wheelchair as soon as possible. And a parttime caregiver so I can access cooked food more easily.

I am just kind of sad watching how long this is taking and my body falling apart because it is taking so long. I am only 25. I have been declining for a few years, steeper decline began in 2021 due to covid infection adding on new issues, then another covid infection 2022, then even steeper decline that i dont remember why it started honestly but a few months ago onward has been much harder.

I know also I am incredibly incredibly lucky because a lot of people in my position would be homeless and then the process would be starting further back and harder and with more exhausting elements. However I wish the world was built for everyone so everyone could get a wheelchair as soon as they need it, and I wish people who loved to cook could take turns cooking for people in their neighborhoods so those of us who can't cook as easily can access good food.
I have a lot that I do for my community, helping others navigate new disability, connecting people to local resources, educating people on various ways to keep themselves safe, and listening to people when they need someone to talk to. But there arent enough people helping each other with material things like food and stuff. I have family support for some things and they might be able to help buy the wheelchair but I cant buy a wheelchair without figuring out a ramp.

Anyway that is my rant. I wish help was available sooner because I know the more my body declines the harder it will be for me to make progress in physical therapy and stuff. I don't think returning to how I was before covid worsened my existing disabilities is in the cards tbh but i would like to at least be able to do some things again. I was always very passionate about teaching children, I wish I could find a way to do that again.

Overall I think I'm pretty happy and happier than most people I know because overall I am very very lucky and I try to pay that back to the world where I can but I'm certainly also quite a bit sad about my body. I miss feeling strong, I was never very strong but I was stronger than I am now and working on getting stronger. I have my music and art though and I just hope this summer I will have an electric wheelchair I can use to get out in the sun 💖
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2023.03.22 06:38 Inside-Perspective57 AM constantly body shaming

My AM just came into my room for no reason and told me how I look fatter now and how I should eat less from now on. I might have actually gained weight (a couple of pounds) recently, but this is not the first time AM has randomly started judging how I gained more weight. Whenever she looks me up and down, I know she'll be commenting on my body/looks in a moment, whether it's a positive or negative one (it's mostly the negative ones tho haha).
I'm so sick of my AM talking about my body and justifying it by saying that "It's all for you to look better in front of other people". I'm not only becoming more insecure with how I look but also becoming indecisive with the clothes I buy, hair dye color, etc. In fact, I dyed my hair silver just because my mom wanted it, although the color turned out to be dark brown. Deep in my mind, I really wanted dark red hair.
But going back to the "gaining weight", my mom has always been proud of herself for raising me "skinny" (normal weight but in the lower range). As my height stopped growing a few years ago, however, I gained some weight and now have a very normal weight that is not considered to be "skinny" anymore. I think my mom has pretty disappointed by it, so today she couldn't help herself but tell me to eat less.
I'm gonna skip dinner tomorrow. I don't want to deal with these anymore and I can starve one meal for that.
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2023.03.22 06:37 Positive_Use_8304 Mimics and general weirdness in my new apartment

I moved into a new apartment in January and at first chocked the weirdness up to my paranoia. I have been hearing things while I’m in the bathroom and home along. Two times it’s been my boyfriend’s voice clearly speaking to me when he’s not home, and two times it was my dog who has a very distinct whine (I know that sounds so cliche but he’s a cranky old dog and has almost theatrical sound effects). We have some magnetic spice shelves on the fridge, and yesterday I looked over at one right as it began slowly tilting forward off the fridge. All it had on it at the time were two spice jars and some honey, and can withstand much higher weights. I checked to make sure the magnet was secured but when I realized they are I got spooked and busied myself with other things. I went to fill the bathtub up to soak a delicate scarf, but knew the water would take a second to warm up so after I turned the tub on I left the room to get my phone. When I returned the water had been switched to the shower setting rather than the faucet, which takes some strength. I got so freaked out and ran to the living room. I couldn’t move until my boyfriend got home. I started searching things about our town and found a dead files episode about the whole town being haunted (I started the episode but embarked on some adhd fueled mission halfway through, so I’m not sure how that was resolved). Oddly enough the beginning of the episode takes place at a local crystal shop (that I go to!) and goes into how a male spirit will mess with people in the bathroom and also follow people home.
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