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2010.11.13 18:48 Highsight Fallout Mods

Everything Fallout modding, from Fallout 1 to Fallout 4 and everything in between.

2018.09.13 15:01 nicnice Seiko Watch Mods

A space to share/discuss Seiko Watches you have customised or modded. Want to ask questions about you Seiko Modding? or you just want to show off your Seiko? This is the place to post!

2011.08.14 17:25 TES V: Skyrim Modding Community

Welcome to /SkyrimMods! We are Reddit's primary hub for all things modding, from troubleshooting for beginners to creation of mods by experts. We ask that you please take a minute to read through the rules and check out the resources provided before creating a post, especially if you are new here. :)

2023.03.16 00:50 arthur_forthe_illos can someone tell me why this happens?? its the lazybones save editor by the way

can someone tell me why this happens?? its the lazybones save editor by the way submitted by arthur_forthe_illos to dbxv [link] [comments]

2023.03.12 22:35 No-Contract-5266 Game refuses to save everything but customizations

I've modded my game slightly just characters, super souls and some skills/transformations and the dbxv2 revamp mod my game refuses to save story and parallel quest progress, I'm open to any suggestions
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2023.02.19 11:20 proworth How is this allowed on Youtube 😭😭

submitted by proworth to Ningen [link] [comments]

2023.01.04 01:41 Slight_Ad_1456 Are there any good mods that help with FPS on DBXV2?

And or recommendations on how to get the FPS any higher
submitted by Slight_Ad_1456 to dbxv [link] [comments]

2023.01.03 02:12 ProjectShadowGirl Used a DBXV2 mods of this and did a photo mode thing....look, I do other stuff but this is just me having fun with photo mode.

Used a DBXV2 mods of this and did a photo mode thing....look, I do other stuff but this is just me having fun with photo mode. submitted by ProjectShadowGirl to DragonBallXenoverse2 [link] [comments]

2022.12.30 11:12 Imperator_cz1 PVP

I've recently bought Xenoverse 2, but found out that noone on computer plays PVP online without mods and stuff. Does anyone here have an active community for playing DBXV2?
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2022.12.25 21:15 SengokuPeriodWarrior Got DBXV2 on PC for Christmas and want to install mods, but...

...I need some info on how to do so without fucking up my game. Is there a detailed tutorial out there on how to do this, whether on the subreddit itself or somewhere else? Links would also be appreciated
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2022.12.04 17:35 DanioNinja modding on linux

do anyone know how to mod dbxv2 on linux?
submitted by DanioNinja to dbxv [link] [comments]

2022.11.28 19:15 Intelligent-Mousse66 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 file transfer

I trying to transfer my cac characters from an old version of DBXV2 so I can mod it but I have no idea how to transfer my data from the files. I haven't modified any files and it's pre downloaded
submitted by Intelligent-Mousse66 to PiratedGames [link] [comments]

2022.11.20 03:11 n88thegreat hair mods for dbxv2

Trying to add some hair mods and it says I need to replace files in the hum folder with the same name however those names aren't present was this method patched out and will it work online after I do this or is this not counted as a mod? Thanks in advanced
submitted by n88thegreat to dbxv [link] [comments]

2022.11.12 02:11 Different_Bat_3480 Dbxv2 INS errors

So, I recently reinstalled DBXV2, I had installed some eye replacement mods prior, so I made the (probably really stupid) decision of deleting all the files in the directory and verifying the integrity of my games files, fast forward to now, I install XV2 patcher and launch the INS, only to be greeted with some "std::basic_string, failed on char FIO and InitChar list failed " errors, can someone help? do I downgrade or does my patcher just need an update?
submitted by Different_Bat_3480 to dbxv [link] [comments]

2022.11.11 23:27 DanioNinja modding dbxv2 on linux

Do anybody know how to mod dbxv2 on linux?
submitted by DanioNinja to dbxv [link] [comments]

2022.11.10 23:13 Yopobeep Is it possible to downgrade Xenoverse 2's version on steam?

I pretty much just bought Xenoverse 2 on steam like yesterday, and wanted to try out the DBXV2 Revamp mod for some fun, but quickly realized none of the modding tools for the game are at the most recent version
Tried to look it up for a while and while i found some solutions for downgrading my game version, none of them really worked. If anyone can help me with this it'd be greatly appreciated.
submitted by Yopobeep to DragonBallXenoverse2 [link] [comments]

2022.10.14 13:25 LoadingPower454 dbxv2 mod help

Hi there, I hope everyone is well, I'm currently having trouble with downloading transformation mods as I have quite a few as it is but when I go to install more it keeps coming up with an error saying, bool_cdecl X2mfile::InstallCostumePartSets(void):Overflow, cannot assign suitable(s) parset(s) I'd(s) and will say that it has failed to install file and then the file name and will close down the x2m application. Would anyone know why it is doing this? And is there a way to fix it?
submitted by LoadingPower454 to DragonBallXenoverse2 [link] [comments]

2022.10.12 05:40 AutisticOutlaw on behalf of the modding community, i must say

If u mod in this game just to win pvp.
Your a sc*mbag.
we do not welcome you in the dbxv2 modding community any more, get out.
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2022.10.10 01:35 Someonewasnthere27 DBXV2.exe

Okay so I have been trying and so far failing to mod XenoVerse 2 on steam deck so far iv gotten xv2.ins to install mods via bottles, and DBXV2.exe to start up XenoVerse 2 from steam but it shows a black screen then crashes if anyone knows a fix to this that would be noice.
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2022.10.07 20:28 testing35 custom movesets?

i have been trying to give my cac's custom movesets in dbxv2 and have transfered them into characters instead of cac's, 2 questions tho. can you add a moveset per preset and how do you add completely modded movesets?
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2022.09.21 21:03 Old-Run-8974 I cant download mods on DBXV2

Guys, Can Someone Help me?
When i open my DBXV2 (Crack) it says my version is 1.18 but, whenever i try to use the dbxv2 patcher and installer, it says my version is 1.16.1
(i used to play on that version but i deleted the game then a few months later i found the crack of 1.18 so i downloaded it) please.. i wanna download mods
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2022.09.19 03:53 4_Legged_Duck What mods do you trust?

As I'm coming back to DBXV2, I'm seeing the modding community has shifted a bit. It's probably been uh... a year and a half to two years since I played it seriously. Least that's what it feels like. I never got into mods but I'm looking to upgrade my Steam version a bit to make another go enjoyable. In particular, I'd like to get a lot of the equipment I've missed out on.
What mod sites and walkthroughs do you all trust and use? Are there any mods you find particularly fun for revisiting the game?
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2022.09.13 15:48 qqbang12 I need xv2 mods installer for dbxv2 version 1.16.1

please i need him my mod installer don't work
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2022.09.11 12:05 Optimal_Low_3429 xv2 path

I installed DBXV2 yesterday and I wanted to install mods because ive played that story on my ps4 before. I started the xv2ins folder and had to choose the path. I guess i selected the right path but as soon as i clicked on next a message appeared saying "dlc key 2 not 1", and 3 other messages with like something about characters, FOK and dlcs Does anybody know what to do here?
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2022.08.26 16:05 jolynekujosbf DBXV2M infinite loading screen glitch

I saw a YouTube video that opens a dbxv2 file from his local disk but I don’t have that option how do I fix this glitch?
I’m new to mods and just downloaded my first yesterday, they worked but I couldn’t really test them out bc it wouldn’t let me in training.
Update: I figured out how to stop the infinite loading screen but now my game randomly freezes and I can look at the tab but not Escape or X out of it, only way to get rid of it is turning off my PC entirely
UPDATE AGAIN : I fixed the random freezes but I need help knowing how to Drag and Drog mods like tryzicks hair packs an such.
submitted by jolynekujosbf to DragonBallXenoverse2 [link] [comments]