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2023.06.02 23:36 Roselove91 AITAH for snapping at my husband and not apologizing

On mobile so I apologize for formatting also this is my first post.
So to give a little back story I've gained weight since I left the military and have had a hard time losing and keeping it off. It is a very sensitive subject for me and my Dr's have no explanation as to why I struggle so much. I cut out most sugar and do my best to eat healthy. I have 2 small children who have a lot of after school activities so it isn't always easy finding time to get to the gym. I asked my husband for some help in pushing me to get to the gym more and over all I have been better. I had a plan to go to a class at the gym today but when I walked out of work I saw how beautiful it was out and called my husband to suggest taking the kids to the pool since the weather here has been awful for the last 2 weeks. He argued that it was changing schedule last minute and asked if I just didn't want to go to the gym. It hit a nerve because it isn't the first time he has said it and I got a little snappy I've told him before that those comments do not help me at all. I'm about to go into the gym now but I haven't really talked to my husband since because I'm truly upset that he thinks all I want to do is "get out" of going to the gym. AITAH for snapping and not apologizing?
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2023.06.02 23:33 Crown_X Does creatine impact weight gain on supposed “wet” compounds like LGD 4033?

4 weeks in on lgd 4033 at a slight caloric surplus ( 2 weeks 3mg 2 weeks 4mg) and I gained just 4/5 lbs so far. I was already taking 5g of creatine ED. Could that be the reason why I didn’t have drastic weight gain like other people reported?
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2023.06.02 23:29 alltiedupstill 5g trip made me lose 30lbs

So I've been big all my life and I've been crash dieting and yoyoing the same 80lbs since 11th grade. This year I'm 26 and tried mushrooms for the first time. My first trip was what I can only describe as blissfully boring. I enjoyed the nothingness I was experiencing for the first time ever. It was fantastic but then after years of research and a desire to do mushrooms for therapeutic reasons(I'm auDHD and OSDD-1A) I had a mind bending experience. I saw the color green and purple at the same time with both my eyes(been calling it grurple lol) and it collected into an orb that spoke to me telepathically in a white void. It was so beautiful. It told me I was safe and that everything would be okay and to just relax. I couldn't though(this was a MAJOR discovery in retrospect that will make sense a lil later). I was continually apologizing for being there and telling it I wasn't ready and it just reassured me that I was because the purpose was to learn that I wasn't ready. The come down was hard because I entered manual breathing mode and my anxiety peaked really bad and I had to call a friend to tell me about their day so I could focus on another human being instead of myself. I never realized until I did the mushrooms how terrified of being observed I was. I wanted no one to see me so I was leading a sedentary life in solitude. All I would do is go back and forth between my classes and lay in bed dissociating all day. Months of my life(years really, but we will get to that too.) I will never get back. I was and still am so horrifically and unfairly lonely, but now I understand that I need to do certain things within to change that. I gained all the weight I had lost back again for what felt like the 1000th time and about two weeks after the trip I was having the first somatic flashback I'd had since the trip. Somatic flashbacks are when your body is reacting to a trigger but you're emotionally detached from it so mentally you feel baseline. I was pacing in my room and nervously stimming and then something in my brain just... Flipped on. Suddenly the lights were on. Someone was home. And I understood what it was I needed to do. I walked. I walked maybe five miles that first night. I was sobbing the entire time, listening to music that makes me feel seen. It was two am so I didn't feel watched or judged. I was being vulnerable to myself in a way I hadn't ever been capable of before and I knew exactly what it was I needed in the moment and it was jarring and confusing. I had never felt more present in my body in my life that night. So I kept going. I started getting up at three in the morning and I would do a little more every day. This all started around two months ago and I've walked multiple half marathons just because I can and I want to. Something inside of me that wasn't necessarily totally me(OSDD-1a is just like that.) decided I deserved to be cared for and taken care of and that it included my body. I've been eating better. Moving more. I still struggle to sleep. I've been considering giving up weed. It's just... Made me a totally different person. I've been able to cry. To laugh. To smile. I think I'm cuter. I enjoy my face in a way I never have before. And the weightless is just a byproduct of loving myself the way I should have been. I can't believe I went my whole life without feeling this way about myself. It makes me horrendously sad but now I can actually feel that feeling. I signed myself up for EDMR and internal family systems therapy. I'm still dissociating every day, but I'm understanding and communicating with the pats. The doorway has been opened. On my third mushroom trip I was able to physically speak with them and meet them for the first time. They are not concrete or solid identities. They are not fully formed. They are fractured off pieces of a core self that are inaccessible to me. Even when I dissociate, I tend to recede into an observer role and the parts never feel more than an like an autopilot system. During the last trip there was an eight year old that lives in a constant state of fear. It doesn't like labels. It doesn't like acknowledgement. It doesn't like when it's noticed. This is where the fear of being observed comes from and the need to apologizing for existing as well. This eight year old is also responsible for feelings of panic. I've had dissociative fugue a few times and getting lost really triggers this part so I end up feeling pretty helpless and need help getting where I'm supposed to be. There's a sixteen year old boy who is the caretaker. I was this age when my mom was struggling with a prescription addiction so it makes sense. I was also really struggling with my gender and overcompensated by being ultra femme so it makes sense this would have been fractured off and suppressed. He's the ultimate masculine. A total jock and gamer. He the most intergraded into the core self as any other parts because I've fully accepted my identity as a transmasc person years ago and really embraced my masculinity. He makes me feel like a teenager though. During the last trip he and I had a talk about older male role models. He was upset he didn't have a father figure to teach him how to help the 8 year old. He wanted to become a brother to that part to make it feel safe. I feel this energy there a lot now when I start to panic. I still panic of course but I can tell myself I'm going to be okay now and that I'm 26, safe, and can set boundaries. Then there's the firefighter... I want to love her, but I just....hoo. it's hard. She's an alcoholic binge eater who has a weed dependency and sex addiction. She like if the cookie monster pajama girl never matured. She's like a mother who is only there when her kid is crying. She otherwise is totally apathetic to everything. She doesn't care about anyone else's feelings. Anyone else's time. Anyone else. She physically soothes, though sometimes not in a good way and it's always at minimum awkward or cringe. She is the least formed out of all of the parts. During the trip she appeared me me literally as a dark cloud. It's clear I still have a lot of work to do. There are pieces of me I still can't love, but I'm trying to piece myself back together from being crushed to sand.
Mushrooms are medicine.
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2023.06.02 23:28 megaboto A Questionable Bargain - AaD

Terror gripped my mind as the gigantic bear started to charge towards me. My army critically wounded and the first of the few defensive lines compromised, outnumbered, overpowered, overrun... as I desperately searched for any options, a way to defeat my foe, temporarily or permanently, I just found myself running into a wall sooner or later - I could only delay, never actually stop this attack, even if I were to sacrifice my spawners for the temporary mana gain that could let me pump out more denizens, but even then they would just be crushed by the monstrosity, it's hatred alone enough to pierce my defences, a body so large it might uproot the tree itself and a mind behind it that would not stop at anything short of absolute annihilation. "Is this really so bad?" I thought with a weak voice, "Death just means I get resurrected again, does it not?" with every passing thought the idea seemed more enticing, before I came to the horrifying conclusion that I did not actually _know_ what would happen if I died here. I may have been resurrected before, but who is to say that I would have the same chance again, especially after failing, _giving up?_ This core is not just a body, it is the soul of mine - so if Deepholm takes it, _IS_ there even such a thing as heaven or hell for me? And would I accept giving up all of what I've built here to have all my progress and my memories wiped, damning this place to be taken by this abominable presence below?

No matter how I tried to argue, losing here was not an option I was willing to accept, and I could not sink even deeper in my contemplation as I was torn out of them by the bellowing roar that was far closer to me than previously, emitted by the Bear with the Jackalope on it's back, having shaped the bow into a spear and penetrating the thick hide to lodge it between the bones, using it both to delay it's advance and find grip on the movable Bulk which tried to shake her off. Focussing on the Scene, the bear was pelted by a mass of flechettes, though they did little more than slow it down as the few that actually pierced it's pelt were simply pushed out by the regenerating factor, leaving it enraged rather than hurt. And Jackie herself, despite her amazing growth and skill, was struggling to remain on it as it shook, before rolling over and crushing her with it's ~~meaty posterior~~ massive weight. Though I saw Jackie still living, protected by her Aether armor and fast sprouting vines that formed a dome, she was heavily wounded and exhausted by all these actions, the spear still lodged into the bear but proving to be as effective as a nail would against an elephant. Is this really all I can do? Was I doomed from the start, simply for having appeared above something that would not tolerate any other existence? Did I fail to plan for the invasion properly? Is it all my fault, that my loyal denizens, scions and all the people in my domain will die? was I that useless? I feel myself on the verge of tears as The slow but steady grind of Deepholm crushed all that I have, the battle brutal but ultimately hopeless.

Kelvin was making hasty progress through Deepholm's domain but I knew that he would not find the core in time, let alone reach it, and even if he did I doubt that it'll be found without resistance. Giorno was commanding the swindling troops to hold the line just that little bit longer for me to come up with something. Emmet was trying to rushing the production of concoctions, her supplies already low and the draughts providing little advantage against such an overwhelming foe, Alexa was in the air watching over her companions which were decimated just like that time when Deepholm tried to deprive me of another spawner, though this time around there would be no more survivors. And Jackie was still fighting tooth and nail to keep herself from being crushed as well as attempting to find some form of weak spot, some kind of special strike just to hurt the Colossus in any meaningful way yet found herself at her limit as no amount of effort provided any change, her strength waning by the second. Is this it?

I close my vision, praying to the heavens above, as the last of my hope bled out and I had nothing more left. "Heavens above, God, Guardian Angels, please help me! I do not want to die!"

The noise of the fighting continued, my denizens trying to hold off the endless horde

"Please, was it not your will that I find myself upon this planet, fulfilling the role of a dungeon that you so desperately wanted?"

Alexa cries out, having been hit by a sonic wave of the Bat scion, her equilibrium disturbed, falling to the surface

"Why do you do this to me, when I was just doing what I thought you wanted? Did I do something wrong?"

the secret laboratory is consumed in an explosion as the desperate mixing led to a fatal mistake, the chain reaction devastating the entire place

"How can you expect us to live in your image when you allow this to happen? We do all we can, and this is how you reward us?"

Giorno gives off a scared croak as the structures that serves as the defences started to collapse, leaving him under the collapsed rubble

"Do you not love your creations? Is this a punishment for some transgression that our ancestors committed?"

I feel Kelvin panicking as the last of his potions wore off with him nowhere near Deepholm's core


But the only answer I got was the crumbling of the makeshift fortifications as the badgers and bears started to flow in, tearing apart whatever defenders were left. I look to the stars shining upon us, their light providing no guidance


Jackie was lying on the ground, the Armor gone, the horns broken, lungs collapsed as her attempts at simply staying alive were weakening


The twins lie unconscious, exhausted of all their mana and wounds marring their body

*"save me"*


Without even an instance passing I find myself in outer space, or someplace akin to it, stellar bodies surrounding me like trees in a forest, so close yet so far away with their infinite beauty as the nebula in the back ground stretches it's orange, purple and all other facets of color into infinity. There is no up and down, no past or future, and for a moment I find myself left speechless at this arcane wonder I found myself in. There were no words spoken, no sound made and no interruption of the visage had, but a foreign thought reverberated through my mind. Safety. Power, to defend myself against those who would seek to subsume me. The knowledge and guidance to achieve victory once and for all. And a price to be paid, a prize of my choosing. Without even thinking properly, I answer with the one thing that comes to mind, something as priceless yet worthless to me as could be

"In turn, I offer you Deepholm. all it's territory, all it's land. It's scions, it's spawners, it's knowledge. I want none of it. And once the last piece of it's core was subsumed, the last of it's offspring removed, it shall all be yours"

not a sound came out of me, yet the offer was made, and the stars shone in acceptance. The universe itself seemed to expand and contract at the same, my vision focussing out. I let go of the reigns and let s̸̨̧̢̧͓͙̞͖̠̬̊͐͊̈́̅͋̈́̿͋̀̀͆̈́̋̋̓̐̽̀͜͠͝H̷̡̙̖̖̤̻̽͊̎̒̔̓͆̏̈́̎̉̉͛͝e̸̢̼̯̥͇̱͖̻̣͖͒̄̾̐̽̎̒̿̀̈̀̀̇̄̅̔̊̾̆̽͒̽̚̚͝y̸̖̲̯͂͌̅̈̀̕͘ take the lead ***control*** as I black out


Fire. Fire everywhere

That is all I could feel, despite knowing fully well that there was none. And yet, in spite of the calming words I was trying to tell myself, the unconvincing lies that it might be alright, any focus I tried to direct inwards was just torn apart by the horror instilled into me. The battle - no, _slaughter_ that was happening on the once almost idyllic dungeon, the fields and tree covered in blood, the screams of dying creatures of all kinds, and the marks of a battle soon lost, not a single able bodied scion in sight with the last spark resistance pushed back deeper and deeper. Though the comparison seemed far fetched in a sense, my brain lapped it up like a dog from the desert, the colossal bear's brutality and iridescent glowing blood floating around the battlefield almost having a morbid beauty about them if it were not for the uncanny resemblance with the past. I knew I had to get away, if not for my own safety then to report about the murdering that Deepholm has committed, but I was torn. Ignoring the fear that the execution caused, I still felt the need to do something to help Caldera in the back of my mind, as if I would lose something far more important than I could imagine if I just left her to die. Yet, what could I even do? I am merely an inspector, and I already almost got killed by Deepholm's assault when I rushed here to warn the mining party and then Caldera, and now it was an entire army that stood before me, not just some rogue animals. Looking at the exit while contemplating my options, I realised that fleeing was actually just as hopeless as fighting directly, as badgers have set up an uneasy line, disorganized but loyal enough to not abandon their post. Whatever miracle let me live those few days ago, it would not save me now, especially not now that they were on the lookout for anyone else fleeing and had air support as well. The only bit of grim spite I could find was the note that everybody else packed up already, hopefully able to make it back in time without being targeted by Deepholm and maybe even deliver my message for me.

Having no choice in this matter, I finally decided to do what I am best at, my mind slowly calming as I pull out my kanabō

"Let's see how many of you fuckers I can take down with me"

_well, this is it then_ were the thoughts that crossed my mind as I charged into certain death. _Sorry papa. I guess I won't survive for as long as you hoped me to_

strike by strike, I kept the badgers at bay, dodging the hits as I dished out my own, the dead bodies slowly mounting yet the amount of living ones piling up faster

I did not last long until the only thing left that I could do was keep the monsters that encircled me away, my stamina at it's limit. The badgers looked at me with hateful hunger in their eyes and approached me as my strikes slowed to a halt, my body unable to keep this up. A sneering sound akin to a laugh came out of them before they pounced on me and started tearing my flesh from my bones

_"damn. This will be our end then I guess. and you were such a good dungeon too, Calde-_

My thought was torn apart by the abyssal boom that swept over the battlefield, a deep emotion of wrongness griping my body at the shockwave that even the colossus seemed to be unsettled by. A deafening silence followed the wave that everybody witnessed yet nobody heard, every being that was not knocked out staring at the core's location with various looks of confusion, nausea and fear, as even the scions could not comprehend what they perceived. yet then it washed over us all at once, as if god himself has descended to give the answer

***this is not Caldera***

my body merely gave off a croak before I started throwing up, still standing straight and looking at the tree. The tree, once full of life, was now glowing a black light, the skies torn open from any clouds that could obscure the judging stars gazing upon us, and Hell was let loose upon earth

My vision swam together as bears and badgers burst, unholy tendrils and roots having taken their place, their blood watering the soil for the being to fester

The bats, once dominating the skies now were frozen in place, as if time itself has abandoned them, screaming silently into the void with contorted expressions of pain on their face.

the once overwhelming colossus started vibrating in unnatural frequencies, their body torn apart from the inside as their flesh warped and melted into forms I could not comprehend, regenerating factor turned malicious cancer then servant as the new hulk dragged it's boiling body like an amoeba, chunks left behind in it's wake that the dark one all too eagerly consumed.

and worst of all were the denizens, the once animalistic beings' faces contorted into an expression with hate that only gods could muster, their screeching rage tearing apart their voice bands as they rampaged, bodies spitting into pieces through the sheer fervour they fought with, yet still charging even as entire sections were missing.

above them all, 100 meters in front of the tree, a storm started to form, one of purple darkness and of magic not meant for this world, an unmoving vortex twisting matter around it like an artist may in a drawing, unnatural and impossible, an orange haze forming around it all the while

my brain felt like it was about to burst. the universe wept as reality itself screamed in rage, celestial rays piercing the ground at the transgression as I desperately tried to cover my eyes, only staining them with the blood flowing out, my body's wounds closing and sealing as my mind betrayed and consciousness failed me, my body writhing on the floor


"What an utter waste of mana"

Deepholm spoke to itself in third person, mentally pacing through the lavishly decorated sanctuary

"The interloper dares to enter his claimed space, and then resists elimination. INSOLENCE!"

the ground shook, the waves reverberating through his domain. a satisfied smirk appeared on his face. how could it hope to ever stand against him? Whatever trick it pulled against his voice, He would not fall twice for it. That cat it sent, it was a surprise to see it appear in his domain so suddenly, but taking care of it would not take long. Whatever plans it had were shattered with it's body, The sorcerer no match when in foreign domain, and the armies that were sent were probably not even a necessity as his scions alone could have uprooted the tree and destroyed the core.

"What an absolute waste"

It starts laughing, wondering how for even a moment it could have expected anything more. The rush of imminent victory fills his soul as he listens through his bond with the scions about the progress they made, how the last of the interloper's scions fell. How nothing was left to stand between it and defeat. The laughter silently swept across the room, showing itself as ripples through the steady flow of mana pulsing out of the core. This is what it meant to be powerful! He feels mighty! he feels great! he feels-


a scream washes through the dungeon, wiping away any semblance of happiness it felt just a moment before as it recoiled, writhing at the new sensation filling it's perception. Turning his attention at the source hatefully, it finds the once the warm, pulsating domain that laid there like prey gone, replaced with a wall of torment and hostile intent, cold and black as it stood there unmoving. Raging, Deepholm reached out to it's scions, a mistake that it would regret soon after. The moment it established a proper connection with the scions horrifying visions filled it's mind, from the entirety of the universe to a place that was not meant to exist, twisted and tangled in shapes that would cause any other mind to babble and break. As if their body was it's own, for that split second it felt itself growing larger, tendons and muscle mutating into new organs that kept up the painful expansion, as eternity itself stretched out before him, a never ending stream in any given singular instance.

Wailing with unknown emotions, the Dungeon retreated back to it's core, the momentary insight sweeping across him like a wave of acid, leaving festering wound across the entire mental space. "What..._IS_ that damned creation..?" words that came out heavy, tinted by a fear never felt before. The answers came like tendrils, stretching out from the foreign domain and piercing his, deepening the wounds that were already inflicted. "Impossible..." was all he could mutter as his body was pierced by the blackening roots, dividing him into pieces - the pain keeping Deepholm from drowning in the surrealism and impossibility of it all.

And there, where once the corpse of the scion lay, an orb of nothingness manifested itself, the orange glimmer on the outside being the singular thing that prevented all from collapsing in it, a momentary space of reality and it's absence melding together. He could only stare, no arrogance, anger or joy remaining as the space grew to the size of the cave, light seemingly bending around it as he stared into the abyss, and the abyss stared back. There was no need to speak to understand that this was it's end. There is no reality where it could resist, and so he whispered the only thing he could

"How..? " a single word uttered in complete helplessness at the happenings of an assault turned into utter annihilation. Orbs of Plasma from the void all burned him with their stare, beings that were not meant to be seen by the earth locked creature.

a single voice, spoken in a chorus answered










This hurts like Hell

I groan, my entire body aching as if I trained nonstop for seven days straight, opening my sore eyes slowly

This is Calderas domain... ugh, my head is killing me. Did she pull one of her tricks again and knocked me out so badly that I don't even know what I was doing?

I squint my eyes, the glaring sunlight doing wonders by making me feel even worse than before, as I shield my eyes with my hands, providing some much needed relief

"So much for hospitality" another groan, as the thought of Deepholm attacking shoots through me like lightning. The instant jump just makes me sit again as nausea overtakes me, the fast movement not serving well to my intentions of stopping this incessant headache. Looking around, I find the grass swaying in the wind, The tree still standing tall and the pond in the background. there were some denizens here and there, though all seemed to be asleep as me before. Affirming that there does not seem to be an immediate threat at least I focus inwards, letting my stagnant ki slowly come into proper motion, undoing the headache like untying a knot. Feeling somewhat better at least, I stand up, slower this time, and walk around. Though the relative silence is unusual, there seems to be no threat in sight. Deepholm's thralls are not to be seen, and any adventurers that could have gotten hurt must have departed already, as was planned.

suddenly a gust of wind came from below and I felt like throwing up again. Barely holding it in I look down, and stare at the small crack in the ground revealing a cave that looks like burning charcoal if it's fire was a dim purple. from it, I could feel nothing. My senses are still messed up and I cannot afford to find out what it is, so I do the next best action and start running towards Caldera's Core


I lie in a sea of nothingness, swimming through the molasse like a log on a slow river. Lack of duties, a space where there is no touch and I relax in a space of my mind's making...there is no better feeling one can get. I drift, slowly and without direction, my eyes closed in the infinite comforting darkness, faint smile on my face. Yet it was not meant to be. I frown, as I make out some sound. Nooooo...I don't want to wake up. Can't I just sleep five more minutes? Groaning, I turn around, the comfort slowly slipping away and making way for light. I don't think I can ignore the alarm for that long... Ugh, I guess I'll have to do the shitty daily routine then as I always do. As the light embraces me I open my eyes, just to realize that I have none. Ah, right. That happened.

focussing on the noise, I find myself at my core, a red woman yelling something something. Huh? what does she want? I focus on the noise made, slowly tuning my own hearing until I can hear the words

"...DERA! oh thank the shield you are awake!"

Huh? what's that? is it not missing a 'finally' before telling me how I was trying to cross the border with her and that bandit over here? wait, why does it sound like it's so important that I am awake?

sharpening my attention I look at the surroundings, realizing that the aforementioned red woman was Lydia, standing in my sanctum without anybody else to guard her, no frogs, no Jackie - and the network of information spread by Alexa was nowhere to be found

Panic mode settling in I rapidly skim around my domain, finding no invasion, no delvers, not a single thing happening. I quickly calmed down, partially, as the brain fog I woke up with still has not left me, and since this amount of quiet was far too unusual. Refocussing back to Lydia, she notices my attention immediately and asks "Do you know what is going on? I just woke up in the middle of the field, and there is no one to be found"

Trying to answer her I am once again reminded of the lack of voices, so I simply divert my attention to finding my scions, starting with Jackie. I realize mid search that maybe Giorno or Alexa are better choices but I can just search for them later, for now I'll just focus on the task at hand

Finding Jackie in the small space that is my former sanctum, I notice how her horns were shed, lying by the sides as she muttered in her sleep. Now how about you wake up? Of all my scions I expected you to be the least lazy one. In return she simply turned around and muttered something else, the intention this time being felt through the bond and translating roughly into "I do not want to be horny anymore, I just want to be happy". Oh haha, very punny. Well if that won't work, let's try... Hey Jackie, Lydia stole your strawberry chocolate cake and is eating all of it!

Immediately her form changed from 5 more minutes to ready to fight the world as she jumped up and immediately hit her head on the root above, slumping into a crouch as she held her head from the ache as I laughed my ass off, getting an upset glare from her. Her faked anger was short lived however as she touched her head repeatedly to find the horns she's used to missing, just to see them lying on the floor. Looking around frantically, wondering if this is some prank or if she is sick, I focused her and myself away from the distraction on Lydia still waiting anxiously at the core, telling Jackie to sprint over to her while I look for the other scions after a flash of sharing information on the current situation.

Before I was able to find any others however I felt a shudder run up my spine, as my clarity is regained yet the feeling of wrongness only intensifies - and now can actually be pointed somewhere. Right below me, where my border meets - Deepholm! switching over there immediately I find the source of that uneasiness, though it's not Deepholm, and I am unable to decide if what I see is more or less threatening

Right at my border the uneasiness identifies itself as emptiness that rubs against my border, a feeling similar to driving a car with maybe a centimetre of space between it and an obstacle to the left or right, except I also cannot see; not truly. Because what I find is a shrouded space, purple swirling vortexes and darkness, A place where mana may go in, but nothing ever comes out. Whatever it is, it seems to be the only thing there, so from what I can tell...

Deepholm is no more. And I do not know what to do with that.
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2023.06.02 23:25 Mochi-Girl248 I think my husband is going to cheat on me

I am super insecure. I gained over 40 pounds this past year. I’m a terrible cook. I’m bipolar. Just all around a hotmess. Plus we have a kid. I’m afraid he’s going to leave me all the time. I can’t seem to get my weight under control. It’s been too long since he last touched me. I’m so afraid I want to escape and find another man to latch onto.
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2023.06.02 23:19 thewired32 Idk like somehow I’m just like ok….maybe I’m ✨healing???

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2023.06.02 23:19 souperkoi IFC Height/Weight Question

Getting straight into it, I’m a 5’8” female and I weigh 175 lbs on a bad day. I’ve gained ~20 lbs in my 2 years post-field training (AS400 returning for a 5th year). My last PFA, I was right on the edge of being overweight. Today, I’m 10 lbs over, and I have no clue how that’s going to effect my future. I’ve consistently passed my PFA, and I’ve never gotten below a 94 on it either. Actually, my FA score has gone up consistently since I started gaining weight, my most recent score being a 96. I do lift weights, but I’m not exactly a bodybuilder. Not sure if I should switch over to HIIT training/cardio because I started gaining right after I started lifting. If anyone has an experience on this, or advice, I’d gladly appreciate hearing it. I’m desperately hoping to get picked up for pilot, and if I were to theoretically get selected, I don’t want any flags raised during my physical because I’m overweight.
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2023.06.02 23:17 Aggressive-Smell5511 I don't think my bf is attracted to me anymor

We haven't had sex for almost 2-3 months now. We've been together for 2 years and as time goes by, our sex has been becoming less and less. I think it has something to do with my weight gain but he says it's not.
I know for sure that it's not his libido since he still masturbates. And it's also not because of me quitting my bc pills since we've done it before.
I tried dressing sexy for him, iniatiating, to just literally ask. He just says he's not in the mood.
I don't wanna make myself sadder than i already am but what the heck do I do to pleasure myself lol.
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2023.06.02 23:17 highinanxiety Has anyone been able to or heard of anyone that lost the weight they gained while on Lexapro?

Curious asI began tapering off.
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2023.06.02 23:15 Hooplapooplayeah I JUST WANT HIPS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

I currently weigh 140.0 lb and my bmi is 22.6 kg/m2. I have a hard time gaining weight and literally don't think I can be a skinny bbl candidate, because the only fat on my body would be from my brain at this point. Do those hyaluronic acid injections even work? I don't want to get body shots and suffer the consequences later, but dang do I really have to be stuck with a body I hate for the rest of my life?
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2023.06.02 23:13 pickllerickk Stressed about weight gain

Looking for input if anyone went through this much weight gain in early pregnancy. I was overweight before getting pregnant and guided to gain up to 20 pounds throughout the pregnancy. But I've already gained almost 7pounds in my 15 weeks of pregnancy. While I still have 24 weeks to go. I'm counting calories to make sure I don't overeat or undereat however I'm still gaining almost a pound every week since week 8. Did anyone else go through this? And any complications due to being overweight?
I'll also be raising this to OB but sadly I won't be able to see her until July.
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2023.06.02 23:09 lemonfloridagirlyyyy Yesterday was the first day in a long time I ate under 2000 calories without my vyvanse medication

I developed a mixed eating disorder since 13. I lost weight , gained half back. Ever since I gained half of it back I just wanted to lose these pesky 15 lbs. so I tried keto. It was wonderful at first but then it turned me into a horrible binge monster because I was binging on sweeteners, cheese, nuts and barely had any fiber. I gained 15 lbs instead of losing.
My binge eating got so bad I went on vyvanse and quit keto. I would take vyvanse 5 days a week. I’ve been on vyvanse for about a year. I lost weight but eventually my days off became more binging. I am able to still maintain, but i eventually binged too many carbs on my days off vyvanse that the days after a binge and go back to vyvanse, I always woke up bloated. 2 days a week was a lot to be honest.
I’ve been wanting to find a way to not fully rely on vyvanse to control my appetite. I think I will continue using it for the rest of my life since I was also diagnosed w adhd(idk if it’s true though) but I wanna be able to take days off/long breaks from vyvanse without worrying about binging my life away and being bloated and hating my life.
This time around, I am starting keto again. This time, I limit my sugar free sweeteners to coffee, energy drinks, a tsp or two of monk fruit for my chia drink, and occasional gum. No keto ice cream, no keto chocolate, no quest bars. I also have a lot more meats rather than cheese/nuts. And I make sure to get a good amount of fiber in. I’m only 3 days in. Yesterday I was worried I still wasn’t adapted to keto enough and that I would just binge eat keto foods. I expected to consume AT LEAST 2500 calories. My binges on my days off vyvanse before were usually like 3000-5000 so 2500 would honestly be a dream for a day off vyvanse.
I ended the day at like 1900!!!! Yeah there were some instances where I wanted to eat sugar, but I would take a tiny piece of chocolate, and just eat keto stuff like beef sticks, pepperoni, Brussel sprouts, ground beef, chia seeds with cashew w milk. When I tell you this has not happened to me in over a year, that’s a big thing. EVERY day off I’d tell my self “okay just be careful today just make today a 2500 day” and usually I’d end up at 3500 sometimes more. I’d get Starbucks, eat chocolate, get fast food, ice cream. But yesterday I just, didnt! I don’t know why I just didn’t binge. I even woke up in the middle of the night and ate more and I still stayed under 2000.
I just thought that’s it, I’m going to stay on vyvanse and just eventually build a tolerance and have it stop working then go on breaks and binge eat. Or I’d have to keep taking 2 days off but feel like shit because of my binges. But now I have the ability to eat a normal amount, so I can take long breaks from this medication and not gain a ton of weight!
I only have 2 questions. I have been slacking off at the gym and I’m afraid I won’t have energy from keto. How do I fix this in case it happens?I have enough sodium every day. I guess I can work on my water intake. Is potassium and magnesium that important? Should I just supplement them? Or is there a different solution to have that energized physical and mental clarity?
Also, I did keto before and I failed. How do I ensure that doesn’t happen again? I’m afraid if I mess up one day I’ll spiral back down and binge my way back up.
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2023.06.02 23:06 OfaMarigold1982 7 month old barely drinking any formula

I've already talked to the pediatrician about the issue and her solution was to push food more, which he loves, so that's great. He's eating 3 meals a day, but we can barely get him to drink any formula bottles. He does drink some water, because we don't want him getting dehydrated (again at the advice of the pediatrician) and he does take two full 5 oz bottles at night. It just makes me nervous because I know they need that nutrition from the formula until age one. He's gaining weight just fine. My girls never had this issue though, they loved both their food and their formula. Has anyone had this happen with your babies, and how did you handle it? Did they wean from formula early?
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2023.06.02 23:06 ADHDburner_ I'm getting my first script next week...

There was a hold up cus my blood pressure was around 130-140 but is now down to 110-115.
I've got a few stressy things going on atm: relationship issues, parent unwell, some minor weight gain (need to shed 5kg to be my normal weight). I'm exercising a lot more thanks to the good UK weather right now, and eating healthier, so the weight should sort itself out and the blood pressure.
All things considered is this a 'bad' time to be going on meds?
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2023.06.02 22:59 ysabell4 Anyone here who takes/has taken valproic acid?

Been only taking valproic acid for a week. 500 mg, twice a day. Ano mga naging side effects sainyo?
For me, i have been pooping more frequent than usual (about twice a day). My dreams are more vivid and very very weird lol and it makes my head hurt and makes me hungry a few minutes after i take it.
Googled it and some people said na they experienced weight gain and pagnipis ng buhok? This makes me anxious lol these are 2 things na i dont ever want na pagdaanan haha 🥲
Just wanna get an insight from others kung ano experience nyo. Before this, i was on escitalopram but my doctor changed my meds cos i was exhibiting bipolar symptoms daw. Hopefully this works for me.
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2023.06.02 22:57 ysabell4 Anyone here who takes/has taken valproic acid?

Been only taking valproic acid for a week. 500 mg, twice a day. Ano mga naging side effects sainyo?
For me, i have been pooping more frequent than usual (about twice a day). My dreams are more vivid and very very weird lol and it makes my head hurt and makes me hungry a few minutes after i take it.
Googled it and some people said na they experienced weight gain and pagnipis ng buhok? This makes me anxious lol these are 2 things na i dont ever want na pagdaanan haha 🥲
Just wanna get an insight from others kung ano experience nyo. Before this, i was on escitalopram but my doctor changed my meds cos i was exhibiting bipolar symptoms daw. Hopefully this works for me.
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2023.06.02 22:56 AutoGen__UserName Long time low mileage runner, sudden lower calf pain

Hey all.
I began running in barefoot style shoes (new balance minimus) in 2011 and have primarily stuck to this style since. Recently even running in Xero’s thinner sandals for shorter runs. I have started wearing Altras as my hiking shoes for the last five years as well, and as I was running less also used these as my running shoes.
I’ve started running again a few times a week (2-5ish mile runs) and began having severe lower calf pain early into my runs causing me to walk back home.
This seems like a regression and I’m surprised since I’ve worn barefoot shoes for running and casual shoes for so long. It’s been happening for a few weeks and I’m pretty bummed it’s disrupting my training after I finally have motivation to get active again.
Some other factors: I gained some weight (30 lbs). I have been wearing Birkenstocks as my slip on shoes when I’m not walking much. I have a desk job.
Has this happened with anyone else? Any ideas on how to remediate? Should I pick up a non zero drop shoe and treat my training as if I’m transitioning to zero drop for the first time?
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2023.06.02 22:56 almondmilk2001 I feel disgusting 😃

I’m 5”6 and about 3 years ago I fluctuated between 100 & 105lbs, I had been at that weight since I was 15. (Heavy restricting/fasting/exercise purging/all of the things.) Then to my surprise I got pregnant, considering the fact that my gyno basically told me I’d never be able to have kids, I was kind of knocked on my ass.
Anyway, I gained weight and ate a healthy amount of food during that time because duh. After I had my son I was at 155lbs, had horrible postpartum depression and was generally just in a horrible situation. I stayed at that weight until 2 years ago when I finally started restricting and working out again - this time losing weight in a more healthy way. I got down to about 130 and was starting to feel better about my appearance when unfortunately I started drinking again, I had been sober since I got pregnant because 1) pregnancy and 2) I have horrible issues with alcohol and a bad situation didn’t help. Of course after one night, drinking took over and I went back up to 155 and I’ve been gaining and losing the same 10lbs for the last year.
At this weight I have literally become a recluse. I’m not fat by normal person standards, my proportions are okay by those same standards, but I’m just so disgusted with myself I never want to do anything and it has ruined my life and held me back from so much. It’s so bad I have literally refused to go on amazing trips with the only man I have ever truly been in love with because I would need to wear nice clothes, I completely flipped out and cancelled a trip where I would’ve gotten to meet someone I really really reallyyyyy liked because I didn’t want him to see me when I’m not hot, I thrive on social interaction and I literally just stayed at home drinking and talking on the phone trying to forget that I was fucking fat and gross instead of actually doing anything about it.
I have bipolar 1 and stopped taking my meds about 5 months ago because they were making it harder to lose weight. I thought I would be back to my normal weight by now, but I got sober which of course caused me to gain back any weight I lost, and it didn’t help that my partner orders every nice dinner imaginable and buys me chocolate and tells me he doesn’t care if I’m not skinny.
One week ago I just decided I’ve finally had enough of feeling like this. I want my confidence back, I want to wear my cute clothes again, I want to be able to be myself without my personality being buried under so much shame, I want my partner to see me the way he did when he met me years ago, I don’t want to feel gross every waking moment of my life.
I started heavy restricting and fasting again for the first time since I was 18 (I’m 23) and after one week I have lost a very significant amount of weight and now I am scared, it’s intoxicating almost, and I am worried that when I am at my goal weight again soon these problems will only be worse than they were when I was 18. My life is a shit show and I can’t believe on top of all of the insane things going on “I have to be hot again” is the no.1 thought in my mind.
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2023.06.02 22:55 tronan90 Losing the weight by tracking my activities / tasks rather than calories

Male, 33, married, 2 kids, full time office worker.
I would like to share how my first year of progress have been going.
I started out last May with the weight of 246 lbs (112 kilo's).
After many years of trying to lose weight, not liking myself and just "accepting things like they are" where a routine I was too familiar with.
Equipped with the knowledge of past failures, I set out to make a true change in my life. It was time for me to put myself first, my kid's are no longer small toddlers, and the youngest past 6 years recently. So now it was my time to invest in myself.
Tracking calories did work last time, but I got so tired of tracking everything it got boring.
More importantly I had a deep look inside my past failures and asked myself: why did I go back? Why did I lose 20 kilo's only to gain it back a year after?
It turned out that my mindset and energy where not in a good place. Instead of appreciating the workouts and the grind, I was too obsessed with the "final result".
I also hated to fail, the feeling made me sick. Losing was not an option for me...
Well it turns out that learning from failure is one of the important ways we adapt, so why hate it?
Why not accept it?
I went so far and told myself: "What happens if I Love to fail?".
That "clicked" for me, it made sence in a absurd way.
If I love to fail, I don't have anything to lose. Let's go!
Started with doing some easy ring exercises outdoor, not caring about what I ate.
This snowballed to me realizing once more that what I eat has such a major impact and if I wanted to change, food was a big part of my future success. The scale was not moving at all, but this failure was just another lesson and not something that kept me down. I was equipped with past failures and where just adapting, making necessery changes to reach my goal.
So I created my system that I nicknamed: GreenDays
I wrote down everything I did, both what I ate and what activities I had done.
Then I gave it a rating according to what I thought:Green: This leads me to where I want to beYellow: This probably keeps me where I am atRed: This is not according to where I want to go, and this single activity is not something I should occur often.
My goal was always: Gather as many "GreenDays" as I could during the week.
Last May I was not able to do a single Pullup, had VO2 Max of 40 not able to run more than 3km.Today I workout 1 - 2 times per day, I can do 7 good pullup's in a row, VO2 Max is 48 and I run 10km in 50 minutes.
Also losing 20 kilos and weighing 92 now helps alot along the way.
Just here to spread the wisdom: It's SO worth it.
I can't wait to see what's in store for my future, my mindset is on a whole other planet compared to myself a year ago.
Keep finding what works for you, hope this can help someone!

Edit:This is how my week has been so far with my GreenDays:
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2023.06.02 22:55 Other_Trouble_3252 How do y’all manage going to the gym?

I’m 8w+2 and my motivation to go to the gym has totally disappeared.
Prior to getting pregnant I was going 4-6 days a week and tended to focus on weight lifting and had gained a fair amount of muscle. Since getting pregnant I’ve been hit with the hardcore fatigue and the general queasiness (no morning sickness really). I’ve lost close to 10lbs which I think is mostly muscle mass 🥲
In addition to the fatigue I’m not taking pre workout which if I’m being honest sort of “forced” me to go since the beta alanine makes it feel like you have ants under your skin 😂 along with the jolt of caffeine
I also have to bike to and from our gym which is about a three mile round trip since my husband has the car for work during the day.
I’ve tried going a few times but have either had to stop the bike and turn around cause I’m so tired or if I do make it to the gym I don’t have a good workout and then have ubered or taken an electric scooter back home.
I have more success going on the weekends cause I can drive vs bike.
I want to be physically active and strong for my baby/pregnancy as well as for myself.
Any advice? Does it get better in the second trimester?
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2023.06.02 22:53 AdmirablePackage4716 23F, out of remission after 3 months. defeated.

Hi friends. I just got bloodwork back indicating low tsh and in range t3&t4. i am going for a phd with qualifying exams coming up and i fear this stress exacerbated my graves, even in remission. it caused an increase heartrate and some additional hair shedding. i also notice my thyroid swelling, specifically on The right lobe. I have three modules in addition to graves. Is there a chance that the nodules are making my levels fluctuate and not my actual antibodies? i'm waiting for my doctor to tell me what to do as the antibody tests were not taken since two months ago. I feel so sad and discouraged right now with one of the biggest exams of my life coming up. I don't even know what to do, but I feel like I just can't go through this again. I work tirelessly changing my diet and going to the gym to get back to the way I was before treatment. I didn't gain more than about 15 pounds but I felt absolutely horrible being a 23-year-old female who has had body image issues her entire life prior to diagnosis. I just don't know what to do anymore. Can people tell me their weight gain struggles after a thyroidectomy? I just feel like I can't do this anymore. I'm so afraid of developing thyroid eye disease. does this put me back at an increased risk even though I'm technically only sub clinical hyperthyroid right now and slightly below the low threshold? i was diagnosed feb of 2022.
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2023.06.02 22:52 mooses_or_gooses I did it!

I have been working so so so hard to get back to my pre baby weight. I gained nearly 40 lbs over my pregnancy, and today I weighed in at exactly my pre baby weight! I am so happy, Y'all😁😁😁😁😁😁 I have been so close to it for a couple of weeks now and I FINALLY DID IT!🥳 Let's hope I can stay down here until the next one comes along😂 Thanks for the read♥️
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