Walk in clinic in sebring fl


2009.08.03 18:21 kingofbigmac DiagnoseMe

The Internet's walk-in clinic. Because going to a doctor would be too expensive.

2021.06.06 07:31 gemushka Get your coronavirus vaccine 💉

/GetJabbed is now closed. To find out about COVID vaccination in the UK, see here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/

2011.01.13 00:42 datri Hoarding: Informal peer-to-peer support for people with hoarding disorder, and their loved ones

Since hoarding disorder is often an embarrassing secret to people outside immediate family, sometimes it's hard to really discuss the problem. Feel free to share and exchange stories, accomplishments, tips and most importantly support.

2023.06.03 00:41 acadea13 book about the life of immigrant family kids in France

I’ve read it in 2001, so it was written before. French author. Translated in multiple languages.
Slices of the life of a (morroco/algetunis/north african ex-french-colony) family. Maybe muslim family. Living in France, in a town( maybe Paris Lyon ,etc) Day to day events of the kids, the boy and the girl: school, relations with other kids, sexlife, discrimination etc Maybe the life of parents but i do not remember
Scene detail: the boy was walking on a beach during evening/ morning and saw a dolphin masturbating.
Thank you
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2023.06.03 00:41 Melty-Snowman 35M where the introverts who struggle with friends at

Where's my fellow introverts at?
Could use some long term daily chats to help make the days go faster and less boring/lonely. I've always had a hard time making friends all my life. Having awkward social skills and lack of a brain filter will do that top of other issues. Sometimes I'm not super chatty and my answers can be short or concise and that off puts some people because they think I don't care or am uninterested which isn't true. I'm tired of being ghosted. Shit sucks everytime.
A little about me, I work in shitty retail. Can barely afford to breath most days. Working retail has made me pretty pessimistic and negative to the world when you get treated like shit daily. I like watching tv whether streaming, wrestling or basketball. I play video games occasionally, have a Nintendo switch and would love some new friends there, enjoy going on walks weather permitting and enjoy going to thrift stores.
If you've read this long please message me. I do have discord because reddit chat sucks. Looking forward to hearing from you?
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2023.06.03 00:40 pleasejustgoaway414 Letting it go

I ended up in a relationship that was short but lasted way longer than it should have. First they dumped me but we got back together. Throughout both times we were together, they would turn things back on me in arguments, treated me badly emotionally, acted insecure (I had to throw away a project I was excited about because they didn’t like it) and in all honesty it caused me to spiral and act out and feel less emotionally grounded— there was never any reassurance or real tangible support. They used their mental illness as a shield from accountability and refused to acknowledge how their words and actions hurt me for months until I finally got fed up and left. You can be mentally ill and not be an ass. I wish I had left in a more gentle way— I did it very suddenly— but I was crying every day. The arguments were stressful and nothing I was trying was working. I wasn’t happy even though I thought I wanted to be with them. For so long I felt like I was walking on eggshells just to try to get them to love me the way they did in our first few months together. Not every moment was horrible, but many of them were. As a result I sometimes feel upset about the mixture of good and bad. I’ve since moved on and feel reconnected with my support network (I was isolated from them for much of that relationship), and feel more confident and capable and healthy. They want to get back together but I definitely do not want that. But I guess I just need to let go of the nagging thought I have of like, “This person thinks there was nothing wrong with our relationship when it was so bad for me and I wish they would just own up to it and do better for the next person in their life.”
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2023.06.03 00:40 Ecstatic_Ad_5593 need advice/input

Any current psych undergrads planning on attending dental school? I know it’s not related to psych but realized that I do not want to go into the masters in psych or phd or clinical or therapist route and more towards dentistry. Does anyone share the same experience? Also would help if in Canada but it does not matter. Thank you
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2023.06.03 00:40 Melty-Snowman 35m who else sucks at making lasting friendship

Where's my fellow introverts at?
Could use some long term daily chats to help make the days go faster and less boring/lonely. I've always had a hard time making friends all my life. Having awkward social skills and lack of a brain filter will do that top of other issues. Sometimes I'm not super chatty and my answers can be short or concise and that off puts some people because they think I don't care or am uninterested which isn't true. I'm tired of being ghosted. Shit sucks everytime.
A little about me, I work in shitty retail. Can barely afford to breath most days. Working retail has made me pretty pessimistic and negative to the world when you get treated like shit daily. I like watching tv whether streaming, wrestling or basketball. I play video games occasionally, have a Nintendo switch and would love some new friends there, enjoy going on walks weather permitting and enjoy going to thrift stores.
If you've read this long please message me. I do have discord because reddit chat sucks. Looking forward to hearing from you?
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2023.06.03 00:40 FredB8161969 2017 Twins update! Minnesota loses 2 of 3 to the lowly Tigers, even though 6'8" Philip Fitzpatrick nailed down his 35th save of the season...he has a 0.39 ERA on the year, too...HUGE 8 game road trip to face the Dodgers, A's and Padres upcoming, with August approaching...thoughts on this road trip?

7.21.17 at Target Field
Detroit 6, Minnesota (57-38) 5, in 13 innings
For starters, the Tigers pounced on Ervin Santana for 4 runs, with RBI doubles from Justin Upton and Miguel Cabrera, and a solo home run by Alex Presley...meanwhile, Anibal Sanchez defied his 6.41 ERA by throwing a 1-hitter through 6 innings...but Eddie Rosario single-handedly brought Minnesota back in the game with a 3-run HR in the 7th, and an RBI double that evened the score in the 9th...Detroit regained the lead on a Mikie Mahtook RBI single, but Miguel Sano retied it with his 20th homer of the season...but the game would be settled in the top of the 13th, as Justin Upton homered off Craig Breslow to give the Tigers the lead, and closer Francisco Rodriguez overcame a Rosario double to close the book on this marathon game...there were a lot of strikeouts in this ballgame, as 29 hitters were strikeout victims (16 by Detroit)...the Twins wasted a great performance by Rosario, who was 3-5 with a HR, 2 doubles and 4 RBI...
7/22/17 at Target Field:
Minnesota (58-38) 5, Detroit 4
The Twins pelted hits on Tiger pitcher Jordan Zimmermann, posting 14 hits, with Brian Dozier going 4-5 with a key 3-run triple, Joe Mauer and Eduardo Escobar had 3 hits apiece, while Robbie Grossman and Zack Granite had 2 hits...Dozier's 3-run triple in the 2nd inning was the highlight of the game, but Minnesota built a 5-0 lead with RBI hits from Eduardo Escobar and Zack Granite...but Detroit chipped away at the lead, with 2 RBI from Victor Martinez, an RBI single by Andrew Romine, and a solo homer by Alex Avila...Kyle Gibson held the Tigers to just 3 runs and 9 hits in picking up his 8th win, while Taylor Rogers (despite allowing Avila's HR) and Brandon Kintzler earned holds as Philip Fitzpatrick threw a perfect 9th to earn his 35th save...Fitzpatrick is 2-1 this season with 35 saves, and a .39 ERA, with 23 hits and 17 walks allowed, and 58 strikeouts in 46 innings...
July 23, 2017 at Target Field...
Detroit 500 300 120 - 11 11 2
Twins (58-39) 002 012 300 - 8 10 0
The Tigers pounced on lefty Adalberto Mejia for eight runs in 4 innings, with the big KO's being a grand slam by James McCann in the 1st inning, and a 3-run blast from Nick Castellanos in the 4th inning, chasing Mejia to the showers, but Minnesota showed some fight with a 2-run Brian Dozier homer (his 27th of the season), and 3 RBI coming from Robbie Grossman's 2 singles, as the Twins stormed back to cut the deficit to 9-8, however, Justin Upton smacked a 2-run insurance single in the 8th to put this away for the Tigers...Twins pitchers struck out 10 batters today, but they also should take the blame for allowing 7 costly walks, which led to all 11 Tiger runs...
After a 3-3 homestand, it is time to be on the road again...a HUGE 8-game West Coast road trip starts with a 3-game series against the NL's best team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, July 24-26 at Chavez Ravine...
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2023.06.03 00:40 Odd_Dentist3685 Good area to live for a lone dude working around White House ?

What's a good area to live for a lone dude working around the White House ?
I value:
- Safety including at night
- food stores and some coffees or places to walk by nearby
- public transportation to go to office
I now live in another city, in an area where, if I walk, I can choose among several coffee shops, restaurants, a few grocery stores (2), bus/train stations.
I could live up to 30min door to door from office I think.
I do not set a range of rent I am willing to pay because I can adapt, depending on what the area offers.
Any hints ?
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2023.06.03 00:40 AutoModerator [Complete] Todd V - Verbal Game Academy

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2023.06.03 00:39 JoshAsdvgi The Hunting of the Great Bear

The Hunting of the Great Bear

The Hunting of the Great Bear

This story has been floating around the Internet identified as a "Cree" or "Cherokee" legend. It's possible the Cree or Cherokee may have a similar legend, but this particular story is definitely an Iroquois legend, as one can tell from the name Nyah-gwaheh, which means "Great Bear" in Cayuga.

There were four hunters who were brothers.
No hunters were as good as they at following a trail.
They never gave up once they began tracking their quarry.
One day, in the moon when the cold nights return, an urgent message came to the village of the four hunters.
A great bear, one so large and powerful that many thought it must be some kind of monster, had appeared.
The people of the village whose hunting grounds the monster had invaded were afraid.
The children no longer went out to play in the woods.
The long houses of the village were guarded each night by men with weapons who stood by the entrances.
Each morning, when the people went outside, they found the huge tracks of the bear in the midst of their village.
They knew that soon it would become even more bold.
Picking up their spears and calling to their small dog, the four hunters set forth for that village, which was not far away.
As they came closer they noticed how quiet the woods were.
There were no signs of rabbits or deer and even the birds were silent.
On a great pine tree they found the scars where the great bear had reared up on hind legs and made deep scratches to mark its territory.
The tallest of the brothers tried to touch the highest of the scratch marks with the tip of his spear.
"It is as the people feared," the first brother said.
"This one we are to hunt is Nyah-gwaheh, a monster bear."
"But what about the magic that the Nyah-gwaheh has?" said the second brother.
The first brother shook his head.
"That magic will do it no good if we find its track."
"That's so," said the third brother.
"I have always heard that from the old people.
Those creatures can only chase a hunter who has not yet found its trail.
When you find the track of the Nyah-gwaheh and begin to chase it, then it must run from you."
"Brothers," said the fourth hunter who was the fattest and laziest, "did we bring along enough food to eat?
It may take a long time to catch this big bear. I'm feeling hungry."
Before long, the four hunters and their small dog reached the village.
It was a sad sight to see.
There was no fire burning in the centre of the village and the doors of all the long houses were closed.
Grim men stood on guard with clubs and spears and there was no game hung from the racks or skins stretched for tanning.
The people looked hungry.
The elder sachem of the village came out and the tallest of the four hunters spoke to him.
"Uncle," the hunter said, "we have come to help you get rid of the monster."
Then the fattest and laziest of the four brothers spoke.
"Uncle," he said, "is there some food we can eat?
Can we find a place to rest before we start chasing this big bear.
I'm tired."
The first hunter shook his head and smiled.
"My brother is only joking, Uncle." he said.
" We are going now to pick up the monster bear's trail."
"I am not sure you can do that, Nephews," the elder sachem said.
"Though we find tracks closer and closer to the doors of our lodges each morning, whenever we try to follow those tracks they disappear."
The second hunter knelt down and patted the head of their small dog.
"Uncle," he said, that is because they do not have a dog such as ours.
" He pointed to the two black circles above the eyes of the small dog.
"Four-Eyes can see any tracks, even those many days old."
"May Creator's protection be with you," said the elder sachem.
"Do not worry. Uncle," said the third hunter.
"Once we are on a trail we never stop following until we've finished our hunt."
"That's why I think we should have something to eat first," said the fourth hunter, but his brothers did not listen.
They nodded to the elder sachem and began to leave.
Sighing, the fattest and laziest of the brothers lifted up his long spear and trudged after them.
They walked, following their little dog.
It kept lifting up its head, as if to look around with its four eyes.
The trail was not easy to find.
"Brothers," the fattest and laziest hunter complained, "don't you think we should rest.
We've been walking a long time."
But his brothers paid no attention to him.
Though they could see no tracks, they could feel the presence of the Nyah-gwaheh.
They knew that if they did not soon find its trail, it would make its way behind them.
Then they would be the hunted ones.
The fattest and laziest brother took out his pemmican pouch.
At least he could eat while they walked along.
He opened the pouch and shook out the food he had prepared so carefully by pounding together strips of meat and berries with maple sugar and then drying them in the sun.
But instead of pemmican, pale squirming things fell out into his hands.
The magic of the Nyah-gwaheh had changed the food into worms.
"Brothers," the fattest and laziest of the hunters shouted,
"let's hurry up and catch that big bear! Look what it did to my pemmican.
Now I'm getting angry."
Meanwhile, like a pale giant shadow, the Nyah-gwaheh was moving through the trees close to the hunters.
Its mouth was open as it watched them and its huge teeth shone, its eyes flashed red.
Soon it would be behind them and on their trail.
Just then, though, the little dog lifted its head and yelped.
"Eh-heh!" the first brother called.
"Four-Eyes has found the trail," shouted the second brother.
"We have the track of the Nyah-gwaheh," said the third brother.
"Big Bear," the fattest and laziest one yelled, "we are after you, now!"
Fear filled the heart of the great bear for the first time and it began to run.
As it broke from the cover of the pines, the four hunters saw it, a gigantic white shape, so pale as to appear almost naked.
With loud hunting cries, they began to run after it.
The great bear's strides were long and it ran more swiftly than a deer.
The four hunters and their little dog were swift also though and they did not fall behind.
The trail led through the swamps and the thickets.
It was easy to read, for the bear pushed everything aside as it ran, even knocking down big trees.
On and on they ran, over hills and through valleys.
They came to the slope of a mountain and followed the trail higher and higher, every now and then catching a glimpse of their quarry over the next rise.
Now though the lazy hunter was getting tired of running.
He pretended to fall and twist his ankle.
"Brothers," he called, "I have sprained my ankle.
You must carry me."
So his three brothers did as he asked, two of them carrying him by turns while the third hunter carried his spear.
They ran more slowly now because of their heavy load, but they were not falling any further behind.
The day had turned now into night, yet they could still see the white shape of the great bear ahead of them.
They were at the top of the mountain now and the ground beneath them was very dark as they ran across it.
The bear was tiring, but so were they.
It was not easy to carry their fat and lazy brother.
The little dog, Four-Eyes, was close behind the great bear, nipping at its tail as it ran.
"Brothers," said the fattest and laziest one.
"put me down now. I think my leg has gotten better."
The brothers did as he asked.
Fresh and rested, the fattest and laziest one grabbed his spear and dashed ahead of the others.
Just as the great bear turned to bite at the little dog, the fattest and laziest hunter levelled his spear and thrust it into the heart of the Nyah-Gwaheh.
The monster bear fell dead.
By the time the other brothers caught up, the fattest and laziest hunter had already built a fire and was cutting up the big bear.
"Come on, brothers," he said. "Let's eat.
All this running has made me hungry!"
So they cooked the meat of the great bear and its fat sizzled as it dripped from their fire. They ate until even the fattest and laziest one was satisfied and leaned back in contentment.
Just then, though, the first hunter looked down at his feet.
"Brothers," he exclaimed, "look below us!"
The four hunters looked down.
Below them were thousands of small sparkling lights in the darkness which. they realized, was all around them.
"We aren't on a mountain top at all," said the third brother.
"We are up in the sky."
And it was so.
The great bear had indeed been magical.
Its feet had taken it high above the earth as it tried to escape the four hunters.
However, their determination not to give up the chase had carried them up that strange trail.
Just then their little dog yipped twice.
"The great bear!" said the second hunter. "Look!"
The hunters looked.
There, where they had piled the bones of their feast the Great Bear was coming back to life and rising to its feet.
As they watched, it began to run again, the small dog close on its heels.
"Follow me," shouted the first brother.
Grabbing up their spears, the four hunters again began to chase the great bear across the skies.
So it was, the old people say, and so it still is.
Each autumn the hunters chase the great bear across the skies and kill it.
Then, as they cut it up for their meal, the blood falls down from the heavens and colours the leaves of the maple trees scarlet.
They cook the bear and the fat dripping from their fires turns the grass white.
If you look carefully into the skies as the seasons change, you can read that story.
The great bear is the square shape some call the bowl of the Big Dipper.
The hunters and their small dog (which you can just barely see) are close behind, the dipper's handle.
When autumn comes and that constellation turns upside down, the old people say.
"Ah, the lazy hunter has killed the bear."
But as the moons pass and the sky moves once more towards spring, the bear slowly rises back on its feet and the chase begins again.
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2023.06.03 00:39 duck_physics2163 [WP] You're a primordial being. You've existed since before the universe, but, you didn't create it or anything in it. Heck you don't even have anything that you would consider "powers". Then, in your quest to uncover the mystery of how the universe was created, you meet a human walking the same pat

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2023.06.03 00:39 treedarling Discovered tent camp of homeless individuals behind my mom and stepdad’s home. Should we tell someone?

My sister and I found a cluster of several tents with tables, chairs, etc. set up in a way that looked to be a living area/community in the land behind our neighborhood. It is a parcel of undeveloped forest where parts are owned by the state, parts are owned by other businesses or non profits but it’s swampy so no one developed it. So the neighborhoods that back up to it basically created little walking trails during COVID, that are now not used and overgrown. We decided to go for a walk and discovered the camp/community area probably less than 500 feet away from our home. We saw a man walking towards us so we quickly returned home. Now we are wondering if we should tell someone. We don’t want to ruin these peoples lives by outing the place that they are just trying to live. But we are also feeling a little afraid, which could be because of inner prejudices. Also worth noting is that our stepdad often leaves doors unlocked at home. We are wondering if it is worth telling our parents? Thank you for any advice!
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2023.06.03 00:39 azimm4thewin Megan's Rescue Efforts Society 50/50 Raffle

🎟️🐾 Calling all animal lovers in Alberta! Don't miss out on your chance to WIN BIG while supporting a great cause. Introducing the 50/50 raffle for Megan's Rescue Efforts Society! Here are the details:
🏆 The pot is already over $700 and growing every day! It's only day 2, and the excitement is off the charts. Get in on the action and grab your tickets now!
⏰ You have until June 30th to purchase raffle tickets for a shot at winning 50% of the jackpot. Imagine what you could do with that extra cash while making a positive impact on the lives of animals in need!
💲 Ticket Prices:
🌐 Visit this website https://www.rafflebox.ca/raffle/mres to secure your tickets today. Remember, you must have an Alberta address to purchase tickets.
🔒 Rest assured, our raffle is fully licensed by AGLC. Our license number is #642786, so you can participate with confidence.
🐾 Every ticket purchase directly supports the rescue, helping us continue our vital work in rescuing and providing care for animals in need. As a small non-profit and foster-based rescue, we rely solely on donations, fundraising events and our faithful partners for our continuing success.
🙌 Spread the word and share this amazing opportunity with your friends and family. The more tickets sold, the bigger the jackpot and the greater the impact we can make together!
🎊 It's not just a raffle; it's a chance to make a difference in the lives of animals and potentially walk away a winner. Get your tickets now and help us create a brighter future for our furry friends. Good luck! 🍀🐾
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2023.06.03 00:39 Upwithstock Do we want CYDY to get bought out for $10.8 Billion? Thats what Merck paid for Prometheus!

Big Thank you to Ok-Eye and SunrayDoc for recent posts on LT about M&A in the Pharma space.
I have been looking at M&A articles in the pharma space over the last couple of days to stay more informed of these activities just in case discussions that Cyrus was having regarding partnerships turned into more of a buyout/merger discussions. You never know !! I prefer partnerships for now; but does not matter what I prefer, it matters what is happening in the board room. Nonetheless, an article I read (Thank you Ok-Eye) about Prometheus being acquired by Merck was wonderfully similar to what could happen to CYDY: https://www.fiercebiotech.com/biotech/merck-inks-11b-prometheus-takeover-firing-starting-gun-roivant-race-blockbuster-bowel
Merck paid $10.8 billion for Prometheus's drug that finished a phase 2 study: Prometheus had $7 million in revenue (essentially nothing in the world of pharma revenue).
Quoting the ARTICLE: Their drug, PRA023, if it delivers on its midphase promise, the drug candidate could soften the blow of the initial biosimilar competition and then provide Merck with a series of new growth opportunities as it works to expand the label. Quoting analysts, Prometheus has predicted that the inflammatory bowel disease market will be worth upward of $49 billion by 2030. That opportunity alone could establish PRA023 as a big blockbuster, but, as Prometheus sees things, it is far from the only opportunity. The biotech is already going after systemic sclerosis associated interstitial lung disease, a market it values at $8 billion, and plans to add a fourth indication from a list of diseases worth $150 billion later this year."
Another quote from the article: "The breadth of Prometheus’ list of potential target diseases, which includes rheumatoid arthritis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and other blockbuster indications, is underpinned by evidence that TL1A modulates the location and severity of inflammation and fibrosis. The opportunities have persuaded Merck to offer $200 a share for Prometheus, well above its $114 close last week and the $36 it traded for in December, but the evidence of the role of TL1A has also attracted other drug developers." End of ARTICLE quotes
Some of those indications sound just like Leronlimab's targets, but eventually there is always more than one player participating in these indications. Please note: that Pfizer came running into the acquisition discussions before Merck and there was a run on Prometheus stock price from $36 to whatever it was before Merck entered into the equation. Then it ran to $114 before Merck's offer was accepted at $200 per share.
So Prometheus had a promising mid-phase study in IBD, they probably were not on a 'clinical hold" and did not have to endure a former CEO who was indicted, and Prometheus did not have to deal with a CRO that severely crippled CYDY's progress. I could go on, but you get the point. Cyrus had to do a lot of cleaning up to just get to where we are today on June 2, 2023.
This is part of the reason why the lifting of the clinical hold is so damn important. When the hold is lifted by the FDA, Cyrus and team CYDY's work will have illustrated to the rest of the pharma world that leronlimab is safe and has the met the FDA standards of safety and the FDA standards regarding what the original five documents covered. MGK has the particulars of the five documents somewhere I am sure. But, you all get the point! Once the hold is lifted CYDY has a FDA sanctioned foundation to launch the future trials with. The concern is that trials cost money and we need partners for that or we straight up get bought out.
Why a buyout? CYDY right now has absolutely minimum infrastructure and of course minimum to no funding. Some partnerships require a true collaboration where each party is contributing equally to the process of advancing the drug from development to regulatory approval. In those type of partnerships we have minimal infrastructure support to offer. In that case a buyout might be better, but my preference is a partner that does not need our support at this time. I believe that is why Cyrus laid out the 12-7-22 Investor presentation the way that he did to build more value into CYDY/Leronlimab.
Prometheus was bought for $10.8 Billion with almost nothing for revenue. net income was -$141 million. If some pharma company felt the same about Leronlimab as Merck felt about Prometheus and I used the same buyout number $10.8 billion, CYDY has approximately 915 million shares outstanding. CYDY would get bought out for approximately $11 per share.
$11 per share is not what I was thinking about with CYDY when I first invested and as I continued to hold and dive deeper (over 2 years) I am confident that LL is worth a lot more. Thats why Cyrus's plan is important. He plans on delivering partnerships to fund subsequent trials in Oncology, NASH and HIV to help increase that value of the stock price inherently until such time that CYDY gets an "offer it can not refuse" Say that with Godfather voice!
Everyone has a different stock price exit point and thats fine. if Cyrus goes the partnership route, which I am in favor of, we will have a nice somewhat steady increase in value with each successful partnership announcement and subsequent clinically positive trial outcome. Eventually leading to regulatory approvals. CYDY will achieve those approvals in a more timely/expedient fashion when they announce partnerships. All along that journey the SP will continue to increase and any investor can sell at their exit point along the way up.
To add to the above value, depending on who CYDY partners with, I see the HIV MDR BLA resubmitted. It will be a quicker pathway to Leronlimab's first FDA approval. Does not matter that the indication is in a small market size ($40-$50 million market). Does not matter that there are other competitors participating in that market already. What matters is the partners begin to get LL on Hospital formularies and on insurance reimbursement protocols and it lays the foundation for all other future BLA submissions making it easier and faster to move thru the FDA process, Hospital formulary process and Insurance process. It is the BIGGEST NO BRAINER that CYDY has in front of them.
I wish the very best for all of us LONGS and the very best of HEALTH to Cyrus Arman.
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2023.06.03 00:39 normancrane Absolute Monarchy

The boy ran circles in the meadow, dashing headlong through kaleidoscopes of butterflies, scattering them, careless, laughing, their soft delicate bodies floating; he screamed—
Several doctors stared at the body,
its shredded skin,
its raw face.
This was violence, one of them thought, as the child's parents sobbed in the hallway and the hospital director made a telephone call. "Good evening, Dr. Schmidt?"
Jürgen Schmidt was still jet-lagged when he began addressing the audience of scientists and military men. There was little time to spare. "Danaus plexippus, the monarch butterfly," he said, "has evolved."
"Briefed by an entomologist," a four-star general bemoaned.
A lepidopterist, thought Schmidt, as he pressed a key on his laptop, bringing a projector to life—It illuminated the room.—and continuing, "But not evolved as we know evolution. Evolution as a sudden and seemingly targetted change. Watch this."
On screen, a freeze frame:
A Mexican soldier surrounded by monarch butterflies.
Zooming in on one:
Orange wings laced with black, supporting a black, deceptively humanoid body: thorax, abdomen, legs glistening like hideous scimitars—
The soldier trying to swat the butterflies away. Trying. They swarm him. He is obscured by: landing on him, slicing him; finally they scatter, and on the ground, naked and half-consumed, lies the soldier's crumpled body, red and bones.
"Dear God…"
Within weeks, the monarchs had taken control of a swathe of central America, from Nicaragua to Panama, and attacks had been reported as far north as Ottawa.
It was as if they had suddenly leveled up, and human defense systems could not cope. It became a familiar symbol of futility: footage of soldiers firing wildly at an onrushing orange sky of beating wings and scimitar legs; the bullets passing as if through nothing; the orange unceased.
They hacked our nets.
They were impervious to fire and pesticide.
In the territory they controlled, they declared a Kingdom centered on the city of Managua, which they had thoroughly dehumanised. Flaesh they called it. Elsewhere, those who could not flee were enslaved and made to swear allegiance to a new leader, the Great Monarch, Thoraxion Nex.
Thoraxion Nex: unseen, feared—
"They've opened a diplomatic channel," Jürgen Schmidt said. "They desire a meeting between humanity and Flaesh."
It was organised.
A delegation of scientists, diplomats and politicians was flown to Managua, where they walked streets now littered with decaying human corpses toward a gargantuan chrysalis, suspended seemingly from the sky itself.
Thoraxion Nex, thought Schmidt, has not yet metamorphosed, but what breed of hideous beast could possibly emerge from this hanging horror-chamber?
It was under such dread that the agreement was signed.
To the monarchs: all the Americas, Australia and Asia as far west as the Altai Mountains.
To humanity: to migrate and squeeze into what remained.
Yet how does one evacuate entire continents? thought Schmidt, even as he scrawled his name.
Above, the chrysalis trembled.
This much was clear:
For ages, homo sapiens had alone dominated the Earth. The time for a bipolar world had come.
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2023.06.03 00:39 throwaway756405 TW: physical violence. I’m aroused by pain now because violent episodes with my abusive ex often led to really gratifying sex

I feel like my brain’s been broken somehow. I guess I just want someone else to tell me they’ve also experienced this, so I don’t feel like I’m permanently damaged.
My ex would get randomly violent for the smallest things when we’d be having discussions. One moment we’d be talking calmly, and the next I would say something he didn’t like, his face would darken, and he’d attack me. He’d hit me or shove me or do something else that would be obviously really painful.
And often, right afterwards, we’d go straight into having sex. He never forced me. I would somehow just find myself really aroused right after he attacked me, and I often found those sexual encounters really gratifying.
That’s already fucked up, but since I finally made myself leave, I’ve been missing those sexual encounters after the attacks so much it feels like an addiction.
In my sexual encounters since, I’ve been really turned on by rough sex and pain during sex. I guess it reminds me of how sex with him felt, when I’d still be terrified and shocked and in pain from wherever he hit me, and somehow that sex was better and more intense.
The other day, this guy I’ve been casually seeing was in my house, and he walked into the room right as I was leaving it. We didn’t see each other, and he knocked right into me and I fell pretty hard against the doorknob. It knocked the wind out of me and hurt like hell.
But as he was apologising and asking me if I was okay, I recovered from the shock of falling and suddenly I was so turned on and I just wanted to jump him.
It’s like this horrible pathway has been forced open in my brain and I can’t close it. And now a part of me wants to ask him if he would hit me because I keep wondering if that will make sex afterwards feel like what I’m craving with my ex.
I won’t, obviously, because I don’t want him to think I’m even more fucked up than he’s likely already seen, but I’m just so frustrated by all of this and it feels really shameful and terrible and I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
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2023.06.03 00:39 worrybeet Advice on found western screech owl please!

Advice on found western screech owl please!
Hello! So I am a wildlife rehabber and a friend called saying that today he found this little guy in the middle of his drive way (found picture is second picture). He picked him up and but him in a bin with no fuss (first picture) and then called me. I assumed it must have been a young maybe fledgling western screech owl and told him to try to put it back. He was concerned about all the cats that frequent the area and I instructed him that he can secure a perch/box to a tree so cats can’t get him in the meantime but he can still be in the same area for his mom. He did that (3rd picture) and when he checked on the bird it was laying flat on his face and acting kind of lethargic.
Another rehabber seems to think it may be an adult? What are your opinions on age? If it’s an adult I have no idea why it is acting the way it is, he has put in on the grass and it doesn’t move even hopping or walking. The lethargic behavior concerns me. I was hoping to follow protocol and wait till nightfall to see if mom visits, but I am unsure. What are your opinions or advice?
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2023.06.03 00:38 skifans Milan to Tirano disruption this summer - affects Bernina Express passengers continuing to Italy

The Bernina Pass is one of the most stunning rail routes in Europe - and a popular option for people interrailing. Lots of people continue beyond Tirano to Italy - and there are unfortunately 2 separate causes of disruptions on the Milan to Tirano route this summer affecting anyone thinking of doing that.
Firstly pre-planned engineering work has closed the line between between Tirano and Sondrio from 11th June to 10th September 2023 - with that section being replaced by buses.
Secondly on the 19th May 2023 a landslide on a different section of the same line as closed the line between Lierna & Bellano. A replacement bus is running non stop between Lecco and Colico - the reason for using these further out stations is so that the bus can stick to the highway rather than going down the local lakeshore roads. The smaller villages between Lierna & Bellano are being served by a replacement boat service. At the moment there is no public date for how long this will last.
Interrail passes are accepted on all the replacement buses and ferries but if using a mobile pass you may need to add them manually.
If you want to travel this route (the Bernina Pass is stunning!) you will therefore need to:
Get a train from Milan to Lecco. Then a bus from Lecco to Colico. A 2nd train from Colico to Sondrio. Then a 2nd bus from Sondrio to Tirano. (or the reverse in the other direction).
As well as the extra faff this will add about an extra 30-45 minutes heading South (Tirano -> Milan) to the end to/end journey times, and 60+ minutes heading North. Particularly if you are heading North and have a reservation in one of the panoramic carriages rather then using local trains you will need to leave Milan earlier. If have seat reservations beyond Milan that day make sure you will have enough time.
The times for the replacement buses from Tirano to Sondrio are available in the Trenord journey planner at: https://www.trenord.it/en/
More information on the landslide is at: https://www.trenord.it/en/news/trenord-informs/notices/from-monday-buses-and-boats-will-be-in-service-on-the-milan-lierna-and-sondrio-bellano-routes/ and the times of the replacement buses/ferries can be found at: https://trenord-europe-trenord-endpoint-prd.azureedge.net/fileadmin/contenuti/TRENORD/3-News/Trenord_Informa/Avvisi/2023/AvvisoTrenord_2023_069_interr_lierna_bellano-_new_new.pdf
At the moment Rail Planner is not showing any service after the 10th June across the whole route - this is incorrect - check both pages on the Trenord website.
Alternatively there are some other routes from Tirano into Italy to consider - these will likley add just as much extra time (and probably more) but it depends on your specific journey - and might be worth considering if you are mostly after a scenic ride through the alps:
There is a bus from Tirano to Lugano. Unusually this is included in interrail though you need a seat reservation. The bus leaves Tirano at 1420 reaching Lugano at 1730. In the other direction it leaves Lugano at 1000 reaching Tirano at 1300. This bus will show in the Rail Planner app for adding to an electronic pass but you must search to/from "Tirano Stazione Bus" rather than "Tirano". This bus does not run year round (and in the shoulder season does not run every day) but is running daily until 22nd October 2023. https://imgur.com/a/hwqjYvF There is more information at: https://tickets.rhb.ch/en/pages/bernina-express
Seat reservations for the bus cannot be bought through the Interrail Reservation Service but can be bought through https://shop.rhb.ch/en/bernina-express by following these steps: https://imgur.com/a/O1O0rNb Note that is is very popular - most June departures are already full. With most July departures only having a handful of seats left.
From Lugano regular trains run to Milan.
Another option is to get the local bus from Tirano to Edolo - these are not included in interrail and you will need to buy a seperate ticket. Buses leave Tirano at 0840, 1040 and 1240 taking 65 minutes. In the other direction buses leave Edolo at 0915, 1115, 1515 and 1715. There is no service on Sunday. You can check times at https://www.busperego.com/en/pdf-timetable (route A061) or on Google Maps. From Edolo trains run approximately every 2 hours to Brescia. Until late July this line is also replaced by buses between Breno and Edolo. However from 30th July direct through trains will largely return. Again check times from Edolo to Brescia at: https://www.trenord.it/en/ - this can be a good option if you are heading more to the North East of Italy (eg Verona, Venice).
Or you could get the ferry from Colico to Como - https://www.comoanditslake.com/timetablenavigation.htm (the current timetable is only valid until 4th June - hopefully a new one will appear imminently) - there are a few departures a day but journey times vary wildly depending on the number of intermediate stops. Once you arrive into Como it is about a 1km walk to the main San Giovanni station for fast trains to Milan - or the smaller Nord Lago station is about a 500m walk. The ferry is not included in interrail and you would still need to get the replacement bus from Tirano to Sondrio.
A final suggestion is to use local bus 811 between Zernez and Mals railway stations. This avoids the Bernina pass but still gives you a nice scenic right through the heart of the alps. More information on the bus is at https://www.postauto.ch/en/leisure-offers/excursion-tips/2022/zernez-mals-nauders-scuol - note that the 0934 and 1134 departures from Zernez require advance booking. As do groups of more than 10 on all departures. This can be made through that link. Times can also be found on Google Maps. The bus is not included in interrail - and nor are the Südtirolmobil trains which serve Mals. Once you reach Meran you can switch to Trenitalia and use your pass. Note though the engineering works are also affecting the Südtirolmobil line from Mals to Meran leading to replacement buses over varying parts of it: https://www.suedtirolmobil.info/en/news/details/venosta-vinschgau-valley-railway-1
And you can of course get one of the direct Zurich/elsewhere in Switzerland to Milan high speed trains - still scenic but not as much as heading right up into the alps! If you can and have the time I do still strongly think it is worth going over the Bernina pass and not trying to discourage anyone from doing so - more just trying to make sure no one gets an unpleasant surprise.
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2023.06.03 00:38 Pixeon2000 [TOMT] [Movie] [2000s] an badass old man kills a swamp monster but know it’ll come back to life soon and he will have to kill it again

I don’t remember much about the whole of this movie, I watched on tv with my dad when I was a kid. Maybe in like 2008. It involves a group of people trying to kill a cryptid in a swamp, the monster is humanoid like but hops like a frog
What I truly remember almost word for word is the ending scene tho
the old man sits in a barn, with the dried corpse of the creature mounted on the wall. He’s charging locals money for them to come have a look at it. A group of teens walk in
Teen: how did you get this
Old man: I killed it myself, with a home made harpoon
Other teen: you look like you’re waiting for something…
Old man: I am
Teen: for what?
Old man: 4 days. Give or take a day or two…
the camera then ominously zooms in on the creatures corpses as it twitches, then the movie ends
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2023.06.03 00:38 Casstastic75 How long did your dr allow you to take phentermine?

Hello, a few years ago I went to a weight loss clinic for help with weight loss. The dr there put me on phentermine and topiramate which worked amazing for me. I was on for about 10 months? And lost 85 or so lbs. this dr said there have been more recent studies that indicate phentermine is safe for longer term use(dependent upon blood pressure, etc) , whereas it’s typically said to be safe only for 3 months at a time.
Well over the last few years I’ve slowly packed most of the weight back on. I’m now wanting to use this combo again, hoping that what I know now after being on it then gaining after, that I could be successful with keeping the weight off, the second.
Anyway I’m going to meet with my primary care Dr in a few weeks to try and get on this combo of meds through her cause it’s just easier. But she only prescribes for 3 months. So I’m curious what the majority of physicians are doing. I don’t want to go back to the weight loss clinic and blow her off to get meds longer but I also know 3 months won’t be enough to get me where I need to be + maintain before tapering off again
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2023.06.03 00:38 mkerem00 This is killing me

I know what's Deuce is going through a lot and as a person he can be a piece of shit obviously. He has that Kanye-like that hubris but I like him man. I feel when he sings. So just in case he decides to come to his senses and decides to produce some real shit. This is a fan from the other fucking side of the world. Do some shit. I need it. I listened to Walk Alone like a thousand times on my father's death's anniversary. YOUR MUSIC IS DOING SOME SHIT. DO SOME FUCKING MORE.
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2023.06.03 00:37 A_Giant_Baguette About prices and inflation

I'm sure we're all too aware of the effect inflation has had in the last 6 months on groceries, but also dining.
There's definitely inflation, but also profiting from people thinking "prices will go up because of inflation". I use Trader Joe's as a reference. Their price went up just slightly. Other grocery stores who now sell orange juice for $12 etc. They are just exploding their prices because they think people expect it and will take it.
But today, my PSA is about restaurants. Yes, we love our local restaurants. Inflation hit them too and prices are going up. Most cheap restaurants now charge you over $20 for a burger and fries... What you used to pay at a higher end restaurant. But the thing that you may not have noticed is that while doing that, a lot of restaurants started removing their outside menus. Think of the last time you went out. Did you check the prices before going in? Tonight I walked by 20 restaurants. Only 4 had a menu outside where you were able to check their prices.
My take now, is to simply not dine at any restaurant where I have to walk in first and then see the menu. It's a staple of dining out, and we shouldn't do away with it because they're ashamed of showing how overpriced their menu is.
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2023.06.03 00:37 Toweldangle Wild roses

Wild roses
I went for an early morning walk with a cup of coffee in some misting rain and ran across them, had no idea they were growing there. No question or point, other than they just struck me as a reminder of nature’s beauty and made me happy.
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