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2020.06.01 18:49 chrisfarleyraejepsen I can't believe you even asked.

Everyone who ever wanted anything is a choosy beggar.

2020.08.16 00:27 sunzusunzusunzusunzu MarilaneCarter

Marilane Carter, 36, has been found deceased in West Memphis, Arkansas. She apparently drove her SUV into a shipping container on private property. No foul play is suspected. THIS SUB IS CLOSED out of respect for Marilane and her family. Thank you.

2023.06.02 16:19 Spirited-Garbage-147 Recently found out that my camera app can be disabled.

I own an AT&T Maestro Plus, which is a pretty basic phone. Other than preinstalled Google apps, there's no other bloatware on it which I love.
Anyway, I never use my camera at all. I've never been a fan of taking selfies and I never digitally document family gatherings. The only time my phone's camera gets used is when I travel to a very cool place that I know I'm never going to get another chance to visit in my lifetime. Then I snap a shit ton of photos (and record a few videos) for memory sake. Other than that, my camera app just sits on my menu, collecting digital dust.
It wasn't until about (2 weeks?) ago when I was playing around with the apps on my phone, uninstalling and disabling the ones I don't use. I tapped on my camera icon and noticed the 'disable' option was lit up. Needless to say, I disabled my camera app and that was that.
I'm not sure if other phones are capaple of this, but I'm rather happy with that option.
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2023.06.02 16:18 Loud_Cardiologist_78 BF (29M) and I (30f) are on 2 different timelines

I’ve 30F been with my bf (29M) 2 years going 3. While we do have the same goals we are on different timelines. I’m settled into my career he’s just getting started. I’ve been living on my own he is still living with family. For me the next step would be moving in with each other but he wants his own place. Since he just started his career he wants the opportunity to save money by staying with family another year then moving on his own. He also wants the opportunity to enjoy his life not being in school since most of his life was dedicated to school. I’m ready for the next steps of this relationship like a ring, living together, marriage, kids… The more we talk about the future the more I’m starting to realize that we are on different timelines. I do love him and could wait but at the same time I don’t want to compromise too much. I’m wanting to know if it worked out for any of you… dating someone on a different timeline than you?
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2023.06.02 16:18 Triad-NC-guy Older guy in NC Triad area for younger

60 swm in the Triad area in NC. Dad/Dom Dad top looking for a younger white guy in the area. I’ve got a good place for a young guy that wants to be able to stay nude all the time. I enjoy having one around, looking, edging him, and so on. BB top only if you are up for that, if not that's fine just say so up front. I’m not into CD or anything like that but on the sub side would be good. I am thinking up to 20 or maybe 21 - after that you’ve likely already got your own place where you can be nude. Weekends will generally be best for me. Ideally we'd just hang out together, enjoy each other's company. If you like getting out in a boat and/or fishing, even better. Please be reasonably close - I don’t want someone who’ll drop in if they’re driving by here from time to time. LTR is definitely preferred.
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2023.06.02 16:17 yikeswhatwasithinkin Me (19F) and my ex (20M) are thinking about dating again after 2 years, but i slept with his friend (20M) during the break, what should i do?

so me and my ex had a very very nasty breakup 2 years ago. i hated him and i thought we'd never talk again and to be completely honest, i lost my virginity to his close friend out of spite about 2 months after we broke up.
the friend and i were only having sex at the time and while i did have feelings for him (which were came from loneliness tbh), he told me that he didn't have feelings for me and wanted to keep what we did a secret because he didn't wanna upset his friend group. i was fine with that so i stopped talking to him. that was 2 summers ago.
eventually, my ex apologized to me personally for what he did and i accepted but we did not date after that because i was still angry at him.
last summer me and his friend hooked up one last time, but again it was mainly sex and this time, his friend did tell me he had some feelings for me but i didn't really feel the same. that was the last time me and him did anything physical and that was last year.
this year, his friend came back from the military and we started talking again. a little bit sexually but i wanted to check up on him, and he confessed that he wanted to date me. he told me my ex wouldn't care about it and that he wanted to be good to me, but i said no because at the time, i wasn't ready for a relationship. that was in march.
at this time also, their entire friend group except my ex, knew that we slept together.
so around a week ago, me and my ex started talking again. i was only looking to hook up again but yesterday we met up and it was really emotional. we both confessed that we still loved each other and he really wants to be with me now.
i haven't decided yet but one of the main reasons i haven't is because of what happened between me and his friend. i don't know if i should tell him, or if i shouldn't be with him, or if i should never tell him. should i talk to his friend about it? i didn't want to hurt either of them and im just scared.
tl;dr: i slept with my ex's friend 2 months after we broke up and he doesn't know. he wants to date again, what should i do?
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2023.06.02 16:17 Legitimate-Mango-661 How did you handle lowball offers after already informing the hiring team your expected salary during the interviews ?

So, I recently cleared 3 rounds of interviews for a role, clearly mentioning my expected salary during each rounds of interview. After a week of the last round, HR gets back saying they are budgeted for close to 30% lower than my expected number. No one from the hiring team mentioned anything about this during the interview even when they asked me my expected salary at every round of the interview.
What is the best way to deal with such lowballing efforts ? Should I bail on the offer entirely because I believe this is a major 🚩 and they are handling this entire hiring process in bad faith ? Am I wrong in believing this ?
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2023.06.02 16:17 joeybagofdonuts80 My friend is now a life coach. Here's how her training course discredited therapy.

My friend hates her desk job and decided that since she's close to 40 years old she has enough life experience to coach people. She spent 2 days in an online certification course and is now working to build her "private practice" and uses all the common terminology found in the mental health profession (Practice, clients, modalities, trauma, here and now, etc.). She markets herself as having "Decades of experience helping people" and is charging more than I do as an LPC, but that's a different conversation.
In this training, they discredit therapy by claiming "Therapy only helps people process their pasts. Coaching is needed to help people build a better future". I tried not to let my eyes roll ALL the way to the back of my head as she described their interpretation of many of our modalities incorrectly and intentionally downplayed the goals and efficacy of each treatment. What was really frustrating is their "methods" are stripped down versions of CBT, ACT, and MI. They're given a script to use with clients to get started and are encouraged to be cheerleaders to focus on keeping positivity up.
This is my first experience seeing what goes on in coaching training so this may be more of a rant, but I was mad at their characterization of what therapists do, and the idea that after 2 days she could be giving people life advice through counseling modalities she doesn't understand or have training in. Would love to hear your thoughts.
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2023.06.02 16:17 Krian78 Best Champions for each region?

I know there was a similar thread a year ago, but we’ve got quite a few new champs since then.
My favorites:
Noxus: LeBlanc if you have Gatebreakers… otherwise probably Annie, since her top relic is a quest reward.
P&Z: Jinx, again, top relic from a quest and she closes the game the moment she comes down.
Demacia: I guess Lux? You don’t even need to draw her, her 3-star power is insane.
Bilgewater: Illaoi. Pyke seems pretty good on paper too, though I haven’t three-starred him yet.
Targum: Diana.
Shurima: I heard great things about Taliyah and have her at 3 stars, but I can’t get the deck to work (wrong strategy maybe?). So, for me it’s Kai‘sa.
Runeterra: Jax gets the upper hand for being a two mana champ, though Bard can easily get out of hand too.
Shadow Isles: Pretty much either Elise or Gwen. I really can’t decide.
Frejlord: Ashe, since the others are pretty subpar.
Ionia: Again a tossup between Lee Sin and Yasuo, but I don’t have too much experience with either.
Bandle City: Teemo if you have Gatebreakers, though he is pretty vulnerable to removal.
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2023.06.02 16:17 Bubbly_Designer6425 Thinking about quitting my summer job after one week

Title says all, but I’ll give some context. Essentially, it’s a college summer camp for kids. It’s the most disorganized job I’ve ever had.
To give you an idea without going into everything, instead of having a normal pickup radio , we have a discord chat. And not a designated channel either, it’s in general. So it’s being constantly inundated around that time . One little girl’s mom came and had to sit there for an hour because the front desk was having issues, but there was only one message about her being needed followed by like ten other messages at the same time, some of which are our kids also getting called to go different places. I didn’t notice her name, but no one let me know about her parent being up there other than that one discord message. Also, our classroom is a foot away from the front desk, so i just don’t understand why they couldn’t just at least send one more d message at the very least. Instead, yesterday, the supervisor came in and blamed us for not checking the discord thoroughly enough. I’m not saying I’m blameless, I should have looked more closely . But I just wish I got more support from my supervisors instead of having to constantly be on alert not only for the kids, but the discord as well now. I feel like me and my coworker got thrown under the bus due to a blatantly flawed system that my supervisors don’t care to fix.
This isn’t the only incident , but it’s the one that’s bugging me the most. Most If my supervisors are very mean, gossip about other workers below them, and give us very little support. It’s only been a week, and a friend told me to wait a little bit and maybe things would change, but I don’t think these core issues are able to shift.
For note, I’ve got other job offers in the same field.
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2023.06.02 16:17 noganbo OscarSwap com

Welcoming you into the world of innovations and huge rewards for oscar swap family. In this oscar swap space every thing is different from ordinary infact it has created the new version of Dex and intrestingly it is live
Oscarswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that operates on the Arbitrum network, utilizing automated market-maker (AMM) technology. Its cutting-edge technology is designed to offer the lowest fees for swapping cryptocurrencies, coupled with highly profitable yield farming rewards, making it an ideal choice for passive income seekers.
I don't know about you people but I always go for passive incomes and oscar swap has come with the most efficient ways of earning passive income
It's time earn lucrative rewards through oscar swap farming you only have to harvest in one of three pools offering different APY . The winds are blowing in your favour my people because two pool are live
For mobile freaks oscar has made an amazing app to bring your self a good amount of money
Another big achievement of oscar swap is collaboration with L2 bridge making everything more accessible to everyone for investment and innovations.
Oscar_Swap Successfully secured 62.50 ETH With 462 contributors on PinkSale and Listing on Sushiswap today at 19:30 UTC
For more information such as the roadmap and wallet distribution, visit the website listed below.
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2023.06.02 16:17 Few_Egg3470 Rewriting Saikou lore even though it’s practically useless right now

As we all know, Saikou Corp is kind of just there without any real purpose for the player or the game, not to mention that YandereDev is trying to make us like them even though from the lore writing it is cut and clear that he’s actually doing the exact opposite. But given the lore we have from the dev right now, here’s my retake on the Saikou lore and how it could work in the game:
Megami and her family are a group of collectively wealthy villains who run a megacorporation, with Ichiko and Kencho being the only actual good and kind members of the Saikou family. Ichiko, unfortunately, moved out after she graduated high school supposedly due to wanting to escape her tyrant of a father Saisho, presumably attending and graduating university as well as getting a job overseas, never to see Saikou Corp again. This left Kencho, Megami’s younger brother as well as the only sane member of the Saikou family currently living in Saikou Corp headquarters, and he is longing for the day when he can finally overthrow the villainous megacorporation and repurpose it altogether. Given that he will only inherit control of Saikou Corp if something were to happen to his older sister Megami, this will be the real reason why Kencho would want something terrible to happen to her. Kencho has been hearing rumors about his aunt Ichiko, but when he attempted to ask his family about her, especially his father and sister, they would silence him and tell him not to talk about his supposedly traitorous aunt. This would cause Kencho to want to see and talk to his aunt even more, mainly so that he could use her help to expose and overthrow Saikou Corp and repurpose it so that it is no longer as harsh on newcoming family members. This will allow for an opportunity for the player to “eliminate Megami” and as a result could earn her a reputation boost due to her having taken part in exposing one of several villainous corporations.
However, in the context of initial gameplay, because of what Ayano’s mother Ryoba did in 1989, Megami will use this as a reason to irrationally accuse Ayano of also being a killer, rather than her “somehow just knowing that Ayano is a dangerous student”. Megami will as a result take extreme safety measures just to “keep the school safe”, not only making it harder for the player to violently eliminate rivals, but also causing most students to not immediately realize the darker secrets of Megami and her family background (implying that maybe only a tiny percentage of students would know how evil Saikou Corp really is). The names of those select few students won’t be revealed yet, but Ayano can interact with them and find out that Saikou Corp is not what everyone else thinks it is, so Ayano can unlock the option to help Kencho somehow get in contact with Ichiko, also giving the player the option to bring some friends along, then the three or more of them depending on how many you decide to bring along can overthrow the current Saikou Corp. Afterward, Ichiko and Kencho will thank Ayano and whoever she brought along (if Ayano so chooses) for helping expose Saikou Corp, and Ayano as well as whoever tagged along with her can receive a tremendous reputation boost. Quick note, only the students who know about Saikou Corp’s true colors can tag along with Ayano to “eliminate Megami”. For this reason, there will also be the option to bookmark students you’ve already taken a picture of, so that you know who to contact for a certain task or situation. Which brings us to a potential drawback which could work in the game; if Ayano asks one of the students who are unaware of Saikou Corp’s true colors to tag along with her in helping Ichiko and Kencho expose Saikou Corp, she could receive slight or significant reputation damage likely depending on the student’s personality (for example, social butterflies would think you’re just making things up for the sake of attention, while spiteful students will grow more skeptical about Saikou Corp itself therefore being more lenient on the player’s own reputation damage). That would be why you would need to bookmark or memorize certain students in order to avoid accidentally damaging your reputation. Because of course, if your reputation gets low enough, you get a game over.
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2023.06.02 16:16 Sad-Chance-6009 unsure how to go about credit card debt situation

Here is my current credit card debt as of today, 6/2/2023:
Capital One: $1300-charged off, still getting emails offering to make a plan occasionally
Discover Card: $5538- account closed. Received a letter stating if i don't make arrangements by 5/31/2023, they will take legal action. (Letter is dated 5/19/2023 and was sent priority mail)
Unfortunately I did not check my mail and opened the letter on 6/1/2023.
I do not have any extra money to work on payment plans. If I did, I would have been paying my credit card bills and not ended up in this position. I went through a hard period last year and had to use the cards to pay bills (auto loan, utilities, internet, groceries, gas ect for 4 months and it added up fast)
What do I do in this situation? I thought of withdrawaling my 401K, called and spoke to the company and I can not make a full withdrawal while still employed at my current company, and do not qualify for a hardship withdrawal. They offered to set me up with a "loan" of my money from my 401k that has payments automatically withdrawn from my paychecks to pay back but that is not a good option either.
Looking for some advice or guidance. How can I slow down the process to try to save money? I have nothing right now. What do I do, and how do I avoid getting sued?
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2023.06.02 16:16 rclairebow Luke moving to nash

Luke moving to nash
Will he be living with KT?!?
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2023.06.02 16:16 waterlilyypond In light of recent events I am once again here to talk about the pure excellence that is EXO-CBX's Blooming Days album- the epitome of bright flowery summer-boy fun, a very strong contender for the most perfect mini to come out of kpop and and an all round delightfully wonderful album!

With everything that's been going on recently with EXO-CBX and while supporting them whole-heartedly in their legal battle against SM- I've been reminded of just how much of an incredible and formidable team those three make and how in love I am with their music and syngery as a group. I went and gave their Blooming Days mini a re-listen last night,,, can I just say,, what an *album* ladies and gentlemen, *what. an. album*.
Even as an ardent enjoyer of EXO's music I don't think any of the groups' albums come close to how magnificent Blooming Days the mini album is- it's literally filtered golden sunshine in the form of music! It's proabably the most sonically and thematically cohesive album I've come across in kpop so far with absolutely brilliant music while also being conceptually super cool. The songs themselves are so gorgoeusly chill and laid-back with funky, retro r&b influences that CBX balance perfectly on. It's a very strong track run with no misses at all- if you have 20 minutes to spare I would tell you to go listen to the album right NOW- trust me, it is *marvellous*. The oh-so smooth production paired with the sweet yet powerful vocals of CBX makes for some great stuff,, the live stages during the promotional period make for some great preformances as well! The very audible live-singing, the synchronized choreo (that the first comment on this post breaks down wonderfully), the playful charisma of the boys................ugh just *chefs kiss*.
Each song on the album represents a day of the week so the album opens up with Monday Blues and the final track is Lazy (get it? representing the Sunday of the week!). Blooming Days- the tile track- is the 2nd track on the album therefore representing Tuesday right? the 2nd day of the week; now the korean title for the song is 花요일- which literally translates to “Flower Day” and is a word play with the word for Tuesday in Korean and the hanja (Chinese character) for "flower"! And what day was Blooming Days released? April 10th 2018- a Tuesday!! Sweet Dreams (whose Korean title 내일 만나 'Naeil Manna' means Wednesday's Meeting) as the 3rd and Thursay as the 4th song on the tracklist perfectly round things off,,, its such a neat little trick and honestly makes me smile whenever I come across the album- whoever was in charge of the creative direction really put their heart into it and it seems like such a deliberate choice that I can't help but appreciate all the creativity and small quirks that make the album whole.
Speacial shout out to the wonderful aesthetics and styling of that era as well! The colour scheme, the retro flowery aesthetics, the boys with their sparkly eye makeup, earrings and pastel hair colours! Just an all round great album era imo; here's to hoping everything works out for CBX, celebrating their past work and to always looking forward to their future work in music! EXO-CBX, you will always have my heart- thank you for all the lovely music you've given us so far <3
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2023.06.02 16:16 Ok_Leave8307 There are 6 applicants(including me) who were applying for US visa and the embassy accepted my fees twice and they claim that (I accidently must have given them my receipt number twice). Now one of the applicants can't apply for US visa. Is there a solution to that(apart from paying the fees again)?

My family applied for US visa. Firstly, we created one account with all 6 applicants and printed and paid the fees. The embassy then told us that interview waiver could be applied on 3 of the applicants and that we should apply for the visa in groups. As instructed by the embassy, we then created 3 accounts, one which included both our parents, a second which included 3 of the applicants who were above 14 and lastly a third account which included the applicant who is under 14. This accounts were created by the helpline worker on the phone, they asked for all the credentials and created all these accounts. They even added reciept numbers for all the accounts. All we had to do was apply.
As instructed, we applied for our parents visa at first and got back their passports with the visa. I used the receipt number for the second account with 3 applicants and they were going to be scheduled for an appointment so I left that case at pause. Now when it came to the third account with applicant who was under 14 and also qualified for an interview waiver, the receipt number wouldn't get accepted.
Embassy, when contacted regarding this issue, said that we must have accidently tagged one applicant twice which is why we were not able to tag the last applicant. Now this is a bit confusing. We paid for 6 applicants, how can one applicant be tagged twice? Now they have given us the only option of paying the fees again and then apply. They claim that the fees is non-refundable and non-transferable and that the fees tagged twice can be used again with an expiration period of 1 year. This means that fees for one applicant is wasted if the applicant who is tagged twice gets the visa in the first time(which is a high probability since the parents got rhe visa).
Is there a way we can transfer the fees to the last applicant? I would not like to waste money now. I need assistance, please. Thank you.
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2023.06.02 16:16 gangsteroflove1 VMRXX Mutual fund money market questions

With money market mutual funds, the interest is paid on the first of the month (well for VMRXX it is)
So if you put a million dollars a couple days before the payout, do you earn a full month? Conversely if sell it a couple days before payout, does that mean you get NOTHING for the month?
At a bank you put a million in and then on the 15th pull it out, you still earn interest on the 15 days.
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2023.06.02 16:15 maskgirlnft Offline Marketing Lab

Offline Marketing Lab
Offline Marketing Lab

Yes, Count me in! I’m ready to Start Landing High Ticket Clients like Clockwork while Getting Lifetime Access to Mixtape!
I Understand I’ll get instant access to… image4 Offline Marketing Lab
The Complete Breakdown of the Thumbtack Method including the Template that Kills it! Several additional methods that you can use to get clients coming to you, ready to buy How to build a massive referral network that brings you business like clockwork How to setup your services to make the most profit from each client, while providing them with constant value. And much, much more!
Plus I’ll Receive this Exclusive Bonus Package…. Bonus #1 – Digital Sales Blueprints
Local Leads Formula – Referral Based Lead Gen Method video + ebook Stealth Video Sales – My exact formula for selling virtually anything with video. Local Video Leverage – Lead Generation method for landing video marketing clients. Copy Crash Course – How to break down any market and create a winning offer. These templates are responsible for close to half a million dollars in sales both online and for our clients. We’ve tested this to the max and are giving our best formulas in step-by-step fashion to make selling your services, products and expertise as simple as possible. Bonus #1 – Digital Sales Blueprints Template Bundle
Templates & Checklists for.. Product Launches Market Breakdowns Sales Funnels Sales Pages/OTO’s Video Scripts Live Presentations Special Offers
And I’ll also get a Lifetime Platinum License to Mixtape! Bonus #3 – Mixtape Platinum Lifetime License image1 With your Platinum Granfathered Access you get all the features Mixtape has to offer now to help you keep your business on Track. We give you unlimited access and no restrictions on projects, users and storage.
You can use Mixtape to keep up with your team on the go, track progress and even manage the whole thing from your mobile phone!
OR…you can have your admin become your manager and handle it all for you!
Bonus #4 – Private Mastermind Group with Kickoff Session Join like minded marketers to discuss client landing tactics, closing techniques, get feedback and share your success! Plus get Live Coaching, Learn tips and tricks for making Mixtape Easy! Ask questions and get live feedback specific to your business! *Recording accessible in the members area for reference
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2023.06.02 16:15 wohoo0 not a widower but a daughter of single parent

this isn't the right place for me to type but it's been eating me for past few days and i don't know where to type it
my father my papa died 10years July,2013 ago due to a cardiac arrest he was taken to hospital alive but was bought dead and neither me and my mom knew it until he came home and one would think 10 years is such a long time but is it really? I still can't move on from that visuals , of him in his deathbed in all white , or my mom's scream when she saw him not breathing anymore the tons of people gathered outside our house when would a day come when i would be able to recall him and just the happy memories when would this constant flashback of that one moment - him in all white , nose bleeding red which runs behind the back of my brain would stop
it's crazy to think it would be 10 years and yet sometimes i still wait at 8:30 for him to come back home from his work Maybe i still haven't accepted it fully and as July approaches i can do nothing but crumble and go spiralling My ma is worst i can't even talk about him without her eyes shedding tears and her going spiralling down i mean he was just 35 why would it happen to him and i often ask the question why me and why my maa? because of that i have lost a faith in God too everyone around me is very religious and i do have my believe in them too but too actually visit is something i just can't bring myself to do inspite people telling me and i wish this would not be the case he was a very spiritual person and wouldn't have wanted this for his daughter i was so young and it was all happy the night before we played like any happy family would and the next morning he was just gone it's so hard to live without you papa without your radiant smile and kind voice , without the words of encouragement and especially when i see my friends and classmates with their dad's I Miss you dad and mumma does too I hope you are in peace whereever you are
this whole post is a bit all over the place and not even matches with community since I'm a single daughter and sincerely apologise for it I just needed to let this out and here another opinion I can't discuss it with mom since anything reminding of him and she falls into circle of blackhole and tears and it's hard getting her back to jovial self also her birthday is approaching and i don't want her gloomy during that time
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2023.06.02 16:15 afa00 Forgive My Excitement

Many of you have seen my posts here for the last several months. Thank you for your patience and your kind replies. My family are from the US. Between 2000 and 2009 my wife and I lived together abroad twice, but the arrival of kids and a very tight budget meant that it was domestic travel only vacations for us since that time. Mostly by car.
This year, a series of events conspired to allow us to travel internationally and we settled on Belize. I went on this sub and found out that our trip of six days six days/five nights was not enough so we talked on two more days. Still not enough, I know, but all we could manage.
So we are leaving for Belize this coming weekend and I’m super excited. I get all nerdy and giddy when I travel. I want to know as much as I can about the culture and people and try to do gather as much of the country into that trip as I can. Sadly, we are spending our time only in SI/Cayo and San Pedro/Caulker in our limited time. Next time (🤞🏼) we will do the north and south (looking w teay eyes at you, Hopkins & Placencia 🥹).
But sincere thanks to you all for induldging my earnest, random, and ignorant questions. So, here are some questions that have been swirling around my brain. None are dire. But I thought, I’d stick them up here to see if they might find some answers here and there from anyone with the tile, patience, and inclination to do so.
So, random questions:
  1. How much cash should we have on hand each day (3 in Cayo and 4 on Ambergris/Caulker) I know smaller bills are preferable, but I’ve only seen bits and pieces on some threads on this sub.
  2. You take one (packable) food ingredient back to the US with you from Belize. Something that will make cooking better back home. What is it?
  3. What run do I need to take home and where do I get it. I heard about Traveler’s 81? I like sipping a good sipping rum.
  4. What drink do I need to try at what bar, restaurant, whatever in Caulker, San Pedro, or San Ignacio? If you make the best drink in those towns, I’ll come over if invited! 😂😂
  5. If you’ve traveled to Belize and returned to your home country, what is something that you have that reminds you of your trip? Besides the wonderful memories?
  6. Guide at Xunantunich? Or just explore?
  7. I’ve heard the jungles are surprisingly mosquito free. Is that true? Especially this time of year (early June)?
  8. Is Belize a culture that barters at markets? Or is a price a price? To looking to score on a vendor. Just want to understand the culture. Thinking of street vendors selling non-food and market in SI.
  9. Tipping culture in Belize?
  10. Hot and humid day when going to guided tour at ATM. Pants still preferred given the journey (scrapes and cuts on rocks etc)?
OK. I think I’ve got it out of my system. But I might come back for more!!!
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2023.06.02 16:15 smackooroos Every episode of family guy from seasons 1-8 ranked.

  1. From method to madness
  2. And the wiener is…
  3. Road to the multiverse
  4. Lois kills Stewie.
  5. Meet the quagmires.
  6. Brian wallows and Peter swallows.
  7. PTV
  8. 15 minutes of shame
  9. To love and die in dixie.
  10. Death lives.
  11. McStroke
  12. Blue harvest.
  13. Stewie loves Lois.
  14. Death is a bitch.
  15. Brian in love.
  16. When you wish upon a Weinstein.
  17. Road to Rhode Island.
  18. Untitled Griffin family history.
  19. Brian sings and swings
  20. Back to the woods.
  21. Stewie kills Lois.
  22. North to north Quahog
  23. Road to Rupert
  24. The man with two Brians.
  25. The courtship of Stewie's father
  26. Screwed the pooch.
  27. Fish out of water.
  28. Petergeist
  29. Chick cancer.
  30. Brian & Stewie.
  31. I dream of jesus.
  32. Petarded
  33. Patriot games
  34. Road to Europe.
  35. Tales of a third grade nothing.
  36. The Cleveland Lorretta quagmire
  37. Peter's daughter
  38. Something, something, something, dark side.
  39. Hell comes to Quahog.
  40. A very special family guy freakin' Christmas.
  41. Padre de Familia
  42. The thin white line.
  43. The fat guy strangler
  44. Mother Tucker
  45. Peter Griffin: husband, father… brother?
  46. Peter's two dads.
  47. Prick up your ears.
  48. Fox-y lady.
  49. Da boom.
  50. Hannah banana.
  51. Family gay.
  52. 420.
  53. Family guy viewer mail #1
  54. Stuck together or torn apart.
  55. Road to Germany
  56. Long john Peter
  57. The splendid source.
  58. Don't make me over.
  59. It takes a village idiot… and I married one.
  60. Saving private Brian
  61. Stewie & Stu's excellent adventure
  62. Breaking out is hard to do.
  63. Baby not on board.
  64. Barely legal.
  65. Believe it or not, Joe's walking on air.
  66. Sibling rivalry
  67. Peterotica
  68. Bango was his name oh!
  69. The tan aquatic with Steve Zissou.
  70. Model misbehavior
  71. Ocean's three and a half.
  72. Deep throats
  73. Stewie B Goode
  74. One if by clam, two if by sea.
  75. Fast times at buddy cianci jr high
  76. Brian: portrait of a dog
  77. Quagmire's baby.
  78. He's too sexy for his fat.
  79. Family goy.
  80. You May Now Kiss the... Uh... Guy Who Receives
  81. We love you, Conrad.
  82. Brian the bachelor
  83. Emission impossible.
  84. Jerome is the new black.
  85. I take thee, Quagmire
  86. A hero seats next door
  87. Partial terms of endearment.
  88. Brian goes back to college
  89. Peter's got Woods
  90. The father, the son, and the holy Fonz
  91. Go, Stewie, GO!
  92. Let's go to the hop.
  93. Brian does Hollywood.
  94. Fore, father.
  95. Mr. griffin goes to Washington.
  96. Not all dogs go to heaven.
  97. Dial meg for murder
  98. Mr. Saturday night
  99. No Chris left behind
  100. E. Peterbus Unum
  101. Big man on hippocampus.
  102. The former life of Brian.
  103. Lethal weapons.
  104. Brian's got a brand new bag
  105. Death has a shadow.
  106. Brian Griffin's house of pain.
  107. Spies reminiscent of us.
  108. Three kings.
  109. Peter's progress.
  110. April in Quahog.
  111. Business guy.
  112. Boys do cry.
  113. Extra large medium.
  114. Whistle while your wife works
  115. No meals on wheels.
  116. Airport 07'
  117. The perfect castaway
  118. Stew-roids.
  119. The story on page 1
  120. Quagmire's dad.
  121. Wasted talent.
  122. Ready, willing, and disabled.
  123. If I'm dyin', I'm lyin
  124. The kiss seen around the world.
  125. Blind ambition
  126. Jungle love
  127. Love, blactually.
  128. Bill & Peter's bogus journey
  129. Peter, peter, caviar eater
  130. Love thy trophy
  131. Damnit Janet
  132. A picture's worth a thousand bucks
  133. Play it again, Brian.
  134. 8 simple rules for buying my teenage daughter
  135. There's something about Paulie
  136. Chitty chitty death bang
  137. Mind over murder
  138. The juice is loose
  139. I never met the dead man
  140. Running mates
  141. The king is dead
  142. Holy crap
  143. The son also draws
  144. I am peter, hear me roar
  145. Movin' out (Brian's song)
  146. Peter-assment.
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2023.06.02 16:15 stringfellow1023 psych under new ownership, cancelled my appt, never sent my meds.

I’ve been seeing the same practice on the same meds for almost 10 years. I’ve had my current doc for almost 6 years now. the practice closed, they went under new ownership. they knew this a year ago.
i was supposed to have my last appt on 5/19, they cancelled it as I was in the waiting room for my zoom appt. they pushed it another month, said they sent scripts to the pharmacy. they didn’t. called, a different agent tells me they are sending the scripts right away. they didn’t. i went to their new office, my doc isn’t there, the staff can’t see any scripts ever sent like they’d said they had on the phone. no one rescheduled my appt either. they can’t get me in til 6/19. they said again, they sent scripts. they didn’t.
This has never been the norm of my experience with this doc. Except for the last year. 5 of my 6 last appts have been pushed or cancelled. This is the first time I’ve ever had issues actually getting my meds to hold me over though. I feel like it’s time for a new doc, but after all I’ve been through I really don’t want to start all over with another doctor and spill it all over again. I also may have historically had an extra week or two of meds laying around mostly because of how my appts kept getting messed up…. But I don’t have an entire month. I don’t have any extra anymore.
I have a job interview next week. I take 20-30mg of adderall a day, for 10 years. My script was due 5/19. I’m going to bomb this interview. My anxiety is going insane. I can call or go to the office again… but I feel crazy. I doubt a 4th or 5th phone call or visit is going to suddenly change anything.
Can I ask my primary care doc to fill my adderall while I look for a new doctor? Is there anything else I’d need from my old doc to get a new doctor? Since I take a controlled like adderall I don’t want to go about that the wrong way either. Any insight is appreciated!
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2023.06.02 16:15 tipsilyjaded Confused af

Hello, dear ISTPs!
Based on my observations, my(25F) bf(26M) is ISTP and I would need your advice because I am very confused. It's quite a long story so thank you for taking time to read it if you choose to do so! Our relationship started quite abruptly. We met irl after a week of chatting online and immediately hit it off, our first date lasted about 9 hours. We took it slow and steady but he started having doubts a month in (he told me about them but we decided to continue exploring our connection). He said that these doubts are related to his general sense of not feeling content with his life. I'm not perfect either ofc, and these doubts of his combined with my general anxiety led to me being jealous and often having doubs about myself and us. But I fell in love with him and matured quite a bit during our relationship and he recently told me he doesn't really feel those doubts anymore. We have been together for more than a year and he still hasn't told me he loves me though (he only says it if I say it first). Before we met, he was in love with a friend of his, who rejected him and they stopped talking for a while so they could stay friends. He is still friends with her to this day though and from what he says, their only interaction is on a group chat with multiple friends. I respect that and the fact that he was open about this, even though it triggered the hell outta me and still does to this day. I met this girl and she was always friendly with me, talked nicely about me and even seemed to make an effort to get close. The thing is, a few months ago she randomly confessed to my bf that she has feelings for him and he rejected her in a polite and thoughtful way. He told me and showed the conversation, hell, he even offered to and gave me his phone to read it. My fear is that he loves her but doesn't let himself believe that the girl has feelings (because of his past hurt and his avoidant attachment style) so he stays with me because I give him safety. He told me that probably he has ROCD (relationship ocd) and he is trying to overcome it. He does acts of service for me and is a great listener but not very emotionally driven, even though his empathy is off the charts. I am confused cause I don't know if he loves me. Why is he staying with me? He said he thinks he loves me but isn't sure. Is he staying out of convenience? Loneliness? Pity? Why bother with this situation? Am I right about why he rejected that girl? I am hurt cause I don't know why he can't say that he loves me for sure after all this time. I know this situation is not ideal but I don't want to give up. I love him and I will do whatever I can to understand and support him. I don't want to break up with him, but I am considering that if that would be the best course of action. I still have hope for us but others' opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again and have a lovely day/night!
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2023.06.02 16:15 YeetusMcSuser69 Is this streak normal?

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