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2023.06.02 23:29 paraHarmD NAPLEX in less than 3 weeks... help pls

I have 20 days until my NAPLEX but I'm working full time so only get a couple hours of "studying" in most days. And it's mostly just reviewing and doing practice problems...
I took the preNAPLEX a few weeks ago before studying at all (before I even scheduled my exams-- then I ended up scheduling my MPJE first so really just started studying NAPLEX) and got a 95! BUT I feel like I guessed on... almost every single question lol. And some people say it correlates, others say it is totally different, so idk.
Now, as I'm studying, it is feeling really overwhelming and I know there is no way I'm going to retain everything. I have the APhA quick review guide (and their math review book but I'm good at math so this is the least of my worries, I can review that all like the couple of days before the exam) and I just purchased the rxprep test bank (not the course-- I know I don't have time for all of that, but I wanted good practice questions).
I'm doing alright on the quizzes, around 60-75% on the topics I have reviewed (which is literally only 3 at this point lol)... but I feel like that isn't enough and like most of the questions on the preNAPLEX were a lot harder and weirder than these rxprep questions?
I don't really know what else to do besides review my class notes, this quick guide I have, and then do practice questions. I am going to do another preNAPLEX once I get through all of my material but I'm just feeling overwhelmed and really nervous to fail. I also still have not received my MPJE results, so I think that is adding to the stress bc I'm still worried about two possible exams if I failed law lol.
I guess I'm just looking for tips and tricks... and maybe some insight into the exam/how people feel about it. Does everyone feel like they're not prepared and they're going crazy and guessing on everything???? I've seen so many people talk about how they studied so much and still failed and I feel like I'm totally screwed tbh.
I did very well in school, but I feel like I did quite a bit of cramming so I didn't retain as much as I would have hoped, so just trying to remember random things (like itraconazole is CI in HF??? and don't even get me started on HIV drug brand names...) is making me very worried about the exam... anyway, TIA!!! and good luck to everyone with NAPLEX and law exams and everything.
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2023.06.02 23:29 insearchofsleep0104 Perspectives needed for a great napper - How to proceed with sleep training

Hi everyone,
My LO is 5 months (21 weeks + 2 days) and we were going to formally sleep train. I'm posting because I'm not quite sure how to proceed/which method will work best or if we actually achieved sleep training accidentally but need to night wean her. Sorry for the wall of text, I have been lurking for a while but find our situation a bit different than others so wanted to provide as much context as possible. That, or I'm overthinking it.
Thank you and appreciate anyone who took the time to read all of this :)
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2023.06.02 23:29 alltiedupstill 5g trip made me lose 30lbs

So I've been big all my life and I've been crash dieting and yoyoing the same 80lbs since 11th grade. This year I'm 26 and tried mushrooms for the first time. My first trip was what I can only describe as blissfully boring. I enjoyed the nothingness I was experiencing for the first time ever. It was fantastic but then after years of research and a desire to do mushrooms for therapeutic reasons(I'm auDHD and OSDD-1A) I had a mind bending experience. I saw the color green and purple at the same time with both my eyes(been calling it grurple lol) and it collected into an orb that spoke to me telepathically in a white void. It was so beautiful. It told me I was safe and that everything would be okay and to just relax. I couldn't though(this was a MAJOR discovery in retrospect that will make sense a lil later). I was continually apologizing for being there and telling it I wasn't ready and it just reassured me that I was because the purpose was to learn that I wasn't ready. The come down was hard because I entered manual breathing mode and my anxiety peaked really bad and I had to call a friend to tell me about their day so I could focus on another human being instead of myself. I never realized until I did the mushrooms how terrified of being observed I was. I wanted no one to see me so I was leading a sedentary life in solitude. All I would do is go back and forth between my classes and lay in bed dissociating all day. Months of my life(years really, but we will get to that too.) I will never get back. I was and still am so horrifically and unfairly lonely, but now I understand that I need to do certain things within to change that. I gained all the weight I had lost back again for what felt like the 1000th time and about two weeks after the trip I was having the first somatic flashback I'd had since the trip. Somatic flashbacks are when your body is reacting to a trigger but you're emotionally detached from it so mentally you feel baseline. I was pacing in my room and nervously stimming and then something in my brain just... Flipped on. Suddenly the lights were on. Someone was home. And I understood what it was I needed to do. I walked. I walked maybe five miles that first night. I was sobbing the entire time, listening to music that makes me feel seen. It was two am so I didn't feel watched or judged. I was being vulnerable to myself in a way I hadn't ever been capable of before and I knew exactly what it was I needed in the moment and it was jarring and confusing. I had never felt more present in my body in my life that night. So I kept going. I started getting up at three in the morning and I would do a little more every day. This all started around two months ago and I've walked multiple half marathons just because I can and I want to. Something inside of me that wasn't necessarily totally me(OSDD-1a is just like that.) decided I deserved to be cared for and taken care of and that it included my body. I've been eating better. Moving more. I still struggle to sleep. I've been considering giving up weed. It's just... Made me a totally different person. I've been able to cry. To laugh. To smile. I think I'm cuter. I enjoy my face in a way I never have before. And the weightless is just a byproduct of loving myself the way I should have been. I can't believe I went my whole life without feeling this way about myself. It makes me horrendously sad but now I can actually feel that feeling. I signed myself up for EDMR and internal family systems therapy. I'm still dissociating every day, but I'm understanding and communicating with the pats. The doorway has been opened. On my third mushroom trip I was able to physically speak with them and meet them for the first time. They are not concrete or solid identities. They are not fully formed. They are fractured off pieces of a core self that are inaccessible to me. Even when I dissociate, I tend to recede into an observer role and the parts never feel more than an like an autopilot system. During the last trip there was an eight year old that lives in a constant state of fear. It doesn't like labels. It doesn't like acknowledgement. It doesn't like when it's noticed. This is where the fear of being observed comes from and the need to apologizing for existing as well. This eight year old is also responsible for feelings of panic. I've had dissociative fugue a few times and getting lost really triggers this part so I end up feeling pretty helpless and need help getting where I'm supposed to be. There's a sixteen year old boy who is the caretaker. I was this age when my mom was struggling with a prescription addiction so it makes sense. I was also really struggling with my gender and overcompensated by being ultra femme so it makes sense this would have been fractured off and suppressed. He's the ultimate masculine. A total jock and gamer. He the most intergraded into the core self as any other parts because I've fully accepted my identity as a transmasc person years ago and really embraced my masculinity. He makes me feel like a teenager though. During the last trip he and I had a talk about older male role models. He was upset he didn't have a father figure to teach him how to help the 8 year old. He wanted to become a brother to that part to make it feel safe. I feel this energy there a lot now when I start to panic. I still panic of course but I can tell myself I'm going to be okay now and that I'm 26, safe, and can set boundaries. Then there's the firefighter... I want to love her, but I just....hoo. it's hard. She's an alcoholic binge eater who has a weed dependency and sex addiction. She like if the cookie monster pajama girl never matured. She's like a mother who is only there when her kid is crying. She otherwise is totally apathetic to everything. She doesn't care about anyone else's feelings. Anyone else's time. Anyone else. She physically soothes, though sometimes not in a good way and it's always at minimum awkward or cringe. She is the least formed out of all of the parts. During the trip she appeared me me literally as a dark cloud. It's clear I still have a lot of work to do. There are pieces of me I still can't love, but I'm trying to piece myself back together from being crushed to sand.
Mushrooms are medicine.
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2023.06.02 23:29 RubyMetalmuffin What the heck is Mercari's problem!

What the heck is Mercari's problem!
Omg 😒 I feel like such a jerk rn ! I waited for like 3 weeks on this item and then I finally cancel after Mercari sent me an email saying the tracking never updated and I can cancel it ! and it and it shows up the next day !
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2023.06.02 23:29 Sickoflifekindatbh Usually use 40-50mg of viagra. If for one weekend (vacation) I don’t want to have to worry about timing. Would a 20mg Cialis do the trick for just a 36 hour trip ? Or is there a chance it won’t work. I know sometimes it takes a build up for Cialis but hoping a high dose would mitigate that.

Thoughts ?
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2023.06.02 23:28 AngleFew4184 I’m 24M and my GF is 22F, and I don’t get affection from my gf

I’m(24 M) and my gf (22 F)
I’ll give y’all context to where we started and where we are now so y’all can get an idea as to whats going on. Sorry if this is a bit long. I just have no idea what to do..
I’d describe myself as a really sexual man, but I’m also a very affectionate man. I’ve been blessed with a libido that rivals breeding bulls. But it’s not all about sexual stuff with me. I value affection first, sexual intimacy second.
I’d describe my gf as a quiet introvert, not nearly as high a sex drive, but beautiful as hell. She’s not an affectionate person whatsoever, and altho we’ve had our moments, she’s not sexual either. She’s not very expressive of her emotions either. She has an ex who was abusive and raped her. I understand that can have consequences on someone’s future behavior.
altho we were friends since 2014, we didn’t truly start getting to know each other or hang out until 2019 a little after I broke up with my ex. When we first started talking, we were more sexual and affectionate. We had sex a few times, and the cuddling afterwards was always a treat. When we got more serious was during covid when the pandemic shut the country down for a few months. In the beginning things were somewhat smooth, but things got bumpy when the world opened back up. Ever since we got together, she’s not nearly as affectionate or sexual. She’s a college student who goes to a school in Alabama while I stayed in Illinois for college. I’ve only been able to see her for a month during winter break and for the summer time. When she’s at school, she hardly speaks to me but makes the excuse of being busy with her friends, sleeping, or school work. I’ll always message her good morning, good night, are you ok?, or I love you messages for days at a time before I do get a response back. I honestly don’t believe that she can’t make time for me because I’ve been with someone who’s in the same major as her who was able to balance school, sleep, friends, and our relationship and had no issue. I’ve told her many times how it makes me feel and she always says she’ll change but nothing ever changes. If anything, when she’s at school it’s gotten worse each semester she goes back.
When she comes home, she doesn’t show excitement to see me, but when I’ve went with her to alabama to see her friends down there, she’ll show hella excitement and hug them n what not. When she see’s me for the first time in months, I have to wait before I can get a hug. There are times where I want a kiss, and I’ll ask for a kiss and she’ll either tell me no or just give me a look and move to a different topic like I didn’t say anything. We’ll be in my room and she never wants to cuddle or be affectionate or close to me. She gives such little affection and I can’t even name the last time we’ve been sexual. I have to ask for hugs, hardly get kisses, hardly get to hold her hand. If I try to give her affection sometimes she’ll aggressively shrug me off like I’m a pest.
I’ve told her on many occasions how I want affection and she’ll always tell me that she’s just not an affectionate person but she’ll meet me in the middle. And nothing ever changes. I’m tired of having to ask for hugs, kisses, to cuddle, to be close, to hold her hand.
The last time I brought up intimacy to her was after a convention where she ended up yelling at me after I brought up to her that I want to cuddle. Mind you, we were on my bed as such: She’s wrapped in my blanket watching tiktoks with her back to me laying on her side while I’m laying next to her staring at the ceiling.
She’s brought up to me that her and her friends can sit in a room for hours not saying anything to each other and be perfectly fine, but I’m not her friends. I’ve brought up breaking up before because I don’t feel the love and intimacy I need in a relationship to be happy and she’s always said she’s trying to change but needs time. It’s been over a year since then and nothing changed. There was a night where I was super emotional and typed 14 pages (yep) of what I was feeling and that I was genuinely on my last leg with this. In all honesty I don’t want to break up with her, but I also find myself waking up feeling empty inside each morning wishing I was feeling more affection. Sometimes I struggle to eat or focus on anything, and when I do see her, I am practically BEGGING in my mind that she at least lets me sit close to her. We had good times together, her family likes me and I’ve been on a couple vacations with them. She also claims she loves me a lot and expressed that she wants a future with me at some point. I want a future with her too, but I don’t want to be in what feels like an affectionless, sexless relationship for the rest of my life.
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2023.06.02 23:28 akura2103 Youre not shit at the game....kinda

So, this is just personal experience, dont mind the grammar im not looking to use this as my english major appliance paper, but as it stands i am a one trick, i live and breathe by the way of one tricking and i have never EVER deviated from this philosophy. My idea is that knowing one character really well is much more useful than knowing a lot of characters fairly well. Every game i have ever played i have decided on a main in my first 15 minutes of playing and stuck with it for the entierty of my time playing it. Let me set a few examples: -Smash bros ultimate: joker 900h -overwatch: tracer 260h -tekken: asuka 135h -league: yone 300h (give or take) -valorant: jett (a fuckin lot, i dont have the stats here but ive been playing for a year and i have never touched another character)
Note that this is only the games that come to mind and comparably (except for smash random matches) i have less than 1h on any given character in any game i have played.
Now, i came into ggst woth the same philosophy, i tried a few characters and i was dead set on playing ramlethal valentine.
So i started getting familiar with the games simple yet fast pace and cancel heavy gameplay, i enjoyed my first few hours, even visiting the highest floor to get my ass beaten by better players to see what im building towards and started my journey.
Learning combos, knowing my moves and when to use them, learning neutral and studying rams frame data. It all went swimmingly, but if that was all there is to it i wouldnt be making this post right? So after about 20 hours of ggst i got bricked SO FUCKING UNIMAGINABLY HARD.
I got beaten by players i knew were mechanically less capable than me, players who didnt even use their characters in their most optimal environment and players who play that big ah fuckin hunk of a charcter who just DOESNT TAKE KNOCK HIT STUN FOR SOME REASON (Seriously, who designd that shit, he hits you for half of your health bar with 2 hits, you hit a P or K and think its your turn and he hits you with the most devious move created in fighting game history).
So, i wanted to deinstall and just take my net loss of 20€ and go on with my day.......... but it didnt feel right, something spoke to me, something deep inside of me, something......new.
I tried a new character.
You see, what i have concluded is that i just needed someone different, spmeone who feels right, i picked up giovanna.
And ill be honest, without looking up guides, without spending hours in training mode i was winning, and not just winning, OBLITERATING. Counter hits into huge combos, corner pressuring like a god and even perfecting 2 games in a row.
Its kinda cheap to brag about winning on low floors, especiall since ive probably done more homework than most players around the same floor but i guess the point im trying to make is, dont be afraid to dip your toes into something youre less comfortable with, this goes beyond guilty gear, or gaming in general, try some street fighter, get into some shooters, take a taste of rts, try some new music, maybe get some food youve never even thought of eating.
I guess always doing the same feels safe, it feels comfortable, but comfort hinders progression, so be bold.
Anyways, im now a 6hs corner masher and i convert your healthbar into dust (ha ha, get it?) From a single kick, and i would never be able to do so if i stayed dead set on my "main".
P.S now that i have left her behind and actually faced her outside of a ditto match up, fuck ram.
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2023.06.02 23:28 trippyearthling Apartment saying i violated for partner “living” with me

Is this even legal?
have lived at this apartment complex for a year now. Girlfriend has been here a lot because i developed health issues quiet literally out of nowhere. So the only reason she has been here is to help me because ive fainted a few times and have extreme heart rates that are scary. Otherwise she would be at her home.
Today the office manager told my gf that technically im violating the lease and that she wants her to try to get on the lease. I do NOT want this. Our relationship has been rocky and we both know this. I really dont want to get into my personal life with the office but idk how else to break it to them.
I get a procedure to fix my issue and should be back to normal within a month or so and she will be back to her place more often.
Can i legally (without any reprocussions) say i do not want her on the lease?! I mean legally what makes her “live here”? She doesnt have stuff here. No mail. Doesnt pay bills.
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2023.06.02 23:28 BlaxicanX My childhood was okay, but I just don't care about my family at all and I feel nothing about that

I have two sisters and one brother, one niece, seven uncles, four aunts, two grandmothers and about a billion cousins... And I don't care about hardly any of them. No, I wasn't abused by any of them (though there is definitely a lot of untreated mental illness circulating through the family). I just don't care about most of them. My feelings toward my family range from ambivalence to disdain depending on the person. Genuine love is reserved for maybe one sister and my mother. There is something resembling love for Dad, but I think, if I'm being honest with myself, those feelings are more a combination of guilt and a sense of duty to be a good son. I try to foster and maintain a relationship with these three people, but for everyone else there is no desire to interact with any of them. My niece is turning 11 this year, I think, and she lives about an hour drive from here, and I've seen her maybe a dozen times in her life. And I'm okay with that. I've spent the last decade telling myself that I should go visit her more, making plans for things we could do together, but on reflection the truth is, why? I don't really care about seeing her. I don't dislike her or her mother, they just aren't super important to me. The same is true for almost everyone else. "Are you going to your uncle's college graduation?" No, I wasn't planning to. "Your cousin got married! You should give her a call and congratulate her!" Why? I've never once had a conversation with that cousin. "Grandma's in the hospital! You should go visit her." I've never really liked grandma very much, being honest with you. She loves to start arguments and gossip about people.
It feels like there is this societal pressure to prioritize your family in relationships and I just don't understand it. I have a lot of friends and a girlfriend, and I prefer their company vastly more than 99% of my family.
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2023.06.02 23:27 SteamtownSaiyan 33 [M4F] #Pennsylvania - Demisexual dude seeking adventure partner/player 2

33 [M4F] #Pennsylvania - Demisexual dude seeking adventure partneplayer 2
Single/Taken/Complicated: Single
Seeking Relationship/Friends/Squish/Other: Long term relationship, but new friends are always nice as well. Admittedly, I'm rather inexperienced with relationships, so I'm hoping to just start as friends and take things slowly
Romantic Orientation: Heteroromantic
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/him
Age: 33. I'm looking for someone preferably in the 23-43 age range
Height/Build: 5'11, average build
Physical Description: Brown eyes that don't see very well so they're almost always covered by glasses, slowly thinning brown hair that's almost always beneath a baseball cap and a face that's almost always buried under a beard. But I attached some pictures, so you can get a better idea of what I look like than my self-deprecating descriptions
Personality Description: Shy, introverted and socially awkward, though I've gotten a lot better than I used to be when I was younger. Very laid back and mellow kind of guy generally. My sense of humor is generally dry and sarcastic. It can take me a while to warm up to people, but once I do, I tend to not shut up. I'll go to a bar and have a few drinks, but I'm generally not a huge fan of big crowds
Location: Scranton "the city from The Office" Pennsylvania. I'd prefer to find someone within a reasonable drive, but definitely open to long distance for the right person
Hobbies and interests: I spend most of my time playing video games or watching YouTube/Twitch. Mostly a Nintendo fan, though I also have a gaming PC and a PS4 that I may or may not upgrade to a PS5 at some point. Although I'm primarily a homebody, I also love being active and spending time outdoors. I'm an avid runner, but I also enjoy hiking, kayaking, biking, all that good stuff. Currently taking flying lessons and working on getting my pilot's license.
To explain a bit more about my rationale for posting in this subreddit, I figure I may as well just be brutally honest. I have a lot of baggage concerning sex and sexuality. Going to therapy has helped, but it's still an ongoing process. I'm definitely sex-positive, but at the same time, my sex drive is on the low end. My only previous long-term relationship was really toxic and unhealthy, so I guess I don't even really know what a healthy sex life even actually looks like. I'd say I'm primarily a demisexual and need to have a strong emotional connection with someone before engaging in anything intimate. So I'm hoping to find someone very patient and understanding here.
Anyways, I don't want to ramble on forever. So if you're interested in maybe getting to know one another, feel free to send a chat my way. Take care!
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2023.06.02 23:27 Old_Heart_7780 Search warrant(s) for Allen’s property

It’s a slow day. Thought I’d make it a two post day just because. I was reading some comments about the search warrants for Allen’s property, and just decided I have to throw my two cents in- again. I say again because I’m aware I tend to repeat myself. But alas I think the matter of the search warrants are critically important to understand what’s going on. And I don’t say that as a fact, rather I’m just giving my speculation what happened that October 12, 2022 at Richard Allen’s property on Whiteman Road in Delphi.
I just read a comment where someone suggested there was a lot of mess ups with the search warrant for Allen’s property. I disagree. I think the ISP investigators were able to secure a warrant for Allen’s property shortly after having left the two guys from Peru, Indiana’s mothegrandmothers backyard. We do know ISP investigators were in this little old ladies burn/trash pit just prior to looking in Allen’s burn pit. They were obviously looking in this little old ladies trash burn pit ashes because someone told investigators something was burned there. They could not have procured legal access to that little old ladies burnt trash on a whim. They had to have had someone say they knew something vital to the Delphi murder investigation was thrown in that pit and burned. This little old lady had absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with what happened in Delphi on Ron Logan’s land— as we all know. Who could have known something important was burned there— let alone snitched to the ISP something was in that pit?
So the ISP investigators were able to secure a search warrant probable cause affidavit to search her trash dump. There are published news stories that confirm the ISP investigators were there just one short week after the Wabash River search concluded on and early Monday afternoon. The published reports specifically say they were “sifting through ashes”.
No sooner were those ISP investigators done sifting through granny’s garbage/ashes, and the next thing we know they are seen in the PREDAWN hours sifting though a pile of ashes in Allen’s backyard behind a shed. So we can conclude the ISP investigators wrapped up in Peru and headed straight to Allen’s house. This is the kind of dramatic stuff movies are made of.
Just like granny’s backyard burn pit limited search warrant probable cause affidavit— Richard Allen is handed the same limited search warrant PCA to search his backyard for any signs of something burned. I suspect they banged on his door early that morning on October 13, 2022— long before the sun came up. They were in Allen’s backyard using “flashlights to sift through ashes” behind his shed. That’s a fact. There are numerous published eyewitness accounts from Allen’s neighbors stating that’s what the plain clothes investigators were doing.
So it is safe to assume there were TWO search warrant served on Richard Allen and his wife that day—- October 13, 2022. The first search warrant gave investigators a very limited scope of what they could look for in this guys backyard. A guy with a clean criminal record, and trusty worthy enough to have been a licensed pharmacy Technician in the State of Indiana. A guy nobody knew about until several weeks later when he was arrested for the murders of Abby and Libby.
We also know there was a lull in the search that day. Eyewitness reports tell of the Allen’s sitting outside their house along with an idle group of ISP investigators. I have to suspect they found exactly what they were looking for in the small pile of ashes behind his shed. There are published photos of that pile of ashes online and easy to find.
iSP Investigators waited patiently with the Allen’s outside the house while Tony Liggett was dispatched with the CC prosecutor (I would also assume) to go back to the judge for the SECOND search warrant PCA that day. The second search warrant PCA would include the right to search Allen’s house, and I think it’s safe to say— look for a large frame semiautomatic handgun and a box of .40 S&W bullets. As someone once pointed out to me— Richard Allen’s SIG Sauer P226 .40 S&W was on file in the Carroll County Courthouse file on Conceal Carry weapons, which Richard Allen had legally registered to carry his big gun. They knew he had the gun— they needed a witness to say he used it that day, and he burned bloody evidence in his backyard.
I could be wrong— but I speculate there were two search warrant PCA’s served on Richard Allen on that that date- October 13, 2022. It explains the “flashlights” in the early morning while sifting through ashes of all things. It also explains the Allen’s and the plainclothes investigators all standing around while seemingly waiting for something. It explains Richard Allen’s wife seen sitting the couples vehicle while I’m sure Ricky was nervously pacing around the driveway. It’s very possible he put that gun back up in his closet shelf never using it again— and never realizing he’d ejected a bullet on Logan’s land found 2’ from Libby. That second search warrant PCA is the reason he’s been sitting in jail the past 8 months with no bail, and now he’s even given up asking for bail at the present time.
I know why but I think of that song by Drowning Pool when I think of Richard Allen. The song Let the Bodies Hit the Floor it’s that crazy little dance he does for his wife while playing pool and wearing that hat I swear is the hat BG was wearing that day. He’s got that nervous explosive energy thing going on with him— when he walks past his wife and does that crazy spasmodic mosh pit dance thing…
*Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor
Beaten, why for Can't take much more (Here we go, here we go, here we go now)
One, nothing wrong with me Two, nothing wrong with me Three, nothing wrong with me Four, nothing wrong with me
One, something's got to give Two, something's got to give Three, something's got to give now
Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor*
I think he’s perfectly capable of an explosive type of anger. I think somebody knew that about his little buddy from Mexico. I think he also knew he lived there right by the Monon High Bridge.
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2023.06.02 23:27 zakary3888 In-Game Cutscenes!

Really happy that there are multiple cutscenes that give close ups of your character, but it will also add another 3 hours to my character creation time in the full release
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2023.06.02 23:27 vitiate I cannot believe that it has been another year.

In one day it will be the 3rd anniversary of the death of my wife. I lost my wife to Ewing's Sarcoma in 2020.
The time immediately after when she passed was hell, but it was totally manageable, in part, I have discovered because I was locked into survival mode. I had been in survival mode for years. I had been entirely neglecting myself, totally focused on keeping her alive and keeping the kids going. Everything I did was focused on her well being, and keeping the house running. I lived for her comfort and happiness, sacrificing my own needs. I was numb to everything, as bad as things were they were manageable because I was keeping the plates spinning. Her passing was both horrific and a relief. Don't get me wrong, I re-live those moments constantly. Watching her last breaths come shuddering out of her body, the way her eyes came open at the end like she was looking for me. She was under palliative sedation, she did not see me, I hope that she did not know I was there, I would prefer she passed with no further pain, her goodbyes were said. Mostly they were, I never got the goodbye I needed. But I got four extra years and a lot of memories, both good and bad.
After she passed I was cold, iced up. Nothing was getting through to me. I was incapable of feeling much of anything. I grieved, but I never really felt it. I had a couple of relationships, none of which really amounted to anything, just spending time. I moved my kids back to their home town, bought a new house and started to get comfortable with the fact that I would be this way forever.
About a year ago I met my SO. When she kissed me the first time it was like my soul melted. It was the most connected I have ever been. Entirely life changing. In Novemeber she moved in, in March we moved to a bigger city and have started our new life together. We are engaged. I love her the way only a widow can, I know I will lose her eventually, or she will lose me, I know it only ends in pain, but I am doing it again.
What is strange is that this anniversary is hitting harder then the last two. I am actually more broken up then when she passed. My therapist says that it is because I am no longer in survival mode. My Psyche has decided that I have the bandwith to proccess the loss and the feelings now. I am simultaniously as happy as I have ever been and greiving harder then I ever have. It comes in waves, it started as a bad feeling over the May long weekend like something was about to happen. When we got back from our camping trip the memories came.
That Tuesday was the day that we called the Dr. because she was becoming very bloated with fluid. On their reccomendation we called the paramedics and they took her to the Hospital. Two days later she was in the Hospice ward, on Sunday the 31 she triggered MAID, the nurses came to see her that morning to verify that she was capable of making the decision for her self. That afternoon we snuck the boys in all 3 of them seperately to say goodbye. I took them home afterwards to be with them. That evening when I got back to the hospital she was so delrious I don't think that she knew I was in the room. The doctor who would also have to approve her for MAID was unable to because she was no longer capable of making a decision. I wish I could have made that decision for her, to give her what she wanted. I never got my good bye. I know she loved me. That evening the Hospice Dr asked if I would like to pallitively sedate her. She was in so much pain I agreed. I sat with her and held her hand for 3 days. Telling her I loved her and watching shitty television. Why did I feel the need to fill the time? If I could go back I would have just talked to her the whole time. But I ran out of stuff to say. I remember just telling her about what I was watching on tv. On the 3rd, her breathing changed, she started taking really deep breaths. Eventually she exhaled one last shuttering breath, her eyes came open a little and she stopped breathing. I sat there for an hour talking to her, telling her it was alright, I would take care of the boys. I love you, you can go, we are ok. And then I packed up her stuff and left.
I go over this again and again, what I should have done differently, how could I have done this better. It has changed me entirely. There is not a day that goes by that I do not tell my partner that I am greatful for her and that I love her. My wife will always be with me, her memories. I will always be the person that she helped to create. The boys will always be her babies. She has not been replaced.
I am always struggling with this feeling that I am in it alone, that I will be alone. Logically I know it is not true. It just seems like anytime things are truely hard I am alone. I don't know what that says about me. My therapist thinks that it is because I am human and I just need someone to lean on and to reach out to. Life was simpler when I was in survival mode, nothing could touch me. Sleep, eat, work, repeat. That was not living though, it sucks that you have to hurt more to feel better. The residual loss of self from focusing on keeping someone else alive and healthy for so long. I did stuff because I had to. But it left me this empty husk of who I was, and now I have to try and fill it with things I need, likes, interests and desires. For so long I was totally focused on her, my default is to do the same with my partner, but its unsustainable. So I get to relearn to be me again, and its so hard. How do you not do everything that needs to be done around the house? How do you not get angry at yourself for letting something slip, for causing more work for yourself later? How do you live with the fact that things happen, and the last time you said good bye to your love could be the last time? I am learning. And I am also learning to lean on others, to ask for help and accept it.
Am I better off then I was last year at this time? I hurt more, I am happier, I am starting to live again. If you are out there somewhere love, if you can read this, or see us. Know that we love you still, we miss you, there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. But we have this, we are going to survive, and live and thrive!
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2023.06.02 23:27 anonymouswalrus666 Help! Egg are hatching, questions, ahhh!

My best duck has hatched her first duckling. It externally pipped yesterday morning, was “zipping” 24 hours later, and was fully out and dried off by the time I got home from work. As for the rest of the eggs, only one has any noticeable signs or sounds or movement. One of the other eggs has a small dark splotch on the inside (internal pipping? Idk) and the rest are quiet.
My questions: should I be worried about any of the other eggs? Is there any need to intervene at this point? How long should I wait before I consider them a lost cause?
Also, can I let the mama and her duckling(s) interact with the rest of the flock? Should I just keep them separate until all babies have hatched? I do not have a drake but I do have two muscovies who are hell bent on kicking Mama off the nest so that THEY can hatch out the ducklings, and an Indian runner who is a bit of a basket case.
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2023.06.02 23:26 bunny-mama MIL making remarks that we don’t visit her enough

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here because me and MIL’s relationship have improved tremendously but lately her comments have started getting to me.
She works at a grocery store and is a manager for one of the departments. She is the generation that thinks it is noble and honorable to work at the cost of spending time family. She is hardly ever off weekends, and when she does have an odd weekend off, she doesn’t know until the Monday before. We usually make plans weeks ahead of time since we are pretty busy ourselves. We try to accommodate her when she’s off by canceling plans whenever we can, but it’s not always possible.
Back on Mother’s day weekend, we tried asking her a week and a half in advance about her plans so we could make sure both my mom and his mom get time with us. She worked that weekend until the afternoon, and whenever we asked what time she was off, she’d say “well we are leaving Monday for vacation” or “I have a nail appointment”. Never a straight forward sentence saying she wants to see us. Instead, she said “I don’t want you guys to drive 2 hours just to see me. You don’t have to do that” but we KNOW she would be upset if we didn’t, and she is aware that we are visiting my mom who lives in the same town. After she repeatedly beat around the bush, we decided to surprise her at work with gifts and a card, and spent the day with my mom since we already had plans in stone.
Fast forward to this week - my beloved grandmother passed away on Monday. We asked if it was okay for her to take care of the cat for the 4 days we will be busy planning/attending the funeral with my side of the family in the same town. We are staying at my mom’s, who has a big dog, and our cat is afraid of dogs. All we need is for her to feed the cat some wet food, make sure the water bowl isn’t empty and maybe scoop the litter box once or twice. She was like “oh just the cat? But you’re not staying here?” And then also said “I’m busy and work all day so are you gonna be able to come feed the cat?” Keep in mind that we have watched her dogs multiple times when she went on vacation, and I NEVER made a comment when the dogs puked and pooped on my nice rugs, or when they woke us up 4 times throughout the night to go outside. When we told her if she couldn’t that it was okay, she said “oh no don’t worry about it”. I’m so confused.
During this conversation, she also gave us an update on the phone about my fiancée’s brother’s job and how he doesn’t work at this place he’s been at for a while. We were both shocked and said “wow since when?” And she just goes “yeah you guys don’t come over enough to talk to us”.
I’m angry, emotionally exhausted and disappointed. I’m trying to process my grief but now I feel horrible having her take care of the cat. This “not seeing her enough issue” has been an ongoing issue but I guess this week it really got to me. She also has the option to leave this job and work somewhere else, especially because she spends all the time we are there complaining about the teenage workers and how “nobody wants to work anymore”. In reality, those kids know how to prioritize other things in life, and don’t sacrifice their mental health for a near-minimum wage job - kudos to them because I was never brave enough to do that at that age. Ever since she became a a manager, she has been grumpier and doesn’t seem happy when we visit anyway. When we watch a movie she just scrolls on social media and then complains about people.
Maybe I shouldn’t have asked her to watch the cat. Perhaps that is where I went wrong especially since we haven’t seen her in a while. Regardless, I’m just emotionally drained and can’t handle this right now on top of grieving.
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2023.06.02 23:26 Spirited-Clue-1308 Giveaway! Leif on Island

hey homies! i have a bunch of items that i don’t need/want anymore so im throwing a small giveaway! items include but not limited to:
-castle towers -stars -heart crystals -crafting items -furniture -mushroom decor -glowing items -bells -clothing
I’ll be hosting the giveaway about an hour after posting this, and taking 3 people at a time until everything’s mostly gone to make it fair. Leif is also on island if you’d want to buy anything! Comment your IGN and Island for the dodo!
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2023.06.02 23:26 FreedomLegal7562 Kitchen Faucet won't turn off all the way.

Hi. I have a Kohler Torq K-6125 Bridge Mount Kitchen faucet. Both handles are not turning off the water properly. They go beyond the off position without turning off the water unless we turn on and off several times while pushing a bit. This happened to both within days of each other. A few weeks ago, though, the hot handle became very hard to turn for a while. We have had this faucet since 2007 or 2008. It is expensive and we would be sad to have to replace the whole thing.
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2023.06.02 23:26 Casavant_ Is it within acceptable reason to leave this job of 7 months?

I'm currently working at an office reseller company. When I applied for this job 7 months ago I was hired as a customer support representative. This would include inbound and outbound emails and phone calls regarding orders and other similar things you'd expect to do in such role. Fast forward now, a coworker had recently quit to move back home. He was mainly a driver for the company, and when he was finished with his route he would help in the print shop that we also have in office. Now that he is gone, my boss has asked me to do many "small" favors for him. He simply uses the excuse that it would be good to know how to do these things. On another note, I am moving at the end of the month, out of state. Currently working on getting a job in said state right now, and my boss has no idea of my intentions yet.
Some of the "small" favors that seem to be daily include:
- Taking the ex-coworkers entire route of deliveries (I have to come in an hour earlier at 7am for this)
- Putting together 30-50 sets of furniture/chairs while the guys hired to do this are helping with deliveries.
- Taking extra garbage to the city dump using a provided box truck.
- Helping in the print shop with orders that are far behind or need to be rushed.
- Picking up/dropping off trucks at needed locations.
I have no interest in doing any of these tasks, and they are mentally draining me. I am the only one that is multitasking like this. I am also expected to do my usual tasks such as being the first to answer incoming calls when I'm in office, and dealing with whatever I can while the other 2 customer support coworkers do whatever it is they do. I've already been confronted for mistakes on orders I cant even remember with everything I have to do. I am on the verge of quitting on the spot next week and letting my boss know I will not return.
Another thing to mention is a month before all of this, I was brought into my boss' office for reviews. I was basically told I wouldn't get a raise as I didn't have enough responsibilities and that what I am being paid was pretty standard for the amount of work I did. Now I am doing more than what most people here do. I have intentions of going to school to finish my CompSci degree to peruse something in the IT field. I do not have a passion for a print shop, or delivering office supplies on top of everything else I applied to do.
My boss is often leaving me with these "small" favors to do before he leaves early in the afternoon to "enjoy the warm weather" and I am so done with this. I really don't have any expenses for another couple months now, and wouldn't even require this job anymore for moving costs. I figured I could doordash or something in my free time while I pack for the move, but I am very close to walking out. Would it be worthwhile to do so?
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2023.06.02 23:26 moderntechtropolis Things to check and fix that might cause premature ejaculation

I know everyone is different and what works for you might not work for me.
However, the vast majority of people have the same problems due to a sedentary life. I work 8-10 hours a day sitting in a chair for the last 8 years. It fucked me over.
Anyway, here are a few things to check and fix, that are know to cause pelvis stability issues.
A few non muscle related stuff that helps in the chronic periods when you are starting:
Last, but not least, and probably overlooked:
My personal advice to you, at least for the 30+ guys here, go see a PT for 1-2 sessions and get an assesment of what's wrong with you. Check posture, muscle imbalance, ask to get on that tredmill where they put sensors on you and see what muscles arent firing and which are over working.
It's going to be the best $200 - $300 you've ever spent.
They will tell you exactly what the problem is, and then you can work it out on your own.
It's either spending some money or spending tome months figuring it out on your own
Small tip:
The conclusion is that your main issue is pelvis stability.
The moment the pelvis isn't in the position it hopes to be, it will engage the pelvic muscles as a response to protect the organs.
Not even a million reverse kegels are going to fight that defense mechanism built inside you.
Keep the pelvis stable, and the pelvic floor won't contract.
Don't lose time on the small stuff, like the BC and IC muscle. leave them alone, they are doing what they think it's right. Orgasm is rushed by the PC muscle, which is part of the levator ani muscle group, and that group contracts on its own.
Most of you don't even know those muscles can relax, and probably have spend years in a contracted state.
I've seen a video where a guy said having sex back to back for 30 mins - 1 hour helps.
Yep, it does.
If it is possible in your curent situation, a 3 hour session with a hot prostitute might actually provide a lot of temporary fix until you fix your muscles
However I won't go into this as I know it's rarely possible due to marriage, girlfriend, etc.
If your partner is understanding, explain to them their issue and that having one 2 hour session a week will help things a lot.
Remember that spending time on reddit will NOT fix your issue.
Don't fixate on pudendal neuralgia. That is a sympton of a trapped nerved due to tight muscles, specifically the piriforms and levator ani. It will go away once you restore balance. No other way around it.
Ok, good luck guys.
Hope this helps at least somebody.
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2023.06.02 23:25 One-Yogurtcloset-383 Blockstream Jade lost access to one of my main accounts

Hi I just set up my blockstream jade today and installed blockstream green on my PC. The first time i access the jade through the PC, it sets up a main account which i proceed to transfer over some btc from a few apps. Then I updated the firmware on the jade. Then I access the jade again through the green software and it makes a second main account... So I transfer the rest of my btc into the second main account. However, now when i try to access the first main account, it says pin access disabled and asks to restore the wallet through my seedphrase. When I enter my seedphrase, it only restores the second main account. Not sure why two main accounts were created but I've been at this for hours and cannot access the first main account for the life of me. someone please help!
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2023.06.02 23:25 tinselsnips Translate running for 70+ hours?

Translate keeps showing up in Running Apps, showing that it's been running for an extended period of time. I can close it from there, but sooner or later it comes back.
Looking at the actual battery usage, it doesn't seem to be having an effect, but it's weird that this is happening at all. I don't think I've used it once since I got my phone. The Translate app is set to Optimized battery usage, but it also says no battery usage since last charge...
There's nothing special in that 70 hour number either; it's been longer than that since I last restarted my phone, but I've restarted it at least once since I first noticed this happening.
Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?
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2023.06.02 23:25 TakeMyThrowaway123 31M and 30F having intimacy and respect issues.

Hey all, just wondering how I can move forward with my current relationship. My gf 30F and I(31M) have been together for 3 years.
We were having sex before we became a couple, and our relationship started after she found out that I was seeing another girl, and she gave me an ultimatum. (yes I know I was fucked up) Since our relationship started, I have ditched most of my female friends and have been faithful to her.
Our relationship started off great, but I have fucked up occasionally with insensitive comments and missing birthday/anniversary gifts. We had talked about it and I apologized and promised her that I'll do better, which I believe I have been better at till today.
However, everytime we have an argument, the argument always leads back to her reminding me about how I was fucked up with insensitive comments and missing out on gifts for her in the past.
For context, she has a few male friends that she is in contact with, that I'm aware of. When we argue, it's mostly because I feel she disrespects our relationship and me, by paying more attention to her friend than to me. For example, she would go on talking to her male friend instead of me when we are out and they bump into each other, even when she knows that I strongly dislike that friend. Would you consider that as being disrespectful to your partner?
Also, occasionally when we are out together, she would bring up her male friend multiple times throughout the night, sometimes even texting them while we are conversing.
As for our sex life, it was great for the first year of our relationship. As of now, I have been sexless for close to 6 months. This has been despite me telling her that we haven't had sex in a long time and we should try to have some sort of intimacy.
Usually when she meets me I notice she gets tired quickly, and when we share a room, she tends to fall asleep as soon as we hop into bed. This is despite her getting adequate sleep(around 7 hours) when she claims she can function well on 4 to 5 hours.
As for our financials, I believe she is currently earning more than I do, and our financials aren't very strong. I feel this is an issue which is contributing to the lack of intimacy and her behaviors with her friends. What do you guys think?
I don't know what I should do with our relationship, I feel that she is the one I want to be with, but I can't bear to have a sexless marriage and one where I'm being treated as a second option to her friends. What are your thoughts on my relationship? How can I turn this relationship around for the better? Any advice is greatly appreciated. TIA!
Tl;dr I have issues with gf texting others/chatting with people I dislike when we are out on dates, we have a lack of sexual intimacy currently. Help!
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