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LED commercial lighting solutions
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LED strip lights
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2023.06.02 07:59 Scared_Succotash505 Apple Inc. Conspiracies

Planned Obsolescence: This theory suggests that Apple deliberately designs its products with a limited lifespan to force customers to upgrade to newer models. Some people claim that software updates slow down older devices to encourage users to purchase newer ones. However, Apple has stated that software updates aim to improve performance, fix bugs, and enhance security rather than intentionally slow down devices.
Secret Backdoors: There have been claims that Apple builds secret backdoors or surveillance mechanisms into their devices to provide governments or intelligence agencies with unauthorized access to user data. Apple has consistently denied these allegations and has publicly emphasized its commitment to user privacy and encryption.
Health Hazards: Some conspiracy theories propose that Apple devices, such as iPhones and MacBooks, emit harmful radiation or electromagnetic waves that can cause health issues like cancer. However, numerous scientific studies and regulatory bodies have consistently found no conclusive evidence linking Apple devices or similar electronics to harmful health effects.
Suppression of Innovation: This theory suggests that Apple actively suppresses or acquires innovative technologies that could potentially disrupt its product lineup. Critics argue that Apple's dominance in the tech industry leads to reduced competition and stifled innovation. However, it's important to note that Apple has a history of acquiring companies to incorporate their technology into its products, which is a common practice across various industries.
Apple and Illuminati: Some conspiracy theories connect Apple to the Illuminati or other secret societies, claiming that the company's logo, product designs, and marketing strategies contain hidden occult symbolism. These theories lack substantiated evidence and are largely speculative.
Forced Apple Accessories: This theory suggests that Apple intentionally designs its devices with proprietary connectors and accessories to increase profits. Critics argue that Apple's exclusive use of Lightning cables and connectors, as well as the removal of the headphone jack from iPhones, is a deliberate strategy to force customers to purchase expensive Apple-branded accessories. However, Apple has stated that these decisions are made to advance technology, improve user experience, and enhance device features.
Apple and Planned Leaks: Some conspiracy theories propose that Apple intentionally leaks information about upcoming products to generate hype and manipulate the media. The idea is that Apple strategically controls the release of rumors and leaks to maintain interest and create buzz before major product launches. While leaks do occur in the tech industry, it's challenging to substantiate claims of deliberate manipulation by Apple.
Hidden Features: This theory suggests that Apple intentionally hides certain features or capabilities within its devices, which can only be accessed through secret codes or hacks. Conspiracy theorists claim that Apple does this to maintain control over the user experience and artificially extend the life cycle of its products. However, software updates and product documentation often introduce new features, and any claims of hidden capabilities are typically speculative and unsupported.
Apple and Mind Control: Some far-fetched theories propose that Apple devices and software are designed to manipulate and control the minds of users. These theories often involve references to subliminal messages or hidden mind-altering technologies embedded within Apple products. However, such claims lack scientific evidence and are generally regarded as baseless.
Apple and the New World Order: This theory suggests that Apple is part of a global conspiracy to establish a New World Order, a secretive global government that controls world events and suppresses individual freedoms. Proponents of this theory claim that Apple's products and services are used to gather vast amounts of personal data for surveillance purposes and to manipulate public opinion. However, there is no substantial evidence to support these claims, and they are often associated with broader conspiracy narratives.
Apple and Forced iCloud Storage: Some conspiracy theories propose that Apple intentionally limits the storage capacity of its devices to push users towards purchasing additional iCloud storage. According to this theory, Apple restricts local storage options to drive revenue from monthly iCloud subscription fees. However, Apple's storage decisions are influenced by various factors, including design considerations, cost, and synchronization capabilities, rather than a deliberate scheme to force users into paid subscriptions.
Apple and Government Collaboration: This theory suggests that Apple collaborates with governments and intelligence agencies to provide them with direct access to user data. Conspiracy theorists argue that Apple's strong encryption and privacy measures are merely a façade, and the company secretly cooperates with authorities. However, Apple has consistently emphasized its commitment to user privacy and has engaged in legal battles to protect encryption and resist government pressure to weaken security.
Apple and Corporate Espionage: This theory proposes that Apple engages in corporate espionage to gain a competitive advantage in the technology industry. Some claim that Apple covertly gathers intelligence on its competitors, including their product plans, designs, and technologies, in order to stay ahead. However, accusations of corporate espionage require substantial evidence, and such claims against Apple are largely speculative.
Apple and Mind Reading Technology: This far-fetched theory suggests that Apple is secretly developing mind-reading technology embedded within its devices. Proponents of this conspiracy claim that Apple's advancements in biometric authentication, such as Touch ID and Face ID, are stepping stones towards accessing and manipulating users' thoughts and emotions. However, mind-reading technology remains purely speculative, and there is no credible evidence to support these claims.
Apple and Energy Consumption: This theory suggests that Apple deliberately designs its devices to consume excessive amounts of energy, contributing to environmental degradation and climate change. Critics argue that Apple's focus on slim and lightweight designs compromises energy efficiency, resulting in increased power consumption. However, Apple has made efforts to improve energy efficiency in its products and has set environmental goals to reduce its carbon footprint.
Apple and Chip Performance: Some conspiracy theories propose that Apple intentionally limits the performance of its devices to prevent them from outperforming their competitors. Proponents argue that Apple artificially slows down the processing power of its devices to maintain a balance between different models and to incentivize customers to upgrade. However, claims of deliberate performance limitations are typically debunked as misunderstandings or misinterpretations of software optimizations and battery management.
Apple and Secret Projects: This theory suggests that Apple is involved in undisclosed and secretive projects beyond its publicly known products. Speculation often revolves around topics like advanced artificial intelligence, secret research and development initiatives, or undisclosed partnerships. While Apple, like many technology companies, invests in research and development, concrete evidence of hidden projects remains elusive.
Apple and Mind Control through Apps: Some conspiracy theories propose that certain apps on Apple's App Store are designed to manipulate and control users' minds. The claim is that these apps employ subliminal messages or hidden psychological techniques to influence behavior, thoughts, or emotions. However, there is no credible evidence to support these claims, and Apple maintains strict guidelines and review processes for apps available on its platform.
Apple and Extraterrestrial Technology: This far-fetched theory suggests that Apple possesses advanced extraterrestrial technology that it incorporates into its devices. Proponents claim that Apple's remarkable advancements in technology, sleek designs, and cutting-edge features are the result of reverse engineering alien technology. However, such claims lack credible evidence and are often associated with broader UFO and extraterrestrial conspiracy theories.
Apple and Mind Control through AirPods: This theory suggests that Apple's AirPods, wireless earbuds, contain hidden technologies capable of mind control or subliminal messaging. Some claim that Apple uses AirPods to influence and manipulate the thoughts and behaviors of its users. However, these claims lack scientific evidence and are generally regarded as baseless.
Apple and Censorship: This theory proposes that Apple engages in selective censorship by restricting or removing certain apps or content from its platforms based on political or ideological reasons. Critics argue that Apple's content guidelines and App Store policies are biased and infringe on freedom of speech. However, Apple states that its content policies aim to ensure quality, safety, and compliance with local regulations rather than promoting specific ideologies.
Apple and Human Tracking: This conspiracy theory suggests that Apple secretly tracks and monitors its users' movements and activities through its devices and operating systems. Proponents claim that Apple collects extensive location data and shares it with third parties for surveillance purposes. However, Apple has implemented strict privacy controls and requires user consent for location tracking, and it has publicly emphasized its commitment to user privacy and data protection.
Apple and Satanic Symbolism: This theory suggests that Apple's logo and design elements contain hidden satanic symbolism. Some conspiracy theorists interpret the bitten apple logo as a representation of the biblical story of Adam and Eve, suggesting that Apple has ties to occult practices or secret societies. However, these claims are based on subjective interpretations and lack verifiable evidence.
Apple and Secret Time Travel Technology: This highly speculative theory proposes that Apple possesses advanced time travel technology that it uses to gain knowledge of future trends and developments. Proponents claim that Apple's uncanny ability to predict and shape consumer preferences is a result of accessing the future through undisclosed time travel capabilities. However, such claims lack scientific credibility and are purely speculative.
Apple and Secret Society Control: This theory suggests that Apple is controlled by secret societies such as the Freemasons or the Illuminati. Proponents claim that Apple's logo, product designs, and marketing strategies contain hidden symbols and references to these secret societies. However, these claims are speculative and lack substantial evidence.
Apple and Suppression of Free Speech: Some conspiracy theories propose that Apple actively suppresses certain voices or ideas by removing apps or content from its platforms that do not align with its corporate or political agenda. Critics argue that Apple's content moderation policies are biased and infringe on freedom of speech. However, Apple maintains that its guidelines prioritize user safety, privacy, and compliance with local regulations.
Apple and Weather Manipulation: This far-fetched theory suggests that Apple possesses advanced technology capable of controlling or manipulating the weather. Proponents claim that Apple's vast data centers and powerful infrastructure are utilized for covert weather manipulation purposes. However, these claims lack scientific credibility and evidence.
Apple and Alien Technology Integration: This theory proposes that Apple collaborates with extraterrestrial beings or possesses access to advanced alien technology. Proponents argue that Apple's technological advancements, innovative designs, and futuristic products are a result of their connection with alien civilizations. However, there is no credible evidence to support these claims, and they are often associated with broader UFO and extraterrestrial conspiracy theories.
Apple and Mind Control via Siri: This theory suggests that Apple's virtual assistant, Siri, is used to manipulate and control users' minds. Proponents claim that Siri utilizes subliminal messaging or advanced algorithms to influence thoughts, behaviors, or purchasing decisions. However, there is no credible evidence to support these claims, and Siri's functionality is primarily focused on providing voice-based assistance.
Apple and Secret Health Research: This theory proposes that Apple conducts clandestine research into advanced health technologies and cures for diseases, withholding breakthroughs from the public. Proponents argue that Apple's health-related initiatives and partnerships serve ulterior motives beyond the publicly stated goals of improving healthcare. However, Apple's health initiatives are primarily focused on advancing technology for health monitoring and user well-being, with the aim of empowering individuals rather than hiding medical breakthroughs.
Apple and Cryptocurrency Manipulation: Some conspiracy theories suggest that Apple manipulates the cryptocurrency market to its advantage. Proponents claim that Apple's control over its devices, software, and App Store policies allows it to favor or suppress specific cryptocurrencies or blockchain technologies for its own financial gain. However, cryptocurrency markets are highly decentralized and influenced by various factors, and there is no credible evidence to support claims of Apple's market manipulation.
Apple and AI-Powered Surveillance: This theory proposes that Apple employs advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems to monitor and surveil users without their knowledge. Proponents claim that Apple's AI algorithms analyze user data, conversations, and behaviors to build detailed profiles and enable covert surveillance. However, Apple has maintained a strong stance on user privacy and data protection, and there is no credible evidence to suggest hidden surveillance activities.
Apple and Mind Control through Operating Systems: This theory suggests that Apple's operating systems, such as iOS and macOS, contain hidden features or algorithms that manipulate users' thoughts, emotions, or behaviors. Proponents claim that Apple uses psychological techniques to influence user decisions, actions, and preferences. However, these claims lack verifiable evidence and are generally regarded as unfounded.
Apple and Agenda for Global Dominance: Some conspiracy theories propose that Apple has a hidden agenda to achieve global dominance and control over the technology industry. Proponents argue that Apple's strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and market presence are part of a grand plan to establish unrivaled influence and power. However, claims of such a comprehensive agenda lack concrete evidence and often rely on speculation.
Apple and Eavesdropping through Devices: This theory suggests that Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, or MacBooks, are used to eavesdrop on users' conversations or capture sensitive information without their consent. Proponents claim that Apple's devices are equipped with hidden microphones or surveillance mechanisms that allow unauthorized access to user data. However, Apple has consistently emphasized its commitment to user privacy and encryption, and there is no credible evidence to support claims of widespread eavesdropping.
Apple and Holographic Technology: This theory proposes that Apple possesses advanced holographic technology that it keeps hidden from the public. Proponents suggest that Apple's future product releases may include holographic displays or devices capable of projecting realistic holograms. However, these claims are speculative and lack concrete evidence.
Apple and Time Travel: This theory suggests that Apple possesses secretive technology or knowledge related to time travel. Proponents claim that Apple's ability to accurately predict future technological trends and features is a result of their access to time travel capabilities. However, these claims are purely speculative and lack any credible evidence.
Apple and Population Control: Some conspiracy theories propose that Apple's devices emit harmful radiation or frequencies that are designed to control or manipulate human populations. Proponents argue that Apple intentionally includes hidden technologies in their devices that affect human health or behavior. However, these claims are not supported by scientific research or evidence.
Apple and Mind Control through Updates: This theory suggests that Apple's software updates, specifically iOS updates, include hidden features that manipulate or control users' minds. Proponents claim that Apple intentionally includes subliminal messages or psychological triggers in their updates to influence user behavior. However, these claims lack credible evidence and are not substantiated by any verifiable sources.
Apple and Secret Government Collaborations: This theory proposes that Apple collaborates with government agencies, such as intelligence services, to share user data or engage in surveillance activities. Proponents claim that Apple is part of a broader surveillance apparatus and willingly cooperates with governments to monitor individuals. However, Apple has consistently emphasized its commitment to user privacy and has engaged in legal battles to protect user data.
Apple and Secret Mind-Reading Technology: This theory suggests that Apple has developed advanced technology that can read users' minds and thoughts through their devices. Proponents claim that Apple uses neural networks or brain-computer interfaces to analyze and interpret users' mental states. However, mind-reading technology of this nature does not currently exist, and these claims are purely speculative.
Apple and Forced Planned Obsolescence: Some conspiracy theories propose that Apple intentionally designs its devices to become obsolete after a certain period, forcing users to upgrade to newer models. Proponents argue that Apple deliberately slows down older devices or releases updates that make them less efficient. However, software optimizations and hardware limitations are more likely explanations for device performance degradation over time.
Apple and Biometric Data Collection: This theory suggests that Apple's biometric authentication methods, such as Touch ID and Face ID, are used to collect and store users' biometric data for nefarious purposes. Proponents claim that Apple gathers biometric information for surveillance or control purposes. However, Apple's biometric data collection is primarily localized and encrypted, and the company has implemented privacy protections for user data.
Apple and Subliminal Advertising: This theory proposes that Apple employs subliminal messaging in its advertisements or product designs to manipulate consumer behavior. Proponents argue that hidden symbols or messages in Apple's marketing materials influence purchasing decisions without consumers' conscious awareness. However, there is no credible evidence to support these claims, and subliminal advertising techniques are generally considered ineffective.
Apple and Secret Backdoors for Government Surveillance: This theory suggests that Apple collaborates with government agencies and includes hidden backdoors in its devices and software to facilitate surveillance activities. Proponents claim that Apple provides access to user data and communications upon request by intelligence agencies. However, Apple has consistently stated its commitment to user privacy and has engaged in legal battles to protect user data from unauthorized access.
Apple and Suppression of Alternative Technologies: Some conspiracy theories propose that Apple actively suppresses or sabotages emerging technologies or inventions that could potentially disrupt its dominance in the market. Proponents argue that Apple acquires or blocks promising technologies to maintain its market control. However, claims of deliberate suppression lack concrete evidence and are often based on speculation.
Apple and Medical Research Cover-ups: This theory suggests that Apple is involved in concealing or manipulating medical research or breakthroughs for its own gain. Proponents claim that Apple hides advancements in medical technology or treatments to protect its business interests or prevent competition. However, there is no credible evidence to support these claims, and Apple's involvement in the medical field primarily revolves around health monitoring and wellness applications.
Apple and Data Mining for Targeted Advertising: This theory proposes that Apple collects extensive user data through its devices, apps, and services to engage in targeted advertising and personalized marketing. Proponents argue that Apple's data collection practices go beyond what is necessary for device functionality and compromise user privacy. However, Apple has implemented privacy-focused measures, such as differential privacy and data encryption, and provides users with control over their data.
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2023.06.02 07:02 CasperCann So in NHL 20, I got drafted by Calgary. Curious what you think this lineup would do

(It's 2023-2024 season by the way.)
They signed the following: Davis Pastrnak, Ryan Dzingle, They still have Tkachuk for another four years (Which is hilarious given the fact that NHL 20-23 is notorious for not re-signing players.) They also have Phil Kessel, Nick Merkley, Mason Appleton, Marcus Sorensen on offense.
Well, then there's me obviously. a 85 overall RW named Theodore Hatcher, 25 goals, 30 assists in 44 games played. Similar to Matthew Tkachuk style in terms can punish you on offense, but also will find himself often in the box. Currently sitting at 109 minutes. HOWEVER 50 of those minutes came from fighting alone.
On defense: They drafted A D-man who apparently doesn't exist in real life, but the dude is a fuckin beast. I got injured twice early on and he jumped them both and whooped their asses for it. So I love that fucker no matter what. Vet Jake Muzzin, Will Butcher, Markus Nutivaara.
Alexandar Georgiev He's 10-3-3 .906 SV%, 2.87 GAA.
Semyon Varlamov in his first year with Calgary is putting up a 43-18-1 record, Six shutouts, .913 SV%, 2.59 GAA.
Considering NHL again doesn't re-sign players often it's insane seeing some names on some other teams. So for a treat I'll show you guys what I'm talking about. I'll show three per position.

LW: Jonathan Huberdeau (Blues.), Johnny Gaudreau (Devils.), Gaberiel Landeskog. (Kings.)
Center: Nathan McKinnon (Montreal.), Claude Giroux (Tampa.) Sasha Barkov (Washington.)
RW: Pasta (I mean come on that still is a shocker.), Patrick Kane (Washington.) (RWs and D-men don't have too many surprises sorry guys.)
Goalies: Igor Shersterkin (Avs.), Linus Ullmark (Red Wings.) Tuuka Rask (Florida.)

Some of these teams are wild man.
Washington legit has Brayden Point, Patrick Kane, Sasha Barkov, Evgeny Kuznetsov, John Carlson, Ryan O'Riely, James Van Riemsdyk.
Only person I can't seem to find is Ovi so that means he must've retired already.
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2023.06.01 23:34 alexg_g18 Optimal lineups after Machado comes back

How do you guys feel about the lineup once Machado returns?
I know unmovable guys are: -Tatis OF -Soto OF -Xander SS -Machado 3B -Kim 2B
For the sake of argument lets assume Gary regreses but to an acceptable .720ish OPS, and he DHs, and catches a bit.
What do you think the lineup would look like at 1B, the other OF spot and DH/C spot that Sanchez is not using?
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2023.06.01 18:53 Jenyu75 Our optimal starting lineup

In a crazy universe where everyone is healthy, what’s the best team we can put on the pitch? I’m assuming the following are givens…
Miller Benteke Fountas Klich O’Brien Canouse Birnbaum
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2023.06.01 02:40 MadeJustforMUT PUIs monthly upgrades are out!!

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2023.05.31 16:14 Miruzzz +5 in all four forward lines

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2023.05.31 10:11 Chapulana Strategies and building through MLB Draft compared to other sports?

With the MLB having the most unique draft process of the four major sports, as even the top-tier prospects take years to make their MLB debuts, which are some of the best strategies for franchises to approach the draft?
In the NFL and the NBA most first-round prospect are first-day-impact guys on the teams that pick them. In the NHL at least some of the elite draftees make the league right off the draft.
But in the MLB, with many years (in most cases) between the draft and the pro debuts in the Majors, how do franchises opt to go with their picks?
Is picking the best player available an optimal strategy and the one with the best odds of turning into a win down the road? Do development get too random to approach drafting that way, instead filling the minors and the gaps in the different teams? Also related to the minors, as far as I know, each franchise has a ton of minors teams at multiple levels, so do they have all of those possible holes into consideration when drafting (like, a top-tier prospect to fill a gap at AAA, a lesser known one for a Single-A team, etc...)?
Or... is the MLB draft just an absolute lottery, in which nobody knows a thing about how it will end up shaping a few years down the road?
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2023.05.30 23:28 kasutori_Jack 2023 r/basbeall Power Rankings -- Week 9 : Tuesday Ranks Bring Rangers Threatening Top Spot, Mariners and San Francisco Ride Giant Seas, Cardinals Lose Altitude, If Rooting for Reds Voter They Get +1

Hey Sportsfans — it's time for Week 9 of baseball Power Rankings: It may be Tuesday, but still thought about how much we dislike your favorite team 8 Days a Week. Also pool side blackjack is now my favorite part of Las Vegas. John Fisher, please ignore.
Every voter has their own style / system and the only voting instructions are these:
"To an extent determined individually, you must take into account how strong a team is right now and likely to be going forward. You must, to some degree, give weight to the events and games of the previous week."
TRANSPARENCY: This link will show you who voted each team where and has added neat statistics!
New Voter Chance: Are you a fan of the Dodgers? Why? We have a new voter oppening. Please check this comment for details.
If something is a little messed up, feel free to pester me let me know.
Total Votes: 28 of 29. So close.
# Team Δ Comment Record
1 Rays 0 Everyone's favorite myliobatiformes played another good week of baseball with the return of Tyler Glasnow. The Rays took an exciting series against the Dodgers after recharging during a weird mid-series rest day against the Blue Jays. Wander Franco is making his case to be starting SS in the All-Star Game, just make sure you don't accidentally vote for one of his brothers. It's still super weird to watch the offense carry while the bullpen struggles, but with guys coming back it should be f--, wait, Fairbanks is hurt again. 39-17
2 Rangers +1 Series wins against both the Pirates and Orioles the last week has the club holding the 3rd best overall record in the majors. Go Stars. We're still having fun. 34-19
3 Braves -1 3-4 last week and we started this week off with a loss against the Oakland "Triple A's" which is not good Bob. On the VERY brightside, we saw Soroka pitch from an MLB mound for the first time in almost 3 years. He pitched well and we need him to perform as we are absolutely depleted by injuries. Riley is starting to come to life. We hold a 4 game lead on the scond place MARLINS. Our division doesn't want to take advantage of our recent struggles, that's fine by me. 32-22
4 Dodgers +1 33-22
5 Orioles -1 A few weeks ago, I said if the Orioles can go at least .500 in May then they are for real. They wrapped up a winning month yesterday and have three games to go. They continue to play well, even though they lost the series against the Rangers, and seem to play better away from Camden Yards. They did, however, send Grayson Rodriguez down this week to AAA. He just has some stuff to figure out. He was getting crushed in his past few starts, and it was the right move to make. This solidifies the fact they need a frontline starter if they are going to make a serious push to get to and make noise in the post-season. 34-20
6 Astros 0 Jose Abreu finally hit a home run. All is right with the world. Unless the world's name is Lance McCullers Jr., who had another discomforting setback and we have no idea when we will see him this year. I still blame his hair. Anyway, our other Jose hit a grand slam at MMP this weekend. Where have we heard that before? 31-22
7 Yankees 0 It certainly would’ve been nice to take 2/3 from Baltimore, but it’s very hard to be mad at the Yankees’ month of May. Since May 1, the Yankees are 18-9, a huge turnaround from a .500 April. As we enter the dog days of summer, the top of the AL East is tightening up, but the Yankees don’t face either of the teams ahead of them again until July. The Yankees have to keep playing at this pace, and a Stanton (and maybe Rodon??) return could seriously help that. 33-23
8 D-Backs +1 The Diamondbacks had a decent week, barely missing out on a sweep of the Phillies before dropping a series to the Red Sox. The offense gets on base but has been allergic to driving in RISP, and the starting rotation continues to be a merry-go-round, as none of the rookie pitchers on the team seem to be able to string together several good starts in a row without getting blown up once or twice. 31-23
9 Blue Jays +1 The Jays' first series win since May 14th pulled us out of a bad-vibes tailspin the likes of which this fanbase hasn't seen since, well, the last time everybody freaked out over a losing streak. The usual suspects' continued confounding slow starts (Manoah, Kirk, Varsho, etc) have dropped us 10 games back from TB, last place in the best division in baseball. And YET, hope springs. Berrios (3 or fewer ER in 8 of his last 9 starts) finally appears to be pitching to the level expected of him when he was signed, and is pumping out quality starts along with Gausman and Bassitt. Kikuchi has slipped as Kikuchi does but has been very solid for a #5. We don't have the depth to send Manoah down for some needed alone time, but he's pushing it. Vladdy has been scuffling, Springer is heating up, and Bichette is an MVP candidate. With a little bit of lucky regression to the mean with abysmal RISP numbers, this team is just a few turns away from being very good. As long as we don't have to play too many games vs AL East teams. That should be fine. 28-26
10 Twins -2 28-26
11 Mariners +4 Just what the doctor ordered - 6-1 in the homestand so far. Some momentum is just what this team needs before two big series with teams they're chasing for playoff spots. If the M's can handle business over the next week, they'll be right back in the thick of it. Bryce Miller, do your thing. Up next: 3 vs. Damn Yankees, 3 @ Globe Life ParkFieldStadiumGardensArenaDomewhatever they're calling it these days 28-26
12 Red Sox -1 Scoring four runs total while getting swept by the Angels isn't a great look. This team is in many ways aggresively mediocre, always making sure that every win streak is followed up by an equally painful gut-punch. This is mainly due to the reliance on the offense to carry us to victory (2-17 when scoring <=3 runs), when the bats get cold, you're safe to turn off the game. Whitlock returning from injury and Bello/Sale both stepping up their game in May (2.74/2.42 ERA respectively) are good steps towards this team becoming Actually Good™ though. We'll see what June brings us... 28-25
13 Brewers -1 Taking two of three from the Astros was nice. Barely avoiding a sweep from the Giants was not so sweet. Milwaukee has some issues with hitting in "close" situations. The Brewers either lose after having multiple opportunities to tie it up, or get absolutely blown out. 28-25
14 Angels 0 Did I travel out of state and all the way to Anaheim just to watch the team get swept by the Marlins? Perhaps. Was that objectively worse than what the Reds voter is going through? It's impossible to say. 29-26
15 Mets -2 The Mets, who I proclaimed to be "good at baseball" last week, ended up dropping 2 of 3 against the Cubs and doing the same against the Rockies. I just don't know what to believe anymore. The only thing I know for sure is that Francisco Alvarez has got that fucking dawg in him, he's GOATed, he's him, he's on fleek, he's poggers, he's a proper legend, he's got an .885 OPS, he's a top bloke, he's got swag, he's fresh, he's Gen Z Mike Piazza, he's lit, he's making me feel old because he was born after 9/11, he's Francisco Alvarez. 27-27
16 Gigantes +4 The Giants won yesterday, but strictly talking about last week, they went 5- 2 on an extremely acceptable road trip without any off days. Defeating two competent teams like the Twins and Brewers should feel good. On both losses, they gave up 7 runs, on every win they gave up 3, 1, or 0 runs. So, they threw two games out of 7 – that’s allowed. In the bad news department, Joc, Joey, and Thairo all not expected back until June 6th. I think we’re okay with more Bailey Patrick and this also means another look at unpredictable slugger David Villar. Slater continues covering for Joc. Let’s look a the numbers: 13th in MLB in Run Diff (+6 spots), 12th in RS / G (+6), 15th in RA / G (+2), 23rd in Bullpen ERA (+5). All of that is good and especially the bullpen is promising recently. The Giants continue at home vs the Pirates and wrap the homestand with 3 against our orange and black brothers in Baltimore. 28-26
17 Pirates -1 Would I have been happy to learn on Opening Day that the Pirates would be around .500 at the end of May? Yes. But if you told me they got there after starting 20-8 I would be pretty disappointed. Here's hoping the pendulum swings the other way in June. 26-27
18 Marlins +3 Yet another appearance of sweepy, the meme that was promised. After a rough series against the rox, we sweep the angels to settle into the third NL wild card spot. Our starting pitching is coming along after a bumpy start to several of our starters. Eury perez is gonna be a stud, just wanna remind yall. Also, shout out to Jorge Soler, who has been crushing baseballs the last week and change. In other miami sports related news, boston is the first city ever to lose two game 7s at home in both the NHL and NBA playoffs in the same year. Go Heat and go Panthers! 28-26
19 Phillies -2 After losing 2 to the Diamondbacks and going down 5-0 in the 3rd game, the Phillies season looked as bleak as it could in late May while only being 4 games under .500. However, the team rallied and Trea Turner tied it in the 9th before going onto win it in 10. Then, they went down to Atlanta and split a 4 game series. It could've gone far worse. The Phillies most pressing need is now seemingly a 5th starter who isn't a guaranteed loss, as this week they trotted out Dylan Covey, who hadn't started a game since 2019. He got 2 outs and gave up 7 runs. He took the spot of Bailey Falter who, after a surprisingly productive 2022, started the season 0-7. Falter is the far better option, but Dave Dombrowski will likely be looking to upgrade until Andrew Painter can finally return. This week, the NL East road trip continues with their first 3 games against the Mets and 3 in Washington. Here's hoping June Schwarber shows up again this year. 25-28
20 Padres -1 My Dad tells me it’s ok that the Dad’s lost 2 / 3 to NY; the Dodgers lost 2 / 3 to the Rays! The Pads aren’t in the same stratosphere as the Dodgers right now, though. 5 games under .500, 10th in the NL standings, 3 games out of the last wildcard slot. Of course there’s quite a bit of time to change it, there’s plenty of time to go on a run, or a slow and steady good month to gain ground. With every day that passes however, that goal becomes a bit harder to reach; I don’t think Pads fans were hoping for a wildcard spot by the end of this season, but that’s the position the team has to get to before even thinking of catching LA. The Padres are 4th in the NL West, and only a half game out of last. 24-29
21 Cardinals -3 2-2 @ CIN; 1-2 @ CLE; 0-1 v KCR; another struggle week for the Cards. The fandom's been a bit kneejerk because of two good weeks before this. Their mistake. I'll say it a third time, the Cards playing at or beyond their expected level doesn't change the rotten FO. Yeah Marmol's pretty close to being fired, that's not a fix when the problem is John Mozeliak. 24-32
22 Tigers +2 The most fun part of this past week has been watching the resurgence of Akil Baddoo. His energy is infectious and adds an exciting dimension to the lineup. As we head into the last few days of May, Baddoo has sported a .302/.405/.508 slash and a 155 wRC+ this month. Although he's still been hitting mostly in the 6 hole, if this keeps up he might find himself much higher in the order real soon. This week: 2 more vs. TEX and 3 at CWS. 25-27
23 Guardians 0 The Guardians won a series this week. I would like to see them win some games by more than one run, but it's clear this season, we have to take what we get. 24-29
24 Cubs -2 Another terrible week for the Cubs, as a promising series win against the Mets was followed up by an embarrassing sweep against the Reds. The starting rotation was terrible, and the bullpen was somehow worse. Fans have had enough of David Ross, and Jed Hoyer is starting to come under pressure. Barring a dramatic turnaround, the Cubs will be sellers for the 3rd trade deadline in a row 23-30
25 Reds +1 Okay guys, I’m here to be calm this week. I have been told by my wife’s attorney, Tom, that they are “aware” of my online activity regarding our impending divorce, so today let’s have a nice, calm, relaxing, perfectly fine, good old fashioned talk about Reds baseball. The Reds are just sorta middling. They’re not great but they’re not horrible. Unlike my marriage. Our starting pitching has resgressed, just like my marriage, and it’s very unfortunate to see, because our bullpen has been quite reliable unlike my wife. We still can’t hit home runs for some reason, but overall unlike my marriage the Reds on the upturn. There, are you happy Tom? I didn’t mention all the crap that’s been going on lately. I didn’t mention how I had to leave the Motel 6 I was at because I found a used needle in the bathroom, and by the way Tom, I know that you’re trying to use that as evidence that I can’t take care of my kids. I don’t even know who’s needle it was, it was like wedged behind the toilet. Believe me, I only found it because I dropped my phone while using the toilet. It wasn’t even visible, I had to like get on my hands and knees and crawl behind the toilet to grab my phone. So it puts the image in my head of some heroin addict or whatever sitting behind a toilet at a Motel 6 trying to get high, which honestly that just seems like an even worse situation than the one i’m in. Do I think it’s a coincidence that the day after I left the Motel 6 because of this, you’re requesting a drug test from me before I can see my kids? Huh Tom? How did you know about this incident Tom? The only people that know are the Motel 6 staff I notified, I don’t think any police showed up, so either you questioned them like i’m some criminal, or you’re following me. I know you’re reading this Tom, you’ve made several references to my posts on the baseball power rankings insinuating it’s me writing them, and yeah Tom you’re right it is me, can everybody in the comments give praise to Tom for being a regular Sherlock Holmes? Yeah everybody come on, Congratulations Tom! You’re the man! I’m gonna let you go home and fuck my sister, oh wait Tom I forgot, YOU ALREADY ARE. When you get home tonight tell Caitlin her brother says hi. Alright, I think I got that out of my system. Anyway, I think once more of our prospects are called up, probably around June or July, we may get hot and finish more closely to .500 than initially thought, and if this division stays like it is, and those prospects can deliver on their promise, it's entirely possible we could be in contention for the division. But a lot of this is gonna depend on if our Starting Rotation can get things back under control. Also we swept the Cubs so lol. 24-29
26 Nationals -1 Week after week, I expect this Nats team to take a nose dive. I expect them to crumble and slip into a double-digit losing streak but it just isn't happening. They lead the NL in batting average (.267), are third in OBP (.330) and have the lowest strikeout rate in MLB. They still have their own troubles, but this team is alive (4 games out of a WC spot) 23-31
27 Rockies +1 I don't have time to write a real blurb this week so you don't have to print this. Actually, you probably don't read these, I'm not sure anyone really reads them anyways besides the Reds guy's life breaking down, and this will probably get printed regardless. 24-31
28 White Sox -1 Liam is back. I can't overstate how great that is to hear. He is one of the best people in the game and it's nothing short of amazing for him to be pitching in May. If you missed it, it was recently revealed that he had stage 4 lymphoma, not an early stage. He started treatment just over 3 months ago! Nothing on the field matters for this team, but at least there's that silver lining. 22-34
29 Royals 0 As of the time that this blurb is being written (Monday at 11:39 AM), only two teams in the majors have a record below .400. Yup, the Royals are there with the A's. I suppose the positive is that the team figured out that they can get rid of useless players in Hunter Dozier, but they still have a lot more work to do. 17-38
30 Atléticos 0 The A's have given up 10+ runs in a game 7 more times than they've won. It's a mix of bad roster building (the bullpen), under-preforming vets (Ramon Laureano 74 wRC+, Tony Kemp 38 wRC+), injuries (Seth Brown and Paul Blackburn are just now returning), and no fans in the stands since 2019. It's soul crushing to watch and the national media's constant condecention toward this particular poor team and it is even more annoying this year. 11-45
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2023.05.30 09:51 Archi42 Tired of uptiers? This is how template matchmaking would work and be beneficial to the game.

We all hate getting uptiered into hell facing HEAT in our heavies or fast mobile thermal light tanks in our no-stab mediums. Not really fair is it?
My suggestion seeks answers two main questions: how do you make matchmaking fair in a way that still has a +1/-1 BR range but fun and engaging for all? And how do you keep queue times optimized?
How matchmaking feels like as of today: players are bunched into a match with attempts to make both teams balanced but not always with success. Those who are downtiered are compensated with lower SP costs and vice-versa.
How template matchmaking works: hard templates are used to determine BR ranges and player amounts. For example : a typical 16 player 6.7 game could (per team) contain 3x 6.7 players, 5x 6.3-6.0 players, and 8x 6.0-5.7 players. Other templates can include 6x 6.7 and 10x 6.3-6.0 or even all 6.7 if that particular MM range is overloaded.
Why do I think it would be better? From the perspective of every BR range it makes it more likely for everyone to face an opponent that can be tackled by you or with the help of teammates. Uptiered players will face more uptiered opponents and downtiered players will have a chance to be more effective without crushing the game with unbalanced player counts.
But what about queue times? By having multiple available templates with different BR rangings +1/+0.7/+0.3/+0, it could give the MM the flexibility it needs for short queue times by for example having overloaded BR ranges into full +0.3/+0 matches without sending uptiered players to their death into near-full high tier matches where they just fill remaining slots.
Flaws? MM is a very complex thing and is already quite complex in War Thunder due to attempts at making historical battles. Queue times seems to be something Gaijin puts as a n°1 priority even above balance and BR decompression. Other flaw would be one death leavers as the top tier players of your team versus having full lineups being much more effective for your team - kind of a dice throw wether the supposedly most effective players of your team will actually be or not.
Feel free to share your thoughts about this idea (which I assume is nothing new and original).
submitted by Archi42 to Warthunder [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 00:02 HockeyMod Playoff Game Thread: Game 6 - Vegas Golden Knights (3 - 2) at Dallas Stars(2 - 3) - 29 May 2023 - 05:00PM PDT

Vegas Golden Knights (3 - 2) at Dallas Stars (2 - 3)

American Airlines Center

In-Game Updates

Time Clock


Teams 1st 2nd 3rd Total
3 1 2 6
0 0 0 0

Team Stats

Team Shots Hits Blocked FO Wins Giveaways Takeaways Power Plays
29 36 23 54.3% 11 12 1/3
23 32 12 45.7% 11 9 0/2

Goal Summary

Period Time Team Strength Description
3rd 12:25 Even Michael Amadio (3) Snap Shot, assists: William Karlsson (4), Reilly Smith (9)
3rd 02:06 Even William Karlsson (10) Wrist Shot, assists: Michael Amadio (4)
2nd 10:25 Even Jonathan Marchessault (9) Backhand, assists: Ivan Barbashev (9), Nicolas Hague (2)
1st 14:00 Even Keegan Kolesar (2) Wrist Shot, assists: William Carrier (2), Alec Martinez (5)
1st 10:25 Power Play William Karlsson (9) Snap Shot, assists: Nicolas Roy (8), Reilly Smith (8)
1st 03:41 Even William Carrier (2) Backhand, assists: Keegan Kolesar (3)

Penalty Summary

Period Time Team Type Min Description
3rd 18:06 Minor 2 Ryan Suter Slashing against William Carrier
3rd 06:24 Minor 2 Nicolas Hague Interference against Ty Dellandrea
2nd 07:39 Minor 2 Ryan Suter Elbowing against Keegan Kolesar
2nd 04:03 Minor 2 Jack Eichel High-sticking against Ryan Suter
1st 08:36 Minor 2 Esa Lindell Delaying Game - Puck over glass


05:00PM 06:00PM 07:00PM 08:00PM 09:00PM
Left Center Right Left Center Right
Jason Robertson Roope Hintz Joe Pavelski Ivan Barbashev Jack Eichel Jonathan Marchessault
Mason Marchment Wyatt Johnston Tyler Seguin Brett Howden Chandler Stephenson Mark Stone
Joel Kiviranta Max Domi Ty Dellandrea Reilly Smith William Karlsson Mike Amadio
Fredrik Olofsson Radek Faksa Luke Glendening Will Carrier Nicolas Roy Keegan Kolesar
Left D Right D Left D Right D
Ryan Suter Miro Heiskanen Alec Martinez Alex Pietrangelo
Esa Lindell Jani Hakanpaa Brayden McNabb Shea Theodore
Thomas Harley Joel Hanley Nicolas Hague Zach Whitecloud
Goalies Goalies
Jake Oettinger Adin Hill
Scott Wedgewood Jonathan Quick

Team Stats

Stars 18 10 8 None 20 55.5 3.27777 3.05555 32.0 82.9 31.05555 29.27777 55.9
Golden Knights 16 11 5 None 22 68.7 3.5 2.8125 17.6 61.3 30.0625 32.9375 49.7

Team Leaders

Stat Player Value Player Value
G Roope Hintz 10 Jonathan Marchessault 8
A Roope Hintz 14 Jack Eichel 12
P Roope Hintz 24 Jack Eichel 18
+/- Joel Hanley 7 Jonathan Marchessault 12
PIM Max Domi 52 Keegan Kolesar 38
TOI Miro Heiskanen 27:55 Alex Pietrangelo 23:51

Goalie Breakdown

Jake Oettinger 18 18 10 8 0 1 2.88 0.9012
Scott Wedgewood 3 0 0 0 0 0 2.27 0.86206
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Adin Hill 10 8 6 3 0 1 2.29 0.93225
Laurent Brossoit 8 8 5 2 0 0 3.18 0.89351
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2023.05.29 20:15 RustyStevenson10 The best team I’ve had so far with the cap on.

The best team I’ve had so far with the cap on.
Everyone is homegrown except for Blouin (FA). Won the cup, then I had to trade Wise at the draft due to too many big guys needing new contracts (I didn’t want to break up the top line). Ended up trading him for the 2nd overall pick and drafted my center of the future.
submitted by RustyStevenson10 to EANHLfranchise [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:13 FriedPanda17 A Wagon and a Half

A Wagon and a Half
The other day, I posted my PP1. After a few seasons (and 3 straight Cups) a bit has changed but I wanted to post the full team. Ladies and Gents, your Georgia Bulldogs:
This PP is about to be immaculate. The only “warts” on the team, if you want to call them that, are the 4th line LW (Bureau is a 79 OVR 20 year old with top 6 potential, so that OVR will likely increase over 80 throughout the season as the team should be a wagon and all of the coaches have either As or Bs for teaching and influence) and the goaltending (D’Aigle is an elite potential goalie at an 84 OVR and 22 years old.)
Started the franchise with a fantasy draft and the only players remaining from day one are Joakim Kemell and Jack Hughes (planning on keeping them Dawgs for the rest of their careers, just signed both to 8 year extensions.) The oldest NHL player is Wahlstrom at 29 years old. Salary cap is on, so the only real change is that morale is turned off. I understand that may be considered “cheating” in a sense but the morale system in this game is just simply broken and there’s no point playing with it on imo. It definitely makes it easier to wheel and deal tho without the team throwing a hissy fit 🤷🏼‍♂️
$15 million in cap space with a full roster too. After some extensions kick in next season, that’ll definitely change but ol GM Bonk Bonk is a master at his craft and can navigate any potential cap crunch for sure.
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2023.05.29 06:00 CanadianJagsFan 2 Spots Open - 32 Team Dynasty Hockey League - Salary Cap

League Details
- Buy in = $50 - Salary Cap = 83,500,000 (Floor = 62,000,000) - NHL Weekly Head to Head (4 opponents per week) - Prospect League Weekly Head to Head (1 opponent per week) - NHL Roster Max = 23 - Prospect League - Roster Max= 30
The Concept
This is a league for fantasy hockey players who love to rebuild and scout junior hockey players. Basically, you have your NHL Squad of 23 players which fights for the $800 Stanley Cup Cash Prize. Let's say your team sucks and you are in a lengthy rebuild, doesn't it get boring and expensive waiting those years for your teams rebuild to potentially show positive results? Not necessarily...
In this league you also have your Minors squad of up to 30 players who are all NHL affiliated prospects. Each week you set a lineup using your prospects and it gets scored using their junior or pro stats. Your minors squad makes up your AHL team which fights for the $250 Calder Cup Cash Prize.
2 Teams Available
Minnesota Wild - Attractive Assets: William Eklund, Marco Kasper, Brennan Othmann, Evgeni Malkin, Jamie Benn, Tomas Hertl. 3rd overall, 17th overall, 21st overall, 22nd overall, 17 million in cap space.
St Louis Blues - Attractive Assets: Carter Verhaeghe, Sebastian Aho, Juuso Parssinen, Jesper Bratt, QUinton Byfield, Rasmus Sandin, Olen Zellweger, 8th overall pick, 36 million in cap space.
***Since this league is technically two fantasy leagues, it does require a decent time commitment. If anyone wants to try running a team with a friend or two I am more than fine with this.

Prospect League Team that won the $250 cash prize
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2023.05.29 05:13 JamesAmell1997 🔔 4.40.0 Update Announcement

Update Time
AM (S110+) servers will be maintained from 2023-05-29 02:00-06:00(UTC-4)
AM (S1-S109) servers will be maintained from 2023-05-29 14:00-18:00(UTC+8)
AS servers will be maintained from 2023-05-29 14:00-18:00(UTC+8)
EU servers will be maintained from 2023-05-29 08:00-12:00(UTC+2)
【Update Servers】All servers
Idle Angels all servers will be updated one by one. You cannot login normally during that time.
Due to the refresh problem of App Store, there will be a certain delay in the update time of the client. When the update is not performed, some functions will be unavailable in IOS system, which can be solved after the update is completed.
🔸【New Content
  1. Added new UR+ Freyja
Exclusive passive skill: Shadow Echo
-When Freyja releases a skill or normal attack, there is a 70% chance that it will be released again (can be triggered up to once per round). When Freyja is in action, inflicts [Sunder Armor] to 2 enemies with the lowest DEF for 1 round (ignores Debuff RES).
[Sunder Armor]: Reduces the bearer’s DEF by 80% of Freyja’s DEF and FOR by 20% of Freyja’s FOR.
  1. Improved some interface displays and art performance
🔸【BUG Fixed
  1. Fixed the problem that the lineup couldn't be saved in the Void Rift and Boss Challenge
  2. Fixed the issue of some SSR+ angels can be awakened to 5 stars when not summoned
  3. Fix the problem that the interface is frozen after inheriting the Awakening Level in some case
  4. Fixed other known issues
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2023.05.29 04:36 paydo325 Lineup Optimization

Just wondering what other people generally do to optimize their lineup before games, if anything.
It's one of the more fun aspects of managing a team, imo.
View Poll
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2023.05.28 23:30 Fishingfan4life Who are we missing and what’s the optimal lineup

I’ve been watching most games this year and know we are down a solid amount of guys despite playing so well, but who are we missing on offense and when can we expect them back. I’d love if you guys could point me in a good direction for where to get this information. Thanks.
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2023.05.28 14:27 AstronautPuzzled6733 What is the Best Live TV Streaming Service?

People are increasingly ditching cable for live TV streaming services that provide similar experiences without breaking their budgets. Some services even offer live shows at reduced rates!
DirectV Stream (formerly AT&T TV) is an ideal option for sports fans, though its subscription costs can be expensive. Like its satellite television counterpart, DIRECTV STREAM looks and operates similarly, while offering more Regional Sports Networks than other services.
Sling TV
Sling TV is a live streaming service offering multiple channels and add-ons, such as sports and news networks. Users can customize their subscriptions and save money through these add-ons; making Sling TV one of the more cost-effective cord-cutting options. In addition to popular channels, it also provides local content through an HD antenna in most markets and its user interface is intuitive for easy navigation.
Sling offers three plans - Orange (ESPN and Fox Sports), Blue (MSNBC and TLC), and Sports Extra bundle for NFL/NHL fans; Cloud DVR is included for recording 50 hours of shows, while an upgrade to DVR Plus adds another 5GB storage.
Sling TV is an ideal solution for anyone who's looking to cut the cord without losing their favorite shows, thanks to its affordable prices and compatibility with multiple devices. Though its streaming quality might not match other services, Sling still offers access to many channels at a low price point and makes an attractive alternative option when trying to reduce cable bills without giving up access to favorite programs.
YouTube TV
YouTube TV is the new go-to solution for those seeking to cut the cord and cancel their cable subscriptions. Since 2017, this streaming service has offered 85+ channels that cover major networks, niche channels and local broadcasters; plus most sports channels found in cable packages.
YouTube TV stands apart from similar services by not requiring contracts and offering an unrestricted cloud DVR that lets you record up to nine months worth of shows and movies - an advantage over many competitors that limit how much space can be utilized on their DVRs.
Service also beats the competition with an extensive array of news channels such as CNBC, CNN, HLN and MSNBC; plus family-oriented channels like Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Nick Jr.
YouTube TV provides an impressive lineup of local channels in each region, providing at least four for most people. While not offering all the RSNs available with DIRECTV STREAM or fuboTV (FOX regional sports channels and sometimes YES/NESN in some locations). YouTube TV has recently also added ESPN Multiview functionality which lets viewers watch up to four live games at one time on one screen.
Fubo TV
FuboTV is an ideal solution for those seeking to cut cable. Offering an expansive library of channels and working smoothly across most devices, FuboTV does an exceptional job covering popular networks - although you might miss a few individually desired channels from time to time.
FuboTV provides several plans, with its base Pro plan starting at $75 a month and including access to over 145 channels such as local ABC, CBS and Fox stations in supported markets as well as popular cable networks like FX, HGTV Food Network Comedy Central. Plus it includes up to 1,000 hours of cloud DVR storage space as well as streaming on up to 10 screens at home or two outside your network - this plan offers true convenience!
This service's major advantage lies in its sports offerings. Fox Sports and ESPN support this option as well as multiple regional sports networks; however, basketball or baseball fans might find better options elsewhere.
FuboTV does have some drawbacks, however. First and foremost is its limited 4K support; though not a deal-breaker, this could become an issue if using this service with high-definition TVs. Furthermore, FuboTV doesn't support 5.1 surround sound streaming or recording which could prove an issue considering its focus on sports programming.
Philo may be new to live streaming, but its backing includes some of the biggest names in entertainment. Offering an easy, low-cost package with 61 channels for $20 a month; local channels and sports can be added with add-ons at additional costs; Philo also boasts an on-demand library filled with the most recent shows from each network included in its bundle.
Philo offers a cloud DVR with unlimited storage, providing users with the option to record multiple shows simultaneously and delete recordings before 30 days have passed. However, unlike its rivals in live-streaming services such as Hulu or Netflix, its DVR doesn't allow subscribers to delete recordings before this deadline has passed - though an option will eventually allow subscribers to save their favorite programs up to an entire year before deletion takes place.
Philo offers a free trial if you're curious to experience its service, supporting various devices and platforms such as Roku, Apple TV and desktop browsers on Mac or Windows as well as having a mobile app so that viewers can watch anywhere at any time. Although its streaming quality isn't quite as impressive as competitors' offerings, Philo makes for an affordable yet simple option - perfect for cord-cutters looking to cut their cable subscription bill!
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2023.05.28 13:59 FriedPanda17 One PP To Rule Them All

One PP To Rule Them All
One PP to find them, One PP to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
In all seriousness tho, I think this is the best PP1 I’ve ever had. Jack finished the season with a 136 point heater.
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2023.05.28 09:51 fnurtfnurt Fried my mobo+cpu 😭. What's best price/performance Intel Quick Sync CPU for 4k transcoding these days?

So I was upgrading my AMD CPU on Friday and somehow managed to defy all that is sane in the world by leaving the machine connected to power. Just as I seated the new CPU, the fans spun up and my heart sank. Now completely dead and I know I'm an idiot. An expensive idiot.
So given I'll be replacing CPU and motherboard, what's the current price/performance sweet spot? I don't need huge CPU power nor desire the latest and greatest, but I do want to be able to do real-time transcoding of at least one stream. It seems Intel Quick Sync is the place to be for this these days. I'm running Plex inside a Docker container on Unraid.
I can work out the optimal mobo but the array of CPU options and Intel's insane nomenclature is breaking my brain. I'm sure there's a current sweet spot in the lineup but I can't work it out. Most benchmarks look at things other than what I want.
Thanks for your help awesome community!
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2023.05.28 07:37 audacity_audacious Is Alice worth using my wish stones for?

Recently I’ve been searching ways to optimize and increase my scores in desolate lands, sentinel hunt and other content and consistently I see Alice being used in lineups. Is it worth using my wish stones to summon her? Is she really worth it or can I use another esper to substitute her?
Edit (1): It seems that the two majority replies I’ve received are to summon Alice because she’s life changing. And the other to only use my wish stones on legendaries. I’ll give it a little bit more thought, but thank you to everyone who replied and explained the reasoning to their answer.
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2023.05.28 04:16 rcwallst 3 Day/ 4 day contests

My baseball league competes in two contests per week. I pay for fantasypros but do any other sites offer more customised projections for a specific number of days instead of just daily or weekly? I need to be able to manually import my team and get a projection or lineup optimization for the next 3 or 4 days with custom scoring. I don't see a way to do this in fantasypros. Thanks, Experts!
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