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Explain Like I'm 5: How does oolitic limestone sitting on top of an aquifer support the weight of not just one skyscraper, but hundreds of them?

2023.06.03 00:09 MostlySoFlo Explain Like I'm 5: How does oolitic limestone sitting on top of an aquifer support the weight of not just one skyscraper, but hundreds of them?

Explain Like I'm 5: How does oolitic limestone sitting on top of an aquifer support the weight of not just one skyscraper, but hundreds of them?
The limestone may be very thick in some places, but it's very thin in others - just 12 to 50ft in Miami, according to USGS%20described,probably%2012%20to%2050%20ft).
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2023.06.02 23:57 Maxwyfe 7 inmates escape from the Barry County, Mo. Jail; Deputies arrest 6; jailers assaulted in escape

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2023.06.02 23:31 Mr_Saxobeat94 A semi-comprehensive debunking of “your HCA is unfairzzz!”

Since they’ve started keeping track of the data, the Nuggets have underperformed on the road, to the tune of being 7th worst against the spread—not a conclusive data point, but interesting to note.
It also bears mentioning that the Nuggets have been in the top 10 in pace in 80% of their seasons on record, meaning they seem to actively construct rosters that are more conducive to up-tempo play that would work better at home (since the reason for this would be to tire out the other team) than on the road.
But that’s not to say things even out. According to this link, our HCA does indeed amount to about an extra win and a half a year:
That’s a decent (not monumental) edge, but I’m leery about giving it much air-time.
For the simple reason that the biggest geographic factor vis-a-vis its effect on winning is NOT “altitude”
It’s free agent-friendliness. By a country mile.
Denver is one of the last places marquee players look to sign.
Los Angeles and Miami are one of the first…so when I hear big outlets run this story, my bad-faith-detector goes off big time. I would gladly trade our 1.6 extra wins a year for LA’s desirability as a FA landing spot.
Lakers and Heat fans, conversely, would not take that trade in a million fuckin years. If the Nugs and Heat swap rosters in 2010, would LeBron have been compelled to go to Denver instead? Please lol.
TL;DR: our HCA doesn’t cancel out the disadvantages we face so kick rocks if you’re using it to crap on this team.
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2023.06.02 23:27 Old_Heart_7780 Search warrant(s) for Allen’s property

It’s a slow day. Thought I’d make it a two post day just because. I was reading some comments about the search warrants for Allen’s property, and just decided I have to throw my two cents in- again. I say again because I’m aware I tend to repeat myself. But alas I think the matter of the search warrants are critically important to understand what’s going on. And I don’t say that as a fact, rather I’m just giving my speculation what happened that October 12, 2022 at Richard Allen’s property on Whiteman Road in Delphi.
I just read a comment where someone suggested there was a lot of mess ups with the search warrant for Allen’s property. I disagree. I think the ISP investigators were able to secure a warrant for Allen’s property shortly after having left the two guys from Peru, Indiana’s mothegrandmothers backyard. We do know ISP investigators were in this little old ladies burn/trash pit just prior to looking in Allen’s burn pit. They were obviously looking in this little old ladies trash burn pit ashes because someone told investigators something was burned there. They could not have procured legal access to that little old ladies burnt trash on a whim. They had to have had someone say they knew something vital to the Delphi murder investigation was thrown in that pit and burned. This little old lady had absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with what happened in Delphi on Ron Logan’s land— as we all know. Who could have known something important was burned there— let alone snitched to the ISP something was in that pit?
So the ISP investigators were able to secure a search warrant probable cause affidavit to search her trash dump. There are published news stories that confirm the ISP investigators were there just one short week after the Wabash River search concluded on and early Monday afternoon. The published reports specifically say they were “sifting through ashes”.
No sooner were those ISP investigators done sifting through granny’s garbage/ashes, and the next thing we know they are seen in the PREDAWN hours sifting though a pile of ashes in Allen’s backyard behind a shed. So we can conclude the ISP investigators wrapped up in Peru and headed straight to Allen’s house. This is the kind of dramatic stuff movies are made of.
Just like granny’s backyard burn pit limited search warrant probable cause affidavit— Richard Allen is handed the same limited search warrant PCA to search his backyard for any signs of something burned. I suspect they banged on his door early that morning on October 13, 2022— long before the sun came up. They were in Allen’s backyard using “flashlights to sift through ashes” behind his shed. That’s a fact. There are numerous published eyewitness accounts from Allen’s neighbors stating that’s what the plain clothes investigators were doing.
So it is safe to assume there were TWO search warrant served on Richard Allen and his wife that day—- October 13, 2022. The first search warrant gave investigators a very limited scope of what they could look for in this guys backyard. A guy with a clean criminal record, and trusty worthy enough to have been a licensed pharmacy Technician in the State of Indiana. A guy nobody knew about until several weeks later when he was arrested for the murders of Abby and Libby.
We also know there was a lull in the search that day. Eyewitness reports tell of the Allen’s sitting outside their house along with an idle group of ISP investigators. I have to suspect they found exactly what they were looking for in the small pile of ashes behind his shed. There are published photos of that pile of ashes online and easy to find.
iSP Investigators waited patiently with the Allen’s outside the house while Tony Liggett was dispatched with the CC prosecutor (I would also assume) to go back to the judge for the SECOND search warrant PCA that day. The second search warrant PCA would include the right to search Allen’s house, and I think it’s safe to say— look for a large frame semiautomatic handgun and a box of .40 S&W bullets. As someone once pointed out to me— Richard Allen’s SIG Sauer P226 .40 S&W was on file in the Carroll County Courthouse file on Conceal Carry weapons, which Richard Allen had legally registered to carry his big gun. They knew he had the gun— they needed a witness to say he used it that day, and he burned bloody evidence in his backyard.
I could be wrong— but I speculate there were two search warrant PCA’s served on Richard Allen on that that date- October 13, 2022. It explains the “flashlights” in the early morning while sifting through ashes of all things. It also explains the Allen’s and the plainclothes investigators all standing around while seemingly waiting for something. It explains Richard Allen’s wife seen sitting the couples vehicle while I’m sure Ricky was nervously pacing around the driveway. It’s very possible he put that gun back up in his closet shelf never using it again— and never realizing he’d ejected a bullet on Logan’s land found 2’ from Libby. That second search warrant PCA is the reason he’s been sitting in jail the past 8 months with no bail, and now he’s even given up asking for bail at the present time.
I know why but I think of that song by Drowning Pool when I think of Richard Allen. The song Let the Bodies Hit the Floor it’s that crazy little dance he does for his wife while playing pool and wearing that hat I swear is the hat BG was wearing that day. He’s got that nervous explosive energy thing going on with him— when he walks past his wife and does that crazy spasmodic mosh pit dance thing…
*Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor
Beaten, why for Can't take much more (Here we go, here we go, here we go now)
One, nothing wrong with me Two, nothing wrong with me Three, nothing wrong with me Four, nothing wrong with me
One, something's got to give Two, something's got to give Three, something's got to give now
Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor*
I think he’s perfectly capable of an explosive type of anger. I think somebody knew that about his little buddy from Mexico. I think he also knew he lived there right by the Monon High Bridge.
e/please don’t take offense to these lyrics. It’s a song about respecting one another in a mosh pit. Something I’ve never done— but I know my two 40 year old boy’s used to do to expend nervous energy. For some reason I have a habit of equating people to songs I know. Strange, but hey— I’m old.
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LAYAH DESTROYS UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI STUDENTS ON ANDREW TATES RELEASE FROM JAIL! FEMINIST WARNING ⚠️ submitted by randomgambler1234567 to layahheilpern [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:12 Whey-Men Georgia - Investigators looking into police misconduct say they’re not allowed inside Fulton County Jail

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2023.06.02 23:11 Whey-Men Michigan - The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office welcomed students and instructors from the Act as If Improv Troupe and the DeWitt Creativity Group to the Ingham County Jail for an introduction to improvisation for inmates

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2023.06.02 22:47 PestyProphet QUESTION - RENTING SPACE FOR FOOD TRUCK

Hi everyone,
I recently purchased a food truck to pursue my dreams of being self-employed in a business I truly enjoy. I am located in Miami-Dade county. I am looking to find a spot in the county to rent out, but I am not sure what is considered a "going rate".

Any idea on how to know a good deal as far as renting space? Where can I find spaces for food trucks to rent?

Any help is greatly appreciated guys, thank you in advance!!!
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2023.06.02 22:40 ThatsMineNotYours Trivia from Jan 1989 WWF Magazine

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2023.06.02 22:34 MadelineWuntch Defending The Draft: Denver Broncos

When unfortunate sporting historians of the future look back on the Denver Broncos 5-win 2022 NFL season there will be a lot said of Mr Unlimited’s rather limited performances and Nathaniel’s inability to hack it as a head coach and rightly so.
However, I think it’s important to at least mention the Broncos strange love affair with the medical room. 21 players took a trip to IR, multiple key starters fell victim to season ending injuries including Tim Patrick, Garett Bolles and Javonte Williams.
And in spite of all of the depressing dog doo-doo the Broncos lost by a single score an astounding 8 times. So that’s something right?
Moving into 2023, General George Paton hired his alternate namesake and former Saints Head Coach Sean Payton for the princely sum of pick 29 in the 2023 NFL Draft (Denver also sent a 2nd rounder in 2024 and received a 3rd rounder in 2024).
Only a few weeks after the appointment of Sean Payton the NFL entered its Free Agency period which led to some big changes at Mile High.
15 players were let go to sign elsewhere around the league but not an awful lot in terms of quality.
Dre’Mont Jones, DE - Seattle Seahawks (3 year, $51 Million) Dre’mont grew into a solid contributor for Denver but I’m glad the Broncos didn’t re-sign him for the money Seattle has. By far the most talented to leave the team in free agency but only a very slight miss.
Calvin Anderson, T - New England Patriots (2 year, $7 Million) Not a splashy name by any means but Anderson knew his role and performed well when called upon, A solid backup with starter experience.
Andrew Beck, FB/TE - Houston Texans (2 year, $6.25 Million) Beck is another reliable contributor who seems to have joined a number of former Broncos in moving to Houston recently. A former Salute to Service Award winner.
Mike Boone, RB - Houston Texans (2 year, $3.1 Million) Boone is a fantastic option to have for Special Teams play, however he lacks real quality when running the ball. There was optimism when he initially signed in Denver but that appears to have fallen to the wayside as he moves on rather silently.
Graham Glasgow, G - Detroit Lions (1 year, $2.75 Million) The Broncos offensive line has been offensive to watch for years. Glasgow however has been one of the bright spots, especially when he played at centre at parts in 2022.
Brandon McMacus, K - Jacksonville Jaguars (1 year, $2 Million) The last member of the Super Bowl 50 winning team has left Dove Valley. In a somewhat surprising but expected move if you look at his declining performances Denver only recently moved on from McManus. It was the right time but it sure is a sad sight to see.
De’Shawn Williams, DE - Carolina Panthers (1 year, $1.75 Million) Losing both Jones and Williams is a slight concern in terms of depth. Although Williams isn’t as productive as his former teammate he’s certainly a steal for the Panthers as a rotational/back up. He’s arguably serviceable as a starter as well and knows the defensive staff in Carolina very well.
Eric Saubert, TE - Miami Dolphins (1 year, $1.68 Million) I forgot Eric was even on the team, his receiving qualities aren’t much to go crazy for with 15 recs and 148 yards on a career best 2022 season and his run blocking isn’t fantastic either albeit it is his stronger game.
Billy Turner, T - New York Jets (1 year, $1.5 Million) Billy was a sad loss back in 2018 when he first left for Green Bay. However he couldn’t really get started and spent large parts of the season on IR.
Latavius Murray, RB - Buffalo Bills (1 year, $1.3 Million) Latavius is the biggest loss for Denver in my opinion. The only member of the team who showed passion, drive and self respect throughout his short lived time in Colorado. The Bills have a solid contributor who will definitely fit the pound the rock ethos.
Chase Edmonds, RB - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1 year, $1.1 Million) We never got to see what Chase could do in Denver and maybe that’s a good thing if his seasons with Miami are anything to go by. I’m sure he’ll do well in Tampa’s pass heavy offence as a backup catching back.
Eric Tomlinson, TE - Free Agent Most of you have probably never heard of Eric Tomlinson and there's a good reason for that. He’s also still without a team after signing with the Texans for 15 days back in March.
Darius Phillips, CB - Houston Texans (1 year, $1 Million) Darius got a few snaps on defence but spent most of his time on special teams, a rather average contributor by any metric but does have a fair amount of starting experience in the league.
Brett Rypien, QB - Los Angeles Rams (1 year, $1 Million) Broncos fans love this guy. He’s not good at football in a practical sense and he’s likely not going to help the Rams secure any wins but he’s a really smart dude and most likely a future coach. Not to mention its fun to say “Let ‘Em Ryp” if he does ever play.
Corliss Waitman, P - New England Patriots (1 year, $1 Million) There is no chance this man will be playing for the Patriots in 2023. Punting for Denver should be quite easy compared to most of the league but Waitman set out to prove us all wrong on that one. Easily the worst punter I’ve seen in Denver for a good few years.
Lamar Jackson, CB - Kansas City Chiefs (1 year, $1 Million) Lamar didn’t really get an opportunity to feature in Denver, I’m fairly sure he’ll be a camp body in KC as well so there’s not much to add on this one.
Although we let a lot of players leave, I think we managed to re-sign the most important of all the players with contracts expiring.
Alex Singleton, MLB (3 year, $18 Million) I’m telling you now, this man is elite. His season started a little slow but he came to town with 21-tackles (19 solo) against Divisional Rivals the LA Chargers. He did a similar thing in week 15 vs the Rams where he totalled another 20 tackles.
Overall I think Singleton is starting to peak and turn into a real force in this league.
Kareem Jackson, S (1 year, $1.3 Million) Kareem has far exceeded the expectations Broncos fans had for him when he joined from Houston in 2019. Initially as a corner and later taking over a strong safety Jackson has been brilliant, his heavy hitting style has made him a fan favourite and I’m pleased to see him back yet again.
Cameron Fleming, T (1 year, $2.3 Million) Fleming was a decent enough back up for the team in 2022 that unfortunately ended up starting more than everyone would have wanted. He’s a great depth addition to bring back, let's hope it remains a depth option though.
With so many departures comes a long list of new faces for the Broncos. 13 new players joined in free agency and whilst some are better than others there’s certainly been a clear direction that Sean Payton is heading in. big men, very big men.
Mike McGlinchey, RT - (5 year, $87.5 Million) I’ve been a big McGlinchey fan since the days of his nasty Notre Dame O-Line, where he lined up alongside Quenton Nelson. Mike’s play for the 49ers whilst good has had some rather concerning points with his lack of success vs speed rushers being the overwhelmingly obvious. We’re reaching a point where McGlinchey is living off of his college performances much like Jadeveon Clowney is still renowned for “the hit”. I do believe mcGlinchey will look like a hall of famer in comparison to every Broncos Right Tackle of the past 10 years and I do believe he’ll be successful in what the Broncos want to do which is run the ball down your throat. Denver has stability at both tackle positions and that’s only going to be a positive.
Ben Powers, G - (4 year, $52 Million) The quickest path to the quarterback is the straightest. It’s important Wilson is protected from the interior of his pocket and Ben certainly has powers in that department. I don’t think it would be an understatement to call Ben Powers elite in pass pro and whilst his run blocking seems to be improving it's not fantastic. Nonetheless I think this is very similar to the McGlinchey situation where we’ve slightly overpaid but the team will have a massive upgrade at Guard.
Zach Allen, DE - (3 year, $45.75 Million) I like Allen but the concern for me here is this past year was a career year for him, and with such a small sample size of good but not elite play I struggle with the idea that he will repeat his 2022 success in 2023. His contract doesn’t appear to be overly friendly either with $19 Million in 2024 cap scheduled in the books along with half of his 2025 salary guaranteed as well.
I don’t think he’ll be a bad signing, his familiarity with DC and former Broncos HC Vance Joseph will be a good thing but for the 3rd signing in a row, and perhaps the most egregious the Broncos have overpaid for their man.
Jarrett Stidham, QB (2 year, $10 Million) I like this move a lot, Stidham is a high end back up who can provide enough of a threat to Russ that he can win games in Denver if called upon. In reality he’s a backup but a back up you can certainly have confidence in.
Chris Manhertz, TE (2 year, $6 Million) I liked the Stidham signing, I love the Manhertz signing. He’s not flashy and he isn’t going to show up anywhere with big stats, however Manhertz has consistently been an elite blocking tight end for years and its players like him that make the difference on short yardage situations.
Samaje Perine, RB (2 year, $7.5 Million) This seems to be another Sean Payton inspired move. Initially Perine was never thought of as a back who could catch out of the backfield but his year spent with Cool guy Joe Burrow in Cincinnati has shown he’s more than capable of being that guy. Working in a committee alongside Javonte Williams should bring success to this lifeless Denver offense in 2023.
Michael Burton, FB (1 year, $1.3 Million) Burton has played for Sean Payton before and that will be incredibly useful for obvious reasons. Burton has been a blocking fullback for most of his career but has shown the ability to run and catch when called upon. I like this move and its a clear upgrade on Beck.
Tremon Smith, CB/Returner (2 year, $5 Million) If Smith is only going to be a returner then I think Denver have once again overpaid for a player coming off a bad year in a position declining in value. I do think Smith can rebound and have the type of year he’s been having since 2018. Not to mention there isn’t a chance Smith can be anywhere near as bad as Montrell Washington had been in 2022.
Riley Dixon, P (2 year, $3.5 Million) Riley was drafted by Denver in 2016 before being traded to the Giants a few years down the line. Despite the advantageous altitude in Denver, Dixon wasn’t a very good punter for the team in his 2 seasons. However, in a move that shows how bad this team really has been Dixon will still be a big improvement over Corliss Waitman and thus this needs to be considered an upgrade.
Marquez Callaway, WR (1 year, $1.1 Million) Former Sean Payton disciple Callaway reuniting in Denver is a good thing from my perspective. During Payton’s last season in New Orleans Callaway managed to put up 6 touchdowns in 46 receptions. The Broncos have a busy WR room but its a room that is yet to be healthy together so this move makes sense from all angles.
Kyle Fuller, C (1 year, $1.1 Million) I don’t expect Fuller to see the field unless there’s another injury disaster as he’s arguably 3rd on the depth chart. I’m glad the team have started to add some much needed depth but there’s also a solid chance that Fuller doesn’t Fill out the roster in 2023.
Following free agency most Broncos fans felt the team needed some further reinforcements but with so few picks available to start the 2023 NFL Draft many were left wondering what kind of magic George Paton could cook up to fill the team with contributing players.
#63: Marvin Mims, WR (Oklahoma) I don’t think anybody foresaw the Broncos trading up in the 2nd round to take a wide receiver. And whilst it's not a huge need, especially with the depth addition of Marquez Callaway in free agency, I do think it's a very good pick.
K.J. Hamler has failed to stay fit and this all but spells the end for his time in Denver in my opinion. It’s no wonder the Broncos front office couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a player with 4.38 speed and a 2-year college average of 20 yards per reception. I can see his ability to line up anywhere coming in very handy in a high motion Denver offense.
What I find spectacular about Mims is his ability to genuinely do everything. He can take the top off a defense, take screens in space for first downs, and generally play well in the short, medium and long game. There'll be some minor concerns over a Oklahoma running limited route trees but given Payton’s creativity and the likelihood of being moved around to capitalize on speed mismatches I don’t really feel those concerns are overly warranted.
#67: Drew Sanders, LB (Arkansas) I think Sanders has a real shot of being the best player selected in the 2023 NFL Draft when we look back in a few years time. He was a 5-star recruit at Alabama before transferring to Arkansas in 2022. Nick Saban has since said last summer that Sanders “probably would have started” for Alabama in one of the deepest pass rushing units in college. Ultimately he starred for the Razorbacks where his athletic prowess, versatility and toughness helped him notch up 9.5 Sacks (2nd in SEC) and 103 tackles.
His ability to play inside and outside will delight Vance Joseph who will end up using him very heavily in blitz packages from both the edge and middle linebacker positions. Ultimately we’re relying on a player's superior athletic abilities to give him the edge until he learns the nuances of NFL football.
His tackle consistency vs the run needs heavy improvement if he wants to be a 3-down player for Denver at either the edge or inside linebacker positions. Part of his problem so far has been a tendency to bite on fakes and misdirections and although his athleticism has managed to shine through at the College level it won’t be as successful at the NFL level.
#83: Riley Moss, CB (Iowa) Moss, in theory, has everything you would look for in an NFL corner with the exception of real top end speed. He’s tall and rangey with good tackling instincts but there are some shortcomings which will likely affect his NFL future as a cornerback. Moss typically leaves a bit too much cushion in zone coverage which can lead to explosive receivers leaving him in the dust. In man coverage he’ll often leave the underneath to compensate for his lack of top end speed; his aforementioned tackling skills at least thrive here.
His run support is likely going to make him a real runner for the slot corner position in zone packages but his shortcomings may also lead to Vance Joseph wanting to move him to safety eventually. The biggest advantage he has going forward is his versatility otherwise he may end up as a special teams contributor only.
#183: JL Skinner, S (Boise State) Drafted predominantly for his size, Skinner stands at 6’4, hits hard and plays to his strengths. Against the run Skinner performs admirably and has fantastic angles when pursuing the runner. In coverage he’s equally as solid with the ball skills to force interceptions and pass breakups.
I can only see Skinner on a trajectory to the top and I'm excited to see him in Denver. Ultimately it will be his responsibility to cover Travis Kelce, Michael Mayer and Gerald Everett twice a year.
#257: Alex Forsyth, C (Oregon) I think the Broncos wanted to draft a center, I don’t believe that man was supposed to be Alex Forsyth. Whilst he’s good value for the 7th round, I imagine they would have rather had the opportunity to take John Michael Schmitz or Joe Tippmann. I’m not sure how this pick is going to work out. On one hand I can see him being part of the same dominant force that allowed his backs ro average 5 yards per play in Oregon but on the other hand he’s a penalty machine much like Garrett Bolles was to start his career.
Overall I think the Broncos did the best they could with the selections they had. It would have been nice to see a tackle for the first time in 6 years or another running back to support Javonte and Samaje.
My concerns with the class is that although they're talented they weren't all the biggest needs this off season.
I can see all of them with the exception of Forsyth becoming a contributing level talent with Denver and over the course of their rookie contracts.
Ultimately this is how I see the roster breaking down:
QB: Russell Wilson, Jarett Stidham, Ben DiNucci HB: Javonte Williams, Samaje Perine, Tony Jones jr. FB: Michael Burton WR: Jerry Jeudy, Tim Patrick, Courtland Sutton, Marvin Mims jr, Marquez Callaway TE: Greg Dulcich, Adam Trautman, Albert Okwuegbunam, Chris Manhertz OT: Garett Bolles, Mike McGlinchey, Cam Fleming, Isaiah Prince, Quinn Bailey IOL: Ben Powers, Quin Meinerz, Lloyd Cushenberry, Alex Forsyth, Luke Wattenberg, Kyle Fuller. DL: Zach Allen, Jonathan Harris, Eyioma Uwazurike, Jonathan Cooper, D.J. Jones, Mike Purcell LOLB: Randy Gregory, Baron Browning MLB: Alex Singleton, Josey Jewell, Drew Sanders, Justin Strnad, Jonas Griffith ROLB: Nik Bonnito, Aaron Patrick CB: Pat Surtain II, Damarri Mathis, Riley Moss, K’Waun Williams, Tremon Smith FS: Justin Simmons, Jamar Johnson, Caden Sterns SS: JL Skinner, Kareem Jackson
K: TBD P: Riley Dixon R: Tremon Smith LS: Mitchell Fraboni
There’s probably one big name missing here and that’s K.J. Hamler, who I think will get cut or traded before week 1.
Moving forward into 2023 and the 2024 off season there are a few positions Denver still need to worry about. There’s huge question marks over the ability of Russell Wilson and whether he still has the ability to play at the highest level.
We’ve also got question marks at running back with Javonte Williams coming off a huge injury. Our WR room has a lot of unknowns after Courtland Suttons failure to rediscover his form after his ACL injury whilst teammate Tim Patrick is also recovering from the same injury suffered this past season.
The offensive line still needs addressing as Lloyd Cushenberry often gets bullied in the trenches and Garrett Bolles may revert under another new offensive line coach, so far Mike Munchak is the only man to get a respectable tune from the former first round pick.
Moving on to defense and there’s less issues but still big weaknesses. I’d like to see us invest more in the defensive line and outside linebacker positions with Cooper, Bonnito, Browning and Gregory all relatively unknown in a Broncos uniform.
Ultimately if I had to narrow it down the focus going forward needs to be on center, defensive end and quarterback if things will russ doesn’t improve.
Ultimately there was a lot to like about the Broncos off season changes and everything seems to be pointing towards a more successful, creative team in 2023. We look to have added steel where it mattered across the offensive line and signing Sean Payton could prove to be the biggest acquisition of the all.
Ironically, this series is called defending the draft and that’s what I’ve struggled to do here the most. I like the class, I think there’s some high impact players there for sure, but I’ve come away wishing we’d filled some other key areas a little bit better. Ultimately you can’t always have the board fall as you want it and it’s a huge improvement from the classes John Elway managed to put together.
Thank you for reading my Denver Broncos draft/off season review. I filled in as a last minute replacement so hopefully this manages to hit the right spot for everyone.


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2023.06.02 21:12 Agile_Credit_9760 Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott is partially responsible for what happened to Cyrus Carmack-Belton

Read any media report and you'll see where Rich Chow, the store owner who shot Cyrus was frequently encountered by Richland County. It is without question that a man should be arrested if that man has a history of shooting at people and vehicles and even assaulting customers. Rick Chow was given insane lengths of leniency that the Black South Carolinians don't have and are never given. Black men have been jailed, pursued like animals by Richland County Sheriff's Deputies and even demonized by the media for merely selling weed over the years. Yet here we have Rick Chow.
It would be one thing if this particular Sheriff wasnt known to cover up crimes but he does. Its just usually those crimes are sexual in nature.
What an amazing 2021 Sheriff of the Year.
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2023.06.02 20:16 bigma36 🚨ATTENTION🚨ATTENTION🚨 all rise bc my bitch ass has a lot to say!

This is referring to maintenance’s post! If you’re lost, go watch the video she posted then come back and join me here! -first and foremost, idc what you can and can’t talk about. You ain’t gone tell the truth no way, so whether you can talk about it or not wont change what anybody has to say. -when are you fighting for them? You must’ve visited the jail library during one of your stays 🙄 “putting every single bit of my effort into that” you still show up on lives so fucked up nodding and slobbering, you still going to jail for MISSING COURT DATES, if you’ve been “tRyIng” and have “cOmpLetEd eVeRytHinG” and “passing” your drug tests then why you still ain’t got them back?? AMD FUCKING SAVE THAT “CPS is cORRuPT. ThEy kEEp aDdInG mOrE sTuFF” FUCK NO, you ain’t allowed to cry wolf with that mess, CPS has literally let you get away with EVERYTHING, your addiction has been 💯 plastered all over social media, BY YOU, going live on TT nodding out, incoherently babbling, and.NOT only out here driving around HIGH literally falling asleep while driving, you’ve been driving your kids around like that , WITH NO FUCKING DRIVERS LICENSE! CPS has literally coddled you, while I do know CPS can be corrupt and fuck ppl over, YOU DO NOT GET TO CLAIM THAT! -YOUR children are NOT home because of YOUR actions/choices. YOU neglected your children, endangering their lives, YOU abused YOUR child(ren), YOUR CONSTANT ARRESTS, and YOUR ADDICTION! Save your breath tryna deny that that last part too, bc you’ve made it very clear you are in ACTIVE ADDICTION, a lot of us have been there SO WE FUCKING KNOW! Not only has CPS coddled you, but apparently the judges in your county do as well. How you keep missing court dates and they just keep giving you a slap on the wrist. -we have no right, NO RIGHT at all to talk about that at all. That’s where you’re confused. You have spent 3 years SCAMMING AND LYING to ppl using your children as the bait. You have been on that app for THREE years crying and begging for money for food, lifht bills, phone bills, money to get car out of repo, YA KNOW THE BARE MINIMUM NECESSITIES YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE THEM CHILDREN. THAT DOESNT EVEN INCLUDE THE “WANTS” computers, cell phones, toys, bday presents, Christmas presents, school clothes/shoes, cheerleading,football, rocks for your driveway, Uber rides. EVERY FUCKING THING. Allowing you to put all your money into your addiction. A lot ppl in this group have provided the bare necessities for YOUR children, a lot of ppl in here have been duped by YOUso don’t act like your character is being defamed, Nawl, it ain’t defamation when it’s true! So don’t come yelling at the camera “you do not know, you have no right, shame on you” and pointing your finger all angrily as if you’re a victim and ppl are just being “mEaN”. -imma tell you this from my own personal experience, ain’t nothing gone get better until you get clean. Whether you get a prescription or not, you are an addict. It’s taking everything from you. It’s taking time you can’t get back, you have to be honest with yourself and seek help. -I PROMISE YOU, WE KNOW! NO MATTR HOW MUCH YOU DENY IT, WE KNOW. JUST BC YOU HAVE FOOLED A FEW PPL ON TT DONT MEAN YOU CAN FOOL EVERYBODY ELSE. AND “the girls” they ain’t yo girls. I hate to tell you, but the fact that they enable you, turn a blind eye to what you’re doing, they very OBVIOUSLY ENJOY SEEING YOUR DOWNFALL, OTHERWISE AINT NO WAY THEYD JUST SIT BACK AND WATCH THIS SHIT AND JUST ENCOURAGE IT.
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2023.06.02 20:16 Interesting_Day_4206 When are rental commissions due?

I’m just getting back into finding tenants for rentals in Miami after doing it in Martin County a few years back. I had a tenant move in today and the building told me if I send them an invoice they will pay me in a month. That seems a little far out? In the past I have always had a check within 1-2 weeks max. Do they have a legal imperative to provide payment asap or do I just have to be patient? Thanks in advance please be kind I’m in a rough spot.
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2023.06.02 20:08 autotldr ‘Cop City’ protest lawyers challenge use of domestic terrorism statute

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 75%. (I'm a bot)
Attorneys representing an activist arrested while protesting against the building of "Cop City" in Georgia have launched a legal challenge to the use of a state domestic terrorism statute against protests, claiming an "Act of free speech" is being unconstitutionally targeted, the Guardian can reveal.
The move comes amid the unprecedented arrests of organizers at a bail and legal defense fund that has helped some of the people arrested while protesting against the multimillion-dollar police and fire department training center planned for a forest south-east of Atlanta.
Exclusively obtained by the Guardian, the writ of habeas corpus filed in DeKalb county superior court on behalf of Ariel Ebaugh, arrested on 13 December, challenges the constitutionality of the 2017 domestic terrorism statute that has been used against activists and their supporters.
The petition argues that "Attempting by word or expressive action to alter, change, or coerce government policy is a quintessential act of free speech," and that Ebaugh's protest against Cop City was constitutionally protected.
Georgia's attorney general, Chris Carr, and governor, Brian Kemp, both trumpeted the arrests on social media, with Kemp calling the three "Criminals who facilitated and encouraged domestic terrorism".
The raid's timing was also only days before the 90-day window by which Victor Puertas and Luke Harper - who were arrested on 5 March and are the only protesters among the 42 charged with domestic terrorism still in jail - must be indicted or released on bail, according to Georgia law.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Arrest#1 fund#2 protest#3 state#4 Atlanta#5
Post found in /politics.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.02 19:47 cantwifeahoe Even if the Harden/Embiid offense clicks, what exactly is the ceiling?

TLDR: Harden is still playing like he’s a superstar, no one on this roster can run the floor, and we lack versatile shot makers. Even at its peak, the offense is outdated.
I watch other playoff teams and it becomes clear just how hard it is for the Sixers to get into their sets. It seems like our offense operates as a straight line rather than a flow chart. If the Embiid face up, harden iso, or simple PNR doesn’t work there is no plan B.
Compare that to Denver, Miami, Golden State, or Sacramento where there’s constant movement and the “dead end” possessions are fewer and farther between. Even if you look at heavy iso teams like Boston, Phoenix, and the Knicks they run way more than the Sixers and have an easier time getting to their spots. The Kings,Heat, and Celtics could overcome underwhelming performances from their stars and still win, the Sixers can’t do that.
Our only transition/off the dribble threat is Maxey and he’s 6’2. In my opinion Harden still hasn’t committed to taking a backseat in the offense. Too often are there possessions where he will stop a fast break just to iso. He’s commanding prime Harden touches without prime Harden shot attempts and makes.
I’m sure some of this is on Doc Rivers and his schemes but I don’t think any of those aspects of the offense will be going away just because Nurse is the coach.
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2023.06.02 19:46 TheBigMan981 Boland v. Bonta: Amicus Briefs in Support of Plaintiffs-Appellees

PORAC: The police organizations re-iterate how irrational the UHA is, especially when the police are allowed to buy off-roster handguns on the retail market. They emphasize on the fact that firearms used in crimes are typically stolen firearms, thereby rendering the microstamping requirement futile. They point out that besides SCOTUS, even the 9th Circuit in Jackson v. City and County of San Francisco rejected the argument that gun powder storage requirements are sufficient analogues. They also point out on why proving laws are not analogous to the UHA as a whole in the “why”. They also point out that the proving laws are not analogous to the three features requirement (“how”). In reality, it is not analogous to the UHA as a whole in the “how” (Renna should take care of this). Proving laws are for quality control, while UHA is for unintentional discharges. The firing test in the UHA followed by the drop test are the closest to the proving laws, but the outcomes are different between the UHA drop and firing tests and the proving law. Therefore, “the burden under the product safety regulations is completely different in kind, and insignificant in effect, compared to the burden caused by the UHA.”
Armed citizens do for themselves that law enforcement cannot do.
In other words, when seconds count, police are minutes away. On another note, the police have no duty to save you.
To be sure, the handgun features required by the UHA may prevent an accidental discharge through its “dumbing-down” of responsible gun ownership, reducing the need for vigilant safety practices inherent in possessing, using, and maintaining a lethal weapon. Perhaps such features should be available to those who wish to have them so as not to be burdened by the cardinal rule of treating every gun as loaded; maybe they would rather rely on an indicator that, if functioning as intended, presumably assures them there is no round in the chamber. But in terms of the Second Amendment, there is no relevant historical analogue for regulations limiting gun ownership, and thus availability, to what today the Legislature may consider to be the most advanced features in safety.
“I get that you want to prevent people from accidental discharges, but you can’t just force people to have guns with such features.”
If the UHA is sanctioned by this Court, the State of California will continue its gradual impairment of the Second Amendment by imposing incremental and ever- increasing “safety feature” requirements that are unnecessary and unrelated to the proper functioning of a handgun when maintained and used responsibly. Even if manufacturers began creating handguns that satisfy the UHA’s onerous requirements today, there will always be tomorrow’s advancements such as biometric fingerprint technology. If the UHA’s infringement of self-defense rights is condoned, the State will surely continue to conjure new safety requirements to further constrict access to arms protected by the Second Amendment.
Hmmmmm not sure about biometric technology, especially in urgent situations.
Even the crime solving justifications for microstamping are specious. Given that the overwhelming majority of gun violence is committed with stolen guns and no criminal would use a gun directly linking him or her to a crime, microstamping—even if actually in existence—would provide little assistance to law enforcement. Moreover, even if a handgun with microstamping were used in a crime of passion, the markings would not likely be needed to solve the crime.
Someone could be framed just because his or her handgun with microstamping was used in the crime. If the microstamps would not likely be needed to solve the crime, would serial numbers on the guns likely not be needed as well?
More to come. Post will be updated when more amicus briefs are filed.
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2023.06.02 18:54 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in OH Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
United States Secret Service Criminal Investigator Dayton
The Meadows of Delphos RN - Registered Nurse Delphos
The Meadows of Delphos RN - Registered Nurse - Weekend Only Delphos
Cypress Pointe Health Campus RN-Registered Nurse Englewood
Valley View Healthcare Center RN - Registered Nurse Fremont
Norwich Springs Health Campus RN- Registered Nurse Hilliard
Empowerme Wellness Physical Therapist (PT) *$3,000 Sign On Bonus Loveland
Smiths Mill Health Campus RN- Registered Nurse -Weekend Only New Albany
Southern Health Partners Correctional Nurse Summit County Jail-
Epic Specialty Staffing (formerly known as Mission Search) Radiation Therapist Troy OH Troy
RTI International Field Interviewer - NSFG Akron
Astellas Clinical Sales Professional, Community Specialties - Akron, OH Akron
Professional Dynamics Plant Maintenance Engineer Alliance
RTI International Experienced Electronic Field Mapping Lister - NSDUH Athens
Pinstripes, Inc. Front of House Manager Beachwood
Robin Industries, Inc. Tooling Engineer Berlin
UniFirst Route Service Representative - UniFirst Blacklick
Zimmer Biomet Business Intelligence Senior Analyst (721724) Broadview Heights
AEG Vision Patient Care Coordinator Bryan
Michigan Milk Producers Assoc Maintenance Canton
Ohio Peterbilt Truck Technician Canton Peterbilt $5,000.00 Signing Bonus Canton
Best Point Education & Behavioral Health YMCA Aide Cincinnati
Core Crew LLC Powder Coater Cincinnati
Innova Solutions Customer Service Representative Cincinnati
Core Crew LLC Press Break Operator Cincinnati
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in oh. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 17:42 Comfortable_Fennel12 They gave Spinz 6 months with 52 days time served not bad

They gave Spinz 6 months with 52 days time served not bad submitted by Comfortable_Fennel12 to DuvalCounty [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 17:36 theofficialmcuban Question?

Do I pick him up in FA next year, or do I rock with the squad I got?
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2023.06.02 17:18 moderatenerd What to do when a company moves waay too slow for your taste, but you have no other options?

I've been a help desk analyst at my company for about a year and a half now. This coming from a faster paced sysadmin position at a charity with 5X more users and more responsibilities and freedom. I took this job because it pays twice as much as my last job due to hazard pay (on-site county jail position).
I mainly work with about 100 end users to reset passwords and fix their crappy EMR application. I can fix any problem that pops up within 15 mins whilst remaining inside my contract. If I try to ask to assist other teams I get a big NO from the county. So I am stuck working on side projects most of the day.
My previous job I could touch all the tech that they had there, but it was antiquated and didn't help me advance MUCH in my industry. This job I can advance but my bosses say go slowly and get certified. Problem is, I am much more fast paced than that. I already got 9 certifications in my downtime.
On top of that to show you how much free time I have on my hands I learned and have written about 20 python applications in the past two weeks. This isn't fulfilling to me, because I am not contributing anything to any team, or adding to my PROFESSIONAL experience.
I also seem to have a horrible track record about picking companies and getting offers from companies. Before these two jobs I have about ten years in various customer service roles all relating to technology. I love learning about new software and I can find my way around new software relatively quickly. I am also usually the first one to volunteer and learn a new task, skill, project that a company may hand down. Yet I don't seem to be getting this across in interviews or I am not applying to the right roles.
Problem is, I haven't had good exposure to a company that works like this. All my job offers have either been commission sales, help desk, or customer support... After 11 years I am burnt out of these positions and just want a simple somewhat technical job that I can hopefully do remotely but still feel fulfilled.
One sales job I had was sort of like this, but I couldn't stand the micromanagement and the manager literally told me that I was just a body and to stop trying to be something you are not. This really hurt me and has driven me to get to where I am now, but again, I am stuck. Recruiters and other companies are acting like I am an idiot or some low level tech with no experience. How can I change this?
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2023.06.02 17:02 AverageHungry6981 Last update to my son’s hit & run!

If this isn’t allowed, please let me know. I wanted to update everyone with what has happened since and ask some actual finance questions finally.
The crime he’s been charged is a Class B misdemeanor. The maximum penalty is 6 months in jail and up to $2000 fine. The prosecutor has asked for the max on both. We worked with an attorney who told us from the get go that this case won’t be dropper and best we can hope for is a lower punishment.
I spent countless hours dealing with this. Our attorney was able to negotiate 5 months in county jail and a $1,500 fine. That’s all the prosecution would budge on. The alternative was the full 6 months in jail and $1,000. Attorney advised that we should take it because a judge would throw the max penalty in this county, especially since there’s clear footage and really nothing to dispute or excuse the crime. Other lawyers had the same opinion.
My son is freaking out and scared shitless about jail time and now having a criminal record. He’s been crying and just a mess. That’s besides the finance aspect, so anyway.
Financially, this has put us in a deeper hole than we were before. Now my son won’t be able to work during the summer because he’ll be in jail. He’s missing the college start because of it too. We need to come up with: $1,500 fine + $1,000 lawyer fees + $350 misc court fees. I don’t have any available credit lines, so I’ll have to start borrowing or working an extra job.
The biggest unknown is insurance. They might drop us after this. If not, I need to also factor in the premium increase at the next renewal, which will probably be a lot.
It’s definitely a big lesson for him (and me too I guess, since I never thought to explain he shouldn’t drive off after hitting someone/something).
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2023.06.02 16:33 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in FL Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
United States Secret Service Criminal Investigator Fort Myers
Surgery Center of Aventura Operating Room Nurse PRN Aventura
Gulf Coast Surgery Center PACU Nurse PRN Bradenton
Countryside Surgery Center Operating Room Nurse PRN Clearwater
Nicklaus Children's Hospital Physician/Attending - (PICU) - Naples, FL (Full Time, Day Shift) East Naples
SIm10Consulting B737 Contract Instructor Marion County
Nicklaus Children's Hospital Physician/Attending - Palliative Care (Full Time) Miami
First Vehicle Services Diesel Mechanic - Miami Springs Miami Springs
Asd East Fl Ops Support PRN Float OR Nurse Miramar
North County Surgicenter PRN Endoscopy Nurse Palm Beach Gardens
First Transit Automotive Technician -Pinellas County Pinellas Park
Brambles USA Inc On-Site Manager Alachua
Trustco Bank Customer Service Coordinator- FT Day Shift-Altamonte Springs, FL Altamonte Springs
Icc Field Sales Representative Altamonte Springs
Trustco Bank Part-Time Customer Service Coordinator - PM Shift Altamonte Springs
Strategic Staffing Solutions Construction and Engineering Project Manager Apollo Beach
Orangepeople Sr Business Analyst Bay Lake
RAYUS Radiology X-Ray Technologist Boca Raton
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Field Service Installer Boca Raton
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Field Service Technician Boca Raton
Ushealth Junior Account Manager Bonita Springs
Beverage Manufacturing Company Warehouse Forklift Operator Bradenton
CenterWell Home Health Home Health Licensed Practical Nurse Bradenton
HCA Florida Blake Hospital Registered Nurse Med Surg Bradenton
Allied Universal® Security Officer - Armed Lobby 1st Shift PT Bradenton
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in fl. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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