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Pitbull awareness, education, love.

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2018.03.10 21:18 okaybutfirstcoffee Miniature Schnauzers

Meet the Miniature Schnauzer: the dog who has it all in one small package: intelligence, affection, an extroverted temperament, humor, and a personality that’s twice as big as she is. Throw in the beard and quivering enthusiasm, and she’ll make you laugh in every moment. With a Miniature Schnauzer in the house, you’ll always have someone to "talk" to (they're so vocal!) Whether she’s bounding around ahead of you or curled up snoozing on your lap, you’ll never be bored with your mini around.

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2023.06.03 00:24 Brandonh75 "That's a blast from the past." Non-apes have no idea what's coming.

I've been wearing my GameStop t-shirt quite frequently for almost two years, so it looks pretty worn. Today was the first time I've gotten a comment.
Picking up my kid from preschool, one of the other dads there says, "I like your shirt." I thought I had found my first ape in the wild. Before I could ask if he is hodling he continues with, "that's a blast from the past," followed by a little chuckle.
I wanted to launch into why it's more current than he realizes, but I would just look like Charlie talking about Pepe Silvia. My wife (and her boyfriend) and friends don't believe me, why would this guy. I just said thanks.
There is a huge 'I told you so' on the way for a lot of people.
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2023.06.03 00:23 burnt_toast404 Realtor forced us to disclose

I have a support dog. I know there's a difference between service and support and I'm not conflating them. I'm used to getting overlooked in rental apps if I disclose them and I have a letter from my long term doctor of 11 years stating they're medically necessary. The dog and I have a flawless record, great income/assets, and letters or rec from previous landlords.
Anyways my roommates and I put in an app. Another realtor who we mistakenly told we had a dog told the realtor for this app. She called me and blindsided me saying that I have to disclose the animal in the app, which in MA I know legally isn't true. This is in Boston.
We gave a deposit to take it off market that she's now voided. I'm confident that this unit is covered by HUD and FHA since it's not an owner occupied unit with less than 4 apartments. Anyways, since the realtor forced my hand to disclose we were of course denied.
No other information such as breed or size was disclosed. We all financially qualify and there were no other applications since they took it off market and we were told we were the only ones.
The realtor said the landlord is going to move on. I'm waiting to hear from our attorney since this sounds and feels like discrimination. Under no circumstances am I legally required to disclose during the application. I am required to request accommodation either before signing or after signing. Both realtors were likely acting in the interest of keeping their client, the landlord. Something here seems illegal to me.
Now I'm worried they're going to start sharing my information to other realtors and getting denied everywhere. My animal has never done any damage to our units and has never attacked anyone.
Now I'm stressed over how to find a forever apartment in Boston. I'm done living in college-quality units.
What have you done about this?
Other semi-related info:
I could have qualified for a psychiatric service dog years ago but I couldn't afford one and could get a dog for free as part of my management plan. I considered rehoming the animal at that point, and can have another attorney and her husband attest to that, but that was five years ago. Obviously after developing a bond with an animal, I'm not giving it up just because I can now afford a psych service dog.
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2023.06.03 00:22 Drakolf TftM- Rabies:

To say the Hedron was segregated implied a level of injustice that, really, only the Humans really understood culturally and historically. It was more that vast sections of the station was pressurized in different ways, filled with gasses that exactly matched homeworld conditions, and even incorporated plants and some animals to accommodate. They were usually prey animals, a handful of predators, all properly socialized and carefully vetted for long-term sustainability on the station.
Grahim and David lived more in the center of the Hedron, with the rest of the Council- well, they lived apart from them, in David's suite that he had rented out with his Doctor's salary before the Council footed the bill since Grahim was living with him. Even so, the duo often visited each other's biosphere within the Hedron, though David insisted on getting the relevant vaccines and booster shots before entering. "To be safe." He said.
Grahim never understood his Human Companion's paranoia, every creature was carefully vetted for habitation, there was no possible way for any form of disease vector to get onto the station. Nonetheless, he suffered through his companion's paranoia, mostly because he greatly respected and cared for him.
Terran atmosphere was slightly thicker than Grahim was used to, a slightly different combination of gasses, a slight head rush as a higher amount of oxygen meant a slightly more sluggish movement. He took a hit off his atmospheric stabilization inhaler, kept his mind as sharp as he could under these conditions.
Grahim liked Humans, and as the Human children surrounded him, he felt no lesser for kneeling down and letting them get their fill of petting him. David laughed, it was the kind of good-natured laughter that accompanied most shenanigans that children got into.
"I think they like you." David remarked.
"Of course they do, your species conditioned yourself to find anything fluffy cute and pettable." Grahim replied.
During the Caniti-Human War, the Canicians had learned never to harm Human children, it was an indelible sin that even other Humans could not get away with. While the war was in the past, before Grahim's time, the elders had spoken of how the Humans they fought had abandoned their rules of warfare the moment children began to fall.
They had been overwhelmed instantly, and the terror in that elder's eyes signified that this was a warning to take to heart, and so Grahim was gentle.
That was when he heard the growling. The children were startled, first looking at him, thinking perhaps he had been growling, but as it continued, they moved away from the sound.
A canid superficially resembling a Canician was growling at them, white spittle foamed around its mouth, eyes dilated. Grahim recognized a threat. The canid ran straight at Grahim, barking viciously, lunging at him, clamping its jaws on his arm. Grahim grabbed the beast by its throat and slammed it against the ground.
"Run!" He barked. "I've got it pinned! Take the children and run!"
Grahim was startled to see David not running away with the children, but approaching. He was still commanding them to run, which they did, and then David did something that shook him.
Grahim insisted on David carrying a sidearm for his protection, being the companion of a Councilor, it was important he be protected at all times if possible. David had agreed to this, especially after the incident with the trio of hunters. David pulled out his sidearm and shot the canid.
Three times, and the beast went limp.
David let out a shuddering breath. "It'll be fine." He said, mostly to himself. "We took our boosters, we know it works on Canicians." Those words were more concerning to Grahim than any others he could have uttered. Boosters, implying a viral threat.
David pulled out his communication device and spoke into it. "This is Dr. David Holt, we've got a dead rabid wolf on the station and a Canician who was bitten. He has had his booster shot within the past few days, but medical attention is mandatory. I repeat, we have a biohazard situation on-" David glanced around. "-Section A7, Subsector B5. Subject is neutralized with one Canician bitten, but known to have gotten a booster shot."
Grahim tried not to panic, he dislodged the fangs of the canid from his arm. He breathed, the canid had torn up his arm badly, enough that he definitely needed immediate medical aid. David- always prepared, had his medical kit out. He scanned the wound, used some nanites to heal the worst of the wound, and used gauze to wrap it up- this meant surgery. Then David pulled out a device Grahim had never seen before.
"I am going to inject you with a combination of an antiviral agent and an immune system booster." David stated. "Lyssavirus- Rabies- is a pathogen that infects nervous tissue. You've had your booster shot, so you should be safe, but I am absolutely not taking any chances on the off chance it's not enough."
"Do what you need to." Grahim stated. The injection was painful, but Grahim trusted his companion. Human authorities arrived within minutes, some had guns trained on Grahim, which concerned the Canician greatly.
"Stow your gun, you idiot!" David snapped. "It takes far longer than a few minutes for rabies to cause any significant damage!"
"You heard the doc!" One of the Humans, their captain, most likely, snapped. "And next time listen to the debrief! This isn't a fucking zombie apocalypse. Goddamn rookies..."
Grahim was soon transported to the sector hospital, the doctors here showed much less concern than David, indicating his companion's fear had mostly been the possibility of losing him. They chastised him for being overcautious, and causing undue pain to a patient, David calmly asserted, "When it comes to a member of the Council, any of us would have our asses handed to us if we didn't ensure their safe recovery."
"Regardless, the vaccine and booster is enough to combat the infection, with your unneeded addition, all he needs is time and rest, and a little surgery to remove damaged tissue and regrow it.
"I trust my companion." Grahim stated. "He would not do anything to me that was completely unwarranted, even if it was born of a paranoid desire to see me completely healthy."
The doctor sighed and deigned to not complain. It wasn't like he was also a medical professional- albeit one that dealt more with Humans than not. "In any case, you will need to be confined to the hospital for the time being, just to be on the safe side- not that you'd be able to leave the sector while the quarantine is in effect. They'll need to round up every animal, euthanize them, follow up on any incidents in the past regarding animal bites and keep the people under close observation."
Grahim was startled. "Is that not extreme?" He asked.
"Rabies takes a long time to show symptoms, yet wasting time also limits the options one has to combat the nerve damage it causes. Nervous therapy is expensive, I doubt the Council will approve the money necessary for covering every potential victim-"
"Write me a report in plain terms, and I will present it to the Council." Grahim stated. "If this is dangerous enough that you need to euthanize every animal brought into this sector, then it is imperative that the Council be made aware, and vetting processes revised to accommodate."
The doctor looked surprised, he clearly hadn't expected Grahim to take him seriously. "I- will do that." The doctor replied.
Grahim was prepped and taken to surgery, to have his arm healed, and then, he sent formal requests to have a holographic stand in prepared for future council meetings. After all, he was on the Human side of the quarantine, and that was reason enough for his absence...
The incubation rate of rabies can vary between one week to a year, but is more typically between two to three weeks. These words, along with the news that the Human Sector of the Hedron was under quarantine shook the station.
It wasn't Humans who vetted the animals brought in, that task had been handled by others in spite of the Humans outright demanding that they be the ones to check. The Council had tossed aside their complaints as just Humans demanding special consideration, rather than anything approaching sensible concern.
The Human Councilor, Graham, silently stared at the stone-faced Council as Canician Councilor Grahim gave his account of the situation, including how he'd been savaged by a Terran canid- a wolf- while protecting Human children.
"It is the opinion of the medical staff in the Human Sector that every animal brought into the sector be euthanized, and that vetting processes are revised to accommodate Human standards." Grahim had finished. The hologram looked toward Graham. "Councilor Gra'am-" The Canician still wasn't used to pronouncing his name correctly, but it was an adequate attempt. "-I trust you already have the vetting revisions available?"
Grahim damn well knew he had the revisions, he'd been trying to push them every chance he could without pissing off the rest of the Council. Maybe if he'd pushed harder, this wouldn't have happened.
"Ladies, gentlemen, other." Graham stated. "This situation is our fault." The other Councilors flinched at his words. "Mine especially, for not pushing this harder than I should have." His words were heavy. Some of the guilt was affected, laid on thick to get his point across, nobody- not even the Gixx who was currently reading his mind- doubted the sincerity of his words.
"You are asking that we leave the vetting process of animals to Humans." The Latra Councilor stated.
"Terran animals." Graham didn't bother to hide his anger and frustration. "It has always been about Humans handling animals from our biosphere!" He looked at everyone gathered. "Let us not forget how the Council has ignored requests from Councilor Grahim out of petty revenge for their past warmongering, nor how you've constantly and consistently spoken over me every single time I raised this issue!" His anger was under tight control, he let it loose like a tightly leashed dog. "I personally think this extends beyond mere revision of vetting procedures, but the fact of the matter is there is an entire people in that sector who have been forced into quarantine because your chosen people got sloppy!"
The words stung, but nobody begrudged the Councilor's words. He was right, after all.
"Let us hear your proposal, in full." The Vagraxi Councilor stated.
"Essah-Tuvant, you can't seriously think-!" The Latraii Councilor interjected.
"My people have done their fair share of damage to the Humans, Councilor, be at peace knowing they haven't declared war on us yet."
Yet. That one word hung in the air. Humans had, in their own ways, perfected the art of war. Having spent generations killing each other, it was both their creativity and restraint that taught the Council that Humanity was reasonable- and it was their willingness to ignore their own rules of war in response to 'war crimes' that they also knew Humanity could be far more vengeful than any angry God.
The Council allowed Graham to speak, and to their surprise, the request was very straightforward, they understood if they had bothered to let him speak his piece, yes, this entire situation could have been avoided.
They had not been fair to the Humans, or the Caniti, for that matter, and the fact of the matter was that this mess couldn't be anyones other than their's.
Humans, unaugmented, can live up to one hundred years. Augmented, they could live twice that, and those who chose to upload their brain into a machine, or join the Gixx mindworld were effectively immortal, at least until they decided a cessation of existence was all they really had left to do.
The quarantine came and passed, the Humans took to it without too many complaints- those who refused to abide by it were removed from the station entirely, put on a ship, and told to waste someone else's time. Of over ten million Humans, only seven began to show symptoms of rabies, and those who did, who couldn't be recovered through nanite therapy, were given the choice of brain uploading, or a mercy kill.
On the rest of the station, a thorough sweep, a vaccination initiative, and careful observation only revealed approximately four non-Terran pets who had contracted the disease, and even then, they had been discovered long before they displayed any symptoms, or were even contagious.
And Grahim, of course, suffered through his ordeal with little more than boredom and the occasional worried glance from his companion, who was by his side at much as he could be, on top of taking on shifts at the hospital under the credit of the central hospital.
And the year without wildlife in the sector only brought in a newfound appreciation for them when animals raised in captivity were brought onto the station, all of them thoroughly vetted by Human zoologists.
Grahim was okay with a few extra months of observation, just in case.
It was during lunch with Graham that Grahim talked about his experience. "After my initial stay at the hospital, David and I stayed with his family, we were planning on visiting them regardless, so it was no issue."
He spoke of how the family welcomed him as usual, and even being notified that he had been bitten by a rabid wolf didn't stymie their kindness and concern- more for his well being than any fear on their part.
"The children I saved visited me almost every day. They brought me a lot of candy." Grahim chuckled. "I couldn't eat most of it, but it was the though that counted." An entire year surrounded by only Humans, giving progress reports on the show gathering and euthanasia of every animal in the sector...
"They had done a sort of ceremony in honor of them." Grahim remarked. "Like a mass funeral. It was... strangely breathtaking."
On top of this, he was also invited to various celebrations the Humans had, the oddly secular holy days, the traditions that varied from family to family, from culture to culture. Exciting, exotic.
Many of these details were shared with the Council as well, mostly to give them an idea of how Humans handled quarantine- which was to say, very well. Graham had chimed in, "We learned from our last mistake with conoravirus." He had stated, but didn't go into detail.
By this point, the Council had unanimously agreed that it was worth listening to the Humans more, as their response to the crisis had not only been effective, but had actually minimized casualties beyond the scope of what the finest minds among the other species expected.
So, when another outbreak happened- this time in the Vagraxi Sector- the protocols were followed almost exactly the same way, and aside from some resistance from those who thought it was a deliberate attack from Humans- at least, until a culprit was found who refused to admit their pet had been bitten on a visit to the Human Sector- the situation was handled a little worse than with the Humans, but not to a devastating degree.
Finally, after little over two years, the rabies virus was removed from the Hedron, and hopefully, it would never find purchase there again.
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2023.06.03 00:22 jazsmith514 Sudden aggression advice

So we got a small hound mix two years ago (she is 3 now), we already had a beagle mix (she is 6 now). Both are spayed. Hound mix had heart worms, so we got her treated and she is now heart worm free.
For nearly two years we had no problem other than one fight over food in the beginning. They got along well, snuggled and were overall very happy.
About two months ago my brother got a yellow lab puppy, she bit the hounds tail and she retaliated and attacked her. (Pup was fine). They even get along now, but she is bigger than hound now. Since then, she has been showing aggression towards our beagle. There has been two fights in the past month. I thought the first one was a fluke considering it was storming, and they got into each others space. (They currently roam the living room, as hound howls all day if crated and I live in an apartment. Beagle is now in a separate room during the day) Until it happened today and my camera caught it, beagle seemingly did nothing to provoke the hound. This would not be so bad if my beagle could stand a chance, but hound is larger and stronger than her.
They have plenty of toys to keep occupied, neither seem to care much for toys though. No bones or chews left out because there was food related aggression in the past from both parties. Walked daily, and are overall lazy dogs besides the occasional zoomies (have to be heavily influenced by us). When we are home they act completely normal. They snuggle on the couch, play,they even sleep in the same bed at night.
I am at a loss, this seemed to come out of nowhere and I am so heartbroken about it. We have a vet visit schedule for the hound in August, but are planning on moving it up on Monday.
Advice on moving forward? Thoughts on causes? Please do not come at me with judgement, i have done and am doing everything I can to fix this.
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2023.06.03 00:21 themasterpodcaster Water Shielding Complete Enclosure

Method One
This uses 1.25 wide 2.33ft tall 15 gallon cylindrical water containers. I'm thinking I need two layers so that I can offset the first with the second layer on the outside. Each container on the outside has its center blocking the spot where the two containers on the inside layer
meet. This makes a wall of water without weakness I hope. The wall needs to be 3.25f so it needs to be taller. On top of these containers on the inside layer of them is a single row of collapsible 5.3 gallons water containers.
I'm thinking Ill put a plywood between them and the containers underneath them so they can be pushed together and fit closely together and so the different diameter doesn't cause them to go off.
The top of the 15 gallon containers has a spot at the top where there's a gap thats a weakness. Im thinking Ill put 1 gallon water bag there perhaps partially empty to make it more malleable and the weight of
the 5 gallon container will hopefully mush it down so it fills in the uneven gaps in the top of the 15 gallon container. In front of the row of 5 gallon containers on top of the 15 gallon containers Ill put a pool tube to help block the weakness on top of the 15 gallon containers.
Ill overlap these pool tubes at the end in order to create a totally unbroken wall of water. Because the wall needs to be little taller Ill add large fomentek water bags at the top. The large fomentek bag has its top 6 inches lying on top of the 5 gallon container
and its held in place by a couple bricks wrapped in tarp or something temporarily. The bags hang down on the inside and overlap hopefully by 6 inches from bag to bag. Then you put 4 3x6x1.25 giant 140 gallon water bags on top of the structure lying perpendicular
to it. They overlap all the water walls by a foot. Then the pool tubes are put over the gaps between them. When there full you slide your hand under and remove the bricks from the water bags if possible. Or the top could be made of water bags.

Method 2
You use 6 or possibly 8 140 gallon water bags for the main wall of water. There 3ft wide, 6ft long and 1.25ft thick. First you position and fill the 15 gallon containers. You put 4 on the outside of every water bag. They weigh 120lb each and the water bag weighs
1100lb. So with 4 on one side weighing almost half as much as the water bag and the basalt and frame wall on the other side it might keep them standing up well enough. They 15 gallons are 2.33ft high and the water bags are 3ft tall standing on there side so tall
enough to hold them up. Putting another 500lb of sandbags on top of the 4 containers might work well if the water containers arnt enough. You position a 15 gallon in front of the spot where two water bags meet and then put a 5.3 gallon container on top so its
as tall as the water bag. You can also put fomenteck water bags over the crack as well if you can make them stay in place. You could two to shield one end and then two each side. The two on the end extend way outside of the actual area your shielding.
The ones on both sides form a tight wall along with the two on the end but then extend of the other side somewhat. The width of the basalt structure is 4.25ft and the length of the water bag is 6ft. So you could push the two that extend from the side of the end over
.85ft each to make room to fit the final end water bag between them. You might be able to overlap the where the waterbags meet on the lengthwise sides as well. There are different sizes you might be able to use to make it fit better. The roof of the water shielding might
bend down .25ft to meet the wall or you could put fomenteck waterbags on top perhaps. Like with the first method you might need to put something light weight on top of the structure to help prop up the water ceiling that the top of the basalt structure is roughly
level with the top of the water wall. This is a nice method in that you be able to set it up quickly because there you dont have to postion a bunch of things carefully. They just start in the position and it will only take a small number of hours for a garden hose to fill all
the containers from what I read. Its also nice because you can keep better track of the small amount of cracks. You could also use 4 inch fence posts and fence post foam or concrete possibly to hold up the water bladders. You could dig it with a 3 inch auger attached
to a well powered drill instead of using a fence post digger, shovel or a real auger. To protect the fomenteck water bags and the 5.3 gallon constrainers the more delicate ones you could use 1 or two layers of heavy cheap moving blankets.
Hopefully this would block pretty decent air guns and stuff that gang stalkers might try to shoot at them and you could protect it with plywood from the most vulnerable direction. Can also protect them from any natural damage. Then you can put a heavy tarp
to help protect them from the sun. Poly tubing might also work for water shielding especially for the roof where there isnt much pressure on it or for shielding cracks but I dont know about how you close them so no idea if it works.

The water shielding can act as an automatic sound barrior as you build I think and while you test the structure.

9 containers long is 11.25ft nearly long enough to the length of the structure 9 plus 2 containers which is 11.5
18 for first layer on sides
8 for first layer on ends since it takes exactly 4 to equal 5ft and fill in the space
26 for first layer
sides second layer is 22
ends second layer is 12
second layer is 34
total is 60 for double layer 1 heigh containers costs $1000

15 gallon containers

140 gallon water bags and other sizes

large fomentek water bag

large fomentek water bags in bulk cheaper

1.3 gallon containers
36 Pcs 1.3 Gallon Collapsible Water Storage Bag Water Container Bag Emergency Jug Clear Plastic Storage Pouch Freezable Water Carrier Tank Foldable Bottle for Outdoor Sport Camping Hiking Backpack

5.3 gallon collapsible containers not quite as big as they say for the ones I measured that i got from walmart after I filled them up to the absolute top. It was 10 inches wide 12 inches deep and 10 inches high or something.

pool water bag 10ft long and is it 1ft wide? $9 and free shipping

You could use a pop up gazebo or a more quickly set up greenhouse or possibly a soft storage shed wich is similar if there big enough. You set up the pop up gazebo and then build it inside of it. The gazebo is more respectable and accepted by
landlords and stuff then a big tent or tarp. Put a heavy tarp over the gazebo possibly to protect it from weather and other damage. If the amount of steel or aluminum in it is too much in the gazebo and messes up the shielding you might be able move it off of the
structure with a person or 4 wheeled doly on each leg ( just a random idea).

The economy will get worse as far as I know and will possibly collapse. Gas prices will rise during the summer at least. Basalt and other materials and items might become less available.
The warm weather will end eventually making it a lot harder to complete a large structure. I certainly feel texteme urgency because of my rapid mental and physical decline and also these reasons.
Also as far as I understand it which is quite limited the world is getting worse and more controling, gang stalking will probably get more alot more empowered and there technology is getting better.
But the best way to move effectively is still to be smart and deliberate to test things as far as I know. It takes time to be smart so you should get started on it.


I didnt condense my questions enough i just tried to cover everything mostly even though I must have missed alot of things. I leave it to you to judge what information I need the most and to answer the questions and give other information
in the most helpful way you have time for. What I need urgently is to order my basalt and my water containers and I can figure out the other details as the stuffs on the way. So I need to be able to decide on a rough plan and on a type of basalt so I can order my
basalt. I need to know if water shielding is going to helpful for me and how much water I need.

So I'm trying to block RNM because sinking up there attacks with my thoughts is an incredibly important part of the attacks. I want to block the mental attacks themselves but blocking the RNM will probably be enough to make that stop
by itself. I also need to block them making me feel emotionally numb, low energy, extremely depressed lack a void of happiness chemicals or something and making extremely unintelligent and cant form thoughts. These symptoms all vary at the
same time and seem parts of the same attack. Sometimes when its bad its also very hard to move and I can perceive my body as heavy and stuck and strange. My consciousness is compressed and receads as if I dont exist and I become dethatched
Also reduces anxiety. Happened when I was writing this because speaking about it is a trigger for them and I had to wait for find the words. Other TIs talk about similar symptoms.

These symptoms can all change

an extreme amount in just a second since its artificial and they change based on triggers that hold an emotional charge and significance to my attackers.

So i'm only trying to block them attacking my brain.

How should the basalt be around my body compared to around my head?

How thick should it be around my feet compared to my body?

I think you said that you need it double thick above your head and behind it but in the pictures of your set up it showed 1 full crate above and 1 full crate behind the same as the full crate on either side.
Is it true that you need it double thick above and double thick protection behind while in a prone position?

Why is that? Is above more important just because of the angle of attack or that part of the brain?

Is this also going to be true with me whos not trying to block physical attacks? Will my forehead or face or top of head or both be more vulnerable?
Since all im trying to block are the RNM, mental attacks and perhaps nervous system influence ( just totally guessing about that last comment )

In your photos you have pillowcases with basalt on top of the side crates and back crate covering the crack where they meet the top crate. The pillowcases only give you like 3 inches of protection. How does that actually work to block the crack?

Why dont you need basalt to block the vertical cracks between the crates?

I cant get a good handle on why you dont need 2 crates high 2 crates deep and 3 crates wide with one removed for your head to get the protection.

Why dont you need basalt to block the vertical cracks between the crates?

How much do you think the protection varies by thickness? If you double it or half it how much does the protection multiply or divide?

What's the highest amount you think youve divided the attacks by and what was the weakness that stopped you from dividing it further?

Could I divide it more than that and how?

Do you think RNM and mental attacks will require more or less basalt then physical attacks. They seem to be able to intrude on my mind for reading or attacking to a
very unusual degree and none of my shielding tests have effected it at all for many years although I've done some which might be very strong ones.

Do you think I need water with my basalt since it will cost me $1000 or $1500 to $2500? I think i've seen you say it blocks DC heavy pressure. Is that a single type of physical attack or an important aspect of electromagnetism?

What are the chances they could use DC heavy pressure in a mental?

Will all types of attacks be blocked with the combination of basalt and water if you have enough?

is that the magic combination for everyone or just for your physical attacks.

Whats the ratio in thickness of water to basalt for a full shield of water?

How much do you think the amount of time I spend inside it will affect how well it works. Like will spending only 2 hours in it be a lot inferior then being able to spend 24 hours or a week.

What do you think about how to build it?

Do you think it would be ok to use small nail gun nails in the frame since the mainstay bags that you have metal on them?

What are angles of attack and how does it make sense to set up my thicker protection

I need any kind of help you can give me with this project. Iv been working on this plan and this post for 6 to 12 days where the majority of my work everyday was on it. Then other weeks and months
on similar plans and research on making basalt shielding happen. So it takes me forever to do anything even though I labor all day during the time im not recovering from it. It doesnt seem like I'm capable of
taking in the information on what basalt shields and on the measurements and to figure out how to classify my attacks. I had to make a simple summary of the most simple aspects of using basalt and water
to understand it and that must have taken me a day or more of work to piece together different posts and to organize.
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2023.06.03 00:21 seg8ry Looking for Czech/East German GSD breeder thoughts

I am ready to get another german shepherd to join myself and my 6yo GSD male. The 6yo was my introduction to the breed, and I have learned a lot and learned my lesson regarding what I am looking for and not looking for in future pups/pedigrees.
I know of a breeder in the Czech republic as recommended by one of my dog trainers, but she is not sure when she will be having another litter. Basically I am looking for a male pup who has a drive on the higher side, with a temperament that also supports living the pet life with children and people. Essentially a dog that loves to work, but knows when it is time to turn that off when appropriate. Yes, I know I probably sound crazy to some of you, but I know dogs like this exist.

Anyone have any recommendations on breeders?
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2023.06.03 00:20 confused_8357 Regarding different career paths in Neuroscience and their current and future status.

Hello Everyone here,
I am just a masters student, but i wanted to know what else Neuroscientists can transition to in the industry. ( AI, BCIs, Neuromodulation, biofeedback, Neuromarketing, Neurorehabilitation, HCI, pharma/Biotech, consulting, Medical devices ( Nerve stimulators?), CRA jobs, VXR? ) Am i missing anything ? I wish if people here could shed some light on the current state and the future state of all these fields to the best of your knowledge.
For example
TT positions ( Academia)
Current outlook: Abysmal
Source :
Future outlook : Similar trend ( maybe glimmers of hope!)
A lot of Neuroscience enthusiasts like me might have similar questions , so its better to integrate all that insight from veterans in the field and mid career Neuroscientists to the novices. Thankyou
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2023.06.03 00:20 amazingpyro23 I feel my life is like a sick show

I feel like everything I do I go two steps forward and five steps back I lost my cat and not even a week later I see my dog get ran over had a serious mental breakdown almost killed myself that day thankfully my then gf calm me down before I did anything my family saying why I stormed off and that it was nothing and not to act like a kid got my CLP and then a week later getting dumped and she had her rights because I didn’t give her what she wanted and do what I said I would do I have a hate for myself I haven’t been able to genuinely smile in a while i don’t want to wake up some days I got to the job I’ve been dreaming of and I don’t see myself doing it for long I wasted a good year or 2 with me just slaking being a lazy human drop out of school just to be in the same situation I was then thinking i would be ahead of the curb doing more I don’t see myself living for much longer all this stupid materialistic things won’t make me happy and I can’t find in peace I’ve been losing weight from how depressed I’ve been in my head I think why have all this things what for when it doesn’t bring me happiness when I die none of things are going with me just so much
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2023.06.03 00:20 cutedogowner 40 [M4F] [chat] [relationship] - looking for my person

Hi! Is anyone out there looking for a relationship? I'm looking to get to know someone, my best friend and hopefully make something of it! Everyone seems to only want to do casual in the dating app world.
I'm in Canada so hopefully you enjoy snow. I love to ski and snowboard or just throw the occasional snowball lol. I'm very playful and always joking around. I know when to be serious. I've been told I have some serious golden retriever energy. I never stop! I'm a huge fan of music. I love the outdoors and lazy Sundays. I love to also just sit around and talk. Sharing stories and experiences is one of my favourite things to do.
I'm looking for someone single, likes Canada, willing to love someone eventually, and possibly someone smaller than me? I'm a 5'11 teddy bear with a killer smile. I'm also known to send dog pics.
Let's do this! Send me a chat and maybe a picture and I'll do the same!
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2023.06.03 00:19 antimaskersarescum My dog only viciously growls at one person, why?

I have a Maltese that isn't the most social animal to begin with, but he warms up to people pretty quickly after meeting them once. He seems to like women more than men but he's friendly with all my male family members/friends with the exception of 1.
I'm just kind of curious if anyone knows if dogs have a 6th sense like people talk about, that they can tell if someone is supposedly a "bad person". I know dogs are really sensitive to emotion so I was thinking that maybe secretly he has bad thoughts about my dog? Like he doesn't want him near him? He says things like, "Come here you little ball of hatred" jokingly but I feel like he means it lol.
Some background: he's my sisters new boyfriend and he doesn't have dogs, only cats. He really dislikes my sisters dogs because they have a lot of energy and one of them jumps on him a lot. Could that be related at all?
Kind of a dumb post but looking for theories I guess :)
Edit: I should also add that hes met my sisters boyfriend 4 times already and won't let him near him at all. He doesn't even growl at random strangers like that.
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2023.06.03 00:19 sleepyscars Combat shirts and flags in the guard

In a field environment right now preparing for deployment. Was wearing combat shirt with an IR flag. Was asked who said I could wear the flag. I said no one told me I couldn’t. Was told to take it off and put a colored flag on.
Am I dramatic or is that fucking stupid cause who the fuck wears colored flags in the field??
Read the DA Pam regarding the shirts and just got more confused.
Thanks for coming to my ted talk
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2023.06.03 00:19 ElectricalTie8325 If I'm diagnosed, can I avoid medication?

So I know I literally can't be forced to take medication, but is ADHD something that always gets recommended medication?
I'm 24, not diagnosed, and I'm waiting to be seen. My therapist, who's seen me for over a year, said I exhibit traits, etc, and as I'm going back into education, she thought she'd bring it up but, of course, can't diagnose it's just an observation.
Then, 2 weeks after that, a friend I met up with who I hadn't seen for a while said she thought I could have it.
I don't think I have it, while I tick a lot of boxes online for ADHD (inattentive type?), but that's just online, and I don't know how much of it is just a personality thing.
I've lived 24 years without medication, so I feel like even if I am diagnosed, I don't need it.
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2023.06.03 00:19 cutedogowner 40 [M4F] #Canada - looking for love (anywhere)

Hi! Is anyone out there looking for a relationship? I'm looking to get to know someone, my best friend and hopefully make something of it! Everyone seems to only want to do casual in the dating app world.
I'm in Canada so hopefully you enjoy snow. I love to ski and snowboard or just throw the occasional snowball lol. I'm very playful and always joking around. I know when to be serious. I've been told I have some serious golden retriever energy. I never stop! I'm a huge fan of music. I love the outdoors and lazy Sundays. I love to also just sit around and talk. Sharing stories and experiences is one of my favourite things to do.
I'm looking for someone single, likes Canada, willing to love someone eventually, and possibly someone smaller than me? I'm a 5'11 teddy bear with a killer smile. I'm also known to send dog pics.
Let's do this! Send me a chat and maybe a picture and I'll do the same!
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2023.06.03 00:18 LivingActive4001 Married2med - Mariah

I’m watching married to medicine for the first time and i am so annoyed with Mariah! I liked her season 1 and thought Toya started the whole fight. I found it strange that all the ladies took Toya’s side…but i see why.
I’m on season 4 now where Mariah claims she wants to start fresh with Quad, but then at Toya’s bday party she started talking shit about Quad to Simone, and Quad gets pissed off. Everything goes downhill after that with Mariah coming at Quad and revealing her personal business on TV.
This is my problem with Mariah that I’ve noticed. I think she piggybacks off of whoever is being talked about and makes these aggressive digs in the form of “light shade” but it’s fucked up. If she can talk about Quad, her former bff, and dog her out on national TV, that’s someone you need to watch out for. She’s just like her narcissistic mother. She did the same with Toya when they were in Hawaii. I feel like she’s the one putting batteries in Lisa’s back to do what she did to Heavenly during their partnered event.
Any thoughts? I don’t see many threads on Married 2 med and I desperately want to talk about it😭😂
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2023.06.03 00:17 pokishmoki Very silly question

My hamster isn't a big chewer, but i want to keep his teeth down. The only toys he has mostly chewed are the pets at home ones (he had for about a month then i found out about the issues and binned them, replacing with wooden toys) Just wondering if anyone had any ideas or products their hamsters loved chewing i could try encourage him to use both in his tank and his playpen.
At the minute he has plenty of wooden furniture, access to wood sticks and i was thinking of buying him some dog treats that my rats used to like (toothbrush shaped ones) and he always has chew toys in his playpen plus he has DIY cardboard toys too. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!
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2023.06.03 00:17 NameInAHat 29[M4F] #St. Louis/#Midwest - Life is what you make it. So let's make it the best together.

Let's explore the world together. Let's cuddle up together on the sofa while it storms and hold each other when we've got no other plans. Just make the most of every moment. Ambition, a thirst for knowledge and adventure, and a little competitiveness will go a long way to help.
I come from a big family of engineers and I'm an artificial intelligence software engineer myself, so I'm more than a little nerdy. Some people find me intimidating but I'm easy to get along with. I make friends fast and I've got a pretty large group that have all been hanging out regularly since college.
Movies are a passion of mine. Good movies, bad movies, all have their place depending on my mood. My favorite movie is the new Dune, with Blade Runner 2049 being a close second. It's safe to say Denis Villeneuve is my favorite director. I like complex, immersive movies that feel like they transport me to a new universe. It would be nice to find someone who feels the same way and wants to share that experience. Let's dissect the brilliant works of art and have fun laughing about movies that are so bad they're good.
I'm also a really good cook but bonus points if you know how to cook too or would like to learn. I'd love to have someone I can cook with. Cooking and good food in general helps me relax after a long day. Food is important in my family, especially seafood. Everywhere we travel we bring back new recipes. I cook from all kinds of different cuisine but in a normal rotation and no particular order, you'll see me making lots of French, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Mexican, and more. Parties are often planned around the food with everyone hanging out in the kitchen while it's made. You'll always eat well with me around.
I have a lot of other hobbies I switch between pretty often. It helps me prevent burn out on any specific thing. I pick up skills very quickly, so that definitely has something to do with having so many. Drawing, painting (digital, oil, and miniatures), DIY projects, TTRPGs, PC gaming, airsoft, wood/metal working, and more. I've even published my own TTRPG and I'm working on two more books for it.
I should probably mention I'm mildly allergic to cats.
If you made it through that wall of text, drop me a line. I love meeting new people and so does my dog.
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2023.06.03 00:16 Category_Smart Does someone have this shirt 2XL? Been looking for this shirt online and I can’t find it. If any of you guys could sell me this shirt 2XL, I’ll buy it for a lot of money? Didn’t have the chance to buy it last year lol.

Does someone have this shirt 2XL? Been looking for this shirt online and I can’t find it. If any of you guys could sell me this shirt 2XL, I’ll buy it for a lot of money? Didn’t have the chance to buy it last year lol. submitted by Category_Smart to ironmaiden [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 00:16 Abilonian99 Does BPD mess with your feelings towards friends or S/O?

I've been diagnosed with generalized anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, depression, body dismorphia etc. But not BPD just yet, I'm waiting to see my doc. Point being is, the last two years (I'm 23 f) I've noticed a huge difference in my personality and mental health. I go days where I'm happy and fine and then other days completely down and can't accomplish anything. But throughout all of those days, I'm raging, I'm mad, and I'm constantly agitated. I can be switched from a laugh to yelling for the stupidest thing. It's so uncontrollable and it tears me apart. I seriously have tried so hard to figure out how to think before I react. I can't. BECAUSE in that moment whatever I'm upset about is number one. It's the worst thing ever and it's a perso al attack. It takes 5 to 30 minutes for me to realize that I've been acting nuts. This usually hurts my significant other. With this, because I go off the rails so easy, all I've been feeling is anger and frustration with him. It's causing me to freak out and think "am I not happy in this relationship anymore?" We've been together for 6 years in September. I've been happy. We got a house. Two dogs. I've got no reason to not enjoy his company besides the fact that I irrationally react to everything. I didn't use to be this way. I legit feel like I'm going insane guys. The way my emotions and headspace has changed so dramatically the last year or 2 is scaring me to death. What if I can't get it fixed?
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2023.06.03 00:15 iaminfinitelife Service charge not on bill?

Service charge not on bill?
Hey guys just a quick one had my bill.come through earlier total added go 1040, bill.came to 1144, they said 10% service charge except its not on the bill? We didn't want to pay the service charge as we didn't think it was right (service wasn't that great but they said it was on the menu?) Can someone shed some light is this right? Paid it anyway but here for the 5 days so just checking hasn't happened elsewhere yet!!
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2023.06.03 00:14 ndisnxksk Is he a good candidate for meds?

Hello! I have had my dog for almost 3 months, he’s a 2-3 year old border collie mix rescue. We work on his dog reactivity every single day and have been working with a trainer for about 2 months. She’s taught me a lot but I feel like he isn’t really making any improvement because of his anxiety. I’ve been waiting for the 3 month period, but not much has changed.
On walks, he is trying hard to be good at heel walking but he is CONSTANTLY on edge. He hyper fixates on what seems like nothing and only sometimes can I easily get his focus back. I don’t think he has really ever enjoyed a walk, is always stressed and tense. The only thing he really enjoys is being able to run around off leash and play fetch, which we can’t always do.
I live with room mates and barks every time the key goes in the door (when they are coming in). He barks at night when they get home late or he hears someone in the house even if we are asleep in my room. His separation anxiety has gotten better, but he howls when I leave him home alone on and off for very long periods of time.
is this enough to make him a good candidate for medication? It seems like a lot of dogs on meds are much more severe. I want him to enjoy the things we do and not always feel so on edge. I have taken him camping and on a boat, and he has so much fun. But only when no other dogs are around. I know some of it is probably genetic, but I see what seems like 20 different border collies in my neighborhood and their body language is so different.
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2023.06.03 00:14 Anonymous_q13838484 Tell your opinion on each piece of evidence. No judgement on this post, give your honest opinion.

Tell your opinion on each piece of evidence. No judgement on this post, give your honest opinion.
  1. February 14, 2000, 3:45 AM Jeff Ruppe’s eyewitness account: He claims he seen a little girl walking down the road with her bookbag.She had on a little dress and white tennis shoes, and her hair was in pigtails. He went back, but she never did look up at him. She looked like she knew where she was going. She was walking at a pretty good pace. He turned the truck around again and passed her for a third time as he resumed his normal route. As he passed by a third time, he noticed the girl veering off the highway into the fog and darkness.
  2. February 14, 2000, 4:15 AM Roy Blanton Sr and Roy Blanton Jr’s eyewitness accounts: They claim they were on a trucking run for Porter’s Transport Inc, heading north up N.C. 18 when they spotted someone walking south along the road. They were worried she might get hit by a truck so they used their CB radio to warn nearby truckers to be on the alert. It was a small figure wearing light colored clothing, they thought it was a woman. They couldn’t tell if it was a child. The pair thought it may have been a domestic-violence thing where a woman left the house and was out walking.
  3. February 15, 2000 Items found in a barn: Rallie and Debbie Turner entered an old barn in their backyard which normally housed discarded furniture and a Red Cub Farmall tractor. They found a yellow hair bow, a white Atlanta Olympics pencil, a green marker, candy wrappers and a wallet sized photo of a young girl.
  4. August 2, 2001 The discovery’s of Asha’s bookbag: Terry Fleming was cutting a new road through woods beside the highway, and he uncovered a bag that looked strange to him. He noticed it for a while and didn’t bother it. Terry goes in and cleans up areas all the time and he never thinks about, but this looked strange to him. He thought something could be in it that he didn't want to open up in the heat. But something kept drawing him back to it. He used his 47,000-pound track hoe to maneuver the bag, thinking it would come open. It didn't. He finally threw it over and opened it. A black and beige book bag was inside. He would not describe everything he found, but when he looked at the contents, it was strange enough that he didn't feel comfortable with it. He tried to call someone but he was under power lines and his phone wouldn’t go out. He saw writing inside the book bag, copied it down on a piece of paper and took the paper home with him. He did not remove any of what he saw in the book bag.
  5. May 15, 2016 Vehicle of Interest: The FBI and the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office announce they have received information that someone matching Asha’s description may have been seen getting into a distinctive vehicle along North Carolina Highway 18 where she was last seen. The vehicle was believed to be an early 1970’s Lincoln Mark IV or possibly a Ford Thunderbird, dark green, with rust around the wheel wells. The car was occupied two times on the day of Asha’s disappearance. The FBI have done many interviews with the witness.
  6. October 8, 2015. Unidentified Items: The FBI announced they had discovered two items in Asha’s bookbag that weren’t hers. The first one was a McElligot’s Pool book and the second was a concert t-shirt from the New Kids On The Block Band. The FBI hope these items could possibly provide new leads about Asha’s disappearance.
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2023.06.03 00:14 Kayakerguide How to Wire a Shed for Lights and Outlets (8 Steps)

How to Wire a Shed for Lights and Outlets (8 Steps) submitted by Kayakerguide to toolsweek [link] [comments]