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2023.06.02 16:59 StannisGrammarMannis Going to try slow smoking a duck on Sunday. Anyone try this?

I love goose and duck because they are so flavorful. I have cooked them primarily in the oven and relatively hot. The goal being to crisp up the skin. I ran across this recipe for slow roasted duck (6-7 hours in the oven). I don't normally put much stock on comments on recipe blogs, but I was kinda blown away by the response that the recipe got. It was far more than that site normally gets and they were so positive.
Anyway, I am planning to follow the recipe pretty closely on my pellet grill and see how it comes out. I will be spatchcocking it as well which is different than the recipe calls for.
I feel like duck has some similarities to other smoking cuts as it has a ton of fat and connective tissue. By spatchcocking, I will move the "fat cap" to the top. Some folks recommended poking the skin midway through to help it rendedrain. I am planning to put it back in at 500 to crisp up before serving if necessary.
Anyone do this before? Any Tips?
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2023.06.02 16:58 totairiku [Totairiku Series] Introducing The Nerabudi Clan!

[Totairiku Series] Introducing The Nerabudi Clan!
'Totairiku' is a new Worldbuilding project that seeks to combine Indian, Japanese, and other Asian cultures in a Medieval Fantasy Game of Thrones styled world.
Introducing the Nerabudi Clan!
As vassals to the Ulara Clan (The Archipelago Daimyo), the Nerabudi Clan resides in the Serpent Tower. Their founding story is one of love & duty.
Motto: “Shields in the Darkness” and “Always Watching”
Residence: The Serpent Tower by the Wanryu Straits leading into Wanryu Lagoon, protecting Shuri City and the Red Serpent Palace of the Ulara Clan (Daimyo of the Archipelago)
History: The Nerabudi Clan is known to be an offshoot of the Ulara Clan, related by the blood of a male ancestor. The son of the Queen of the Archipelago at the time, Jomo Ulara, had expressed his desire to marry a common girl of Shuri City. His parents disapproved of this due to their plans to marry him to a princess of the Timura Clan. Thus, they gave him the ultimatum of either fulfilling his duties to the family or being disowned if he were to go through with the marriage. He was heartbroken in having to decide between duty and love, but ultimately chose love. Knowing of his responsibilities, he decided to begin his own vassal-house called ‘Nerabudi’ (the Heballian-Goghullian word for ‘Balance’), and erected a castle tower on an island in the center of the Wanryu straits. Doing his best to fulfill his duties, this castle tower protected the inhabitants of the lagoon (including his relatives of the Ulara Clan) from the region’s infamous pirates by keeping a watchful eye day and night.
Entry through the straits is limited to the gates in the two thick walls connecting the Serpent Tower to the edges of the lagoon. The Nerabudi Clan has repelled invaders and protected the Wanryu Lagoon for centuries.
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Nerabudi 'Mon' (Emblem)
The Serpent Castle
Jomo Ulara
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2023.06.02 16:57 hey-mr-curiosity 常見佛教冥想修行 Q&A Common Q&A on Buddhist Meditation Practice

常見佛教冥想修行 Q&A Common Q&A on Buddhist Meditation Practice

佛陀所指的開悟究竟是什麼? What exactly did the Buddha mean by enlightenment?

開悟是指透過冥想來解脫一切潛意識對顯意識的束縛,包括本能、情緒和慾望等等後, 最後達到對自己意識有極致的覺知和平等的境界,因腦中分泌大量DMT後進入一種特殊意識狀態, 名為「涅槃」。超越涅槃後可證名為「阿羅漢果」的境界,而佛陀也是這個境界。
Enlightenment refers to the liberation of all subconscious bindings on conscious awareness through meditation, including instincts, emotions, desires, etc., ultimately achieving ultimate awareness and an equal state of mind. This is achieved by entering a special state of consciousness called “Nirvana” after the secretion of a large amount of DMT in the brain. Beyond Nirvana is a state called “Arhat,” which is the same state that Buddha achieved.
正確原始佛法修行目的與方向-「阿耨多羅三藐三菩提」亦即是「無上正等正覺」The correct purpose and direction of original Buddhist practice is to attain “Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi”, which is also known as “supreme perfect enlightenment and equality”

禪修是思想或邏輯上的活動,還是身體或意識層面的活動? Is meditation a mental or logical activity, or a physical or conscious activity?M

Conscious activity
正確原始佛法修行目的與方向-「阿耨多羅三藐三菩提」亦即是「無上正等正覺」The correct purpose and direction of original Buddhist practice is to attain “Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi”, which is also known as “supreme perfect enlightenment and equality”

比如我邏輯上可以接受或相信,我們所看到的世界都是幻想,世界的真相也許就是類似《黑客帝國 Matrix》的世界。但我沒有身體上的感受,也沒有看到或感受到那個我認為的真實世界,這樣算不算開悟? For example, I can logically accept or believe that the world we see is all an illusion and that the truth of the world may be similar to the world in The Matrix. But I don’t have the physical sensation, nor have I seen or felt the reality that I think exists. Would this count as enlightenment?

Understanding the concept that all things in the world are illusory requires not only logical comprehension but also perceptual understanding. This understanding and perception is meant to help solve issues encountered during meditation and mindfulness practices, such as letting go of attachment through a realization of the emptiness of the world. All principles and thought tools are simply meant to aid meditation and mindfulness practices. Enlightenment can only be achieved through meditation and mindfulness practices.
「大道至簡」: 禪修就是單純對意識的理解與體會的融合

冥想(打坐)是否能開悟? Can meditation lead to enlightenment?

Certainly. The “Oneness” referred to in the Tao Te Ching and the Tai Ping Jing, the “Zuo Wang” of Zhuangzi, and the “Samadhi,” “Vipassana,” and “Samatha-Vipassana” of Buddhism, all refer to “meditation,” and suggest that through meditation, one can liberate oneself from the attachment and influence of the subconscious on the conscious mind.
正確原始佛法修行目的與方向-「阿耨多羅三藐三菩提」亦即是「無上正等正覺」The correct purpose and direction of original Buddhist practice is to attain “Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi”, which is also known as “supreme perfect enlightenment and equality”
原始佛教的本質 The Essence of Primitive Buddhism — 唯一正確摩訶般若波羅密多心經詳解 A detailed and correct explanation of the Heart Sutra of Prajnaparamita

冥想(打坐)的目的是什麼? What is the purpose of meditation?

讓顯意識獲得所有控制權,潛意識被清空的狀態。最後超越潛意識的最後抵抗造成的瀕死(被稱為「涅槃」,被認為是一種死亡的考驗)後成為覺悟者(阿羅漢 )。狀態類似《清靜經》中所指的極致的靜。
The purpose is to allow the conscious mind to gain complete control while the subconscious mind is emptied. Eventually, one surpasses the final resistance from the subconscious mind, leading to a state of near-death (Nirvana, which is considered a test of death), and becomes an awakened one (Arhat). This state is similar to the ultimate stillness referred to in the “Qing Jing Jing” (Sutra of Pure and Tranquil Mind).
正確原始佛法修行目的與方向-「阿耨多羅三藐三菩提」亦即是「無上正等正覺」The correct purpose and direction of original Buddhist practice is to attain “Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi”, which is also known as “supreme perfect enlightenment and equality”
原始佛教的本質 The Essence of Primitive Buddhism — 唯一正確摩訶般若波羅密多心經詳解 A detailed and correct explanation of the Heart Sutra of Prajnaparamita
《太上老君常說清靜經》The Classic of Always Being Pure and Tranquil (Qingjing Jing), Spoken by Laozi of the Highest Clarity-正統原始道教冥想修行之法 The Meditation Method of Authentic Primitive Taoist Practice

神通是否存在? Does supernatural power exist?

Supernatural power only exists in the realm of consciousness and will only manifest when one is detached from the physical body.
認識禪修冥想當中可能出現的意識訊號 (副作用)和極大地提升情緒控制和禪修冥想效率的方法Understanding the consciousness signals (“side effects”) that may arise during Zen meditation and greatly improving emotional control and the efficiency of Zen meditation.

神通更類似於禪定中的幻覺? Is supernatural power more like an illusion in meditation?

It is a side effect. The various illusions that appear during meditation are only some unnecessary signals in the brain, which may cause one to become stagnant in their practice due to self-satisfaction from illusion.
認識禪修冥想當中可能出現的意識訊號 (副作用)和極大地提升情緒控制和禪修冥想效率的方法Understanding the consciousness signals (“side effects”) that may arise during Zen meditation and greatly improving emotional control and the efficiency of Zen meditation.

神通是自己大腦偽造出來的嗎? Is supernatural power something that the brain creates?

It depends on the situation of the individual. It could be an illusion, but since it is impossible to distinguish, it is best to abandon these seemingly illusory feelings.
認識禪修冥想當中可能出現的意識訊號 (副作用)和極大地提升情緒控制和禪修冥想效率的方法Understanding the consciousness signals (“side effects”) that may arise during Zen meditation and greatly improving emotional control and the efficiency of Zen meditation.

如何能看到或感受到佛教所指的「真實」?How can one see or feel the “truth” that Buddhism refers to?

不被潛意識影響, 讓顯意識完全顯露。超越本能和潛意識對顯意識的限制 (情緒、慾望甚至對死亡的恐懼)。
By not being influenced by the subconscious mind and allowing the conscious mind to fully manifest. To transcend instincts (limitations of emotions, desires, and even fear of death).
原始佛教的本質 The Essence of Primitive Buddhism — 唯一正確摩訶般若波羅密多心經詳解 A detailed and correct explanation of the Heart Sutra of Prajnaparamita

透過冥想(打坐)實現開悟的唯一條件是「抛棄掉所有感官與思維的干擾」? Is the only condition for achieving enlightenment by meditation is “abandon all interference from the senses and thoughts”?

Yes, it is to completely abandon all interference from the senses and thoughts in a purely conscious realm.
原始佛法本為「意識學」為何佛法卻常常被誤解成「哲學」或「心靈雞湯」甚至「宗教」Why is it that the original Buddhist teachings, which were meant to be a study of consciousness, are often misunderstood as “philosophy”, “inspirational literature”, or even “religion”?
原始佛教的本質 The Essence of Primitive Buddhism — 唯一正確摩訶般若波羅密多心經詳解 A detailed and correct explanation of the Heart Sutra of Prajnaparamita

冥想(打坐)初學者常常感受到自己被自己的思維束縛,並未進入潛意識世界,甚至感受不到潛意識的存在,該如何理解潛意識對顯意識的束縛?Beginner meditators often feel that their thoughts are holding them back from entering the subconscious world, and may not even sense the presence of their subconscious. How should we understand the subconscious’s hold on the conscious mind?

In fact, this is a misunderstanding and a misjudgment that arises from a lack of profound understanding of one’s own consciousness. Being “held back” by thoughts is actually not related to the conscious mind (reason), but rather a “force” that drives and influences the conscious mind to think. For example, if your subconscious keeps giving you thoughts, and you keep investing in thinking about them, and then releasing some emotions and desires (feeling good, curiosity, attachment to the unknown, etc.), these emotions and desires will encourage you to keep thinking. This situation is equivalent to your conscious mind being driven and controlled by the subconscious mind behind the scenes. The subconscious mind disguises itself as the behavior of the conscious mind, making it difficult to sense its presence, because the subconscious mind is most afraid of being “aware”. To understand the relationship and operation between the subconscious and conscious mind, one must first detach and observe the inner consciousness from a third-person perspective, try to separate the attachment of the subconscious to the conscious mind, and then observe them separately to gain insight.
認識禪修冥想當中可能出現的意識訊號 (副作用)和極大地提升情緒控制和禪修冥想效率的方法Understanding the consciousness signals (“side effects”) that may arise during Zen meditation and greatly improving emotional control and the efficiency of Zen meditation.
避免陷入因對世界的過度好奇而產生的思考消耗與疲勞 Avoid the mental exhaustion and fatigue that comes from being overly curious about the world

冥想打座會否「走火入魔」? Will meditating lead to “possession by spirits” (or being “crazy”)?

坊間流傳有很多種冥想方法, 不論古時流傳在各種宗教經典當中的方法, 例如原始道教中的「守一」、莊子的「坐忘」、佛教的「定慧」(或稱「止觀」)、《清靜經》的內觀方法和《太乙金華宗旨》提及的「回光之法」等等,現代在互聯網上也有很多各式各樣的自我催眠或者冥想方法,例如「阿卡西紀錄」冥想法、薩滿心靈動物冥想法、氣功觀身冥想法、神像觀修法、「地獄旅遊」等等新興的冥想甚至「通靈」方法,例如基督靈恩教派的「聖靈擊倒與方言」、巫術宗教文化的「僮身法」等等。 的確, 有部份人沒有了解過自己的意識運作之前就嘗試各式各樣的冥想方法最後導致出現一些嚴重的精神問題,甚至出現被認為是「鬼附」的現象求助各類型宗教的法師為其作出驅鬼行為, 甚至因此流傳冥想打座前需要設定「結界」或進行一些宗教儀式如曬聖水、在一個受神保護的地方進行冥想等等,不然就如打開身頭的門後被鬼所附體。導致這些意識上的問題其根本原因是「錯誤的冥想方法和動機」。
There are many types of meditation methods that have been passed down through various religious scriptures throughout history, such as the “guarding the one” method in original Taoism, the “sitting and forgetting” method in Zhuangzi, the “samadhi and prajna” (or “stopping and seeing”) method in Buddhism, the introspective method in the “Qingjing Jing,” and the “method of returning light” mentioned in the “Taiyi Jinhua Zongzhi,” etc. Nowadays, there are also many different self-hypnosis or meditation methods available on the internet, such as the “Akashic Records” meditation method, the shamanic animal spirit meditation method, the qigong visualization meditation method, the statue contemplation method, the “hell travel” meditation, and even “mediumship” methods e.g. the “falling of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues” in the Pentecostal denomination, and the “possession ceremony” in witchcraft religious culture, and so on. However, some people who have not understood how their consciousness works have tried various meditation methods without proper guidance, resulting in serious mental problems and even phenomena believed to be “possession by spirits,” leading them to seek help from various religious masters to perform exorcism rituals. Therefore, it is said that one needs to set up a “boundary” or perform some religious rituals such as sunning holy water or meditating in a place protected by gods before meditating, otherwise, one may be possessed by spirits like opening the door to one’s body. The root cause of these conscious problems is “wrong meditation methods and motivations.”
根據本人了解,很多所謂「錯誤的冥想」行為導致精神失常的情況大概有以下幾點: Based on my understanding, there are several factors that can lead to mental disorders caused by so-called “wrong meditation” practices:

  1. 帶著過度的情緒慾望和一些不切實際的期待和執著進行冥想行為。例如為了看見死去的親人、為了到地獄旅行、為了開自己的「第三眼」、為了知道自己的所謂「心靈動物」等等奇怪的目的進行冥想打座行為。帶著大量的情緒慾望和執著去冥想打座是非常危險的行為。 Engaging in meditation with excessive emotional desires and unrealistic expectations and attachments, such as meditating to see deceased relatives, travel to hell, open one’s “third eye,” or know one’s so-called “spirit animal.” Meditating with a lot of emotional desires and attachments is a very dangerous behaviour.
  2. 過度投入到自己潛意識的幻象。即使身體出現一點點「異常(副作用)」也會對其異常執著;也會有人看到很多潛意識所提供的「畫面」, 並主動地投入和窮追一些在冥想期間潛意識製造的虛幻的處境當中, 不能自拔。 Overly indulging in illusions of one’s subconscious mind. Even if the body experiences a little “abnormality (side effect),” some people will be extremely attached to it. Some may see a lot of “images” provided by their subconsciousness and actively immerse themselves in and pursue some illusory situations created by their subconsciousness during meditation, unable to extricate themselves.
  3. 在冥想打座期間一遇到任何問題馬上主動放棄顯意識的控制,完全交出自己意識的所有控制權給潛意識,導致潛意識當中儲存的「垃圾」大量湧現,例如童年陰影、情緒慾望等等。在冥想期間完全放棄顯意識對潛意識的覺知和平等心,甘願被潛意識吞噬是對自己非常不負責任和消極的行為,這也是大多數人冥想後出現精神異常的主要原因。 Giving up conscious control at the slightest problem during the meditation period and completely surrendering all control of one’s consciousness to the subconsciousness, leads to a large amount of “garbage” stored in the subconsciousness emerging, such as childhood shadows, emotional desires, etc. Completely giving up the awareness and equanimity of the conscious mind towards the subconsciousness and willingly being swallowed up by the subconsciousness is very irresponsible and passive behaviour oneself, and it is also the main reason why most people experience mental abnormalities after meditation.
Meditation is a practice that trains the conscious with equanimity and mindfulness, to get rid of subconscious attachment to conscious. It is like sailing on the ocean, where thoughts, emotions, and desires are like various conditions on the sea. Sometimes there are calm winds and smooth sailing, while other times there are storms and rough waters. Through this practice, we train ourselves to face the changing conditions of the sea with equanimity and mindfulness, so that we do not capsize and sink into the ocean. This is meditation.
正確的禪修狀態必然是顯意識活躍,人會進入異常清醒明朗和極度專注的狀態,潛意識在這期間的控制權會被大大削弱,所以是完全沒有理由需要擔心任何外來或內在的原因導致因冥想而突然精神失常 。 開始冥想之前不要對冥想有太大期望,想從冥想得到某種神通和智慧,或者期望冥想一定能帶給你平靜喜悅,這會對冥想產生執著。冥想也是有無常起伏,可能進行冥想幾個月也體會不到明顯個人變化,但不要太執著階段性的結果及過去的冥想經驗,每日堅持一步步來,靜看花開,在冥想當中體驗當下每一刻。
The correct state of meditation necessarily involves active consciousness. People will enter a state of abnormal clarity and extreme focus, and the control of the subconscious will be greatly weakened during this period. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to worry about any external or internal factors causing sudden mental illness due to meditation. Before starting meditation, do not have high expectations for it, such as wanting to gain supernatural powers and wisdom, or expecting meditation to bring you peace and joy. This will lead to attachment in your practice. Meditation has ups and downs; you may not notice significant personal changes even after months of practice. Don’t be too attached to the results or past meditation experiences. Persist in taking it one step at a time, quietly observing the blossoming of flowers and experiencing every moment in your practice.
原始佛教「止觀雙運」(或稱「定慧雙修」)冥想打坐和控制情緒慾望方法詳解 In-depth explanation of the primitive Buddhism’s “Samatha-Vipassana” meditation, emotion and desire control
認識禪修冥想當中可能出現的意識訊號 (副作用)和極大地提升情緒控制和禪修冥想效率的方法Understanding the consciousness signals (“side effects”) that may arise during Zen meditation and greatly improving emotional control and the efficiency of Zen meditation.
正確原始佛法修行目的與方向-「阿耨多羅三藐三菩提」亦即是「無上正等正覺」The correct purpose and direction of original Buddhist practice is to attain “Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi”, which is also known as “supreme perfect enlightenment and equality”
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🥇 Price: 57.99 USD / Lowest: 57.99 USD
-21- GUUDGO AHD 4-Channel Surveillance Camera Security Kit
💰 Price: 64.99 USD / Lowest: 69.99 USD
🏆 Coupon: BGf408e6
-22- iMars 10.1Inch 2DIN Car MP5 Player 1/16GB
⭕️ Price: 66.99 USD / Lowest: 52.99 USD
🔓 Coupon: BGb350d8
-23- DC901-1 Brushless Wood Trimmer for Makita 18V [EU]
〽️ Price: 67.99 USD / Lowest: 65.44 USD
-24- AOMEKIE 40070 66X HD Astronomical Telescope [EU]
💣 Price: 74.89 USD / Lowest: 79.99 USD
💎 Coupon: BG558bc6
-25- Volantex EXHOBBY 787-1 RTR 1/24 RC Car with 2 Batteries
👌 Price: 75.59 USD / Lowest: 80.99 USD
❤️ Coupon: BG8b2647
-26- Bakeey BK-K4 Laser Engraver [EU]
✌️ Price: 79.99 USD / Lowest: 79.99 USD
💵 Coupon: BG3eaf7e
-27- LSRC-S6S MINI Drone RTF with 3 Batteries
💥 Price: 85.99 USD / Lowest: 89.99 USD
-28- ESSLNB 28X-350X Astronomical Telescope 60mm [EU]
💲 Price: 98.99 USD / Lowest: 106.65 USD
✏️ Coupon: BG0214a2
-29- HAYEAR 51MP HDMI Video Microscope
⭕️ Price: 129.99 USD / Lowest: 132.99 USD
-30- ATOMSTACK A5 20W Laser Engraving Machine
💣 Price: 159.00 USD / Lowest: 159.99 USD
-31- BlitzWolf BW-PCM9 16 Inch 1920x1200P Type-C Portable Monitor
⭕️ Price: 159.79 USD / Lowest: 159.79 USD
📌 Coupon: BG589b2e
-32- YUWELL YU300S 7L Oxygen Concentrator [EU]
💣 Price: 179.99 USD / Lowest: 209.99 USD
👌 Coupon: BGbfee0c
-33- SCULPFUN S9 Laser Engraving Machine [EU]
🔹 Price: 215.00 USD / Lowest: 219.99 USD
-34- BIQU Hurakan DIY 3D Printer [EU]
👌 Price: 299.00 USD / Lowest: 369 USD
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-35- ATOMSTACK A10 PRO 10W Laser Engraving Machine [EU]
💣 Price: 349.00 USD / Lowest: 379.99 USD
👌 Coupon: BG58da3f
-36- Urbeffer GYL110-M6 48V 13Ah 500W 11inch Electric Scooter [EU]
💲 Price: 629.99 USD / Lowest: 635.99 USD
-37- HAPPYRUN HR-G50 48V 18Ah 750W 20inch Electric Bicycle [EU]
🔹 Price: 1059.99 USD / Lowest: 1089.99 USD
✏️ Coupon: BGb6cd48
-38- AWOL 100Inch ALR Projector Cinematic Screen UST [EU]
👉 Price: 1099.99 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
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-39- AWOL 120Inch ALR Projector Cinematic Screen UST [EU]
⭕️ Price: 1749.99 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
✏️ Coupon: BGALC120
Products compilation image: or
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2023.06.02 16:57 SarahFromOverThereah Developmental disability

Hi, I'm not sure where I would need to post this, or who to ask, I've had trouble with wording when trying to Google, so I thought maybe Reddit could help me with this. What is it called when someone is in a wheelchair, and, because I'm ignorant to this, they make periodical outbursts, and it seems like they don't have much control of their movements by themselves? I'm asking because my sister's baby, 8 months old, cannot sit up unassisted, yells often, doesn't smile, doesn't roll over, or really any of the main milestones to hit haven't been hit. The doctors have told her that she may be developmentally challenged, and recommends putting her in physical therapy.
My sister is not the type to ask anyone else's opinion, or for help, or to confide in others emotionally (looking at showing emotions as a sign of weakness). This is the core of her being, so I'm asking this so that I can better understand what's happening, so I can possibly get a better feel on what she's going through. I know her and her husband are really stressed about it (it's showing up in different ways in day to day life) and I really just want to help, if anything just be more understanding.
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2023.06.02 16:57 toeknee88125 Why don't more football players try to manipulate the system so that they can leave for free?

I'm a relatively new fan and I have always been a little surprised that more players don't try to manipulate their situations so that they can leave on free transfers.
I get wanting to leave one or two years earlier, but to me the benefits of leaving on a free transfer seems far more desirable.
Clubs are usually willing to justify paying higher wages when a player is a free transfer because they factor in that they spent nothing on the transfer and thus can justify paying higher wages.
The player also has 100% control of where he will sign if he leaves on a free.
If you were Harry Kane why wouldn't you just want to play one more year and then be able to choose where you go and likely command higher wages?
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2023.06.02 16:57 oceanfrenn [Offer] 2 Castle in the Sky Postcards 🏰☁️ [MY to WW]

Hi frens! I got some work done today and am satisfied that I didn't procrastinate everything to hell again. :) Anyways I have 2 cards I wanna share!
Please comment your card preference and a prompt for me to answer. I'll come back later to choose recipients and message them myself. See you!
PS: Any stray kids fans here? I really love 5 star!! super bowl, collision, hall of fame, and get lit are my fave tracks! I'm contemplating which version for the album I should get, all of them are so pretty but I'm broke so in comes the woe of deciding lol. :')
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2023.06.02 16:57 chilimansy What’s something i have to look out for? Why do i have to deal with loneliness all the time?

What’s something i have to look out for? Why do i have to deal with loneliness all the time?
Been dealing with a lot lately especially with love and friendships, it seems like I’m too susceptible to being alone
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2023.06.02 16:57 wsdot Why there always seems to be roadwork during major events

Why there always seems to be roadwork during major events
Our most common question/complaint in the summer is "Why are you doing this when (fill in the blank) is happening??!!" The short answer is there are ALWAYS events happening, and we have a short weather window to get A LOT done. Of the 153 days between May 1-Sept. 30, only 23 days have no major events - and only one weekend day. This isn't counting the hundreds of smaller festivals, concerts, etc. With 116 projects scheduled for this summer, it's not possible to avoid disruptions. Please read our blog linked below for more information about the challenges of working around big events, including calendars that show how tough it is to find days with nothing happening. The WSDOT Blog - Washington State Department of Transportation: Why there will probably be roadwork during the event you’re going to this summer
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2023.06.02 16:57 Street-Bee1992 HVAC/Insulation, Foundation etc. Repairs

Basement has 78% humidity. Muggy smell. Mold issues. Old stone foundation. 100+ years.
No insulation in rim joists. Decommissioned wood furnace for insurance reasons.
During winter, both upstairs ground & 2nd level extremely cold despite base-board electric.
Most economical advice I received was get a dehumidifier and spray-foam insulate the ceiling. (Est. 2200$)
Another company said thats no go, you need to get ERV & modify existing vents from furnace.
Any other ideas?
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2023.06.02 16:57 mdgrunt a rare occurrence of the prison-to-school pipeline

a rare occurrence of the prison-to-school pipeline submitted by mdgrunt to u/mdgrunt [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 16:57 Nervous_Spray_5664 FRENCH EXIT VINYL RESTOCK

French Exit and Who Really Cares are both in stock at
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2023.06.02 16:57 Katsuchiy0 Tripbook Launch: The App for Automatic Mileage Tracking

I am excited to announce the launch of Tripbook, a mileage tracker app that I have developed. I learned Swift end of the year last year, and started in February developing this. (my first serious app, and I'm kinda proud that I was able to make it by myself :D )
As a freelancer, I personally experienced the lack of quality mileage tracking apps that where user-friendly, accurate mileage tracking and not too expensive.
The core objective in developing Tripbook was to create an app that is exceptionally user-friendly. I aimed to provide an intuitive and seamless experience for tracking and managing car trips.
Tripbook automatically detect yours trips, records them, and allows you to easily categorize them as business, personal or commute. Furthermore, can you generate reports in CSV, XLS or PDF.
If you are interested and trying out Tripbook, you can download the app from the App Store (free till 20 trips a months) using this link or visit the website at
Looking forward for any feedback or comments!
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2023.06.02 16:57 endersgame69 Adopted By Humans VII C12

Humans have an expression. No. That’s wrong.
Humans have many expressions relating to what I’m going to say next.
‘Think of it as being bitten by a stray dog’ refers to an unfortunate and unforeseeable event.
‘When it rains it pours.’ Refers to how bad things tend to come in groups.
And my personal ‘sort of’ favorite, ‘When something can go wrong, it invariably will, and at the worst possible moment.’ Commonly referred to as ‘Murphy’s Law’, at first glance it would appear to contradict what my people refer to as the law of Independent Causality, which states that positive and negative events can take place without respect to circumstance.
But it keeps to the Law of Dependent Causality, which states that structural or systemic flaws are often exposed by temporally proximate but seemingly independent events. I know, it’s complicated. A simple way to understand it is this…
Suppose you have a bridge, and the bridge collapses during a storm. Now you have no bridge. Well, why did the bridge collapse? Simply put, it fell apart because of ‘weather’ which is an independent event from the bridge’s collapse.
However, the bridge was weak because the maintenance wasn’t performed properly, and ithat wasn’t performed properly because there was corruption involved, paying somebody for work that they were either not performing at all or were underperforming to increase their profits.
Because you have a corruption problem, the bridge collapse is only one sign of a problem that is far more widespread. If you start checking ‘other’ construction projects, you’ll find similar results. Thus when you start spotting other issues, you are seeing ‘dependent causation’ which is to say…
To borrow another human idiom, you found the bad apple that’s spoiling the bunch.
You might wonder why I’m saying all this, particularly since it wasn’t in the first edition of this volume.
I added this so there would be some context to some other external events that were taking place ion the far reaches of the galaxy. Events… nobody really recognized yet as being related, largely because at this point in time, we just didn’t talk to each other very much.
This is something difficult for later generations to really comprehend, now that it’s simply a given that the various species communicate regularly and that trade takes place on more than just isolated space stations that route goods to planetary or moon colonies.
But at this point in time, human and dlamisan species were unique in that we spoke as much as we did. Our governmental leaders, civil and military, genuinely took a liking to one another and would spend abundant time together.
But mowentari, avinris, leonid, maxiki, and the countless other species, did not typically remain in long term persistent contact with each other, and what humans refer to as ‘nomanslands’ were exceptionally common, with border friction great and only certain paths of travel considered ‘acceptable’ and therefore protected.
It made piracy common and the zenti, not to mention other piratical groups, could go deep into the galaxy by following the many branches of the Sindari Road or by other, little used paths to establish themselves and raid peoples even far from their own borders.
And since nobody talked to one another and border tensions were always tight, not only were cleanups of pirate activity rare, but even knowing that losses were taking place was little reported, at home or abroad.
A mining station being destroyed in avinris territory would not be spoken of to the mowentari. The mowentari would not tell the leonids, and nobody would tell Dlamias if there was a pattern of destruction from other bases, leading toward dlamisan territory.
If it seems like madness… it is. Or was. Depending on when you read this.
But it was so normal that we all just accepted it.
And when I say ‘we’, I mean this necessarily includes ‘me’. At least until I began the phase of my experimentation that involved the multispecies combat tournaments.
The gravity of that error on all our parts was made evident when I reached out to Livingston and informed him of what I’d learned.
He was seated behind his desk and staring down his snout at me. “I assume I don’t want to know where you got that information, and I can probably guess, regardless.”
“You probably can, sir.” I said, choosing to be formal while I sat in my room in the basement of the Walker house. It was as good as confirmation, and he scratched beneath his jaw.
“A few years ago, I would have had you hauled off and deported over this.” He said as his ears drooped. “But… everything is different now. And I don’t just mean the fact that you’re no longer a mere impoverished student.”
Having my status elevated was no small thing, it wasn’t something my people did lightly, and this is especially true without ‘formal’ status. In name, I was no different, but since my life had ‘evolved’ a few new roles, deporting me would have been a disruption, and I no longer had anything to fear about that.
“Thank you, sir.” My tongue lolled out of my mouth as I gave him a polite nod to acknowledge his quiet praise for my usefulness.
“Don’t thank me yet.” He answered, and then said, “It’s because of your…usefulness as a backchannel. , I want you to go back to your fighters, the leonid, the mowentari, the avinris, and speak to your fellow students too. I want you to feel out the possibility of a general ‘Rapax Conference’, something covert. Like the earlier idea of military operations.”
“They’ll ask to what purpose.” I prompted, the fine fur on his body was standing on end, and the tension rose another notch as he leaned toward the viewscreen.
“This. Does not. Reach. Anyone. Else. Am I understood, Bailey Walker. The humans know. I know. Your mate knows. I do not know if anyone of the others haves been experiencing the same thing, but we need to find out.” Livingston stared at me with a long, silent look that said I had better be taking him seriously.
For a moment I wasn’t sure who he meant… then it hit me. ‘Bonny Red knows…whatever it is? What did she find?!’ My academic curiosity was piqued.
“I understand. I won’t even speak to Fauve.” I promised.
“She’ll know soon enough anyway.” He grumbled, and then after what felt like an eternity he said…
“Colonies are disappearing. So are colony ships, and so are entire space stations. Not just ours. But some of the small human settlements that were meant to lay the foundations for future colonies. If it is happening to both us and humans. M, my colleague and I are concerned if it might not be more widespread. And what’s more, the same thing is happening among the Praeda class species. Bonny Red’s excursion found abandoned, damaged, destroyed outposts, colonies, floating hulks… something is amiss, and it appears this is the cause for the Praeda arming for war.”
“Did we do it?” I asked point blank. It was the sort of thing Dlamias would do if it ensured a long term victory, our highly militarized society would not play games of chance with our future if we could avoid it.
“No. I can confirm that we had nothing to do with it. For one thing, Gaozu is on Earth. He has been for months at least, and the last time he left, it wasn’t for long. If we were behind it, he would be in charge.” Livingston’s protest rang true to me.
He was our best, it would be inconceivable for him to be offworld, let alone attending my sporting events every week while a proxy or covert war was being waged.
“Alright. I understand. I’ll reach out immediately and have my fighters contact their embassies and suggest that there are some explosive matters to discuss and the problem won’t vanish if it is ignored. They’ll take the hint.” I could promise that much.
Like I said.
Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the worst possible time. And it seems the human expression did not go far enough, when it rains, it pours, and then it floods.
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2023.06.02 16:57 1800027 Death and sales taxes

City hall: an increasingly frustrated mayor keeps delaying his cou attempt as everyone he tries to backstab ends up also revealing themselves as yet another necromancer. This had unfailingly happend AFTER the mayor had gone through the trouble of reciting his evil monologue about leaving his humanity behind and breaking the most sacred of taboos.
"Oh yes Mr mayor, no argument here, I'm also a necromancer. It's a fun hobby, and I'm really enjoying having my wife back. Plus we don't need to pay the janitorial staff anymore, that's 100% found money for the quarterly budget" said the treasurer.
What a disaster... This was the sixth person in a row, and after all the trouble he went through to sneak an abomination into the meeting room! "IS ANYONE EMPLOYED IN THIS BUILDING NOT ALSO PLOTTING TO RAISE UNDEAD FOR THE PURPOSES OF EVIL?" He shouts
"Oh you don't know?" Interjects Susan, the intern program manager, partially opening and peeking through a thin white wooden door "I thought you had been informed. We missed you at the monthly workshops, figured you liked going at it alone."
Fuming, the mayor was at a loss fot words.
"Sir are you going to be much longer in the meeting room? I did sign it out for a presentation on ghostly apparitions, and If I don't set up my summoning circle there's no way we can start on time" insisted the woman, tinges of annoyance appearing in her voice. Correcting her posture as she completed the entrance, Susan barely spared a glance to the 8 foot tall monster the men shared a room with.
Defeated, the mayor walked out of the room with his oversized minion in tow, to nobody's shock. As the entire planning commission passed, no doubt on the way to the seminar he'd just left, he only wished that SOMEONE would be in the dark about his plans to turn all citizens into zombies.
-Who would believe that?- The mayor thought. -I work in local government, hating the concept of life is essentially a job requirement-
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2023.06.02 16:56 HomerSimpson5000 Invest with a newsletter they said. It will be lucrative they said.

Being a passive investor with a general lack of time and skill, I thought I'd try a newsletter, where they spoon feed you when to buy and sell. Having read the Motley Fool, and seen Jim Cramer, I know there's a lot of bad advice out there, so I went to Hulbert's ratings (he tracks newsletter performance) and expertly hit the sort button on the Returns column and picked the one at the top, The Prudent Speculator, which has a 14% average (key word) annual return since 1980. I signed up for their newsletter (around $30/mo) and invested about $1M in all the stocks in their main portfolio at the same ratios they do.
The past year and a half since I did this have been rough, and I know everyone can have a bad day, so I've been waiting it out. But I became impatient and noticed that they don't generally publish their annual returns. After digging a bit I learned that their founder, a guy by the name of Al Frank was considered to be a good investor and he racked up better than average returns until his death in 2002. Since then, their returns have been at or below the S&P 500.
So basically, people are impressed with their high return rate, and you think they must know what they are doing since they've been doing it for over 40 years, but turns out they are averaging in their less than stellar returns over the past 20 years into the overall number, and they still look like geniuses.
Eventually the math will work against them but for now, I got suckered. What's your experience with newsletters?
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2023.06.02 16:56 phoebefknbridgers Pseudonyms as writer on LinkedIn?

Hey- so I’m just getting into LinkedIn for the purpose of starting a career in copywriting/marketing. I’ve had a few articles published in online magazines and want to showcase these on my profile, to give potential employers a look at my writing, however I’ve published these under a pseudonym. The only difference is my surname- which instead of ‘brewster’ is ‘birrd’ (I just wanted something shorter and more concise) but I’ve signed up to LinkedIn with my legal name. Can I still post these articles to my page without it looking like I’ve stolen somebody else’s work? I hope to publish short stories/novels later down the line, under this pseudonym- can I still show this on LinkedIn? I’m wondering if I can use the ‘alternative name’ box to add my pen name, but am worried about potential employers being confused or put off.
Any help appreciated, thank you
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2023.06.02 16:56 charenton_ Mentioned in the LA Times? Must be big!

Mentioned in the LA Times? Must be big!
The mention? "...rap battler Los Digits’ “No Llores,” currently in transition from the Def Noodles comedy club at Sunset’s Mesa Boogie store and now making its debut at the Ice House in Pasadena."
Here I was under the impression the article was about what Dennis is doing. Nope! It's about legitimate roast battles and Dennis's club gets a throwaway mention that a comic has left his place to go to another bigger, better place.
Also the Times referring to the previous tenant of the space because no one know who or what a Def Noodles is? Now that's comedy!
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2023.06.02 16:56 Lofi_Loki [Trip Report] GSMNP overnight loop. Mt. Sterling fire tower via Baxter creek/BMT.

I went out over Memorial Day weekend for a 22mi loop in the Smokies. It served as a shakedown of some new gear which I’ll touch on as I go. My lighterpack was pretty much this.
Day 1: 11.9 miles, 4800 vertical feet. Pics from day 1. I will not lie. The climb kicked all of our asses. It was 100% doable and was mostly because I’ve been doing next to no hiking and only a little running recently. The last half of the day was smooth sailing. It was strangely dry up there with one semi-useable water source until just before the summit. We got to the fire tower and it’s easily some of the best views in the whole park. We chilled and ate lunch under the tower. I packed out some pancakes and hash brown casserole from breakfast that morning.
The trail between the fire tower and Laurel Gap shelter was super well maintained. We saw one bear and a wild boar and her babies. The shelter great. There was plenty of room but I set up the Xmid because that was part of the point of the trip. I have zero complaints. The ground was super loose which backed up the fact that I take full sized groundhogs on every trip. Staking out the ridgeline guylines helped a ton I’m sure. We stayed completely dry and even though it poured all night, condensation was no issue. I did opt to pitch the tent a bit high to get a little more ventilation which caused some spatter on our gear in the vestibules, but it wasn’t a big issue. My new Flex 22 kept me toasty and did not seem to pick up any water (weight before vs after the trip was the same). I had Skurka’s beans and rice for dinner which is always excellent.
Day 2: 11.4 miles. This was smooth sailing (mostly). The initial descent on Balsam Mountain Trail and Gunter Fork Trail was steep, slippery, and had 5-6 blowdowns. We had to take our packs off to shimmy through/under quite a few. We averaged <2mph here easily. Once things leveled out a bit it was smooth until we came to something like 8 water crossings in 4 miles. Some of which were around/over knee deep because of the rain the night before and that morning. I love water crossings so this was a blast personally. My feet stayed comfortable between the Injiji liners and thin darn toughs. This’ll be my go-to combo going forward. There was obviously tons of water day 2.
The Mariposa was great. I have had a Kumo for years so I knew I’d like it. The Trail Sender pants dried quickly and the solar eclipse fleece+Frogg toggs were a great combo for me as usual. The only other new piece of gear was Showa 282 gloves which are 10/10. For $20 from Amazon they outperform every other glove/mitten I’ve tried on every metric I care about (comfort, grip, dexterity, and waterproofness). They got dunked (not past the cuff) when I ate shit on a creek crossing and kept my hands warm and dry all day. Every bit of my body can be cold and wet and if my hands are warm I’m happy so these were excellent.
Photos from day 2 I took all the pics with an iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Moment camera app. Having manual focus makes a huge difference.
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2023.06.02 16:56 gekkoga Need more cheeky permanents to proliferate [Boros]

I'm building Otharri and I've got pretty much every card that says 'Proliferate' in the deck. I'm looking take advantage of proliferate in more ways but blanking on what search terms to put into scryfall. A few I have already are [[Coalition Relic]], [[Strixhaven Stadium]], [[Assemble the Legion]] & [[Staff of the Storyteller]].
This deck is for the final, budgetless, week of a precon league. I want to surprise the table by bringing a entirely new build. It has an equipment subtheme.

Thanks in advance!
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