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2023.06.02 17:58 RavensReach The Lamb and the Lion

I'm re-reading ALH now and I really love how Joe sets up the comparison between Orso and Leo.
In Orso's first POV chapter, there's a scene where Queen Terez tells him off regarding his slovenly behavior and implores him to "do something to be proud of" and he basically says something like "I've spent whole days considering it , but doing it really feels like such a lot of effort."
Then in the next Leo POV chapter after that, there was a line that said "Leo had always been the worst man in the world when it came to doing nothing", further contrasting his cavalier and belly-full-of-fire attitude with Orso's impassivity.
I think this is a great way to make the reader initially root for Leo since he fits the bill for what a "hero" should be, only for the image to come apart at the second book. I imagine King Jappo felt the same way during his back-to-back meetings with both characters.
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2023.06.02 17:58 lyrisyn 2 days later, termites swarming around house again

I posted a couple days ago that my wife noticed subterranean termite swarmers flying around the back windows. Going outside she saw A LOT of them crawling around the concrete foundation, no wings and in pairs. Like dozens on each wall, just on the foundation no higher. A few hours later and they were gone.
This morning, around 10 AM, I saw them myself! In the west facing side (backyard), so all shade on that side. A few swarmers flying around the window, and A LOT of swarmers near the top of the backyard wooden stairs (pressure treated, decade old... doesn't seem to be rotting anywhere). This is about 8 feet up from the ground. Within a minute or two they dissipated. Going outside, same thing she saw the other day... wingless termites crawling around the concrete foundation in pairs. But A LOT less then before (maybe less than a dozen total spread out). Quick perimeter check, and no holes or mounds around the foundation, no mudtubes.
So my question: how much of an issue could this be since it's happened again in just a couple days? Is it likely I have termites in my home? In my yard somewhere (no trees/stumps)? Do swarmers fly far from their nests? Would such a large number of flying swarmers fly out together to congregate in one area? My house is the tallest in the area (above ground basement, so first floor starts 8 ft up in the backyard), so maybe it's just in their way? Wishful thinking lol?
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2023.06.02 17:58 SF-UberMan Finally!

At long last, I have another league under my belt for the first time! My Fire team consisting of Silver, Serena and Lyra performed far beyond my wildest dreams against Acerola off-type (double Dauntless + Overheat spam rocks), as did Sycamore, Winona and Cyrus against Olivia and Adaman against Kahili! Really looking forward to the next round of Champion Stadium!
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2023.06.02 17:57 KittonCorpus Quick Guide: Wildfire - Plan. Prepare. Stay Aware.

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2023.06.02 17:56 somehappycapy Any good romance fantasy series i should read?

I’ve fully read the “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series by Sarah J Mass, and i’ve also read the two books within the “Serpent and the Wings of Night” series by Carissa Broadbent. However i’m looking for a new fantasy series tonight and i’ve had people recommend Mistborn series or Throne of Glass and other more popular fantasy series… HOWEVER i’ve done my digging and i’ve heard both those series don’t have a lot of romance or smut. I want something similar to ACOTAR where there’s romance build ups and just overall romance but also lots of deep fantasy lore.
Anyone have some good recommendations?
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2023.06.02 17:56 suhiab1 [Store]Store of TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache

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I am selling Ti8 and ti9 and ti10 Immortals and Collector's Cache and not buying them.
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my profile steam
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2023.06.02 17:56 Princess-Leliana Another plane down, I really like this one, the wings look amazing and the work I did on the engines is great. I don't think it's my favourite of the recent ones, but it is definitely up there!

Another plane down, I really like this one, the wings look amazing and the work I did on the engines is great. I don't think it's my favourite of the recent ones, but it is definitely up there! submitted by Princess-Leliana to 3Dmodeling [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 17:56 jabthejesusfreak The Best Episode of Lost: Round 1, Day 30

The updated bracket is here.

As expected, yesterday's match-up was quite a blowout, and Do No Harm advanced to the next round easily.

Today's match-up should provide a bit more competition. We get the first Jin-centric flashback taking on the first Ana-Lucia-centric flashback. Both episodes fall into that category of episode where important things on island but the off island stuff may be the more important aspect. Synopses are below:

"...In Translation" is the 17th episode of Season 1. In flashback, we see Jin take a job for Mr. Paik to win his blessing to marry Sun and the effects of taking that job (We also learn why Jin had blood on his hands in Sun's flashback). On the island, Sun and Jin are fighting, Michael tries to defend Sun, and Sun slaps him "to protect him." Later, Michael's raft is set ablaze and Sun finds Jin trying to treat burns on his hands. It is ultimately revealed that Jin burned his hands trying to put out the fire. Jin is done with Sun and decides to move to a different area away from her and approaches Michael to help rebuild the raft. We also get the iconic line from Locke: "We're not the only ones on this island and we know it!"

"Collision" is the eighth episode of Season 2. We deal will all the effects of Ana-Lucia shooting and killing Shannon, as the Tail section group slowly all leaves Ana-Lucia to go to the main camp. Ana-Lucia and Sayid go back and forth in conversation, with Ana-Lucia ultimatley untying Sayid and offering him the chance to kill her, but he refuses. In flashback, we see Ana-Lucia returning to life as a cop after a shooting. A man who claims to be the man who shot her is brought in, but Ana-Lucia refuses to identify him as the shooter. Late that night, she corners the man outside a bar and shoots him in cold blood, revealing that she was pregnant when he shot her and she lost the baby.

So which one is going to get your vote? Make your pick!

Poll Link: ...In Translation VS Collision
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2023.06.02 17:54 Anton_Grof The Last Parade Of The White Army - To The Glory Of The Fatherland

The Last Parade Of The White Army - To The Glory Of The Fatherland submitted by Anton_Grof to slavyansky_soyuz [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 17:53 GhettoSauce Is it exceptional that I grew up with and loved JRPGs, but never enjoyed the amine art style?

*edit: dammit, off to a great start with misspelling "anime" in the post title, apologies
I've always felt like the odd man out.
I love the JRPGs of my youth and still boot them up from time to time. Chrono Trigger. The Final Fantasy franchise, from 1-9. Secret of Mana. Star Ocean: The Second Story. Breath of Fire. Illusion of Gaia. Pokemon. Legend of Dragoon. Xenogears. Robotrek. The list goes on.
I loved these games.
Even other games in the same style, like Parasite Eve or Clock Tower.
I don't know why the anime style never caught on with me, but it feels like... a prerequisite sometimes? I'd look at the box, a cutscene, or even come across some fan art (back then, looking for game wallpapers like a nerd) and it was always 100% anime. I'd think to myself "this is really how the creators envisioned these characters? Uhh..." when I would prefer the in-game, regular sprites. When I used my imagination, I didn't see these characters with the typical big eyes, crazy hair, overtly sinister-looking or ultra-cute, etc tropes of the anime style. I sort of took them at face value, or "sprite" value, if you may.
I wound up valuing games that were still Japanese, but didn't feature anime heavily, like StarTropics, Secret of Evermore (with its "Podunk, America" initial setting and dialogue), Super Mario RPG to an extent, and especially Earthbound. I love Earthbound; and as a child, I was drawn to the unusual art style. I like it because it's different.
I know that since I've loved these games that it wasn't necessary to love anime too, but I kind of feel like an imposter somehow.
I want to know if there are others like me who never really liked anime.
Do you think it's weird to not like it, even with a gaming history like mine? Was it just a situation where the quality RPGs of the time were almost exclusively in that style and thus inescapable? Would you assume liking the games I mentioned that the chances are very high that I'd like the art style? Am I an exception to the rule?
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2023.06.02 17:53 YeAncientDoggOfMalta Have any "normal" players tried ratting to master?

I see a ton of comments all over the place in this sub that are like...
"this is the season where you dont have to fire a bullet and hit master"
"you literally can do 0 damage and make it to pred, just look at sweet"
im honestly curious if any "normal" player has tried not shooting or doing 0 damage and has made it to master? when sweet hit pred with no damage the minimum was like 1/12th of what is is now, and he was hard IGL'ing his teammates as opposed to just sitting silently in a i dont think it could happen at this point in the season and especially not by more normal folks.
i understand that hitting master is substantially easier this season than it was previously, but the general assumption that you can go AFK and hit master i feel like is just not true. I was running into preds in bronze/silver rank, which made the skill ceiling in these lobbies a lot higher and thus more difficult on a per match basis...the main issue is there is no punishment for losing and too much reward for winning...but it still takes work to get there.
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2023.06.02 17:53 Mother_Statement_658 Working in person not an option work looking for wfh but no degree.

So I am currently turning 26 but the last five years I’ve been working with dogs and caring for them but sadly I don’t get paid enough and now I’m being kicked out of where I live with my partner because we are no longer together. Every since I was in high school, I would have not been able to keep a job let alone Show up to class on a regular basis because of whatever reason my body shuts down when I have to work in person I have to go to the ER and sometimes stay overnight in the hospital for a long time but it happened a lot more when I was younger the last three jobs I had in person I was fired because I was sick so much. I would always bring in a doctors note but I’m a certain point they stop taking them so now I am currently trying to find something that I can work from home when I find one I don’t have a degree From college just my high school diploma. I grew up in foster home, but I was adopted right before the cut off for help from the system but of course the person of adopt me was a terrible person didn’t help me things worse until now I literally have no idea what I’m doing. Probably not a good idea to turn to the Internet for something so important but I don’t have anyone to talk to you And I’m tired of bothering my friends. Does anyone have any advice at all on what I can do. I have a laptop computer and phone so would be awesome if I could work from those things so I don’t have to get sick from working in person, and have to be in the hospital and fired, and just do that whole hoopla all over again. And if you don’t have any advice, just please send me good energy or pray for me whatever you believe it would mean the world to me. Thank you.
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2023.06.02 17:52 Neshamariee25 Suspension questions.

I was suspended from Work on my day off because of an incident that happened the day before I was then informed I was on paid suspension and not to return till she calls me back pending an investigation into things , does this mean I’m fired or they tried to fire me I don’t have a schedule on a to z anymore but yet supposedly getting paid .
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2023.06.02 17:52 TheOneTrueDaedelus Martial Arts In or Near Bismarck?

Hi, I'm looking at a potential move to Bismarck for a career opportunity, and your city looks like a great place to live. I was curious, is there a martial arts community in the area? Web searches are notoriously unreliable for that kind of research so I thought asking the good people of Reddit was the best idea. I'd really like to continue studying if I make the transition. My (very limited) background is in Filipino Martial Arts/Kali, Maphilindo Silat, Wing Chun, and Jeet Kune Do. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.02 17:52 Over-Thinker-29-99 AITA if I refuse to make amends with someone who has been so hurtful but wants help now that he's disabled?

Daniel (36M) and I (38M) dated 6 years ago. A month into dating he complained about his eyes. He set up an appointment in an eye clinic and I drove him to it. After the doctor did some tests we got called into a meeting room where 4 doctors of that clinic were
They tell him they agree there's nothing wrong with his eyes but his optic nerves are too inflamed and he needs to urgently go to the hospital to treat it and he was at risk of irreversible damage to his nerves. They gave him all the documents of the tests, the medication and dosage, referrals with neurologists, etc. Daniel said he would call his uncle. He called him and the uncle said, "go and get this medication and rest for the day”. Well, his uncle is not an MD, he has homeopathic practice
He refused the doctors’ advice from the clinic. Weekly his condition got worse to the point of blackout in one eye and he then reached out to his parents. Turns out his family is anti scientific medicine (all of it). They agreed to continue with only uncle’s treatment. So his friends and I were the ones taking care of him. His family lives out of town. But after almost missing a month of work he gets an ultimatum: get disability certification or get fired
To get certified for disability here you need to go through the public health system. So he goes to the hospital and gets admitted for treatment and evaluation. During his stay and treatment he started to regain his vision. His evaluation said indications of autoimmune. So he gets discharged with temp disability, prescription filled, and test orders. But refused more tests and medication and in less than a week later he was at square one again.
His family came and took him back to his hometown but the blaming games began. I got blamed for pushing him to get admitted to a hospital repeatedly by him and his family. He left but we talked that he needed to heal and we will see it through.
I continued to help him out as much as I could (ie devices with enhancements for visually impaired, accounts for podcasts and audiobooks, talk to him as much as possible, etc). But eventually he started to get hostile and angry and saying hurtful/insulting things to me
One day I was busy when he called me and I replied that night. Next morning he sent me a nasty voicenote. I replied and said sorry about not being able to talk. He doubled down and called me all the hurtful things you can think of being told you
I cut him off after that interaction. But he send me an email months later. He talked about where he was at in life. But he didn’t apologize for what he said, just that he missed me and was thankful. I accepted his invitation to talk again but he went for the same hostile and hurtful comments. Cut him off again. He has reached out several times since. But has never apologized for anything. As far as I know he still is vision impaired and wants to connect with people because he's lonely and could use help
AITA if I refuse his attempts to make amends?
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2023.06.02 17:51 Hiking_Engineer My friend stole several of my autographed books and when called out refused to return them, so I called the police. He was also fired from his job at a bookstore where he had taken the books. AITA?

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2023.06.02 17:51 EeveeFlareon_6788 Just remembered my custom Pikmin types

Just remembered my custom Pikmin types
I just remembered the Custom Pikmin types I made a while back before the release trailer of Pikmin 4 (AKA When we got the Teaser showing the sleeping Bulborb) Here is the info I made of them with some extras I also made to go with it: New Ideas and Concepts For Pikmin 4: Existing Pikmin: Red Pikmin: Can Burn The Enemy Occasionally. Blue Pikmin: Can Slip Easily but also leaves a wet trail that can speed moving entities like Pikmin or Bulborbs. Yellow Pikmin: Can Zap The Enemy Occasionally while also sometimes making a small electrical field that can hit. Anything and Anyone. White Pikmin: When dead, leaves a splotch of poison to hit the enemy, but the splotch also hits The Pikmin and You. Also it Now has an Onion. Purple Pikmin: Weighs Down Enemies, Also Has an Onion Now but you need 10 pellets to use it. Pink Pikmin: A Bit Faster and does Less damage, Low health as well, and can also carry other Pikmin. Rock Pikmin: Now can latch on to Enemies, makes ground shake when they hit the ground, weighs down enemies slower than purple, can break certain materials, and can survive being eaten (Basically when your rock Pikmin Get Eaten, they will come back out at the end of the fight.) Bulbmin: Basically they're mobile Pikmin, when thrown, they'll bounce off, So they attack from the ground. New Pikmin: Green Pikmin: Can Stack on top of each other to form a line you can throw. Parasitic Pikmin: When eaten they poison the enemy, releases poison gas when killed as well. Can also clone itself from dead enemies that are small and if there is enough room. Goo Pikmin: When thrown on the enemy, they leach off of the enemy's health. Can also fit in small spaces and climb walls. Also with the ability to take only a little damage from hazards except for fire because it is weak to fire. Instantly dies in water aswell. Ant Pikmin: Can Climb on walls and when thrown on an Enemy it runs on the enemy biting it aswell making it hard to shake off. Ice Pikmin: Can Freeze water, immune to being frozen, freezes the enemy, fast Bois. Brown Pikmin: Great Builders, it can use it's hands to throw Pikmin, it can't latch onto enemies, so it attacks from the ground. It's the strongest mobile attacker, 2nd strongest Pikmin, because of it's strength it can carry 3 items on each of it's 2 hands. 2nd Bulkiest as well. Fuzzy/Black Pikmin: Rolls around picking up items with it's fuzz to make a big ball, including small Enemies, Lightest Pikmin, because it is light, it floats in water and just drifts, but still can't swim, when thrown the items it rolled up join it to make bigger damage, the items fall off when attacked. Seed Pikmin: Weakest, can't latch and can't attack from ground, when buried becomes a random type of Pikmin depending on how they react in the level (For Example: If it's been introduced to water enough, it'll learn to swim and become Blue Pikmin.) It shares First place with Fuzzy/Black Pikmin in lightest Pikmin, but Seed Pikmin can't float. Carapace Pikmin: Can only carry 10 items, but the items tends to fall, and the amount of items they carry can effect when they fall. They attack from the ground and Shields Pikmin with their mushroom cap. Orange Pikmin: These Pikmin are round and roll around . They Attack from the ground and can latch on. When killed they explode. Can get bigger with the more damage that has been taken. Spirit Pikmin: They Produce light for caves, and the more Enemies they've killed or the more Pikmin that died, they can duplicate into one hive mind, basically if an Enemy is killed, the Spirit Pikmin killed the enemy, they get a soul added to that Spirit Pikmin's hivemind, these die when the main one does and have lil dandelion like stems that don't grow, and they always follow they're leader. Basically They are like Pikmin for That Specific Pikmin, Spirit Pikmin and Souls can both fly and can't latch on, when killed, they just ascend, can carry 5 items, but increases for every 5 souls. Auburn Pikmin: These Pikmin heal your team, and yes, auburn is a color, it's hex code is #E87722 Ash Pikmin: These Pikmin have 2 stems. When thrown, they will attack the enemy then they will be coming back. Flax Pikmin: These Guys wave a wide leaf that is in the shape of a Uchiwa/Uchiha, They use their fans to blow gusts of wind. New Hazards: Poison Gas: Cloud of Poison Poison Puddle: Poison Puddle that Hurts and Poisons Pikmin Frost: Freezes Pikmin into blocks of ice, can carry or break, if carried, will be took back to the onion and absorbed removing 1 Pikmin from your team but putting 1 Pikmin in the Onion Heal Clouds: Clouds that Can heal you Gust of Wind: These Gust your Pikmin away, except for the 4 heaviest Pikmin, Seed Pikmin (Due to their Mechanic, Flax Pikmin, and Ice Pikmin New Mechanics: Pikmin Can take damage now, This is called Bulkiness. Each color of Pikmin has there own amount of health with Ant Pikmin being the Lowest (50 hit points) with Rock Pikmin being the Highest (200 Hit Points). Captains can Attack aswell. Pikmin will learn what to and what not to do. Basically when sent on a Mission, If it's the Type of Pikmin's first mission, they'll struggle like not knowing if they can swim and going in water, (For Blue Pikmin when they enter water for the first time they'll think they are drowning but then realize they can't), but the more missions they go on, the more that type of Pikmin will learn what to do and what not to do. You can name Pikmin. You can now choose when you can leave and You'll no longer have a time limit on a Day, and Nights are another place where frost can happen. Missions are basically your story mode, you'll get missions to go on in Pikmin 4 and they'll reveal the full story. Missions are reworked. You Start In Space to study more About PNF-404 so You don't crash, but while preparing, the crew hears this strange sound, looks outside, and see an unknown ship crashing into the planet, so your first mission is to investigate where you learn that it was a time capsule for aliens and it was knocked in with a history of PNF-404 where they learn it's True name, "Earth" and a capsule to recreate a human being, and they discover more and more about this planet's past. You'll get 2 Missions every mission complete. You Can Fight Bosses Anytime. You can Control Certain Groups. And That was my ideas and Concepts for Pikmin 4.
This is now all Gone because Of The Release Trailer but I hope you like my old predictions :)
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2023.06.02 17:50 ActualThrowaway7856 Octopus gun does not work on golem, serpent or ship bosses

I cannot absorb energy with the primary fire of the octopus gun versus these bosses no matter how close I am. I cannot tell if it is a bug or if the weapon is just meant to have extremely short range, similar to the fire dragon weapon which has trouble reaching these bosses too.
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2023.06.02 17:50 WhatsWhoWithYou There is not gonna be a completely horseless future (1902)

I honestly am in utter disbelieve how people cannot understand this: Yes, the current horse centric infrastructure and urban planning are bad. But you will not be able to create a world without horses, stables and skilled horseriders.
Because, guess what: Doctors traveling on horseback still are going to need access. If you just remove all the bridlepaths, they are not going to have that. Which would mean more people are gonna die.
Travelling merchants, too, will need access. No, your local candlemaker will not want to put all his equipment in the back of an automobile to outfit your home with candlesticks. The local shitshoveler does not want that, either.
And when you move houses for one reason or another, you will probably also not be doing that via electric tram or automobile.
And while absolutely the goal should be mostly locally sourced food, not all food will be locally sourced and that needs to be transported, too.
We will hopefully be able to cut down on horse use. Massively. By building out public transport. But that public transport will also include horsebusses, that again, will need to use bridlepaths.
Both things can be true at once: We need to move away from horse centric urban planning - but we will never be able to move away entirely from horses and bridlepaths.
I live in America. Some of the American cities have (for manure reasons) banned horses. But even those cities have horsedrawn ambulances, police carriages, a horsedrawn engine for fire fighters and also like two wagons to bring food from the local harbor to the greengrocer. They have bridlepaths, too, because it turns out paths make for better walking than tall grass.
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2023.06.02 17:50 Humble_Passion_2856 I was fired for being trans...the day before pride month...

A few days ago at work there was a customer who complained about there being a male employee cleaning in the women's restroom. She told me it made her uncomfortable and that he should have knocked first to make sure there was no one in there and put up a closed sign or something.
I told her that was literally our policy, and that he must have forgotten or thought he'd be quick enough he didn't need to. I also told her I'd talk to him about it. But then, she kept repeating herself over and over about how it was for "safety reasons" and "what about her kids."
I started getting genuinely uncomfortable as she started getting more and more pointed with how it was about "safety." I had already told her that was our policy, and it started to come off as very transphobic.
She finally left after a while and then a day or two later the general manager sent out a massage to all the employees reiterating our(still the same) bathroom cleaning policy.
Without warning, I then got a notice that I wasn't scheduled for any shifts and figured out they must have made a new manager group chat without me. They're already training a new manager now too. I only got a text later saying that the general manager wanted to talk to me.
I just don't know what to do. I've been one of the best employees at that company for years now. So why on earth would I suddenly not be scheduled anymore?
The general manager has always been a transphobic, racist, homophobic, ableist, piece of shit and a spineless coward who can't actually face the people he fucks over. He also knows he's shit at his job but for whatever reason he's still allowed to screw everybody over.
If I was cis, I guarantee I wouldn't have to be dealing with this bullshit. I just genuinely don't understand. If I was fired for the bathroom thing and it is because of transphobia, is there anything I can do about it? Or do I just give up or something? I'm only one of lots of trans employees there so should I tell them they should quit before they get fucked over too?
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2023.06.02 17:50 Winchester_85 PS4 anyone got wings of astel base level and Alberich's Set at church of elleh msg me for pw thanks

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2023.06.02 17:50 DonHp The first chapter of Wings of Fire: Salvation Volume 3 is out now! Links to read it are in the comments!

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