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Arakki creator credits

2023.03.22 06:45 Financial_Paint_3186 Arakki creator credits

With the slew of Arakki characters present in comics now, who gets the credit for creating individual characters? Arakko and a bunch of the Arakki mutants were introduced in Hickman's run. Tarn the Uncaring was first introduced in Zeb Wells' Hellions, but then moved to Al Ewing's X-Men: Red. The rest of the Great Ring started out in Gerry Duggan's Planet Sized X-Men (I think), but have been more active in X-Men: Red. Except Ora Serrata, who got her first main role in Si Spurrier's Legion of X. Weaponless Zsen went from Legion of X to X-Men: Red. Solem and Sevyr Blackmore are shuffling around on Ben Percy's books.
My point is, who would be credited as actually "creating" these characters? I don't think any of these characters have a Wiki page yet, and Fandom pages don't seem to mention creators. Are they collectively created by the X-desk? The characters seem to be consistent across authors, so it feels like there have been discussions prior to them appearing anywhere.
Does anyone know?
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2023.03.22 06:01 Lucario2405 New Comics Release Discussion (March 2023 - 4)

I have once again tried to put together all issues released this week, that I knew would feature queer characters based on the regular cast or the solicits (This list is subject to change as the issues come out).
Marvel: * Marauders #12 feat. Kate Pryde bi, Daken bi, Somnus gay & Tempo lesbian (by Steve Orlando & Eleonora Carlini) * Wasp #3 feat. Nadia van Dyne aroace (by Al Ewing & Kasia Niemczyk) * Women of Marvel #1 feat. America Chavez lesbian & Black Cat bi (by Victoria Ying, Shawnee Gibbs, Shawnelle Gibbs, Rebecca Roanhorse, Melissa Flores, Stacey Lee, Carola Borelli, Jodi Nishijima, Giulia Gualazzi & Erica D'Urso) * X-Treme X-Men #4 feat. Kate Pryde bi & Rachel Summers sapphic (by Chris Claremont & Salvador Larroca)
DC: * Catwoman #53 feat. Catwoman bi (by Tini Howard & Nico Leon) * DC's Legion of Bloom #1 feat. Poison Ivy bi & Wonder Woman bi (by Kenny Porter, Cavan Scott, Zac Thompson, Julio Anta, Calvin Kasulke, Ashley Allen, Travis Moore, Brian Level, Isaac Goodhart, Hayden Sherman, Jacoby Salcedo & Atagun Ilhan) * Harley Quinn: The Animated Series - Legion of Bats! #6 feat. Harley Quinn bi & Poison Ivy bi (by Tee Franklin & Jon Mikel) * Wonder Woman #797 feat. Wonder Woman bi (by Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad, Josie Campbell, Amancay Nahuelpan & Caitlin Yarsky)
If you have another issue of a queer superhero comic from this week, that you want to talk about, just write a comment below and I will add it to the list.
Have fun!
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2023.03.22 05:37 littleeeloveee i read the clementine comic and kinda liked it.

i should probably preface this with its not only am i ridiculously and comedically easy to please with media but im also a huge lesbian and i like inhale any rep as long as it isnt straight out offensive. my opinion is very piased and i know. i feel like posting a mini opinion analysis of the comic because im a clown and pretend my opinion is invaluable (not really, just knew the sub virulently hated it when it dropped so figured it would be fun to see how ppl took my commentary). i have also been a fan of twdg since year of our lord 2012 when i was eight. and finally this will be an actual mess because its 12 am and im just spouting my opinions bc i need to talk about it with someone.
i think. okay i dont think this is a good Canon continuation. i will not be refering to it as canon when i look back on the series. obviously clem just straight up ditching aj is the most glaring issue here. why the fuck would they do that? its pretty baffling. i guess aj is a difficult character to write especially with the fandoms tendency to see kid characters as annoying... i feel like the worst way they fucked up here was the cold opening with her just ditching aj. i personally believe clem is a character who could DO some soul searching. like, shes been spending the last 6 years hardly living for herself but someone else! if she was like "yo ericsons i need a couple momths to go out there and fuck around while i know aj is safe" i would get that i think? but just her completely DITCHING THEM FOREVER.... BRO.
but viewing it, purely as just Another Wacky Clementine Adventure, taking place on some parallel timeline where she didnt have aj or maybe she found out aj was better off at the ranch or this is an au fanfic or SOMETHING... i think its okay. no literary masterpiece but i had my fun with it and i dont think its a massive disgrace to the series or anything. pretty compelling plot, What the fuck is up with this mountain. i enjoyed it mostly. i think the fact that i have read a lot of twdg fanfic in my day loosened me up, ive seen way worse plots than this.
i actually really liked the over all lighter tone in the book, it was a REALLY good change of pace honestly. like of course its the apocalypse people are dying its fucking HORRIBLE but we dont really get to see enough of them being human. and i guess its way harder to put in game form because youd need to devote a lot of time to working out all those scenes in different art forms when you can just draw them in a comic. just being able to see all the little things that wouldnt have been put into the game was very heartwarming. i think my favorite part was them reading the shitty romance novel but because they havent had schooling since 3rd grade ricca had to flip through the dictionary shit made me laugh way too hard unfortunately
since theyre the two capital M Main deuteragonists ill probably only talk abt amos and ricca. i dont have big opinions on right and left except damn twins are fucking cursed in this series arent they? also i wanna know more what was so unhinged about their family. why do they have a plane why are they rich why is there a bunch of people at their house whyyyyyy i would have put this in the things that bugged me but its probably book 2 material so ill forget that.
i think the best part about this book is amos. hes so funny. sunshine boy. i think him and clems spongebob and squidward dynamic at the beginning was so adorable i just enjoy seeing her LIVE you know? i lived for the fun and casual moments in s4 too. i miss him so much he was the best little amish boy ever. i think the tonal shift when he died was actually really fucking good. the real world hits for everyone like it just did for him except hes not around to see it anymore. im not a fan of the series "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST THE WEAK FUCKING DIE EAT SHIT IF YOU ARE SCARED OR A CHILD OR BOTH" (its not that bad i know im joking) sometimes though so im glad it wasnt so hammered in with amos. his death was something that could have happened to Anyone, you know? sure you can say he was on that mountain in the first place bc he was so innocent but so was clem.
ricca seems. very devisive aka people fucking hate her wow. im an annoying lesbian so like girl same i guess 😭 thats probably why i enjoyed her so much. look i think i get why people dont like her. i dont think there was enough to really set her apart from say violet as a romance option - dry sarcastic lesbian oh boy! but i think theres enough where its like, passable. you can tell theyre meant to be different. it was very funny to me how she just came in blasting oh she is GAY gay huh. but also definitely threw me off a good bit... keep the jokester part dial down the flirting a little. like louis' introduction. i think they definitely either should have been more subtle abt it for readability OR doubled down on the down catastrophic because it would have been funny but please never fucking call clem baby again girl you arent even dating yet.
there was definitely shit that bugged me though. first of all clementine just fucking throwing herself down the pit when ricca got pulled in by the generator. if you stretch the belief a little bit you could say oh yeah she knew the canyon wasnt you will fucking die deep bc they were lowering the generator which is like i guess but they were just talking about how deep it was like 3 seconds before? i thought for sure ricca was dead and clem just. DID THAT lmao. anyways how did they not hear the walkers at the bottom how did they not see the bottom how was it that dark.............
the second that kinda bugged me: okay i kind of get clem not knowing the zombies are underneath the snow and theyll come back when the mountain thaws but its weird that the story acts like she doesnt know walkers slow down in the cold. like this was a semi relevant plot point in season 2 wasnt it or am i just overly attached to these games and remember too much.
EDIT: okay i completely forgot about this part while writing this at first, but i was also super upset about the omg i left ericsons they thought i was a burden thing. like.... girl you are clementine they dont think that. it would be interesting if they took that idea and it turns out that was only clementine projecting - it finally sinks in that she can live and shes freaking out because of that so she leaves and tries to justify it to herself when its just her pushing others away again, and she tries to do it again later in the series but manages to break the cycle. i think going into clems traumatized brain is a very worth it thing to do, so i like the stark differences between her and the others at first because shes SEEN major shit. i hope they touch on it more later on
also speaking of things that bugged people but not me specifically -- apparently people read all the cannibalism hints as having been dropped at the end. that wasnt really how it clicked for me though maybe it went over my head? i just assumed cannibalism still happened on the mountain but olivia just isnt There yet in explaining all what happened and the other characters know prying is kinda fucked. ok EDIT END
im gonna say the ending kinda. left me wanting more. again not as a canon continuation but just something to have fun with? like i said about parallel universe timelines or whatever... make it like opt in canon. id be fine with that and seeing more of the story presented here in an isolated storyline. also plane holy shit PLANES. i wanna see more about post apocalyptic towns and societies too. anf baited me with that and i wanna know MOREEEEEEEEEEE. it also felt a little bit rushed as were the beginninv portions with amos and clem -- i wanna know more of the specifics!! flesh that shit out please especially if it involves them having fun.
sooo yeah thats my opinions on it i guess! you dont have to agree at all i just wondered if ppl were curious abt seeing the opinions of someone who enjoyed it. i know you guys avoid it like the plague and i think thats fair because again, bastardization of canon especially with clem and aj. i dont think you have to like it as a continuation to Like something you know? and a final apology for this being a soggy mess. i love mobile <3
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2023.03.22 05:28 Ok_Apricot241 is this stat distribution fine for ganyu?

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2023.03.22 04:58 hi_its_lizzy616 Romance styles according to gender by Viktor Gulenko
“Aggressive” man (SEE, ESI, LSI, SLE) - This sociotype has an inclination to forceful possession of a woman. In love games loves to demonstrate a struggle. Can allow himself rudeness, sometimes causes women pain - both physical and moral. Expects a woman to yield to force.
“Aggressive” woman (SEE, ESI, LSI, SLE) - Often tries to compete with men, including in erotic relations. Inclined to irony, ridicule, making jokes at the opposite sex. Likes to feel herself more competent than a man in any endeavor. During lovemaking she expects from a man deferential treatment, demonstrative weakness, emotional instability. “Aggressive” woman searches for an object for her assertive and eager erotic actions. She is best matched by a man who behaves obediently but capriciously with her. Then she obtains pretext for aggression. “Victim” man idealizes such a woman, and at the same time he somewhat fears her. His behavior can be compared with the behavior of a page who is entirely devoted to the service of “beautiful lady”. On-going game - is the best cure for satiation. In relations with “Childlike” man, “Aggressive” woman will feel a lack of playful submission on his part. His unwillingness to adapt to her aggressive attacks cannot not put such a union on the brink of a break-up. Relations with similar to her “Aggressor” man on one hand flatter and ignite her passion, but on the other hand repel, as they don’t lead to the desired victory. Therefore, they may have only mixed success. “Caring” man unnerves her with his treatment of her as if she is a small child, which she perceives as humiliating.
“Victim” man (ILI, LIE, EIE, IEI) - Idealizes a commanding woman. Adapts to her tastes, respects volitional qualities in her. In his behavior at times he emphasizes dependence and obedience, and other times comes out of control. In relationship with a woman he subconsciously awaits orders, catches, reprimands. Not receiving these kinds of reactions, he involuntarily provokes their manifestation.
“Victim” woman (ILI, LIE, EIE, IEI) - The ideal of this woman is a physically strong man, reminiscent of lead roles in action movies. She wishes to experience his force on herself, to resist his pressure, to feel herself a victim. In love games, she prefers different forms of opposition and confrontation, that fuel the passions of her partner. Women of this type sometimes have inherent masochistic traits, though not all of them consciously acknowledge it. “Victim” woman cleverly plays on her weakness, vulnerability, or disorganization, thus provoking “Aggressive” man to undertake prompt decisive actions. In love games, the greatest value for her are strong embraces and feeling the power of the male body, yielding to which she shows her submission to his will. “Caring” men seem comfortable to her, but too dull partners, while “Childlike” men in her heart she views as not sufficiently strong and resolute. With similar to her “Victim” men this woman enters into complex, full of subtext relations, competing with them in sacrificial attitudes and demanding for it special privileges. Frequently such games literally wear out and exhaust both of them. At this point, I consider it necessary to mention that these psychoanalytic groups are not being considered in all detail, so some more subtle differences within them disappear. In particular, among “Victim” types the fact remains unnoticed that they can further be divided into the “tragic victims” (IEI and EIE) and “comic victims” (ILI and LIE).
“Caring” man (LSE, SLI, SEI, ESE). Experienced, attentive to the inner world of a woman partner, who can positively predispose towards himself with protective courtship. In love games he very much appreciates feminine tenderness and vulnerability, and waits admiration of his life experiences and skills.
“Caring” woman (LSE, SLI, SEI, ESE) - Inclined to care for her male partner. She is attracted to weak but intelligent men who accept her lead in daily activities. She likes to support, to protect, to cheer them up. These character traits that in the public opinion don’t evoke respect for men, this woman forgives or finds them perfectly acceptable. “Caring” woman is rejecting of intense, but rough caresses. Erotic games that are deprived of foreplay and based on force oppress her sexuality, thus relations with strong forceful men are often disappointing to her. The behavior of compatible man must be “child-like” i.e. reluctant, waiting-enticing. This woman loves caresses that are expressed as gentle, subtle touches of her erogenous zones. Relationship with a “Victim” man is not satisfactory to her either, because his caprices, tricks, and provocations of force from her surprise and repel her. Relations with similar to her “Caring” man after some time start to disappoint her, although she doesn’t have much against such a relationship. Sooner or later, she feels a lack of spiritual connection in them.
“Childlike” man (ILE, LII, EII, IEE). Dependent, naive in worldly affairs, awaits from a woman practical and sincere support. Inadvertently emphasizes how he was passed by with attention and gone unnoticed, any of the wasted abilities and talents, and difficulties with adapting to life’s struggles. In women he values experience and responsiveness to his problems.
“Childlike” woman (ILE, LII, EII, IEE). The ideal of this woman is a kind, experienced, well-adapted to life man, who is usually older than her in age. In the presence of such a man she feels herself alike a girl, who is dependent on him almost in everything. In love games she prefers psychological factors - sincere conversation, predisposing music, creation of conditions for relaxation. Above all, she values leniency and support, attention to her problems, and care. “Childlike” woman. In erotic life, women of this type place much significance on sophisticated tenderness and psychology of relations. She, without any special for it intentions, demonstrates by her own actions her fragility and child-like naivete. This woman easily takes up interests and activities of a partner towards whom she is sympathetic. In love games, “Childlike” woman easily picks up the initiative of “Caring” man, demonstrating her own sophistication and imagination. She does pay attention to “Aggressive” men, of course, but she fears becoming close with them due to their instinctive behavior and their roughness. “Victim” men satisfy her only in part: they start off romantically, but then puzzle and confuse her by demonstrations of their suffering and their unpredictability. With similar to her “Childlike” men this woman will feel discomfort due to lack of attention and care for her needs. In such a couple the degree of alienation will slowly increase over time.
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2023.03.22 04:29 salelouisllc Grendel War Child #4 Dark Horse Comics nov. 1992

This comic book is in vg-ex condition and is bagged and boarded.
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2023.03.22 04:26 blaze18553 Need help finding a specific modern manwha

So I was recently reading this manhwa where this couple married, and then the wife chose to divorce. The wife then chose to live in the US with a bakery. The wife had a child of unknown father.
The husband then tries to find her because the grandma has serious liver problems. The wife goes back to Korea. Then the grandma of the husband decided to give all the inheritance to the wife instead of the husband because the grandma was angry they separated.
Anybody know the name??? I think this was on MANTA comics I thought I saved it in my list but it didn’t.
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2023.03.22 04:20 The1stLegionnaire As expanded SNAP benefits are cut, many are launched back into uncertainty

When COVID first hit, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits were expanded to help with the pandemic. Statistically, “Around 42 million Americans are currently enrolled” in the SNAP program, meaning a very large population of low-income Americans heavily reliant on it will be suddenly and severely hurt by the rollback. Data seems to point to the fact that “Snap allotments for the average recipient by $90 a month, with some households losing $250 a month or more. Older adults at the minimum benefit level will see their monthly Snap benefits drop from $281 a month to $23“. With such an unbelievable drop, a household with disabled persons would essentially mandate the individual(s) to return to work, regardless of disability, simply for survival. One such account is detailed in the Guardian article linked below.
Furthermore, it’s a troubling time to rollback the extended benefits given the circumstances. According to The Guardian, “20.5 million Americans currently behind on their utility payments and nearly 25 million behind on credit card, auto loan or personal loan payments, the highest number since 2009”. The same article mentions further trends that have shown that workers making less than $20/hr, “have experienced drops in wage growth compared with other workers in recent months”. This is all the while the cost of food has been rising, “…the US Department of Agriculture estimated that all food prices will increase by 7.9% in 2023 – and they were already 9.5% higher in February 2023 compared with February 2022”. The extended benefits are being cut back, as the debt and cost of food rise, all the while the money available for lower-income dwindles; no doubt a precarious situation, happening in a very short period with basically no way to prepare.
The immense stress and worry coming from a rapid and massive loss of financial help for food would also lead to a surge in demand for food bank aid. The number of reports of, “skipping meals, eating less, visiting food pantries or relying on family or friends for meals” has significantly increased in areas where the benefits stopped.What’s odd in the rollback of extended benefits is how beneficial they were: for example, “The Urban Institute found that the increased Snap benefits during the Covid-19 pandemic kept 4.2 million Americans out of poverty in the fourth quarter of 2021, reducing poverty by 9.6% and child poverty by 14% in states with emergency allotments. They also have a wider economic benefit. Every $1 invested in Snap benefits yields between $1.50 and $1.80 in economic activity during economic downturns”. Not only was it socially helpful in supporting those who needed it, but it was also economically stimulating. Given such grand positives, what would incentivize the limitation of the program?
Tragically, despite overwhelming support for continuing the expanded program from many, Congress is unlikely support the expansion due to opposition on the floors. That said, change does not come about through silence. If this is something enough are interested in supporting, a convincing push can be made to perhaps sway the decision to support maintaining the expansion while a path towards compromise is worked on.
(Main one, highly recommend reading):,of%205.6%20to%2011.8%20percent.
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2023.03.22 04:19 ZXIIIT In 2002, Antonio Inoki, upset that Keiji Muto had joined AJPW, created a “GREAT MUTA USA” character for NJPW, in response, Muto created a “GREAT MUTA” character for AJPW in 2004. Both received no crowd reaction and quickly disappeared.

Inoki initially refused to give Muto any ownership of "The Great Muta" trademark after Muto left New Japan and joined All Japan full time in January 2002, but both came to an agreement in mid 2002, which had New Japan and Muto gaining shared ownership of "The Great Muta" trademark in exchange for Muto participating in select New Japan events.
Inoki then quickly created the GREAT MUTA USA/GREAT MUTA character for Troy Endres, who wore an interesting attire for his debut on September 16th that was later changed to reflect a '90s Muta look with the same mask, and Muto returned with his Great Muta persona on September 20th.
So at one point in late 2002, we were seeing double, 4 Mutas!
Endres, who wrestled as Makai #3 a few times, had 4 matches under the GREAT MUTA USA character in NJPW before getting injured and retiring in 2003, then the whole thing was scrapped.
On September 22nd, 2004, while feuding with the Love Machines, Super Love Machine kidnaps the Great Muta in a cage and is driven away in the back of a truck.
Then on October 31st, 2004, the Love Machines introduce their newest member, GREAT MUTA to no fanfare.
Johnny Stamboli, having signed with AJPW in 2004, partly suggested to continue the GREAT MUTA USA character, so the impostor GREAT MUTA could feud with the real Great Muta.
Stamboli also suggested he use the same attire and mask as Endres, as they were friends, but they were later changed to a reflect a ‘90s Muta look.
GREAT MUTA pins Muto in multiple tag matches and then finally faces The Great Muta in a singles match, which aside from Muta winning, had no interest from the crowd.
The highlight of everything was the ultra evil looking Devil Muta, who had an awesome mask and body paint, attempting to scare a child.
Worth mentioning that footage/info for both is hard to find, Stamboli used a generic jobber techno dance entrance theme, although the video on YouTube has slightly better dubbed music. Not sure which theme Endres used.
Just like Super Liger, the fake Mutas were never mentioned again in both companies.
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2023.03.22 04:05 MaggieConnors85 [Kiyomi_des] [RWBY] Nuts and Dolts Angst Comic. Ruby Rose x Penny Polendina

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2023.03.22 03:57 BeatSheik Ensoniq Samplers: The Lost Gems in a Hip Hop Wonderland

If you were anything like me you starting producing in the DAW era whether that was Ableton, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Logic, Reason or one of the many other choices out there. Eventually after listening to your favorite producer's beats and being amazed by the sonics you decided to look up their equipment they used to gain some insight. You then stumble across hardware samplers and see everything ranging from Akai, Roland, Ensoniq, Kurzweil, Yamaha and every other major player around that time. Now you're thinking of taking the leap into vintage hardware samplers to catch some of that sonic magic to add to your own productions and you're friend Beatsheik is here to help.
This post in particular will focus on the Ensoniq line of samplers starting with the revolutionary Mirage to the last hurrah of the ASR-X (pro). Each one unique enough to stand on their own merits and fit a variety of musical styles. Below are my thoughts on each sampler with information and videos showcasing the total essence of what these beasts can do in the right hands.
Please be aware that these are comping from a hip hop producer standpoint first and an audiophile/gear nerd second since using the machines for creation is the most important view to me. Now let's begin.......
MIRAGE (1984)
Retail Price ($1695)
Resell Price ($300 - $500)
The Mirage is an 8-bit powerhouse that makes everything sound like lofi and gritty at any sample rate. It really sounds like what you expect true 8 bit to sound like and every emulation is a cheap imitation of that sound. Although with limited memory (128kb) it could be cumbersome for anyone to make anything more than a smaller looped production but thats where the hexidecimal creativity comes in. Sampling rates range from 8khz - 33khz.
Personally speaking unless you are just fond of the mirage or analog filters are a must then I would skip this one for hip hop production. However, if you are doing other genres that call for synth stabs or certain unique sonic touches then the Mirage is a winner. Also to note that it's the only ensoniq sampler with analog filters (low pass) so this can really help it shape sound in interesting ways.
Some notable songs made using the Mirage were Public Enemy's "Rebel Without A Pause" and Janet Jackson's Control & Rhythm Nation 1814 albums.
PROS: 1. Truly unique sound lofi quality. 2. Only sampler on the list with analog filters.
CONS: 1. Hexadecimal display is convoluted without menu handy. 2. Low memory even for vintage sampler standards. 3. No Sequencer, just a recorder so no quantization.
Mirage Video Examples:
Retail Price ($1995 for keyboard, $1895 for rack)
Resell Price ($300 - $600)
This machine is a unique one as its the only 13 Bit sampler Ensoniq ever made. It is a slept on sampler for lofi production due to its various sample rates on input and adjustments of the anti aliasing filter can lead to some interesting sonic palettes. On input the sample rate can range from 6.25 khz to 52 khz and the sound of the eps to my ears are compressed, warm and gritty with a somewhat hollow punch to it. There is a certain authenticity to its lofi sound that just sounds right to my ears. That makes a huge difference when making samples for yourself later as this will alter future decisions mixing wise.
Notable songs made with the EPS are Shyheim's "Rugged Child" album, Das Efx's "Dead Serious" album and Silk Tymes Leather "It ain't where ya from...Its where ya at" album.
PROS: 1) Adjustable sample rate on input (6.25 khz - 52 khz), samples the lowest @ 6.25 khz. 2) Adjustable anti aliasing filter 3) 13 Bit (only sampler I believe to be 13 bit)
CONS: 1) Software can be buggy at times. 2) Limited overall memory without expander (480kb) 3) No effects
Eps Classic Video Examples:
EPS 16+ (1990)
Retail ($2395 for stock ; $2495 for rack, $2995 for Turbo)
Resell Price ($500 - $1000)
This sampler literally is the exact middle of an ASR-10 and EPS Classic sonically and functionally. The sound is either lofi or hifi depending on your sample rate but retains the warmth and grit at the same time. Its sample rates on input range from 11khz to 46 khz and you can completely turn its anti aliasing filter off. This can lead to some strange tones and aliasing that DOES NOT sound like an sp 1200 but unlike anything else you'll find available. This machine is interesting from the others because it is the only unit that can install flash rom memory and not need a floppy or scsi device to boot up. Which means you won't have to worry about old drives or adding more cost to unit if you can find one fully loaded which I appreciate the most. Also I think because of this it operates the fastest.
Noteable songs made with the EPS 16+ are Mobb Deep's "The Infamous" album D'Angelo's "Brown Sugar" album and Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M (along with a bunch of other songs on the 36 Chambers album)
PROS: 1) Sound quality is excellent with it being able to produce lofi or hifi tones.
2) The ONLY Ensoniq sampler where you can turn off the anti aliasing filter completely on input.
3) Flash Memory is amazing for not having to load os on floppy or sd.
CONS: 1) Only 2mb of memory stock.
2) Some units may overheat.
3) Being Mono only may be a turnoff for some.
EPS 16+ Video Examples:
ASR- 10 (1992)
Retail ($2695 for keyboard, $2895 for rack and $4495 for 88 key version)
Resell price ($700 - $1500)
This one is the best sampler Ensoniq made as far as functionality and sound come together in one innovative masterpiece. The warm sound of this sampler is on pabetter with any other sampler you will find. With the upgrades to all the samplers as time progressed this one was blessed with optional ram upgrades, more effects, ram tracks and other cool features. The sampling rates are either 29.5ish khz but they call it 30khz and 44khz (48khz if you use the digital card). You can however lower the sample rate as well as with the previous machines.
I really believe this machine is the peak of what Ensoniq offered before the company's demise due to being feature packed true sampler. That coupled with transwaves and looping features you can do whatever you want if you can think it out. Plus with the addons such as Digital I/O, Ram upgrade and SCSI2SD (or Zuluscsi, at the time of writing) you can have a sampler that stands the test of time.
Some notable albums made with the ASR-10 are Kanye West's "College Drop", Missy Elliott's "Supa Dupa Fly" and half Wu Tang Clan's "36 Chambers".
PROS: 1) Best sampler ensoniq ever made with more robust features and capabilities.
2) Better optional upgrades (Digital I/O board and ram)
3) Has the warmest sound and more FX
CONS: 1) Some people report more instability than previous EPS 16+
2) Slightly slower operations on later O.S. versions.
3) Because of its more complex insides it leaves more things to go wrong and fixing can be costly.
Video examples:
ASR X/PRO (1997/98)
This one is the weirdest one design wise and workflow wise. Alot more menu diving in a less optimized way. The OS is like the others that if your having familiarity with one then you can navigate the rest.
The sound of this unit though in my opinion is underrated. I'd say that it's so hifi and warm that it sounds way more expensive than it really is. I really can't stress the immense sound quality of this machine and to me thats the only reason I've kept it around. The effects are good but I prefer the ASR 10 effects more but I lean towards the X sonically for hifi and drums. If you can get one of these cheap to pair with something like an MPC or other modern sampler I think you'd be in for a treat. Using it as your only sampler should be a word of warning because it's not for beginners looking for their first sampler unless they are willing to master it.
Notable songs made using the ASR X are Young Jeezy's "Go Crazy" and Freeway's "Roc The Mic".
PROS: 1) Amazing sound! Even though it's different than it's older siblings its sound is hifi and expensive sounding.
2) Smaller than its predecessors and has more than double the tracks of the others (16 total).
3) Effects are excellent and resampling through the machine is a breeze.
4) Resonant Filters are came back
CONS: 1) It's basically unfinished due to Ensoniq being merged and never utilized its full potential.
2) The encoders can get wonky over time and the pads leave much to be desired. They honestly are my least favorite thing about the machine.
3) Way more menu diving since screen is smaller than previous models.
Video Examples:
If you're looking to add a vintage sampler into your setup in 2023 and already have something like a DAW or the MPC line of sequencers then an Ensoniq sampler can be a real gem in your studio. Be aware that they all have a learning curve so you will have to put some time in to get comfortable with the sampler. On top of that once you fully master the machine you'll see why these masterpieces are highly regarded. There are features still today that can't do what these beats can do i.e. insane looping and modulation features. Maybe even one day they might reach astronomical prices because people will soon realize their value. But as for right now you can still find great deals of you look hard enough.
Also remember these are samplers first so the added bonus is getting a cool sampling synthesizer to make really nice patches you can transfer to your DAW as well. The modulation on these things are abundant and very useful.
I hope this may help someone in the future who is looking to buy their first Ensoniq sampler. Create the music you love and share it with the world 🌎
submitted by BeatSheik to synthesizers [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 03:52 tehawesomedragon This Week in Marvel #12 - MAR 22 2023 - STORM & THE BROTHERHOOD OF MUTANTS #2, JED MACKAY'S DOCTOR STRANGE #1, WASP #3, SHE-HULK #11, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #22, WOMEN OF MARVEL #1, TIGER DIVISION #5, CARNAGE #11






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2023.03.22 03:52 prxncessjas Mom to a non-verbal 3 year old who isn’t potty trained.

Hey guys! I’m a mama to a 3 year old who’s essentially non verbal and developmentally delayed. Though he’s extremely cognitive and receptive and as of last month has begun to repeat a lot of words, sounds and simple phrases. (Up, go, bubbles, out, good job, etc.) Though it still isn’t perfect he tries. And with that has come him pulling off his own diaper. He’s done it a few times, and something tells me he’s ready to ditch them. Problem is, he’s unable to sit properly unassisted unless it’s in W position (a habit his therapists are breaking) and he doesn’t ever tell me when his diaper is dirty, or when he has to go- I pretty much just change his diaper whenever and check it constantly.
Any advice on how to get him to tell me he has to go or tips on how to start potty training or if I should wait it out? Any assistive devices? Special potty’s? Or any Mom’s with a child who has cp have gone through something similar? I’m trying my best to stay patient and not get frustrated but finding dirty diapers tossed outside his playroom is getting so frustrating.
Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this! x
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2023.03.22 03:47 ComicList ComicList Previews – X-O MANOWAR: UNCONQUERED #1

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2023.03.22 03:47 ComicList ComicList Previews – X-O MANOWAR: UNCONQUERED #1

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2023.03.22 03:42 sage0021 [US] [H] N64, SNES, NES, WiiU consoles. Switch-NES games. Playstation games. Misc [W] Paypal

Shipping is not included in prices. Reasonable offers will be considered. **I am only accepting Paypal FF at this time.**


Switch Games: All Switch games are 1 owner purchased new.

SNES games:

Genesis games:

NES games:

DS/3DS games:

Wii Games:

Wii U Games:

N64 Games:

Playstation ps1 games:

Playstation 2 ps2 games:

PSP Games:

Misc items:

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2023.03.22 03:42 loveofhumans Food for thought.

From, "From triggered to tranquil" x Campbell.
"If a parent treats a child as an instrument to fulfill the parents needs then this is a violation of the childs sovereignty ."
I am currently reading this book and find it very interesting.
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2023.03.22 03:35 Shibo99 [USA-IL] [H] Consoles/Handhelds, JP Imports, Games for Atari Jaguar, TurboGrafx, NES/SNES, N64, Gamecube, WiiU, Switch, PS1-4, Xbox OG/360/One [W] PS3-5/Vita/PSP/N64/GCN/Switch/3DS/DS Offers, PS5 Games listed, Ys Games, Pokemon games, others listed

Please note what items from my list you are interested in when commenting.
Please also pay attention to what system you are looking at as there are sections of Japanese (NTSC-J) games
Working systems come with necessary cables and controller unless otherwise stated.
System Notes
PS1 1001 fat
PS1 7501 fat
PS1 7501 fat
PS2 fat
PS2 fat
Sega Model 2 rf, power, oem 6 button controller
Sega Model 2 rf, no power cable, oem 3 button controller.
Sega Model 2
Sega Model 3 no av cable. 3rd party controller, 6 button
Black gamecube 3rd party controller
Wii U screen light scratches. all cables, dock, sensor bar
Wii U gamepad right joystick issues. all cables, dock, sensor bar
Xbox 360 S R2D2 C3P0 controller, kinect, 320gb
Wii RVL-001 Eject button doesn't click, but does work
TurboGrafx Express Includes tv tuner, car charger
PSP Black 1001 includes oem charger, soft case. battery holds charge
Original DS Blue NTR-001 rough shape. screens are pretty scratched
3DS XL Red Overall good condition. Screens have no visible scratches. OEM charger, sd card, and carrying case
PS Vita Dev Kit PDEL-1000 Great condition. On 3.570.011 FW currently. No charger included
Atari Jaguar Games
Game Notes
Raiden sealed
Fever Pitch Soccer sealed
Zool 2 sealed
Theme Park Designer Series sealed
Skiing and Snowboarding sealed
Zoop no manual
Cybermorph sealed
Doom manual cover seperated
Troy Aikmen Football cib - box in below average condition
Pinball Fantasies no manual
Rotary controller w/ Tempest cart Tempest is setup, ready. Rotary installed in place of dpad
Super Burnout cart only
Ultra Vortek cart only
Alien vs Predator cib
Ruiner pinball cib
Cannon Fodder cib
Wolfenstein 3D cib
Towers II cib
Flip Out cib. box has some liquid damage
Bubsy cib
Checkered Flag cib
Worms cib
I-War cib
Attack of the Mutant Penguins cib
Brutal Sports Football cib
Hover Strike cib
Rayman cib
Zero 5 cib
International Sensible Soccer cib
Flashback cib
Dino Dudes cib
Dragon Bruce Lee Story cib
Missile Command 3D cib
White Ment Can't Jump cib
Kasumi Ninja cib w/ headband
Supercross 3D cib
Club Drive cib
Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy cib
Fight for Life cib
Power Drive Rally cib
Atari Karts box only
CIB for TurboGrafx includes jewel case, not outer cardboard box unless noted
TurboGrafx Games
Game Notes
Alien Crush cart only
Keith Courage cart only
Power Golf cart only
Turrican cart only
World Class baseball CIB
Victory Run CIB
Vigilante CIB
TV Sports Hockey CIB
Keith Courage CIB (no comic)
Bonks Adventure CIB
For carts with manuals, I am willing to sell manuals/carts independently. Not seperating boxes and manuals.
NES Games
Game Notes
10 yard fight 5 screw
A Boy and his Blob
Adventure Island
Adventures of Dino-Riki
After Burner tengen cart
Air Fortress sticker on label
Arch Rivals
Back to the Future bad condition. appears to have spray paint on front of cart
Bad Dudes
Bad News Baseball
Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach
Baseball Simulator 1000
Baseball Stars sticker on label
Bases Loaded
Bases Loaded II
Bayou Billy
Bill Elliott's Nascar Challenge Box + game, no manual
Black Bass
Blades of Steel Box + game, no manual
Blades of Steel
Break Time National Pool tour Box, manual, no game
California Games
Championship Bowling
Cobra Triangle
Commando 5 screw
Contra Force comes with cart protector
Days of Thunder
Days of Thunder
Destination Earthstar
Super Dodgeball
Donkey Kong 3 5 screw
Donkey Kong Classics
Double Dragon cart + manual
Double Dragon II
Double Dragon III
Double Dribble
Dr Mario
Dragon Warrior
Duck Hunt 5 screw
Ducktales top of label damage. includes reg card
Family Feud
Fantasy Zone tengen cart
Magic Johnson Fast Break
Fester's Quest
Freedom Force
Friday the 13th
Galaga: Demon's of Death
Gauntlet tengen cart
Golgo 13 cart + manual
Gradius 5 screw
Gyromite 5 screw
Heavy Barrel
Hogan's Alley
Hollywood Squares sharpie on label (mostly cleaned, slightly visible)
Hoops sharpie on label (mostly cleaned, but visible)
Hunt for Red October
Ikari Warriors II Victory Road
Iron Sword
Iron Tank cart + manual
Jack Nicklaus' Championship Golf cart + manual
Jeopardy 25th Anniversary
John Elway's Quarterback
Jordan vs Bird
Karate Kid
Kickle Cubicle
King of the Ring cart + manual
Kings of the Beach
Knight Rider
Knight Rider
Legacy of the Wizard
Legendary Wings
Major League Baseball
Maniac Mansion sharpie on label (mostly cleaned, but visible)
Marble Madness
Mario Bros Arcade Classics Series 5 screw
Mario Bros Duck Hunt
Mario Duck Hunt Track Meet
Mickey Mousecapade
Mighty Bomb Jack
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out
Milon's Secret Castle
Mission Impossible
MTV Remote Control
NES Cleaning Kit CIB w/ box protector
NES Cleaning Kit CIB w/ box protector
NES Play Action Football
Ninja Gaiden 2
Operation Wolf
Pac-man tengen cart
Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 5 screw
R.C. Pro-Am
Racket Attack
Rad Racer II
RBI Baseball tengen cart. includes reg card
Rolling Thunder tengen cart
Romance of the Three Kingdoms cart + manual
Rush'n Attack 5 screw. sharpie on label (mostly cleaned, but visible)
Section Z
Sesame Street ABC
Silent Service
Silent Service
Simpsons Bart Vs the World
Skate or Die 2
Ski or Die
Spy vs Spy
Star Force
Star Soldier Box + game, no manual
Star Trek 25th Anniversary
Star Tropics Box + game, no manual
Star Voyager 5 screw cart, manual, poster
Super C
Super Glove Ball
Super Mario Bros cart + manual
Super Mario Bros 2
Super Mario Bros 3 cart + manual
Super Off Road
Super Pitfall
Superspike V'ball
Sword and Serpents cart + manual + poster
T&C Surf Designs
Talespin top of label damaged
Target Renegade
Techmo Bowl Cart + manual
Tecmo Super Bowl
Terminator 2 Box + game, no manual
Terminator 2
Terminator 2
The Addams Family
The Fantastic Adventrues of Dizzy
TMNT II Arcade Game
TMNT Manhattan Project cart + manual
Top Gun
Top Gun Second Mission
Total Recall
Track & Field
Track & Field
Trick Shooting CIB
Twin Eagle sharpie on label (mostly cleaned, slightly visible)
Vice Project Doom label damage
Code Name Viper
Wheel of Fortune sharpie on label (mostly cleaned, slightly visible)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Win Lose or Draw writing on label
World Class Track Meet
Nintendo World Cup Box, no manual - writing on front of box
Wrestlemania cart + manual
Wrestlemania Challenge
SNES Games
Game Notes
Aaahh Real Monsters
Arkanoid - Doh It Again!
Bass Tournament of Champions
Batman Forever
Battle Clash
Best of the Best Championship Karate
Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage
Championship Pool
Cleaning Kit
Cool Spot
Daffy Duck The Marvin Missions
Family Feud
Fifa International Soccer
Final Fight
Home Alone 2
Inindo Label damage
Judge Dredd Some label damage
Jungle Strike
Ken Griffey Jr. Winning Run
King of the Monsters
Kirby Avalanche
Lethal Enforcers
Lion King
Looney Tunes Basketball Label damage
Madden 94
Mega Man X
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat 3
NBA Give N Go
NBA Jam Tournament Edition
NBA Live 95
NCAA Basketball
NFL Quarterback Club
NHL Stanley Cup
Nigel Mansell's World Championship
Operation Europe Path to Victory
Paperboy 2
Power Moves
Primal Rage
Revolution X Not working. Contacts look very stripped.
Road Runner's Death Vally Rally
Scooby Doo Mystery
Space Invaders
Speedy Gonzales Los Gatos Bandidos
Spider-man and the X-men in Arcade's Revenge
Street Fighter II Faded label
Street Fighter II
Street Fighter II turbo
Stunt Race FX
Super Bases Loaded
Super Battletank: War in the Gulf
Super Black Bass
Super Empire Strikes Back
Super Mario Kart
Super Pinball Behind the Mask
Super Play Action Football
Super Punch-Out
Tecmo Super Bowl
Tecmo Super Bowl III
Tetris 2
The Jungle Book
The Pagemaster
Tory Aikman Football
We're Back A Dinosaurs Story
Wing Commander The Secret Missions
Word-Tris Damaged Label
N64 Games are cart only unless noted
Item Notes
Battle Tanx
F-1 Grand Prix
Gex 64
Madden 64
NFL Blitz
Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Star Wars Rogue Squadron
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire
War Gods
Wayne Gretzy 3D Hockey
Wipeout 64
N64 HoriPad Mini Black
N64 HoriPad Mini Yellow
N64 HoriPad Mini Red
N64 HoriPad Mini Blue
N64 HoriPad Mini Clear Ocean Blue
OEM Controller Gray
OEM Controller Atomic Purple
OEM Controller Ice Blue Clear
OEM Controller Black
OEM Controller Red
OEM Controller Watermelon Red Clear
OEM Controller Black & Gray
OEM Controller Blue
Hudson Turbo JoyCard Controller
Gamecube Games
Game Notes
Bionicle Disc only
Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex Disc only
Fantastic 4 No manual
Fantastic 4 Disc only
Godzilla Disc only
Harry Potter Goblet of Fire Disc only
Harry Potter Prizoner of Azkaban Disc only
Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone Disc only
Kids Next Door Operation: V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E Disc only
King Kong CIB
Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events Disc only
Lord of the Rings Return of the King Disc only
Madagascar CIB
Mario Kart Double Dash Bonus Disc disc only
Mario Kart Double Dash No Manual
Mario Power Tennis Disc only
Mario Superstar Baseball No manual
Mega man Network Transmission Disc only
Metroid Prime Disc only
Monsters Inc Scream Arena Disc only
Nascar Chase for the Cup 2005 Disc only
Nascar Thunder 2003 Disc only
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 CIB, Players Choice
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 Disc only
NFL 2K3 Disc only
One Piece Grand Adventure Disc only
One Piece Treasure Battle Disc only
Over the Hedge CIB
Paper Mario Thousand Year Door CIB, Players Choice
Rocket Power Beach Bandits No manual
Scooby Doo Unmasked CIB
Shrek 2 CIB
Shrek 2 Disc only
Sonic Heroes Disc only
Spiderman 2 Disc only
Spongebob Lights Camera Pants CIB
Spongebob Squarepants Creature from the Krusty Krab CIB
Star War Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast Disc only
Star Wars Rebel Strike Rogue Squadron III Disc only
Taz Wanted No manual
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Disc only
The Hobbit Disc only
The Incredibles Disc only
The Incredibles Disc only
Wave Race Blue Storm CIB
Wii Games
Game Notes
AC DC Rockband Track Pack CIB
Balls of Fury Disc only
Bass Pro Shops The Strike Tournament Edition Small sleeve version (no plastic case)
Batallion Wars 2 Disc only
Ben 10 No manual
Boom Blox No manual
Cabela African Adventures CIB - game art faded
Cabela Dangerous Hunts 2013 Disc only
Cooking Mama Cook Off CIB
Cruis'n Disc only
Dead Space Extraction CIB
Disney Sing It Pop Hits CIB
EA Active CIB
Golden Compass Disc only
Guitar Hero 3 CIB
Guitar Hero World Tour CIB
Heavenly Guardian sealed
Hollywood Squares Disc only
Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 no manual
House of the Dead 2&3 Disc + manual
House of the Dead 2&3 CIB
House of the Dead Overkill Disc only
Just Dance 2 sealed
Lego Batman 2 no manual
Mad World CIB
Madden 11 CIB
Mario Super Sluggers Disc only
Marvel Ultimate Alliance CIB
MLB 2K10 CIB - game art slightly faded
Monster High Ghoul Spirit Disc Only
Monster hunter 3 tri No manual - art very faded
Netflix disc Disc only
New Super Marios Bros Case and manual only, no game
Ninja Reflex No Manual
Pikmin No manual
Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands Disc only
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing No manual
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Disc only
Redneck Jamboree CIB
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles CIB
Sonic All Stars Racing CIB
Sonic Secret Rings CIB
Sonic Unleashed CIB
Spiderman Edge of Time No manual
Spongebob Squiggleplants No manual
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Smash-Up CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Masters CIB - art on front slightly faded
Trivial Pursuit CIB
UFC Trainer No manual
Ultimate I Spy CIB
Wii sports Disc + manual
World of Zoo No Manual
Victorious Boxers Revolution CIB
WiiU Games
Game Notes
007 Legends CIB
Disney Infinity 3.0 Disc only
Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams CIB
Lego Avengers CIB
Lego Movie CIB
Mario Kart Wii U System Box System Box + both tray inserts
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate CIB
Pokken Tournament CIB
Star Fox Zero + Guard CIB w/ Outer box, actual games are sealed
Super Mario 3D World CIB
Super Mario Maker CIB w/ Outerbox + idea book
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 disc only
Twilight Princess HD CIB
Wii Party U CIB
Wii Sports Club CIB
Windwaker HD disc only
Xenoblade Chronicles X CIB
Yoshi's Wooly World Sealed
Switch Games
Game Notes
Atelier Lydie & Suelle PAL version - CIB
Bravely Default 2 CIB
Moonlighter CIB
Sakuna Rice and Ruin Divine Edition Sealed
Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack CIB
YS 8 Standard Edition Sealed
PS1 Games
Game Notes
Air Combat CIB GH
Asteroids CIB
Breakout CIB
Destruction Derby CIB Longbox (cardboard)
Destruction Derby 2 disc only
Destruction Derby Raw CIB
Driver Missing Manual / Front art of Jewel Case
Driver 2 CIB
Frogger Missing Manual / Front art of Jewel Case
Gran Turismo CIB
Gran Turismo 2 CIB GH some cracks in case
Gran Turismo 2 CIB
IHRA Drag Racing CIB
Interactive CD Sampler Pack Vol 3 Disc Only
Interactive CD Sampler Pack Vol 3 Disc Only
Invasion from Beyond CIB
Iron & Blood CIB
Jeremy McGrath Super Cross 98 CIB
Math Gallery Collection 1 disc only
Nascar 98 CIB
Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit CIB GH
Pac-man World CIB GH
Pong CIB - case hinge kinda broken
Street Sk8ter CIB
Striker 1945 Blockbuster sticker on disc
Syphon Filter 2 disc only (has discs 1 and 2)
Tomb Raider 2 CIB
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater CIB
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 CIB
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 CIB
True Pinball CIB
Wheel of Fortune disc only
Wipeout CIB flat longbox americanized cover variant
World's Scariest Police Chases CIB
You Don't Know Jack CIB
PS2 Games
Game Notes
007 Agent Under Fire CIB
Acme Arsenal disc only
American Choppers 2 CIB
ATV Offroad Fury 2 CIB
Blitz The League disc only
Blowout CIB
Bully CIB
Cars No manual
Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova CIB
Dukes of Hazard CIB
Fight Night 2004 CIB
Final Fantasy XII Disc only
Frogger The Great Quest CIB
Gran Turismo 3 CIB
Gran Turismo 4 CIB
GTA 3 CIB w/ Map
GTA Liberty City Stories no manual
GTA Vice City Stories CIB w/ Map
GTA Vice City Ultimate Codes CIB
Guitar Hero III CIB
Jaws Unleashed No manual - sharpie on front
Kengo CIB
Lord of the Rings Two Towers Disc only
Medal of Honor European Assault Disc only
Nascar 06 Disc only
Nascar Dirt to Daytona CIB
NBA Live 2005 Disc only
NCAA Football 07 Disc only
NCAA Football 2004 CIB
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 CIB
Need for Speed Most Wanted Black CIB
Need for Speed Pro Street CIB
Need for Speed Pro Street Disc only
Need for Speed Underground GH CIB
Need for Speed Underground 2 CIB
NFL Street 2 no manual
Pinball Hall of Fame CIB
Pirates Legend of the Black Buccaneer No manual
Rock Band No manual
Sly 2 Band of Thieves GH CIB
Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves GH CIB
Sprint Cars 2 CIB
Sprint Cars Road to Knoxville CIB
SSX 3 GH no manual
Test Drive Eve of Destruction disc only
The Sims Disc only
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 01 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 02 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 02 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 03 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 04 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 04 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 05 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 CIB
Wave Rally CIB
PS3 Games
Game Notes
Assassin's Creed CIB
Assassin's Creed GH CIB
Assassin's Creed II CIB
Assassin's Creed Revelations Sealed
Batman Arkham City CIB
Battlefield 3 Limited Edition No manual
Battlefield 3 Limited Edition No manual
Battlefield 4 CIB
Battlefield 4 CIB
Battlefield Bad Company 2 Limited Edition No manual
Beijing 2008 disc only
Borderlands 2 disc only
Borderlands 2 disc only
Borderlands 2 CIB
Brutal Legend CIB
Call of Duty Black Ops CIB
Call of Duty Ghosts CIB
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 CIB
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 CIB
Call of Duty World at War GH CIB
Dark Souls CIB
Dark Souls CIB
Dark Souls CIB - Disc is greatest hits, case is regular
Dark Souls II Disc is greatest hits, case is regular
Dead Space 3 Limited Edition CIB
Destiny CIB
Destiny CIB
Def Jam Icon Case and game, no manual
Demon Souls CIB
Devil May Cry CIB (art is sunfaded a bit)
Diablo 3 No Manual
Diablo 3 Disc Only
Dragon Age Inquisition No manual
Dragon's Crown CIB
Dragon's Crown CIB
Duke Nukem Forever Disc only
Duke Nukem Forever Disc only
EA Active 2 CIB
Facebreaker CIB
Family Game Night 4 disc only
Far Cry 3 CIB
Fifa 14 Disc only
Fifa 14 CIB
Fracture disc only
God of War Ascension CIB
God of War Collection CIB
God of War III CIB
God of War Origins Edition CIB
God of War Saga Sealed
Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition CIB
Gran Turismo 5 CIB
Gran Turismo 6 no manual
Gran Turismo 6 Disc only
Grid Disc only
GTA 4 GH CIB w/ map
GTA 4 GH CIB w/ map
GTA 5 no manual or map
GTA San Andreas Disc only
Guitar Hero 3 CIB
Guitar Hero Live CIB w/ dongle
Heavy Rain Disc only
John Daly's ProStroke Golf CIB
Kane & Lynch Dead Men No manual
Killzone 2 CIB
Killzone 2 no manual
L.A. Noire CIB
Lego Movie no manual
Little Big Planet GH CIB
Madden 13 Disc only
Madden 13 CIB
Madden 25 CIB
Madden 25 CIB
Madden 09 disc only
Madden 07 CIB
Mass Effect 2 CIB
Mass Effect 3 CIB
Metal Gear Solid 4 CIB
Metal Gear Solid 4 CIB
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor No manual
MLB The Show 12 Disc only
NCAA Football 09 Disc only
Need For Speed Rivals Disc only
NHL 11 No manual
NHL 13 disc only
NHL 15 disc only
PlayStation Move Disc only
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing w/ Big Box, rod, game, and rod dongle/receiver
Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in time GH no manual
Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in time GH no manual
Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in time CIB
Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction CIB
Resident Evil 5 CIB
Rock Band 2 CIB
Saints Row The Third disc only
Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments CIB
Skylanders Giants CIB
Skyrim CIB GH (no map, unsure if GH had map)
Sly Cooper Thieves in Time No manual
Smackdown vs Raw 2009 CIB
Socom 4 disc only
Soul Calibur 4 no manual
Sports Champions CIB
Sports Champions CIB
Start The Party No manual
Tekken 6 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 CIB
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 no manual
Time Crisis 4 No manual
Timeshift disc only (2x available)
Uncharted CIB
Uncharted GH No manual
Uncharted 2 no manual
Uncharted 2 CIB
Uncharted 2 CIB
Uncharted 2 CIB
Uncharted 3 CIB
Uncharted 3 CIB
Uncharted 3 CIB
PS4 Games
Game Notes
Agents of Mayhem disc only
Anthem cib
Battleborn disc only
Battleborn disc only
Bayonetta Vanquish CIB
Binding of Isaac CIB
Bloodborne CIB
Brunswick Pro Bowling CIB
Call of Duty WWII CIB
Cyberpunk 2077 CIB
Destiny 2 CIB
Deus Ex disc only
Fifa 14 CIB
Fifa 15 CIB
Minecraft Story Mode CIB
Nioh CIB
Rock Band 4 Disc only
Spider-man sealed
Ys VIII disc only
Zombieland Double Tap CIB
Original Xbox
Game Notes
Outlaw Golf CIB
LA Rush No manual
Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball CIB
Madden 06 Disc Only
Lego Star Wars Video Game No Manual
NFL Street CIB
Roadkill No Manual
Midtown Madness 3 No Manual
Flat Out 2 CIB
Grabbed By The Ghoulies CIB
Xbox 360 - All collector's / limited editions are 100% complete. Many of the extras are still brand new or were kept in their box
Xbox 360 Games
Game Notes
Army of Two 40 Days Disc only
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood CIB
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Collector's Edition CIB
Assassin's Creed III Limited Edition CIB
Battlefield 4 CIB
Big Bumpin Sealed
Boderlands 2 Limited Edition Ultimate Loot Chest CIB
Call of Duty Ghosts CIB
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 CIB
Dance Central 2 CIB
Dance Central 2 CIB
Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition CIB
Disney Infinity 2.0 CIB
Disneyland Adventures CIB
Disneyland Adventures No manual
DJ Hero 2 CIB
DJ Hero 2 CIB
Elder Scrolls Oblivion Collector's Edition CIB
Elder Scrolls Skyrim Collector's Edition CIB
Fallout 3 Collector's Edition CIB
Fifa 12 CIB
Fifa 12 CIB
Fifa 13 CIB
Fifa 14 CIB
Forza 3 / Halo ODST Double Pack CIB
GTA V No manual - only 1 insert
GTA V Collector's Edition CIB
Just Dance 3 CIB
Just Dance 3 CIB
LA Noire Discs only
Madden 25 CIB
Madden 25 no manual
MX Vs. ATV Alive CIB
MX Vs. ATV Reflex CIB
Naruto Rise of a Ninja sealed
NBA Ballers Chosen One No manual
NBA NK11 no manual
NBA NK13 no manual
NBA NK13 no manual
NHL 13 no manual
NHL 13 no manual
NHL 14 no manual
Pocket Bike Racer Sealed
Rock Band 2 CIB
Shadow of Mordor Discs and manual. No game art
Skate No manual
Skate 2 Disc only
Skylanders Giants No manual
Sneak King Sealed
Soul Calibur IV Disc only
Table Tennis CIB
Tansformers War For Cybertron No manual - art is sun faded
The Wolf Among Us No manual
Tomb Raider Collector's Edition CIB
Witcher 2 disc 1 only
Xbox One
Game Notes
Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2019
Dragonball Xenoverse XV
Fifa 14
Fifa 15
Fifa 15
Fifa 16
Madden 15
Madden 15
Madden 16
Madden 17
NBA 2k15
NBA 2k16
NHL 15
NHL 15
The Division disc only
The Wolf Among Us
This is the Police
Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2
Tempest 4000
Rory McIlroy PGA Tour
Sega CD Games
Game Notes
Slam City Box w/ all 4 Discs, no manual
Fifa Soccer Case and manual, no game
Corpse Killer CIB
PSP Games
Game Notes
Daxter Greatest Hits CIB
Jeanne D'Arc demo disc NFR Sealed
Game shield cover small umd protector (3x avail)
Monster hunter freedom umd only
Spiderman UMD Movie CIB
Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron CIB
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force CIB no cards
Amiibo are loose unless noteed
Amiibo Notes
32x Games
Game Notes
Moto Cross
Virtua Racing Label damage
Super Famicom
Game Notes
Chrono Trigger CIB
Derby Stallion 3 cart only
Dragon Ball Z CIB
Dragon Ball Z 2 CIB
Dragon Quest I & II CIB
Dragon Quest III CIB
Excite Stage 94 cart only
Excite Stage 96 cart only
Exhaust Heat CIB
F1 Grand Prix Part 3 CIB
Family / Famista Stadium 4 Baseball cart only
Fire Emblem Genealogy Of Holy War CIB
Kirby Super Star CIB
Motoko's Wonder Kitchen cart only
Mountain Stream King Fishing cart only
Pachi Slot Monogatari: Universal Special cart only
Prime Goal 3 cart only
Rockman X2 cart only
Sim City 2000 cart only
Space Bazooka CIB
Space Invaders cart only
Street Fighter II CIB
Super bomberman 2 cart only
Super Bomberman 3 CIB
Super Donkey Kong cart only
Super Goal! 2 (aka Takeda Nobuhiro no Super Cup Soccer) CIB
Super Kyukyoku Harikiri Stadium cart only
Super Zugan 2 cart only
Yoshi's Safari CIB
Yoshi's Safari CIB
Japanese N64 Games
Game Notes
1080 Snowboarding CIB
1080 Snowboarding cart only
Animal Crossing / Doubutsu no Mori cart only
Baku Bomberman cart only
Banjo Kazooie cart only
Banjo Kazooie 2 CIB - excellent condition
Banjo Kazooie 2 CIB - small writing on front of box
Bass Tsuri No. 1 Shigesato Ito Fishing cart only
Blast Dozer cart only
Bomberman 2 Baku cart only
Bomberman Hero CIB
Custom Robo V1 cart only
Custom Robo V2 cart only
Densha De Go cart only
Derby stallion 64 cart only
Derby stallion 64 CIB
Diddy Kong Racing cart only
Donkey Kong 64 cart only
Donkey Kong 64 CIB
Donkey Kong 64 Big box - No expansion pak items (insert, pak, or box). Otherwise CIB
Doraemon 2 Temple of Light cart only
Excitebike 64 cart only
F-Zero X cart only
Famista Family Stadium Baseball cart only
Famista Family Stadium Baseball CIB
Ganbare Nippon Olympic 2000 cart only
Goemon Mystical Ninja cart only
Goldeneye 007 cart only
Harvest Moon 2 cart only
Hey You Pikachu Big box - CIB w/ VRU
Hey You Pikachu Big box - missing inserts and smaller game box. Includes game + vru
Hey You Pikachu cart only
Hiru No Ken Twin Flying Dragon cart only
Human Grand Prix cart only
Human Grand Prix CIB
J League 1999 Perfect Striker 2 cart only
J League Perfect Striker cart only
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2000 cart only
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 2001 cart only
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 4 cart only
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 5 cart only
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 6 cart only
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 6 Boxed - no manual
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 6 CIB
Jikkyou World Soccer 3 cart only
Kirby The Crystal Shards CIB
Kirby The Crystal Shards CIB w/ extra control guide "hyper copy technique"
Kirby The Crystal Shards cart only
Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask cart only
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time cart only
Magical Tetris Challenge Featuring Mickey CIB
Mahjong Master cart only
Mario Golf cart only
Mario Golf CIB
Mario Kart 64 cart only
Mario Party 1 cart only
Mario Party 2 cart only
Mario Party 2 Boxed - no manual
Mario Party 2 CIB
Mario Party 3 cart only
Mario Party 3 CIB
Mario Party 3 CIB
Mario Party 3 CIB
Mario RPG / Paper Mario cart only
Mario Tennis cart only
Mario Tennis CIB
MRC Mutli-Racing Championship cart only
Nushi Tsuri CIB
Nushi Tsuri cart only
Ogre Battle 64 cart only
Olympic Hockey 98 cart only
Ozumo Sumo Wrestling cart only
Pilotwings cart only
Pokemon Snap cart only
Pokemon Stadium cart only
Pokemon Stadium 2 Boxed - no manual
Pokemon Stadium 2 cart only
Pokemon Stadium Gold & Silver cart only
Pro League 64 Baseball cart only
Pro Mahjong Kiwame cart only
Pro Yakyu King of Pro Baseball cart only
Puyo Puyo Sun cart only
Robot Ponkottsu cart only
Shin Nihon Pro-wrestling Toukon Road Brave Spirits cart only
Snowboard Kids cart only
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer cart only
Star Wars Rogue Squadron CIB - outer box has some wear
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire cart only
Starfox 64 cart only
Super B-Daman Battle Phoneix cart only
Super Mario 64 cart only
Super Mario 64 Shindou / Rumble version cart only
Super Mario 64 Shindou / Rumble version CIB
Super Mario 64 Strategy Guide
Super Robot Taisen cart only
Super Smash Bros cart only
Super Smash Bros CIB
Tamagotchi World cart only
Tamagotchi World Boxed - no manual
Transformers Beast Wars cart only
Utchan Nanchan Flame Challenger cart only
Wave Race 64 cart only
Wonder Project J2 cart only
Yoshi Story cart only
Yoshi Story CIB
Yoshi Story Strategy Guide
Japanese Wii
Game Notes
Winning Eleven Play Maker 2013 CIB
Mario Strikers Charged CIB
Wii Simple 2000 Series Vol 2 The Party Game CIB
Donkey Kong Returns No manual
Your First Step to Wii No manual
Super Mario Collection No manual
Mario Super Sluggers No manual
Japanese Vita
Game Notes
Dynasty Warriors Next CIB
Exist Archive the Other Side of the Sky CIB
Fate Extella CIB
Fate Extella Regalia Box Missing extras - Just LE box and Vita case + game
Freedom Wars CIB
God Eater 2 CIB
God Eater 2 Rage Burst CIB
Gravity Daze (Gravity Rush) CIB - "The Best" version
Kaleido Eve CIB
Legend of Heroes Blende of Locus II Limited Edition CIB. CD still sealed
Monster Hunter Frontier G "Beginners Package" CIB
Persona 4 Golden CIB
Power Smash 4 CIB - "The Best" version
Professional Baseball Spirits 2013 CIB
Professional Baseball Spirits 2014 CIB
Ragnarok Odyssey CIB
Soul Sacrifice CIB
Super Robot Wars OG Taisen Saga 3 Pride of Justice CIB
Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment CIB
Sword Art Online Hollow Realization CIB
Sword Art Online Lost Song CIB
Sword Art Online Lost Song Limited Edition CIB - game itself sealed
Uta No Prince Sama Repeat Love Premium Princess Box Sealed
Utawareumono Mask of Truth CIB
Item Notes
Beatmania cart only
Beatmania cart only
Chocobo Mysterious Dungeon cart only w/ protector
Chocobo Mysterious Dungeon cart only w/ protector
Detective Conan Case Closed cart only
Digimon Adventure Anode Tamer cart only
Digimon Adventure Cathode Tamer cart only
Hataraku Chocobo CIB
Mahjong Touryuumon cart only w/ protector
Nice On Golf CIB - sticker residue on front of box
One Piece "From TV Animation" cart only w/ protector
Rockman & Forte cart only w/ protector
Super Robot Taisen Compact cart only w/ protector
Super Robot Taisen Compact cart only w/ protector
Tarepanda no Gunpey cart only w/ protector
Trump Collection cart only w/ protector
Vaitz Blade cart only w/ protector
Vaitz Blade cart only w/ protector
Wonder Stadium 99 cart only w/ protector
Wonderswan Color
Item Notes
Digimon Tamers Battle Spirit cart only
Digimon Tamers Battle Spirit cart only w/ protector
Digimon Tamers Digimon Medley cart only
Final Fantasy CIB
Final Fantasy CIB
Final Fantasy CIB
Final Fantasy cart only w/ protector
Final Fantasy II CIB
Final Fantasy II CIB
Final Fantasy II CIB
Final Fantasy II CIB
Final Fantasy II cart only w/ protector
Final Fantasy II cart only w/ protector
Hunter x Hunter Determination CIB
Hunter x Hunter Determination cart only
Hunter x Hunter Determination cart only
Inuyasha Kagome's Dream Diary cart only
Kinnikuman Nisei Choujin Seisenshi cart only
Mobile Suit Gundam Vol. 1 Side 7 cart only
One Piece Grand Battle cart only w/ protector
One Piece Treasure Niji no Shima Densetsu cart only
SD Gundam G Generation Mono Eye Gundams cart only w/ protector
Shaman King Asue no Ishi cart only w/ protector
Japanese PS1
Item Notes
Arc the Lad I CIB w/ Spine card
Arc the Lad I CIB
Arc the Lad II CIB w/ Stickers
Bakusou Dekotora Densetsu Art Truck Battle CIB
Bastard Utsuronaru Kamigami no Utsuwa CIB
Beatmania CIB
Beatmania Append 4th Mix CIB w/ Spine card
Beatmania Append Gotta Mix CIB w/ Spine card
Bomberman Land Manual + Disc + Blank jewel Case
Bomberman Wars CIB
Breeding Stud CIB w/ Spine card
Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon CIB
Cyber Sled CIB
Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) 2nd Remix Append Club Ver 1 CIB
Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) 2nd Remix Append Club Ver 2 CIB
Densha De Go CIB
Derby Stallion 99 CIB
Dragon Quest VII CIB w/ Spine card
DX Jinsei Game II Game of Life CIB
DX Monopoloy No manual
DX Nippon Tokkyou Ryokou Game Let's Travel Japan CIB
Fighting Illusion K-1 GP 2000 CIB
Final Fantasy Tactics CIB
Final Fantasy V CIB
Final Fantasy VIII CIB
Fist of the North Star CIB
Gekitotsu Toma L'Arc: Tomarunner vs L'Arc-en-Ciel CIB
GPM Gunparade March CIB
Gucho de Park CIB
Gundam the Battle Master CIB
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone CIB
Honkaku Mahjong Tetsumen Special CIB "Best" version
Hots Shots Golf 2 CIB
I.Q Final CIB
Itadaki Street Gorgeous King CIB
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 95 CIB
Kawa no Nushi Tsuri: Hikyou o Motomete Disc only
Kileak the Blood CIB
Kouryuu Sangoku Engi CIB
Martial Beat CIB
Mingo Country Club Golf CIB w/ Spine card
Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counter Attack CIB
Monster Farm CIB
Moon Remix CIB
Pass Max 2 CIB
Pocket Fighter CIB + Pocket fighter stickered memory card
Pop'n Music 6 CIB
Pop'n Music 6 CIB
Puyo Puyo 2 CIB w/ Stickers
Quest for Fame Aerosmith Big Box Complete w/ Pick
Rockman X4 CIB
Rockman X5 CIB w/ Spine card
Rockman X6 CIB
RPG Maker 3 CIB
SaGa Frontier I CIB
SD Gundam G Generation CIB
Shin Super Robot Taisen CIB
Simulation Zoo CIB
Super Robot Wars F CIB
Tales of Destiny CIB w/ Spine card
Tales of Eternia CIB
Tenchu Shinobi Hyakusen CIB w/ Spine card
Tennis no Oji-Sama: Sweat and Tears CIB
Tetsunoko Fight CIB w/ Spine card
The Chess Simple 1500 Series Vol 9 CIB
The Crown is For You Baseball CIB w/ Spine card
The Fifth Element CIB
The King of Fighters 95 CIB
The Tetris SuperLite 1500 CIB
Thirteen of Black / Kuro No Juusan CIB
Tokyo Majin Gakuen Gehoujou High School Limited Edition CIB
Trap Gunner CIB w/ Spine card
Wedding Peach Doki Doki Oironaosi CIB
Japanese PS2
Item Notes
Canvas 2 Rainbow Color Sktech CIB
D.C. II P.S. Da Capo II Plus DX Box Set CIB
Dragon Ball Z 3 CIB
Everybody's Golf 3 CIB
Final Fantasy XI Special Art Box CIB
Gachinko Pro Yakyuu Professional Baseball CIB
Gekikuukan Pro Yakyuu At the End of the Century 1999 CIB
Gundam Musou Special CIB
Kamen Rider Blade CIB
Kanokon: Esuii CIB
Kao no nai Tsuki Select Story DX Edition CIB
Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! Let's Ansatsu!? CIB
Mahjong Taikai III Millenium League Disc only
Mobile Suit Gundam CIB
Mobile Suit Gundam Climax U.C. CIB
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed CIB
Mobile Suit Gundam VS Z Gundam CIB
Mobile Suit Gundam Z: AEUG vs. Titans CIB
Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon DX CIB
Mystic Heroes - Chou Battle Housin CIB
Naruto: Uzumaki Ninden Chronicles CIB
Onimusha CIB
Puyo Puyo 2 Perfect Set CIB
Ratchet & Clank CIB
Ratchet & Clank 2 Going Commando (GaGaGa!) CIB "The Best" version
Ratchet & Clank 3 CIB "The Best" version
SD Gundam G Generation Neo CIB
SD Gundam G Generation Seed CIB
SD Gundam G Generation Spirits CIB
Shin Onimusha Dawn of Dreams CIB
Soul Eater Battle Resonance CIB
Sui Year Zun Sweet Season CIB
Taiko Risshiden IV CIB
The Prince of Tennis Smash Hit! 2 CIB
To Heart CIB
Viewtiful Joe A New Hope CIB
Japanese PS3
Item Notes
Power Smash 3 Virtua Tennis CIB
Tales of Vesperia CIB - "The Best" version
Wining Eleven 2013 CIB
Japanese PS4
Item Notes
Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online Limited Edition CIB
Pokemon game wants (NTSC/US)
GBC pokemon crystal cart
GBA pokemon fire red cart
DS pokemon pearl CIB or cart only
3DS Pokemon Ultra Moon CIB
Gamecube Pokemon Colosseum CIB (main game, not bonus disc)
PS5 Wants
Neptunia Reverse
Record of Lodoss Wonder Labyrinth
Kena bridge of spirits
Star Ocean
Valkyrie Elysium
Potentially other PS5 Offers
Box/Case/Manual wants
2DS XL Pokeball Edition Box & Inserts only
Code of Princess EX - Switch Case
DS Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - case and manual
DS Chocobo Tales - case and manual
DS Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - case and manual
DS pokemon white 2 Case and manual
DS pokemon black - Case and manual
DS Shin Megami Tensai Devil Survivor 2 - Case and manual only
Harvest Moon DS - case + manual
New Nintendo 3DS XL Galaxy Edition Box & Inserts only
Mario & Luigi Dream League 3DS XL Box & Inserts only
Mario Power Tennis Gamecube - Case + Manual
Phantasy star 1 & 2 plus gamecube - manual only
Pikmin 2 gamecube - manual only
Pokemon Channel Gamecube - Case and Manual
3DS Pokemon Art Academy - Case and manual
Pokemon XY Red 3DS XL Box & Inserts only
Puppeteer PS3 - Manual only
Other wants
Capcom Fighting Collection - Switch
Chrono Trigger - DS complete with map or just the map
Dreamcast light gun - needs to be a US model that will work with house of the dead 2.
Enter the gungeon - Switch
F-Zero - Looks for Gamecube (cib for gcn) and N64 cart
Final Fantasy 1 - NES cart
Final Fantasy XI collectables - open to offers if you have any
Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Final Bar Line - Switch
Fire Emblem games for 3DS
Ikaruga - Gamecube
Katamari Games - Looking for the Vita, Xbox 360, and PS2.
Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Switch
Kirby Return to Dreamland Deluxe - Switch
Legend of Zelda offers - open to offers on non explicitly stated zelda games, merch/items, etc.
Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks - DS CIB
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom - Switch
Muramasa - PS Vita
Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol 1 - Switch
PS2 Light gun offers - looking for Light Gun games such as the time crisis series and a guncon for ps2.
Rabi-Ribi - PS4/Vita
Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty PS3 (physical version, I think it's PAL exclusive)
Ratchet and Clank Vita Collection (physical version, I think it's PAL exclusive)
Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash All service edition - PS4
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Switch
Tales Games for PS3 - Looking for Xilia 2 and Graces F
Tornado Outbreak - PS3
Virtual Boy - looking for a working system and some games (need system before game offers)
Wii U - Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - special edition
Wii U - HD Windwaker Limited Edition (the one with the figure/statue)
Ys games CIB (mostly looking for PSP and older)
Zone of the Enders HD Collection - PS3
In the rare event anyone has a IIDX DJ DAO Phoenix Wan controller they want to swap I am looking for one.
Looking to work towards complete collection for Wii U - feel free to send offers for Wii U games you may be looking to trade off. Only interested in CIB items.
Potentially open to PS3-5/Vita/PSP/N64/GCN/Switch/3DS/DS offers. I am primarily interested in JRPGs (especially action RPGs), 2D platformers/action games, arcadey games, schmups, beat em ups, etc., but feel free to send me a list to look at!
Willing to consider Pokemon TCG trades as well (English or Japanese, singles/slabs/sealed)
I am not interested in digital codes for games (primarily seeking to add to physical collection).
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2023.03.22 03:28 AyyBasha07 obstinate baloth

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2023.03.22 02:58 Stenv2 Twofer! A Watts What If, followed by a bit of a ramble.

Ramble will be at the very end. That way it doesn't get in the way of the satire XD.

What If for some reason, Watts never left Atlas, and joined up with Salem for whatever reason? (Also plot Twist something similiar like this will happen in the IronDaddy AU, but we will get there when we get there. This is Satire though, because I will try and make some funny jokes XD)

Watts: How dare you pick Pietro over me?!
Ironwood: Okay... but... hmm... Thinks about it. Why are you upset again?
Watts: Because Pietro isn't better than me! He's an incompetent fool!
Ironwood: Okay... How about we put that to the test?
Watts: Hushes... his ego intrigued.
Ironwood: So you want to prove you're a master genius yeah?
Watts: I AM!
Ironwood: So.. you remember Mt Glenn yeah?
Watts: That failed project? He scoffs
Ironwood: It's been no secret that for some time, Atlas has been the cutting edge of technology in all of Remnant. We have the best weapons, the best soldiers. But... We alone can't do everything.
So what I propose Arthur. Is that you bring Vale up to Atlas' level.
Watts:.. He smirks and laughs Oh the council will just love that I'm sure. He crosses his arms knowing they clearly won't.
Ironwood: So... He turns around, hiding his smirk the best he can. You're saying you can't do it... without them noticing?
Watts bolts upright from his chair.
Ironwood: Good then I will let you take the resources and team you need. If you run into any troubles, you can call Professor Ozpin, and tell him that you're doing something for me.
Also I've given you a great cover story as well.
Watts: Wot?
Ironwood: You will be a part time teacher at Signal Combat School. Wouldn't want this too easy now would we?

Volume One

Roman: NANI?!
Gets a laser to the face, as Ruby hums a tune with her very futuristic looking Crescent Rose.
Ruby: Yey.
Cinder tries to shoot a fireball, but Ruby activates the built in forcefield, just in time for Glynda to arrive, and Cinder sweats. Then the turrets of the ship turn on her, and electrocute her, knocking her out.
Watts: Not your uncle! But... Your welcome...
Neo: ...
Emerald: Fuck where are they? It's been impossible to steal any dust already.
Mercury: Probably got caught.
Later during the stray arc, it looks like Roman and Cinder escaped but they were robot duplicates, that followed them to the white fang hideout, and well Watts' robot army siezed everyone.
Hazel: Well... we still have a huge number of Grimm...
TV turns on.
Watts: My name is Arthur Watts, and people of Remnant, thanks to your efforts and mine. Mostly Mine, I have revolutionized technology, presenting my watt drones, sleeker, mobile, with advanced weaponry and utility they can be everywhere, but most importantly I present....
THE SHERLOCK CARRIER!!!!Salem's jaw drops at the sheer size of the massive battleship, that's as big as all of Atlas combined.
Salem clicks off her TV.
Hazel: So... I will go get the ice cream...
Tyrian: Gets Salem her depression blanket.

To Be Continued.

And a Ramble, and yes u/Ben10EXtreme, it will probably not be short

Rando: So Sten. Why don't you ever compare RWBY Ships to other Ships?
Stenv: Because there's nothing to really compare.
Rando: Bu-
Stenv: Look it's one thing to compare characters, and I try to often get characters that have had legit bad writing moments, but just enough good. To show yeah, sure you can have bad stuff but that doesn't mean it needs to stay bad.
Action in RWBY, well yeah the Monty stuff still holds up to this day.
But ships? Hell no!
Rando: But Arkos was cute and the songs!!!!
Dragon!Cinder: Laughs herself to near death.
Rando: Bu-but-BUT!
Stenv: No. Look I am going to be brutally blunt. People can like their ships. But for me personally, meaning don't take my word as law.
RWBY ships are... they will never be more than oh that's cute to me.
See... Some ships in RWBY have actual good chemistry. Ruby and Penny for example.
But None have legit Substance.
Rando: Well that's...
Stenv: Sonic x Sally, it may never come back, even if i hope Sally and the Freedom Fighters do come back. But I will give one instance that blows every RWBY ship out of the water, to show you why it's unfair to compare RWBY ships to other ships. But I am not unfair. I will give you One chance to defend a ship of your choice.
Rando: Uhhhh Lancaster!
Stenv: Uuu I like that one, you already have a good brownie point there.
Randi: But I thought you preferred NutsandDolts?
Stenv: Yes. Absolutely, but that doesn't mean I'm only going to have one Ruby Ship.
Rando: Either way! So Jaune was her first friend at Beacon! She inspired him when no one else could in the Bully Arc! They have nicknames for each other! Craterface and VomitBoy!
And they're both trying their best to be heroes! To live up to a legacy, and had each other's backs all the way to Atlas! So yeah! Fuck you Stenv!
Stenv: Hmm neat. Anything else?
Rando: Uhhh.... well... I...
Stenv: Did Ruby ever call him handsome or anything?
Rando:... Well no...
Stenv: In fact as a friend told me, Blake was gushing over him as the rusted knight, and Weiss apparently considered him handsome.
Rando: Well... Ruby said he was nice... in the exam...
Stenv: Look you can still like it... but lemme give you just one example. I could do two, but that would be a massacare. CINDER!
Dragon!Cinder: Huh?!
Stenv: Could I get a solid, and could you light the fire place? It's story time.
She lights the fire, and then Rando and Randi grab their plushies and sit down, as Stenv takes out a few comic books.
Stenv: So this is from what is known as the Genesis Arc, a good reference to the Sega Genesis.
But for backstory, long ago in Flynns run, Eggman had nearly triumphed, he burned Knothole Village to the ground, all hope seemed lost for Sonic and friends.
But Amy and Tails, managed to get him back on his feet, and stop him from being reckless.
And with a second wind, and his spirit not broken. He fought the mad doctor. And much like how Sonic nearly broke, Sonic managed to actually break the eggman down, driving him into a catatonic insanity!
Rando: Holy shit!
Stenv: Indeed. But Sonic couldn't bring himself to finish Eggman off, for even inspite of everything Eggman had done and would continue to do. Sonic isn't that type of man, he is an in the moment kind of guy.
And seeing Eggman in that state, he could still feel sympathy even for someone like him.
And for a time, Eggman was out of the equation.
But no... that wasn't the end... he rationalized his way out of insanity... and gained a new darker more insidious outlook.
For he theorized the true reason why he could never win. Sonic was pure chaos itself. So instead of simply trying to rid himself of the hero.. he would rid himself of the things he could deal with...
Randi: Shivers as she can practically feel the mad doctor's laugh.
Stenv: So he built up the new and improved Death Egg, proofed against magic, a mecha that could fight specific magic users that could control tech, a city destroying egg laser, fleets of drones that could keep any back up from helping Sonic and Sally as they raided the death egg.
Improved encryption that could even delay the best hacker, Nicole.
And the coup de gras, a world roboticizer...
But that wasn't his main goal...
No he wanted to reset all of reality... to make the world once more vulnerable to roboticization. Turning everyone into his robotic slaves...
And he succeeded, but not before Sally Acorn was gunned down.
Dragon!Cinder: NO!
Stenv: Yes... but that's the thing about universal resets, she was alive there. But at first Sonic and Sally didn't have their memories back, but there was still that attraction but more importantly as time kept building between them, not just because of the constant flirting.
But there was a connection that made their togetherness feel right. And that connection helped Sonic regain his memories and overcome the rebooted Eggman.
But even as Sonic was restoring the universe back to normal with seconds to spare, to go save Sally. They had one more goodbye to each other, and even though everything was uncertain... Sally believed they would be fine.. .and when the universe was reset back to normal.
Sonic saved Sally. But on one of the windows? Was a message Sonic had wrote for Sally in the other Timeline.
Their love was so strong, it survived two universal resets.
Rando:.... Holy shit...
Stenv: But yes... That's why I can never compare RWBY Ships to other Ships, all RWBY ships have is cute factor, nothing more. It's sad but true.
Hell even Tangle and Whisper despite Sega Mandates trying to deny that. Still has more substance despite not being official, like Bumblebee is supposedly. But they earned it more, so hopefully one day Sega will relent.
But that's enough, lets go back to playing video games.
Randi: I get to pick Jigglypuff in Smas-
Everyone starts beating her up. Dragon!Cinder devouring her!
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2023.03.22 02:35 mvea The official Reddit twitter account tweeted just "Cone" to Eric Bateman's tweet announcing his Gen 3 involvement. We have reached peak meme.

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2023.03.22 02:34 mvea The official Reddit twitter account tweeted just "Cone" to Eric Bateman's tweet announcing his Gen 3 involvement. We have reached peak meme.

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