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San Mateo County, California: news, events, questions, observations

2013.10.21 06:21 secaa23 San Mateo County, California: news, events, questions, observations

A place to discuss all things related to life in San Mateo county in Northern California. Covering the cities and communities of San Mateo County, from Daly City in the north, to Redwood City in the southeast, and to Pescadero in the southwest, and everything in between.

2012.02.16 20:50 OnceNeverAgain San Mateo

San Mateo is a city in San Mateo County, California, approximately 20 miles (32 km) south of San Francisco, and 31 miles (50 km) northwest of San Jose. San Mateo had an estimated 2018 population of 105,025.

2013.11.05 00:10 Foster City, CA

Foster City in San Mateo County, California

2023.03.22 07:55 information390 My skating lessons journal

If anyone wants to share their skating journey too in the comments, feel free to do so!
So far I've done 5/6 of the group lessons. It's been so frightening yet fun at the same time lol.
I can't believe on day one I skated with the wall for the first few minutes, and now I can do swizzles forwards and back, skate forwards and back, skate around cones on one foot using the inner and outer edge a bit, and stop (if going slowly) on left foot, right foot, and both feet. I'm surprised at the progress I made and it feels so rewarding!
I'm the most experienced out of the small beginner group, so the coach told me a couple lessons ago I could join the intermediate group, but they were practicing CROSSOVERS, so I stuck to the beginner group to play it safe. The coach suggested switching groups again today since she thought I was doing well, so I anxiously said sure... Wow, I thought I was good since I was the fastest in the beginner group, but I got humbled so fast being now the slowest HAH.
We started off practicing crossovers/the beginning steps to it and I feel so bad for being the person slowing everyone down as there was a whole line behind me for a second before I skated further out the circle to let others pass :'). I was practicing skating in a circle with the outer foot doing swizzles and my brain was so confused– the coach kept telling me to lean more towards the inner circle, but my body said "Nope, not happening. You're probably gonna fall."
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2023.03.22 07:55 DutchTinCan Am I really that far off on Hygge's value? I thought Sphinx was also "up there"?

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2023.03.22 07:55 mrnitelite GameStop…. Don’t stop!

This is just the start! Now the wheel is turning our beloved $GME needs to use this fabulous foundation to 1) make further, regular POSITIVE announcements (Bobby?) 2) continue to challenge the ‘old guard’… and 3) needs us to remain loyal and keep the company we love in profit by supporting them more than ever before…. Hedigies r fukt let’s see how many change their tune today… fuk hedgies, fuk coke head and let’s fuk ing go 🚀🚀🚀
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2023.03.22 07:55 RAYNY11 What it takes to stay top 500

Today I just found out I am currently top 500 in competitive !! Mystery heroes but still excited. I’m currently 427 and rlly want to finish at least one season in this game as top 500 however I am worried on how much I got to keep up to stay top 500. I’m sure MH comp is much less demanding to stay top 500 than regular comp but I can’t help but feel that not playing or winning for even a day can make me drop top 500 entirely.
I was wondering how demanding it is mentally to stay top 500, is it something I need to grind and win everyday, would I be fine not playing for days. I mentally feel like I’m dropping every minute it’s scary 😭. Weird question ik but I’d appreciate some feedback as someone yet to ever make top 500 thanks.
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2023.03.22 07:55 magicplanet1212 [DOWNLOAD] Pavel Tsatsouline – Kettlebells StrongFirst

DOWNLOAD: Pavel Tsatsouline – Kettlebells StrongFirst
Get Into Your Best Fighting Shape By Pavel Tsatsouline.
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What You’ll Learn In Kettlebells StrongFirst
You do not have to be a fighter to train like one. Elite fighters are known for their explosive power, crushing grip, bullet-proof abs, ruthless endurance, and single digit bodyfat. Only one training tool can deliver it all in one tight package the Russian kettlebell.
We invited the #1 expert, Pavel Tsatsouline who started the kettlebell revolution, to design an aggressive minimalist program for our black belts—and now we make it available to you.
Learn the highest yield exercises and revolutionary programming:
Kettlebells StrongFirst. Get ready for the fights of your life.
DOWNLOAD: Pavel Tsatsouline – Kettlebells StrongFirst
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2023.03.22 07:54 PsychNeck_Ash A few days ago there was a huge hue and cry in every reditt page about Tamilians being anti Indians and that they specifically targetting hindi speaking migrants over some news which later turned out to be false.Today saw this but there's no selective anger from redittor's side ?

A few days ago there was a huge hue and cry in every reditt page about Tamilians being anti Indians and that they specifically targetting hindi speaking migrants over some news which later turned out to be false.Today saw this but there's no selective anger from redittor's side ?
Why no anger is being shown, as was shown at the time of TN's case?
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2023.03.22 07:54 Beautyforever-Hair The Hottest Trend Highlighted Wigs

Wigs have become a popular accessory in the world of hair fashion, and with the rise of synthetic wigs, it’s easier than ever to achieve a desired look without causing any damage to your natural hair. One of the hottest trends in hair fashion today is the highlighted wig and the lace front wig. These two types of wigs offer a level of versatility and customization that has made them incredibly popular among fashion-conscious individuals. In this article, we’ll explore why highlighted wigs and lace front wigs are the hottest trend in hair fashion.

Highlighted Wigs

Highlighted wigs are a popular choice for people who want to add dimension and depth to their hair color without committing to a permanent hair dye. These wigs feature strands of hair that have been dyed in lighter shades than the base color of the wig. Creating a multi-tonal effect that mimics natural hair. This technique is particularly popular in blonde wigs, where highlights can create a sun-kissed effect.
Highlighted wigs offer a level of customization that is hard to achieve with natural hair. With a highlighted wig, you can experiment with different colors and styles without any long-term commitment. Additionally, these wigs are a great way to add volume and dimension to your hair without damaging your natural hair with excessive styling or dyeing.
Another benefit of highlighted wigs is that they can be styled just like natural hair. You can use heat styling tools to create curls, waves, or straight styles that will hold their shape just like natural hair. And because these wigs are made from high-quality synthetic materials. They are incredibly durable and can withstand the rigors of daily wear.
Highlighted wigs are the hottest trend in hair fashion today. Offering a level of versatility and customization that is hard to achieve with natural hair. Highlighted wigs offer a multi-tonal effect that can add volume and dimension to your hair without damaging your natural hair. They are incredibly durable and can withstand the rigors of daily wear. Whether you’re looking to experiment with a new hair color or style, or you’re experiencing hair loss, a highlighted wig.
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2023.03.22 07:53 Pie77 'Fire code safety issues' close Marvel Avengers exhibit in Burnaby temporarily

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2023.03.22 07:53 highschoolgiraffe 28 [M4M] Make me happy?

I'm having a depressive episode recently.
Looking for cute and pogi boys to make me smile. It might take awhile to make me happy. Let me know what achievement you've done recently, whether big or small. Wholesome muna, we can proceed to something more if we vibe.
Check my other posts for my description, not in the mood to retype it today.
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2023.03.22 07:53 Bad-at-Coding How has it affected you over the years?

I'm a guy, 27 recently made a comment on a thread that made me think about it for the first time in a long time.
10 years ago we got together, everything was fine for the first few months but then she became paranoid, controlling, and physically abusive. It started when I would visit her while her parents were out and she would hit me if I cooked something the wrong way, and after deep conversations about our insecurities she would make fun of them. One time I had a cold and couldn't meet her in town 3 miles away to walk her back to mine so she turned up at mine, came upstairs, and poured fresh coffee over me while I was still in bed. I really did love her though and she would always say sorry.
I got a place at a university on the other side of the country (UK) and would visit her on weekends. I came back with bruises and scratches. My flatmates knew the cause and tried to make me see sense but I didn't listen.
I was on fluoxetine (Prozac in America I think) and my sex drive plummeted. If I wasn't in the mood she would choke me, scratch my neck, and hit me with books or anything nearby, or threaten to call 999 and tell them I forced myself onto her. Afterwards she would threaten to go to the authorities if I left her as there would be recent evidence of intercourse.
After over a year of this I somehow made some good friends and one day just ghosted her completely, then spent months feeling like I had made the biggest mistake of my life until I could look back on it objectively. I made a promise to myself that I would never be hurt again, got into self improvement and started following a lot of PUA gurus and redpill, just before the media picked up on its controversy. I built my confidence back while trying to enjoy random hookups, every time I felt like I was winning some sort of mind game with the random girl and getting back at my ex when really they probably just liked me.
Unfortunately theres some things I can't get rid of sexually - a girl dug her nails in too hard once and I almost had a panic attack, same with lip biting, or any sort of pain in the bedroom that's supposed to be kinky. My current partner asked me to be less gentle the first time we slept together and I had to explain why I felt sick thinking about intentionally causing any sort of pain to someone I have feelings for.
It's been 10 years and every now and again I look her up on social media. She's doing well in her career, and she has a new boyfriend every now and again. I hope she's different now and isn't causing them pain, though I would be lying if I said I didn't sometimes make all her threats over FB public for everyone to see.
It took years for me to get past what she did and though I accept what happened and wouldn't be the person I am today by getting through it in one piece, I can't help but imagine where I would be if I had never asked her to go with me to a fireworks display on bonfire night.
Anyone else want to vent? Ive always been vague with people when talking about it so this is the first time I've put it into words, mods please delete if it's irrelevant/innapropriate
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2023.03.22 07:53 zando_calrissian I think I fucked up… screamed at a customer, chased them out of my dive bar with an empty bottle ready to smack them…. But he fucking deserved it.

This guy has been coming to my place for about 6 months. At first he’s trying to get on my good side but when I lay down the law and tell him it’s last call or closing time it’s a different story. He kicks off with “I’ve met the owner” “I’ve had a drink here after hours before”
Last time he was here, he went behind the bar after we stopped serving and claimed it was to get a napkin, I screamed at him then but I forgave him ultimately cuz he was drunk.
Today, he came back for the first time since that going behind the bar incident. He was a passive aggressive dick. At one point saying “you’re only getting a dollar today” and tipping me exactly that.
Deja vu, I’m trying to get him out and he’s trying to explain why he knows he is allowed to stick around after hours. He wouldn’t budge so I just exploded.
Anger leaves me feeling shame. And I hate the fact I got my bar a bad yelp review. But fuck that guy in the eye hole.
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2023.03.22 07:53 the_pinky243 Joined rugby

I had my first practice today, and I won't lie it was pretty fun. It's my first time playing, so I still have yet to learn everything. We're still in our school gym until the snow out on the field finishes melting, so we haven't started tackling. What I've done so far is pretty damn fun, but I'm still nervous about tacking, being pretty much the smallest person on the team, so I don't know what to expect. As long as I can contribute to my team I'll be happy, but we'll see since this is my first time.
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2023.03.22 07:53 gasmonitorcompetence Golden Rule for Workers to Follow While Entering Confined Spaces

Golden Rule for Workers to Follow While Entering Confined Spaces
Utility workers who perform jobs like cleaning manholes frequently get trapped inside. Firefighters get severely injured while they try to put out fires. Such accidents happen due to lack of awareness and training. They often forget the basics like carrying air packs or wearing masks which could have kept them alive. This explains why companies should invest in training programs to enrich the knowledge of workers and perfect their professional skills.
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2023.03.22 07:53 Alternative_Sink_42 I’m one day sober today

I’m trying to get over a really bad relapse, and today is the first day I’ve been sober in a while. Baby steps :)
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2023.03.22 07:52 affinityeducation370 High Standard of Medical Programs provided in Russian Universities Affinity Education

In today’s generation, there is so much competition in every field which makes an individual try so hard that he/she can be the center of attraction in their particular area of education. Today’s generation wants to be far more superior in their respective field especially if we talk about education majorly in the graduation courses like BBA, MBA, MBBS, and M-Tech. etc.
Most of the top-notch universities for doing MBBS in Russia are settled for the future of the aspirants or students. Some of the top universities in Russia which make marks in the student career in a related field are:
a) Crimea Federal University
b) Chuvash State Medical University
c) Bashkir State Medical University
d) Tver State Medical University
e) Altai State Medical University
After doing MBBS in Russia it provides several opportunities to those students also who are looking to complete their graduation from outside their own country or say who want to complete MBBS abroad.

Source Url:
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2023.03.22 07:52 SnooCrickets180 Double Degree in Business and Information Systems: Worthwhile Investment or Waste of time?

Hello! I'm a first-semester student pursuing a double degree in Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Information Systems.While I've been enjoying my studies, I've received discouraging comments from others who believe that these degrees aren't particularly useful. Although I'm still enjoying my coursework, I'm concerned about investing the next four years of my life into something that may not be beneficial for my future.
What are your thoughts on the usefulness of these degrees in today's job market? Are there any particular career paths or industries where these degrees are highly valued? Any insights, experiences, or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.22 07:52 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator Program (Complete Latest Updated Course) + More

Iman Gadzhi Agency Navigator for 25 USD
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Today’s course is Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator 2022 Updated.
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Here's the list of the bundle :

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2023.03.22 07:51 EchoJobs Notable is hiring Frontend Engineer San Francisco, CA San Mateo, CA [TypeScript Node.js GCP PostgreSQL Kubernetes Python React Swift]

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2023.03.22 07:51 Sumve [BOTW] I refuse to believe people actually like this game

It's 2023 and I finally decided to try the best game of all time according to thousands of people.
After years of playing almost exclusively competitive multiplayer games, I decided to buy a Nintendo Switch with a handful of relaxing games that were consistently recommended by everyone just to remind myself why I played video games in the first place.
Let's start off by saying, no my view of this game was not the byproduct of hype poisoning.
Mario Odyssey was hyped by everyone and the bar was set unreasonably high, yet that game still impressed me even with the high expectations people created for me.
With that out of the way, Breath of the Wild so far has been the most mind numbing, tedious, drawn out and sluggish journey I've ever tried to enjoy.
Because that's really what it is. I'm trying to enjoy it rather than the enjoyment coming naturally.
Breath of the Wild is a game that makes you feel like you never have enough time to play it, even if you do.
  1. The massive open world only feels massive because of the sluggish and time gated character
This game only truly feels like an adventure because it's an adventure to walk 20 feet without
feeling like you deserve to unlock an achievement for having the patience.
You can literally drown by swimming, and I'm not exaggerating even slightly, 15-20ft in the water.
As supposedly a reincarnated hero from legend destined to save the world, you would think
running or swimming for more than 8 seconds would be a reasonable feat.
I'm genuinely deterred from exploring because I know it will be at minimum 20 minutes for me to
reach my destination, especially when that destination is highly vague.

  1. The weapons break sometimes if you even think about equipping them.
This game uses a neural network interface, and if you even so much as consider a weapon to be
interesting, it instantly shatters into a million pieces before you even equip it.

Finally conquered that dungeon and found yourself a cool new weapon?
Don't even think about using it because that would actually be fun, and the masochistic
developers who designed this game are allergic to fun.

  1. BOTW controls are designed by and for people who have never played another video game.
The immersion of fighting an enemy is usually ruined, because the true battle is always against
the controls.

Managing my inventory feels like I'm playing through the fire and flames on guitar hero, and
simply adjusting my position while climbing a mountain requires a PhD in quantum physics.
I'll try to jump on my horse, and before I know it I've accidentally thrown and detonated a bomb
and dropped 3 weapons from my inventory.

  1. Speaking of the horse, I feel like I'm going to get a DUI every time I ride one.
Just when you think the controls literally could not get worse they manage to pull it off by
introducing the horse mechanics.
I have to choose between walking slower than my dead grandparents or riding a horse slower than
my dead grandparents. There's no way an actual programmer designed this. They allowed some
random office employee because it was his birthday or something to feel like they contributed to
the game by designing the horse mechanics.

  1. The motion control puzzles are public experiments designed to recruit surgeons.
If you manage to solve these motion control puzzles within the temple without breaking
everything in your house, you need to drop this game immediately and become a world renowned
surgeon, because that's what the tests were designed for.
Post about this online and I'm sure they'll reach out to you.
On a serious note, I would give everything in my bank account for 30 seconds in the cage with
whoever designed these torture devices.

  1. To put so much emphasis on exploration, the game genuinely punishes you for exploring. After
stumbling upon a shrine located at the top of a mountain, the puzzle was genuinely unsolvable
because I apparently visited the shrines in the wrong order.
Make the game linear and structured, or make the game explorative and free, not this bastardized
hybrid that does neither particularly well.

  1. There's no immersion in a single player RPG when I'm googling every 5 minutes where I'm
supposed to go.

The game doesn't feel navigationally intuitive, and naturally figuring out where to go has so far
been the hardest boss in the game.
Exploring naturally is possible, but once again this process is so tedious and drawn out that the
average intelligent person would just rather have some type of clear objective and path.

  1. The dialogue consists entirely of HO HO HO, HE HE HA, OHHH, and Huehuehuehue.
That was cool on Banjo Kazooie for N64 about 20 years ago.
You cannot honestly consider this game a contender for the GOAT of gaming history when we
have fully voice acted games. This isn't clever, or original, or whatever excuses the fanboyism
comes up with, it's literal and objective laziness disguised as a design choice.

  1. The amount of free time you have is directly proportional to the amount of praise you could
potentially give this game, which is the opposite format of what I'm used to.
It's almost not possible for a normal person with a normal schedule to sit down and enjoy BOTW
because of how tedious everything without exception in the game from beginning to end feels.
I'm playing it right now for free because a friend let me borrow it after claiming he never felt like
he had the time to make progress within the game.
After wandering for 20+ minutes straight one of those Octorok decided to Chris Kyle me in the
back of the head from across the map and I just closed the fucking game because I lost all
progress and wasted another half hour accomplishing nothing.

  1. The game is in 30 fps.
I know some of you are actually okay with this, which is honestly superiority complex inspiring,
but I'm sorry you cannot place this as a contender for greatest game of all time without it being
For context, the Sega Genesis was 60 fps in 1988 and 30fps for a real time combat game is
extremely jarring for someone who has used a 240hz monitor for over 5 years.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk
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2023.03.22 07:51 zXMourningStarXz I can't think of a single thing I'm good at.

(This whole story is unnecessary, I just want to share it for some reason. You will probably be better off reading the TLDR below) Today, I was listening to music, System of a Down, when I released I couldn't think of a single metal band with a woman in it, so I looked up all-female metal bands and tried "Band-Maid" since I liked the name. For whatever reason, despite the fact that I don't know what the hell they're saying (It's a Japanese band), a song of theirs made me feel... Hopeful, I guess. Like maybe after this break from school I can reinvent myself- like maybe I could make friends, talk to people, hell, maybe find a girl/boyfriend. Maybe I could be that person I always imagine myself as in the future when I'm rich and successful. The charm and wit of a god-blessed snake-oil salesman. So, I looked on the internet for articles and such on becoming more confident and liking yourself more, and nearly all of them had something like "Embrace your strengths". You know, that same old song your teachers pretended to believe in pre-school. "Everyone is special". The thing is, as the title says, I can't think of one single thing I am good at. Hell, I can only think of one thing that I'm not bad at, being writing, but I sure as hell ain't good. I mean, just look at this mess of a mega-paragraph. I don't even know what I want from you. I guess I'm just hoping one of you has some words of wisdom that will set my life on the right track. Make it so I can make myself happy again. That maybe this will be the call to action that will send me on an exciting journey through life, or at least the climax that'll help me get to the end calm enough. Sorry for the incoherent rambling. I'm sure you have better things to do than read through my dramatic bullshit. And sorry if I didn't give enough context for you to understand what I am talking about. I am not in the mental state to re-read/re-write this.

TLDR: How do I become... normal, I guess.
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2023.03.22 07:51 Key-Turnover4411 121 ChatGPT Prompts for Internet Marketers + OTO,Unlock the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Your Business: $2 ONE-TIME fee - PayPa/BTC/

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These prompts are specifically designed to streamline your internet marketing efforts, driving consistent, sustainable growth and profitability in your business.
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2023.03.22 07:51 BlueSteelCyber Why Your Business Needs Cyber Security Assessment Services

A cyber security assessment is essential to protect your business from digital threats. In today's world, data breaches and cyber attacks are on the rise, making it more critical than ever to secure your organization's digital infrastructure. With cyber security assessment services, you can identify vulnerabilities in your systems and develop a comprehensive strategy to prevent attacks.
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