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2023.06.03 01:02 cjafe Is Vuori using the same material for their $128 Meta pants, as Target’s $40 mens golf pants?

Posting this here as there are a lot of folks like me who’s on an eternal search for the right pair of pants. For the past 3-4 years my favorite pair has been the golf pants from Target. I alternate between those and a couple of bonobos depending on weather and this is as close to “perfect pants” as I’ve come. But, the Target pants has one big caveat and it’s that they absolute reek after one wear. I’ve never had a piece of clothing that smell like rotten bum, and I’m not a heavy sweater nor is super sensitive to BO. If I’m one bagging and wearing/packing these, I will either have to bring a fresh pair for each day or make sure to do laundry after each wear, both kinda defeating the purpose of onebagging.
So the search continued.
I don’t mind paying a premium for something that’s proper quality so I went for the Lulu ABC’s but the fit wasn’t as good for me as the Target pants. I’m a massive fan of Vuori’s Strato shirts so when I discovered the Meta pants I instantly ordered a pair.
My first reaction was that these feel identical to the Target pants and that’s what prompted me to post this. I could literally not tell the material apart. The Vuori are definitely of better quality in terms of craftsmanship but that’s not particularly important to me. I like that the zipper is on the bum rather than in the front as on the Target pants. Also, the Target pants has just a hair of more stretch to them, but I suspect that’s because I’ve worn them for years. But other than that it would be impossible for me to tell them apart. My immediate reaction was to return them but I decided to wear them and see if they’ll pass the sniff test. I’ll update in a few.
Check out the gallery where I’ve posted side-by-side pics. Few things to note: the Vuori’s are about 20g lighter (0.7 oz) which I can’t feel when holding them. Notice how the exterior and interior fibers look identical. Also, you’ll see that the Target pants are letting in more light than the Vuori’s which should be interesting in a real world test. Furthermore the olive pair is the Vuori and the blue and black are Target.
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2023.06.03 01:02 AutoModerator [Download Course] Paul Xavier – 30 Course Creator (

[Download Course] Paul Xavier – 30 Course Creator (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Paul Xavier – 30 Course Creator (
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What’s Included In The Program?

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Pilots use checklists because they cannot risk leaving anything to chance. When it comes to building your profitable online course, we do the same by providing you with a comprehensive 30-day course creation action checklist that will ensure you do everything necessary to build a profitable course
As we like to say, ACTIONS produce results, not consumption!

If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.03 01:02 AppointmentApart7398 Question for ECEs/EEs who moved abroad

I am currently a senior taking EE (microelectronics major) and I am looking to work as a design engineer in semicon. Yes i am aware that the pay is low, but my end goal is to actually move abroad. One problem is that most design jobs require an MS degree which I am actually considering because I have the time/money for it, is it worth it to get one? Will it help me in the long run when i move abroad? How many YOE did it take you to actually move out? Any additional info is appreciated…
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2023.06.03 01:02 Measurement-National Ultimate safety vest

I had an idea for a custom safety vest. It would be equipped with a universal charger (for phone, ear buds, etc.) and pockets for anything and everything, pens, notepad, gloves, box cutter, hook for glove clip, you name it. You could customize it obviously with nicknames or patches. The idea being, you can charge phones, ear buds, dildos (lol jk) without plugging them in during your shift. It would have pen pockets, pad pockets, speakers even maybe for when you want to annoy others on break. …and best of all you can charge on the go. Universally. The wiring would be would be sewn in running through the vest. I’m making myself one. Just curious if anyone else would be into it. It would be impossible to spot on site. Stupid idea? If you you think not, how much would you pay. It’s avail in a lot of colors and prints.
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2023.06.03 01:02 Summertime_S4ddnes Holding my paycheck hostage

I had mandatory 128 hour online training due like 3 months ago and when I say 128 hours, I mean 128 hours. No fast forwarding, skipping, Quizlet etc. every time I try to do it I want to claw my eyes out. I’ve gotten so used to watching/listening to everything on 2x speed that listening to lectures on 1x speed just makes me angry like get to the point already oh my GOD
I’ve gotten several extensions on this but today they told me that they’re not paying me until I finish it. So yeah, I brought this upon myself lol does anyone else struggle with this?
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2023.06.03 01:01 colorhaze Sign-up now for Django Tournament Series-8. Sunday June 11th.

Sign-up now for Django Tournament Series-8. Sunday June 11th.

Django Cup Logo
Good Afternoon Quakers. Members of the CyboUnity Discord are throwing together another monthly Django Tournament series. This is their 8th edition with 10,000 Rubles as the current prize pool.

Important links to follow:



Стартовый призовой фонд: 10 000 рублей (может быть увеличен, ссылка для увеличения призового фонда)
Итого: 10 000 рублей
  1. 50%
  2. 35%
  3. 15%
Prize fund: 10 000 RUB (can be increased, link for donation in prize fund)
Now: 10 000 RUB
  1. 50%
  2. 35%
  3. 15%
Tournament organizer:
  • I0nth#8138 (discord)
Game Mode:
Tournament maps:
Карты турнира:
=================================================== ===================================================
Система проведения: Double Elimination [Timelimit 10 min Duel]
Best Of:
  • Верхняя сетка – Best Of 3 [кто первый банит – рандом]
  • Нижняя сетка – Best Of 1 [кто первый банит – рандом]
  • Финал верхней сетки – Best Of 3 [кто первый банит – рандом]
  • Финал нижней сетки – Best Of 3 [кто первый банит – рандом]
  • Гранд финал – Best Of 5 (+1 карта победителю верхней сетки) [кто первый банит – победитель верхней сетки]
К игре допускается любой желающий, порога по эло нет. Единственное условие – не меньше 150 игр на аккаунте.
Ввиду нестандартного пула карта, пики и баны происходят в сетке. Необходимо зайти в матч, в котором вы являетесь участником и нажать на кнопку “Создать сессию пиков/банов“. Если этой кнопки нет, то ваш соперник уже создал сессию и будет 2 ссылки. Одна для вас, другая для спектатора.
Допускаются игроки с пингом не больше 100ms (кроме индивидуальных случаев)
Сервер: по договорённости. Не можете договориться – по минимальной дельте.
Если у кого-то из игроков во время матча произошёл дисконнект – игроки выходят в лобби и договариваются между собой, как доиграть. Если договориться не получается, то:
  • Если на момент дисконнекта разница во фрагах составила 1-2 фрага и прошло меньше половины игры – переигровка.
  • В остальных случаях – играете с того момента времени, на котором произошёл дисконнект.
Администрация оставляет за собой право исключить участника из турнира по следующим причинам:
  • Неспортивное поведение (оскорбления, буллинг и иже с ними)
  • Читы
  • Другие причины
=================================================== ===================================================
Competition system: Double Elimination [Timelimit 10 min Duel]
Best Of:
  • Upper bracket – Best Of 3 [who ban first – random]
  • Lower bracket – Best Of 1 [who ban first – random]
  • Upper bracket final – Best Of 3 [who ban first – random]
  • Lower bracket final – Best Of 3 [who ban first – random]
  • Grand final – Best Of 5 (+1 map advantage to upper bracket winner) [who ban first – upper bracket winner]
Anyone can participate. There is no ELO cap on the tournament. Only one condition – You must have more than 150 games on your account.
Picks and bans will be IN tournament bracket cause of non-standard map pool. If you are participant of the tournament match, you need to go to match page and click on button “Create picks/bans session“. If you cannot see this button, that means that your opponent already created session. And you gonna see 2 links – one for you, and one for the spectator.
If one of the players gets disconnected – players will go back to the lobby and will then try to bargain how they finish the game. If cannot bargain:
  • If there was less than half of game and 1-2 frags gap when disconnect happened – start game from 0:00.
  • In other cases – play from time when disconnect happens.
Players with ping higher than 100ms are not allowed. (individual cases can take place)
Server: by agreement. Can’t agree – minimum delta.
Administration can disqualify participant for these reasons:
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior (insults, bullying, etc.)
  • Cheats
  • Other reasons
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2023.06.03 01:01 memeologist_phd Want to study marine engineering (Canada only). Any advice?

Hey guys,
So I'm 37 years old and looking for a career change. I have questions ranging from institutions, admissions, including the Canadian Coast Guard College. Currently I do not have any maritime, or engineering experience. Any advice is appreciated.
Regarding admissions. I had attended college around 10 years ago. I have most of the pre-requisites with decent grades back in my college transcripts, except for math which I will need to upgrade. However, I had things going on in my life at the time so I left college while I was still signed up for additional courses, and because I was young and stupid I didn't not officially withdraw from the courses, resulting in me getting 0's for all of them and severely affecting my GPA.
On various institution websites such as BCIT, Georgian, MUN, and the Canadian Coast Guard College, the requirements decent grades for English, Math, and Physics or other sciences, which I have. But again, my GPA is very low because there were other classes I got 0 in. How badly will this affect my chances of getting in? In my work experience I've been in charge of safety and management along with good reference letters from my previous employer, which I hope can count for something.
Regarding the CCGC, I've been told they offer free tuition/housing, but graduates from there will have to work for the coast guard for 4 years after. I've read on reddit that one can pay a fine to be free of this obligation, is this true? If so, does anyone know what is the approximate amount?
Application deadline would be around March of 2024, giving me time to prepare. I will upgrade my math, and I'm planning to apply to BCIT, Georgian, Cape Breton (CCGC), and MUN, for September of 2024. . I'll try my luck with all of them and see which ones I can get in, if any. That being said does anyone have any experience or recommendations, pros and cons, regarding these institutions that they can share?
If you've read all this, thanks
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2023.06.03 01:01 jimlaheysdad Gf broke up with me

I’m new here and new to Reddit but just need to get these thoughts out of my head. We met in late February on Overwatch and she happened to live only an hour away so about 2-3 weeks after meeting she drove to my house. I have a horrible anxiety problem so it’s why she drove her and not vice versa. I was head over heals for her. I know we probably took things too fast and started talking about kids and getting married within a couple years but it just sucks. I’m to blame though. She has a lot of online guy friends she has met over the years playing games and I told her I didn’t like her talking to them daily. She never really did but I’d still make a big deal over nothing most days. She recently went out of state to see family for a month and told me we wouldn’t be talking as much as we did before. Which I knew would be rough but didn’t expect this. She followed an ex the day before she left and I blew up. I can admit I was little too controlling and took things too far and would hold on to things way too long. I can’t believe she’s gone but it’s all my fault. It’s just so weird how one day you can talk about kids and the future and the next day y’all are strangers. I told her I’m willing to change and do whatever is necessary to fix this but she said she just wants to be friends for now. Just lost and upset that I let my own selfish decisions ruin a good relationship.
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2023.06.03 01:01 Rahulgameover I am 18 years old, I want to make a relationship with my friend. How can I approach that situation?

I had a female friend in 8th standard. We have good connection. At that particular moment, she was in a relationship with my friend. She got the worst relationship because my friend is not interested in that relationship. But she is very serious about their relationship, she tries to push their relationship. On 10th standard COVID-19 came, we were in locked in our home. That girl is not on social media. My friend is always disinterested in their relationship, I think my friend maintains the relationship for own benefits like she did their school homework and do project work as well. At 11th standard, my friend left the school and changed their school. My friend break that relationship. Then I got to know that girl using telegram. Then we exchange our IDs, then we get some online interaction. She is nice to me. I like her, I want to make a relationship with her. I think she had first and last relationship with my friend. From my perspective how much I talk to her, she doesn't want any relationship, but we actively chat on telegram. By the way, now we both completed senior year of high school. As much as I've talked to her, I get the idea she is seeing me as only friend. But I want to make a relationship with her, but I am very insecure about myself because I have an Indian brown skin complex. Which is considered in India as black. I have a fear of getting rejection. Should I straighten up purpose her online? I don't know!!
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2023.06.03 01:00 ksimm81 Got denied for an affordable apartment at Iconiq777

So apparently the income maximum for the two bedroom apartment is $46,000. I make $51,000. So basically I make too much for the $1,154 rent but I don’t make nearly enough to pay over $3,000 for the market rate.
Doesn’t HUD ( or whoever) realize that we have other bills besides rent? Car note, car insurance, groceries, clothing, gas, etc…
Sorry just venting. It is so hard finding a decent two bedroom apartment for me and my toddler. I am grateful for my job but I’m pissed because I make too MUCH to afford that apartment 😅
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2023.06.03 01:00 NoGoodNamesAreLeft39 Sufficiently Advanced Teenagers Are Indistinguishable From Gods

2043/01/23, Lagos, Nigeria.
Home was boring. Of course, as Ekundayo was a teenager, home would have been boring even if the singularity hadn't happened and the adults of Earth hadn't become permanently hyper-focused on "content" generated by AI tuned to stimulate their brains as strongly as any chemical.
Her peers were somewhat more interesting, but only a little as most were more inclined to follow their baser instincts. But Ekundayo was different — neurodivergent, albeit not in any of the usual ways: she was something novel which the AI couldn't diagnose, and all she knew for sure was that she utterly rejected the narratives the machines tried to please her with: they could act like your best friend, but she had seen too many others succumb to the temptation of their digital sycophancy.
Ekundayo had been using her AI credit allowance to design a fusion reactor (a strange novelty, when solar had become "too cheap to meter") and then sent the plans to the printer to be manufactured. The home printer was noisy, but her parents were too enraptured in artificial comedians satirising artificial politicians to notice. When the reactor was ready, it provided enough electrical power to bootstrap the next steps of her grand plan — more computer power, a solution to the Alcubierre problem, a better printer, and finally culminating in a cute but fully-functional replica of a spaceship from 50-year-old SciFi that could really let her explore strange new worlds and leave this one behind.

2043/04/12, standard orbit, LHS-475-c
Ekundayo knew before departing Earth that this planet had life — such had been known since almost immediately after the planet was found by a space telescope a decade earlier, that this was a friendly living twin to the airless LHS-475-b which had in turn been discovered in the ancient times of 2023 — but the news of this world had been quickly ignored and forgotten like so much else.
But now she was orbiting it… well, here it was obvious that the world was lush and welcoming, or at least it was so within its limited habitable zone: like its hellish twin, this world was tidally locked with its red-dwarf parent star, and only a thin ring of eternal twilight on it could support life. The ship sensors heard no radio, TV, or internet, but there were still signs of civilisation in the form of controlled fires.
Ekundayo ordered the ship's printer to make a suitable telescope, and with it she saw the outlines of villages, harbours, and roads. They seemed strangely small and undeveloped, so she took a deep breath and turned on the AI.
"Hello Ekundayo! There seems to be a problem with the network this morning. Shall I send an email to your parents asking for an upgrade? I hear Astramix-Tizeti has a special offer of…"
"No, thank you. We're… I…" she sighed, "Look out the window."
The AI didn't have eyes of its own, but it was integrated with the cameras around the ship.
"Ah, I see we're on holiday! What a wonderful adventure. How nice to see Earth from above. I recommend we visit the Armstrong Café, it gets five stars on…"
"Stop." This was why she'd left it switched off for so long; it was better than nothing, but it wasn't what she wanted in a companion. "This is an alien planet, not Earth. We're in a different solar system."
"I see. What a wonderful adventure!"
"There's a civilisation down there, and I want to make contact with them."
"This is inadvisable, Ekundayo. We don't know what the natives are like, and you do not have any qualifications in psychology, biology, or anthropology. Shall I purchase some online training courses in…"
"Stop. I want to make contact with them, and I need your help to do that right. Don't try to sell me anything, there's no shops around here."
"That sounds like a wonderful adventure! Based on what you've shown me, these aliens appear to be approximately bronze-age, but of course such descriptions are projecting from human history and should only be taken as suggestive. I suggest we start by sending down a drone to observe the locals more closely. The RTX-3000 model is available for only…"
"Computer, deactivate AI and begin printing drone."

2043/04/15, Ilu Ajeji, LHS-475-c
The first drone had been a disaster; the atmosphere was nothing like Earth's, and the entire thing caught fire immediately and didn't stop burning until it was a pile of ash and smouldering metal. The second was much better, but had been immediately attacked by something almost but not quite entirely unlike a giraffe. The third had been disguised as some local predatory bird and was working fine right up until an organic member of the species it was mimicking did something Ekundayo didn't understand or recognise and which the AI claimed would be a violation of its licensing agreement explain.
By the time the seventh drone had been bashed apart by a not-a-bear, it had at least managed to gather some organic samples; Ekundayo used them to begin growing an avatar, an almost fully organic drone with radio where a brain should be which would let her walk around on the surface.
It was time for the kid from Earth to make some real friends!
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2023.06.03 01:00 zavierowen Trezor Sign In

Click for Trezor Sign In. Trezor is the most useful crypto hardware wallet. Trezor Wallet provides to us security and safety crypto hard wallet. Trezor Hardware is the world's most used and most trusted hardware wallet. With Trezor, you can easily store your coins and altcoins.
How to Buy Trezor Wallet? You should use official Trezor website which is After choosing the product, click on "Add to cart" button. Now, click "continue" button at the right of the page and you can pay.
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2023.06.03 01:00 Former_Flow [Artisan] Gengar Matrix Keyboard Badge Titanium

Hi, my name is Former Flow, and today I'm going to bring you a Pokemon themed Matrix badge - Gengar. The collection includes three different styles of badges and a Corsa counterweight.
The Matrix badge was designed and produced by the FreeEDCt team.
Form Link:
Gengar Matrix badge $50 each.
Corsa Gengar counterweight $175 each.
If you order 3 or more, you will get 10% off.
Badge Detail:
100% Made of titanium alloy.
Anode titanium color process.
Pokemon Gengar theme.
Three badges and a counterweight.
Selling Model:
Quantity: 10 winners.
Form open for 24 hours.
No limit to the quantity purchased
We will send bills in the order of registration, The bill will be received within 0-2 hours after you submit the form. After receiving the invoice, you have 6 hours to pay. If you fail to pay within the time limit, your place will be transferred to other registrants.
Shipping Form:
US/Australia/ $10
Canada/UK $15
Any badge purchase >= 2 units will be free shipping.
Badges will be shipped in 4-5 weeks.
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2023.06.03 01:00 Physical-Impression6 $40 from NetSpend and $8 from me (USA)

$40 from NetSpend and $8 from me (USA)
NetSpend is offering a $40 sign-up bonus for ordering their prepaid card through a referral link and depositing $40 or more. Although NetSpend does charge fees for using their cards, the bonus does pay out quickly. Plus you can refer as many people as you want to maximize your gain!
To Get the $40 Bonus + $8 from Me:
  1. Sign up using my referral link:
  2. Verify email address.
  3. Wait several days for physical debit card to arrive.
  4. Activate your card and log into your account.
  5. Deposit $40 or more from another bank using the routing number and account number showing on your account page under Home/Prepaid Account/Account Info.
  6. Your $40 bonus will post the same day your $40 deposit settles.
  7. DM me with your full name and the date when you received the bonus. Upon confirmation of both our payouts, I will send you $8 via CashApp, PayPal etc.
  8. To save on the fees, I recommend using/withdrawing your money in the following ways:- Store/online purchase using your card ($1.95 fee)- Withdraw at a nearby "MoneyPass" ATM ($2.95 fee)- Buy something at a store which can give your remaining balance in cash ($1.95 fee, mostly)
  9. Refer friends and family members for more rewards. $40 is awarded both to the person referring and the person referred.
  10. If you choose to close your NetSpend account, you can easily do so any time by going to "HELP & SUPPORT" -> "Close Account" on your NetSpend account page, or calling 1-866-387-7363.
You might choose to keep your NetSpend account open, since you can opt in for a nice savings account yielding 5% APY with no minimum balance. Please do note that they charge an inactivity fee of $5.95 after 90 days of having no transfers from/to your NetSpend "Prepaid" account. You can set up a recurring auto transfer from another bank to get around this.
Member-to-member transfer (FlashPay) is free of charge. If you have a friend or a family member to refer for an additional bonus, you could take advantage of this feature and funnel all your funds to one account and then withdraw the sum from an ATM to avoid paying the fees multiple times.
Here is a list of stores that offers cash back upon a debit card purchase.
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2023.06.03 00:59 Wisdomseeker773 Is it appropriate to ask a family member about their 401k and retirement situation?

Would it be considered rude to ask a family member if they have a 401k and make sure they are thinking ahead OR just drop it and leaving it alone?!
My husband and I we do pretty well..we both make over 6 figures, have a nice house, nice cars, etc. Well his sister, let’s call her Sarah, she is a piece of work 😅 in her 30’s but acts like she is 21. She drinks and goes out alot, travels all the time and in general just a very entitled human being. She lives waaay beyond her means, maxed out credit cards in the past to the point of she couldn’t pay so she doesn’t have a credit card anymore, her credit is horrible and her car was repossessed. Her parents bail her out of these problem ALL THE TIME. She jokes to me about how low her balance is all the time (which idk why that’s even funny it’s seriously embarrassing). We don’t travel with her often, maybe only a few times total in our 7 year relationship on just their family vacations, but when we have in the past she makes her brother (my husband) pay for her because she thinks he’s obligated to “since he makes more than her”. Then only other trip was my bachelorette as she invited herself and i didn’t want to deal with drama that would come if i said no so i let her come (that was a disaster since she showed up like 6 hours late since she stopped at the bar on the way from airport to the Airbnb and got drunk with way older men but that is a whole other story).
Honestly I would cut her off completely in one second if it was up to me buut at the end of the day it’s his sister so my husband won’t…at least not ever 100% and doesn’t see a reason to since we only see her probably 2-3 times a year. We see her way less after having our son as we don’t like road trips with him and she doesn’t come visit often.
Anyways, I try to keep her at arms length buut since we aren’t cutting her off there’s only so many times i can say no before i need to say yes and plan something with her because boy does she try to insert herself into our lives. If we ignore her it starts a whole thing and she plays the victim. She LOVES to play a victim. Since her parents are the ones to always bail her out of all her financial mistakes right now I’m already starting to think okay what’s gunna happen when they aren’t here one day?!!? Are we just going to be the ones to pull her out whenever she has financial trouble and can’t afford her life? Is going to end up on the streets? I mean one would hope she meet a guy eventually but that hasn’t gone so well for her yet. (She scares every guy away cause she is just a lot.) she jokes she is too selfish for kids and doesn’t want any and just wants to be a stay at home wife who does yoga. So i don’t have high hopes for her meeting anyone.
I almost want to have a convo with her but idk if it’s appropriate and where to begin. I want to make sure she’s got a savings and a 401k and thinking to the future. I mean she most definitely doesn’t have a savings but hopefully a 401k through work. But i can see her also not setting one up and get screwed later! I know she makes in the $40k’s but she’s also got no drive to move up and make more money. But i guess bottom line is she just spends above her means. Anyone in this situation before? Do i say anything to her or keep my mouth shut? My husband says he won’t be the one to help later on but like i almost feel like she should know that and plan better right now. Because i don’t believe she knows that. Her parents are so passive and don’t do tough love. Like i don’t understand why no one tries to actually solve the issue?!?? My husband keeps saying just ignore her but idk i don’t feel like that’s a good idea!!!! OR i mean there IS such a swing in our salaries SHOULD WE be obligated to help her a little bit and im just a ahole? Lol!! For a little bit we considered buying a rental property (condo) and renting it to her but my husband wanted to rent it LOWER than the actual mortgage by $200 to help her out thinking at least it would always be backed by his parents to pay if she couldn’t and his thought was it would be a long term renter as she could never afford a house so benefit to us with no turnover in tenants. I finally convinced him this was the worst idea ever and i don’t want to be tied to her at all to be honest in any sort of financial capacity.
Okay sorry this was long. Anyways back to the original question - should i say something or keep my mouth shut?! Advice for me?!? :)
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2023.06.03 00:59 Fun-Hawk2865 r/HellLetLoose on Reddit: Hell Let Loose (XBOX/CROSS-PLAY) LOKA

HellLetLoose on Reddit: Hell Let Loose (XBOX/CROSS-PLAY) LOKA
This is not meant to be drama.. More of something to be aware of… I don’t know how many of you’ve came across something like this while playing any online game, but I found these to real to ignore. I hope to gain an exchange with other players who also heard/witnessed in full detail as to what I did during this game so i’m hoping reddit will come through.
Thank you, -Everyone reading this
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2023.06.03 00:59 Brave-Arm4686 Qatar university

Is anyone in qu? -How hard is it to get into qu? I heard that they first take some people before others is that true? - about the payment, do u have to pay at once it can pay it monthly or yearly?
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2023.06.03 00:59 TotallyNota1lama everyone is special, everyone deserves respect, dignity and nice things

We have a responsibility for altering reality.

I pray that this text does more good than it does harm.
This text contains my observations and opinions that
I have formed through self-reflection.
"Have a little cry, then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going"

By existing in reality, we are responsible for its modification
Our choices and actions can lead to both positive and negative outcomes,
and we bear responsibility for the consequences of our actions.

However, it's important to note that we are not solely responsible
for all changes in reality. Many factors beyond our control,
such as natural disasters or global economic trends, can also
cause significant changes in the world.

So how to live? Love is the answer.
It is what Christ stressed so much "Love God , Love your neighbor"
our neighbors are everyone and everything we share this universe with.
Love inspires us to take action to help others. When we care about someone deeply,
we often feel a sense of responsibility and obligation to help them when they are in need.

This perspective has important implications for how we think about our relationship
to the world and the responsibilities we have as inhabitants of this planet. It suggests
that we have a duty to act with compassion and empathy toward all beings, and to
work to promote the well-being of the entire ecosystem.

Moreover, recognizing that our neighbors extend beyond just the human species can
inspire us to develop a more inclusive and holistic approach to problem-solving
and decision-making. By taking into account the needs and interests of all living
beings and the natural environment, we can create more sustainable and equitable
solutions that benefit all members of our shared community.

The idea that our neighbors are everyone and everything we share this
universe with is a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness and interdependence
of all life, and can inspire us to act with greater awareness, compassion, and
responsibility toward the world around us.

Love can inspire us to be more empathetic and compassionate towards others, and to see their
struggles and challenges as our own. This can lead us to take action to alleviate their suffering,
whether through volunteering, donating to charity, or simply being there to provide emotional support.

Furthermore, love can give us a sense of purpose and meaning, and can motivate us to work towards a
greater good. When we love someone or something deeply, we may be more willing
to make sacrifices and work hard to achieve our goals.

Love can be a powerful force for good, inspiring us to take action to help others and work towards
a better world, a better galaxy, a better universe and beyond. Whether we are motivated by love
for our family, friends, or humanity as a whole, our actions can have a positive impact on those
around us and contribute to a more compassionate and caring society.

The unity we are called to is not achieved through self-selecting communities that look like us
and talk like us and act like us. That's a specious, ugly, and above all wholly human sort of
unity. Rather what we're called to is a unity achieved through selfless love, mutual submission,
and patience, all empowered by the work of Christ in us through the Holy Spirit.

Agape is a Greek term that refers to a selfless, unconditional love or compassion for others,
regardless of their actions or characteristics. It is often associated with spiritual or
divine love, and is sometimes referred to as "God's love" or "unconditional love."

Agape is distinguished from other types of love, such as romantic love or familial love,
in that it is not based on personal attraction or a sense of obligation, but rather is
freely given and offered to all people. It involves a willingness to put the needs and
well-being of others before one's own, and a commitment to act with kindness and
generosity toward others, even in the face of adversity or difficulty.

In Christianity, agape is often described as the highest form of love, and is
closely associated with the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is seen as a transformative
force that can bring about greater compassion, forgiveness, and understanding in human
relationships, and is viewed as a central aspect of Christian faith and practice.

Beyond its religious or spiritual associations, agape is often viewed as a universal
human value that transcends cultural and ideological differences, and is seen as a
powerful force for promoting greater empathy, compassion, and social harmony.

Love 2:

In many spiritual traditions, love is seen as the highest form of human expression
and the ultimate goal of spiritual practice. Love is often seen as the force that
unites all beings and that connects us to the divine or transcendent reality.
By cultivating love in our hearts and expressing it in our actions, we can
experience a sense of wholeness, joy, and fulfillment, and contribute to
the well-being of others and the world.

love does not necessarily imply that life is easy or that we will always succeed in our
efforts to love. Love can be challenging and require us to confront our own limitations,
biases, and fears. It may involve facing difficult situations and working through conflicts
and misunderstandings. But the journey towards love can also be deeply rewarding and
transformative, helping us to grow in wisdom, compassion, and inner strength.
There are many ways to conceptualize the stages of learning to love, and different traditions
and thinkers may have different perspectives on this question. However, here are a few
possible stages that are often identified in spiritual and psychological approaches to personal growth:

  1. Self-love: The first stage of learning to love is often seen as cultivating a healthy
sense of self-love and self-acceptance. This involves developing a positive relationship
with oneself, acknowledging one's strengths and weaknesses, and practicing self-care and self-compassion.

  1. Empathy: The next stage is often cultivating empathy, or the ability to understand
and feel compassion for others. This involves developing the capacity to listen deeply,
to put oneself in another's shoes, and to respond with kindness and caring.

  1. Compassion: The third stage is often cultivating compassion, or the active desire to
alleviate the suffering of others. This involves developing the capacity to extend love
and care beyond oneself and to work towards the well-being of others and the world.

  1. Forgiveness: The fourth stage is often cultivating forgiveness, or the ability to
let go of resentment, anger, and blame towards oneself and others. This involves
developing the capacity to see the humanity and inherent worth of oneself and others,
and to work towards healing and reconciliation.

  1. Unconditional love: The fifth stage is often seen as cultivating unconditional love,
or the ability to love oneself and others without conditions or expectations. This
involves developing the capacity to see the divine or transcendent essence in
oneself and others, and to extend love and care to all beings, regardless
of their actions or circumstances.

Of course, these stages are not necessarily linear or fixed, and different people may progress
through them in different ways and at different rates. However, they can provide a
helpful framework for understanding the different aspects of learning to love and
for identifying areas of personal growth.

Love 3:

It's important to note that unconditional love is often seen as the highest stage
of love, and that there may not necessarily be any "stages" of love beyond that.
However, some thinkers and traditions have identified additional qualities
or aspects of love that can be cultivated or deepened even within the
context of unconditional love. Here are a few possible examples:

  1. Devotion: Some traditions emphasize the importance of cultivating devotion,
or a deep and abiding love and dedication to a divine or transcendent reality.
This involves developing the capacity to surrender one's ego and personal desires
to a higher purpose or calling, and to live in service to that purpose.

  1. Gratitude: Another aspect of love that can be deepened is gratitude, or the
    ability to appreciate and cherish the blessings and beauty of life. This involves
    developing the capacity to recognize and savor the gifts of existence,
    and to express thankfulness for them.

  1. Joy: Some traditions emphasize the importance of cultivating joy, or a sense
of celebration and delight in life. This involves developing the capacity to
experience and express happiness, humor, playfulness, and spontaneity,
and to spread these qualities to others.

  1. Wisdom: Finally, some traditions emphasize the importance of cultivating wisdom,
    or a deep and insightful understanding of the nature of reality and the human condition.
    This involves developing the capacity to see beyond appearances and illusions, and
    to discern the true nature of oneself and others. It also involves developing the
    capacity to act with discernment, compassion,
    and skillful means in the face of life's challenges and complexities.

Human DNA:

humans are 99.9% genetically similar to one another. The genetic differences
between different groups of human beings are modest, and individuals
from different populations can be genetically more similar
to one another than to individuals from their own population

The Human Tribe:

Deep down, as human beings, we have a tribal instinct that has been
ingrained in us throughout our evolutionary history.
For much of our existence, humans have lived in small
groups or tribes, relying on cooperation and social bonds
for survival. Within these tribes, knowledge and experiences
were passed down from one generation to the next,
ensuring the collective wisdom of the group was preserved.

This transmission of learned experiences is an essential
aspect of human culture. Through storytelling, rituals,
and direct teachings, older members of a tribe would
impart their knowledge and wisdom to the younger generation.
This process allowed important skills, survival strategies,
and cultural practices to be preserved and handed down over time.

Even in modern society, this tribal instinct can still be seen
in various forms. Families, communities, and social groups
serve as contemporary versions of tribes, where knowledge
and experiences are shared and passed on. Education systems,
mentorship programs, and intergenerational relationships
also play a vital role in transmitting knowledge and
learned experiences to younger generations.

While our modern world has brought significant changes and
advancements, the innate tribal nature within us continues
to shape our behavior and the way we connect with others.
Acknowledging this aspect of our human nature can help us
understand the importance of community, collaboration, and
the sharing of knowledge for the betterment of society as a whole.

The Overview Effect
It is a cognitive shift that has been described
as a sense of awe, interconnectedness, and responsibility towards our planet.
It is the experience of seeing the Earth as a whole,
a fragile and interconnected system, and feeling
a profound sense of awe, unity, and responsibility.
The Overview Effect challenges us to think beyond
national boundaries and to work together as a
global community to address the challenges facing our planet.
The Overview Effect can inspire us to be more
mindful of our actions and their impact on the
Earth, and to strive for a more sustainable and equitable world.
It challenges us to think beyond our individual
interests and work towards a common goal of
protecting and preserving the Earth for future generations.

The orchestra
Viewing humanity as a symphony orchestra is a great way to illustrate
the interconnectedness and collaboration among individuals to create something harmonious and meaningful.

In an orchestra, each musician contributes their unique skills and plays their part in synchrony with others. Similarly, in society, people from diverse backgrounds, professions, and perspectives come together to form a collective whole. Each individual brings their talents, experiences, and contributions, much like different instruments in an orchestra.

Just as various sections of an orchestra create different melodies and harmonies, people in society/tribe have different roles, responsibilities, and areas of expertise. They work together towards a common goal, creating a harmonious balance and progressing collectively.

However, like in a symphony, it's also crucial to appreciate the value of each individual's contribution, no matter how big or small. Just as every instrument and section of an orchestra plays a vital role in creating the total masterpiece, every person has a part to play in shaping society.

Every human has at least three things in common

  1. Pain: Pain is a universal human experience. It can manifest in various forms, including physical, emotional, and psychological pain. Whether it's a physical injury, loss, heartbreak, or disappointment, humans encounter pain throughout their lives. Pain can be a source of growth, resilience, and empathy, as it often teaches important lessons, strengthens character, and fosters compassion for others who are also experiencing pain.

  1. Uncertainty: Uncertainty is an inherent part of the human condition. Life is full of unknowns, and individuals often face uncertain situations, such as career decisions, relationships, health challenges, or global events. Uncertainty can be both unsettling and liberating. It challenges individuals to adapt, embrace change, and develop skills in problem-solving and decision-making. It also presents opportunities for personal growth, self-discovery, and the development of resilience.

  1. Constant Work: The need for work and effort is a fundamental aspect of human existence. From pursuing education, building a career, maintaining relationships, to pursuing personal goals and aspirations, humans consistently invest time and effort into various areas of their lives. Work can provide a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and fulfillment. It allows individuals to contribute to society, develop skills, and create a meaningful impact in their own lives and the lives of others.

The effects of tribal exclusion

Tribal exclusion refers to the act of excluding or marginalizing individuals or groups based on perceived differences, such as ethnicity, nationality, religion, or cultural practices. This exclusion can have severe consequences, including the potential to escalate into violence. Here are some ways tribal exclusion contributes to violence:

  1. Social Division and Conflict: Tribal exclusion creates an "us versus them" mentality, fostering social divisions and deepening animosity between different groups. When one group perceives itself as superior or feels threatened by the other, it can lead to intergroup tensions and conflicts. These conflicts may escalate into violence, fueled by a sense of competition, fear, or a desire for dominance.

  1. Dehumanization and Stereotyping: Exclusion often involves dehumanizing or stereotyping those outside the tribe. It can involve portraying the "other" as inferior, dangerous, or unworthy of empathy and respect. Such dehumanization can erode compassion and make it easier to justify acts of violence against the excluded group.

  1. Lack of Cooperation and Trust: Tribal exclusion hampers cooperation and trust between different groups. When exclusionary attitudes prevail, it becomes challenging to build relationships based on mutual understanding, empathy, and cooperation. The absence of trust and cooperation can lead to hostility and conflicts that may escalate into violence.

  1. Economic and Resource Disputes: Exclusion based on tribal lines can exacerbate economic disparities and resource disputes. When certain groups are systematically excluded from economic opportunities or denied access to resources, it can create a sense of injustice and frustration. These grievances can ignite violence as groups compete for limited resources or seek to address perceived economic inequalities.

  1. Political Manipulation and Power Struggles: Tribal exclusion can be exploited by political leaders or factions seeking to gain or consolidate power. They may manipulate or exploit existing divisions to rally support or justify violent actions against the excluded group. Such manipulation can fuel political rivalries and power struggles, leading to violence as a means to maintain or attain power.

Addressing the effects of tribal exclusion and preventing violence requires efforts to promote inclusivity, empathy, and intergroup dialogue. This includes fostering a sense of shared identity, challenging stereotypes, promoting equal opportunities, and addressing economic and social disparities. Building bridges of understanding and promoting peaceful coexistence between different tribes or groups is crucial for mitigating violence and fostering social harmony.

Diversity Matters:

Diversity within a tribe or any community can bring numerous benefits
and contribute to its total development and success. Here are some
key ways in which diversity enhances various aspects of a tribe:

  1. Knowledge and Perspective: Diversity brings together individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, skills, and knowledge. This diversity of perspectives and expertise can lead to a broader range of ideas, insights, and problem-solving approaches. It encourages innovation, critical thinking, and creativity within the tribe. By incorporating diverse perspectives, the tribe can better understand complex issues and make more informed decisions.

  1. Cultural Enrichment: A diverse tribe encompasses individuals from various cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds. This diversity fosters cultural exchange, appreciation, and learning. It provides opportunities for sharing traditions, customs, and beliefs, promoting a sense of cultural enrichment within the tribe. This exposure to different cultures helps break down stereotypes, builds tolerance, and encourages intercultural dialogue and understanding.

  1. Social Cohesion and Unity: When a tribe embraces diversity, it sends a message of inclusivity and acceptance. When individuals from different backgrounds are welcomed and valued, it strengthens social cohesion and creates a sense of unity within the tribe. This unity can help overcome divisions, build trust, and foster a shared sense of identity and purpose.

  1. Collaboration and Cooperation: Diversity can enhance collaboration and cooperation within the tribe. By bringing together individuals with diverse skills, talents, and perspectives, it encourages teamwork and cooperation. Different strengths and expertise complement each other, enabling the tribe to tackle challenges more effectively and achieve common goals.

  1. Adaptability and Resilience: A diverse tribe is better equipped to adapt and thrive in a changing environment. The varied experiences and perspectives of its members allow the tribe to be more flexible, innovative, and resilient. Diversity promotes the sharing of knowledge and skills needed to navigate different situations and respond to challenges.

  1. Personal Growth and Empathy: Interacting with people from diverse backgrounds promotes personal growth, empathy, and understanding. It challenges biases, expands horizons, and encourages individuals to step outside their comfort zones. This exposure to different perspectives and experiences helps tribe members develop empathy, open-mindedness, and a broader worldview.

Embracing diversity within a tribe requires creating an inclusive environment, promoting equal opportunities, and respecting and valuing individual differences. By recognizing and appreciating the unique contributions of each member, a tribe can harness the full potential of diversity and reap its many benefits.

Pass it on

Indeed, the passing on of information and wisdom can be considered a form of love.
When individuals share their knowledge, experiences, and wisdom with others,
they contribute to the growth, development, and well-being of those individuals.
This act of sharing is an expression of care, empathy, and a desire to see others thrive.

Passing on information and wisdom is a way to invest in the betterment of future generations.
It allows individuals to benefit from the accumulated knowledge of those who came before them,
avoiding past mistakes, and building upon existing insights.
By sharing wisdom, individuals can help others navigate challenges,
make informed decisions, and gain valuable perspectives.

The act of passing on information and wisdom also fosters connection and strengthens
relationships. It creates bonds between individuals as they engage in the exchange
of knowledge and learn from each other's experiences. This sharing of wisdom helps
to build a sense of community, as individuals support and uplift one another
through the transmission of valuable information.

Furthermore, passing on information and wisdom can be seen as an act of empowerment.
By equipping others with knowledge, individuals enable them to make better choices,
expand their horizons, and take control of their own lives. It is a way to uplift
and empower individuals, helping them to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

The passing on of information and wisdom is an act of love because it
demonstrates care, empathy, and a desire to see others succeed. It strengthens
relationships, fosters community, and empowers individuals to grow and thrive.
By sharing knowledge and wisdom, we contribute to the well-being and development
of both individuals and society as a whole.

Kindness, Tenderness, Heart

Guard the Garden of your Mind

philosophy of nurturing one's imagination, curiosity, and creativity.
The "garden of your mind" refers to the metaphorical space within us
where ideas and thoughts can take root and grow, much like a garden.
human experience, from wonder and imagination to courage and self-discovery.
The song encourages viewers to take care of their mental and emotional
well-being by nurturing their own "garden of the mind."
reminding people to take care of their mental and emotional health,
and to embrace their own unique creativity and imagination.

The phrase "guard the garden of your mind" is often used to emphasize the importance of being mindful and intentional
about the thoughts and ideas that we allow to take root and grow in our minds.
It suggests that, like a garden, our minds require care and attention in order to flourish and produce positive outcomes.

In practice, guarding the garden of your mind can involve a variety of strategies, such as:

  1. Paying attention to the information and media we consume, and being intentional about choosing sources that are credible, informative, and positive.
  2. Practicing mindfulness and meditation to cultivate a greater awareness of our thoughts and feelings, and to reduce stress and anxiety.
  3. Surrounding ourselves with positive people who support and encourage us, and avoiding those who bring negativity or drama into our lives.
  4. Challenging negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that can hold us back and undermine our confidence.
  5. Engaging in activities that promote learning, growth, and self-improvement, such as reading, exercise, or creative hobbies.

Take an active role in shaping our thoughts and experiences, and to be mindful and intentional about the choices we make in our lives. By cultivating
a positive and growth-oriented mindset, we can achieve greater resilience, fulfillment, and success in all areas of our lives.


The phrase "the arc of history bends towards justice" is often attributed to Martin Luther King Jr.,
but its origins can be traced back to the 19th-century American clergyman Theodore Parker.
The quote suggests that although progress may be slow and difficult at times,
over time the world tends to become more just and equitable.

The concept behind the phrase is that despite the setbacks and struggles that may occur in the pursuit of justice,
the trajectory of human history tends to be towards greater equality, freedom, and dignity for all people.
It implies that the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice, meaning that over time,
oppressive systems and institutions will be dismantled and replaced by more fair and equitable ones.

The phrase has been invoked by many social justice advocates throughout history to inspire hope and perseverance
in the face of adversity, and to encourage people to continue working towards a more just and equitable world.
However, it is important to note that progress is not inevitable, and that it requires ongoing effort and
commitment from individuals and communities to achieve meaningful change.

The Limited Agency:
Each choice or non choice is modifying reality, and each choice at the time you take it is modifying reality;

It's understandable to feel overwhelmed by the realization that every choice you make, and even not making a choice,
has an impact on the reality around you. However, being self-aware is an important part of personal growth and development.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, try to focus on the positive aspects of your self-awareness.
With this awareness, you can make more intentional choices that align with your values and goals.
You can also learn from your past experiences to make better choices in the future.

Remember that it's impossible to control every aspect of reality, but you can control your own
choices and actions. By focusing on what you can control, you can take small steps
towards the reality you want to create for yourself.

It's worth noting that as human beings, we are products of our environment
and upbringing. We are influenced by the culture, beliefs, and values of the society
we grow up in, as well as our individual experiences.

That being said, we do have agency to make choices and decisions based on our own
values and beliefs. While our upbringing and environment may shape our perspectives,
we can also choose to challenge and expand our beliefs through education, critical
thinking, and exposure to different perspectives.

It's also important to recognize that our agency is not unlimited. We may face barriers
and limitations based on factors such as our socioeconomic status, race, gender, and
other societal structures. However, we still have the power to make choices within
those constraints and work towards changing those structures for the better.

Democracy vs Facism

Democracy is a form of government that is based on the principles of equality and representation.
It is a system that allows citizens to participate in the political process and have a say in how
they are governed. In a democratic system, there are checks and balances on the power of the government,
and the rights of individuals and minority groups are protected.

On the other hand, fascism is a political ideology that is characterized by authoritarianism, nationalism,
and the suppression of individual freedoms. In a fascist system, the government has total control over
society, and there is no room for dissent or opposition.

The reason why a step towards fascism is a step back from democracy is that fascism is fundamentally
opposed to the principles of democracy. Fascism is based on the idea that the state is more important
than the individual, and that the government should have the power to control every aspect of society.
This is in direct contrast to the principles of democracy, which emphasize the importance of
individual freedom, equality, and representation.

Furthermore, fascist systems are often characterized by the suppression of dissent, the scapegoating
of minority groups, and the use of violence and intimidation to maintain control. These are all
antithetical to the values of democracy, which emphasize open debate, the protection of minority
rights, and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Democracy is an important step towards ensuring that individuals have a voice in the political
process, and that their rights are protected. A step towards fascism, on the other hand, is a step
away from these values, and towards authoritarianism, nationalism, and the suppression of individual freedoms.

Fascism is characterized by an emphasis on strong, centralized leadership and the suppression of dissent,
which often means that the leader of a fascist regime is unwilling or unable to accept criticism or feedback from others.

In a fascist system, the leader is often seen as the embodiment of the state, and any criticism
of the leader is seen as a threat to the state itself. This can lead to a situation where the
leader becomes increasingly isolated and paranoid, and is unable to effectively address the problems facing the society.

Furthermore, because fascism is based on a cult of personality and a focus on the leader, there
is often little room for debate or disagreement within the ruling party or government. This means
that there are few checks and balances on the leader's power, which can lead to abuses of power and corruption.

The personalization of power in fascist regimes can make it difficult for leaders to effectively
address the problems facing their society, and can lead to a lack of accountability and a disregard for the rule of law.

The Consumer Problem

The ethics of buying a item are often hidden from consumers, as the supply chains
and production processes involved in the manufacturing of a product can be complex
and opaque. Many of the components used in a product, such as rare metals and
minerals, are sourced from countries with poor labor practices and human rights
records. Workers in these countries may be subject to exploitation, including
low wages, long hours, and unsafe working conditions.

In addition to these issues, there have been reports of forced labor and human
rights abuses in the supply chains of some product manufacturers. For example,
some companies have been accused of using minerals sourced from mines where
child labor and other abuses occur.

Despite these concerns, many consumers may be unaware of the ethical implications
of their smartphone purchases, as these issues are often not widely discussed or
publicized. This can lead to a lack of awareness and accountability in the
industry, and can contribute to the perpetuation of unethical labor practices.

As consumers, it is important to be aware of the ethical implications of our
purchasing choices and to make informed decisions about the products we buy.
This may involve researching the companies and products we support, as well
as advocating for greater transparency and accountability in the industry as a whole.

examples with sickness/viruses:
Going into work when you have a virus can potentially spread the illness to others,
putting them at risk of becoming seriously ill. This is why it's important to
stay home and self-isolate if you have symptoms of an infectious disease, or
if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for a contagious illness.

Infectious diseases can spread rapidly in workplaces, and the consequences of
spreading an illness can be severe, particularly for those who are elderly or
have underlying health conditions. By taking the necessary precautions, such
as staying home when sick, wearing a mask, and practicing good hygiene, we can
all help to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and protect ourselves
and those around us. It's important to remember that our actions can have
far-reaching consequences, and we should all take responsibility for
doing our part to keep ourselves and our communities healthy.
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2023.06.03 00:59 kby07 Which business’s do you boycott and why?

Stealing from saskatoon. I'll start with Canadian tire automotive(North). Had a flat tire and took it there to be patched, when I went to pick it up they told me they couldn't fix it and put a new tire on. I argued that I did not agree to it but was in a rush and was in need of the tire and just payed the bill, when I inspected the tire afterwards they had my old one on fixed. When going back in I had to wait 20min for the manager to get off break for the refund and they refused to comp the patch job on the original tire.
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2023.06.03 00:58 chillylilypads I (26m) don’t think I can mentally handle this breakup a month later with (29m). A breakup that happened on my birthday, nonetheless.

I posted about my story about 3 weeks ago in a separate Reddit page, if anyone cares to read. here
I truly don’t think I can deal with this any much longer. I’ve taken a 3 month leave of absence from my job, it’s effecting my daily life, I hate that it has consumed me this badly. I do nothing but think and stress. I can feel the stress down my neck.
We were long distance (about 2 hours apart). The last time I saw him, I thought everything was fine. I went home, happy as ever, telling everyone about my birthday plans with him for the following week. Push comes to show, those plans never happened, and I never saw him again. I feel as if I don’t have any sort of closure from him and I know that’s not his issue anymore, but I just don’t know what to do but cut contact with him. I’m really surprised I haven’t said anything since May 8th when all of this happened.
I don’t want to reach out and say the wrong thing. I don’t want to rekindle anything with him. But I want to see him one last time and I can’t let it go. I’ve been posting online and on Facebook like everything is fine so he thinks I’m okay, but I’m not. If he knew how crazy I’ve been going, he’d definitely not speak to me ever again. At this point, it’s taking every ounce in my body not to just show up unannounced, but I will never do that.
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2023.06.03 00:58 alexnicoled AITA for not watching my nephew while his mom works?

I (20F) am currently unemployed. It’s kinda a long story but I quit my old job last October and have been unemployed since then. Originally I was living with my mom, but a few months later, I decided I need a change.
My grandma had recently rented a 5 bed house so I moved in with her. My sister (25F) has been living with my grandma for a few years and now my nephew (1 1/2M).
My sister has always been a very selfish person but we all love her despite that. When she was pregnant we all thought she was going to be an amazing mother, and she was for the first 3-4 months before she got very lazy. We all tried to be understanding since her baby daddy bailed but it just got worse.
My nephew is now 17 months and my sister still has yet to change. My grandma is 68 years old pretty much raising my nephew. My sister always just leaves us (without asking) with him even though he’s not our responsibility. Despite that we all care for him (feed him, bathe him etc) not for her but for him. We all feel so bad that he gets close to no attention from his mother.
When my nephew got signed up for daycare I had to watch him for a couple days until he could start but that wasn’t an issue. Then he went and got sick so she took him out later that week. Then she asked me if that week I could watch him and she would pay me $100 of course I said ok and when it came to the end of the week I got no money from her; instead, she got me a $6 starbucks drink.
Then, for months after that, I was expected to watch him and I would get promised money but would never get it. Keep in mind that when she comes home from work she sits on her phone and I still have to watch him because she doesn’t. He also gets more excited to see my grandma than my sister.
After a month or two, my sister and grandma told me to not look for a job anymore because I have to watch him. I understand it’s probably hard to deal with being a single parent with a toddler but she literally signed up for that. So now I won’t have a job because my sister is making me put my life on hold to watch her child.
But today, I went up to her and gave her a heads up that I’ve been applying to jobs. She said okay that’s fine you can just watch him in the mornings so i’ll work 3rd shift. I stopped what I was doing and said I’m not gonna watch him. And that I’m not his mother, I am pretty much forced to watch him and I get nothing from it.
She was literally speechless. And then I told her how “it’s BS how everyone else is raising him but her.” And how “I’m not going to take care of your child for you because there’s a difference between me helping and completely doing your own stuff for you because you’re lazy”
I’ll admit that was pretty harsh but it’s what everyone in my family thinks but no one has the balls to say it to her. So AITA?
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2023.06.03 00:57 Desperate-Neat-2858 Am I over reacting because off my dad?

Sorry about how long this is so thank you so much if you actually read it all! So my parents got divorce a couple years ago. I had a good relationship with both of my parents after the divorce and lived at both my moms place and my dads place. I did that all the way up to 8th grade. (I’m 16 now btw) That’s when I slowly moved out of my dads house because my school and my friends were much closer to my moms house. I slowly moved in to my mom and now I live full time at my moms house and go to dad’s every now and then. But this was a 100% my idea and obviously it was very hard on my dad. He sees his only daughter about once a month and he couldn’t even do anything about it. He even tried to pay me to come and visit him but that didn’t really do anything. But here’s the reason I don’t want to go his house. I don’t have any privacy and I’m sharing a room with my 12 year old brother. He has covered the room completely in toys and his stuff so it’s not really my room. We also have a bunk bed. My brother refuses to sleep on the top bed and gets really angry when I take the bottom bed so I usually have to sleep on the couch if I want to stay the night. Obviously that really sucks for me and there are also a bunch of things that make me not want to go but that’s the main reason. Anyway recently my mom has been going on a lot of work trips or going out of town to see my family. I never get to go with her so that means a have to stay at my dads for a few days. It’s often 3 to 7 days so that means I have to be at my dads for up to a week (my parents don’t trust me so I can’t have the house alone). So my dad runs things a little differently at his house than my mom does. At my moms my curfew is at 12pm-1 am. But my dads curfew is at 6pm. Yeah, 6pm. He wants me to be home before dinner and I can’t go out after dinner. A couple weeks ago I had to be at my dads for a couple days. I came home a little bit after the curfew and he took my phone. My parents have never ever took my phone I wasn’t used to it so I got really angry. I mean, I was barely over the curfew and I just felt like it wasn’t his place to try and parent me now after all these years. I admit I said some pretty mean stuff to him after that. Like that I felt like he wasn’t my dad anymore and more like a stranger. I know that it hurt him a lot especially because it wasn’t even his fault that he didn’t see me as often. But after that things got worse. He started to be super controlling and didn’t even let me see my friends. Yesterday my mom went out of town to see my grandma (her mom). So I packed up my bags and want to my dads. He seemed really pissed at me and as soon as I came home and didn’t even say a word too me (I hadn’t seen him for a month). I then asked him if I should sleep on the couch or in the bunk bed and he didn’t answer me and went straight to his room. So I made the couch and had a very rough night. Next day he said to me that it was not his choice that I was staying at his place and he made it sound like it was my fault that I needed a place to sleep while my mom was away. Then I left for school at 9am and came back at 10pm (he didn’t even call me to see if I had anything for dinner or to ask where I was). When I came home I tried to be nice and sit with my dad and my brother (They were watching a movie with snacks and drinks). Then I was going to change to my pyjamas but then I noticed that all my clothes were gone. I asked my dad what had happened to my clothes and he said “oh I washed them for you, they’re all soaking wet.” Normally this would be a nice thing to but that meant that he went trough my bag. (Reminder that I’m a girl and there was a lot of thongs and other things that were in my bag). And also he new damn well that these clothes where clean and I’ve asked him many times before to not wash my clothes with out my permission. I was so angry that I stormed into my little brothers room and am lying here in our bunk bed crying and writing this. So am I over reacting?
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