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2023.06.02 17:47 GunnaYehYeh 21M amd 21F confused on her behaviour

So I’ve been real close with a girl for 5 years knows everything about me been along side me through the worst lows of my life, few periods where we didn’t speak for months, she blocked me time and time again, but always kept coming back into my life, she originally liked me when we were 16-17, i rejected her advances back then because i was struggling with mental health, but i wasn’t in the right head space to date overall, i believed back then it wouldn’t be fair on her and i still believe that now, but she remained wanting to be in my life, i recently am proud to say i am doing better in regards to my health, took years, but I’m here, so i reached out to her, most the time i would try not to think about her or check up on her other than the occasional check up when she uploaded something on social media.
Now we are 21, i asked her out, she told me she is over me and feelings are gone, she got real defensive and angry at me (first time ever), we exchanged bad words for the first time ever also.. fell out bad and called each other some horrible things, i stopped talking to her, apologised and told her if she is willing to give me a chance that she can message me sometime, she currently has a boyfriend which at the time of asking her out she hid from me and i didn’t know.
However when she rejected me she said she was happy with him, so be it, i was mad as hell for her hiding and talking to me at the same time of her loving someone else, first time i raged at her but i apologised, i stopped talking to her, no contact for 1-2 months, then i uploaded a picture on social media and surprisingly she started messaging me again few days of really good conversation liking all my stories etc, still had me blocked on everything other than instagram though which i found weird, phone number, snapchat, even tiktok, and now she isn’t replying to my last messages for 2 weeks, i am assuming she has deleted instagram, she has these phases, but i just feel confused at this point.
Im not great socially in all honesty, so this has got me real stumped and confused, any ideas?
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2023.06.02 17:47 Morteparum 49 [M4F] #LosAngeles, California. I want to teach you as much as I want to learn from you.

I am hoping to find an extremely intelligent woman who is also very curious, funny, but most importantly you want to explore having a Dom as part of your life and are a size 6ish or under so I can easily toss you around in a fun way!
Must be local to the L.A. California area and like to be socially active! No homebodies! I want someone who wants my company as much as I want theirs. A woman who loves to learn is a big turn on for me, as is trust an important dynamic! With that being said if you are trying to sell me anything or get me to join or verify anything, are indecisive or flaky, have a drug or drinking problem... don't bother, it won't go anywhere.
We don't have to meet right away but you must be willing to at least talk voice to voice after the first few days. I don't do k l k or SC. We can text here at first then talk on the phone or google voice if you wish to remain private.
If you crave a man from the midwest who is sexy, smart, witty, extremely kinky and great fun, please put together a response including the book you are currently reading and the color & style of the panties you are wearing.
If this post is up I am still looking for the right match. And if you respond and I follow up but then hear nothing from you for 48 hours I will assume you aren't serious. I look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.06.02 17:47 mhaldis Anxiety and Insomnia - a vicious cycle

I'll sleep pretty normally for weeks to a month at a time.
However, when my anxiety acts up, I'll start having a lot of issues with falling asleep. It will take me SO long to fall asleep, sometimes hours.
This will start to trigger my anxiety even more, which causes the insomnia to get even worse.
I'll start to worry about the potential health effects of not sleeping, and convince myself I'm going to die, or never be able to sleep again. I also start to feel like a dang zombie during the day because of lack of sleep. It's so hard to focus on anything other than not sleeping.
Two nights ago I slept for 6.5 hours straight, and last night I only slept for about 4.5-5 hours straight.
I currently take Lexapro 10 mg for my anxiety, and I take L-Theanine 200 mg and Apigenin before bed (heard it recommended on Joe Rogans podcast by a doctor). I was also recently prescribed Trazodone 50 mg (I break them in half, so 25 mg)
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2023.06.02 17:47 pesky_porcupine Changed the workplace socials to show pride month support, and probably have to get HR involved now

The business has many little franchises around, and we are somewhat independent. Marketing from head office is always two weeks late, and after speaking to someone from another clinic, I found out they just go and do what they want for social media. So I changed our logo to show support for pride month. We work in health, I thought it was important when we have alot of people from the community come in.
My old bosses partner commented saying that all their "gay friends want to know when we weren't accepted or respected" and that we clearly didn't accept everyone beforehand when we did ..
I'm so shattered, because it's started something. When I last mentioned pride when my old boss was still there she said "why don't we have straight pride?" And this happening makes me feel like it's just a personal dig at our work place because I don't think she left on the best of terms. But I hate that this was the way they chose to do it.
And now we have to get HR involved to make sure nothing happens in the future, as I'd originally blocked the guy on the work social media, but got advised against is and reverted it back a few hours later as told to, but the comments were reported anyway, but theres worry that it will look hateful from our part that we took them down
And I just feel horrfic. I know it's a small issue in retrospect to a lot that is here, but my boss doesn't deserve to spend his weekend stressing just because I took our own socials into my own hands, which is part of my job ..
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2023.06.02 17:46 Ashbin Free Richmond/Henrico COVID-19 vaccines continue

Call the Richmond and Henrico COVID-19 Hotline at (804) 205-3501 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday for more information, or go online at vax.rchd.com.
The Richmond and Henrico health districts are offering free vaccines for COVID-19 and more at the following locations:
Saturday, June 3, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. - MLK Middle School’s Health & Literacy Fair, 1000 Mosby St., vaccines for tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (TDAP), Meningitis and HPV. Walk-ups welcome but appointments encouraged.
Wednesday, June 7, 2 to 4 p.m. - Henrico West Health Department, 8600 Dixon Powers Drive, Bivalent Moderna boosters for ages 6 and older, Bivalent Pfizer boosters for ages 5 and older, Novavax primary shots for ages 12 and older, JYNNEOS shots and Moderna/Pfizer baby bivalent boosters. Walk-ups welcome but appointments encouraged.
People can schedule an appointment online at vase.vdh.virginia.gov, vaccinate.virginia.gov or vax.rchd.com, or by calling (804) 205-3501 or (877) VAX-IN-VA (1-877-829-4682).
VaccineFinder.org and vaccines.gov also allow people to find nearby pharmacies and clinics that offer the COVID-19 vaccine and booster.
People who are getting a booster shot should bring their vaccine card to confirm the date and type of vaccine received.
RHHD also offers at-home vaccinations by calling (804) 205-3501 to schedule appointments.
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2023.06.02 17:46 The_Alloquist [A Lord of Death] - Chapter 53 (Efrain)

[←Chapter 52] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 54→]
Efrain woke, and with consciousness reasserting itself came a pain unlike any he’d ever experienced. It was a lugubrious sensation that stretched over the entirety of his body like a giant bruise. It took a further moment to remember that this was not normal, and in fact was quite alarming. He tried to gauge where he was, but found only blackness to greet him.
So I’m blind as well? He thought, with all the dispassionate annoyance of a man finding a favoured tool lost.
He could still feel his feet and fingers, wrapped in cloth as they were, so that was a comfort. Reaching for his head, he found the cold stone of the mask still there, though it lacked a lot of the curse that gave it its ‘hungry’ quality. Tugging it, he felt it resettle into a more natural position, and with it light came in to show his surroundings.
There was canvas arcing over a ribcage of wood, which rocked with every turn and bump in the rode. A gentle sunlight managed to penetrate the cloth, flickering with the passage of leaves. Efrain gripped the wooden frame and drew himself up to sit, trying to remember how he’d gotten here. His groan at the effort attracted the attention of Innie, who was sitting by the open slit near the front.
“Efrain?” she asked, hesitatingly.
“Yes, yes. It’s me,” he said, the words feeling foreign and slippery on his non-existent tongue.
“Efrain?” she asked again.
“Yes! Yes. It’s me. Here, somehow. What the hell happened?”
“You… you absolute fool!” she half-screamed, “you nearly got yourself killed!”
“I-” he said, the phrase ‘got yourself killed’ stirring something of a memory within. It was very distant, without much cohesion, like a memory of childhood. Still, there was enough there to remember some definite sensations, a sight and sound or two-
“You know what,” he said slowly, “I think I might’ve actually been dead, at least for a little bit,” he said, pulling at his hood.
“What?!” she gasped, “how could you possibly know that?”
“I was… somewhere else. I can barely remember, but it was so strange. I had my body again, I think, and it was…” he started trying to piece together the fragments flitting about the edge of recollection.
Her expression suggested that she was actively considering the potential that her partner had gone completely insane.
“It was someplace I don’t think I’ve ever been before, but it was still familiar,” he said, “I think I met somewhere there. Or multiple people. I definitely saw- there was something that-”
“What on earth are you talking about?”
“It was- it was very strange,” he said, further efforts to find other words failing him, “well, in any case, I’m back. I think so, anyway.”
“How do you feel?”
“Like I’ve been dashed against a cliffside,” he laughed, “I thought I wasn’t supposed to feel pain in this form. That was supposed to be one of the advantages.”
“You scared me. The only reason I didn’t think you were fully dead was that your bones retained their shape, even though you were unconscious.”
“Huh…” Efrain murmured, raising an arm to inspect it, “that shouldn’t be possible. The enchantments holding me together should’ve fallen apart as soon as I went under.”
After a cursory inspection to verify all of his limbs were present and more-or-less correct, he looked over at the cat.
“However it happened, it would appear that I’m not done yet,” he said slowly, only half-sure in the conviction.
There was something different about how he experienced himself, just in the background, but definitely there. It was a sense of disconnection, like he was floating just behind or above his body, experiencing what he did from an outside perspective.
“Well, I suppose that’s… good,” said Innie.
“Don’t cry too much for me,” he said, “anyways what happened? I don’t remember anything after the crypt, other than the fire.”
“We did it,” she said, “more-or-less, the creatures were largely incinerated, good riddance. Unfortunately a defender or two got caught up in the blaze, as well.”
“Oh dear,” Efrain said.
“Are you really surprised? It wasn’t our power, and we certainly didn’t know how to control it. I’m surprised we didn’t burn ourselves in the process.”
“Not an experience I would care to undergo again, that’s for sure.”
Innie’s shiver indicated that she thought much the same.
“Right, right,” he continued, “so then, how did we get from there to here, then? And where is here?”
“A wagon, travelling with the train of troops, heading south for Karkos. The commander offered you a slot, unconscious as you were.”
“I would’ve thought burning a few villagers would’ve soured his disposition.”
“Apparently not. Efrain, I don’t know this man, but he’s clearly playing his own game, and it involves you.”
“I see,” he said, tugging at his robe so that it hung around his shoulder more naturally, “I assume you acted on my behalf while I was… gone, for lack of a better word.”
“I did what I could, which wasn’t much. I was fully expecting them to fall upon us after that, especially you, defenceless. But no, he came to me and proposed that we come with him.”
“He… treated with you?”
“He said that we probably wouldn’t find much welcome among the villagers, and the paladins were not inclined to let us go either. His soldiers, on the other hand, would follow his orders, and he could personally guarantee our safety all the way to Karkos if we chose to come.”
“And you went with him,” Efriain sighed.
“What else was I supposed to do?” None of your ‘friends’ were nearby, and Naia was right about the villagers, to say nothing about the paladins. I don’t use money, nor would most treat a cat given the choice. Did you want me to drag you out into the wilderness and run into a wildling looking for a chew toy, or worse?”
“All right, allright,” he said, raising his hands to placate the wisp mother, “I don’t begrudge you anything. It sounds like you made the right choice.”
There was a silence, in which Efrain clearly perceived that Innialysia was apprehensive.
“Efrain he… and I want you to understand, even with all the things I said earlier, I was still going to refuse him. I didn’t and don’t trust him still but he told me that… that the River had told him that he needed us.”
The revelation was one that ran along his spine, and threw the captain into an entirely different light. Using the River’s words as a bargaining chip, or even just reassurance spoke to a knowledge of the magical world that far surpassed most in his lands. He must’ve known that Innie was loath to speak to the ignorant, and tempered his speech accordingly.
“Well, we’re at his mercy, for better or worse,” Efrain said, “where on the trail are we and how long have I been out?”
“Three nights, so roughly four days of travel,” she said, cocking her head, “I think that puts us two or three days from the city proper. I’m not sure, I’ve rarely come down this way.”
Efrain tried to recall the geography of the region, without much success. After a few minutes though, the aimless maps he drew in his head began to resolve with some clarity. They would be reaching the edge of the forests in a day or two, and entering the outlying highlands of the coast. From there, they’d rapidly come across the farmlands owned by the city that flanked its outskirts. The pain was beginning to subside now that he had started to move his limbs cautiously. To his joy, he could find no fault in them or their function, as far as he could tell.
“Well then,” he said “I guess I should meet with the commander and get a read on what he wants. Do you know where Tykhon is?”
“I think I saw it wandering behind the train, a far distance. It doesn’t want to get too close.”
The wagons had begun to slow, the light outside taking on a reddish hue as the sun began to dip. Obviously they were breaking for camp, which suited Efrain just fine. When they’d come to a full stop and Efrain drew himself up to go outside, he was taken aback by the sudden appearance of a face through the flap.
“Oh!” Aya said, in a half-squeak, “You’re awake!”
“I forgot to mention,” said Innie, “she’s been coming around every now and then.”
“Right, then, yes,” Efrain said, straightening, “how can I help you?”
“Well, I was just coming to chat with the madam,” she said.
“Madam?” Efrain said, looking at the cat who was conspicuously staring elsewhere.
“I didn’t realise that you were awake, I- I’ll just go and come back later. You probably have a lot on your mind,” said Aya, withdrawing through the break in the fabric.
“Well, that was a way to wake up,” said Efrain, listening to her footfalls fading into the distance, “right so… commander! Yes. Just need to get my bearings.”
Outside was slightly foggy, although Efrain gave much praise to gods he didn’t believe in that it wasn’t the unnatural, fear-laced apparition that had plagued them. The trees were less large and intimidating than the ancient northern conifers, the bowes of them dense and green. The breeze that wafted through them was noticeably warmer as well, though it still carried a northern chill.
“Right then,” Efrain said as he clambered down past the hitchings to the ground.
It didn’t take long to find a spirited young man, riding along behind them.
“Would you happen to know where your commander is?” Efrain said, erring on the side of politeness.
“Good evening lord Efrain,” he said, “the commander ordered you to be sent when you awoke. You’ll likely find him near the top of the line, or at the centre of camp, depending on how set up he is.”
He pointed up through the line of horses and various pages and servants. Most were beginning to set up tents and firepits, or leading the mounts to be tied off. Efrain thanked the man and set off in the direction he indicated, weaving between the various groups that were forming. It didn’t take long for him to find Naia’s small tent, the standard bearer in front alerting the commander within.
Naia sat before a small table, furiously scribbling at a scrap of parchment. At his left was Damafelce, still in her riding gear, though she was currently attacking a bowl of something creamy with vigour. Efrain stood in silence for a few moments, watching as the knight pointed out something to the commander and murmured a correction. Both of them looked up as he cleared his throat, and Naia issued one of his sly smiles.
“My, lord Efrain, a delightful surprise,” he said, “in truth, I was beginning to worry we’d lost you for good. It would be an ill thing to carry a rotting body around all the way down to Karkos. Damafelce, you are excused, although I would like you to have that talk with Lethsoco. He’s been getting too eager recently.”
She nodded, and draining the last of her bowl, departed from the room. Efrain was offered a small stool, which he gratefully sank into before the commander.
“I’m sorry if jumping into business immediately might not be to your tastes,” said Naia with a genuine note of regret in his voice, “but there’s some conflicting reports I simply must sort out.”
Efrain laid his elbows on the table and laced his fingers, waiting for the commander to begin.
“Some are from my own soldiers, some are from the paladins, some are from others. I personally have my own beliefs, but I think it’s better to hear it from the horse’s mouth, as it were. Would you mind telling me what happened after I rode away from the village?”
Efrain took a moment to gather himself, and piece together what spare memories he could, before beginning to relay the general account of what had happened. Over the course of the next half-hour, Naia interrupted him constantly, asking clarifying questions, or for more detail on this incident and that.
“Lillian told me that you attempted to burn down the church,” he said, “is that true?”
Efrain caught a distinct impression that the captain already suspected the truth, yet was encouraging him to proffer a lie.
“Well, I can understand why she might believe that,” he began diplomatically, “but no, that wasn’t my intent. The magic I was using was difficult to control, and I had to improvise quite a bit. Desperate times, desperate measures.”
“So the damage to the church was merely incidental,” Naia said, his eyes settling, “would that you could convince the paladins otherwise. They seem quite intent that you were trying to kill all of them.”
“I’m not holding out hope to curry favour with those two.”
“Implying that you might wish to do so elsewhere,” Naia said, the glimmer returning, “although I’ve had my fair share of headaches with those two, they’re more reasonable compared to others. They’re still young, they’ll probably settle with time and the right guidance.”
“They’ll have to learn not to be afraid of things they can’t control, if the children are any metric,” Efrain said, not interested in mincing words.
At that, Naia leaned forward, regarding Efrain with such intensity that the older man felt uncomfortable.
“‘Something they can’t control’...” he said, repeating the words with purpose, “but I do imagine you have some things to ask me, don’t you?”
“Several things,” Efrain said, “but I’ll stick with one for now. Why did you save me? Do you need me for something?”
Naia’s silence was full of purpose, cast in the shadows that flickering candles cast on his face. Without a word, he got up, and left through the front of the tent, exchanging words with the standard bearer outside. Efrain heard footsteps receding as Naia reappeared, sat down, and leaned in to lower his voice.
“I would say I believe I owe you a debt, or at least, that’s what I would say if you were stupid enough to believe that,” he said, “given I’ve already used that justification, I wouldn’t blame you if you were suspicious.”
Efrain leaned in himself, wondering where this apparent candidness had come from.
“If you really want to know, then the truth is simple,” he said, “I was taught from my earliest days that only a fool dismisses talent based on superstition. You might notice that many of my own ranks would be dismissed, if not outright laughed at by others. Damafelce, a knight, and what’s more a right-hand? A woman from the barbarous jungle of Nieth?”
He began to tap his quill on the desk.
“Tools, lord Efrain. I want, and have great need of them. I am not the paladins - my words on this parchment could command a garrison to be built, or a man to be cut down in his home. Creation, destruction, good, evil, all dependent on the whims of the wielder. Magic is the same.”
“And which variety would you prefer me to be?” Efrain asked.
“Both, as the need may take it. I did not get this far without being flexible, and neither will you,” said Naia, “and while we’re on the subject, let me offer you something.”
Efrain would’ve held his breath, but settled for stiffening to attention.
“I want you to come with me, to Karkos and beyond. I want you to serve under me, with all the obligations, and privileges, that implies.”
Efrain was struck genuinely speechless. He had, somewhere in the back of his mind, idly conjured the vision of such an offer, but it was a silly fantasy, not something to be believed, let alone desired.
“I understand if you are hesitant,” Naia said, spreading his hands, “but fate has dropped one opportunity into my lap, and I’m inclined to see if I can secure another. Call me greedy if you wish, but I was also taught to not let such things slip by.”
“I don’t- why would you-” Efrain began, trying to form a sentence to describe the whirlwind of shock within him.
“Consider this, Efrain - a young, up-and-coming commander with a good record. Rather unorthodox in his choices of subordinates, enough for some to whisper in the dark, enough even perhaps, to close off some opportunities for promotion.”
A smile flickered at the edge of his lips - he was clearly enjoying this pantomime.
“Now consider, that the man returns, safely bearing a paragon of the church, who’s been sought for over sixty years, through trial and tumult. His warriors and he are lauded for their ability and leadership, despite their odd origins. What could be in store for such a person? Respect, certainly, but what about promotion?”
“So, you want to be a general,” said Efrain.
Naia smiled and bowed his head, humbly presenting himself.
“And you need me because… why? Please don’t think I believe this whole screed on ‘talent’. You’re doing that to appeal to my own sensibilities about the church.”
Naia laughed openly at that, though it wasn’t the most pleasant sound.
“I see you’ll need more cajoling than that. There are other reasons a mage would be valuable to me, this is true. But I wasn’t lying about talent being valuable to me. All I ask is that you think about this offer, and if you’ll accept it, I’ll tell you the rest.”
Efrain sat in silence for a while, wondering at the strange offer. Listening to the wind whistling through the trees, his hand unconsciously crept up to scratch at his forehead. Naia was looking at him expectantly, perhaps hoping he’d jump into it impulsively to reveal the mystery, but Efrain was intent on gauging the motives of this man.
“You do know,” Efrain began, “that inferno up on the roof. It would be difficult, probably impossible to do it again. And, if I tried, there’s no guarantee it wouldn’t cause significant damage to your own side.”
“I guessed as much, and no, I wouldn’t expect a display like that,” Naia said with a wry smile, “you wouldn’t be of much use to me dead, Efrain.”
So he wants me alive to do something, something with magic? Or something else? Efrain thought. He began to think about what else had changed throughout the last few days, and tried to recall what exactly Naia would know from his reports.
Certainly he would probably have at least a neutral appraisal from his soldiers, but that couldn’t be it. And mages could be found to do all sorts of magical tasks, even in Angorrah, if one was willing to seek them out. So was it for some unique power or ability then? He had shown him the River, but that was also an accident. And he didn’t expect him to use the flames of the Wisp Matriarch, or so he said.
What did Efrain offer to Naia, something that he only, or at least only a few others, could offer him? What had changed the offer of cooperation from simple guidance to something more long-term and involved? Efrain furiously reflected over the last few days, and suddenly he had it.
And with that, a whole web opened up before him, glistening with many unknown strands.
“Commander, before I say anything, I would like to ask just three questions. Quick ones, I would think.”
“You are a commander, aren’t you? I was given to understand that they managed much larger forces than this company. Over whole regions, in fact. That would normally be your duties, no?
The man nodded.
“Usually up to a thousand, though circumstances demand otherwise on occasion. Still, this is the smallest force I’ve wielded for a while now. My trusted and favoured.”
“And tell me, the children, they’re usually guarded by a retinue of paladins, I would assume, back in the holy city?”
“Indeed. Dozens of them.”
Naia’s eyes were glittering.
“And you were heading to do what all that way up north?”
Efrain of course knew the answer to this question, but he needed the cover if he could get it.
“Subjugating a castle, filled with undead, or so the tales go,” he said, “they made quite a big deal of it, back in the castle.”
Efrain sat, slotting pieces into place as he studied the man’s face.
“There’s indeed something you’re not telling me, commander.”
“Oh?” Naia said.
It was a game to him, Efrain was sure of it. A game of guesses and knives in the dark.
“So,” he began, “the church talks up a mission to the far north, all the way across the continent. Some terrible beast, holed up in some old castle. Well, of course, they couldn’t finance a full contingent. Only a hundred measly men. No one wants to take the deal, I assume, so they offer something to sweeten the pot, a crusade, with the two most sacred figures of the church at the head.”
Naia offered the slightest nod and opened his mouth to speak.
“Only, that’s not the real reason,” Efrain quickly interjected, deciding to take his chances, “I was there at the Frozen Vale, laying to rest the evil spirit you claim. And there were undead, weak, of poor craft, but numerous. Enough to man the battlements effectively if the spirit so chose.”
The momentum of the lie carried him onwards to his conclusion.
“So, tell me, why did you have few men, no siege equipment, and little stores? And why were the two most important people in the faith there with two bodyguards between them?”
The darkness of Naia’s eyes reflected the candle, twin flickers of flame and serpentine consideration.
[←Chapter 52] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 54→]
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2023.06.02 17:46 el1zabeth Is this the right place to enquire about complaining to DHL parcel?

I ordered a phone to be delivered by DHL parcel today, and they notified me that my parcel would be delivered between 15:15 and 16:15pm today so I waited in.
I got a notification on my phone that they left a calling card, but they never.
I ordered the item at Argos and they used DHL parcel and I feel let down by DHL parcel.
I chatted to Argos and they said it would take about 2 weeks to get a refund. They said the following "As this is a Supplier order and not with Argos, James has indeed sent a message to the Supplier to contact the courier (DHL) to request this order is returned back to them instead of being re-attempted for delivery in which once the Supplier (Micro-P) has confirmed the order has been received back to them, the funds will indeed be released for this order and a refund will go back to the Visa Card used within 5 working days "
Who can I write to or call to complain about the incompetence of the delivery driver, saying they gave me a calling card when they never, they should have handed me the item as I waited in?
Many thanks
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2023.06.02 17:46 YouDontJump Simplii Financial Referral Reddit - $50 Signup bonus + potential for a $400 direct deposit bonus

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If you open a No Fee Chequing Account by June 30, 2023 and add an eligible direct deposit of at least $100 a month for 3 straight months you'll earn an additional $400 direct deposit bonus!
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2023.06.02 17:46 ChasinBagsAlways Teaching the winning method. If interested follow my insta and dm me @temu_learn_earn

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2023.06.02 17:46 burberrycondom What are some of your favorite wine Youtube channels?

Hello friends!
I hope all is well. I am a beginner in the wine world and I was wondering if y'all had any recommendations on channels that you enjoy watching or are informative about everything wine! My dad, the reason I'm into wine in the first place, is a huge wine nerd but isn't really on the internet like that and doesn't follow the Youtube scene, so I thought I'd take to this subreddit for recommendations! Apologies if a post like this isn't allowed, I'd completely understand. Just thought I'd try. I look forward to seeing your responses. Thank you all very much, cheers!
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2023.06.02 17:45 IsThis_RL Diet care advice

Ok, long story
Yesterday I got my third bearded dragon, my second Luna who I got after my first Reggie died, I only got to be with Luna for a year and a half he was complicated from the start and its believed by the vet he was probably a runt/sick from the start so in the end there was nothing I could do. For my new Lizard I went somewhere with proper breeders and got a Hypo translucent baby I named Comet.
here comes my problem, for Reggie I followed the go to Dietary advice and he was very big and healthy what happened to him was apparently extremely rare (Tumor) for Luna I did the same and his weight fluctuated but that was due to illness and not wanting to eat HOWEVER we got a new vet and she is saying to feed mostly pellets and stay AWAY from bugs and veggies! and that one thing that might have happened to Luna was a bad bug
Now my understanding of things is completely out of loop the breeders say one thing and this vet another!? I'm now very nervous about bugs but just pellets feel so wrong :(
for now What I'm doing is a mix and will see when I go to Comets first checkup.
Is there a site that sells safe bugs? where should I avoid buying bugs? and how do I know if a bug might be sick?
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2023.06.02 17:45 Free_Ad_7524 The stronger the love, the deeper the pain.

First, I want to say that if you are here reading this, it's because you, too, just lost your pet—my deepest sympathy to you. I know what you are going through. I lost my sweet boy Tuesday morning. The last time I saw him alive was around 4 am. I found him dead around 6:15 am. He was an 11-1/2 y.o. Labrador. We knew he was dying and were planning to bring him in to be PTS that morning. But I'm somewhat glad that he passed at home with us, in his favorite spot. I don't think he was experiencing a lot of pain, though I know death is never easy.
I'm the type of guy that never cries, and I'm old enough that I've lost a lot of close friends and family over the years. But I just can't stop crying and keep getting choked up (like now, as I try to write this).
I think we hurt so bad when we lose a pet for a couple of reasons. We rub their bellies and fur daily as we pet them and show them our love. We look into their eyes in a way that we don't with other people. Close contact and touching create a very powerful bond.
I keep asking myself if I could have prevented this. He was very sick two years ago and was in complete liver and kidney failure. We had brought him to the best specialist in our state. He told us the chances were very slim that he would survive. But he did, and eventually, his bloodwork numbers came back close to normal. But it did a lot of damage. He was on eight different meds, which eventually dropped to six. But still, tons of meds. Then weight gain and lethargy. In the past three months, he really started having a tough time getting around. Then a month ago, his bloodwork showed high ALT and neutrophil. Everything else looked good. Our vet said not to worry about it. It was normal and caused by the prednisone he was on.
I wish I had not taken my vet's advice because I now think he went into sepsis, which killed him. I can't place too much blame on the vet. They only see him for a few minutes every month or two. It's my fault for not demanding more follow-up tests. Plus, I just thought he was coming to that point, getting near the end. His breed only lives 10-14 years, and I know the liver and kidney disease knocked at least two years off his lifespan. His quality of life was not great, but it wasn't awful either.
I'm filled with regret. The silence in my home and knowing that he isn't here and is gone forever is tearing me apart. The stronger the love, the deeper the pain.
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2023.06.02 17:45 BackgroundFix4412 How have they affected your mental health?

How long did it take you to start getting better?
When my ex ended things with me after 5 years, their excuse was always depression/mental health. I tried so hard to help them, including making a discord for us where we could do daily check ins, make lists of things we HAD to get done, and things we wanted to do during any given week. It was very no pressure, where daily wasn’t necessary, but he could come at the end of the week and check off things to hold himself accountable.
He didn’t use it. Further, he ghosted me for 4-8 days at a time, only to come back and blame it again, on depression. That his depression was so bad that he couldn’t get out of bed except to work, and was getting drunk regularly by himself.
The discard weighed on me, and still does, especially because of how quickly it happened. On Jan 10th we booked plane tickets for our anniversary, and were excitedly planning the trip up until the 19th. He said he loved me during this time, and contributed to plans. On the 21st, he broke up with me through a text.
He said even he isn’t enough of an asshole to date someone that fast (on Feb 15th). That he isn’t in any sort of mental state to do that, and he needs therapy first. All of this over the span of the next 4 months. In April, he said he was complicated with someone since March.
No therapy. No nothing. Last week, I discovered he’d been dating someone since 9 days post break up (Feb 1st), probably sooner.
I was so worried during the next month (following the break up), still trying to help him through his depression and concerned that he’d done something to himself. Encouraging him to see friends outside work, and put in for a break, at least for himself. I texted his mom pleading for her to keep an eye on him.
And it turns out his mom probably thought I knew about his new s/o. She probably thought we never got back together after our short (and only previous) Dec break up. He lied and lied out of his teeth, until his whole inner circle thought I was the crazy one. I ended up attempting the point of no return mid Feb.
I think I’m finally starting to do better. I also have cancer, which I now have to navigate alone. Still trying to get my stuff back from him, too.
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2023.06.02 17:45 BriSweetBread CPS sucks

I have a story to share.
This has been on my mind for years and I until now I haven't figured out a way to come out with it in a way that would be inaccessible for any of my family members or friends and completely anonymous. I don't use this platform often, and I may never reply.
Sorry if it's badly written, I tried.

All throughout my life I was a ray of sunshine, I was confident, happy, social and optimistic. My parents split when I was 3, they were never married as that isn't a requirement where I live. My dad was an alcoholic but he worked, so he wasn't a complete deadbeat, and my mum had to quit her profession due to an injury she got from a life threatening situation, money was tight basically.
For the first 3 years of my life it was my dad, brother, mum, and I which obviously changed after my parents splitting. After I turned 4 my mother introduced a new man into our lives, stepdad, he was nice, fun, welcoming, loving and all of those things a father should be, we went to the themepark, zoo, local swimmingpool, I even learned how to bike with him around, even to spell some things such as "bird", "mum" and "dog".
However life isn't all butterflies and sunshine as we all know and my biological dad was still fighting for custody over my brother and I, he was granted shared custody with my mum, so there were weekends my brother and I went to see our dad who had also gotten a new girlfriend, she'd usually drop us off by our grandma's house while our dad was at the pub getting drunk or something, there were many times I'd see him sleeping on the couch instead of his bed. Girlfriend was nice to us, she didn't tell us much about the circumstances of our dad and why he was sleeping on the couch again and stuff.
Fast forward a year: my sister's birth, she was the child of my stepdad and mum and of course I love(d) her with all my heart and it's been an honor to see her grow into the wonderful young lady she is now, we moved to a different part of our country, to a house, to start a new life for the now expanded family and all that, we moved a few more times which isn't really relevant to the story so I'll spare you the details.
Fast forward 3 years: I was 8 and I had just learned to read a year prior, I was sitting in the courtroom deciding to never see my dad again, which I've upheld since, and my brother made a similar decision, the court then decided to give full custody to my mother over both of us till we were old enough and could decide for ourselves.
A year later my mum had my fourth sibling, (we also got a dog, chihuahua, he will be relevant, I swear) which means we were 7 people living under the same roof. Not much happened in these years until I hit 10, which is when everything went downhill. My parents got a complaint from my brother's kindergarten, suggesting that he's a troubled kid and needs to be properly raised, of course we didn't have any problems with him at home and he was a shy little boy with big bright blue eyes that would make you melt in seconds, the report was forwarded to the family section of the communal services who took the case very seriously and drove to our house to discuss this matter, one of the women got my mother's name wrong and I corrected her, she admitted to mistakenly mixing the two cases together and apologizing deeply for it, she then asked where our two big dogs were, we all looked at her confused and said we don't have two dogs, we have one and it is a chihuahua, the woman grew impatient and seemed awkward. They eventually left and apologized for the disturbance, thinking it was all over we went back to our normal lives. Boy were we wrong. It started flooding in with accusations of abuse and negligence, they called me dirty and my older brother a troubled kid, my brother was always the shy one of the two of us and was an easy target for bullying, people would call him delusional and stupid which lowered his confidence to rock bottom, I doubt getting saved by his little sister made him feel any better though.
It continued going downhill. When I was 11 my brother and I changed schools and were the new kids, though I never really knew how his school treated him I sure as hell knew how mine treated me. My classmates were mainly stuck-up snobs who always had the newest of the newest, everyone had known each other since preschool and the overall environment was a hell to work/study at. I was bullied, I had never been bullied before so I didn't know how to grasp the situation, my self esteem was trampled and the confidence I had built was long gone, I spent a lot of time at home with my ipad and just watched youtube videos till I had to eat dinner and go to bed again, most of the time I'd stay up late watching videos and wake up tired and ill, unable to move out of bed. My parents weren't understanding at that point, when they did manage to drag me to schoo I'd get sent home for feeling "ill" when in reality I just wanted to leave the psychological torment. I lied to my parents about school and how they were treating me, I just didn't know how to tell them so I went with "school's okay". The bullying was never physical, only emotional and psychological they tormented me for being new and different, it almost got physical once but I got myself together and said he wouldn't hit me, so he didn't.
I lived that lie for 2 years before moving to a different part of the country and moving to a new school, again, this school was different, they included me and tried getting to know me. But by then I had developed a stutter and I had a hard time looking them directly in the eyes, my teacher told me a bunch of other students dealt with anxiety "like me", though I was never diagnosed with anxiety, mainly because I don't have it. They were understanding and we went on trips to mcdonalds and burgerking every once in a while.
Everything went well till I hit my teenage years, of course, and my mental health dipped. I went to bed at 2-3am and woke up at 6, a lot of the time I was tired when I arrived at school and never learned anything because of it, my grades were terrible, I was barely passing, this continued till I was 14, when covid hit, 2020 was a nightmare for me, isolation was even worse than staying home willingly, for my mental health that is, my parents were also unable to work due to quarantine and a lot of us were glued to our computers to do homework and attend zoom meeting. I slept through classes and my grades were still barely passable, maybe even worse. Allegations continued and in 2021 my siblings were taken from us, my parents were devastated and both went into depression, I think, I made dinner every once in a while because they just couldn't. I stayed with my mum on the couch and hugged her when she started crying, my brother for the most part was having a hard time dealing with it as well and so he stayed in his own room, so did my stepdad, he always slept because he knew he couldn't deal with it awake. I was 14 and due to all of this my emotions developed a filter that made it impossible to speak about them to anyone. The same year as when my siblings were taken, I was taken to an orphanage for 8 weeks and my brother moved to live at a college dorm while he studied, this was in May and it took a huge toll on my parents once again, they had to relive what happened to my siblings all over again, but this time they were alone in the house. I turned 15 at the orphanage and had lost a bunch of weight, I felt light in my own body despite all this and I was finally smiling again. The orphanage was good for me, but the circumstances could and should have been way different from what they were.
I don't have a good ending for this unfortunately, I'm currently the only child living in this house and it's lonely. But I am doing my best in school and I hope they're proud of me, they deserve everything and more. As I'm writing this I am 16, turning 17, and I'm doing pretty okay, I'm passing my exams and being as social as possible. I don't know what this post is, I think the correct term is a vent? But it doesn't feel like a vent, it feels more like something I've been aching to say, a scratch that I've been dying to itch but haven't known how to, it wasn't even supposed to be this long. Anyway, thank you for reading, I think?
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2023.06.02 17:45 warmdusk Come here, go away---aquarius ex

I am confused about my aquarius ex. He is a cap moon and cancer rising. I would say for the most part, he does wear his emotions on his sleeve and he is surprisingly emotional, maybe thats the cancer rising, I don't know. He is very untrusting and in general seems pretty moody/confrontational with just about everyone (never with me).
He was extremely mad at me and wouldn't talk for months following our breakup, initiated by me **because of his inconsistency**. When I got him back in contact, he was standoffish to begin with, but with time, he has softened quite a bit. It's been 2.5 months back in contact. He is now cheerful and positive with me 100% of the time. He replies to everything I send him pretty promptly, he compliments me often. He shares music with me and appreciates and thanks me when I share music with him. He will send me little tidbits about things he is interested in. When hes there, he seems as familiar and warm as he was when things were good between us.
Then he just falls off the planet for 3-6-9-11 days, whichever one, and I hear nothing. Then he pops back up as if no time at all has passed.
Confusingly to me, he does not respond at all to any flirting from me. Like he doesn't acknowledge it. BUT, he will send me an over the top # of selfies of himself(he's losing weight, getting in shape), often with no reason or context. He has also started sharing vulnerabilities with me very recently in the past few weeks, for example, he randomly shared with me that he has started losing his hair and he feels like he will never be attractive--which obviously prompted me to reassure him quite a bit. I almost feel like he is fishing me for compliments some times.
What does this mean? Is there any chance of reconciliation here(he does everything SUPER SLOW, so it would probably be many many more months down the line, if so), is he using me for validation/attention/compliments? Does he want me to find him attractive?
I am very confused by extreme warmth followed by a unpredictable # of days of complete silence(though its been a month since he was quiet for more than a week--the contact appears to be becoming more frequent.)
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2023.06.02 17:45 Consistent-View-2056 So uh it’s men’s mental health month and uh where’s the sub banner for that?

Like sure I can understand pride month but why not something that also represents men’s mental health month too? Especially considering how over shadowed it is by pride month
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2023.06.02 17:45 sbizzler Studio filled with some kind of gnat, how can I tell what they are and how can I get rid of them?

I was away from my studio apartment for two weeks and left some dirty dishes out in the kitchen. I also honestly let the surfaces on the side get quite dirty too with a few small crumbs of food and otherwise some stains on parts. When I came back a few gnats were flying around. I got rid of the one (dead) plant pot I had and they still come back. They appear in the day and there can be up to 8 flying around at once but at night time there usually are only one or two if any at all, I’m not sure if this is just because I kill the few that I can, because they fly out of the window in the evening and back in the following day, or if they aren’t active at night time. What kind of gnats do these sound like and how should I get rid of them?
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2023.06.02 17:45 holymemories99 N64 and Gamecube emulation

Hey all! Just got my RP3+ yesterday and am loving it so far. I've mostly figured out Retroarch. I was just wondering:
  1. How can I get Dolphin to run from Retroid Launcher? I'm using Dolphin MMJR. Someone mentioned renaming Dolphin in another thread, but not sure how to do that.
  2. How can I remap controls for N64 emulation from Retroid launcher using Retroarch? I'm using Mupen64Plus FZ but don't see that in my cores.
  3. One game I'm running on Dolphin, Lost Kingdoms, isn't on the compatibility list. It starts up decently, but once gameplay starts the screen is black other than the health bar. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this type of issue?
  4. DS emulation - any emulator that works best? How could I set this up for access from Retroid Launcher, and easy way to map controls? I'd prefer a horizontal orientation for the two screens if possible.
Any help is super appreciated - thanks!
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2023.06.02 17:45 waitlikewhatlol7456 I’m 2 months out and having a major roadblock. I don’t have places for people to sit. PLEASE send help.

I’m getting married in August on our front porch. The house is situated on top of a hill. My plan was for guests (40 ppl) to stand on the lawn for the ceremony at 1:00pm as it’s only 15 minutes long. Following the ceremony is a light lunch cocktail hour, where I had thought people would stand at cocktail tables with their food like most cocktail hours go. There will be 12 chairs or so total for people to sit and a couch. The reception starts at 3:00pm, which is when another 60 guests arrive. I’m now realizing this would mean some guests are standing for 2 whole hours. Any ideas? I looked into renting barstools for the cocktail tables and they’re SO expensive ($35 per stool!). It’s a pretty casual wedding so I’m open to ideas. Please help I’m panicking!!
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2023.06.02 17:44 New_start_new_life Auto GPT plugins for non-technical people

Can anyone explain to me how plugins work for Auto GPT? So my local one works well until it needs to scrape data from the web and interact with websites (create accounts, login etc). I then found out that one can install plug ins for Auto GPT. My questions is as follows: Is there one generic plugin that will alone expand significantly the functionality and capability of Auto GPT in its tasks? Or do I need to pick specific plugins for each task? If the latter, is there a store for plugins for Auto GPT with descriptions?
Will be very grateful for any information you guys could offer. It was an achievement for me just to install the local version on my own; I hope getting the plugins is not more technically demanding.
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2023.06.02 17:44 Chemical-Gap6280 Surveying romantic partners perception

Hi! My name is Dana and I am an MSc student at Regent’s University. For my dissertation, I am conducting a study to investigate individuals’ perceptions of their romantic partners in heterosexual relationships. To participate, you must meet the following criteria: - be at least 18 years old - currently be in a long-term exclusive (monogamous) heterosexual romantic relationship - self-identify as heterosexual - as this study is investigating heterosexual romantic relationships between people who self-identify as the gender to which they were assigned at birth, you must self-identify as the gender to which you were assigned at birth If you have 10 minutes to spare, please consider participating in my research through the following link: https://regents.fra1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8JoYIt9YMvrLLls
Thank you!
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2023.06.02 17:44 HoodieTheCat78 100 Days of PSVR2

PSVR2 launch day was only 100 days ago today! There seems to be a fair amount of anxiety on this sub about the future of the platform, but I feel like it’s off to a pretty strong start. Here are some reasons I’m feeling good about PSVR2:
Anyway, those are my thoughts on how things stand 100 days after launch. I have every expectation that VR2 will continue to grow and bring us cool new experiences. I’ll be really interested to see what happens during the holidays if Sony announces one or two must-haves, we get a Black Friday deal, and there’s a burst of new interest in VR with Apple’s headset arriving.
How’s everyone else feeling?
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