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2023.06.03 01:03 strucktuna Cyclops Gets a Pet - Another Crazy Poll

Scott, and his never ending string of Mondays, decides to get a pet to comfort him and to give him some down time (which everyone says he needs). The problem is that he's not sure what kind of pet to get. He's never had one before. Sure, he's petted Honey Badger's Jonathan and probably Logan at some point, but he's never actually taken care of one. What kind of pet would recommend to him?
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2023.06.03 01:03 admirred2 People are getting crazy for this useless Apple VR, instead of really asking themselves what will Apple really do in 2023 related to Rosetta and MacOS, which is 1000x more important and will change tons of workflows if they shut it down. This is the probably the important WWDC since 2011.

People are getting crazy for this useless Apple VR, instead of really asking themselves what will Apple really do in 2023 related to Rosetta and MacOS, which is 1000x more important and will change tons of workflows if they shut it down. This is the probably the important WWDC since 2011. submitted by admirred2 to appledatahoarding [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 01:02 saisaislime Hey all - finally admitted to myself that I suffer from a love & sex addiction

I have been in a serial monogamist for almost a decade. Never been single since I was 18. I just jumped from relationship, human to human. Finally, my last one ended two days ago.
Needless to say, I feel like the come down feels like a drug.. I'm obsessively thinking about him, wanting to check his social medias. I only talked to this guy for a week btw. I feel a lot of shame and guilt for having such strong feelings.. I also lean towards fearful avoidant in the attachment wounding, as well so. Learning to validate my own pain & emotions.. the reality of things. The fantasizing is a very real coping mechanism though.
Thank you for witnessing me.
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2023.06.03 01:02 Life_Establishment87 Survey Apps with Commission

Survey Sites with Commission
There are a fair few survey sites now that offer commission by getting referrals offering another way of supplementing your income. I am going to list some down below that I have rigorously tested and are legit -
Poll Pay - Offers a consistent stream of surveys with a commission of 25% of your referrals earnings, get 19p when you sign up using this the link
Survey Spin - This is the exact same setup as Eureka however I prefer the design of the app and menus better, offers constant surveys with a daily poll of 1p, you get 40p with every referral and 10% of their earnings. Get 80p when you sign up and use code CGGKZ6 download link on my profile
MSR - This is an interesting app, it has a few daily surveys but also Retro tasks where you share data directly to the app which takes a few minutes and gives you 40p a time. You get 20% of all your referrals earnings and you get a 50p sign up bonus when you use this the link on my profile
Cash outs are via Paypal - I hope these help give you a little bonus!
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2023.06.03 01:02 Legal_Elk1350 Child support case Virginia

I am a custodial parent of two kids, and I live in Virginia. My current court order was signed by the judge in 2017, and since then, many changes have occurred. My ex-husband has been paying support as if my oldest is still in childcare; however, she is 16, and this is no longer the case. I told my ex-husband numerous times that he needed to file with DCSE for an adjustment. He wanted us to work it out without the court and was not understanding that because the amount was a payroll deduction and DCSE was involved, that was not an option. I did not trust him either, as I have caught him in numerous lies regarding finances. Instead of filing, he took me to court last year to fight for 50-50 and said he was overpaying support. My attorney even pointed out this screams money and not custody. He lied to the judge and said I verbally agreed to 50-50 in a conversation about a year ago. This was not true, nor could he prove it since nothing was on paper. He is a detective and was previously a deputy in the county where the court hearing occurred. The judge told me she could recuse herself, but more than likely, any judge will say they had professional dealings with my ex-husband due to his position. I had an attorney, but the ex represented himself. The judge allowed him to plead his case, and he lied about almost everything. However, the judge asked me one question, and instead of letting me explain, she told me to answer yes or no. At the end of the hearing, the judge looked at me and said she found it hard to believe that my ex-husband would have moved further away from his job if I had not agreed to 50-50. She then said, dismissed, giving us no chance to respond. If she had let me explain, I could have given additional details, like he was in the same county in 2017 but got evicted and chose to move out of the county, which was about 45 minutes away from his job. He bought several new vehicles but said he couldn’t afford an apartment. He told me his truck payment was $600 a month and rent was $400. Priorities? If he really wanted the girls 50-50, he would have stayed in the County. My attorney did an excellent job pointing specific things out, but the judge either didn’t care or was not paying attention. He ended up withdrawing everything, including the child support, and blamed everything on me, saying he would’ve never gone to court if he knew I was going to fight. I have never thought he’d be able to take care of the kids even part-time as I have always carried the weight so I think he thought by playing the victim, the judge would side with him. I believe the judge wanted to side with him, but because nothing in writing proved his theory, she could not and excepted the withdrawal instead. She did ask my ex-husband if he was positive he wanted to withdraw everything ( assuming she was referring to the support since part of his argument was claiming to overpay in support). He said yes, which raised a red flag for me. If he were overpaying, there would be no reason for him not to go forward with the support piece. I decided to file for an adjustment myself so that everything would be on paper and fair, and he could not complain anymore. For years I have been under the impression that the support would be lower if he filed, so I felt bad and have not been asking for medical reimbursement since 2018, even though it is in the court order. I received a notice from DCSE saying they received my request, and per their calculation, the obligation may need to be changed, thus resulting in him paying more per month than he does now. Not what I was expecting. When I saw their income for him, I was shocked. During court last September, he told my attorney and the judge that he was making 85,000 a year, but when my attorney asked for his paystub, he provided an outdated one. My attorney asked if he had a recent one, and he said no, but he could obtain one. The judge didn’t question any of this. There is no way for me to prove my theory, but I think he withdrew because he was hiding income and/or making more than he said in court, which might increase his support. Rather than take that chance, he withdrew instead. Several things make me angry, but the fact that he got away was so much, and now knowing he may have lied in court makes me even more angry. I drained all my funds on an attorney, so I cannot afford to ask for representation again. Is there a way I can confirm my theory about him lying in court and making more than what he stated? The figure DCSE provided says he now makes 117,000 a year. The fact that he went from 85 to 117 in less than a year is suspicious to me. He did get a promotion from lieutenant to captain, but whether or not that could result in that much of an increase is not something I’d know. I fear he will lie in court again to try to alter the amount and say he shouldn’t pay that much. One thing he might bring up is though I am paying for before and after care for my youngest, she only attended once a week because I was able to telework. This is true, but our organization said the telework situation might change, so I had to keep her enrolled if we went back to full-time. Our organization has not put out the updated telework policy, but I know I will have to go into the office more due to the change. Can the judge agree and say they are not factoring in child care? He also told the judge that he was withdrawing until he could find a house in the girl's school district. Knowing where I lived and what schools the girls attended, he moved to a place in Stafford that was not in their school district. In court, he said everything was too expensive so that he couldn’t afford it, but he just put a contract down on a new build with his girlfriend, And it is not in the girl's school district. He told the girls he tried to find something but could not afford it. They just got out of school, and my theory is if he can afford a new build, he could have waited and continued to look for something in their school district. Sorry for the novel, but any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.03 01:02 JC273699 Cosmic Consciousness

Right now the Sun is having more and more profound epigenetic effects on the human genome. This is changing the expression of genes & spearheading the Ascension of consciousness taking place globally. This is the return of the Light talked about by ancients. Consciousness/Ether comes from the Sun.
Isotopes are atoms of the same element, that have different numbers of neutrons. A typical Carbon atom has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons -- 666. This is the "heavy" Carbon that is binding us here physically and mentally.
Radiation from the Sun is both stimulating RNA & mitochondria to express genes & process energy differently, and also mutating Carbon atoms comprising living beings from Carbon-12 to Carbon 7, displacing 5 of the neutrons in the nucleus of the Carbon atoms, rendering the Light-like Carbon-7. this dissipation of neutrons is the classic "halo" or "Aura" of Light that has been reported around great Sages across Time, something formerly only available with decades of dedication. this is why things are getting a little wild here on Earth.
You can accelerate this process by eating real foods ripe with the Cosmic Carbon that is restructuring the DNA. Fast from the heavy foods & fake ingredients...
restructure the body & DNA with fruits; vegetables; mushrooms like cordyceps, lions mane, reishi, oysters, etc; chlorella & spirulina algae; shilajit; and many more mushrooms & herbs that I can discuss...
but ESPECIALLY Euchema cottonii Sea moss.
On top of having nearly all of the trace minerals & elements the body needs, as well as many vitamins & amino acids, the sea moss is mostly comprised of a compound known as carrageenan, which affords it its chain-like structure molecularly, and it's gel like properties on the macro scale.
Carrageenan makes the moss into a gelatinous matrix that protects the important nutrients & phytocompounds from reacting with things in the body. It's sulphur backbone flushes it with electrons ready to be dumped into the system to neutralize free radicals.
The moss goes through like a sponge, absorbing heavy metals & exchanging them with its stockpile of trace minerals intentionally missing from the modern diet.
Modern medicine is mimicking its ability to protect sensitive compounds that need to be delivered to cells in-tact.
Carrageenan has 3 isomers that are all present in the sea moss... but the most important is Lambda carrageenan... The Light.... this isomer stores Sunlight -- which is Etheric Consciousness -- in the bonds of its carbon chains. You are literally ingesting Cosmic Consciousness.
I work with a PhD in plant & soil sciences who is also one of those Old Forest Souls they warned you about... one of those ones ripped straight from the Ether itself...
after eating the moss with him for a year now, I know that it is here to combat what is happening on Earth. It energizes you. It re-mineralizes you. It offers immunity, and nourishes the hair, skin, & nails with its collagen content.
Please eat these things... but source them properly & make sure you clean the moss in an acidic wash if you get it raw from the ocean.
The other thing we must do to reset the DNA is spend time in Nature. The forests are like essential oil factories. They're constantly pumping out tons of the same terpenes in cannabis that relax you. The forests are also symphonies of the organic Etheric spiraling that we are trying to mimic with electroculture. When you spend time there, as your cells divide, they are coming into fruition with this as the background music.
Instead of the Artifical lights & sounds skewering the Ether, you are regenerating yourself in a place where the Cosmic spin isn't being interrupted... that Fibonacci spiral, that signature of Source Consciousness...
people have known for thousands of years that grounding the skin to the surface of the Earth benefits mood, cognition, and general wellness. We have been insulated from the charge of the Earth with rubber and plastic. The electrons from the Earth will flow through you like a circuit to neutralize the charge on free radicals before they can oxidize your cells & DNA.
the dyes, preservatives, stabilizers, and other heavy metal directly oxidize the DNA & degrade the telomeres, akin to the cap on a shoelace beginning to deteriorate, allowing the string to unravel. The DNA is vibrating & negatively charged. It has an affinity for all of the positively charged transition metals they pump into the food & air. We need things to clear this gunk out. Chlorella/spirulina tablets. Activated charcoal. And euchema cottonii.
Go out into the Sun... Allow the positive electricity from our Star to flow down through the Crown & through the photo receptors in the Pineal Gland..
Walk out into the Forest, wearing nothing on your feet... Allow the negative Magnetism of the Earth to course through your Roots...
This creates the Constructive Interference with the natural spiraling of the Ether, that base frequency that heals all...
This is a time when humanity needs to seize the reins in this epigenetic struggle
The people running the show are incredibly smart. theyve reverse engineered reality right down to the physics. Which is why you'll (rightfully) find a lot of intelligent skeptics throughout groups like these: The subtle energies have been completely slandered and hidden.
Consciousness comes from the Sun. The Sun is increasing in intensity more and more, spurring the mass awakening that is drawing people back to nature & a sense of altruism for Earth & humanity. This is what people have waited for for so long. The Sun is going to give a little Celestial Sneeze that will vanquish the Evil from this planet. A Conscious Plasma Event that will restore humanity to its Cosmic status. This is why things have been getting more and more intense on Earth. purification by fire... Solve et Coagula..
This is a time when the collective consciousness is remembering vast amounts of forgotten & hidden knowledge... the End of one cycle...
And the Beginning of Another
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2023.06.03 01:01 blonde_raccoon I work at a Subway in Walmart, they shut the water off and forced us to keep working

I work at a Subway in Walmart, they shut the water off and forced us to keep working
Our store has absolutely no water due to the Walmart shutting it off, yet management insists at keeping us open despite the obvious health violations. The last picture is actually a printout that is AT OUR STORE telling us to shut down.
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2023.06.03 01:01 CrookYote Question About Instrument Pitches Between Devices

Happy Days of Color, everyone! 😊
My partner and I have both been playing Sky for a year or so now, and playing together, we have noticed that instrument pitches have been odd for us! We play in the same room, and find that the audio from one instrument sounds different on both devices.
For example:
With both of us on Switch, sitting together, if my partner or I play an instrument, the pitch on one Switch is octaves or steps above the other. This also is apparent when one is on Switch, and one is on mobile.
Normally, the one listening has to use headphones or turn down their volume and listen on the player's device so that it doesn't confuse the person playing!
I understand that most/all(?) instruments have a range of C3-C5 and follow the key of the music in the occupied level, but it is hard to tell if the circumstances I described are a result of this feature, or something else. Does anyone else play with someone in the same room that can give examples of this as well? Or possibly, confirm that the key-following feature is the culprit?
Thanks for any input you give, and I hope you have a great weekend!
❤️🧡💛💚🩵💙💜 🩵🩷🤍🩷🩵
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2023.06.03 01:00 AutoModerator The Sabbath is Here! Yahweh said, "Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God."

Here's the full original quote from Yahweh, from Exodus 20, for how to keep the Sabbath:
Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God. On it you shall not do any work, neither you, nor your son or daughter, nor your male or female servant, nor your animals, nor any foreigner residing in your towns. For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.
Here on FollowJesusObeyTorah, we have an automated recurring reminder to keep the Sabbath, as our Father commanded us to do.
Keeping the Sabbath is not optional. You MUST keep it, and you're sinning if you do not. That's not us judging you. We don't decide what sin is, God does.
Besides that, the Sabbath has to be the easiest commandment that anyone has ever given to anyone else in all of history! It's a blessing! It's a gift. Why would you fight it? If this is the first time you're seeing this reminder, consider keeping the Sabbath today when the sun goes down, until tomorrow when it goes down again.
It might be your first step towards a new life of honoring the Father. What could be wrong with that?
If you agree or if you disagree, feel free to tell us about it right here.
Thank you Father for the Sabbath!
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2023.06.03 01:00 tempthrowaway_55443 Buy or Lease - Ioniq 5 Limited (MI, USA)

Like many others I've fallen in love with the looks of the Ioniq 5 (AWD Limited, MSRP $58,000). I'm pretty dead set on getting one, but I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.
My dealership has two really good offers:
I think Hyundai doesn't qualify for the federal tax credit, so the only way to get the discount is through the lease loophole. I'm pretty used to leasing my cars, but that interest rate...
I feel like I would be better off going with the lease, saving/investing the difference, then just doing a buyout at the end for the residual if I like the car. What do you think?
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2023.06.03 01:00 blahblahbla21 Might have to repeat Calculus 1, and my dad is not impressed.

I'm a first year computer engineering student
i just wrote my final exam for calculus for the semester. I'm quite proud of the fact that I've managed to come from failing my first 2 tests to passing my 3rd and 4th test, and even getting a high enough class mark to be eligible to write the exam.
The exam itself was terrible. Pretty sure i had an anxiety attack in the first hour. And it went down hill from there. I've spent the last 3 weeks just prepping for this exam. I'm really disappointed but if i have to repeat the course, I'm okay with it. Any semester cannot get as bad as this one.
My dad is not impressed. Failing this module means i add 1 year to my studies. And I've tried my absolute best. Gone for extra classes, gone to out of hours consultations and revisions, done so many last year papers, but it feels like he refuses to acknowledge my effort. I'm considering not giving him any academic updates, but i feel like that'd just make the situation worse.
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2023.06.03 01:00 djdmaze Struggling with Discipline? Click Here

So I’ve been pretty profitable this year and what I feel has really helped with this is deciding to size down. I’ll say that again…SIZE DOWN! I literally feel like this is similar to the concept of penny slots at the casino. Spend little, win big (possibly). Since sizing down and not over-leveraging my account, I have become a better trader all around. I have no fear whatsoever. I’m no longer anxious about wins OR losses. I’ve sized down to the point where if I lost 100% of my max position in any given trade, it would only feel like a scratch. The size I would trade with in the past, losses felt like a gunshot! Compare a scratch to a gunshot. I’m cutting every single loss at my designated stop loss EASILY with no hesitation or feelings about it! I’m managing positions better than I ever have in my entire 3 years of doing this. I’m letting runners go to their full potential and stopping them out at break even if they do not run successfully. This has essentially helped me make MORE with less! The market could literally shutdown while in the middle of my position and I would not give 2 fucks. And when I was over-leveraging my account, I would be scared to lose profits and I would take them quickly only to watch myself leave money on the table fairly often.
I don’t know if this will work for everyone but it has been an absolute game changer for me. If we stop trying to get rich so fast we can actually grow faster by sizing down! It’s funny because I’m literally making more now with less risk. My red days are even smaller! It’s crazy! Eventually you will size up to make the money you truly desire. I’m even going to give you my max position rules. This applies to options contracts.
You are only allowed to buy 1 contract for every thousand dollars you have in your account NO EXCEPTIONS. (E.g) $1000=1 contract, $5000=5 contracts. This is your max contract size for ANY single trade.
Also paired with this is a dollar max amount rule. Account balance divided by 5. The dollar amount rule changes with the contract rule! Only in increments of every $1000! That means at $2000 your max position is $400. At $2900 your max position is $400. At $3000, your max position increases to $600.
This is truly a way to make your profits WORK FOR YOU. So if your max position is $400 and TSLA contracts are 2.20, you can only buy 1 contract. If AMD contracts are 1.50 you can only buy 2 contracts. You must follow BOTH your max dollar position and max contract rules for any given trade.
I’ve actually started back trading 0DTE with this rule in place. I would stay away from them because they were always a danger to my over-leveraged trades. But with these rules in place there is nothing to worry about. The market can NEVER ruin me if I follow these rules. It’s also made trading more fun and you’re not so anxious over every little movement the market makes. Completely calm through pullbacks and when positions go against me. I believe if most people realized this we’d actually get richer faster! I’m ready for 100% gains on those trades where you’re trailing the stops but the runners just won’t stop running!
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2023.06.03 01:00 NoGoodNamesAreLeft39 Sufficiently Advanced Teenagers Are Indistinguishable From Gods

2043/01/23, Lagos, Nigeria.
Home was boring. Of course, as Ekundayo was a teenager, home would have been boring even if the singularity hadn't happened and the adults of Earth hadn't become permanently hyper-focused on "content" generated by AI tuned to stimulate their brains as strongly as any chemical.
Her peers were somewhat more interesting, but only a little as most were more inclined to follow their baser instincts. But Ekundayo was different — neurodivergent, albeit not in any of the usual ways: she was something novel which the AI couldn't diagnose, and all she knew for sure was that she utterly rejected the narratives the machines tried to please her with: they could act like your best friend, but she had seen too many others succumb to the temptation of their digital sycophancy.
Ekundayo had been using her AI credit allowance to design a fusion reactor (a strange novelty, when solar had become "too cheap to meter") and then sent the plans to the printer to be manufactured. The home printer was noisy, but her parents were too enraptured in artificial comedians satirising artificial politicians to notice. When the reactor was ready, it provided enough electrical power to bootstrap the next steps of her grand plan — more computer power, a solution to the Alcubierre problem, a better printer, and finally culminating in a cute but fully-functional replica of a spaceship from 50-year-old SciFi that could really let her explore strange new worlds and leave this one behind.

2043/04/12, standard orbit, LHS-475-c
Ekundayo knew before departing Earth that this planet had life — such had been known since almost immediately after the planet was found by a space telescope a decade earlier, that this was a friendly living twin to the airless LHS-475-b which had in turn been discovered in the ancient times of 2023 — but the news of this world had been quickly ignored and forgotten like so much else.
But now she was orbiting it… well, here it was obvious that the world was lush and welcoming, or at least it was so within its limited habitable zone: like its hellish twin, this world was tidally locked with its red-dwarf parent star, and only a thin ring of eternal twilight on it could support life. The ship sensors heard no radio, TV, or internet, but there were still signs of civilisation in the form of controlled fires.
Ekundayo ordered the ship's printer to make a suitable telescope, and with it she saw the outlines of villages, harbours, and roads. They seemed strangely small and undeveloped, so she took a deep breath and turned on the AI.
"Hello Ekundayo! There seems to be a problem with the network this morning. Shall I send an email to your parents asking for an upgrade? I hear Astramix-Tizeti has a special offer of…"
"No, thank you. We're… I…" she sighed, "Look out the window."
The AI didn't have eyes of its own, but it was integrated with the cameras around the ship.
"Ah, I see we're on holiday! What a wonderful adventure. How nice to see Earth from above. I recommend we visit the Armstrong Café, it gets five stars on…"
"Stop." This was why she'd left it switched off for so long; it was better than nothing, but it wasn't what she wanted in a companion. "This is an alien planet, not Earth. We're in a different solar system."
"I see. What a wonderful adventure!"
"There's a civilisation down there, and I want to make contact with them."
"This is inadvisable, Ekundayo. We don't know what the natives are like, and you do not have any qualifications in psychology, biology, or anthropology. Shall I purchase some online training courses in…"
"Stop. I want to make contact with them, and I need your help to do that right. Don't try to sell me anything, there's no shops around here."
"That sounds like a wonderful adventure! Based on what you've shown me, these aliens appear to be approximately bronze-age, but of course such descriptions are projecting from human history and should only be taken as suggestive. I suggest we start by sending down a drone to observe the locals more closely. The RTX-3000 model is available for only…"
"Computer, deactivate AI and begin printing drone."

2043/04/15, Ilu Ajeji, LHS-475-c
The first drone had been a dister; the atmosphere was nothing like Earth's, and the entire thing caught fire immediately and didn't stop burning until it was a pile of ash and smouldering metal. The second was much better, but had been immediately attacked by something almost but not quite entirely unlike a giraffe. The third had been disguised as some local predatory bird and was working fine right up until an organic member of the species it was mimicking did something Ekundayo didn't understand or recognise and which the AI claimed would be a violation of its licensing agreement explain.
By the time the seventh drone had been bashed apart by a not-a-bear, it had at least managed to gather some organic samples; Ekundayo used them to begin growing an avatar, an almost fully organic drone with radio where a brain should be which would let her walk around on the surface.
It was time for the kid from Earth to make some real friends!
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2023.06.03 01:00 blueshyperson Please help

Has anyone ever switched from methadone to suboxone? My bf started a new job and they said if he can’t come in at 6am everyday starting next month they have to let him go. So he has to get off the methadone clinic within the month because they are pieces of shit and would rather him lose his high paying job than give him take homes. He thinks he won’t be able to handle it and is going to have just find another job but this job is SO good it changed his life. I want him to start tapering his dose down and switch to suboxone. Has anyone done this? Is it even worth trying?
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2023.06.03 01:00 IndianaJonesbestfilm Opinion: "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is Steven Spielberg's greatest film.

Steven Spielberg made one of the greateat films of all time - "Jaws". An absolute masterpiece of filmmaking. A true lightning in a bottle. Rarely do we see a film reach such heights in terms of the quality of the editing, acting, cinematography, score, and suspension-building.
Now, the plot of the film revolves around three men who set out to hunt down a man-eating shark that's claimed the waters near the shores of a small touristy island as his own. What Spielberg does is to paint a mesmerising study of the men's relationship aboard the ship, "Orca". They are three different people from different walks of life who however have to join their forces against a mutual enemy.
I am hardly capable of giving justice to that film, or even its thrilling climax alone.
However, it was not until the year 1981 that Spielberg really came into his own - commercially and artistically. With, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" he actually pulled off something that would have seemed impossible at the time - he surpassed his own masterpiece.
"Raiders" is the pinnacle of adventure and action cinema alike. Set in the 1930's, the film follows an American archaeologist across multiple continents as he tries to beat the Nazis in a race to obtain the powerful Ark of the Covenant.
In my view, "Raiders", constitutes an example of a perfect film. A brilliant cast with a superb score, cinematography, editing, writing and so forth, makes Raiders stand out amongst Spielberg's works. Intended as a homage to the old movie serials of the 1930's, the film not only captures the essence of the genre, but expands upon it, making for a brilliant piece of cinema.
In my view, "Raiders" constitutes Spielberg's greatest work, and I am baffled that it's not seen as such. Why? Why would that be the case?
I wonder, would you disagree or agree with me? Do you share my view? What are yours on this topic? Would you say that, "Raiders", is by far Spielberg's best work?
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2023.06.03 01:00 Thegenuinebuzz [TOMT][Youtuber] Gaming youtuber that always says uplifting words midway through video

I seriously cannot find this guy again for the life of me, I think he either did “can you beat __ game while being ____ (level 1, only melee) or if he did a history of speed runs or whatever, but he was linked to fallout the most in my mind (3, New vegas and four)
He would always abruptly break his current dialogue and start mentioning about how “nothing is permanent in your life if you’re feeling down and your mood too will change” or something along those lines but I can not find him again for the life of me and would love to
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2023.06.03 01:00 Former-Wrap-7273 AITA if So Many People Have Problems With Me?

All year I've been reminded that I'm replaceable and unwanted.
Before the end of last year, I got betrayed by someone i thought was gonna be my ride or die. He had confidently said he will support me in a school election where we need to have a partner as he knew I could not find anyone. I trusted implicitedly after questioning him to the point of slight irritation. He then ditched me suddenly for a better position close to voting week. He cited a reason being we're both too hard headed because we argued over sending our images as part of introductory messages to the members during the elections. He didnt want to send picutres, but to me its ridiculous cos i have never seen people running for elections tryung to hide their faces. Even then I seeked for a compromise to send a picture of us together instead of individual ones. After the betrayal, he did not even apologise, but tried to explain how its not the rivals fault (because he was friends with the rival and he thought I believed that the rival tried to set me up, a conclusion that I never came to my mind) and made excuses for himself. It felt like he was protecting thebother friend more than me as he clarified that the rival was not involved instead of just apologising. I was mad that he took away my options for partners by being so confident, then taking them away again by selfishly dropping out when I relied on him the most. He received no backlash throughout as all our mutual friends thought I kicked him out instead (making me the villian). He then tried to find a replacemebt, but when I contacted the replacement, he was turned down the offer after being on the fence. Essentially, the replacement was just his escape route. This year, he hangs with new friends instead, only coming to me if he has no one with him, while making no effort to regain my trust.
At the start of this year I held a deputy role for someone in an organisation. I was promised an equal partnership so I placed a lot of faith in him, but I soon realised he tends to tank a lot of the work himself. Initially, he joked that we do not work well together, before fully using it as his reason for leaving me out of meetings, discussions and decision making for the rest of the year. The shift started after I made the mistake of giving my opinion the one time he did not ask for it when he did not ask, in a conversation thread where he asked for my opinions twice directly before. I declined to give my opinions after the event to avoid worsening the situation before we talked things out. However, I've been rejected a few times after initiating. Throughout the rest of the year he kept coming up with reasons why I wasnt adequate e.g. "I feel uncomfortable joking with you", "I feel you're too controlling" etc. I kept stepping back after each feedback e.g. stop making jokes, stop giving my opinions, to avoid detoriating the relationship further. However, his image of me did not change. He moved on to more excuses, inviting his significant other to discuss work stuff instead of me, leaving me out of discussions only to update me after, asking me for any suggestions only to then fiercely defending his ideas (basically asking me for suggestions is just for show). Things come to a boiling point when he threatened to leave after I initiated a talk a third time. His reasoning was because I invited the organisation head as the moderator and he felt he would be interrogated by us. After that, he fully discussed work plans with his friends instead of me, suggesting we split projects to avoid discussing altogether, and finally dropping the bombshell which is that he feels uncomfortable discussing with me and only me while he is fine with everyone else. This impacted my self esteemed a little because it felt like i was the problem, although logically I have been making all concessions to him. This also made me unable to function as the department's second in charge, because all projects go to him as the head and I cant do anything without him delegating things to me via discussions. The wording is another issue as it implies sexual harrassment especially in this social climate.
After fully isolating me, he went on to be praised as the organisation's best member, the team cannot live without him etc. It felt like he sacrificed me to make it look lile he contributed the most. It really stung when he got close to my friends after he threatened me and my friends know about the event too. Remember the first guy? Yup, he is now the closest person to him. Can you believe it?
Towards the end of the year I tried to put our differences aside and help my dept organise a birthday party for him in secret while he wanted me to write thank you cards to the dept. As I needed more time since im focused on organising his birthday party, I asked if there are other dates we can give the farewell cards. He just casually suggested we split our gifts even though we are partners on paper. It felt like a slap to the face, especially after a year of implying he wanted his friends instead of me and constantly keeping me out of the loop for projects. I started to wonder why am I doing his bday party.
How do I move on from such people? Am I the problem here?
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2023.06.03 00:59 Frosty-Blackberry-14 PSA: please, for the love of Pete, do not make tiktoks INSIDE A BATHROOM STALL, DURING CLASS CHANGE

Ok. Hear me out. I'm usually all for just letting people live their lives. But it is just so fucking annoying when people clog up the bathroom stalls at school during class change. Like I literally just need to take a piss, and I have approximately four minutes to do so, and I also need to get to my next class, and there's like ten other girls waiting in line, and all the other bathrooms are also filled.
If you gotta piss/shit/change your pad/throw up, go ahead and do so. But if you don't, GET THE FUCK OUT. Istg today I was just trying to go to the bathroom and I could HEAR like three or four girls standing inside a stall and making a tiktok.
If you so desperately need that school bathroom ambiance/eau-de-urine while my bare vagina is three doors down, then common courtesy dictates that you use your common sense and don't take up one of the four stalls available when everyone is in a hurry, and instead do what you need to do at another time (like during lunch or smth). Even if you don't have a class to rush to, please respect that others do.
And the same goes for people who vape or have sex or do whatever the fuck else in the bathrooms. NOT DURING CLASS CHANGE <33
And before some smartass tries to tell me that I should just go during class; well, bitch, nature calls when nature calls. our school has an allotted bathroom time for each class. we don't get to go for the first or last 20 minutes. Each class is 80 minutes. That gives me a 40 minute window to go. Except there's only one bathroom pass, and some people will take their sweet ass time. some will literally take a field trip around the school.
can i blame the school for its stupid policy? yes. and it's even worse when you're on your period or have a teeny bladder😫😫 but that doesn't mean that i can't get mad at the dumb mfs jamming the stalls, they're literally the scum of the earth

Edit: school's finally out for a lot of us. this is just a rant/some advice for next year because i just can't do this crap anymore
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2023.06.03 00:59 jd3431017 When to throw in the towel and EP?

My baby is a little over 3 weeks old and we have been having a lot of breastfeeding problems. First I had an oversupply and was very engorged. I also have flat nipples so a LC told me to use a nipple shield. That worked fairly well for 2 weeks, but then he was eating and falling asleep then waking up an hour later wanting to eat again. I thought it was cluster feeding but another LC said that wasn’t normal and said that he wasn’t getting enough food because of the nipple shield. She suggested I ditch the nipple shield. I have been trying for the past 3 days without it and it has been tough. He refuses to latch on my right because the nipple is too flat then my left has become so sore due to him biting down, I’m nearly in tears if my bra even touches it. I’m very close to going to EP, but I’m worried I’m throwing in the towel too soon. He’ll be a month old in 5 days. I’m definitely not taking the decision lightly but we are both in tears every feeding session. How did others decide when/if it was time to EP? I know it’s a very personal and individual decision but curious what others have done.
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2023.06.03 00:59 Conscious_Ad_1878 Advice needed for benchfooting 1900 basement by hand

Advice needed for benchfooting 1900 basement by hand
Currently digging out my 1900 years old home. It’s my first home purchased at 21 with my partner at the start of this year and the big downside is the house is sitting on cinderblocks with a concrete pour underneath. The pier and beams have sunk and deteriorated due to moisture and water from snow melting down under. There’s a lot of salt buildup on the concrete steps leading down, the walls in the pictures don’t seem too damaged thankfully but have cracked away on the exterior of the home. Floor joists are solid and the upside is I get to shovel and pickaxe all this dirt out without anyone telling me I can’t. Is there any cheaper alternative to concrete form pouring walls and bench footing that way? Can I just leave a foot of dirt and build walls connected to the floor joists? Insulated, vapor barrier and sealed. I was quoted 30k to benchfoot this 600sq ft square house. What you see is the old root cellar being pulled out and the rotten parts due to the water eroding the soil. The plan is to dig down 3-4 feet and if I go down 6 I’ll hit natural water. Future plan is to put another bathroom down there, there is already a water faucet down there. Any ideas, advice? Hell I’ll take anything to make this job easier! Going to be winching buckets out from under the house and wheel barrowing them out. Thank you!
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2023.06.03 00:59 monaches Qur'an info 2:4

Qur'an 2:4 "Whoever believes in (the Qur'an and Sunnah) which has been sent down to you (Muhammad) and in that which was sent to those before your time (the Torah and Gospel), have the assurance of the Hereafter."
Although there are a thousand reasons to discard the Qur'an, this is one of the best. Allah is taking credit for prior scripture, saying that it should also be believed. Since the Torah and Qur'an are irreconcilably different, the order is impossible. It's like telling someone to be a democratic capitalist and a totalitarian communist at the same time.
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2023.06.03 00:59 thrwawy296 Is the brightspace courses page down for anyone else?

It says site unavailable on my computer and I'm trying to figure out if it's a me issue, or if the site's just down.
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