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2023.03.22 07:35 PeppyMoss Potential Additional Features that would make Transformers: Tactical Arena a Lot Better.

In this post, we are going to discuss any cosmetic, functional, or gameplay-related features that could be added to Transformers: Tactical Arena to improve the players’ experience while playing the game. Red Games Co. nailed the gameplay itself and have already proven their ability to deliver great new cards, arenas, emotes, and music tracks in almost every update, but this list will include features that will improve this game in general, either improving the feel of the gameplay or adding more things to do in the main menu screen. These are going to be the types of additions the game needs to have before it can grow any further and expand to a wider audience. The list will be numbered in order of most wanted to not as most wanted, but still wanted (based on my personal preferences). Brace yourselves, here it goes:

  1. Add a selectable Landscape mode for mobile users:
There are two perspectives available to play the game in: Portrait mode and Landscape mode. Unfortunately, these perspectives are locked in to the system a player uses, with Portrait mode being limited to iPad and iPhone devices while Landscape mode is limited to Macs and Apple TVs. It would be impossible to implement Portrait mode to Macs and Apple TVs as that would limit the player’s perspective, but players on iPhones and iPads should be given a new option in the Settings that would allow them to choose whether to play the game in Portrait Mode, Landscape mode, or Both, depending on the device’s orientation. I would love to have the option to try playing this game in Landscape mode as it would totally change the perspective and the way I play along with it. You have no idea how frequently I miss while using Graviton Nexus because of the current portrait perspective I am limited to.

  1. Add a Match History feature with a controllable camera for Photo Mode:
This game needs a Match History of some sorts. Perhaps have the option positioned in the main menu between the Crates and Practice options. Not to crowd a respective device’s memory, the Battle Log should have 10 slots, which would fill in every time a Battle is played, sorted from latest at the top to recent at the bottom (preferably with times and dates indicated). If all 10 slots are filled, the recent game (10th in the list) would be automatically permanently deleted and the slot filled in with the next recorded game in queue, and so on. However, users would be given the option to Favorite or Save match replays of their choosing, which would go into a menu next to the Battle Log, have this option called Saved. The number of slots could be either infinite or a maximum of 30 saved replays. This is where the fun begins: the match replays would work in real time similarly to how the tutorial videos for the cards work. This would allow players to do the following: 1) Change perspective, viewing the match play out from their side or from the opponent’s side; and 2) Have a free cinematic camera mode that would give the players two cursors that would allow them to fly the camera around the arena and position it in ways like we have seen only in the trailers for TTA, almost like in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. This would allow players to create cinematic shots, get clips of cool moments from various perspectives, follow Megatron or Scorponok around as they ravage through the arena. Imagine the amount of advertising it would allow for if players started posting videos of Bumblebee Super Punching a turret from a close up shot, or Starscream swooping in in jet mode.

  1. Add more game modes:
A lot of people ask for a story mode to be added to the game. Though a story mode would be incredible, it’s a lot to ask for, considering how much work it would take to make. However, we as players have been stuck battling each other or the A.I. solo for more than a year now. I love this game for what it is, it has incredible gameplay that keeps holding it up despite its cons, but it can get boring and repetitive fast, and sometimes I have trouble pushing myself to play through five games every day. Giving players the option to play more modes would highly increase the replayability of this game. For example, when pressing on the Battle button from the Main Menu, instead of a wait queue immediately starting, players would be greeted by another menu, asking them which mode they want to Battle in. The options would be 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and perhaps Story Mode as the lower option (which would be an entire menu in of itself). Yes, you read that right, Red could go so far as to add a 3v3 mode. A while ago, I used to play a game called Mini Guns – Omega Wars. It’s dead now (servers shut down), but it was a unique Clash Royale-inspired mobile game with impressive visuals and fun original gameplay, similar to Transformers: Tactical Arena. It was later added to Steam as well, something I would love to see happen to TTA. There were 4 ways to play the game: it had a story mode, 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3. 3v3 was chaotic and at the same time the best way to play the game, because if your cards were underleveled, you had two teammates who could carry you if they were maxed out, and you were thus more likely to win in 3v3 than in 2v2 and 1v1 modes. I want Transformers: Tactical Arena to have such similar features from Mini Guns – Omega Wars because it’s going to make the game so much more replayable.

  1. Add more profile customization:
Giving us the option to purchase and choose from a variety of Banners and Avatars was one of the most brilliant things the developers added to this game. However, being able to customize only three things (our names, portraits, and banners) is not enough. How about adding customizable Frames to our tags, such as Bumblebee or Sunstreaker sitting on top, or a boombox around our profile tag, or Scorponok’s claw, Starscream’s Seeker armada, or Soundwave’s minions in every corner of our profile tag? How about adding unique Effects to highlight our tags, such as flames, pink plasma, dripping blue Energon, etc.? How about allowing us to customize our names with unique Fonts? This will monetize the game further and allow us to buy more things with our hard-earned ORE-13.

  1. Add skin selection for unique characters:
Shortly after being first released, Trailbreaker had his eyes changed from the color red to the color blue. Megatron recently had his entire appearance changed as well, from a more G1-inspired one to a more IDW-inspired one. This got me thinking about how more different skins like that could be added to the game for players to purchase with ORE-13 and use to slightly customize the appearance of their favorite characters. For example, Trailbreaker could be given a blue skin with red eyes, while Megatron could be given his G1-inspired skin back, with the players choosing which they want their Megatron to wear, the older one or the newer one.
NOTE: Do not turn unique characters from Transformers lore into simple reskins of cards already in the game. I.E. Do not make Cliffjumper a red reskin of Bumblebee. Cliffjumper and Bumblebee are two totally unique characters with different fighting styles in Transformers lore. Doing so will also confuse the players. Not everyone will be able to tell that a Bumblebee is coming for their turret if he is painted blue, red, or white instead of bright yellow that will immediately jump into the players’ eyes and warn them. Do not turn Skywarp and Thundercracker into Starscream reskins when they are extremely different characters with unique abilities. Not even Nemesis Prime should be an Optimus Prime reskin. The reskins should be limited only to the unique, named characters in question.
Instead, what you could do is make skins of the characters based on their Shattered Glass versions, which would make sense since it’s something the recent update hinted at. Or have the skins be the Generation 2 (G2) repaints of the characters, or their original Marvel comic book appearances, like the red-eyed, blue-painted Trailbreaker, or remodels of the characters based on the IDW comics, like the recent Megatron reskin we got. Keep the skin selection limited to the named characters selected by the players while customizing their looks.

  1. Add skin selection for Main and Secondary Turrets.
Similarly to the unit skins presented previously and the turret skins from Clash Royale, Transformers: Tactical Arena can have something similar by allowing players to customize the way their main and secondary turrets look. It would be nice if the main turret could be customized separately from the secondary turrets, or, better yet, *have all three turrets be independently customizable*. The turrets could be labeled Left Turret, Main Turret, and Right Turret during the customization process. Such customization could include festive themes, holiday themes, or, my most wanted proposition, have unique characters become the turrets. Have the main turret be Sky Lynx, who sleeps before being activated, or Tarn sitting on a throne, or Fortress Maximus (with the Secondary Turrets being his extra city mode limbs), or a cloning vat with a Predacon in stasis inside (a reference to Transformers: Prime). Add whatever your imagination tells you to! We as players will love these additions.

  1. Add skin selection for structures:
Similarly to the unit card skin selection and turret skin selection, there should also be skin customization available for the various structures in the game, including the Decoy (players can choose the character model being projected by the Decoy as well as the Decoy base itself), spawners, Teleporters, smaller turrets, and other deployable building cards. If skins are added for units such as Sharkticons, Minions, and Autobot Troopers and Infantry, their skins should be customizable separately from their respective spawners/Teleporters when customizing the appearance of the structure cards themselves, but also included into the customization.

  1. Add in-game death animations:
There is nothing more lame than struggling to destroy Scorponok in-game just to see him pop into some Energon bits on death. It would have been so much better if Scorponok would fall back on death, fall apart, or explode into Energon bits. This could add more elements to the game such as Scorponok dealing damage after exploding on death, similarly to how the NOD Avatar explodes on death in Command and Conquer: Rivals. However, this does not apply to Scorponok only. Other characters should have death animations, such as Jazz getting ripped in half (a reference to his death in the 2007 Transformers movie), Megatron falling to his knees and landing on his chest due to how big and bulky he is, Crosshairs and Spinister spinning out of control and crashing into the ground, Optimus Prime falling back (a reference to his death in the 1986 Transformers movie), Windblade getting blasted back and her sword sticking into the ground (similarly to how Clash Royale’s Knight’s sword sticks into the ground when his is killed), Starscream transforming into his jet and flying away, not actually dying because he is a coward, etc. Minions and Drones would still have their current death animations, while Autobot Infantry and Troopers could have something more unique like breaking apart into parts on death. And keep these death animations relatively short and simple, no longer than 2 or 3 seconds, similarly to the way Metal Slug soldiers die when you shoot them.

  1. Add units emoting at the end of the game:
This may sound confusing but bear with me. Do you know how there is a 1 or 2 second delay between a winning turret being destroyed and the victory screen coming up? Ever played Metal Slug? Ever seen how the enemy troops cheered and celebrated when you died, taunting your death? Ever played Red Alert 2 or 3? Ever seen how the units on the map would start cheering if you achieved victory? Seeing something similar to that in this game would be downright INCREDIBLE. Not only would it taunt your opponent, but it would look fun and good from an entertainment perspective. Autobot Troopers could start throwing their pistols in the air. Autobot Infrantry could dance and jump around. Megatron could strike a victorious pose, hands on hips and straightened out. Optimus Prime could lower his Energon Axe similarly to how does it in the squad selection screen. Grimlock could stomp the ground and release a burst of fire into the air to celebrate. Sunstreaker could start firing rockets into the sky as fireworks. Trailbreaker could start firing at the sky as an act of celebration. Moonracer could holster her sniper rifle similarly to her squad selection idle animation. Bumblebee could start clapping. Brawn could crack his knuckles and fold his arms. Starscream could transform into a jet and fly off. Soundwave could transmit a radio signal. Shockwave could return to plotting his schemes the way he does during his idle animation in the Squad selection screen. Windblade could slowly holster her blade. On the contrary, if the game is lost, the units would have unique scared animations, either shivering in the same spot or panicking and running away. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Add new daily and weekly objectives with higher rewards.
Right now, the game cycles between about 10 different daily challenges that are fairly easy to complete, but the lack of uniqueness is very boring. Add more daily and weekly objectives that involve using newer cards such as Chromia instead of Bonecrusher, for example. Such objectivates would help out newer players and add more spice to more experienced players.

  1. Add more Squad slots:
3 Squads is not enough. Simple as. In comparison, Clash Royale allows players to create 10 different decks at once. Giving us the option to make 5 would be way better than limiting us to 3, even though a similar system to CR could be implemented and we could be given the full 10 Squad slots in TTA as well. I had to overwrite many fun and unique Squads with more practical ones in the past since I had only 3 slots to work with, and I can’t really experiment with making new Squads since I’m trying to stick with the 3 I already have.

  1. Add Squad randomization:
On the topic of Squad creation, it can be difficult for new players to create Squads that work, so creating a button that, once pressed, would auto-generate a random Squad would be great. Every randomly generated Squad would have at least 1 random tactical support card, at least 1 random tank car, at least 1 random win condition car, at least 1 random structure card, at least 1 random ranged unit card, at least 1 random melee unit card, and so on.

  1. Add more Crate types (a greater Crate variety for players to unlock):
The current four types of Crates we have are very good (Common, Rare, Epic, and Arena), but wouldn’t it be better if we had more options to unlock and upgrade cards and get ORE-13? Adding a greater variety of Crates would give players more reason to grind and would make leveling up slightly easier and more fun. You could add a Legendary crate that contained only Legendaries, a Giant crate which would contain the most cards of any other Crate, etc. Anything you could come up with would be better than us being stuck with the same old four (mostly three) types of Crates.

  1. Add more A.I. decks and fix the A.I. itself:
It’s nice to have the current A.I. decks memorized to allow for easy victories, but at the same time this should not be the case. Rather than having the A.I. use randomized decks, simply create more decks for it cycle through than u/Picopede already listed in the following post: ( Add decks with the new cards, have the A.I. use decks with cards like Starscream, Scorponok, both Chaser cards in one deck, Trailbreaker, Sharlticon Portal, Shockwave, Railgun, and other unused cards that never show up while fighting the A.I. at upper levels. Fix the old decks so that the A.I. knows how to use actual strategies and strong card combinations instead of spamming units like crazy, hoping to overwhelm the human opponents. The A.I. should be more interesting and rewarding to fight.

  1. Add a camera mode in the Squad screen that would allow us to look at the 3D models of the characters closer:
Sometimes, instead of playing the game, it feels good to sit back and take in its beautiful art style, which includes looking at the characters, reading through their bios, and watching their tutorial videos. It would be nice if there was more, if there was an option once you entered the Squad screen and clicked on a card, to press on a button for some sort of Camera Mode and look at the cards in greater detail, from different perspectives. Maybe we could even be given the option to play specific animations for the card we chose, such as first deployment, regular attack, idle animation, and any other animations that card has. This feature would also allow players to look at unique character, structure, and turret skins (proposed to be added in points 5, 6, and 7) from different perspectives before or after purchase in the Supply Shop.

  1. Add a controllable camera to the Crates selection screen:
When it comes to unlocking Crates, it can get a bit boring and repetitive to do so. Despite us getting the Open All button, I am the type of player who unlocks the Crates one by one to visually see the things I get and any milestones I reach with my card levels. This feature is definitely not a must, but it would improve the immersion of the game so much more if we could look at the different types of Crates from different perspectives, especially the unique Arena ones, or any other Crate types the developers might add.

  1. Add sound effects to emotes:
This has the danger of making the game more toxic, but it’s pretty lame to see an emote without actually hearing it. I love the emotes as they are, the way they look and the way they play. However, this addition might take a lot of work to implement, so it should not be a priority.

  1. Make the gameplay feel more smooth:
Now this point is a bit more techy than the previous ones, but this is a complaint about the gameplay itself. There is a certain edge to it, like there is always a delay to the things you do, or the gameplay itself feels choppy, like you are playing at 30 fps instead of 60 fps. I would say this may have been done to conserve battery power, but changing the graphics quality of the game does not improve its flow, in fact it makes the gameplay even more choppy and laggy. If there was an option added to the Settings that would allow to increase the smoothness of the game at the cost of battery usage, that would be great, because the game does not run on mobile the same way it does on the Apple TV, based on watching u/Picopede ’s videos.

  1. Add a wait time for unit deployment.
In Clash Royale, when you want to deploy a card but do not have enough Elixir to do so, being 1 cost point short or so, the game deploys the card wherever you placed it on a certain wait queue that lasts a second or a millisecond before you accumulate enough Elixir, finally deploying the card later than you initially “planted” it. This can be both harmful, if you don’t plan ahead or misplace a card, and powerful, allowing for well-timed clutches and close calls. Transformers: Tactical Arena currently does not have this. You can either deploy a card if you have enough Energon, or you cannot. As a result, you have to hover your finger over the spot where you want to deploy a card while keeping your eyes on the Energon meter, which hinders your vision and allows you to make serious mistakes. Though depleting your Energon is a bad game strategy, this game should still have the same option of deploying your cards on millisecond-long queues, because I missed a lot of close calls and clutch moments due to either not being able to see the screen under my finger or the card I wanted to deploy not being deployed at all.

  1. Allow the deselection of cards in-game.
There is nothing more frustrating than misclicking on the arena after selecting a card but after changing your mind, and deploying a card you did not want to deploy at a random spot on the arena, for example at the bottom of the arena, right above the card selection bar. The only way of deselecting the card you currently have selected is to click on a different card, and you better not accidentally click somewhere randomly on the arena, or else the game will be lost. Players should have the option of deselecting the card they currently have selected. This can be done by either swiping down on the same card (since the card you have selected is raised up), or pressing a new x button added to the selected card, anything would be better then just hovering over what we have selected without being able to click anywhere else on the screen. It would also clear the screen up of the checkered pattern that appears every time you select a card, which would allow for better control of players’ vision.

  1. Fix ranged units not firing at enemy units within melee range.
There is a very annoying bug that happens whenever units approach ranged units really closely - the ranged units just simply stop firing at them. For example, if Optimus Prime enters Charge in his truck mode and Shockwave is standing right in front of him as he passes, Shockwave won’t fire at Optimus and will just allow him to pass without stunning him. This is true for all ranged units, including Sunstreaker, Trailbreaker, Arcee, Jazz, Starscream, Rotorstorm (he won’t fire at units directly under him), etc. The only exception is Megatron who uses Backhand in melee range. Either add melee attacks similar to Megatron’s Backhand to all ranged units or just simply allow them to fire at targets right in front of them.

  1. Add a new leaderboard.
This is an idea proposed by the other people on this Subreddit, such as u/Boosetro. Though I agree with the idea of having more than two leaderboards for a general ranking and the number of turrets destroyed, I don’t know if I agree with this idea in particular. Diving out PvP from PvE would force players to wait to play the game in PvP mode, which is rarely fun, competitive, and thus rather frustrating. People are free to disagree though, and I will leave it up to the developers to think about this point. Perhaps add a new Ranked leaderboard that would be limited to PvP matches.

  1. Add a new Spectator Mode that will allow players to attend and observe other real-time matches.
This feature follows the feature proposed in Part 2. Once a Battle Log feature is successfully added to the game, a Spectator mode should also be added, which would allow players to join and view a random or selected game happening in real time between two other players or between a player and a bot. This addition would be similar to what Clash Royale has. Players playing the game would be able to view how many people are spectating them, and the spectators would be able to use minimized emotes and cheer for the players they are spectating (or the opponents) without distracting either player. The reason I placed this feature so far down in the list is because I don’t consider its addition that important, though other people here may disagree. I never liked the spectator feature in Clash Royale and thus don’t think Transformers: Tactical Arena needs one. However, it’s up to the developers to decide whether they want to implement this or not.

Thus, that amounts to a total of 23 items (and counting) to improve the feel of the game. It is up to the developers to decide whether they want to add these features or not, but I can guarantee they would make the game feel so much better. Please consider some of these. If you have any extra ideas, make sure to comment them down below! Thank you for reading through this list!
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2023.03.22 07:25 CyberEcstasy Swine Wine

Today was the factory tour. I had won a spot through our local radio station. They were giving out two free passes, but I had no one else to take so I sold the other. I had called mostly out of boredom and to try out my luck. I was, to my surprise, the first to call in.
Pickup was at 9:00 AM. It had been arranged by Ardec & Ordec Winery. The cab had arrived five minutes past the pickup time: a factory van hosting the company logo on its side pulled up. I stared at the large, superimposed face of a larger woman drinking from a glass of wine. Her lips were bright red, her cheeks rosy; hair long and brown.
The door had slid open by itself. Inside, several other guests - I counted seven - greeted me with excited smiles. I stared up at the blistering sun and stepped in. The fresh air conditioning was paradise, and it smelled of lavender. The seats and floors were especially clean, as if someone had meticulously gone through every corner, crevice, and hole.
I introduced myself to the other guests, whom I noticed were holding glasses of freshly poured wine, and they introduced themselves in return. One woman, Maria, had caught my eye; strangely resembling the woman on the side of the van. Before I could utter a word to her, a glass of white wine was handed to me.
"Freshly made," said the man who had handed it to me. "Bottled just this morning."
I gave my thanks, sniffed it, and took a snip. I wasn't a wine connoisseur, but I loved the taste of it. It was exquisite, refreshing, fruity, and sweet. My personal favorite.
The tour group and I chatted on our way to the factory.
I noticed the windows were dark. When I asked why, the same man who had handed me my wine stated, "Long drive, not much to see but countryside."
Seeing the countryside was my favorite part about leaving the city on road trips. But soon, videos advertising Ardec & Ordec wines were projected onto the windows. A young woman, donning a white coat with the factory logo embroidered on a pocket, appeared as b-roll of the factory played behind her. She discussed the process of collecting the swine for winemaking and then a brief overview of what to expect during our factory tour. They gave away very little about the winemaking process, which I appreciated.
We arrived shortly after 9:30.
Upon our arrival, we were offered several more samples of their wine. One in particular, a chardonnay they had said, was especially tasty. I felt partly out of place, unable to engage with the others as they discussed different notes and characteristics of the wine.
A buzz had settled in, though, and soon, I stopped caring. I promised myself I'd enjoy the tour, and think little about whether I could participate or not. The wine tasted good. The fresh, country air was refreshing.
The factory, from what I could see, shielding my eyes from the sun, was its own small town; made up of several tall and large brick buildings. Before we could enter, our tour guide, John, instructed us to put on masks; the kind you see doctors wear.
"It's to help mask the smell," he stated, handing masks out to each member of our group. We put them on quickly, eager to get started with the tour already.
We entered through a side entrance, directly onto the main floor where the swine were housed and their sweat collected for winemaking.
The heat was almost unbearable.
Our tour group had begun to fan themselves with their hats and shirts; some pressed the still-cold wine glasses to their foreheads and cheeks.
John explained the heat was generated by industrial heat lamps. They hovered above the swine and were used to accelerate perspiration. He claimed the sweat was a key and "secret" ingredient used to give the wine its distinct flavor.
Despite the masks, it smelled foul - mostly of bacon when it's cooking and feces. Some of the other guests turned their faces away from where the smell was emanating. John noticed and instructed us to pinch the top of our masks, where the bridge of our noses met. A new smell, one of perfume, quickly replaced the former one.
John smiled up at us. "Better right?"
We nodded in unison and made our way over to a brightly lit hallway.
This hallway was as clean as the van had been. We were instructed to stand under several different shower heads. John said this would help sanitize us, as we might be bringing in germs and bacteria from the outside that could infect and harm the swine.
Finished, we entered the main factory building. It was a large, open space comprised of three rows. Each row contained six large cages where the swine were numbered and housed. The cages were made of thick iron bars and an electric netting above to keep the swine from escaping.
As John had stated, round industrial heat lamps hung from the netting. The cages contained two long troughs: one for feeding and another filled with water. They sat atop a soft, netted floor, where the sweat fell through and collected in large tanks. Large ostomy bags hung from their sides, but some were ripped open; likely from stress.
Beyond this, there was little space for the swine to move around; not that they could have moved much if they had the space.
Some of the swine weighed near 600 pounds - the illegal weight limit for our country - but most were far bigger than this, having been here for so long. They were naked; their bellies full of dirt, dead skin, and grime. Their entire bodies were soaked in sweat. Their backs and scalps were singed from being so close to the heat lamps. Some of the swine had lost their hair from so much pulling, exposing raw patches of scalp that had begun to cook underneath the heat. Flies swarmed around them, feeding and breeding on the exposed flesh.
One in particular, a female, cried out for her mother. She was the smallest of them. Number 23.
John explained she was new and had not yet acclimated to her new home. She was collected at seventeen years old, having reached the illegal weight limit a year earlier but kept hidden by her mother. The mother, he explained, had been executed.
One of the members of our tour group broke away, teasing number twenty. He looked over at us and, asking John, said, "What happens when they die?"
"Leather," he replied. "And meat."
I looked at my watch, noting the leather band had a small stamp on it: A&O.
Maria approached Number 23, with a look of recognition and sorrow on her face. She held onto one of the bars with a shaky hand.
Before anyone could take notice of her, an older woman approached us with two silver plates of freshly poured wine. They were passed around quickly, as the heat had become truly unbearable at this point. We drank in the wine, savoring more of the taste, just as Number 23 had begun to claw at her thick bed of hair; crying still for her deceased mother.
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2023.03.22 07:25 HughEhhoule The Klink Mike's Story Part 1

Link to original story
The floor of the cell is covered in decades of mildew and dust. This disgusting carpet does nothing to dull the pain as I skip across it, thrown in by someone with the intention of making a point.
My Name’s Mike, and if any of you are the types to go on a deep dive, you probably know A little about me already.
For those of you that don’t, Jesus I don’t know exactly where to begin.
The Cliff’s notes would be that I spent a little over a decade either being a serial killer or a vigilante. I won’t try to justify my actions, both of those are just sides of the same shitty coin. I’m not a person to be idolized or emulated, so I choose not to plead my case.
Now, while I thought that was just about as screwed up as life could get, one day, out of the blue, after burying my best, fuck, my only friend I found myself, somewhere else. A world that looked and felt like mine, but one where the things that go bump in the night actually existed.
Where I came from, I’d seen monsters, to be sure, but only the kind that happen when people break.
Since I’ve been here? Got caught up in some demented gameshow for demons or something, threw a massive shit in the punch bowl of the thing running the production, and got the world’s unluckiest man his freedom.
And that leads me to my current situation, staring down the rage filled, mildly bruised face of that asshole, that fucking, demonic Ted Turner, Art.
He runs a hand aggressively through his slicked back hair, standing at the door to my cell.
“Looks like your little plan didn’t work, exactly as I predicted, you fuck.
I mean, great try with the little cat thing you had, honestly didn’t see that coming. But, Jesus, Mike, what was your end game? “ Art gloats.
“Cards on the table? It was a lot better, but shit fell through, that whiskey abomination, it was the one that ratted me out I assume?
That being said, still got Kev out. And you can’t really ‘flip off his lightswitch’ if he didn’t let you screw around with his wiring, can you? “ I grin, I keep it, even as a Gucci shoe slams into my face.
Am I scared? Of God damn course I am, I’ve been pissing myself (metaphorically speaking.) since I realised that the rules of reality don’t really apply any more.
Every new grain of sand on the beach of hell my life has become, tosses me further down the road of mental failure. Shit, that’s half of what fucked up my last plan in the first place.
If I could have just kept my shit together long enough, I’d be sipping a beer with Kev in some shit hole town somewhere. But the only thing harder than trying to stamp down fear in the face of God’s and monsters, is trying to do it while projecting some kind of ‘death fears me ‘ persona.
Between you and I? Death doesn’t fear me, in fact, it seems to love to hang around. And every day I have to stare down that grim spectre, the closer I get to losing the tenuous grip on reality I have .
“Oh, fuck Kev. He’s smart enough to stay off my radar, and too stupid to figure out a way to come back at me.
He's got a 1 bedroom in Idaho or something? Salud, good on him.
You, I had high hopes for, and then you decide to wipe your ass all over my carpet, cost me more than I could even explain, and even, get me a little roughed up. My favorite shell, anyway.
I want to recoup some loses Mike. So, you, get to be a part of another one of my projects.
You thought The Path was bad? Oh, you literal, fucking clown, you haven’t seen anything.
I won’t spoil it for you, the devil’s in the details and all, but you know what everyone loves?
Not being in it themselves, of course, but seeing others, especially those they hate in there.
This place isn’t fair, the path was a boxing match with Queensbury rules, this is a handcuffed knife fight.
And I can’t wait to see you figure out, all the little surprises it has in store for you. “ Art laughs and tosses me a battered, ancient looking smartphone, “ Feel free to drum me up some good press online if you want. “
My heart is pounding, I have to use every bit of will I have to stop from shaking, to roll my neck and sit against the cold, padless cement bed behind me.
I feel sick, my stomach boiling and gurgling.
“For the love of whatever the demonic equivalent of Christ is, why not just kill me? I’m right here, I have no way of fighting back, and you know damn well that if you give me enough time, I’m going to find a way to wipe my ass on your doorframe next. “ My tone is flippant, or at least, I hope it is.
“The ego on you kid, you think you’re that guy don’t you?
They exist, don’t get me wrong, probably a couple thousand folks capable of taking me out, but trust me, you are not one of them.
This isn’t some ‘Arch’ idiocy where I leave my greatest rival alive. This is me watching you squirm because I can, and making a little profit on the deal.
Don’t flatter yourself. “ Art has produced a long thin knife as he talks, he spins and rolls it absently.
“Before your guys dragged me off, I met something. A corner store, I don’t know if it was haunted, possessed, or if it was some kind of creature that just decided to look like a knock off 7-11.
Point being, it was out there, ethereal, I couldn’t hurt it, outwit it, even slow it down. I ran from that thing as fast as I could. It gave me some serious Lovecraft vibes.
You, Art, are not that guy. “ I notice myself tapping my finger nervously on the slime covered floor, I focus, stopping the tic.
The tip of Art’s knife glows, the sick, grey sheen isn’t heat, but something that makes me start to back up.
“I am, but you will never see that. You’re not worth the effort.
I want to give you a little something though. “ Art stalks toward me, I stand as I back into the farthest corner of the cell, “ Proud of your face paint were you? “
Art grins, and for a moment lets some of his true self slip through. For just a moment I see timeless horror in his eyes, a dark black void of consumed souls and unrestrained evil.
That knife parts my flesh with pain like a whip. Without even using the blade, it’s presence flenses my face, opening up raw, textured furrows in my flesh.
He leaves after he is done, laughing to himself.
The pain makes me black out, my stomach is boiling, I come to dry heaving, the effort sends me back into the oblivion of sleep.
I don’t know how long has passed, my face feels like it is on fire, and the thick steel bars of my cell door are closed.
It takes me two minutes of cupping my hands under the grime laden steel tap to get enough water to clear off a spot on the rusted, old, wall mounted steel mirror.
No mortal hand could have scarred me as accurately as Art did. The wounds, not healed, but cauterised as to not make me bleed out, used depth, and width, to create a colorless replica of my makeup.
I know trauma, physical as well as mental, and these are scars that will never heal. As the fact sinks in that my face is literally no longer my own, I scream, heart pounding, I split open my knees on the cold cement floor.
Pain flares, threatens to send me back to the bliss of unconsciousness, but I don’t care.
I read Kev’s journals, and they paint me in a really… positive light, in a sense.
What I mean is, going by what he thought he saw, I’m some kind of supervillian or something. Tossing three hundred pound air conditioners ( it was the outer shell, seventy pounds, physics and luck did the rest.), wrestling Art ( I was clinging on for dear life, had it not been for Jr and the mass of denizens, I’d have been killed with a flick of his wrist.), or appearing like a ghost (people, even immortal are very unobservant. Especially in an emergency.).
I’m great at seeming horrifying, and that’s a weapon in and of itself, but at the end of the day, that’s all it is.
Kneeling in my own blood, vision blurry with pain, I realise how small, vulnerable, and unarmed I truly am.
By the time daylight shines through the yellow reinforced glass window, I’m already awake. I’ve spent an hour and a half calming myself, trying to find some focus, some centre to keep me going.
I’ve been in prison before, back home, first and last time I tried plying my trade outside of America.
Being the stupid payaso gringo that I am I bit off so much more than I can chew that I wound up choking on it for 2 months in a Mexican prison.
The routine of, count, lineup, chow, remained the same.
The demographics of the population on the other hand…
Being observant is one of my main skills and as I was brought into the absurdly sized cafeteria, I was taken aback at just how many people were here.
Tens of Thousands, easily, maybe a hundred. I try and think of how many missing person cases this accounts for, and even that math doesn’t quite add up.
I quickly inventory the groups that make up the place, not that it wasn’t obvious.
The first, of course are the guards. Some, the majority, appear to be human, well geared up and in intimidating physical condition.
But a handful, they are clearly, something else. Some are smooth featured ebony skinned giants, carrying truncheons that could crush a car engine. Others are grinning, pale skinned bad attempts at human copies, wild eyed and twitching.
Second would be what I called the cultists. They all appeared to style themselves after certain tropes and urban legends, clearly human, but dressing, tattooing and mutilating themselves to appear like, myths, legends, and monsters.
The subtle violence I see tells me I’ve found the gangs.
Third are the Everymen, I can’t see any kind of pattern to them, but they seem to make up the majority of the population. They keep their distance from the guards and the cultists, but on more than one occasion I see then stand, united against attempts at extortion.
The last group, I call the candles, people that are clearly on their way out mentally and physically. Sunken eyed, and set upon from all angles, at any moment these folks could be simply snuffed out.
I keep my distance, and stay respectful, the meandering, twisting line seems to take hours to get me my thick slice of crumbling yellow bread, and thick red slurry that reminds me of porridge masquerading as meat.
My coat is gone but I’m left with the majority of the clothing I fashioned back in the path. I see a mix of unwashed orange uniforms and ‘civilian’ clothing, some of the cultists, bordering more on costume than wardrobe.
As the massive, butchers apron wearing man in smeared clown makeup sits down, I wish I’d have been issued something more generic. I saw this coming the second I noticed a lump of Chlorophiles in blood stained getups.
“You sit with us. “ I can’t tell if it’s an accent or speech pattern, the clown sounds strange, either way.
I eat a spoonful of the red sludge.
“No disrespect intended, I’m not one for clubs. I’m going to make no waves, no plays, nothing. I’m a ghost. “ I say, levelly, avoiding eye contact.
Why, you might ask, having been told about my adventures in murder.
Well, that’s just it. Murder is easy, and any time you saw me end a life, it was just that.
A fight, that’s another thing entirely, especially against someone with a significant weight and height advantage.
“Not asking. You got friends. “ The massive clown moves his bulk closer, it’s like sitting next to a forklift.
I eat the bread, it tastes amazing until I swallow, then has a foul, chemical aftertaste.
I drink some tepid, burgundy fluid that might be caffeinated.
No weapons nearby, no one watching that might step in. I’m full of bruises and sprains, and probably anemic from blood loss. Not to mention one eye is running at about fifty per cent. Art didn’t sever the optic nerve last time, but he wasn’t gentle. My heart races.
“I don’t play well with people who take clowning and slap a coat of dark paint on it.
You guys are Clown Killers. You are good at killing, I’m sure, but the clown part, it’s tacked on.
Myself, I’m a killer clown…. “ I had a really good rant planned, honestly, it was a corker, douche bags would have used it in memes for a decade.
But before I can react, with one massive hand, he bounces my face off of the pitted steel table.
It rings my bell, but not as much as I let on. In clowning terms, what I do Is called a pratfall.
For those of you that don’t speak nerd, I oversell the hit, falling backwards, eyes fluttering.
I tip backwards, reaching out my left arm, as if to steady myself. The meat mountain is unbothered, knowing I have no chance unarmed, in this close, he let’s me grab one shoulder of the butchers apron. The material is thick, and matted in stains that will never come out, literally or metaphorically.
If you want to take someone out, in a relatively harmless way, you don’t want to choke them. It takes forever, usually ends up killing them, and generally is a bad idea for everyone involved.
Your goal is go cut off blood flow to the brain as quickly and fully as possible.
I hook my thumb around the opposite shoulder strap, and snap my body backward, the apron acting as an impromptu Garrotte.
His right arm is knotted through my left, as he tries to struggle, to put his murderous intent and ability to work, the choke only becomes tighter.
I don’t want enemies here, and I only have so many tricks to play before things come to a knock down drag out fight, so I leave the clown unharmed.
I do need friends, but the look I get as I take a seat at a loose collection of men is cold and fearful.
A red haired guy, five foot nine or so, makes eye contact, “Anything we can help you with? “ he says, fearless.
“Yeah, despite the face work I’ve had done, I have fuck all in common with any of those penny wise, Icp, Gacy dressed, assholes.
I need a tribe guys, you all look like the unlucky ones around here, but I don’t want to get involved in bloodshed.
I’m Mike “ I know, that’s only mostly true, but I mean it, either way. I extend a hand.
“Chris. “ the red haired guy says, he wears a white dress shirt and surprisingly blue jeans, “Those stains around your cuffs tell me otherwise.
If you’re telling the truth, that’s great. If you are lying, and still sane enough to keep your word, that’s even better. “ Chris’s tone is mirthless, I read him easily. He’s been here a long time for a short life, he looks thirty max, and I shudder to think how young he may have been when he came in.
Chris catches me up on the ins and outs of this place, beyond what a general knowledge of prison would give.
Everyone here has crimes they were not convicted of, that would, otherwise put them in jail for life. A large amount, obviously are murderers, torturers, real bastards.
But a significant minority are just regular folks, maybe a bit thoughtless, but that have collected a litany of small, petty, in cases almost victim less crimes.
No one seems to be aware of the… reality t.v. Meets demonic fast food aspect of things, but there is a Doom cherry on this fear Sunday.
There is a single way someone can get out. To earn 20 tokens.
And how does one earn these tokens you ask?
Each day the prison holds an event, to call it a challenge would insinuate a level of fair play that is simply not there. The events range from somewhat fair, a fight or game of chance, to esoteric rituals complex enough to rip someone’s soul from their body.
These tokens are also the sole form of currency in the prison, they can buy everything from commissary snacks to literal free passes from guards.
The economy has created a cut throat society, the heads of the cults not even taking advantage of being able to be free, but simply reveling in the power of being psychotic and enabled.
The weak are enslaved, their lives traded on the off chance at tokens.
So, of course, braindead asshole that I am, I signed myself right up. Feeling a little more confidant after climbing Mount Bozo.
It's 8pm and the volunteers are rounded up and brought to a massive room that has all the trappings of a gymnasium, but the scale is large enough easily hold the focus of tonight’s events.
In tiered bleachers all around us, our fellow prisoners cheer and scream. The smell of thousands of unwashed, men is overpowering, the din of excitement is deafening.
But my attention is focussed on the small, single floor home, sitting out of place in the middle of the polished wood floor.
What I wouldn’t give for Demi to appear right now, give me the low down on all the supernatural bullshit that is heading my way. But the longer we stayed in the mountain the less and less the most useful voice in my head could, or would, make an appearance.
I study each of my fellow volunteers, the goal seems simple, last the longest in the home. Men enter and leave within minutes. They come out looking shaken, with minor lacerations, and a general sense of shell shock.
By the time my turn arrives, I think I know what I’m in for.
I’m wrong.
As the baby blue door closes behind me, nothing immediately in the home causes me concern. The fixtures and furniture is a bit out of date, the lighting is, not inviting, and there is a general fog of gloom hanging around.
I smile, I’ve felt this before. Granted I had Demi feeding me supernatural errata at the time, but, I’m positive I can wing it.
“So, I think I may have met one of you guys before. Back in New York, a Happy-Face corner store, anyone you know?
Scary dude, took a couple of pieces out of me.
But this, it’s more like an MMA fight, right? I tap out when you start kicking my ass? “ I stretch, trying to see if I’m getting any kind of reaction.
I inventory the objects around me, last time everything that wasn’t nailed down, shifted, changed and tried to take me apart.
You may have noticed by now, I love using the phrase ‘ last time’, and that’s because up until this moment, I haven’t learned a fucking thing here.
Mike’s first rule of paranormal survival, last time means nothing.
“It’s you” the voice is young, late teens, and male.
I spin, expecting violence, then, wishing violence.
I know the young man, not this pale, older, revenant with a self inflicted gunshot wound, but I know him none the less.
I’m not being metaphorical when I say my heart misses a beat, I almost fall over, pounding at my chest to stop it’s arythmatic pounding.
I knew what happened to him, found it out long after I could do anything about it. And wasn’t in the best of places when I did.
I’ll call him a ghost for simplicity sake, but this kid, he’s my first, and biggest mistake.
I based who I turned into on finding what I thought was one of the worst people on earth. This kid’s father.
I did things to him worthy of what I knew he did. And to top it all off, I had him die by his wife’s hand.
Well, a decade later I find out, the guy wasn’t a Saint, but he didn’t do anything worthy of the twisted shit I put him through.
I got wind of some false information put out there in a moment of rage by a tech savvy ten year old. The kid never intended it to see the light of day
“I found out about you Mike, I saw that you were a hero. “ The voice is thin echoes like a stuck record.
“No kid, don’t think that. “ I mumble, I’m shaking, the air is freezing, each breath comes out as white mist.
I’m sitting on the flower printed couch now, and it hits me.
I’d assumed because Art couldn’t screw around in my head last time, the same went for everything here.
Remember what we said about last time.
“My told me what happened one night, what I made you do.
I destroyed her memory of him, I made a real Hero kill him, I couldn’t keep hurting people. “ I can see images, flashing in my mind, memories that are not mine.
I’m counting seconds, trying to focus, trying to stay long enough to get the token. It has to have been fifteen, twenty minutes at least.
I try to work up a smirk, to convince myself that I’m just being played by the paranormal equivalent of a heckler.
That’s not it though, This place, this house, is reaching inside me and finding places to look. As I stare into the young man’s rotted eyes I know this is some part of him, torn away from whatever rest he was entitled to.
The lights dim, then turn off. The house is silent.
Hollywood gets being both a lunatic and a hitman wrong in equal measure. No matter how much morality you want to inject into the profession, there are going to come times when you make mistakes.
As the lights slowly turn to a dull orange glow, I’m surrounded by the hovering, mutilated forms of mine.
Those that died that could have been spared, those that died because of my inaction, or stupidity. I’ve never forgotten them, I use them to make sure I never make the same mistakes again, but having them looming, screaming, all demanding I hear their stories, their accusations, their placations.
It's too much, I stumble from the couch, trying to avoid the icy touch of these phantoms. For a moment I find some last scrap of courage, I close my eyes, shut out the shrieking din of the dead.
The silence hits like a truck, I focus, trying to calm my burned out nerves.
Then they are reignited like a fucking welding torch.
“This place didn’t bring us here.
We’ve been right next to you for years Mike. We can’t leave. “ The voice of my first mistake.
Like a toddler I try to run with my eyes closed, I trip over a glass coffee table, clawing my way up the door, grasping at the handle.
I can feel a slight pull now, almost magnetic, trying to drag me backwards.
My hands shake too much, I have to steady my right wrist with my left hand, the floor becomes slick, I see the door, escape start to move further away as I’m pulled backward.
I've taken a hit or two, and had a couple of three day benders that have made me piss myself. But as I stumble, trying to make progress on the nearly friction less floor, I have another unpleasant first experience.
I grab the handle, pulling myself out of the house, launching my body into a skin peeling tumble across unforgiving plank flooring.
I’m a shaking, fetal wreck, by the time I’ve pulled myself together enough to take in my surroundings, I see the red Led clock displaying my time.
42 seconds. Bottom of the barrel. The jeers and booing from the crowd do nothing for my frayed nerves or the storm of fear and anxiety going through my mind.
I’m exhausted, but I can’t sleep, it has nothing to do with the concrete slab that serves as my bed.
My stomach has been knotting and cramping, with each passing second I get more worried I blew some internal gasket in one of the many life or death struggles in the past months.
When I finally manage to vomit, the urge is strong enough I get no where near the filth crusted hole in the floor that serves as my toilet. And my worst fears are confirmed as I see the massive pile of vomit is mostly blood.
… and bones? Is that an eyeball? A piece of fur?
The mass begins to pull itself together, bits and pieces forming the most rudimentary attempt at a face.
“Junior? “ I say, stunned.
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2023.03.22 07:21 Other-Borderlands K♥️: Sanctuary [Part 1]

K♥️: Sanctuary [Part 1]
K♥️: Sanctuary [Part 1]
Venue: Church
This game is part of a series of games, where I am writing games for all 52 cards for a borderlands in the UK. Each one includes a story of how I imagine the game playing out. You can find all entries here.

Remaining Games
First Day of Exhibitions
He awaited his first lost sheep the morning the second round began. He stood at the churchyard gates, next to the sign he had put up the night before, which told players no external weaponry was permitted, and beneath read the name of the game, sanctuary, as well as a warning to players looking for a true game to visit the Jack or Queen of hearts.
He stood for half an hour after the start of the second phase, before a you man walked up to the gates, seeing him standing there.
“Hello my son! Do you wish to join my sanctuary, where we will live in peace with this world, free from future sin, to repent our past.” He said, and the man looked at him.
“Are you off your rocker?” The man said, and the King responded by pointing at his signs.
The man walked towards him, and into the churchyard.
“So what are the rules? What hab I got to do?” He asked.
“Nothing. Live here in harmony with god, and we will be forgiven. In this place you are given respite from the cruel games out there. While playing a game, your visa is frozen, and so by staying here you may live your life to the fullest.” The king explained, and the man turned.
“What? You mean this isn’t a game?” He asked.
“Well, of sorts. The game ends when I press the big red button on the church altar. The only rules are no violence, and no leaving the churchyard once you have entered.” He said.
The man tried to respond, but the King cut him off “Shall I give you a tour of the church?”
They walked inside, and the king showed him the area allocated to sleeping, rows upon rows of bunk beds in the main church hall. Further down, past the bunk beds, was a makeshift kitchen, with hobs, knives, chopping boards, everything one might need.
Next up, the King showed him his elaborate plans for the church, with various extra rooms in the church allocated to entertainment, medicine, etc, places in the churchyard for starting an allotment, a cabin, and some more projects.
They had plenty of food, materials and power stored, and they could easily create a self sustaining colony here. The more the pastor spoke, the more and more the man was convinced that this could truly become their home.
In a world of little hope, in the place where it was least expected to find some, the king of hearts, stood the hope of safety, and freedom from the games.
Once they had finished the tour, the king asked the man what he was best at, and what he would like to start work on.
“I’ve always enjoyed gardening…” The man said.
“Wonderful! I shall allocate you to the allotment to take care of our crops.” The King said, handing the man various equipment, as well as seeds, charts for what to plant next to each other, and sent him off to begin the work.
The King walked back to the churchyard gates, waiting another participant.
The sun rose higher in the sky, as a woman and two of her friends walked up.
“Who are you? You another participant?” She asked, and he responded.
“No, I am the King of hearts.” He took a bite from an apple. “This is sanctuary. Sanctuary from the games. If you step inside I can tell you more, but do not enter expecting a game like the others you have played.”
“I see the manipulation has already begun.” She said, stepping in, followed by her friends. “Right, tell me the rules.”
“The rules are simple. There is a button on the altar. If I press it, it is game clear for everyone. Violence and leaving the church premises are not permitted.” He said.
“What? That’s not a game!” She said.
“I did warn you before entering that this would not be like any of the other ‘games’ you have played.” The King said, “Now, should I show you around our colony?” He gave them a tour, showing them the bunks, the kitchen, the garden, the supplies, the whole church. As they walked, they began to feel the Kings silken word wrap around them, giving them hope. They were going to stay here, and spit in the face of whoever had created this cruel place. They would live together, in peace, until their deaths, within the church.
They all got to work, setting up the garden, improving the extra rooms, and they for the first time since they arrived here they truly felt free.
The King returned with his apple to the gate, awaiting more of gods children ready to join him in his colony in this uncaring world.
He had chosen to remain here, in this world of death and despair, as he felt it needed god more than any other. When he had been competing, it had been rumoured that the citizens were once players too, and after pulling through the King of hearts game, he decided he would stay, to bring god to the lives of the hopeless.
But this world made him even question the existence of god. He didn’t know how god could permit this, and all the countless other things in the old world continue to happen, yet held onto the hope that there was a god.
After all, why else would he have created this place?
Two more friends approached the venue, and the King told them as much as he was permitted to about the game. He had a thought, and brought one of the others of his colony to the gate, to tell them about the nature of this game.
This brought on the trust of the players, and he told them to spread the news that this place was a sanctuary.
They walked off, but he doubted that they would be believed, as he looked at the blimp above the church, the King of hearts waving in the wind. The idea that he would be a master of manipulation meant nobody would believe his good will until they enter the venue themselves, or at least got close.
Over the course of the day, two more people joined the colony, and as the sun went down he surveyed the progress that had been made. They had started their garden, meaning they would soon have self sufficient food supplies, likely soon after all that was already stored in the church ran out.
At around lunch time one person had begun working on a large soup, with carrots, potatoes, onions, and all of them graciously ate it, their first proper meal in weeks, maybe even months.
They then began to tell stories, in the well lit church, about their time here. The King gave them as much about him as they were permitted to know, and they were soon joined by one more person, who the King welcomed, and explained everything to.
Eventually they all went to sleep, free from the fear of ever having to participate in a game again.
The King surveyed his colonists, happy that they had all adapted to life here so easily. This place, while not perfect, was a veritable paradise compared to the world beyond the churchyard walls, and he was glad the others appreciated the effort he had put into it, and the effort they would put into it. He had intentionally made sure there was still plenty of work to be done to improve the church, as to stifle boredom. He had planned every detail, and knew it was perfect.
Second Day of Exhibitions
They woke up early, ready to continue the future of his utopia. They got to work on various projects, such as the allotment, and someone began work on the games room he had planned.
He helped out I the kitchen too, cutting veg and preparing meals for the day. He was cooking another soup today, while their vegetables were still few in number.
Over the course of the day more arrived, and he welcomed them. They were at first suspicious of his utopia, but he managed to convince them that this was for the greater good.
The Day was fruitful, and soon they had planted various vegetables, and were growing potatoes, carrots, onions, peppers, tomatoes, as well as various fruits. He congratulated the gardeners, and then he checked out the games room.
It had been redecorated, and the Games organised. In fact, it had been done so quick the others had started work on the library, organising all of the books carefully in order of genre and author surname.
This place was becoming more and more like the Utopia he envisioned.
He poured some oil into the pan, before tipping in his diced onion, frying them a little, before adding water to boil the carrots and potatoes he had stocked up in. He made some vegetable stock from a pack he had in his spice cupboard, and with the help of the other cooks, they now had a meal for al of them. They filled it into bowls, handing them out to everyone in the church’s sanctuary, and they each ate gratefully, thanking him for his work, as well as the kindness of establishing this place.
They began to talk over such about what they had done so far.
“So, the allotment is looking good at the moment. By the time our stocked food will have run out, we should be swimming in produce of our own growing. Also, this soup is really nice Noah, you and the cooks did a great job!” The Gardener said, and Noah nodded, saying he couldn’t have achieved this without them.
The room brimmed with happiness, at the salvation these people had found in this world. That this was the way forward, the way to continued prosperity.
“Well, I improved the games room. That billiards table was a good idea Noah. Thanks also for bringing in so many board games and sets of cards. While we may not have always enjoyed them in the old world, I’m sure here they will become classics quickly, and we will play them till old age. Also, as you said earlier, I checked from the roof to see how many other cards are left. It looks like the King of Clubs, Queen of Spades, and Jack of Diamonds went down yesterday.” The Woman said.
“Thank you for informing me. We should hope and pray for those we have lost, they are now in a better place.” Noah said.
They continued to talk over their food, and just before they were about to return to work, a woman walked in through the doors.
“Hello, my child, welcome to sanctuary!” Noah said.
“Yeah yeah, quit the bullshit, tell me the rules.” She said.
“Well, The ‘game’ is simple. The game end when I press that button on the altar over there, willingly. Otherwise, you mustn’t leave the game venue, or act violently.” Noah explained. “This place is a sanctuary from the outside world. A refuge for those who have been crushed by the horrors of the Games.”
“What? What about Visas?” The Woman said confused.
“While in a game, your visa does not decrease. This place gives you time to live the rest of your days out, without the threat of the laser. This place is my Ark, if you will.” The King said, pointing to the church.
“This world makes it appear as if you must kill others to survive. That is not true. If you can resist the temptations of this world, you will receive salvation.”
Noah then gave the woman a tour of the grounds, before asking her what she wished to do. She ended up working in the garden, and Noah returned to the gates, to welcome any possible new colonists.
His sanctuary was coming to life, an example of how humans can collaborate and triumph in a world without hope.
No new people arrived after Sandra interrupted them at lunch, and the King gathered everyone around for tea and began to tell stories about his experiences.
“When I came to this world, I realised how important it was to trust god. I played the games set up by the old Kings, Queens and Knaves. They slowly fell, and when We had finally defeated them all, we were offered a choice by the ruler of this land. Stay, and accept citizenship, or decline. I accepted, to allow this land, a land without god, to see the light of good, and forge a beacon of hope for all who came.” Noah said, as his followers watched intently, and he began to recall his first games, the Jack and King of hearts, and how in the King game he had saved a young man, who grew to become the King of Clubs.
It became later and later, and Noah advised them to go to bed, telling them he would continue to tell them about his experiences the next day, and then the others could tell them theirs.
Third Day of Exhibitions
On the third day only one blimp went down, that of the Queen of Clubs.
Noah awoke bright and early, ready for the day. He slowly got everyone else up, while preparing breakfast. They ate in their own time, before leaving to go out and work.
Noah walked to the gates, apple in hand. He waited there for a few minutes, and watched as some new followers-to-be began to arrive.
He introduced himself, giving his regular explanation, and before they stepped inside, was backed up by one of the gardeners, who happened to be walking past. The group stepped inside, introducing themselves as Alfie, Tracy and Roger, a group that had beaten the King of Clubs together.
“A shame. The King of Clubs was a good man.” Noah said, leading them into the main hall.
“He definitely wasn’t what I expected from a King, to say the least.” Tracy said. “Neither are you.”
“The manipulation is still to come.” Alfie said, not trusting Noah.
“Well, I can assure you that I have all of the residents of this countries best interests in mind. We could live here for many years without problem. Just ask any of the other players that have stayed with us for a while, they all trust me.” Noah countered.
He walked up to the altar.
“This here is the game clear condition. If I press it, I die, and our colony is terminated. The game ends, everyone gets a game clear. I have no intention of doing so.” Noah said.
“So you are our jailor.” Alfie said to him.
“If you need to see it that way, yes.” Noah said. “But in truth I am your saviour. Without me you would soon be playing another game. You would live in fear of your life. Here, that all fades away. You regain free time, as you need to care less and less about your own survival. Don’t you see the utopia we will forge?”
Alfie shrugged.
“Now, if you will please allow me to ask what jobs you would be comfortable doing…” He asked.
He got them all started on their tasks, and the day went smoothly. He spent a while talking with Roger as they prepared food, talking about his life, and soon they called everyone in for Lunch.
In the meantime, tracy had begun speaking to Sandra, and learned about her. Alfie, on the other hand, had remained distant from the others, refusing to participate in work.
He walked over to Roger and Tracy while they were eating their food.
“Don’t you find this a little suspicious? He’s way to kind for someone who’s gone through what we’ve been through. I don’t trust this guy one bit.” Alfie said.
“Why, all he’s done is be nice to us!?” Tracy said. “He’s forged a home for us in this uncaring world. How can you disagree with that?”
“He’s already gotten to you. Don’t you see? He’s indoctrinating you. This is a cult!” Alfie protested, perhaps a little too loud.
“Now, how about we all calm down a little.” Noah said, walking over. “I see our new member wishes to leave. Trust me Alfie, it’s Alfie right? This place will be our beacon of hope, our zone of safety. Please, don’t fight us. It’ll only harm you.”
Alfie nodded, but still had a scowl fixed on his face.
“Good. Now, how about we all return to work, and reconvene later for tea.” He said, walking away.
The others returned to work, and Alfie was left alone in the Hall.
Noah turned. “You should also get to work. It won’t reflect well on you if you eat our food but don’t help out.”
Roger had by this point returned to the garden. He liked gardening, and had constantly recommended the performers establish one while they were still in large numbers, so they would have a continued food supply. He gave up on the idea after continued rejection, and the dwindling number of performers meant there was almost no point, they all believed they would die anyway.
But now he had a communal garden, where he could help a group of people he cared about. He dug, and planted some seeds. They were almost out of the space allocated. Oh well, they would always need to attend to plants to help them grow. He wasn’t sure how well they would grow in this strange climate, but he held out hope.
He spent the hours until dusk in the garden with a man who claimed he was the first to join Noah. They exchanged trivial details about their lives, as well as their time in this land. They both admired Noah for his ability to create hop in a world without it, and how he kept order in a world seemingly without any.
When they gathered around for Noah’s story and food, they listened intently, hearing about his exploits during his time as a player, how he had helped those in need. How he had not killed anyone during his time as a player.
Alfie watched from afar, seeing how the group worshiped the ground he walked on. Why couldn’t anyone but him see it?
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2023.03.22 07:21 Ante_1997 [STORE] KNIVES, GLOVES, PLAYSKINS, 5.000€+ INVENTORY! Butterfly, Bayonet , Huntsman, Flip, Shadow Daggers, Gut, Navaja, Paracord, Hand wraps, Moto gloves, AWP, AK-47, M4A1, M4A4, USP, Glock

My tradelink:
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Everything up for a trade, some skins might not be tradable yet
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2023.03.22 07:21 Ante_1997 [STORE] KNIVES, GLOVES, PLAYSKINS, 5.000€+ INVENTORY! Butterfly, Bayonet , Huntsman, Flip, Shadow Daggers, Gut, Navaja, Paracord, Hand wraps, Moto gloves, AWP, AK-47, M4A1, M4A4, USP, Glock

My tradelink:
My steam profile:
Everything up for a trade, some skins might not be tradable yet
Buyouts are in cash (EURO), send trade offers
★ Butterfly Knife Rust Coat WW - B/O 642
★ Bayonet Bright Water FT - B/O 267
★ Huntsman Knife Autotronic FT - B/O 155
★ Shadow Daggers Gamma Doppler (Phase 1) FN - B/O 138
★ Flip Knife Urban Masked FT - B/O 135
★ Gut Knife Autotronic BS - B/O 116
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★ Gut Knife Slaughter FT- B/O 100
★ Navaja Knife Damascus Steel MW- B/O 75
★ Navaja Knife Rust Coat BS - B/O 73
★ Navaja Knife Forest DDPAT FT- B/O 63
★ Bloodhound Gloves Charred FT- B/O 86
★ Hand Wraps Constrictor WW- B/O 56
★ Moto Gloves 3rd Commando Company BS - B/O 52
AWP Graphite FN- B/O 159
AWP Asiimov FT- B/O 110
AWP Neo-Noir FT- B/O 23
AWP Neo-Noir FT- B/O 17
AWP Chromatic Aberration BS - B/O 12
AWP Atheris FN - B/O 11
AK-47 Case Hardened FT- B/O 162
StatTrak™ AK-47 Neon Rider MW- B/O 115
AK-47 Bloodsport FN - B/O 85
AK-47 Bloodsport MW- B/O 71
AK-47 Bloodsport FT- B/O 63
AK-47 Vulcan BS- B/O 62
StatTrak™ AK-47 The Empress WW- B/O 41
AK-47 The Empress MW- B/O 36
AK-47 Asiimov FT- B/O 26
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M4A1-S Nightmare FN- B/O 28
M4A1-S Cyrex FN- B/O 21
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M4A4 Buzz Kill FN- B/O 33
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USP-S Kill Confirmed FT- B/O 40
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P250 Asiimov MW- B/O 13
FAMAS Commemoration MW - B/O 13
And more…
Some prices might be outdated
My tradelink:
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2023.03.22 07:21 ZackYuan88 Trying to find a porn movie which is no later than 2002. I remembered the first and second scenes.

It was a porn movie no later than 2002, the first scene was a woman who is taking a bath in a bathtub. And her partner was not in the bathtub but he put his arm inside the bathtub then go down under the water, then they began to make out.
Later they went into the bedroom to start the major part of the first scene. The man was blond and has a ponytail, the woman has a long black (brown or blond?) hair. After this, she was talking to some friend over the phone, then she got to a mansion where seems to be a brothel. The lady who’s in charge ask the woman to go to a room, to watch how the other girl taking care of a man. Just watching but not doing anything, that was the second scene. In the second scene, the man was a brown short hair.
More things to add:
  1. The man from the first scene was a popular porn actor, I had this assumption cause I've seen him also in other movies. He has a unique blond ponytail.
  2. The company’s logo was a mixed together logo which contains a girl and a word, red color with white background. Maybe "Pornerotica" or something similar to it.
It was the first AV that I've ever saw when I was a teenager and don't understand English yet.
Thanks a lot for the help!
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2023.03.22 07:20 minidisc3000 I've been a KPOP DJ for 6 years. Ask me anything!

Hello. KPOP DJ here. I hope you all are doing well.
I won't disclose who I am because this account is more or less supposed to be a throwaway, but I recently have come across this subreddit and thought I'd share my two cents about what's been going on when it comes to KPOP Nights that have been happening in general in the last couple of years. I also want to answer some questions that some people may have.
I've been a DJ'ing for the last 6 years. I got a good start doing KPOP Nights at one of my favorite clubs in my city and basically have been hosting and doing shows since then. I've traveled to different cities and worked at different festivals. I even have had the opportunity to work with a few KPOP artists. Most of the shows I do are pretty fun. I prioritize and take great pride in simple mixes in between songs and incorporate music videos in my sets whenever I can. It makes it easier for me workflow wise and I think people tend to have a good time. It's also hard work.
I've worked with both UH2T and KPOP CLUB NIGHT (ran by POPGOESTHEWORLD) in the past as a DJ for their events. If you are unfamiliar with either of these entities, they basically talk with LiveNation or some other third party venue acquisition company and hold KPOP Night events at these venues all over North America. These venues include places like House of Blues arenas, Irving Plaza and etc, places that can hold up to a 1000 people or more. The nights are similar to what many have seen with stuff like Shrek Rave, Spongebob Squarepants rave and a host of other themed raves. I had the pleasure of covering shows for both, but personally prefer working with the good people at KPOP CLUB NIGHT because the owner of that company actually likes KPOP and when I had the opportunity to cover for their shows, the hospitality was always top notch.
With UH2BT, I can tell that the owner of the company is simply looking for a cash grab. Making requests for accommodations that should be standard and simple feels like pulling teeth.
I personally prefer doing smaller KPOP NIGHTS at smaller clubs and venues in my city, because it feels like you're more so growing a community as opposed to just playing music for a large crowd. I also really enjoy playing at cupsleeve events, vendor events and at Boba shops. There have been some ups and downs over the years, but I honestly wouldn't change anything. I enjoy what I do. I have been feeling like I should be doing something different lately but I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.
I started listening to KPOP shortly after I got into J-POP and JRock. Back in the day, we had this channel called the International Channel. On certain nights or mornings, you could catch Japanese and Korean music shows, so thats where I got hooked. I listened to some stuff on and off. Believe it or not, the first K-POP song I remember hearing was Baby VOX's "Xcstacy," which illegaly sampled and featured 2pac on the song. I remember seeing the video and being floored. After that I started digging. I discovered groups like Dynamic Duo, Big Bang, Se7en, TVXQ, Epik High and Girl's Generation. I remember hearing Gee being played on the radio when I was in college. It was surreal. Now it's everywhere. Currently, my favorite groups/artists are Red Velvet, Twice, BTS, Seventeen, Nieah, Hoody, Yummda, Jay Park, Jessi and ITZY.
During my sets, I play some of this stuff today, but if I'm being honest, a lot of the new audiences that are tuning in to KPOP now may consider 2nd gen KPOP to be too old and won't vibe with it as much. I also feel like people who go to KPOP Nights typically don't like to hear too much Korean Hip Hop or R&B. I usually play mid to late in the 3rd gen and 4th gen KPOP. I try to please everyone that comes to my events and make myself open to requests. Lately, my goal is to host a full-on KHH night at a small speakeasy in my city soon and grow that into something bigger.
Anyways, I won't write too long because I know you all have some questions about KPOP Nights in general and about how DJ's typically approach their work. I've seen some good and I've seen some bad. I have plenty of stories to share and have some opinions about certain fandoms in the wild, so just ask. I will be very blunt. I also would love to hear your opinions about KPOP Nights in general and if you have any of these type of events in your city at all. I'd be down to pass on some info to industry people if you have ideas, suggestions. I will try to respond to everyone who has a question.
If you'd like to follow my work, message me privately and I'll share some links. I just don't feel comfortable or right self promoting myself on this post.
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2023.03.22 07:17 No_Cricket_2824 Attacking single mothers has become the new " God of the gap" . Look at any problem you see in a child and blame it on the mother . A rapper on fresh fit was attacked in the comments for Having a single mother because he defended a potential rape victim
The short snippet if interested. I've seen this behavior alot where Red Pillers especially will go after single mother for anything wrong with the child or anything they feel the child should have. Meanwhile if both parents are present there's other appeals such as the environment, the music , culture , the education etc .
When it comes to Red pillers in particular it seems as though they are just saying
" if you were raised by a misogynistic man you'd be a misogynist too "
While I do agree it's more likely, it's a good thing that child was never exposed to such a man. We need positive role models and not a community of men attacking women. It's tough raising a child alone however the criticism never seems to be of a woman who isn't financially stable but more so a woman lacking the ability in virtue of her gender to raise a wholesome man .
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2023.03.22 07:15 Wisson_Robotics Wisson Robotics launches Nimbo™ Series pliable robotic manipulators to empower service industries

Wisson Robotics launches Nimbo™ Series pliable robotic manipulators to empower service industries
Wisson robotics, founded in 2019, launches the Nimbo™ pliable robotic manipulator series to the global market, based on the patented Pliabot® technology resulting from over a decade of scientific research, offering unparalleled combinations of compliance, dexterity, lightweight, and safety, providing scenario-oriented solutions to robotic services across a variety of applications. The most iconic innovations include the use of patented Pliabot® compliant muscles as motion generation units and compact high-speed pneumatic controllers, in contrast to electric motors in conventional robotic manipulators.
From the emergence of robotic manipulators in the late 20th century, the primary criteria of optimization had always leaned towards industrial manufacturing, where industrial robotic manipulators were expected to transcend human physical capabilities in terms of speed, accuracy, and payload. Moving from safety cages in factories towards people-dense natural environments of the mass population, strength and power quickly became less applicable, replaced by new core challenges such as interaction safety, environmental adaptability, and energy efficiency. The emerging Cobot (collaborative robots) technology was targeting such performance indices, but was fundamentally constrained by the same motor-joint paradigm inherited from industrial robots, resulting in even higher reliance in precision manufacturing and high-frequency advanced control algorithms, both hindering its cost-effectiveness, fail-safety, and adaptability to random changes.
Powered by Pliabot®, a fundamental actuator-level innovation
In recent years, multiple drivers have pushed the service robots industry to surpass manufacturing industrial robots in terms of annual growth, ranging from global population aging and general labor shortage, to consumer upgrading and AI-availability. This calls for new, intelligent robots to be able to work interactively in natural human-dense environments safely, efficiently, effectively, and economically. Such robots are required to have manipulators that are dexterous, flexible, adaptive to physical interactions, as well as having a high payload-to-weight ratio.
Wisson offers the patented Pliabot® technology, aiming at the above emerging needs of service robot applications, based on over a decade of scientific research. The core of the Pliabot® technology is the deployable structure pliable robotic muscles made from compliant materials, driven by pneumatics or hydraulics by the proprietary integrated motion control platform SlimDrive™, paired with intelligent algorithmic platform SlimEngine™. Together they form a groundbreaking paradigm of using compliant materials and fluidic drive to make safe, flexible, dexterous, lightweight, but strong and accurate robotic manipulators specifically for service robots.
Four primary advantages enabling a new horizon of service robot applications
Wisson’s Nimbo™ pliable manipulator series, with mechanistically guaranteed fail-safety and impact safety, human-arm level payload-to-weight ratio and accuracy, pave the way to a brand new horizon of wider applications for service robots. The primary performance advantages include:
Dexterity and flexibility. The Wisson Nimbo™ series manipulators were developed on the proprietary Pliabot® platform technology, following a completely distinctive core structure from conventional motor-based robotic manipulators. Instead of having multiple electric motors as joints, a series (often dozens) of flexible Pliabot® muscles form a network, parallelly into joints and sequentially into a manipulator. Kinematic redundancy could easily be achieved by stacking multiple joints each containing a corresponding number of muscles, allowing the manipulator to posture infinitely in space to reach a particular target of operation. With the muscles being compliant, the pneumatic actuation medium being compressible, and the kinematics being easily redundant, the resulting Nimbo™ pliable manipulators could have substantial dexterity equivalent to 6-to-7-DoF or above in rigid motor-driven manipulators, as well as inherent flexibility and impact safety even with controller failure or power off.
Ultra-high payload-to-weight ratio. Payload-to-weight ratio reflects a robot’s workload capacity per unit weight. Due to material-level and structure-level innovations, Wisson Nimbo™ series pliable manipulators could achieve over 1:1 payload-to-weight ratio, and topping at 3:1 maximum ratio at certain postures, approaching and surpassing human-arm capacities. Compared with Cobots (0.2-0.3:1 typically) and industrial manipulators (0.1:1 typically), the Nimbo™ pliable manipulators have substantially lower inertial but remarkably higher strength per unit weight, making them safe and energy-efficient by manifolds, ideal for mobile applications and close-proximity deployments with humans.
Interaction safety. The core to service robots is interaction. Interacting with people, environments, handling objects, performing inspections, cleaning various surfaces, service robots are destined to maneuver through complex environments handling random situations while frequently performing physical interactions. This calls for unconditional, guaranteed interaction safety under all circumstances. With the patented Pliabot® core technology, Wisson Nimbo™ pliable manipulators are based on flexible muscle structures paired with SlimEngine™ tri-loop advanced feedback control, ensuring timely and effective adaptation to both routine task interactions and unpredicted environmental incidences; and under the worst circumstances such as power down or mechanistic failure, the natural compliance from both the material and structure could ensure bottom-line safety to avoid damages to both the environment and the robot.
Outstanding environmental resistance. With virtually no seams and gaps typically seen in conventional motor-based rigid robots, Wisson Nimbo™ pliable manipulators could achieve a list of remarkable characteristics of high durability and environmental resistance: waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof, radiation enhancement, corrosion resistance, ultra-high voltage resistance, etc. Designed to endure hash environments, Nimbo™ could be deployed outdoors for long-term operations. It could be particularly suitable for extreme environments such as dust, muddy, oil, electromagnetic radiation, hydraulic pressure, etc.
The Nimbo™ manipulator enables a series of scenario-oriented end-products
Based on market research and industrial customer analysis, Wisson has developed the Nimbo™ series pliable manipulators with three distinctive lines, the KN600, KN800, and KN1000, and derived several service robot end-products based on them towards a variety of application scenarios, including the Orion series flying pliable robots for low-altitude inspection and maintenance operations, the Draco series ground operation pliable robots for industrial inspection and maintenance operations, and the Centaur series dual-arm ground manipulation pliable robots for precise manipulation operations in disaster relief and other public service applications.
Nimbo™ pliable manipulators, small size, high strength
Wisson Nimbo™ series pliable manipulators were developed based on the proprietary pliable core technologies, the Pliabot® high-performance bionic muscles, the SlimDrive™ high-precision pneumatic controllers, and the SlimEngine™ flexible intelligent algorithm platform. Thanks to the fundamental breakthroughs offered by those platform technologies, the Nimbo™ series pliable manipulators could achieve substantial performance advantages, keeping well balances between strength and weight, compliance and precision, while having outstanding environmental resistance. The series were further optimized into three distinctive product lines, the KN600, KN800, and KN1000 manipulators, each with unique kinematic structure and configurations, aiming towards different end-product application scenarios:
KN600 Series lightweight pliable robotic manipulators: 20 pliable muscles, 7 pliable DOFs, designed for lightweight general mobile operations and humanoid service operations with omnidirectional flexible installation;
KN800 Series retractable pliable robotic manipulators: 21 pliable muscles, 3 pliable DOFs, designed for aerial and hoisting operations, with 360 degrees flexibility and up to 15kg maximum payload, with a large expansion ratio for working in tight spaces, matching with various UAV platforms, hoisting platforms, and hanging rail robot platforms;
KN1000 Series pliable-rigid hybrid robotic manipulators: 8 muscles and 3 motors, enabling 3 pliable DOFs and 3 conventional rigid DOFs, designed for flexible operations with large workspace and omni-directional installation, achieving large-range, high-precision, high-speed flexible motion. The K1000 series are suitable for various mobile or stationary platforms for inspection, operation, flexible handling and logistics applications.
Orion flying arms, a revolutionary solution to precision aerial manipulation
Current mainstream UAV applications including aerial observation, geographic terrain mapping and agricultural operations assistance, do not require frequent physical contact or interaction between the UAV and the environment, focus on observation rather than intervention. However, with the expansion of customers' operational demands from observational operations to interventional or precision manipulations, UAVs need to be equipped with robotic manipulators for dexterous operations that are lightweight, strong, dexterous, and power efficient.
The Wisson Orion series flying pliable robots are comprised of retractable pliable manipulators mounted underneath commercial drones, forming complete solutions for remote aerial operations with direct physical interactions. This series offer unique characteristics of retractability, inherent flexibility, large payload with lightweight, remarkable environmental resistance, meanwhile, it is easy to mount with the UAV with diversified interfaces, and can be equipped with vision, olfaction, audition and other sensors as needed for maintenance, object transfer, and precision manipulation applications in petrochemical plants, energy and chemical industry, disaster rescue and other commercial or public services.
Draco ground operation platform, the omnipotent inspection robot
The Wisson Draco series includes three models designed based on Wisson proprietary MP series mobile platform and Pliabot technology, each with different working range and functions. The robot series have excellent mobility and autonomous navigation covering most indoor and outdoor scenarios due to the compact design. The platform can flexibly mount a variety of payloads including PTZ camera, pliable robotic manipulators, detection sensors and other modules. It can perform low, medium, high and multi-angle three-dimensional inspections based on the inspection equipment, and can manipulate various objects such as doors, press buttons, and change positions for data reading and testing. In addition, it can be flexibly equipped with different types of manipulator modules and lifting modules according to actual scenarios and operating requirements. The maximum operating height can reach 2.5m. It is widely used in industrial inspections, fire-fighting, energy O&M and other ground operations.
About Wisson
Founded in 2019, Wisson is an innovation-driven high-tech company headquartered in Shenzhen, China, dedicated to providing interactive & operational service robotic solutions to the industry and the vast public. The Wisson team have accumulated rich technological foundations and practical know-hows from a global perspective, committed to becoming a leading figure in bringing pliable robots to commercialization.
Contact Us
Wisson Robotics Ltd
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.22 07:14 cfs3corsair Wanting to make a Jellyfin NAS. Need advice/recommendations

I want to make a NAS that runs jellyfin. I would prefer if it did not run on docker, as firstly I don't know docker well, and secondly the company running docker has been making some rather suspect choices lately.
The setup I will be using includes an AMD 3400g APU, 2x4TB WD Red drives in striped RAID configuration, and 16GB DDR4 RAM.
I could use ubuntu, but that comes with snaps and weird in-terminal advertisements (looking at you, canonical)
I could use Rocky linux. But the installation of Jellyfin on it is really unclear to me.
I could use Debian, but I am very unclear as to whether I would be able to use the most recent versions of jellyfin, and how hardware acceleration/transcoding would hold up
Any thoughts? Recommendations?
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2023.03.22 07:08 Harjjo (3.5) Help with context steering equation

(3.5) Help with context steering equation
I've got a context steering script but I'm not really understanding how to shape the weights. Insight would be appreciated.
extends Node var obstacle = preload("res://scenes/TESTEObstacle.tscn") export var num_rays = 16 export var look_ahead = 100 onready var node = $Node2D var interest = [] var danger = [] var rays = [] var lines = [] var target = Vector2.ZERO var dir_line = func _unhandled_input(event): if event is InputEventMouseButton: if event.button_index == BUTTON_LEFT and event.pressed: var o = obstacle.instance() add_child(o) o.global_position = node.get_global_mouse_position() func _ready(): interest.resize(num_rays) danger.resize(num_rays) for i in num_rays: var _ray = node.add_child(_ray) rays.append(_ray) _ray.enabled = true var angle = i * 2 * PI / num_rays _ray.cast_to = (Vector2.RIGHT * look_ahead).rotated(angle) var _line = node.add_child(_line) lines.append(_line) _line.add_point(Vector2.ZERO, 0) _line.add_point((Vector2.RIGHT * look_ahead).rotated(angle), 1) _line.width = 2 node.add_child(dir_line) dir_line.add_point(Vector2.ZERO, 0) dir_line.add_point(Vector2.ZERO, 1) dir_line.default_color = "fdff00" dir_line.width = 2 func _physics_process(delta): target = $Mouse.global_position _set_interest() _set_danger() _choose_dir() func _set_interest(): for i in num_rays: var d = rays[i].cast_to.normalized().dot((target - node.global_position).normalized()) interest[i] = max(0, d) func _set_danger(): for i in num_rays: if rays[i].is_colliding(): var d = rays[i].cast_to.normalized().dot((rays[i].get_collision_point() - node.global_position).normalized()) danger[i] = d else: danger[i] = 0.0 interest[i] = max(0, interest[i] - danger[i]) func _choose_dir(): var chosen_dir = Vector2.ZERO for i in num_rays: chosen_dir += rays[i].cast_to * interest[i] if interest[i] > danger[i]: lines[i].set_point_position(1, rays[i].cast_to * Vector2(interest[i], interest[i])) lines[i].modulate = "ffffff" else: lines[i].set_point_position(1, rays[i].cast_to * Vector2(danger[i], danger[i])) lines[i].modulate = "ff0000" chosen_dir = chosen_dir.normalized() dir_line.set_point_position(1, (Vector2.RIGHT * look_ahead).rotated(chosen_dir.angle())) 
which gives me this shape:
which is normal I believe, it makes sense it would be weighted that way.
But how would i make it so that it would instead be weighted like this shape?
or even this shape? (the target is the mouse, the red circles are obstacles)
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2023.03.22 07:02 HHtahvo EU antitrust regulators raid energy drinks company (Red Bull)

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2023.03.22 06:46 worldzfree Setting up a one-time payment to a members club

Hey there. I am trying to figure out the best way to setup pages on Squarespace to accept a one-time payment to a members club with no official fees in the future. Here is what I am looking to do but just can't seem to figure out the right options to select. It is:
  1. Send out a link that is not viewable on the main website nor crawled via search engines to a select amount of potential members
  2. On that landing page describe what it is all about. Then have a button at the bottom of that page that takes them to a form gathering/payment processing page where they enter in their details (name, email, phone, address) as well as the one-time payment for this membership.
  3. The company I have associated receives the payments and I have a way of accessing the donators information for future promos/special events that they get an advance access to.
I hope that all makes sense. I appreciate any insight.
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2023.03.22 06:36 WillTravelForFood2 Another Shucked Review

Hello all! I am a long-time lurker, but I've been following the Shucked drama on this subreddit for a few weeks now, so I thought I'd give my two cents.
A bit of background to set the scene: I've been to over 50+ shows, all mostly Broadway as I used to live in NYC, and some in Chicago and DC. Whenever I travel for work, I'm hunting down regional theaters for shows that I can catch. My top 5 include Hamilton, Six, Wicked, Hadestown, and Company. In my lineup for the next few weeks, I have Sweeney Todd, Camelot, Les Mis on tour, Pacific Overtures, and an opera at Lincoln Center. I will watch just about anything that catches my fancy. In my day-to-day, I am also a 12-year-old teenager on the inside who laughs at penis puns and dad jokes.
With that being said, I enjoyed myself at Shucked. It was hilariously funny - if you enjoy one-liners, dad jokes, and puns. If that's not your type of humor, this show is not for you. The guy next to my husband had the best time. The two ladies in front of us didn't laugh a single time the entire show. The music is country-esque, think of Kelsea Ballerini and Dan + Shay instead of the big, loud, red-pickup and cold jeans country artists. It's still a Broadway musical after all.
Shucked is not the newest best thing since sliced bread. I don't think it's in serious contention for any Tony awards. But it's a good old time with big laughs and a very talented cast. I'm a firm believer that not every show on Broadway needs to be a Tony winnenominee to be an entertaining show. With the way the world looks on the day-to-day, sometimes you just want to go see a fun and silly show where you can laugh at a corn-penis joke without thinking deeply. I also paid $50 per ticket for this show, so it's not as if I spent a ton of money.
It's not the best show I've ever seen. It's also not the worst show I've ever seen (It's Cats, I'm sorry.). It's a solid show, with a slightly questionable book, but with a super talented cast and entertaining jokes.
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2023.03.22 06:33 exitpro_software Get Culture Insights Instantly with ExitPro Exit Interview Software eNPS Dashboard

Get Culture Insights Instantly with ExitPro Exit Interview Software eNPS Dashboard
See your new eNPS Dashboard for instant company culture insights. eNPS Dashboard is a temperature check on how many employees “would recommend your organization as a good place to work.” eNPS is defined as the Employee Net Promoter Score. It is a predicative indicator of employee engagement and loyalty based on data from active surveys including exit interviews.
The eNPS Dashboard pulls from every active exit survey where your organization has that question to generate your score. So you can see the widest breadth of your company culture in seconds! You can always filtecut/report by a specific survey, demographic, or your aspects like location, department, division, or title.
An eNPS is divided into 3 categories. These categories help identify your most connected employees, who value what the company provides, verses staff just there to get a paycheck.
The 3 categories are:
  1.  Promoters: "The Cheerleader," which are in green 
  2.  Passives: The "Meh, I could care either way" employees, who are indicated in yellow 
  3.  Detractors: "I am here to get a paycheck" employees, labeled in red 
Click here to see your company’s eNPS. If your ExitPro plan does not include the Analytics Module, contact the exit interview company here

ExitPro’s secure exit interview software is the leading provider of global exit interviews. Created from the most successful exit interview survey questions, ExitPro automates and streamlines exit interview templates for 50 to 50,000 employees. ExitPro’s one-click exit interview forms are available in 20 languages in 59 countries, with customizable Turnover Reports and Advanced Dashboard analytics to predict staff turnover. Additional Live Voice (phone), SMS Text, & Kiosk services are available.
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2023.03.22 06:16 aegeusss Personal Opinion on Notion's Recent Direction

As a three something years old Notion user I feel the need to share my thoughts on Notion's recent decisions and targets. The reason I am writing these down is to understand if there is someone else who shares my thoughts. The main idea of this topic, in short, is: I don't like Notion to turn into a B2B app rather than a B2C app as it was in the first place as a common user.
Let me explain; as a non-technical guy who uses these kind of apps for both personal and small business needs, I remember in the old days how Youtube content creators would promote Notion as a complex note taking app. They would compare it with other note taking apps like Google Keep, Roam, Obsidian, Apple Notes etc. It was always about unique users; how one person could use it as a note taking and productivity tool and as a simple database app etc.
But then something changed along the way and Notion management started pushing new features which are commonly used by big teams and corporations; like (Teamspace developments, Slack, Zapier integrations; Cron purchase etc. Even pricing schemes are based on user count) And while doing these, they have willingly ignored basic requests like Google Calendar integration, offline support or 2FA for everyday users like me.
Look, I did not come to Notion for this in the first place. Don't get me wrong; of course, it is Notion's decision where will this ship head to; if they want to make money on selling a product to companies, fine; I get it; there is more money there. But I got on this ship thinking it was going somewhere else. At some point if the captain of the ship would change the course without telling me and decided ignoring my requests for a better personal use, then I will have to abandon this ship in the near future, sorry.
(And this is not a danger only for me; I can see that well known Notion promoters like Marie Poulin, Thomas Frank, Red Gregory will have to leave this app in the near future because this app is converting something into a big, complex programming language where it will only be used in the future by professional coders like Phyton, Pearl, Ruby etc. It's not a toy of the man on the street any more. To iterate again, I am a non technical guy and started using this app due to it's simplicity yet complexity in a level I can understand and implement; that level gone up to far now; I can't even follow new features regularly let alone I learn and implement them for my personal needs.)
To end my thoughts, in my eyes, Notion is the new big devil company for me; as a simple and long term user guy, I am not their main goal anymore; they are not trying to satisfy my personal needs since I am not a big company to pay them well on an enterprise plan; so I understand my number one personal requests like Google Calendar integration, offline support or 2FA may never come to this platform. And I am not even talking about the general slowness of the app which is getting worse after the implementation of AI and charging AI separately other than user's paid plan :))))
I am relived now to have said this all; I will look for alternatives; these are my personal thoughts anyway.
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2023.03.22 05:55 Adam-best Useful Portable Handheld Steam Iron

UPGRATED VERSION – Dual steamer and Iron. Produces a powerful and consistent steam. 2 in 1 for Flat hot and Hanging hot. Safer structure design to minimize leaking water. More sufficiently, and bursts strong hot steam swiftly, without water sputtering.
QUICK & POWERFUL – Ceramic soleplate, heating up just 50s, prevents clothes from damaged. Powerful and stable steam to remove heavy wrinkle, odors and degerming.The steam is continuous and powerful, which can penetrate the clothes deeply and quickly.
SUITABLE FOR MOST FABRICS – One handheld fabric steamer to make shirts, suits, down clothes, night dress, wedding dress, pants crease free.

MULTIFUNCTION – Strong steam can be used in many ways-Cleaning dust. Pillow high temperature clean, sofa clean etc.
BEST EXPERIENCE – We also provide 100 ML Measuring Cup. Perfect for travel and home use.


Directly hanging your clothes on the hanger, putting them flat on ironing board or even on the table. (you need to add the water in the tank(100ML) not more than the max line or it will leak or spoil when you ironing).
Secondly, adjust the temperature dial to the max, then the working light turned red. After the working light turned off, you can adjust the temperature to what you want, there has three settings, so them you can press the steamer button, and begin working.
Finally, just add water and turn on, waiting for 50 sec, you can start ironing your clothes.


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2023.03.22 05:48 sleephookup7620 I (22M) hooked up with my "straight" co-worker (30M)

I started as an intern at a company as a 19-year-old. The day I meet my co-worker I had the biggest crush on him. I worked with him for about two weeks, we would talk and I got to know about him. At the time, I saw the idea of him as more of a fantasy. I also wanted to be professional because I actually wanted to work there full-time. After a few months, I got hired and began to work there full-time. I always tried to be "cold" with him when others were around but would sometimes let my guard down.
There was an annual banquet this weekend. My boyfriend was too tired to come with me so I went by myself. My coworker was there and he noticed I was alone, He was few beers deep and he started to talk to me about like an hour since I got there. We started to talk about life and stuff. Then we added " I've been with a guy before, just no sex" I was pretty surprised. He needed a ride home since he was drunk and got a ride to the spot from another co-worker. My job was to take him home lol
I was driving on the freeway towards his house when I got a crazy thought of going to WEHO. I asked him if he has ever been, and he said "no". I asked if I could "kidnap him and take him to WEHO". He said "sure". Once we were about like 15 minutes from WEHO. He placed his hand on my leg and slowly moved toward my dick area. I asked him to "stop" in a very nervous way. I honestly couldn't believe he was doing that. I mean I don't want to sound like a victim because I knew what I was doing but I wasn't going to make a move in a million years because before that night he was what I thought was "straight". When I got off the freeway, he got me by the neck and kissed me. I didn't push away and I had obviously been waiting for that since the day I met him. We made out at every red light until we finally made it to WEHO. When we got there, we went to the Abbey. We danced for a while and I had so much fun, what felt like a movie. After dancing for a while, we were just flirting. He told me plenty of things but I definitely remember him telling me "I've been wanting you since you were an intern" & " you are my slut now". We made out for a long time and he was grinding his dick on me through his jeans.
After over 2 hours at WEHO, it was time to really go home. He wanted to go to in-n-out but it was already closed. I took him to Carl Jr's to get some munchies. I was about to get on the freeway at a red light and I placed my hand on his dick. We started to make out. At that point, I knew I had to pull over. Once I parked the car, he pulled his pants down. I imagine his dick to be bigger but it was okay. I just gave him a blow job and he cummed around my mouth. He honestly looked like he really enjoyed it, he was out of breath for a minute. He house was about 40 minutes from WEHO, and as soon as I got on the freeway, he was knocked out. I just listened to SZA's new album SOS on the drive there. When I dropped him off, he kissed me quickly on the lips.
Monday comes around and work with him is very awkward. Thankfully we aren't in the same department but I still see him around. I think he doesn't remember everything and is embarrassed to ask. But I know he was drunk but people always say, "drunk thoughts are sober thoughts". I just don't know what to do now.
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2023.03.22 05:39 LibraryLuLu Dupes for (mostly) Delina by PDM: Alt, Montagne, Palermo, The Dupe spot (and a few other scents)

I've never tried Dupe perfumes before, but I adore Delina by Marley and it’s around $500 a bottle in Australia. The same with Portrait of a Lady by FM, now retailing $502 aud p/b. The price has increased by around $100 in the last year alone and stores won't let me bathe in samples anymore. I saw someone make a list of the best dupes on another site, so I gave some of those dupe houses a try. Most of the dupes I tried were for Delina, but there's also dupes for Rose Prick, Issey Miyake, Aventus reviewed here.
Alt Fragrance (USA)
Duchess: Delina by Marley dupe ($90 Aud)
Very good. So good I’ve just gone back and bought three more from them. I’d say this is more than 85% close to the original, very similar notes, but with a dry down that becomes a tiny bit sickly sweet (but only if you smell yourself very closely). These are pricey, though, but that’s still one fifth of the original price. This isn’t quite as powdery soft as the original, but has good projection and silage, possibly a little better than the original. I’d recommend this one if you’re looking for a good dupe at a much better price. The musk of the original isn’t quite as present, but the lychee and rose notes are present without the rose being too harsh (some rose scents, much as I love them, can be eye-watering).
The Dupe Spot (Melbourne)
Dupe Spot goes by numbers, not names.
No. 32: Portrait of a Lady by Fredrick Malle dupe Love this. In fact, I think I like this more than the original. It’s a tiny bit lighter, as if it’s tea rose rather than red or Lincoln rose, and goes slightly lighter on the funk. Basically I’ve tried the original a few times when in a Mecca store and there are often complaints when I come back to the office. Several staff find the original offensive, but they like the dupe. Also, as the original is now over $500 Aud for a small bottle, fuck that in the ear. I’ll get this $30 dupe instead. It’s around 85% close to the original, more to my taste, and waaaay cheaper.
No. 123 dupe for Issey Miyaki by Issey Miyaki Good, very close, but as the original is pretty cheap, I’d probably just buy the original. But this was a good order filler to get the free postage. Will wear and enjoy for the nice fresh cucumber notes.
I also bought a Dupe Spot original, Sugar Fairy. It’s exactly as described on the website, but not the point of this review. (It’s good if you like very sweet perfumes, and with a name like Sugar Fairy, it’s very much as described).
Montagne Parfums (USA)
Pink Rose: dupe for Delina by Perfumes de Marley
Very good. I really like this, and have taken it to work. Possibly around 80% of the original as it lacks the deep, dark complexity of the original, but is quite rich on the opening notes and they continue. Great silage and extreme projection that lasts so that I can smell it on myself for around five or six hours. I haven’t had too many complaints from the people at work about my stank when I wear this one. I think this one is the best of all of the dupes (in my not so humble position), possibly the closest to the original, with the same soft delicate musk notes. This is why I made it my work choice. Also, it’s the smallest bottle, so best for desk drawers.
Pineapple Royal – dupe for Aventus
Do not like. Smells like hard-core chemicals to me, I don’t get anything pineapple from this. I have never smelt the original, so I don’t know how close this goes, but I gave it to someone else who did like it, so it found a happy home. The reviews on site are from people seeking Aventus dupes and they all seemed to like it, so your mileage will vary.
Maison Alhambra (Israel via ebay)
Delilah pour femme: Delina by Marley dupe
Not bad. Not as refined as the original, there’s a slight opening chemical tang, but for the price it’s wearable. I might give this one away, though, as I don’t need three dupes of one perfume. Or maybe I'll keep it and use it as a bathroom spray. I’d give this a 70 to 80% close to the original ranking. It’s recognisably a dupe - nice, pleasant - but there are better options. Silage and projection are also okay, only lasting around an hour or so before I can’t smell myself.
But, this one does have a very pretty pink bottle. Every other dupe purchased comes in a very generic bottle.
Duping three: Rose Prick by Tom Ford, Delina Exclusive, Donna by Valentino (approx < $30 each). I didn’t write down the numbers, this is another dupe company that uses numbers instead of names.
I bought three dupes from Palermo but unfortunately all three smell the same, and all smell pretty horrible. I’d give these a zero percent as they are not dupes, they are just bottles of brutal chemical smell. Also, the lids break apart. There’s cheap, and then there’s cheap, if you know what I mean. So this was a waste of $100 for three bottles that I’d be embarrassed to give away, but since I’m buying knock off products, I deserve the punishment.
I have the original Valentino Donna and I don’t think it was very expensive, just that I went through the entire bottle in a month as it was so tiny (and I shower myself in my perfume - it's really no wonder my staff complain about my stank). Donna is not expensive, but the tiny amount makes it less value for money. It’s still good, though. I’d rather re-buy the original.
I’ve gone back to Alt Fragrance to get the dupes for Rose Prick, Lost Cherry, Delina Exclusive etc. If anyone’s interested, I can update with the three new Alt Fragrances when they arrive. I would also buy from Montagne and Dupe Spot again if they bring out scents I like.
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2023.03.22 05:35 Davilmar Azeron 3 year review

I’ve used the Azeron for about 3 years now. I own every version, classic (first and 2nd gen) compact, cyborg, cyborg compact, curved plate, flat plate, so I know these devices well, and wanted to give some insight to potential buyers. I also travel a lot and purchased them from several different continents, so I can speak on delivery from different parts of the world. I mostly play shooters and Mobas, and the experience has differed from game to game.
In the summer of 2020, I was getting into PC gaming (as did we all) and an ad for the azeron came up. I was having a hard time with kbm having moved over from controller and thought I’d give it a try. Immediately I was hooked. All my issues with reaching keybinds and fat fingering were mostly eliminated. Absolute godsend. However after 3 years, I’ve been transitioning over to traditional keyboard, and leaving my azeron for mobas and single player games.
Within FPS: Flat out, I wouldn’t recommend. At least not for anyone playing competitively. It’s amazing to start on tho. One major major pro to starting mnk with an azeron is learning mouse control separate from learning how to functionally game on a keyboard. While most people know how to intuitively use a mouse, in the context of fps games, mouse control is a skill of its own. Even though it may not feel like the hard part, learning how to efficiently use a mouse on an azeron will make learning on keyboard a lot easier. I don’t believe that I’d be as invested in gaming if it weren’t for the azeron. However, due to my inexperience in the beginning, I was unaware of the mechanical limitations of thumbsticks in FPS.
Moving with a thumbstick has two problems: input lag and lack of specificity. Accidental forward inputs are very common with thumbstick strafing. I’d find myself jiggling really tight to a wall, only to accidentally push forward and expose my full hitbox along the wall. With traditional kmb this is an impossible mistake to make. With games that feature higher ttk it’s not as noticeable, but learning movement based tech in any game is a lot sloppier than I’d like.
Quick sidebar: I watched a video that presented diagonal strafing as a plus but it is not. Diagonal strafing makes it easier for your opponent to hit you. They don’t have to move the crosshair as much to stay on target, and if you strafe diagonally forward, your hitbox gets bigger. Do not strafe diagonally, even tho it is easier using azeron
It’s not all bad tho. Swapping guns, using heals, grenades and all other buttons is suuuuch a breeze with azeron and when I’m not using azeron I’m very aware of the additional labor that’s required of my hand. But the movement inefficiencies really hold it back.
Now MOBAS: Different story, Mobas this shit is a net BUFF OMG. I have 6k hrs in dota, and I was better on this device after like 50. I personally connect the thumb stick to my camera so i don’t have to drag with my mouse, and all other buttons are already under your fingertips. If you play primarily Mobas I’d say there’s quite honestly nothing better.
BUILD QUALITY AND SHIPPING Build quality is great, however it does wear and tear and at times screws can be soft. Like any product really. Only problem I had is you have to order them from one company in Latvia. With that said: this company has the best customer service I’ve ever had. Responsive in like one days time, you break a finger, they’ll send you one, they even take custom color orders that aren’t a part of the online customization tool(well when I asked in like 2021 they did idk about now) however, I never liked that I was waiting 3 weeks minimum anywhere outside of Europe. If you are in Europe this isn’t a problem, but in America and Australia it was too long for me as someone who’s main hobby is gaming. Of the 5 I own, only two have needed heavy maintenance. However those two in particular were used more than 40 hours a week.
Make the thumb stick replaceable with more buttons, Allow users to reprint keys and small parts themselves, Make it hotswappable (currently you need soldering skills if you run into problems)
TLDR: azeron gamer of three years says they’re amazing for Mobas, single player or racing games, not the best for fps. There are no high elo azeron users for a reason🤷🏾‍♂️
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2023.03.22 05:26 LMAzilla wtf is this

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