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2023.06.02 17:54 futureslpp Hey Dad, should I sign on this apartment?

Hey mom!
I’m in my mid-20’s, and living in a High Cost of Living city, but jeez am I happy. I have friends, a support system, community, and pets.
I’m unemployed and struggling to find a job, but have $15k in savings.
I got approved for a 1 bed 1 bath apartment in a safe, beautiful part of the city for about $1450-$1500 or so total a month.
I’m hoping to get a job that pays around $60k, with a monthly take home of $3k-$3500 per month.
I’d be so happy there, and if I don’t get a job by July, I’ll start serving to make rent/not deplete savings.
Should I do it? I don’t have any other housing options, besides leaving my city and moving in w abusive family. I’d be so, so happy, just so scared to take this next step.
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2023.06.02 17:54 idonemadeitawkward Yo dawg, I heard you liked Birmingham, so I put some Birmingham in your r/Birmingham

To optimize a travel plan for mileage while taking advantage of US highways and avoiding tolls, here's an optimized itinerary for visiting each city on your list, starting from Birmingham, Alabama:
  1. Birmingham, Alabama to Birmingham, Mississippi:
    • Take I-20 W to Meridian, Mississippi.
    • Distance: Approximately 115 miles.
  2. Birmingham, Mississippi to Birmingham, Missouri:
    • Take I-20 W to Jackson, Mississippi.
    • Then take I-55 N to St. Louis, Missouri.
    • Distance: Approximately 495 miles.
  3. Birmingham, Missouri to Birmingham, Iowa:
    • Take I-70 W to Des Moines, Iowa.
    • Distance: Approximately 280 miles.
  4. Birmingham, Iowa to Birmingham, Kansas:
    • Take I-80 W to Kansas City, Kansas.
    • Distance: Approximately 185 miles.
  5. Birmingham, Kansas to Birmingham, Nebraska:
    • Take I-70 W to Lincoln, Nebraska.
    • Distance: Approximately 200 miles.
  6. Birmingham, Nebraska to Birmingham, Colorado:
    • Take I-80 W to Denver, Colorado.
    • Distance: Approximately 450 miles.
  7. Birmingham, Colorado to Birmingham, Wyoming:
    • Take I-25 N to Cheyenne, Wyoming.
    • Distance: Approximately 105 miles.
  8. Birmingham, Wyoming to Birmingham, Montana:
    • Take I-90 W to Billings, Montana.
    • Distance: Approximately 450 miles.
  9. Birmingham, Montana to Birmingham, Idaho:
    • Take I-90 W to Idaho Falls, Idaho.
    • Distance: Approximately 295 miles.
  10. Birmingham, Idaho to Birmingham, Washington:
    • Take I-90 W to Spokane, Washington.
    • Distance: Approximately 250 miles.
  11. Birmingham, Washington to Birmingham, Oregon:
    • Take I-90 W to Seattle, Washington.
    • Then take I-5 S to Portland, Oregon.
    • Distance: Approximately 180 miles.
  12. Birmingham, Oregon to Birmingham, California:
    • Take I-5 S to Sacramento, California.
    • Distance: Approximately 500 miles.
  13. Birmingham, California to Birmingham, Nevada:
    • Take I-80 E to Reno, Nevada.
    • Distance: Approximately 130 miles.
  14. Birmingham, Nevada to Birmingham, Arizona:
    • Take I-80 E to Salt Lake City, Utah.
    • Then take I-15 S to Las Vegas, Nevada.
    • Distance: Approximately 460 miles.
  15. Birmingham, Arizona to Birmingham, New Mexico:
    • Take I-40 E to Albuquerque, New Mexico.
    • Distance: Approximately 320 miles.
  16. Birmingham, New Mexico to Birmingham, Texas:
    • Take I-40 E to Amarillo, Texas.
    • Distance: Approximately 290 miles.
  17. Birmingham, Texas to Birmingham, Oklahoma:
    • Take I-40 E to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
    • Distance: Approximately 300 miles.
  18. Birmingham, Oklahoma to Birmingham, Kansas:
    • Take I-35 N to Wichita, Kansas.
    • Distance: Approximately 160 miles.
  19. Birmingham, Kansas to Birmingham, Missouri:
    • Take I-70 E to St. Louis, Missouri.
    • Distance: Approximately 215 miles.
  20. Birmingham, Missouri to Birmingham, Illinois:
    • Take I-70 E to Indianapolis, Indiana.
    • Then take I-65 S to Louisville, Kentucky (crossing through Indiana).
    • Distance: Approximately 275 miles.
  21. Birmingham, Illinois to Birmingham, Indiana:
    • Take I-65 S to Indianapolis, Indiana.
    • Distance: Approximately 185 miles.
  22. Birmingham
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2023.06.02 17:53 Unfair_Implement_361 I’m fed up of my housemates - Genuinely in need of an advice

Hello everyone!
I need advice on tackling a situation I’m facing with other tenants I’m living with. Because a lot has happened, this is going to be a long post. I understand that everyone is busy and it’s almost weekend, I will try my best to keep my story simple and short. I appreciate everyone in the community for taking out some time to read the post and provide all the right advice i can get. Thank you in advance!
I came to Canada during peak COVID as an International student to complete my 2 year diploma program back in 2020. I was living with really great folks in North York during that period. The whole program was pretty intense and both mentally and physically draining and so was the process of searching a job for about 6 months after completion of the program.
The job was Mississauga based and hybrid. Because the opportunity was good and I was desperate, so, I just grabbed it as anyone would in my situation. Fast forward 5 months into the job, travelling from North York to Mississauga 3 times a week using transit was too much. so I decided to move to Mississauga.
Though a connection of a connection of a connection, I was able to get in touch with a relative who was looking for a new place to move in Mississauga and she had been living in Mississauga itself for about 4 years now. After meeting and having a discussion we decided to rent a whole house with 4 rooms l together, but in order to find something within our budget and affordability, we decided to have 2 more people to join us and started for both a 4 bed house and 2 more occupants.
This is were the main part of the situation starts. Since, my relative was connected to various online social groups, she got in touch with a guy from waterloo who was desperately looking for a place in Mississauga because he got a job in Vaughan. I also found it weird but had to let the thought go. He also had a friend who he met in the college. My relative was told that since his friend was living alone for a while before meeting him, she had to bought a dog with knowing nothing about how to train that puppy, no potty train or pee train. We were made sure by the guy he and his girl-friend are working on it and will make sure that the puppy is trained timely and will do all that outside the house within one month of moving to the new place if I and my relative decides to move forward with these folks to move in. Eventually we did. Why you ask - because they were helpless and we thought we could trust them.
I, my relative and the guy we met online were added to the tenant contract except his girl-friend because she was un-employed and had no work permit. So in order to make our case strong, the agent through we got the house had to add just 3 of us. But it was decided from the beginning that the rent will be distributed between all four of us and whoever is taking the master room will have to pay more than the other rooms which the guy we met through online group insisted on taking.
Everything was smooth until first 2 months but last 3 month have been hell. We are having fights on the utensils, not cleaning the house and all which I understand such things to occasionally happens but unnecessary use of gas and heating - leading to excessive gas bills. Most importantly that poor dog. He is 11 months now shits all over the floor, he does not have any habit of peeing or pooping outside. These guys just stay in the room usually or most of the time stay out of the house for work and are left the dog a pad for him to do all the stuff over there. I mean the whole house stinks and makes me and my relative sick whenever we return back home from work. He’s chewing the shoes, slippers and its a complete mess. Recently we had a huge fight over this were I was assaulted by the girl-friend and I could not do anything except being standing there in a shock and processing what happened. That girl works in PSW sector and definitely has anger issues. Also, our landlord doesn’t know about the dog at all.
I have also tried talking to these folks individually and clear things out to maintain some level of peace, but they are acting immature to understand and are being stubborn.
Now the guy is trying to play a sympathy card that the rent is too much for him to afford and soon he will have to eventually leave the place, where on the other hand he just bought a new $45k car - good for him, but planting an idea to leave the place soon. Also, his mother will be arriving from another country and planing to live with us but in his Master bed room. Both the guy and his girl-friend are kinda using us to get some decent space until the guy’s mother is done living with them for about a month. I’m certain that’s gonna happen for sure.
I have neither no-one to guide me on this nor I have anyone else to share with since it’s like me vs 3 of them in the house right now. Trying to stay strong but having no legal knowledge or any support, I would like to learn what my options are and how I can take control of this whole situation discreetly or indiscreetly legally.
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2023.06.02 17:53 a2cthrowaway9000 A summer job in a city I would love vs. spending my summer home doing online WFH and my own research

Hey everybody, I hope you all are doing well and staying safe!
First off, this will be a bit of a long post, so thank you all for taking the time to read this and for your support!
Right now, I am a third year undergrad in university, and this summer, I have the opportunity to do one of the two. I've been stuck on what to do honestly and was wondering if you all might have input, I'd really appreciate it!
My options for this summer are to either work in a New England city or do a summer online job in my hometown and pursue research on my own.

Summer job in New England
Spending my summer doing online WFH and my own research
Thank you all so much for your advice, I really appreciate it, and I hope you all have a good day/night!
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2023.06.02 17:51 Trashaccountto Husband is angry at me for not sending him my whole paycheck.

A big issue in our marriage is that i never help with bills. I was only working 3 days a month and have credit card debt that i could never pay down because interest ect. So i never helped with bills and also never got my cards paid down so my husband feels like I’m just using him as a human ATM. I finally left my toxic marriage and got my own apartment. Husband begged me to come back and i did. He finally agreed to letting me work two days a week instead of one (i stay home with my 4 kids the rest of the week) and said i can use my money to pay off my credit cards. I use my first four day paycheck to help pay for my lease break (my mom paid $1900 while i paid $600). My second check that i got paid today was $500. I was negative $30 in my account so total of $470. I instantly woke up and sent $350 to my husband (we decided to let my cards go into collections instead of making payments so i can help with bills), but he woke up PISSED to find out that i didn’t send him EVERYTHING. After him going over the fact that I’ve never helped with bills and I’m selfish or whatever, i sent him another $50. So that leaves me $70 to my name for the next two weeks. I don’t feel like i even needed to send the extra $50 but whatever. My thing is is he’s going over every penny that i need to pay him back for. I’m going to pay him 80% of every check i make from now on.. we’re starting “fresh” and I’ve made the choice to move back in, so why can’t we move forward? I’m frustrated that he feels ok to leave me with nothing. I don’t want to have to ask him for money.
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2023.06.02 17:51 ifhopediestoday My fiancé (33f) is on the verge of leaving me (36m) for someone else.

So short backstory. We've been together for 12 years, have 3 children together and have built a decent life for ourselves. We both work full time and when we're not working, we're spending time with our kids.
We've been at our breaking point due to my actions in the past (not being there emotionally or physically, verbally abusive, didn't show her any support). I was sick with a horrible disease for a few years and I know it's not an excuse, but I was trying to take care of myself during that time while still working to pay the bills.
Things have gotten to the point of being damn near perfect in the last few months and we've been the happiest we've been in years. I started a new career and we're both doing well except for my mental health. Mentally I'm insecure, jealous and basically self conscious due to a surgery I had.
So recently, this guy at her work has been flirting with her (I heard a conversation they had while I was on the phone) and I asked her if he knew she was in a relationship and she said she doesn't know. She tells me when she talks to him and trys to go into detail about their brief conversations but I feel like stuff is intentionally left out.
They leave work and drive down the road and he rides a motorcycle and goes out of his way to ride up next to her car and talk to her. It makes me jealous because he doesn't even know she's in a relationship! She told me that she is starting to get feelings for him and that if things were better between us years ago, she wouldn't even entertain him now.
I'm so lost and heartbroken. We've got couples counseling set up and I think she wants to try and work through this together but I don't know if that's even true. I don't know what to do with myself. She is everything to me.
Where do I go from here?
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2023.06.02 17:50 TheVeganMeatball Transitioning from Bartending to Office Work

Hello, I (34M) work in a pub and though I still get some enjoyment out of working in a restaurant, I’m trying to transition into something that is 9-5 M-F. I only have an associate’s degree and have been slowly plugging away at a Bachelors, but won’t receive it for another 1.5 years.
What I want to know is what types of decent-paying office roles can I find that could use my skills from the restaurant industry? I have been looking into administrative positions, but I don’t really know all of the specific job titles to look for. I live in a major city, so I’m sure there will be plenty of options, but I need assistance and creativity in finding these roles.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.02 17:48 ananxiouscat [REQ] $500 - (#Wood Dale, IL, USA) (Payback $500 on 06/09) (PayPal, Venmo, Zelle)

i just moved to a new city for a job after experiencing homelessness for 3 months due to a DV situation. i now have a great job that pays well ($60k/year as an art director), but i had $0 to my name and started in the middle of the pay period so my check wasn't for two weeks pay. rent is due and im short $500.
this is my first post here since ive never needed financial assistance but i promise i'm good for it! repayment will be 06/09 when i get my next check. thanks for reading!
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2023.06.02 17:46 SimonBarJesus I Like This Show This is what I wrote in response to the video...does anybody else actually like the show or is Reddit and YouTube generally down to be sarcastic? An American Chinese show can get away with half crack Chinese like a sentence that's half Chinese half English and that's not racist. There's a bunch of Chinese YouTubers making their buck off "you not study harder" parodies and Evelyn Yen Mah and some other useless shits who couldn't remember whether foot binding was for the men or because of Mongol law...but a show whose storyline is based on sightseeing and top notch corporate marketing is basic because character's chic. How do you all hate this show so much, for exactly the same reason you ban European clubs as racist gatherings in Anglophonic universities whose yellow fever policies were started by Americans and Australians?

You're completely misinterpreting the show. "All of Emily's achievements are made through comedic timing or coincidence"...this is the only show where progressions of events actually make sense with a bunch of commercial strategies that actually show a career. The most coincidentally people have ever popped up was because they live in the same city or received phone calls or tried to swarm the best venues at the same time. Other sitcoms have rely on 30 year old waitresses, people who are fired and re-hired 6 times in a season just so HIMYM can play with using middle class money up and downs to make plot instead of daring to paint a picture of whether there could be a story with a stable life. Emily doesn't end up liked because she's superior. She ends up liked because it's theatrically important for the people to end up justifying themselves and proving that they fit in, because they are the protagonist whose views about life are in the minority. It's a vantage point not a whose culture is better thing. There are 3 allegories per side to what a break means in Friends. Mindy doesn't have a you...does Sheldon Cooper have a personality? We don't know whether he's afraid of being sexual or afraid of germs. One day he just fucked Amy and we don't know how he got over it, and the audience made Kid Sheldon into a show just to make some drama out of self hatred for not being a prodigy while needing him to be put under the control of a school in order for adults to feel good about the fact that he can be patronized. "Her boss has every reason to be upset that they sent someone who doesn't even speak French...". You quote the “we can never be friends but we can work together". Emily's from a branch that OWNS this branch and hired all the people in it. She doesn't need to speak French as much as 3M headquarters doesn't need to send Japanese speakers to 3M Japan. 5 people refuse to communicate with her for several days and straight up tried to force her ass back to a..commercial career, not language based career, translator or diplomat. And you think that's OK. "Ratatouille is a dish wtf". Now you're just being a dick. You've shown a circular view of the city from above next to the plating of that dish you can see how the contours of the city look and if it is a dish you'd know she meant Paris looks like what it looks like in the city the movie's set in. "It's Paris it's full of love"...and why exactly can't she say that? She's about 24, got a boyfriend she started dating at 19 they're both corporate rats and Chicago corporate rats not Idaho 2 level building rats and the boyfriend never quite makes it clear that he can't do long distance. He says what does he do there she's working all day. The show pretty much makes it clear that she's bland pussy he wouldn't pay to travel and fuck and for all that a city is propped up to be the opposite of Lagos Nigeria Emily is supposedly problematic to be exclamative of it according to you because you're a MovieSins copy who thinks he's slick for anti-melodramatizing everyone who's excitable because you can't pull a solemn vibe or sentiment of weight even if Mortal Kombat theme song was chasing you for it. You can only be piss sarcastic about other people's excitement because you've got nothing yourself and want to ruin everybody else's attempt of it. They're about to get married and he couldn't be fucked visiting her a few times a year and to wait till she has the promo but according to you the only guys who are nice to Emily are there to fuck her like you give a fuck about whether she's treated right. He doesn't object before she goes to Paris, he doesn't break up a week after, he breaks up when he realizes he can't be fucked visiting pussy to fuck pussy, if she wasn't worth it he wouldn't even do it for tourism perks-it's not like Emily went to Africa or an Anglophonic copy like New Zealand. What's entitled about it? You also say that the show tries to make her ways seem superior to French ways. So if they're nice to her it's because she's American and show execs made France suck US dick and if they're not nice to her it's a rude portrayal of bad cliches of French people and if she wants people to be nice to her she's entitled, just for kissing a guy whom she didn't know had a gf, fucking him when he was broken up pledging to move to Normandy, and for fucking a 17 year old because we assume college not to mean junior high. That makes it boundlessly convenient for you. "we don't know what the black guy's job is". You do know. He's a marketer. Marketing advisors can make hundreds per case, let alone someone whose pitch Emily has interrupted 3 times. He doesn't need to show you anything else "people start speaking English in France....that's because it's a TV show Fresh Off The Boat has grandmas speaking English too it happens to give the brains of the audience a rest. If that's racist I can make critical commentary by asking American Chinese people whether they side with Tibet and going "oh you got a B?" "Yeah but it's a Masters yours is a Bachelors". "Your salary 6 digit? What about Chow Brothers' brothels?" Sarcasm of taste isn't racism. Fucking Sheilas in Australia isn't racism. It's called Love Island, and if I got the name wrong it takes half a day to find the same show there. French attitudes about whether sex is artistic or crude gets condescending because they involve existential tastes-not because they involve cultural derisions. The alternative is to have you lot pretend to give a shit about racism for a single show next to ten years of keyboard warriors who use the phrase level Asian without checking China's percentages of PHDs per unit populace. Mindy's song does sound better than Alabama. And you know Sweet Home Alabama became an incest meme.
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2023.06.02 17:45 QuebecCopWatcher MAY 26, 2023 - CDP

Two SPVM Officers suspended without pay
more details-
2023 QCCDP 46 (CanLII) Police Ethics Commissioner v. Côté CanLII
Agent JÉRÔME CÔTÉ-JONCAS, registration number 7559
Constable DAVID PICARD, registration number 7514
Members of the Service of the City of Montreal Police
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2023.06.02 17:45 KingSWyFT If you’ve moved to a new place where you didn’t know anyone, how did you make more friends?

I’m 20(m) and a little over 2 years ago I moved from Milwaukee WI(my home city) to Greensboro NC. I live wit my mom, step pops and younger siblings, but All of my friends still live in Milwaukee. I don’t have a SUPER close relationship with my younger brothers because there’s a 6 year gap and an 8 year gap between me and them. My girl lives in NY and I have some friends up there but I’m only there about once a month, and my best friend lives in California so I don’t see him often at all.
I work from home so most of the day I’m in the crib, but I also make music, and JB skate all the time. I wouldn’t say I’m really “friends” with the guys I’ve skated with cuz they’ve all known each other for years and already have an established relationship so I’m not really included in whatever they do outside the rink Being the “outsider”. Anybody else experience shi like this? I try not to let it get to me but it’s tough tryna meet people that are cool, around my age, and that I can actually do stuff with without being ghosted whenever I actually try to make plans. And I’ve tried to stay away from “meet people” apps cuz I feel kinda weird about that, but let me know if y’all got any ideas or can relate
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2023.06.02 17:43 mr-california Insurance company changing patient responsibility after 2 years

A little over 2 years ago I took a spill on a scooter and had to go to the hospital. Shortly after, I paid the hospital bills in full after my insurance company covered their portion.
Now over 2 years later the insurance company apparently changed the amount they said they would cover, so the patient responsibility for the bill increased and I now owe the hospital $215.
Has anyone ever experienced this, and we’re you able to get out of this? I don’t understand how they can just make this change over 2 years after the bill was finalized.
I would also like to add that I am no longer a customer of this specific insurance company as I have since changed jobs, could that be a factor in this?
I am not strapped financially, but would like to not pay this as it doesn’t seem right to me.
Any help or experience on this topic from other users would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.02 17:43 Nostans_here Nika theme song 😂😂😂

You triflin', good-for-nothing type of mother You silly B that’s why Heyward found another! A BUM when times get hard need Niya and the bookies to help you out A trifling scrub who don't even know what a job’s about You can’t pay your bills! Can’t pay your telephone bill! Can’t pay your electric bill! If you did then maybe Niya could chill I don't think you do So, you a long faced moose!!! 😂😂😂
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2023.06.02 17:43 --Clintoris-- 06/02 - NRFI - CLINTORPICKS AI

Yesterday's recap of NRFI odds > 50% -
COL / AZ - 52.48% - NRFI
CLE / MIN - 53.82% - NRFI
2-0 day, which makes NRFIs over 50% hitting 7-0 this month. I am estimating a hit rate of around 62%.

I have ish to do to do today so I'll make this quick -

Milwaukee Brewers
47.62% , Rank 7 Odds -105 
Cincinnati Reds
Oakland Athletics
50.94% , Rank 2 Odds -115 
Miami Marlins
Philadelphia Phillies
50.01% , Rank 4 Odds -120 
Washington Nationals
St. Louis Cardinals
37.27% , Rank 15 Odds +100 
Pittsburgh Pirates
Tampa Bay Rays
38.17% , Rank 14 Odds -105 
Boston Red Sox
Toronto Blue Jays
51.51% , Rank 1 Odds -115 
New York Mets
Seattle Mariners
48.88% , Rank 6 Odds -145 
Texas Rangers
Detroit Tigers
50.54% , Rank 3 Odds -115 
Chicago White Sox
Colorado Rockies
45.78% , Rank 9 Odds +100 
Kansas City Royals
Cleveland Guardians
47.62% , Rank 8 Odds -115 
Minnesota Twins
Los Angeles Angels
45.17% , Rank 11 Odds -140 
Houston Astros
Chicago Cubs
45.72% , Rank 10 Odds -110 
San Diego Padres
Atlanta Braves
44.24% , Rank 12 Odds -105 
Arizona Diamondbacks
New York Yankees
44.08% , Rank 13 Odds -120 
Los Angeles Dodgers
Baltimore Orioles
49.57% , Rank 5 Odds -130 
San Francisco Giants


I am doing a round robin on the 3 above 50.5%, attached.
I am a little more active on twitter during the day, if you followed me on there and messaged me you know me from reddit I'll follow back - @ nrfiusingai

gl today maggots
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2023.06.02 17:42 thinkingstranger June 1, 2023
Late tonight the Senate passed H.R. 3746, the Fiscal Responsibility Act, suspending the debt ceiling and cutting certain federal spending. President Joe Biden has promised to sign it tomorrow, preventing a government default. Forty-four Democrats and two Independents—Angus King (I-ME) and Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ)—voted yes, along with 17 Republicans. Four Democrats and Independent Bernie Sanders (I-VT) voted no, along with 31 Republicans. The final tally to pass the measure was 63 to 36.
“Democrats are feeling very good tonight,” Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said. “We’ve saved the country from the scourge of default.”
Republicans brought the nation to the brink of default with their insistence that they opposed runaway government spending, but their demands did not square with that argument. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said that the $21 billion cut in funding to the Internal Revenue Service, for example, will result in $40 billion in lost revenue, increasing the deficit by $19 billion.
In other economic news, the Biden administration today announced actions designed to address racial bias in the valuation of homes.
This sounds sort of in the weeds for administration action, I know, but it is actually an important move for addressing the nation’s wealth inequality. In 2019 a study from the Federal Reserve showed that white American families had a median net worth of $188,100, Hispanic or Latino families had a net worth of $36,200, and Black American families had a median net worth of $24,100.
Homeownership is the most important factor in creating generational wealth—that is, wealth that passes from one generation to the next—both because homeownership essentially forces savings as people pay mortgages, and because homes tend to appreciate in value.
But a 2021 study by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, more popularly known as Freddie Mac, showed that real estate appraisers are twice as likely to undervalue minority-owned property relative to contract price for which the home sells, than they are to undervalue homes owned by white Americans.
The story of lower valuation came to popular attention after a Black couple living near San Francisco applied for a loan and received an initial valuation far too low for them to qualify for that loan. Shocked, since the same house had been appraised at almost a half a million dollars higher the year before, the couple removed all traces of their ownership of the house and asked a white friend to stand in as the owner before a new appraiser evaluated the worth of the property. That new appraisal came back a half a million dollars higher than the lowball one.
(The couple sued, and the case was settled in February 2022).
Two years ago, the Biden administration announced a sweeping effort to “root out racial and ethnic bias in home evaluations.” Today it bolstered those efforts to “ensure that every American who buys a home has the same opportunities to build generational wealth through homeownership.” They call for fixing algorithms to ensure that home values are accurately assessed, creating pathways for consumers to challenge low assessments, and increasing the numbers of trained appraisers.
There is a reason that the administration has centered its housing policies on June 1. This is the anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, when in 1921 white gangs destroyed the prosperous Greenwood district of that city, which was home to more than 10,000 Black Americans. It wiped out 35 blocks with more than 1,200 homes and businesses and took hundreds of Black lives, robbing Black families of generational wealth and the opportunities that come with it.
In 1921, Greenwood, known as “Black Wall Street,” was estimated to be the richest Black community in the United States. The destruction of May 31 to June 1, 1921, changed all that. Residents of Greenwood filed $1.8 million in damage claims—more than $27 million in today’s dollars—against the city, but all but one of the claims were denied when the city was found not liable for damages caused by mobs. (A white pawnshop owner was compensated for the guns stolen from his store.) Insurance didn’t help, either: insurance companies claimed that damage caused by “riots” was not covered by their policies.
In a 2018 article in the American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Chris M. Messer, Thomas E. Shriver, and Alison E. Adams estimated that the destruction in Tulsa might well have amounted to more than $200 million in today’s dollars.
Greenwood’s Black residents nonetheless pooled their resources and rebuilt the district, despite the system of “redlining” by mortgage companies that deemed parts of Greenwood to be credit risks and made it impossible for residents to get mortgages. “Urban renewal” then destroyed the area again in the 1960s through the 1980s as white city planners rezoned the district, built highways through it, and took property through eminent domain.
Vice President Kamala Harris acknowledged the destruction of Greenwood today in a call with reporters. Noting that “[h]omeownership is one of the single most powerful engines of wealth-building available to American families,” she explained that ‘[m]illions rely on the equity in their homes to put their children through college, to fund a startup, to retire with dignity, to create intergenerational prosperity and wealth.” But “for generations, many people of color have been prevented from taking full advantage of the benefits of homeownership.”
The inequalities of the past have persisted in the home appraisal system, Harris said. “[B]ecause their homes are undervalued, Black and Latino people often pay more for their mortgage, receive less when they sell, and are less able to get access to home equity lines of credit—all of which widens the racial wealth gap and deepens longstanding financial inequities.”
“Today,” her Twitter account said, “our Administration is announcing new actions to root out racial bias in home valuations to ensure that all hardworking families can realize the true value of their investment and have a fair shot at the American dream.”
Jonathan Lemire, Adam Cancryn, and Jennifer Haberkorn of Politico reported today that White House officials urged allies to downplay their substantial victory on the debt ceiling crisis and the related budget negotiations, afraid of sparking Republican opposition and eager to be seen as the adults in the room.
But they needn’t have worried. Today, President Biden tripped over a sandbag left in his path as he was jogging away from the center stage of the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado after giving the commencement address. He appeared fine after the fall, but it is dominating right-wing social media, the debt ceiling crisis already forgotten.

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2023.06.02 17:38 egregori3 Feedback is Appreciated - Looking into purchasing a Robot Mower

Any robot mower is going to be a big investment for me so I have been paying special attention to the Youtube videos and Reddit forums, this what I have found (I am in the US, so my options are limited):
  1. A lot of people have issues with the boundary wire for various reasons. this seems to apply to all the boundary wire based robots.
  2. the Husqvarna 115H is a puller as opposed to a pusher, it is less likely to get stuck. It does require a boundary wire, which create most of the complaints.
  3. The EcoFlow Blade does not require a boundary wire, but has a lot of complaints online. Of course, most people only complain when things do not work. I do not see a whole lot of public support for the Blade (Ecoflow techs answering questions on public forums).
  4. The Mamotion Luba does not require a boundary wire but has a lot of growing pains (it's a new product from a new company). They are very active on the public forums, answering questions and sending out firmware updates often. It is an all-wheel drive system.
  5. The Worx Vision (not released in US, but there is a lot of good data coming out of Europe). This robot does not require a boundary wire and is a puller as opposed to a pusher so it should be less likely to get stuck.

Model Price Sensor Pull/push Boundary Wire Max height Pattern Support Feature
GARDENA 15001-41 SILENO City 800 Bump Pull Yes 2 Random No public Spot clean
Husqvarna Automower® 115H (1st Generation) 700 Bump Pull Yes 3 Random No public Spot Clean
Landroid S 20V 2.0Ah 1000 Bump/ultrasound Push Yes 3.5 Random ? Interesting accessories
NX100i 1/3 Acre 1000 Bump Push Yes 3 ? ? Home Depot
LUBA AIR 1000 2000 Gps/ultrasound/Bump AWD No 2 Stripes Very active in the forums. Active OTA updates. New company/product. Lots of growing pains
EcoFlow BLADE 2500 Gps/lidar Push No 2.5 Stripes ? New product backed by an established company.
Ambrogio Twenty ZR 1500 Ultrasound Push No 2.75 Random Sold by dealers During operation,the robot mows the area delimited by paving and/or barriers (fence, walls,etc.). When the robot detects that there is no grass or encounters an obstacle, it changes route in a random manner and starts mowing again in a new direction. It uses radar or ultrasonic sensors to delineate lawn edges and a guide wire to dock on its own.
Landroid Vision 1500 Camera Pull No 3.5 Random ?
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2023.06.02 17:38 WhatTheFaDuck Does school name recognition matter for my Master’s degree?

Hey all. I’m a Network Engineer with 6 total years of experience in IT. I have a B.S. in Network Security from an online school and a few certs (CISSP, CCNA etc). I am targeting a move into more security-oriented roles, and also just want to get my Master’s degree out of the way while I have the time before my wife and I have kids.
I will be using the post 9/11 GI bill from my military service, which will fully pay for my tuition and give me a housing stipend (basically will be paying my rent).
I’ve been accepted into two Graduate programs for Cybersecurity. However, I believe I have the chance to be accepted into a better and more revered school, Johns Hopkins University, for their Master’s in Cybersecurity program. Now, JHU is not exactly known for Cybersecurity/Computer Science, but it’s still a top-10 school in the nation and the program itself was ranked #2 in the nation for online cybersecurity programs.
If I do pursue the degree from JHU, I will only receive a fraction of the housing stipend from my GI bill because it is a fully-online program. I’d receive about $900 a month vs. $2400 if I went to a school that offered in-person/hybrid courses. The other school options I have are not well known schools and would be more of a checkbox degree, but would get me that full housing stipend. I’m only mentioning this because it’s a pretty substantial difference in how much help I’d have paying for rent—I work full time but more money is always better lol.
That being said, with JHU I feel like I would actually learn a ton and it would certainly add some value to my resume over an unknown small public or private institution. If I did get accepted into the JHU program, I would have to also take prerequisite courses I am missing (Calculus 1 and 2, discrete math, and a few others that seem to be there to invite mostly CompuSci undergrads into the program, which I am not lol). This is a hangup as math has always been a weak spot for me.
All that said, any advice on what I should do here? Should I shoot for the stars and try my hand at JHU’s program? Or does name recognition not really matter in the grand scheme of things? I work in the government sector at the moment but I don’t know if I will stay here or go commercial at some point.
Any thoughts?
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2023.06.02 17:37 Ok-Shallot-1459 Women Disappearing After 1st Date

I’m a 31 year old straight male, dating women. Something I’ve been noticing recently is women’s perception of their own value in the dating marketplace.
I’ll likely get shot for saying this, so please try not to get nasty - but I am a tall, high earning, good looking guy (I modelled for much of my 20s). I’ve been raised well and I treat women with respect and behave very gentlemanly.
In the last year, I’ve tried to become far more concerned about what’s on the inside (consciously being less shallow) but I keep running into the same issue.
I find it reasonably easy to match with women I like and arrange a date - but most ghost afterwards. During the dates, the same pattern happens. They laugh at all my jokes, they feel comfortable in sharing stories and experiences with me - but the key bit - they’re very happy to go out on a limb by telling me that they’re attracted to me, want to see me again and that they’re having a great night.
Dating culture as it is still piles pressure on men to pay for the first date. Whilst I’m being told the above, my instinct is that it’s going really well and often I end up paying the entire bill.
What comes next is they all ghost.
What’s happening here?
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2023.06.02 17:37 hombredeoso92 Removing derogatory remarks from credit report

So basically a few years ago, I moved to a new state. Very stressful situation, but I thought I had everything covered until very recently when I discovered a derogatory remark on my credit score for a final utility bill that hadn’t been paid. Unfortunately I didn’t receive any mail or email about it, and I wasn’t signed up to Experian so I wasn’t aware of it until I tried to apply for a new credit card which got declined. This is especially frustrating for me because I am so diligent with paying off my credit cards on a weekly basis to keep my utility low.
Anyway, back to the present day. I’m looking to pay off that final bill but before I do, I wanted to try getting some reassurance that I might be able to get the derogatory remarks removed. I contacted the utility company and they said all they can do is provide a “paid in full” letter, which essentially confirms that I have paid off the balance. Experian said that they can’t confirm or assure me of anything until I have paid off the bill, and it all depends on how the utility company reports the account afterwards.
What are my options here, and what should I do? I feel like I need to pay off the bill ASAP, but some people have told me to get written assurance from the utility company and/or credit bureau that the remarks will be removed before I pay anything, otherwise I lose all leverage. But neither party seems willing (or able) to do that.
Long story short, I’d ideally like to get the remarks removed from my report given the situation and my otherwise positive credit history, but I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot by just paying straight away if there’s something else I should do before I pay it.
EDIT: for reference, this is a FICO score with Experian
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2023.06.02 17:36 flauschigerfuchs Compromising between a relationship and a postdoc?

My partner moved from the UK to Germany about three years ago, and I had planned to finish my research project at university and then join him while writing up. This was postponed due to COVID, and then by the death of a close friend. I eventually managed to move in November, but then he was in a bad cycling accident and so my mind was focussed on that instead of searching for jobs. I have now been offered a position back in the UK, but have no idea whether to take it. It is a very unique position and something I am sure I could do well in. But my partner's life is here, and he cannot leave Germany while he is recovering, plus leaving the EU means he will no longer receive his sick pay. So him moving with me isn't an option for a good year or so.
So, to take the job or not? I have no idea when another opportunity like this will come up, but I hate the idea of having to go long distance again. I've also never been to the city it is in and have no idea about the area. The supervisor is the same person from my PhD but at a different university, and while we work well together it is very stressful and they apply a lot of pressure. I've applied for some jobs in Germany but am pretty restricted by my poor German skills so we might have to move back at some point soon anyway. We really wanted this little adventure to work but it just seems like everything is against us.
I'd be grateful to learn from your life experiences - thanks for any advice! ❤️
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2023.06.02 17:36 cigaretteariat Question about Krankenversicherung and Sozialversicherung and how to go about getting one?

Urgent! I really need help with this! I did check the old posts but I didn't feel like I got any answers for my situation. Apologies in advance for the wall of text.
A little bit of context may help. I have been in Germany for about 8 months now as an international student enrolled in a Bachelors program. I am 33 years old (may become relevant in a bit) and as such, was not eligible for a public health insurance contract. I had to take a private contract with Dr. WALTER (Provisit Student) because that seemed cheap and did the job.
My situation has now changed; I am no longer interested in continuing with the course and want to return to my country. But before I go home, I would like to work for three or four months in a full time job in order to recoup some of the money spent here (it needs to be paid back to my parents). I have been applying to factory, warehousing, delivery type jobs. However, it was only today, when I went to a particular potential employer in Munich, that I found out that a Sozialversicherungsnummer and a public health insurance are both required in order for me to be employed full-time. I asked around and I've been given conflicting information about the Sozialversicherungsnummer.
Some tell me that it is automatically assigned to me by the city when I do my Anmeldung, others tell me that it is my insurance provider that does that. However, I never received even the plastic insurance card from Dr. WALTER (only having used their emailed pdfs as proof wherever necessary). Another tells me that I have to separately apply for it, but he doesn't seem to remember or know how he got his. He just remembers that he got it in his letterbox one day. And Google, in classic Google fashion, gives me a load of ads and irrelevant-seeming results.
So, my questions are:
  1. How do I get around the problem of Sozialversicherung? How do I apply for it? Where do I apply for it? Do I need to pay anything to get it?
  2. Do I need to get a job contract first before I switch from a private insurer to a public insurer? Or is it the other way around?
I need to highlight once more the fact that I am a 33 year old Bachelors student from a non-EU country on a student's residence permit.
If there's any other information that you think I ought to know, please do add. I would be very grateful for any help you can provide me with.
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2023.06.02 17:35 Life_AD2020 Idk what to do

I've been w my husband for 8 yrs now. He at least pretended to be into me for a while but now there's nothing. I feel like we're just roommates living together, paying our bills and that's about it. We started sleeping in separate bedrooms. I try to get him interested to no avail. I'm sad and idk what to do. I don't want to change anything else in our life bc it works ( for now) but idk if I can take it much longer. I'm doing everything by myself when it comes to household chores etc... His version of helping is washing a few dishes every once in a great while and being like " I helped". He told me I could have sex w others but I don't want to do that. Sex w a random person just feels weird to me especially w my anxiety. I have to know someone before I can do that. ( Not shaming random hookups if that's your thing.) But it's not for me. I get a very strong urge to just suck D but I can't and idk what to do. Thanks for reading. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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