Well these 5 seem to be the best.

2023.03.17 19:51 skykingjustin Well these 5 seem to be the best.

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2023.02.14 10:56 No_Victory_9038 mangasail

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2023.02.09 14:42 BadAffectionate2826 mangasaill

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2023.01.03 17:55 molokai05 FROM THE MAN HIMSELF!

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2022.12.21 03:58 OfficalBusyCat AYO LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO (Ch.75)

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2022.09.10 15:06 faisaltechworld Top 10 Mangasail Alternatives for Online Manga Reading

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2022.06.14 21:36 Pascha2403 Did Shanks intentionally loose his arm?

So I started to reread One Piece from scratch, because why not and I noticed something odd. Just for your Info, this is my first Post here and I see this more as an open discussion than a theory.
Just check this image from chapter 1 out:
Why is Shanks so shocked and why is Beckman so relaxed
I'm not believing that Oda was completely sure about the whole story from the beginning, including all technics, but in the same chapter we got introduced to conquerer haki, so he might have known about the concept of haki. So how could a simple smoke bomb distract all of them? Seeing the reaction of Ben Beckman, it fells like Shanks is just acting. But why though?
A few pages later Shanks looses his arm to a Sea King. I always couldn't understand, why he just didn't kicked or punched the shit out of a mere fish. Combining this, with the acting nature of the picture above, I kinda get the feeling, that Shanks might have lost his arm intantionally. Now to the big question, why did he do that? You might think, that I have a good answer for this, but I don't have it! Don't blame me, it's just my first post :D maybe he wanted to trigger sth in Luffy, maybe there is more to it. Maybe Oda didn't plan anything with Haki and thought it would get a deep connection for the reader, if someone likeable looses his arm..
What do you guys think? Thanks for taking your time!
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2022.05.01 23:34 Lycan1980 My stuff

The Source The Villain is Happy Being a Father - Novel Updates NPC Town-building Game - Novel Updates My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending - Novel Updates I’m Only a Stepmother, but My Daughter is Just so Cute! - Novel Updates The Villainess, Cecilia Silvy, Doesn’t Want to Die, so She Decided to Crossdress - Novel Updates Episode 21 Madao Translations Death Flag Volume 2 Chapter 16 – Sloth Translations Read My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending Volume 2 Chapter 47 - NovelPlanet Read My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending Chapter 58 - NovelPlanet Read My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending Chapter 63 - NovelPlanet Read My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending Chapter 72 - NovelPlanet Read My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending Chapter 95 - NovelPlanet Grelx Bayart - - Tumbex The Villainous Daughter’s Butler ~I Raised Her to be Very Cute~ - Novel Updates The Student Council’s Touchstone 2 – Sloth Translations The Villain Daughter Enjoys Her Seventh Life as a Free-Spirited Bride (Hostage) in a Former Enemy Country - Novel Updates Nintendo Switch 32GB Console Neon Red/Neon Blue Joy-Con HADSKABAA - Best Buy I Became the Black Swan Mother of the White Swan Princess - Novel Updates Methods to Save the Villain Who was Abandoned by the Heroine - Novel Updates I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 2 Chapter 6 Part 3 – Nyx Translation I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 2 Chapter 6 Part 4 – Nyx Translation I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World (LN) - Novel Updates graverobber.kun – Graverobber Medical Return MangaSail Recommendations - Return back to past self manga Novel Updates Forum Genki 2nd Edition Answer Keys SSS-Class Suicide Hunter (Title) - MangaDex SSS-Class Suicide Hunter - WoopRead I Became the Hero's Mom (Title) - MangaDex Return to Player (Title) - MangaDex MEMORIZE (Title) - MangaDex When the Villainess Loves (Title) - MangaDex Reaper Scans - Homepage My Observational Diary of Elena Evoy (Title) - MangaDex I Played The Role Of The Adopted Daughter Too Well – Mystical Series 豆ラッコ's illustrations - pixiv The Villainess is a Marionette Chapter 27 – Flame Scans NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System - Chapter 201 - BoxNovel NEW Nintendo 2DS XL Black/Turquoise Mario Kart 7 Brand New eBay Magical★Explorer – BoxNovel Because She Had A Time Limit, She Became The Villain’s Daughter-in-law – Mystical Series
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2021.12.04 00:14 givemesumponeglyph Something something about the red poneglyphs and Roger detours

Hey whatsup guys, longtime lurker and never posted before. Please read the following and tell me what you think? Not anything big really but it might be interesting to some of you. Thanks
Alright so I was re-re-reading all the chapters because Im bored working from home and I just got to the part where Roger meets Oden and gets him on his ship.
So before jumping in, let's just backtrack a bit to better understand the situation with the following events:
  1. The roger pirates reach lodestar island, the log pose: 39 Years ago
  2. Roger learns hes got a fatal disease and decides on a final journey: 28 years ago
  3. Roger clashes with WB and oden joins his crew: 26 years ago
  4. Roger pirates reach laugh tale, disband: 25 years ago
  5. Roger turn himself to the marines and dies: 24 years ago
Now I have done the timeline according to the one piece wiki but I feel there is a small discrepancy regarding how many years Roger had left vs how many he actually lived.
Roger says to Crocus right after event 3 he only has 1 year left and thats why he is in a hurry Chapter 966 but he ends living 2 more years instead. No biggie, dude was PK and maybe was able to last one more year. Although, his state of mind is very clear that hes strapped for time and hes not going to waste any and I feel this is kinda important.
Alright so right after that, Roger learns that that Wano & Zou have red poneglyphs and he says hes already got RP1/Red Poneglyph 1 from Big Mom, RP2 & RP3 are respectively on Zou & Wano so gotta go to the New World and RP4 he says hes got a feeling where it might be Chapter 967
We have the whole Roger pirates trip looking for the missing RP. By analysing each picture, we can figure out where it might be and where it will not be.
So bear in mind he knows hes gotta go to the New world and he is in the grand line when he learns at Water 7 of the RP locations and he goes like this
one piece map
# From To Location (From-To)
1 Water 7 Island 1(Looks like little garden to me, crew disembarks) Grand Line- Grand Line
2 Island X Tequila Wolf (Crew is not seen disembarking) Grand Line- East Blue
3 Tequila Wolf Sabaody Island (crew disembarks for coating I guess) East Blue -Grand line
4 Sabaody Fishman Island Grand Line -New world
5. Fishman Island Island 2 (Poneglyph) New world-New World?
After event 5, theres a big party so Im guessing this is where they find the RP4, after event 5 they go to wano & then zou to get RP2 & RP3.
Now I have a few observations
A. Island 1 looks exactly like little garden
B. Why go little garden when youre already at water 7 where sabaody is right next to it and youre going to the new world?
C. Why would they get out of the grand line, go to east blue/tequila wolf and then go back to sabaody island? Especially when you know you don't have time which has been said multiple times by Roger.
The only logical conclusion I can extract from point A,B,C is that roger left the grand line through reverse mountain passing through little garden in order to reach east blue (passing close to tequila wolf) First, I thought maybe it was to knock up Rouge but shes from the south blue and that is also where Ace is Born Chapter 550. I dont know what to make of this but I find this detour very ineficient for a man who doesn't have a lot of time left.
D. Island 2 looks to be the RP4 spot Chapter 967. Now the island looks like it has palm trees in some jungle and theres some weird thunder thingy happening at some point. Now I want to get your attention at the serpent currents because we have seen this before in chapter 490 and its NOT in the new world but rather in the grand line and its between the Florian Triangle and the red line.

Thanks for reading, please tell me what you think!

TL:DR: When Roger had only 1 red poneglyph, he learned the location of 2 others from oden and the minks in zou & wano and had a feeling where the last one would be. Roger had 1 year left at that point and this is the path he choose:
Grand Line>East Blue>Grand Line>New World>Grand Line>New world (Wano & Zou)
Which makes absolutely zero sense especially when you only have 1 year left, I just feel like there is something super fishy.
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2021.07.30 12:02 Maxikki Mangasail

Does anyone use mangasail to read manga? I been using it for a while now but for some reason their website doesn’t load. Are there any other sites where I could read manga that include the latest chapters of one piece, etc.
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2021.05.15 06:57 LampLightPost Skeleton Soldier Couldn't Protect the Dungeon Good Translations

For anyone looking for good translations. The only problem is a few pieces of the chapters are sometimes cut
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2020.10.08 20:44 bharathbabuyp One piece Ace's Story : Vol 1

One piece Ace's Story : Vol 1 is out. I am unable to post the link here. Check out Mangasail.
I have no idea why this chapter wasn't posted here.
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2020.07.19 05:39 ShiloAlibi The Gun Devil(Chainsaw Man) is summoned into the MCU

Sadly the Gun Devil does not yet have a respect thread, so i'll just link to some of its feats
Killed Thousands in a matter of seconds
Also Killed 1.2 Million around the Globe
Ability to immediately fire a bullet through the head of every adult male within approximately 1,000 meters of the Gun Devil
Ability to Immediately fire a bullet through the head of every child (ages 0-12) within approximately 1,500 meters of the Gun Devil
Was attacked by multiple devils that combined their strength together , but didn't even die after being torn up and managed to possess someone
Ability to fire a bullet through the heart of every Living thing born in the months of January, February, March, May, June, August, September, November, or December within approximately one kilometer
How much damage does the gun devil do in the various scenarios?
R1 Gun Devil is summoned to New York City during Avengers Infinity War
R2 Gun Devil is summoned to the Battle for Wakanda outside the forcefield
R2.5 Same as two but he is summoned inside of the forcefield
R3 Gun Devil is summoned in place of Mysterio's "Monster" in Spider Man Homecoming
R4 Gun Devil Vs The Avengers in an empty NYC
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2020.04.14 00:31 Louisenpi The Manga just Updated

Issue 172 of the manga just got published!
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2020.01.02 05:15 BigMom_IsABeast [SL] Mangasail can't load old chapters

I've been having an issue with the scanlation website Mangasail. When it comes to older manga chapters(whether it's something like Kingdom, Hunter x Hunter, or One Piece) the website won't load them. But newer chapters load perfectly fine.
An older manga chapter now has a white page saying:
Error 404 page not found. Guru Meditation: XID: Whatever number
Has anyone else had this issue? And if so, do you know the reason why?
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2019.10.05 13:44 Muhammadsyarif Drive Knight (OPM) vs Raiden (MGS/R)

Since the release of the latest OPM chapter, which cyborg will win the fight?
Drive Knight
Round 1: Drive Knight vs MGS4 Raiden
Round 2: Drive Knight vs MGR Raiden (no blade mode)
Round 3: Same as above but blade mode allowed
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2019.09.24 03:11 gnizla Does this character have haki?

I am a bit confused... In the last anime episode of One Piece Urashima, when he clashes with luffy, it looks almost like King's, but I don't think he has that type of haki. And at the beginning, his hand is surrounded by an aura which reminds me>! a bit of the aura around gramp's attack!< (hereand here)... Is this haki? Or is it just the animation?
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2019.04.09 07:37 ryanjay_dc Kingdom 596 Spoiler
Everyone heard about Shousa 😭😭😭
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2018.08.27 09:41 cylon_u87 MangaDLR 6.0.0

Today, MangaDLR turned 5. For that reason, I release the new stable version today.

Download page: MangaDLR on Wix
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2018.07.25 04:19 Midnight_Moon29 [DISC] What is Ryuunosuke Date's goal for being with Yuzu in the manga "Hare Kon"?

I've looked for a specific sub for this manga, but I couldn't find one. The latest chapter translated in English came out today, chapter 136 on And after reading this chapter I don't understand why he wants to be with Yuzu?
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2018.07.23 17:34 Riboku707 Spoiler Ch567.. 🔥

We have Break Next week..
Korean Scans:
Translation:(By u/dm4rcushimo)
First Page
Narration: The sun set and the YTW army thought they could get away in the darkness of the night. However, the Allied forces of the Rozo army and the Zhao army deployed a massive pursuit to catch the YTW army's back to continuously attack their rear, grinding their numbers down.
Rozo army soldier: General Rozo, we have led the king of the mountains to the land with the wall.
Rozo: Ah, well done.
SSJ: Land with the wall?
Rozo: A dead end. This is the land of the Kenju, we have many hunting grounds here. Now...
Second page
YTW: Kiri Tribe and Ori Tribe prepare for the third wave.
Narration: YTW's voice was not one that had lost hope in the current situation they were put in.
YTW: Lift your heads, warriors of the mountains. This battle is one that our allies of Shin have risked their dreams and fate. We can not fail for them.
Narration: They all realized, that the king of the mountains was still...
YTW: Believe that the mobilization of the mountain realm's might was for this battle and fight to the end. Tomorrow's sun...
Third page
Kitari: You!
Mera soldier: Lady Kitari!
Kitari: You, bastard of the plains. Katari died in your war. Do you even understand, in your battle, because you all were weak. Give back Katari, bring back my brother.
Fourth page (most likely directly following the second)
YTW: the sun that will celebrate our victory. All armies charge.
Fifth page
Mera soldier: Kitari, are you ok? Kitari wake up.
Mera soldier to Heki: Why are we alive, she's angry because we are all living without having taken revenge of Katari.
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2018.07.14 15:33 Riboku707 Spoiler Ch566.. 🔥

Spoiler :
Korean Scan :
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