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This subreddit is specifically for the *manga* Attack on Titan. Rather than talk about the anime, the manga is what is discussed. The two universes are very different, after all.

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2023.03.22 06:41 LaraGrey78 Slynd- acne, heart palpitations?

Hi, I started taking Slynd and my skin is suddenly absolutely terrible.. It started on my first week, now I'm on month 3 and it's getting even worse..
Also, I noticed I have heart palpitations, mostly in the morning and it's scary.. It feels like my heart is going to jump out of my chest.. Don't know if it's related, but I never had it before and my blood pressure and pulse are normally very low..
Has anyone had similar experience with Slynd/ mini-pills in general?
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2023.03.22 06:40 ruKawin Wednesday, 22nd March 2023

Wednesday, 22nd March 2023
The Daily Spin. Rate-Hike Wednesday Edition. On-chain amount of stablecoins being converted into Bitcoins reaches a 4-year high. Options open-contracts hit ATH at 468k BTC, Coinbase’s Bitcoin premium index also hits record highs. And the bears are still waiting for $10k…
DefiLlama resolves its internal conflict between founders, easing concerns of a ‘hostile takeover’ forking of its code. MakerDAO’s emergency proposal causes MKR to shed 26%. SushiSwap’s Head Chef receives a subpoena from our regulator of the year, Gary the Salamander – Garrymander. DeFi insurance grew by 22 providers in 2022. And one of the most anticipated airdrops in the crypto community – $ARB – happens tomorrow. Magic Eden launches Ordinal NFT marketplace, Sony files for an NFT patent. Cardano’s DJED stablecoin expands into Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Biden’s administration reports that cryptocurrencies are “mostly speculative investment vehicles.”
Mastercard announces collaboration with Australian payment gateway, Stables, to issue a stablecoin-only physical payment card for daily use in the APAC region. Stables will work with a third party to convert USDC to currency and settle transactions on the Mastercard network. Stables’ digital app will enable instant USDC transactions by providing digital asset custody technology that are ISO and SOC2 certified. makes a press release about their successful renewal of their Estonian license. Circle goes for regulatory approval in France. India’s new crypto laws are making it difficult to just HODL. Binance launches its Verifiable Random Functions (VRF) Oracle, providing Random Number Generator (RNG) capabilities to blockchain networks. Its utility will see use cases in blockchain gaming, consensus sampling, and any scenario where true randomness is valuable and verifiable. Lastly, don’t forget to catch last week’s episode of the All-in Podcast, covering the banking crisis and the great VC reset… here is our round-up of curated news and opinions (surely biased) from the world of Blockchain, keeping you informed into the market news with the most trending, in-the-know, and controversial topics. In the name of transparent, dissemination of information to keep you curious, inspired, and clinically sane…
Ongoings at Coinweb
Coinweb’s Layer 2 marks 4 million transactions milestone
Coinweb Partners With Ceffu for Institutional Crypto Custody
Coinweb’s Fireside Chat Series, digitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality
“A Thread on Refereed Delegation of Computation” by Kawin on Twitter
Coinweb to bring cross-chain tokenisation to Layer 2
“A Thread on L2 Scalability, Network Efficiency and Throughput/TPS” by Anton on Twitter
The Coinweb Monthly Spin - Coinweb Project's Monthly Round-Up and Curated News & Events From The Bleeding Edge of All Things Web3
A Leading Layer 2 Platform Looking To Tackle Crypto's Interoperability Issue
Toby Gilbert takes the stage at the Thai Technology Investment Summit 2023, “On the future of Web3” and Ain Mohd represents Coinweb on a panel discussing “The Role of Women in Web3”
“The Reality of Large-scale Enterprises Adopting Blockchain Technology” an article by Toby Gilbert for CityAM Magazine
Coinweb Labs is proud to unveil LinkMint ⛓️🍃, our groundbreaking Cross-Chain Tokenisation Platform and DeconX, our integrated native DEX! Live Walkthrough Demonstration for the Community by Toby, Knut, and Alexander.
“A Thread on Guaranteed Liveness and the Coinweb Routing System” by Anton on Twitter
“A Thread on Rollups, Monolithic, and Modular Blockchains” by Kawin on Twitter
Coinweb to Deliver Cross-Chain Smart Contract Architecture and Blockchain Loyalty Programme to BMW
KuCoin Labs launches incubation program to accelerate builders (Coinweb, DoraHacks, Ava Labs)
Toby’s full presentation at Token2049-London

On the Radar
Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade, Delayed (On-chain)
FOMC Meeting, Mar 21-22 (Washington D.C.) Arbitrum Airdrop, Mar 23 Polygon zkEVM Launch, Mar 27 (On-chain) WOW Summit, Mar 29-30 (Hong Kong) ASEAN Web3 Summit, Mar 30-31 (Singapore)
Hong Kong Web3 Festival, Apr 12-15 (Wan Chai, Hong Kong) Consensus 2023, Apr 26-28 (Austin, Texas)
Web3 Weekend, May 8-13 (Jakarta)
AIBC Asia, Jul 19-22 (Manila)
TOKEN2049, Sep 13-14 (Singapore)
Blockchain Events curated by CryptoNomad

On the Block(chain)
Stablecoins being converted into Bitcoin approach a four-year high
Options open contracts hit new ATH – 468K Bitcoin
Bitcoin Coinbase premium index hits record levels
DefiLlama resolves internal conflict, quelling ‘hostile takeover’ accusations
MakerDAO’s emergency proposal triggers 26% MKR price plunge
Sushi and its ‘head chef’ receive SEC subpoena
DeFi insurance grew in 2022 to include nearly two dozen providers
Arbitrum to airdrop 112.8M ARB tokens to DAOs on its ecosystem

Competitive Landscape
Mastercard and Stables introduce first APAC stablecoin-only wallet
Magic Eden Launches Ordinals Marketplace for Bitcoin NFTs
Introducing Binance Oracle VRF: The Next Generation of Verifiable Randomness
GamesOnChain: The Decentralized Platform for Fun and Fair Gaming
Coinbase offered Circle $3b credit line to repeg USDC
Amid stablecoin turbulence, Djed to expand to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain
Sony Interactive Entertainment files for NFT patent
Binance CEO highlights USDT growth amidst rival issues

Yellen Says US Could Back All Deposits at Smaller Banks if Needed to Prevent Contagion
SC justices hear Coinbase’s first arguments in favor of class action arbitration
USDC issuer Circle seeks regulatory approval in France amid US banking troubles
India’s new crypto rules are making life hard for hodlers
Head of Venezuelan Crypto Watchdog Sunacrip Arrested on Alleged Corruption Charges; Institution to Face Restructuring
Argentine Tax Authority AFIP Detects Irregularities in 184 Digital Wallet Tax Statements
Crypto Ads in Belgium to Feature ‘Punchy Warning’ of Risks, New Rules Imply
OneCoin associate Irina Dilkinska charged following US extradition Among Minority of Successful Companies to Renew Coveted Estonian License

Thought Leadership
Playing Mind Games With The Economy: The Federal Reserve’s Reverse Psychology Gambit
All-in Podcast E120: Banking crisis and the great VC reset (90mins)
A reimagined vision of the future of digital banking
Biden Administration's Economic Report Deems Crypto Assets ‘Mostly Speculative Investment Vehicles’
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2023.03.22 06:38 Kyrie_Acrel 安科瑞医疗IT系统 在安哥拉罗安达总医院的应用 Application of Acrel Medical Isolated Power Supply System in Luanda General Hospital, Angola

摘要: 现代医院的诊断和治疗,离不开各种先进的医疗设备,而各种设备都离不开安全可靠的供电。很多手术往往长达数小时,手术过程中突然断电的话后果不可想象;同时很多医疗器械都直接接触或深入人体脏器,此时极小的漏电流都会威胁病人的生命安全。因此,针对医院配电系统供电的连续性和安全性,国家相关标准作了明确要求,医疗2类场所重要设备必须用IT系统供电,同时IT系统需要配置绝缘监测装置。本文介绍了安科瑞医疗IT系统在安哥拉罗安达总医院的应用。
Abstract: Diagnosis and treatment in modern hospitals are inseparable from advanced medical equipment, which are inseparable from safe and reliable power supply. Many operations often last for several hours, and the consequences of a sudden power failure during the operation are unimaginable. At the same time, many medical devices directly touch or penetrate into the human organs. At this time, the very small leakage current will threaten the life of the patient. Therefore, the national standards have made clear requirements, medical group 2 locations must be powered by IT system. This article introduces the application of Acrel Medical IT System in Luanda General Hospital, Angola.
关键词: 医疗IT,绝缘监测装置,报警显示仪。
Keywords: Medical IT system, Insulation monitoring device, Alarm indicators.
1. Project Overview项目概述
Luanda General Hospital in Angola is a China-aided reconstruction and expansion project of Luanda General Hospital in Angola undertaken by China Railway Fourth Bureau. The project uses 8 sets of Acrel medical IT system products. They are AITR series isolation transformer, AKH-0.66P26 current transformer, AIM-M series insulation monitoring device, AID series remote alarm indicator and DC power supply unit.
2. Introduction of Medical Isolated Power Supply System 医疗IT系统介绍
The medical isolated power supply system is to switch the grounding system (TN-S system) into ungrounded system (IT system) through a medical isolation transformer to supply power for important medical equipment. The insulation monitoring device has the function of insulation monitoring and fault locator has the function of fault circuit locating.
3. Acrel Medical Isolated Power Supply System Solutions 安科瑞医疗IT解决方案
Acrel medical isolated power supply system is suitable for operating room, ICU, CCU and other medical group 2 locations providing safe and uninterruptible power supply. It mainly includes AITR series isolation transformer, AKH-0.66P26 current transformer, AIM-M series insulation monitoring device, AID series remote alarm indicator, DC power supply, ASG series test signal generator and AIL series insulation fault locator.
3.1 Acrel Medical Isolated Power Supply System for Operating Room 手术室配电解决方案
方案一 不带绝缘故障定位功能
Option I without insulation fault location function
方案二 带绝缘故障定位功能
Option II with insulation fault location function
Note: 1. For operating room, AID series alarm indicator should be installed on the intelligence panel inside the operating room, or next to the intelligence panel (wall mounted installation) so that medical personnel can immediately receive a notification when there is power supply failure.
  1. In Option II,if the number of located channels is more than eight,two sets of AIL150 can be used. The combination can be AIL150-8 and AIL150-4 (up to 12 channels), or AIL150 -8 and AIL150-8 (up to 16 channels).
3.2 Acrel Medical Isolated Power Supply System for ICU and CCU ICU,CCU配电解决方案
方案一 不带绝缘故障定位功能
Option I without insulation fault location function
方案二 带绝缘故障定位功能
Option II with insulation fault location function
Note: For intensive care unit , AID series alarm indicator should be installed in the nurses 'station so that medical personnel can monitor the operating status of isolated power supply system.
3.3 Product Selection产品选型
AITR series isolation transformer
a. H class insulation meterial, which permits more higher temperature rise so as to extend the using time. b. PT temperature sensors
c. inrush current (IE): <12In d. capacity: 3.15kVA, 5kVA, 6.3kVA, 8kVA, 10kVA
e. low noise
f. CE approval
AIM-M series medical insulation monitoring device
a. insulation monitoring, overload monitoring, over-temperature monitoring
b. fault alarm output
c. RS485 and CAN communication
d. IEC and CE approval
AKH-0.66P26 current transformer
a. protective current transformer
b. maximum measurement current: 60A
c. ratio is 2000:1
d. installation: fixed inside cabinet by screwing
e. CE approval
DC power supply
a. output voltage: DC 24V
b. 35mm DIN rail installation
c. provide power for AID series alarm indicator
AID series alarm indicator
a. display the data of insulation monitoring device
b. panel or wall-mounted installtion
c. eqipped with DC power supply
d. CE approval
4. Connection Diagram接线图
5. Installation Photos 安装图片
6. Conclusion 总结
After expansion and reconstruction, Luanda General Hospital has become the largest hospital in Angola. The Acrel medical IT system provides safe and realible power supply for hospitals, effectively improving the local medical conditions and benefiting the local people.
  1. IT System Insulation Monitoring Device and Fault Location System of Acrel. 2020
  2. IEC 60354-7-710: 2002 Electrical installations of buildings-Part 7-710:Requirements for special installations or locations - Medical locations. 2002
  3. IEC 61558-1-15:2011 Safety of transformers, reactors, power supply units and combinations thereof-Part 2-15: particular requirements and tests for isolating transformers for the supply of medical locations. 2011
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2023.03.22 06:38 AussieBoy17 [Skysworn] What is the consensus on AI generated art?

I recently started using Midjourney 5 to try to generate some fan art for Cradle. I've always wished there was more art for the series as I have a hard time imagining any book in my head. Unless I actually see some art of something, I basically don't have an image for what it looks like.
AI art is basically the only way I'd be able to help contribute to that. So I've spent many hours over the past few days generating different pieces with the intent of posting it here. As I looked through previous posts, I found a lot of negative comments towards AI generated art being posted here.
I agree that generated art should be clearly labeled as such, and it probably should have its own flair. I also agree that fan art done by real artists is preferrable, especially because it's easier to be more accurate to the descriptions in the book.
I mostly just wanted to check if there is the general vibe that there shouldn't be AI generated art here, or if maybe it's an outspoken minority?
Here's a sneak peek at some of the Weeping Dragon images I've generated, plus some comments about what I do/don't like about them. Marked it as a spoiler just in case because I believe the description of the Weeping Dragon isn't until Skysworn
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2023.03.22 06:38 Mammoth-Fan6582 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Healthcare Marketing Campaign

Tips for Creating the Ultimate Healthcare Marketing Campaign
Healthcare marketing refers to the promotion and advertisement of healthcare services, products, and organizations to attract patients and build a strong brand identity. Effective healthcare marketing is crucial for attracting new patients, building trust and loyalty, and increasing revenue. In this article, we will discuss tips for creating the ultimate healthcare marketing campaign that will help your organization stand out from the competition and connect with your target audience. We will cover various strategies and tactics, from defining your target audience and creating compelling content to leveraging social media and measuring the success of your marketing efforts.

Know Your Audience

A thriving healthcare marketing campaign starts with knowing your audience. It's essential to understand the demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics of your target audience to develop effective messaging and strategies that will resonate with them.
Market research and analysis can provide valuable insights into consumer preferences, healthcare needs, and attitudes toward healthcare services. This data can help you identify market gaps, opportunities, and threats and shape your campaign accordingly.
Creating buyer personas is another way to understand your audience better. A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer based on demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data. It can help you develop personalized messaging and tactics that will appeal to specific segments of your target audience.
Understanding the patient journey is also crucial in healthcare marketing. The patient journey is the path patients take from recognizing a healthcare need to seeking treatment and follow-up care. Mapping out the patient journey can help you identify touchpoints where patients are likely to engage with your campaign and develop messaging that will guide them along the way.
By understanding your audience, you can create a healthcare marketing campaign that speaks directly to their needs, concerns, and desires, leading to better engagement and outcomes.

Develop a Clear Brand Identity

Developing a clear brand identity is a critical step in creating an effective healthcare marketing campaign. A strong brand identity can help distinguish your organization from competitors, build trust with patients and customers, and create a sense of familiarity and recognition in the minds of your audience.
To develop a clear brand identity, it's essential to create a unique brand voice and message that reflects your organization's values, mission, and personality. Your messaging should be consistent across all channels, including your website, social media, and advertising materials.
In addition to messaging, you should also focus on developing a consistent visual identity. This includes choosing a color scheme, font, and imagery that aligns with your messaging and brand values. Your visual identity should be consistent across all marketing materials and channels to create a cohesive brand experience for patients and customers.
Establishing brand guidelines can help ensure consistency in messaging and visuals. These guidelines can include rules around logo usage, color schemes, font types, and image styles. When everyone involved in your marketing campaign understands and adheres to these guidelines, it helps reinforce your brand identity. It makes it easier for patients and customers to recognize and connect with your organization.

Utilize Various Marketing Channels

There are a wide variety of marketing channels available for healthcare organizations, including both traditional and digital options. Some of the most commonly used channels include:
  • Television and radio advertising
  • Print advertising (e.g., newspapers, magazines, billboards)
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing (e.g., Google Ads)
  • Content marketing (e.g., blog posts, infographics, videos)
  • Event marketing (e.g., health fairs, conferences, sponsorships)
It is essential to choose the marketing channels that are most likely to reach your target audience effectively. For example, suppose your target audience is primarily older adults. In that case, traditional channels like print advertising and direct mail may be more effective than digital channels like social media or search engine marketing. On the other hand, if your target audience is younger and more tech-savvy, digital channels may be more effective.
It is often most effective to use a combination of both digital and traditional marketing channels in a healthcare marketing campaign. For example, you might use television advertising to build brand awareness, direct mail to target specific patient populations, and social media to engage with patients and build a community around your brand.
Some examples of effective healthcare marketing campaigns include:
  • Cleveland Clinic's "Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care" campaign focused on showcasing the hospital's commitment to patient-centered care through a series of emotional and inspiring videos.
  • Mount Sinai Hospital's "Real Patients, Real Stories" campaign featured videos of patients sharing their personal experiences and struggling with various health conditions in order to humanize the hospital's brand and connect with patients on a deeper level.
  • Mayo Clinic's "Mayo Clinic Connect" online community provides a platform for patients to connect with each other and with Mayo Clinic experts in order to build a sense of community and support around the Mayo Clinic brand.

Leverage the Power of Content Marketing

  • Importance of content marketing in healthcare: In today's digital age, content marketing has become a crucial aspect of any successful healthcare marketing campaign. It involves creating and sharing valuable, educational, and relevant content with your target audience to establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Creating valuable and relevant content for your audience: To create compelling content, it is essential to understand your audience's needs, interests, and pain points. Conducting thorough research and analysis can help you identify what type of content your audience is looking for and what resonates with them.
  • Utilizing various content formats: To cater to different learning styles and preferences, it is essential to create content in different formats. Blog posts, videos, infographics, e-books, webinars, and social media posts are some of the most popular content formats used in healthcare marketing.
  • Promoting and distributing your content effectively: Creating high-quality content alone is not enough. It is equally important to promote and distribute your content effectively to reach your target audience. Social media, email marketing, influencer marketing, and paid advertising are some of the most effective ways to promote and distribute your content.
By leveraging the power of content marketing, healthcare organizations can not only establish themselves as thought leaders but also build trust and credibility with their target audience. Creating valuable and relevant content can help educate and inform patients, drive engagement, and ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

Monitor and Measure Your Campaign's Success

A thriving healthcare marketing campaign requires constant monitoring and measuring of its success. This involves tracking and analyzing campaign performance to understand its impact and make necessary changes for optimal results.
Firstly, it's essential to set specific goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) to help track progress and measure success. These goals may include increasing website traffic, generating leads, or boosting patient engagement.
Next, analytics tools can be utilized to collect and analyze data. These tools can provide insights into important metrics such as website traffic, page views, click-through rates, and conversion rates. By tracking these metrics, healthcare marketers can evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns and identify areas for improvement.
Making data-driven decisions is crucial in optimizing healthcare marketing campaigns. Based on the insights gained from analytics tools, marketers can make informed decisions about adjustments to their campaigns. This may include shifting marketing channels, adjusting messaging, or refining targeting strategies.
Monitoring and measuring the success of a healthcare marketing campaign is essential for achieving the desired outcomes. By setting clear goals, utilizing analytics tools, and making data-driven decisions, healthcare marketers can optimize their campaigns to achieve optimal results.
In conclusion, creating the ultimate healthcare marketing campaign requires a deep understanding of your audience, a clear brand identity, a strategic selection of marketing channels, a focus on content marketing, and careful monitoring and analysis of campaign performance. It is crucial to remember that effective healthcare marketing requires a balance of creativity, empathy, and scientific rigor.
If you are looking for expert guidance on your healthcare marketing strategy, consider working with Compendious Med Works - a healthcare marketing consultancy with years of experience in the industry. Their team of experts can help you navigate the complex healthcare landscape and create a customized marketing plan that meets your specific needs and goals.
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2023.03.22 06:37 Grown-Ass-Weeb Baby only sleeps when a fan is blowing on her

We hit our first regression at about 6 weeks. In an accidental moment of me placing her in a swaddle on the boppy to respond to a work message on my laptop, she knocked out after fighting sleep for a while with the air purifier loudly blowing on her. Tried this like, five times now to get her to sleep before moving her to her bassinet after 10 minutes. We watch her the entire time because of the risks, but I guess we just find it strange. I can only sleep with a fan blowing on me too, but I didn’t expect a baby to really notice it.
I was thinking about moving the fan next to her bassinet, is that okay to do? Once she’s out she’s out even after moving her. We live in Phoenix so it’s average mid 70s in the house.
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2023.03.22 06:36 WillTravelForFood2 Another Shucked Review

Hello all! I am a long-time lurker, but I've been following the Shucked drama on this subreddit for a few weeks now, so I thought I'd give my two cents.
A bit of background to set the scene: I've been to over 50+ shows, all mostly Broadway as I used to live in NYC, and some in Chicago and DC. Whenever I travel for work, I'm hunting down regional theaters for shows that I can catch. My top 5 include Hamilton, Six, Wicked, Hadestown, and Company. In my lineup for the next few weeks, I have Sweeney Todd, Camelot, Les Mis on tour, Pacific Overtures, and an opera at Lincoln Center. I will watch just about anything that catches my fancy. In my day-to-day, I am also a 12-year-old teenager on the inside who laughs at penis puns and dad jokes.
With that being said, I enjoyed myself at Shucked. It was hilariously funny - if you enjoy one-liners, dad jokes, and puns. If that's not your type of humor, this show is not for you. The guy next to my husband had the best time. The two ladies in front of us didn't laugh a single time the entire show. The music is country-esque, think of Kelsea Ballerini and Dan + Shay instead of the big, loud, red-pickup and cold jeans country artists. It's still a Broadway musical after all.
Shucked is not the newest best thing since sliced bread. I don't think it's in serious contention for any Tony awards. But it's a good old time with big laughs and a very talented cast. I'm a firm believer that not every show on Broadway needs to be a Tony winnenominee to be an entertaining show. With the way the world looks on the day-to-day, sometimes you just want to go see a fun and silly show where you can laugh at a corn-penis joke without thinking deeply. I also paid $50 per ticket for this show, so it's not as if I spent a ton of money.
It's not the best show I've ever seen. It's also not the worst show I've ever seen (It's Cats, I'm sorry.). It's a solid show, with a slightly questionable book, but with a super talented cast and entertaining jokes.
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2023.03.22 06:35 D491234 The Vatican/Jesuit connection with radical feminists such as Posie Parker AKA Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull and the anti trans movement

‘Canceled’ radical feminists and the Catholic Church: These unlikely allies believe women are female By Mary Farrow
This article is the first part of a two-part series on the Church, gender-critical feminists, and transgender ideology. Part two will be published on Feb. 12.
Mary Kate Fain doesn't agree with the Catholic Church about anything. Or, nearly anything, at least. But she does agree with the Catholic take on gender and identity. And that's cost her. A lot.
Last July, Fain wrote a piece critiquing non-binary gender identities. She questioned why so many of her female friends felt the need to shed their identities as women and to instead identify as "non-binary" - neither male nor female.
Fain published the piece on Medium, an online social publishing platform.
Not long after the article published, Fain was fired from her job as a software engineer. She claims her viewpoints are the reason she was let go.
"I guess one of my coworkers complained about the article and I was fired. And since then it just started the slew of cancellation," Fain told CNA.
"I was canceled from conferences, and canceled for multiple groups that I was a volunteer in, et cetera. And it just really highlighted to me that they all wanted to shut me up, but what it proved was that there really is a need for a place for women to be able to say this."
Since her firing, Fain, a millennial and freelance writer living just outside of Houston, founded 4W, an online publication that publishes articles analyzing radical feminist issues such as gender, male violence, sex positivity, and the portrayal of women in media. She is also co-founder of the feminist social media platform, and a volunteer with the Women's Human Rights Campaign.
And she is just one of many "canceled" women.
Why women are being "canceled"
Fain, along with several other women writers, intellectuals, and activists, have been "canceled" for their conviction that women are adult human females, whose sex-based rights, such as the right to female-only spaces like bathrooms or sports teams or therapy groups, deserve protection.
This view is no longer seen as politically correct by some tastemakers and gatekeepers, because it is "trans-exclusionary" - to hold this view means to hold that a man cannot "become" a woman because he identifies as one, and vice versa.
"...this is not something that you're supposed to say," Fain said. "We're supposed to just blindly accept what anyone says about their own identity, without any critical analysis, without any feminist analysis even. We're supposed to ignore that sex-based oppression exists and just admit, 'Oh yes, we are what we say we are and that defines our reality.'"
"But I think for any feminist, any real feminist, we know that that just simply isn't true," she added.
"Our sex does define certain aspects of our reality, and people are not allowed to say that in today's day and age."
Many women who hold this view refer to themselves as radical feminists, trans-exclusionary radical feminists or gender critical feminists, or even "canceled women."
"Cancel culture" is a relatively new term, used to describe the phenomenon that happens when someone, usually a famous person or one with some kind of platform, experiences a kind of shunning, harassment, or social banishment for doing or saying something with which a lot of people disagree.
Being "canceled" can take many forms: being trolled or doxxed on social media, being banned from Twitter or other platforms, or finding that events featuring the canceled person are quickly, well, canceled.
In January, an event entitled "Evening with Canceled Women" was canceled by the New York Public Library, where the event was to be hosted.
The canceled event was organized by Women's Liberation Front (WoLF), a group that advocates for the "rights, privacy and safety of women and girls, by which we mean human females," Kara Dansky, a board member with WoLF, told CNA.
"We were being told over the course of a week that the contract was being processed (for the event), and then the day before the deposit was due, we were told that we could not proceed with the event and we were not given a reason," Dansky said.
The event would have included the voices of women "who have, in one way or another, been silenced or canceled as a result of their outspoken views on behalf of women and girls," she added.
For example, the event would have featured Canadian feminist Megan Murphy, an advocate against pornography and prostitution whose insistence that women are female got her banned from Twitter, Dansky said.
It would also have included Posie Parker, a UK feminist known "for her insistence that the word woman means adult human female, which is simply the dictionary definition of the word," Dansky said. Parker has also been banned from Twitter for her views.
The event also would have featured Linda Bellows, a Briton "who speaks on behalf of lesbian rights. And she has been told that it is transphobic to insist that lesbians are women who are attracted to women," Dansky said.
These canceled women join a slew of others, with particularly high numbers in the UK, where the 2004 Gender Recognition Act lets adults register their gender as something other than the biological sex with which they were born.
Common ground with the Catholic Church
While trans-exclusionary radical feminist women typically hold many views with which the Catholic Church disagrees, such as approval of abortion and gay marriage, they share common ground in the belief that women are female and men are male - and they are born that way.
"It has been a tremendous plus to have radical feminists speaking out so strongly about the reality of sexual difference and against the new tyranny of gender," Mary Rice Hasson, the Kate O'Beirne Fellow in Catholic Studies at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C. and director of the Catholic Women's Forum, told CNA.
"Although we disagree about many things – most significantly about abortion-– we agree on some important truths about women," she said, such as opposing violence and exploitation against women, as well as "the importance of acknowledging the reality of sexual difference and the dangers of the transgender agenda."
"Specifically, we agree that sexual difference is real, that males and females are different in significant ways, and that a person's sex cannot change," Hasson said.
"The Church's vision of the human person differs radically from gender ideology," Hasson noted. "Christian anthropology teaches that the person is a unity of body and soul, that we are created male or female, forever."
"Gender ideology, in contrast, imagines the person as a bundle of assorted dimensions," she said, such as gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and biological sex, none of which "needs to align – the person is self-determining. God is really not in the driver's seat."
Fain said she agrees that gender identity, "this idea that we have an internal sense of being male, female or neither, and that this has any effect on our material reality, is nonsense."
Dansky, whose group's primary goals are to fight violence against and exploitation of women in rape, sexual and domestic assault, and pornography and prostitution, said that her work is made nearly impossible in the context of broad social disagreement about what makes someone a woman in the first place.
"It's very difficult to solve all of those problems when we're not permitted to name the category of women," she said.
"It's very interesting to me that when our society talks about domestic violence and rape and sexual assault, and we talk about the rampant rates of these crimes being perpetrated against women and girls, everybody knows what the words 'women' and 'girls' mean."
In light of increasing acceptance of transgender ideology, the Vatican's Congregation for Catholic Education's issued a document entitled "Male and Female He Created Them" last June, explaining the Church's teaching on transgender issues and encouraging dialogue with those experiencing gender dysphoria.
The document cited the need to reaffirm "the metaphysical roots of sexual difference" to help refute "attempts to negate the male-female duality of human nature, from which the family is generated."
Such a negation "erases the vision of human beings as the fruit of an act of creation" and "creates the idea of the human person as a sort of abstraction who 'chooses for himself what his nature is to be.'"
Theories of gender, whether moderate or radical, agree that "one's gender ends up being viewed as more important than being of male or female sex," according to the document, which also reflects on the role of gender theory in education and speaks of a "crisis" in any alliance between the school and the family.
"Although ideologically-driven approaches to the delicate questions around gender proclaim their respect for diversity, they actually run the risk of viewing such differences as static realities and end up leaving them isolated and disconnected from each other," it said.
The document called for dialogue, and the protection of human and family rights. It also decried unjust discrimination and noted points of unity among people with different perspectives on gender ideology.
"Key allies"
Looking for concrete examples of common ground, Fain told CNA that she thinks that protecting the freedom of speech of those who oppose transgenderism will be one of the most important things that radical feminists and Christians can work together for.
"(W)e need to deal with this freedom of speech issue that's happening and cancel culture, which is making most people terrified to speak out on the issue," she said.
Fain noted that when she wrote the controversial article that got her fired, she had anticipated the backlash and had been saving for months to protect herself from the blow. She recognized that most people cannot afford to lose their jobs for speaking up on this issue.
"Most people can't, and especially women who are already at a financial disadvantage are more likely to be caring for kids," she said.
"And people are terrified to speak out on this issue because of the serious economic consequences that are happening."
"And although I have many issues with the right in general, I will say that I think religious freedom and freedom of speech do go hand in hand," Faid added.
"And so the Church's work on that is probably relevant here."
Hasson identified women like Fain as "key allies" in the fight against transgenderism going forward, and said she looks forward to working with them despite differences on other issues.
"Radical feminists have been fearless in speaking the truth about sexual difference - over social media, at universities, and in public hearings. They have refused to be silenced - even after being ridiculed, 'de-platformed' at public universities, or having their Twitter accounts shut down," Hasson said.
"We differ greatly about abortion and our views of men, but I am hopeful that our work together and personal regard for each other will open up some opportunities in the future for discussions about those areas where we disagree. But for now, I'm grateful for their commitment to speak the truth, even at great personal cost."
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2023.03.22 06:34 Sandwichsamurai24 So I just finished season 4…

As the title says, I just finished season 4 and as always, wow…
This is one of the few shows I know of that can have multiple really good episodes that can also serve as finales to the show as a whole.
Where do I even start? I guess I’ll get my negatives/complaints out of the way first. I felt like the story and the pacing of the story they were trying to tell with Chuck’s mom and the Volkoff family was a bit strange, and I’ll try to explain this as best as I possibly can.
So with each season it feels like the focus is on building Chuck into the person he wants to be. Season 1 Chuck adjusts to his new life with the Intersect and learns how to use it, Season 2 he’s trying to separate himself from the intersect to have a normal life, Season 3 he decides to be a spy, but tries to balance that life with a normal life and ultimately decides which is more important to him. But this season’s focus doesn’t seem to be on anything specific to building Chuck’s character IMO. Having just finished the season, I couldn’t say what the exact focus was except to give Chuck closure with his mom and family as a whole. Of course, if anyone has their own perspective on this, I’d love to hear it.
Also, in terms of pacing, the season jumps straight into Chuck and Morgan searching for Chuck’s mom. It doesn’t feel quite like the start of a new season IMO. Not to mention the initial conflict with Alexei Volkoff ends halfway through the season, then we have a lull, then a new conflict with his daughter. Now I know this was due to additional episodes ordered, but it still feels like strange pacing. And each conflict feels resolved within its last episode relatively quickly. I should also say I don’t hate this and it doesn’t really affect my enjoyment of the story they told, I just thought it was abnormal pacing and felt I should point it out.
As for what I enjoyed, pretty much everything else. I loved what they did with Chuck and Sarah’s relationship in terms of not only keeping them together but coming up with ways to keep their relationship interesting. I love their arguments and how they get resolved, it’s much more enjoyable than lots of other TV romances that create unnecessary tension for the sake of viewership.
I also love how every character seems to get involved even more this season, and everyone develops in a very natural way. Morgan grows in maturity, Casey opens up more, Sarah becomes much more humanized, and Ellie actually gets more involved in spy-related situations. It all works really well.
Jeff and Lester were also just as hilarious, if not more so, this season. I want to talk about them more in the future bc they’re very interesting IMO. Out of all the growth and maturity in every character (even Big Mike), these two don’t change in the slightest.
I guess the last bit I wanted to talk about was the CIA in the story. I like that the writers come around to talking about how the government is the real catalyst for everything in the show and how the main cast are now fully aware of it. I’m assuming this will come up more next season.
Speaking of next season… I almost want to put off watching it, both bc I still want to have more of this show to watch and also bc I know about the general consensus of how much people hate it. I can only wonder why, but I’m scared to know.
Anyway, please let me know your thoughts on the season or my response to it. I’m interested to know what everyone else thinks! :)
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2023.03.22 06:32 ActivityOver3678 I (23m) just found out my wife (23f) of one year is sleeping with women even though we’ve been friends for 21 years

I just found out my wife is trying to see other women
Me (23m) and my wife (23f) have known each other since we where two years old. We didn’t start dating until 2020 and got married 2022. We just moved across the state together and I thought everything was going good until the other day. I couldn’t sleep and woke up to her using a dating site to find girls in our area. She doesn’t know I woke up and saw this while laying next to her in bed. Originally I just believed she was trying to make new friends and meet new people so I didn’t say anything. Something just wasn’t sitting right so while she was asleep last night I went through her phone (something she’s done regularly to me but I’ve never done to her). And she’s actually been trying to hookup and flirt with these other women while I’m at work. She’s also convinced me to let her friend couch surf here starting next week for a month while waiting in her new apartment to let her move in. Which I only agreed to before knowing she was trying to (or possibly has) cheat on me with women. I haven’t confronted her and don’t know if I should or how to go about it, any advice here would help.
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2023.03.22 06:31 inventcolabsS123 How does Artificial Intelligence help to Improve Your Business?

How does Artificial Intelligence help to Improve Your Business?
Any successful business is the sum total of great products, timely innovation, and excellent customer service. Do you know AI technology can help you improve all these key elements of your business?

What exactly is AI?

Think of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as highly advanced computer algorithms. These algorithms have some advanced capabilities- they can learn and improve with new training data. What does that mean? It means machines are now capable of performing tasks that for a long time required human intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence
For instance, until a decade ago it was next to impossible for a computer application to write an essay on the impact of the industrial revolution on global warming. But thanks to AI-powered language models such as chatGPT it is now possible. In fact, in some chatGPT outperforms human writers by a fair margin.
An essay that would generally need 3-4 hours for a human, chatGPT writes that in 5 mins.
Yes, that’s how powerful AI solutions can be!

Role of AI in Business

How can AI help your business? After all, businesses have been run without the help of AI for centuries. Yes, but we now live in a digital age. Businesses now have access to an ocean of data. And AI technology has all the potential businesses need to turn this data into gold.
Each business is different and will experience different benefits from AI implementation. The important thing is to partner with an Artificial Intelligence App development company that understands your specific needs and can help you realize those benefits.

AI Technology for Enhanced Productivity

An AI application can automate tasks like responding to customer inquiries or routing more complex ones to the right person. Plus, AI solutions can be extensively used for automating processes and workflows in manufacturing, logistics, and supply chains.
AI for Well-informed Decision Making
Business is all about decision-making. From product manufacturing to distribution, deacons you take shape the growth and revenue of your business. AI can play a significant role in improving business decision-making.
For example, a retail brand could use AI to decide what products to stock in its store. They could use machine learning to analyze customer purchase data and identify patterns in what people buy. Based on those patterns, they can predict the new products customers are interested in.
Or let’s consider the example of a financial institution trying to prevent fraud. They could use machine learning to analyze transaction data and identify suspicious activity. Then, they could flag those transactions for a detailed review.

Benefits of AI in Business

Artificial Intelligence in Business
  • First is Automation at scale. Yes, AI will be used to scale automation at pace. It makes businesses more productive, as well as cost-efficient. Moreover, it also offers opportunities for employees to upskill and take up more important roles in an organization.
  • Second, AI technology can give you a better view of customer needs and preferences. If you have shopped online you must be familiar with product recommendations. Behind them are smart algorithms that self-identify and recommend products and services that customers are most likely to buy.
  • Third, AI technology optimizes product discovery and innovation. An excellent use case would be drug discovery for future epidemics or chronic illnesses.
  • Finally, AI reduces business operation costs. It automates routine tasks, such as data entry and analysis. They can also use AI to explore new emerging trends and opportunities.
Must Read: How to Develop AI Tools Like ChatGPT?

Strategies for Getting Started With AI

So now let's move on to the most important part- AI integration and implementation. How to use AI in a way that benefits your business?
Like with any technology integration, you got to have a strategy. It is true for AI too. There are going to be challenges initially. But you can get over them.
  • AI solutions vary depending on specific business processes and work. Start by identifying the tasks you want AI to do for you.
  • Next, identify your key business pain points and evaluate if AI implementation will solve them and generate substantial ROI.
  • It’s important to take small steps and scale as you see measurable progress. Starting small will help you minimize risks and prepare better for large-scale implementation later.
  • Last but not least, have a plan for employee training and upskilling. AI still needs human input and optimization. Hence, timely training will ensure greater efficiency and ROI in the long term.
Must Read: How To Create An Artificial Intelligence App?

Final Words

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence app development offers businesses limitless opportunities. From customer service to process automation, you can implement AI to supercharge your business.
However, it is also important to implement AI with caution. It is a significant investment and needs a good amount of planning. Discuss with other stakeholders in your organization and ensure that your investment will generate excellent ROI in the long term.
In case you need any help, don’t hesitate. Consult an AI development company for a perfect AI roadmap for your business.
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2023.03.22 06:31 myfavoritefoodispeas Spring Break (not going great)

I’m on spring break this week. Last spring break of college and I’m working the whole week. Been on a bit of bender lately (haven’t drank this much liquor in awhile). I’ve also not been taking my naltrexone nor prozac. And I have an insane amount of shit due next week. Just absolutely sobbed to ‘Imagine’ by the Beatles as well. I forgot how sentimental this song is. How’s everyone else doing?
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2023.03.22 06:31 Califlows17 Employee pay and w2 issue

I worked for an employer for a month and two weeks (3 paychecks) late last year but wasn’t compensated fully. I was paid bi weekly. The w2 sent to me to file my taxes this year only had the first two weeks pay on it (first paycheck.) It’s missing the second and third payments. I contacted the irs who sent a letter to my previous employer asking for a corrected w2 but my employer resent the letter saying everything was correct. The amount of money owed to me is about $2000. I’ll have to file a form 4852 which will act as a w2 substitute then file an amended tax return somewhere down the line this year or next. I also tried getting what’s owed to me a couple times over the phone unsuccessfully. I would get hang up on or get told they’ll look into it only to not hear from them until I called back weeks later. The last time I was in contact with them, I said I was tired of having to make such phone calls to get what is rightfully mine and the next phone call was to my lawyer. The response was “call your lawyer”. The phone got disconnected after. What should I do?
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2023.03.22 06:31 McFrosty_18 A silly and simple story about a fan…

Last week the drama/theater teacher asked the students to choose a song that is really special for us, we would use it next class. And so it arrived. Today. I chose Ruler of Everything because i had the exact same paranoid crisis about Time that Joe talks about in the song and in his short film "The other Way", when I discovered this song, it was simply perfect for me. I knew just then what I would do. I had to interpret the song onstage when it started playing and it was magnificent. I never thought I was as good as I was playing today. Thanks to Ruler of Everything.❤️
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2023.03.22 06:30 DrumsNDweed93 Well that’s unfortunate 😩

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2023.03.22 06:30 AutoModerator [Get] Chase Reiner – Fortune Bots Course Download Instant Delivery

[Get] Chase Reiner – Fortune Bots Course Download Instant Delivery
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[Get] Chase Reiner – Fortune Bots Course Download Instant Delivery

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WEEK 8: Open Q&A and Troubleshooting
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2023.03.22 06:30 heeeeyhoooo Lymphopenia/Low CD3 T cells

My daughter was thought to have SCID (zero immune system) after the results of her newborn screening came back. After further blood testing, she was found to have just mildly low T cells. (1st labs at 2 weeks old: CD3 Tcells 1184. 2nd labs at 2 months old: CD3 T cells 1126. 3rd labs at 7 months old: CD3 T cells 1185. Her immunologist says the normal range begins at 1500. I should also add that she’s making/has made great antibodies since birth.) Her numbers have remained stable, but slightly low, since birth. She’s 8 months old now and is growing perfectly, gaining plenty of weight, tends to be ahead of the game in terms of hitting milestones, seemingly very healthy and, for lack of a better word, normal. We’re still going through testing trying to find a cause. Her next labs will be to test for T cell function and more genetic screening, but we won’t receive those results for another month at least. Has anyone else dealt with this? Or have any advice, knowledge, or experience with a similar issue? Any information is so helpful, as this seems to be extremely uncommon and it’s impossible to find a community who has dealt with the same issue let alone any research on the matter.
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2023.03.22 06:29 AnswerAccomplished40 I said no & decided not to lose my virginity! (19F)

So, last week I was going to lose my virginity to the most amazing guy I've ever met in my life. After class we went on a nature walk and he took me to my favorite lake area. After a couple hours he took me out to eat and let me order whatever I wanted, I tried to not get too much but I couldn't help myself (He even let me get desert). After dinner we took a walk near his house and watched the sunset while laying on a blanket, he lives near a park with this massive hill and it was so beautiful.
Then we went to his house and I started feeling uncomfortable. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to be rude, but he kissed me on my lips and I kissed him back. He picked me up, which was incredible because he's a fairly short and shrimpy guy but it was so romantic. We went to his room and that's when I knew that I didn't want to go through with it. He stripped his clothes but before he removed underwear I asked him to stop. He asked if I was okay and I told him that I wasn't ready and that I wanted to go home. He sighed and told me okay and that he needed to use the bathroom. He took a while but when he came back out he put his clothes back on and asked if I was ready to go and I said yes. When he drove me home it was a silent drive but he stopped at an ice cream place and bought me some ice cream. I said thanks but he didn't say anything still so I just kept quiet and ate my ice cream. When I got home I tried giving him a side hug but he took a few seconds before hugging me back. When I got in the house, luckily my father wasn't there, I took a shower and finished the ice cream while watching netflix then fell asleep. I still felt really bad and texted him the next day, he didn't respond, but later that night he apologized and said he was just frustrated but it wasn't my fault. He asked if I wanted to come over the following week, this week, and I told him yes and that we can try again. He got really excited and called me babe. So idk what I'm going to do, idk if I'm going to go through with it because it's just so crazy lol. I do appreciate that he treated me nicely though :)
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2023.03.22 06:28 pumpkin_head_1095 Sub-i/USCE for General Surgery for IMG

Does anyone know any hospital/program presenting Sub-i or USCE in general surgery for IMG in East Coast?
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2023.03.22 06:28 endomental What changed for you after 6 months?

We’ve officially made it 6 months of breastfeeding!
I’m curious to learn what (if anything) changed with your baby’s behavior with breastfeeding after they turned 6 months.
At the 3 month mark there was a dramatic change in my baby while breastfeeding; she was easily distracted, would only stay attached for a few seconds to minutes before unlatching, started pulling on her ears and rubbing her eyes (nope, wasn’t teething). There were days she only wanted a few oz of milk for the entire day (I’m talking 5-6oz/day) and next day would be so good at eating. Was generally just difficult to feed consistently. I’m not sure how long it was before she got better but she did.
At 6 months I’m starting to see some behavioral changes again and wondering if it’s normal and when to expect she will adjust again.
We’ve started introducing solids (purées for now) twice a day; morning and evening. Only a couple tablespoons worth. I feed her milk 20/30 minutes before but as of late she is not interested in eating much milk. It’s not isolated to the times she gets solids, it’s all day. She will latch for only a few seconds then unlatch and coo and act as if she’s full. She usually eats every two hours or so but yesterday went well past 3 hours and barely ate anything when I did feed her.
My supply has always been a challenge and extremely sensitive to any change in her eating habits, only in the direction of down though. I’ve been taking domperidone to help create a buffer so I don’t stress as much but as she’s not demanding the milk I’m not making more. My supply is starting to decrease and it’s only been a couple of days of this.
I’ve been back at work for a month (wfh) so I can’t do both nurse and pump and chose to nurse her because pumping out of necessity literally tanked my mental health.
Did you see a change with your baby? What was it and hire long did it last?
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2023.03.22 06:27 Mean_Barracuda_5169 Scared of induced labor, pls help.

Hey lovely people. My doctor has recommended me to be induced around 39 weeks but I won't lie when I say I'm very scared. I've heard nothing but horrible stories about people being induced. They say it takes a lot longer and that it hurts a lot more. I'd never choose to be induced myself but I take quite a few medications, so my doctor said that I really cannot wait until 40 weeks or above. The reason why I'm scared is because my pain tolerance is as low as a newborn, literally everything hurts me and to be fair, I'm also in general an extremely sensitive person (I wake up w scratches and bruises and I never know how I get them). I have so many questions but my obgyn said that in due time we will talk about it (even tho.starting this week I only have 5 weeks left unless baby comes on her own). I'm sorry for rambling, im just worried. Have any of you been induced and was it as bad as natural labor pr worse (or perhaps even better)? How did you guys prepare? Did it take a long time?
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2023.03.22 06:27 IceJD 🏴‍☠️💰 Cascade Sale - Mar. 22nd-24th 💰🏴‍☠️

🏴‍☠️💰 Cascade Sale - Mar. 22nd-24th 💰🏴‍☠️
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⚠️ This sale is not repeated

• Pictures are worth a thousand words - see the attached images!
• For any emoji you have maxed, you get only 30k coins!

• This sale lasts from 12:00AM Mar. 22nd through 11:59PM on Mar. 24th
• The TOTAL combined cost is 🤯🤑 $79.97 USD (+taxes) and this would net you EIGHT emojis (counting charges).
• Amounts are set as USD and then converted to local currency based on exchange rates
• This sales process includes only 12 different "levels", some free and others locked behind a real money paywall
• Once you spend real money on a locked "level" you have access to additional prizes/items for a few levels until the next locked "level"; the three levels that are locked requiring real money are 4, 7, and 10 (So if you don't pay for level 4, then you can't get the free gifts on levels 5 or 6, but once you pay for level 4 then you get levels 5 and 6, too)
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