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2023.06.02 17:57 throwRAkkp my(18F) boyfriend(18M) lost 125 lbs and can now get any girl he wants

My (18f) boyfriend (18m) started dating a little over 2 years ago. We are both are young but had been in multiple long term relationships before this. I can confidently say that this is the best relationship i have ever been in and plan to spend the rest of my life with him. So, when we started dating my boyfriend, who is 5' 7" weighed about 290lbs, so he was a very visible large person. He had a beer belly I never thought much of it or cared, I just knew he was insecure about his weight and alwavs tried to be able to reassure him and tell him how amazing he looks. We both experienced some bullying for our relationship at school, he more than me. Aside from being bullied for that, he was constantly made fun of for his weight and would sob about it. I always tried to be there for him and do whatever I could to help remind him of how gorgeous he is. Then, over the summer he started working out with his brother and went on a diet. He lost an insane amount of weight. (he now weighs 170lbs) He has abs now and got this haircut I made him get that made him the actual hottest man alive:). But now that school started again, all the girls that used to bully him are now throwing themselves at him. So many girls are trying to add him on snap or following him on insta, he doesn't add or follow them back though. He constantly reassures me and tells me how I am the only one he wants, but I can't help but wonder how much longer he's going to want to stay with me when he can get anyone he wants. I am not ugly but i'm definitely not the prettiest or hottest girl ever. He tells me that he doesn't want anyone who just wants him suddenly because they think he looks good he wants only me, someone who loves every part of him regardless of looks or anything stupid like that. He is the most perfect boyfriend ever so I feel horrible for thinking he's going to leave me, but I am terrified every day that he's going to find someone who looks like someone who would be woh someone as hot as him. Should I talk to him about this or just try to get over it?
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2023.06.02 17:56 DaddyzLuv Anybody know of a good cleaning service for getting bits of brain off my walls and ceilings?

...because my mind is officially blown. I was expecting this album to be different but I never imagined it would be what it is. (That's a good thing.)
People are talking a lot about Game Over, Mattel, Nobody and We Love You. Those are certainly bangers that are closer to Avenged Sevenfold's past music (though still very different.)
But I want to talk about the 5-song sequence of Beautiful Morning, Easier and the G.O.D. trilogy. Those songs really push the boundaries. Critics are going to say they are not heavy metal enough, but who cares. They are all amazing pieces of music. I definitely get Dream Theater vibes from them, but even Dream Theater wouldn't go that far out on a limb.
I did not know what to expect from this album, and this is definitely not what I expected. BUT IT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. I just didn't know it yet.
Avenged Sevenfold has done it again. Not only have they reinvented themselves, they created a whole new genre of music. Well done. I'm in awe.
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2023.06.02 17:56 wildcrab9 One of the TV's in my house stopped seeing the library. What can be the problem?

So I have a Synology NAS running a Plex server with movies and shows on it. Until 2 days ago, both TVs in my house were working perfectly fine with it (using Firestick for both) and yesterday, all of a sudden, one of TV's just stopped seeing the library and I am having a hard time understanding why.
I have tried so far:
None of it has helped. It starts Plex and only showing the default Plex content. The other TV is playing the content just fine. What can be the problem?
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2023.06.02 17:56 DrunkenMonkey03 Ted Lasso Appreciation and Finale Discussion

I discovered this show during a dark time in my life last winter. My grandfather died unexpectedly and the same week I caught Covid and was quarantined from my family. My dad mentioned this show was good and I gave it a shot while I was laid up miserable. I was blown away by how good it was. It really brightened my way through that dark period and I’m grateful to the show runners, actors, writers for making it.
I felt like Season 1-2 were stronger than 3 but felt that S3 did a pretty good job tying things up. My main wish for changes were that they didn’t gloss over the reactions of Rebecca and the team to Ted leaving. That seems to have taken a big moment away from the show. In addition, glossing over Nate’s return as well as taking time away from Ted this season seemed odd to me. Especially with the lukewarm reception to the Keeley Pr firm storyline. Lastly I wish the Roy/Keeley storyline was resolved, not a fan that they left that more open ended and also through Jamie into the mix again. After them being apart and moving closer again all season, then making amends and sleeping together, it was an odd choice.
All that being said, fantastic show that I’ll be rewatching for years to come. Well done Ted Lasso team!
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2023.06.02 17:56 afreakineggo Help me pick a soundbar

So here's the back story, I was going to buy a JBL bar 5 multibeam, then saw the sonos beam and Bose 600, then when I went to best buy to look at them I ended up picking up a Bose 900 because bigger is better right? Lol. Unfortunately the software is bricked and it is in an endless reboot cycle where I can't get it to stay on long enough to do a firmware update. I plan on returning it when I get off work tonight.
This is where all of your help comes in.
I mostly watch YouTube videos and racing like Indy car and a MotoGP. Music is also a priority over movies as I really don't watch movies that much. My living room dimensions are roughly 15ft wide by 35ft long. My TV is an LG 55UH6030 with arc support but no earc. The DTS decoder on the TV is DTS-HD. I do not own an av receiver and all of my media consumption comes through a Google TV 4K Chromecast attached to the HDMI port on the back of the TV.
I highly prefer sound bar over true surround sound speakers because I don't want to run wires and since I don't watch many movies I would not appreciate it as much. As far as price goes, I was already willing to buy a Bose 900 so something around that price range is perfect.
Should I just exchange my Bose 900 for a working one and hope I don't have issues again or is there a better option for me? I appreciate all input
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2023.06.02 17:56 pakurilecz Electric scooter rider hospitalized after being struck by DART train in downtown Dallas

well that didn't take long. they only just became legal again the other day " A person was taken to a hospital after being struck by a DART train Thursday while riding an electric scooter in downtown Dallas.
DART police responded shortly before noon to an accident involving an Orange Line train heading southbound and a person on an electric scooter at Olive Street, DART spokesperson Gordon Shattles said. He said the person was in the right-of-way. It’s not clear what the person struck was doing leading up to the collision. Shattles said initial reports say the person was “operating the scooter unsafely at the time of the incident.” "
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2023.06.02 17:55 anonorwhatever It will be half a year next month.

I just had a moment of looking at photos of him and it just hit me, then I looked up at his little shrine I have in my room with his ashes and I started crying. Why does it still hurt so much? It hurts so much and it won’t go away. I’m going to grieve him this hard for the rest of my life and I feel so alone without him. I’ve got a little book I decorate and write to him in, I have his collar and ball and doggy spray on his shrine with his fur, paw prints and his painting he did, and his box of toys and bowl and leads and stuff is still in the lounge room because I can’t bear the idea of putting them away, but I’m still stuck. There’s nothing that I or anyone else can do, I just have to feel it over and over and over and it’s like Groundhog Day with no escape. He’s gone and he’s not coming back and I used to say that I was so sure I’d see him again and now I’m so scared I won’t. I’m so fucking scared I will never see him again, because I know I won’t in this life and only after this life ends but what if I don’t? He was and is my soul mate, my soul dog and I still can’t believe he’s gone. How is he gone??? He was my emotional support dog for ten years and now there’s nothing and it’s so empty. I’ve thought about getting a new dog if I can afford it and I’d love to but I also hold back because it won’t be him and I just want him back. Please universe, please just give him back.
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2023.06.02 17:55 WatermelonWarlock Murder, Regret, and Forgiveness

This debate revolves around whether or not abortion is "murder". I think that while we as two different sides disagree about whether or not abortion actually is murder, what we can agree on is that murder is wrong. No one on this sub will consider the premeditated killing of a born human 8-year-old in cold blood as morally permissible. I think we all, regardless of side, can agree that such a thing is repugnant and anyone that murdered their child in such a way is repugnant.
So I need the PL community to help me make sense of something. I need them to make sense of their reactions to women that say they have had abortions.
If a mother told me she had taken a hacksaw to her born child, I'd find her repugnant. I wouldn't want her to be around me. I'd tell her to take a fucking hike and never talk to me again. I know that PLers claim that abortion is equivalent to that, but I actually don't see that play out in their reactions to women who admit to having abortions. For example, I took a little browse of the pro-life subreddit and typed in "regret", knowing that the search would bring up women discussing their abortions.
After reading their responses, I don’t think most PLers see abortion as equivalent to actual murder.
Let's take the example of a woman who was 7 months pregnant and attempted to chemically abort. The baby ultimately died for other reasons, but she found almost nothing but sympathy. The responses were lots of “I'm so sorry for your loss"; there is only one person pointing out that what she did was, in the eyes of the PL philosophy, an attempted murder, and that person was called out for their rudeness.
In a more recent thread, the same thing happened; the woman admitting to an abortion was met with sympathy, and the only person calling out the "murder" was the same person from the previous thread. He had all of his comments deleted by a mod and he was dogpiled by other users.
This is SO WEIRD, right? Who would be so compassionate and sensitive to the feelings of someone they think is a child murderer? The first link is about a couple in college where the only reasoning they gave for their abortion amounts to: "we're still college students with financial constraints". Is this not a "convenience" abortion? Why is it being met with such sympathy?
It only gets weirder the more you look. For example, take a post from someone that expresses guilt over their abortion. The responses are to soothe her feelings and to make her feel it's ok so long as she is regretful and doesn't do it again. "Do not let guilt consume you", "You've learned from your mistake", "As long as you don’t do it again and you move on, and you realize your mistakes, you’re ok". Again, very few people treated her as if she was an actual killer. In fact, she blames others for her choices ("Is it okay because I was pro-choice back then? Like I didn't know. I was a second victim of the situation.") and other people are quick to agree with her:
I am all for personal responsibility, but I also see you and your child and all the people like you and your child as victims of pro abortion organisations
You get a similar response to regret exposed by the singer for the Pussycat Dolls when she said she regretted her abortions. Again, there are a couple of people in that thread expressing disgust, but the overwhelming theme is to withhold judgment, with users calling out some of the more vocally disgusted PLers.
Now, contrast this with the reaction of someone who talks about her friend's abortion:
i'm literally shaking in disgust. I can't even talk to her. Earlier in the convo she said she thought I thought she was a monster for her abortion and I just said no I don't, I know you were scared when you did it even tho I don't agree with it. then we talked more and more about why she did it and I understand the situation better despite not agreeing with the decision... she said she does not regret her abortion. and I immediately changed the subject because I actually started seeing her as a monster (unfortunately).
This isn't a heavily-commented post, but one of the comments says:
I'm so sorry. I honestly don't know what I'd do if my friend got an abortion and didn't have any remorseful or sad feelings.
Ok, so looking at all of this... even within the comfort of their own sub, where they don't have to restrain themselves in front of other people, pro-lifers still don't treat this as a murder. Hell, when they say "don't do it again", they're treating it as if you get a mulligan baby, like you can kill one but hey, don't do it again. Their disgust is also often not a thing that exists as a result of the act itself, but of whether or not you regret the act. Like a mother that doesn't feel bad about killing her baby is disgusting, but one that did is just a poor lost soul that made a mistake by getting her "One Free Baby Killing" card punched.
So my question to the PL community is... how is this consistent? How am I supposed to look at a movement that has women who got abortions in prominent pro-life positions of power? How can I take the commitment seriously when people who paid to have their mistresses get abortions are prominent "pro-life" candidates like Walker and DesJarlais? How can I look at the reactions of users in your OWN SUB and believe that it's a majority opinion that abortion is actually murder equivalent to stabbing a baby when you meet women who had abortions overwhelmingly with soothing words and a dismissal of their responsibility?
How does this track with what you say you believe?
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2023.06.02 17:55 mikuooeeoo Child Bike Seat vs Bike Trailer

We'd like to start biking as a family again with our one year old. We're deciding between adding a bike seat onto one of our bikes or buying a bike trailer to put her in.
Do you have a bike trailer for your kid? If so, how do you like it? Which one do you have?
Do you have a bike seat for your kid? If so, how do you like it? Which one do you have?
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2023.06.02 17:55 BlackberryTime9308 I am plagued by inactivity

Like the title says, I am extremely inactive about my life and changing it, but I don’t know why.
I never start new activities, not even the ones that are extremely useful/important. I can’t even make myself play the video games I enjoy alone, even though I haven’t lost interest in them.
I need to learn how to drive, apply for scholarships, get a job, and get prepared for college.
Am I actually doing any of those though? No. And I can’t seem to bring myself to do them regardless of the shame/guilt or fear of failing to do those in time for college.
I can’t figure out why I can’t do these things, I’ve even tried looking at ways to get these tasks done, such as splitting them up into simpler tasks, rewarding myself afterwards, doing them for a short period of time. I can’t even get myself to do any of these though.
Not being able to initiate myself to start these is awful and I don’t want to be like this but I can’t get myself to change. Why am I so lazy? I’ve tried looking on the internet to explain why this is but I can’t figure it out aside from maybe the executive dysfunction of task initiation, but I don’t fit enough diagnostic criteria for ADHD and definitely not depression or anything of the sort.
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2023.06.02 17:55 CaspianX2 Arcade Archives Donkey Kong 3 for Nintendo Switch - Review

Arcade Archives Donkey Kong 3

Genre: Arcade / Action-Platformer
Players: 1-2 (Local Alternating), Online Leaderboards
Donkey Kong 3 is an Arcade-style Platformer released in arcades in 1983, released on Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986, and subsequently released on multiple Nintendo platforms in the time since. The third game in the original Donkey Kong series, Donkey Kong 3 is kinda’ the black sheep of the series. It’s not groundbreaking like the first game was, it’s not as iconic as either of the first two games, and it’s not even really the same type of game as either of them.
Players in this game take the role of Stanley the Bugman, a character never seen before or since, who faces off against the titular ape. Donkey Kong hangs above the stage, agitating beehives near him, and Stanley must fight Donkey Kong by... shooting bug spray at Donkey Kong’s butt, forcing him to climb up to the top of the screen. Yeah, like I said, this one is odd.
The 2D pixel art visuals and chiptune sound design in this game still use the same classic style as the prior two Donkey Kong games, but this game hasn’t reached anywhere near the sort of iconic status that its predecessors did. It’s fine, and it has a nostalgic feel to it, but it’s nowhere near as impactful as the earlier Donkey Kong games.
The gameplay here is interesting, though it takes some getting used to.The challenge level feels a bit high, and the game can feel a bit repetitive, but once you get a feel for how it works, it can be somewhat enjoyable. Though, again, it’s not nearly as memorable as the prior two games.
This release of the game is comprehensive in that it includes both Japanese and Western releases. I suppose this isn’t an absolutely comprehensive collection of all versions of the game, since the Nintendo Entertainment System version of the game and the Game & Watch version of the game are both absent here, but I suppose none of those would really fit the “Arcade Archives” product line. There is also a new “Hi-Score Mode” that challenges players to make as many points as they can on one life. There is also a new “Caravan Mode” that does much the same, but with the limit being five minutes rather than one life. In addition, this release of the game gives players a decent array of options, including various display options, sound options, challenge modifiers, button mapping, and online leaderboards.
So there are only two remaining elephants in the room to discuss. First: Is this game worth its $8 price tag? And second, is it worth buying if you already subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online, which includes a version of this game on its Nintendo Entertainment System app. I’m going to say no on both counts. The differences between the original arcade version of this game and the Nintendo Entertainment System port are extremely negligible, and not enough to justify a separate purchase. And the $8 price tag definitely feels inflated for a game that’s not nearly as fondly remembered as the earlier two games, especially when prior Virtual Console releases of the Nintendo Entertainment System release of the game sold for $5.
Is Donkey Kong 3 an enjoyable game? Sure, but it’s dated, and repetitive, and simply not as memorable or nostalgic as the first two Donkey Kong games. It’s definitely not worth the $8 asking price, especially when you can just play this game on Nintendo Switch Online’s Nintendo Entertainment System app instead. If you want to play this game, I recommend you do that.
tl;dr – Donkey Kong 3 is an Arcade-style Platformer where players are literally tasked with shooting bug spray at Donkey Kong’s butt. An odd game to be sure, and it’s decent, but nowhere near as memorable or compelling as the prior two games in the series. On top of this, the price seems too steep, especially with the NES version of the game being easily accessible on Nintendo Switch Online’s NES app. As a result, it’s difficult to give this game a recommendation.

Grade: C-

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2023.06.02 17:55 Lostsoul4570 Got my controller wet now my controller keeps drifting to the left

Last night I accidentally spilled water and some of it splashed onto my controller, I went to play it today and it started drifting to the left some of the water got into my controller, the drift is so bad I can’t even walk straight I started walking in circles does anyone know how to fix this?
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2023.06.02 17:54 Ashamed_Lychee524 Looking for some Mod recommendations

Recently started playing again, but a buncha my mods don't work anymore. Looking for a collections of must have mods that work on the most recent version.
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2023.06.02 17:54 Pleasant-Target-1497 My personal review on the album

Just a short review from a random nobody on the internet. I won't go into every individual song, but overall, I think it's a great album. Very creative, and Matt's vocals in my opinion are a MASSIVE step up from the stage. He had range on the stage, but his voice sounded shot. Here, it isn't as strong as back in the day, but I'm shocked to say that it isn't too far off! My main criticism is the length. Most of these songs I wish were longer. LIBAD was perfect length imo, but songs like (D)eath, Game Over, and others, were too short. But overall, it's a fantastic album, and there are a few songs even older fans may like.
The one song though that I will elaborate on: Cosmic. Holy fucking shit. It has been so long since a song has given me goosebumps, and even longer since one has made me cry. Jesus christ what a beautiful song. At first, it just seemed like another A7X song, but then out of nowhere, the hairs on my arms are standing up, and I'm just listening in amazement. The drum work, the vocals, the instruments, it's all so fucking perfect. On my second listen, I cried. On my third listen, I cried again. Not everyone has the same opinion of course, but I think this is their most beautiful song ever written. It's just so good.
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2023.06.02 17:54 SarahDidntSay Medical malpractice spain? Help me please.

What are the procedures for forcing a dentist to cover the cost to repair the damage they've caused? And can you get money back for unnecessary procedures?
Long version: I'm having disaster after disaster with my dentist. They have caused serious damage to my teeth. They've left me in pain for most of a year but the last procedure was 6 weeks ago and they're just literally cutting bits of my teeth off at this point. (Yes I have the x- rays to prove it). I'll have to spend between 600 and 1300 euros to fix the damage caused in the last visit. I've already had to pay 400€ in unnecessary procedures that even the dentists there admit were unnecessary. And another 200€ to fix the damage caused after the initial visit.
I have private insurance. The insurance won't cover the repairs at another dentist and claims that the original dentist is offering "alternatives" and "refunds" but in reality they're pushing my visits back and not answering my questions or returning my money.
At this point they've destroyed a filling and I'll have to have the whole thing drilled out (maybe in two teeth), both teeth need to be repaired and reshaped so I can chew again, and I am in so much pain I can't sleep.
I know Spain doesn't have law suits like the US. but this is a civilized country. I know it cannot be like this.
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2023.06.02 17:54 twocatsinthehouse_ Almost finished week 12 on Wellbutrin 300 XL - Emotional Blunting, new issues.

Background: I was prescribed it for ADHD, and I take it alongside Buspar for my anxiety. I have chronic anxiety and I take 40mg of Buspar throughout the day, and Wellbutrin XL in the morning.
What is different this week/lately?
ADHD: I feel like I’m struggling again. My mind is having a tough time staying focused. I’m having a bit of brain fog :(
Anxiety: Not a good time to fairly asses because I have PMDD and a couple of health screenings I have to do soon. So I’m feeling anxious.
Depression: Not depressed
Now I am so very okay. I wouldn’t say I’m euphoric or ecstatic, but I’m okay. I’m happy, I know my worth in this world and in my family’s life. I feel sad sometimes, but again, I am able to navigate those feelings. Still sad about certain things but it doesn’t control my day, month, life. PMDD is the only exception, but since I track my cycle I can give myself Grace.
Sex Drive: Normal/low - again could be because of where I’m at in my cycle
Appetite: Normal but on a new weight loss medication that brings it down.
I am hoping this isn’t a thing. I want to feel like I did the first few weeks :(
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2023.06.02 17:54 Initial_Release_7623 With the confirmation of Project Q. Sony's next handheld. I come to post once again the missed opportunity that is the Xperia Play.

With the confirmation of Project Q. Sony's next handheld. I come to post once again the missed opportunity that is the Xperia Play. submitted by Initial_Release_7623 to u/Initial_Release_7623 [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 17:53 aryuh_stuhrk Depression not ADHD

Hi, I am a woman in my mid20s.
About a year ago, I was diagnosed with Persistent Depressive Disorder. I was prescribed escitalporam and it greatly improved my life. No pessimism now.
Fast forward this year, I seek a therapist at a clinic this month. She highly suspected I have ADHD Inattentive Type. I have a list of all the symptoms I was and still am experiencing even though I am no longer depressed because of the meds I am taking (including those problems since I was a child). I am very self-aware and she recommended for me to seek a psychiatrist instead because she doesn't think therapy alone would help my situation. The therapist is a millennial, maybe that's why we got along well. I've never felt so heard and validated my whole life .
So I met with a psychiatrist (only via an online platform) from their clinic today, she invalidated my feelings and I think she dismissed my therapist's diagnosis. Idk if it's because she's kinda old that's why she was a bit condenscending and impatient or maybe bc my internet connection was bad.
Anyway, she only cherry picked a symptom I have from the therapist's notes and discussed it with me — struggling to take a bath and brush my teeth. I even offered to read my list of symptoms but she declined.
She said ADHD people DO NOT struggle with these BASIC things. It is possible that they struggle with house chores, but never with these very basic things. Only depressed people do. I told her that there are ADHD people who struggle with this, she said no, only them (the doctors I suppose) can say so. I also felt like she was disgusted with the fact that sometimes I don't shower for 3 days. I even told her that I am struggling with hygiene ever since I was a child but she dismissed it again.
She invalidated my feelings; She said these stuggles could be the result of stress, I told her I wasn't stressed! Then she said, "Why were you crying earlier and seeking help right now if you're not stressed?"
I know myself, I am not stressed "that way". I am not even sad at all. I am crying because I AM VERY FRUSTRATED. I am frustrated because I can't function like a disciplined adult no matter how hard I try. I wasn't able to tell this because she keeps on cutting me off when I give her my opinion.
She prescribed antipsychotics (amisulpride). I don't I think I need them tbh, as I'm responding well with escitalporam alone. I actually don't mind trying new meds though, but I think the fact that the doctor said that ADHDers don't struggle with hygiene is a red flag and the way she invalidated my feelings.
I am from a third-world country, healthcare isn't free here. My job doesn't have HMO as well so I paid for this consultation with my own money, 50 USD is a lot of money here. I felt like I paid someone just to invalidate and hurt my feelings.
Idk if I should try this new meds, I am afraid to lose more money as I am struggling financially. I am also afraid what if just make everything worse? Minus these symptoms (forgetfulness, time-blindness, hard time starting/finishing projects, disorganized, clumsy, and a lot more) I am actually emotionally okay in general.
Idk what to do anymore. :( Why is it so hard to get better?
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2023.06.02 17:53 coffeexxx666 Can someone smarter than me create a reply bot?

Just random replies to “question” and “bug report” posts. The first replies to rotate through off the top of my head:
Tagging as humor but seriously though please do this.
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2023.06.02 17:53 Wilderspun Old pens found!

Old pens found!
This afternoon I was having a clear out of an old pen drawer at my mother's house. Mostly old ballpoints I had bought for school. I then came across two fountain pens.
1) I believe to be a Parker IM in Stainless Steel Lacquer with Chrome Trim (according to Amazon). Please correct me if you think otherwise. This was bought for me as a gift from someone I ended up no longer being friends with, as such it was discarded to the back of the drawer. Unfortunately, they had it engraved with a cheesy nickname, a big reason for discarding it! But it's such a nice pen and I like the way it writes. I have no new onk cartridges here so this is just with some water on the nib using old ink inside. I decided to commit some kind of FP blasphemy and scratched the engraving off with a pen knife. Unsightly, but at least I feel like I can actually use the pen again.
2) the Bic Easy Clic. I think I would've bought this in about 2007/08 from an Asda if memory serves me right! It would've been the pen I used for a couple of years in High School. Though I already loved fountain pens before this one, this was the first I bought with my own money and used for years. The others were all cheap and would crack and leak. I felt really nostalgic finding this little shotgun of a FP!
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2023.06.02 17:53 MarkitosG I would like to go back to Premiere. I left it a couple of years ago because Davinci offered me super smooth mp4 video playback that could even play a video at x16 speed and it doesn't crash; with Premiere in x2 already began to have problems. Does anyone know if this has been fixed yet?

I would like to go back to Premiere. I left it a couple of years ago because Davinci offered me super smooth mp4 video playback that could even play a video at x16 speed and it doesn't crash; with Premiere in x2 already began to have problems. Does anyone know if this has been fixed yet? submitted by MarkitosG to premiere [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 17:53 Unfair_Implement_361 I’m fed up of my housemates - Genuinely in need of an advice

Hello everyone!
I need advice on tackling a situation I’m facing with other tenants I’m living with. Because a lot has happened, this is going to be a long post. I understand that everyone is busy and it’s almost weekend, I will try my best to keep my story simple and short. I appreciate everyone in the community for taking out some time to read the post and provide all the right advice i can get. Thank you in advance!
I came to Canada during peak COVID as an International student to complete my 2 year diploma program back in 2020. I was living with really great folks in North York during that period. The whole program was pretty intense and both mentally and physically draining and so was the process of searching a job for about 6 months after completion of the program.
The job was Mississauga based and hybrid. Because the opportunity was good and I was desperate, so, I just grabbed it as anyone would in my situation. Fast forward 5 months into the job, travelling from North York to Mississauga 3 times a week using transit was too much. so I decided to move to Mississauga.
Though a connection of a connection of a connection, I was able to get in touch with a relative who was looking for a new place to move in Mississauga and she had been living in Mississauga itself for about 4 years now. After meeting and having a discussion we decided to rent a whole house with 4 rooms l together, but in order to find something within our budget and affordability, we decided to have 2 more people to join us and started for both a 4 bed house and 2 more occupants.
This is were the main part of the situation starts. Since, my relative was connected to various online social groups, she got in touch with a guy from waterloo who was desperately looking for a place in Mississauga because he got a job in Vaughan. I also found it weird but had to let the thought go. He also had a friend who he met in the college. My relative was told that since his friend was living alone for a while before meeting him, she had to bought a dog with knowing nothing about how to train that puppy, no potty train or pee train. We were made sure by the guy he and his girl-friend are working on it and will make sure that the puppy is trained timely and will do all that outside the house within one month of moving to the new place if I and my relative decides to move forward with these folks to move in. Eventually we did. Why you ask - because they were helpless and we thought we could trust them.
I, my relative and the guy we met online were added to the tenant contract except his girl-friend because she was un-employed and had no work permit. So in order to make our case strong, the agent through we got the house had to add just 3 of us. But it was decided from the beginning that the rent will be distributed between all four of us and whoever is taking the master room will have to pay more than the other rooms which the guy we met through online group insisted on taking.
Everything was smooth until first 2 months but last 3 month have been hell. We are having fights on the utensils, not cleaning the house and all which I understand such things to occasionally happens but unnecessary use of gas and heating - leading to excessive gas bills. Most importantly that poor dog. He is 11 months now shits all over the floor, he does not have any habit of peeing or pooping outside. These guys just stay in the room usually or most of the time stay out of the house for work and are left the dog a pad for him to do all the stuff over there. I mean the whole house stinks and makes me and my relative sick whenever we return back home from work. He’s chewing the shoes, slippers and its a complete mess. Recently we had a huge fight over this were I was assaulted by the girl-friend and I could not do anything except being standing there in a shock and processing what happened. That girl works in PSW sector and definitely has anger issues. Also, our landlord doesn’t know about the dog at all.
I have also tried talking to these folks individually and clear things out to maintain some level of peace, but they are acting immature to understand and are being stubborn.
Now the guy is trying to play a sympathy card that the rent is too much for him to afford and soon he will have to eventually leave the place, where on the other hand he just bought a new $45k car - good for him, but planting an idea to leave the place soon. Also, his mother will be arriving from another country and planing to live with us but in his Master bed room. Both the guy and his girl-friend are kinda using us to get some decent space until the guy’s mother is done living with them for about a month. I’m certain that’s gonna happen for sure.
I have neither no-one to guide me on this nor I have anyone else to share with since it’s like me vs 3 of them in the house right now. Trying to stay strong but having no legal knowledge or any support, I would like to learn what my options are and how I can take control of this whole situation discreetly or indiscreetly legally.
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