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Hvilke job er mindst stressende ifølge jer?

2023.03.18 21:38 catssins Hvilke job er mindst stressende ifølge jer?

Kære UddannelsesGuiden
Jeg står i en situation hvor jeg virkelig skal til at beslutte mig for hvilket arbejdsmarked jeg gerne vil være på. Jeg fik en sen gymnasial eksamen og jeg gik ud af folkeskole lærer uddannelsen her sidste december. Lige nu er jeg i gang med et sabbat "halv" år, imens jeg finder du af hvad jeg skal.
Grunden til at jeg stoppede på læreruddannelse er pga. jeg tror det er for stressende for mig at gøre til dagligt (når jeg er færdig uddannet, studiet var fint). Jeg var desværre traumatiseret som barn og har været meget "syg" længe. Jeg har det sgu godt nu ! (yay for terapi og medicin)
Men nogle ting går aldrig væk. En af de senfølger jeg har, er at jeg bliver forholdsvis nemt stresset i hverdagen. Jeg kan godt kontrollere det på arbejdet/studiet, men det tager meget på mig når jeg så kommer hjem.
Jeg har derfor længe tænkt at jeg skal finde mig en stille og rolle karriere. Jeg har mange hobbier der fylder meget, så jeg har som sådan ikke et behøv for meget indflydelse / udfoldning på arbejdet.
Så længe det ikke er for stressende og er til at leve af økonomisk (har ikke noget behøv for mange penge), samt noget man kan "lægge væk" når man er hjemme. (For det syntes jeg er meget svært med skolelærer) Bonus hvis arbejdet har gode tider.
Jeg er derfor super interesseret i at høre hvad folk syntes er gode "stress-frie" jobs!
Lige nu kigger jeg selv på fx farmakonom (virker sgu chill på sådan et udkantsdanmark apotek) eller laborant (elsker kemi/biologi og at sidde i et laboratorie og lave prøver og sådan virker ok)
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2023.03.18 08:13 BOOMBOY900 R6s sens finder?

I saw a valorant activity on what looked to be aim labs, that is supposedly meant to find the perfect sensitivity for you, and I want to know if there something similar for r6s?
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2023.03.17 06:05 TreyTurtlebs Real talk krunker is a bad fps

I came back to the game a year ago and the game just isn't as smooth anymore for an fps game!!!! I can not be the only one with problems with the game miscalculating my mouse inputs.
I'm top 100 on multiple leaderboards on aimlabs immortal 2 on valorant its not that I'm bad I used to be a top player on krunkers 1v1 leaderboard but now just randomly my character just will 180 with the slightest input. Is it because the game can't handle high sensitivity players? My scope sens is higher then my movement sens it never miscalculates when I scope in but regular movements it will randomly just spin me.
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2023.03.11 17:45 VampireTear I got this result after my valorant sens finder, what should I put in my game? Right now I'm using a 0.2 in valorant

I got this result after my valorant sens finder, what should I put in my game? Right now I'm using a 0.2 in valorant submitted by VampireTear to aimlab [link] [comments]

2023.03.09 20:43 fineman1097 Someone was literally cleaning out their barn storage these for 500 Canadian. The control deck is the version with the in box mario bros.

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2023.03.07 16:39 phlipfloppgeorge AIMLAB sens doesn't match Valorant

I used a sens converter to convert my Val sense of 0.35 @ 800dpi to AimLabs and it spit out 0.49 @ 800dpi. Problem is, this feels wayyyyy to high for me and is nothing like my Val sense. I have double and triple checked that I input the right values and I always get the same result.
What gives?
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2023.03.06 01:12 MarinLook What sens is consider high?

What sens is considered high sens? I know it depends on the game but in general what edpi is considered high (ex. csgo,valorant,aimlab,apex, more)
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2023.03.05 03:44 Born-Session-4632 Does anyone know how to fix this issue. It was caused by a glass cleaner.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue. It was caused by a glass cleaner. submitted by Born-Session-4632 to MacBookM1 [link] [comments]

2023.03.05 03:38 Born-Session-4632 Does anyone know how to fix this issue. It was caused by a glass cleaner.

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2023.03.03 07:36 Jl2409226 Low sens player curently trying high sens

for many years ive played a low sens, even as low as almost 90 cm/360, but for apex ive stuck with around a 43cm/360. recently tried a 23cm/360 sens and i feel liberated. only concerns are tracking but it almost seems more consistent as it forces me to focus on mouse control, and im currently breaking records in aimlabs. AMA. (i also do movement)
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2023.02.28 09:28 kneleo Never thought I'd say goodbye

I know, I know. I want to hear the "cya later, won't miss ya" comments.
I played OW since it released. Played each season religiously. So many fun periods. Maining Tracer in season 1 and 2. Getting 2 friends on OW, back when it was hype, and playing Rein and they play ana genji for the free SR. Them leaving after season 5.. grinding it out as phara in season 6-9. Actually switching over from high sens to low sens and learning how to aim as Ashe. Literally falling in love with the game all over again. Peaking masters in season 10. Game development being discontonued for the sequel. Few years go by, but I rediscover OW once again with 4am group finder comp games. How I miss this: "PLAT COMP OPEN PROF MICS"...
Now were here, season 3 of this.. game. The game that gutted so much of what I loved about OW. I loved finding groups and doing talking in voice. Now it's just so fast and impersonal. Queue, win/lose, gg next. Also I hate the pacing of the game. What I used to love about OW was the tank 2v2 dynamic. Rein Zarya.. miss the chonky frontline while Im chilling in the back. Felt so much more like a team game. ow2 feels like a coked up valorant. I hate that picks are even more valuable. I hate that, after acknowledging the fact that one shots feel bad, they add a hero with oneshots. I hate solo tanks. I hate how everyone is just everywhere and theres no order to things. I fking hate it all, I havent played more than 2 games in season three, and thats only because ball has a special place in my heart, and wanted to try him out again. But its BS. Balls no fun to play when hes the only tank. The game wasnt designed for such gameplay...
Anyway bs, im just ranting at this point. Hello if you read all this.
Never thought I'd be saying goodbye to such an amazing game, and an even better community. Literally played this game so much. But here I am. Nothing about ow2 makes me want to play it.
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2023.02.27 10:17 AverageDudeOnCoke Tips to improve more

Late last year, I started aim training wasn't consistent then. However, i have started to be consistent since the beginning of this year i have tried multiple aim training methods to name aimlabs, voltaic benchmarks, csgo aimbots/reflex maps, and more. Im making this post because even tho i was changing aiming method's, changing sens, taking breaks, trying new method's, researching and much more. I have seen minimal improvement that's not say theres none. However, for the time ive put in it's honestly depressing. So Any and all advice is appreciated very much even if its obvious or common sense.
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2023.02.24 15:31 Owennnnnn1 Playlists for Valorant consistent vertical aim?

Started playing valorant recently and have got to the point where I need to be mechanically consistent to climb to high immo3/radiant but don't have the time to DM to the point where I'm warm.
Aside from consistency (I just need to aim train before playing), I struggle with the games verticality and close range precision. The most recent game I aim trained for was fornite - but playing on a much lower sens in valorant is proving to be punishing for me. Tried aimlabs but hate its feel.

Any good playlists for overall consistency in precision + vertical and close range motion?
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2023.02.23 03:31 SnooDingos6558 Ranked all bladee songs, guess my favorite album ☠️ (IMO!!)

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2023.02.23 02:19 milint33w Simple sensitivity finder remove?!?!?!?!

I just want to use the absolutely insanely incredibly oustanding only thing that fkn matters amazing very very simple sensitivity finder task that used to be the very default first thing you find in aimlab. Does anyone know what insanely perfect 6000 character string I need to input somewhere in this absolutely outstandingly superbly horrid UI to find it?
It was just a giant ass ball that moved all over and you just put your mouse over it.
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2023.02.22 21:13 EssentialistOne The ULTRA RARE ”full automatic reflex” book on the left with the thin ”F” on the front.

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2023.02.22 12:59 cessuu Perfect sens

So I was using the same sens for two or three months and my sens kinda feel weird recently, I know that changing sens is bad for my consistency but I heard that the most reliable way to determine if a sens is right for you is to stick with it for an extended period so know I don't know that my sens is good for me or not. Should I change my sens and should I use oblivity or aim lab sens finder?
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2023.02.21 14:45 KENNRICH_OUCHSTATE Inefficient Aimpath

Hello guys and girls!
Recently I was grinding in the Aimlab of yprac and found something unusual on my aimpaths.
My way with the crosshair from one point to another is almost never in a straght line (green line). In these medium distances I tend to make a curve like the red line. The more far the worse and it even gets to curves like the pink line. On the other side Flicks are with 60 - 80% pretty inaccurate and over or undershoot the target.
I am speculating if it is my sens. I am now at 800 DPI to 0.575 Sens (90° Wristflick maximum) and came from 800 DPI to 0.4 Sens.
Might i just be, that I am after one week of grinding still in 0.4 Sens mode in my brain (played like this for ~4 Months). Do you think a reduced Sens is needed, or do I just have to keep practing? Should I try another mousegrip and try get used to it? What are your ideas about this?
EDIT: Added screenshot link for understanding
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2023.02.20 13:33 lefunat0r Uhh... what now?

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2023.02.19 20:04 Arktify how to get snappy aim?

Hi, I play 1600 dpi and 0.2 in Valorant. Im am struggling with my micro adjustments. I want to have more control. I play gridshot for the most of my time in aimlabs and my high score is 140k I know that I would probably find more success with a lower sens but I want to commit to it and get good with it. Does anyone know tips for improving micro adjustments and overall control?
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2023.02.18 13:15 Fluz1n Aim Lab sens finder gets stuck after a first task.

Lately I've been trying to find a good sens for valorant. Since I've heard a lot of good things about Aim Labs sens finder I wanted to give it a shot. Right after finishing the very first task It'll get stuck at the countdown screen and won't proceed with the routine. Game doesn't freeze because I can exit out. Already tried reinstalling and pc restarting. (Win10)
Thanks for the help!
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2023.02.17 20:32 Tyrant_YTT Aimlabs Sens Finder Gave Me Aimbot...

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