200 w palmetto park rd

DeBary: River City

2014.12.09 20:43 flqc DeBary: River City

"DeBary is a city in Volusia County, Florida, United States, on the northern shore of the St. Johns River near Lake Monroe. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the city had a population of 19,320. It is part of the Deltona–Daytona Beach–Ormond Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area, which was home to 494,593 people in 2010."

2015.05.28 05:23 PlanetCoaster

Subreddit for Planet Coaster by Frontier.

2014.05.15 10:46 furBug Carlton Football Club

Welcome to /CarltonBlues, the home of the Carlton Football Club on reddit.

2023.06.02 23:38 ak19bld Pulled all 3 out of one Zacian collection box!

Pulled all 3 out of one Zacian collection box!
Just wanted to share! First time pulling a gold, and ended up getting TWO! Plus Raikou! Happy pulls everyone!
submitted by ak19bld to PokemonTCG [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:37 MoreCleverUserName Kids' Storytime at Nats Park this Sunday


The Story Time at Nationals Park offers families additional activities at the ballpark. Pregame programming includes Nationals players reading aloud to children, as well as literacy-focused activities in partnership with regional library systems, Library of Congress, Smithsonian National Postal Museum, National Children’s Museum, and National Geographic Kids. Anyone with a ticket for the day’s Nationals game can participate. Story Time is held in the Kennedy Conference Room and starts 15 minutes after gates open for the game.

Each child in attendance ages 4-15 will receive a free book.
submitted by MoreCleverUserName to Nationals [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:36 ternbicycles Austin Cargo Bike Festival, June 3rd, 11am - 3pm

Austin Cargo Bike Festival, June 3rd, 11am - 3pm submitted by ternbicycles to BikingATX [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:33 Nic_Cag3 [US-CA][H] PS Vita TV Bundle, Vita OLED (Sytems) Vita, PSP, SNES, & Famicom (Games) [W] PayPal

PS Vita
  • PS Vita TV Lego Movie Bundle (CiB) - 275
  • PS Vita OLED White Modded (w/ charger, SD2Vita, & 256gb Micro SD) - $200
  • Hakuoki Kyoto Winds Limited Edition (sealed) - 85
  • Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy Collector's Edition (sealed) - 85
  • Silent Hill Book of Memories (cart) - 45
PSP (NA & Japan)
  • Love & Peace The PSP Limited Edition - 29
  • SD Gundam Generation World Limited Edition - 49
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Bonds Portable - 25
  • Live Powerful Pro Baseball 2011 - 20
  • Fighting Bancho 3 - 25
  • Lot of 4 sports games - 5
Super Nintendo / Super Famicom
  • Last Action Hero (box only) - 20
  • Hyperzone (box, manual, cart) - 60
  • Mickey To Minnie Magical Adventure 2 (box, manual, cart) - 50
  • Star Force - 5
  • Bokosuka Wars - 5
  • Pinball - 3
  • Dragon Quest II - 6
  • Baseball - 2
  • Best Play Pro Baseball Yakyuu - 2
  • Super Xevious - 9
  • Hyper Olympic - 7
  • City Adventure Touch: Mystery of Triangle - 7
  • PayPal G&S. Shipping from West Cost.
  • Starts at $4, will combine to save.
  • Offers welcome! Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.02 23:31 The57Rising H: Uny/L/WWR Marine LL+Uny/EDR/WAR Marine RL+200 flux W:Uny/PR/WWR Marine LL

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2023.06.02 23:30 gajaya_d Mega Swampert -Canada

Mega Swampert -Canada
Have 3 - Adding 10 7619 6585 0350 2224 9419 0912
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2023.06.02 23:26 Zealousideal-Music27 [FS] [CA - 92683] [H] Argent the Consortium, Dune Imperium, Underwater Cites and more [W]Paypal

Looking to downsize my collection due to space and some games just never getting to the table. All games are complete are are well taken care of. Some boxes have damage due to shipping and will be noted next to the game. Buyer pays shipping from 92683 and I will use pirateship for the best rates.
Argent the Consortium w/ All expansions(LN)- $90
Azul(NIS)- $25
Dune Imperium w/ both expansions, dreadnoughts and Pieter promo (LN, sleeved but will take off sleeves before shipping) - $200
Gloomhaven JotL(LN, punched, unplayed)- $15
Men at Work(LN)- $25
Messina 1347(LN, unplayed)- $40
Quadropolis(G, tear on box corner)- $20
Underwater Cities w/ expansion(LN, sleeved)- $90
Urban Sprawl(NIS)- $25
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2023.06.02 23:23 StrictlyZombie Moreso, the Hand of Death (Lethality Melee ADC)

[P] Lethal Injections

Moreso's basic attacks apply a stack of Lethal Dosage to the targeted enemy for 7 seconds, stacking up to two times. At 2 stacks, Moreso's next basic attack consumes all stacks to deal a bonus 55 - 150 (+40% AD, +4.5 per 1 Lethality) physical damage on-hit, healing him for 2.5% (+5% lethality) of the bonus damage dealt.
Moreso gains 1 bonus lethality (+10% lethality) plus 1 bonus lethality for every level he has, up to 19 lethality (+10% lethality).

[Q] Rupturing Strike

Moreso slams his axe down sending a ripple 550 units forward that slows enemies hit for 2 seconds and deals physical damage. If an Enemy Champion is slowed, Moreso gains the ability to dash 200 units toward them by right-clicking on them.

[W] Death's Raze

Passive: Moreso's next basic attack every 6 seconds strikes twice, dealing 60% of the usual damage on both strikes.
Active: Moreso slashes the air with his axe sending a black mist in a cone up to 600 units that deals magic damage and inflicts Paralysis on all enemies (including epic monsters) for 1 second. Enemies that are paralyzed cannot move for the duration but can cast abilities and basic attack.

[E] Demon's Rush

Moreso grants himself a rush of movement speed rapidly decaying over 3 / 3.25 / 3.5 / 3.75 / 4 seconds. While active, Moreso gains a shield, bonus attack speed, and bonus on-hit physical damage.

[R] Death's Throw

Passive: Moreso gains 2.5 / 5 / 7.5% increased Attack Damage
Active: Moreso spins once then launches his axe 800 units in a targeted area. Enemies hit are slashed, causing them to bleed over the next 4 seconds for a percentage of their missing health, and are slowed for the duration.
submitted by StrictlyZombie to LoLChampConcepts [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:22 Don-Silvio Xfinity Mobile: Still A Terrific Value!

I know this is nocontract which is mostly about prepaid, but those of you who know how to play the game know how valuable Xfinity Mobile was and still is, but how they are starting to get away from what made them a great value.
I am completely ignoring their unlimited plans. I don’t care about them, never have.
The real value is the “By-The-Gig” Plan.
Unlimited Talk & Text w/ 1GB of shared data across all other By-The-Gig lines.
Even after the price hike a while ago from $12 to $15. Still great value.
$15/m for up to to 5 lines.
(FYI I’m still on the old $12 plan with up-to 10 lines.)
I will say that being able to get the base unlimited plan for $30+ taxes with just one by-the-gig line is… okay. Not bad. It’s not great but not terrible.
With all the “free phone” promos throughout the years.
The $50-$200 BYOD New Line Promos.
The Extra Xfinity “Rewards” Promos.
Sadly it’s starting to come to a slow end.
Increased from $12 to $15 even though I’m still grandfathered in at $12.
$10 activation Fee, even for port-ins on existing lines (this hurts more than you might think)
Slightly higher per line fees and taxes.
Seems to be no more good “free phones” without a promo code. I’m not talking about some garbage Motorola or Samsung AWhatever. Sometimes a pixel is “free” but iPhones is where it’s at. They are really pushing trading in now, don’t know how I feel about that, I’ve never traded in a phone with them.
It needs to be paired with an Xfinity internet account. Not the end of the world but can be annoying at times.
Good Things -
Verizon Coverage.
It’s still a great base hub account with unlimited talk&text. With a dual sim phone specifically an iPhone all you need is to pair up another SIM that has data and your good to go. The advent of eSIM free trials have been a great paring with Xfinity Mobile.
A slept on feature missing on so many prepaid services is the enhanced “iCloud Calling on Wi-Fi Connected Devices” feature. It’s available even on the By-The-Gig lines.
I still wait for the BYOD port in promos though. That’s the real value.
If you are the kind of person who gets the cellular models of iPads like I do. They usually have them at retail with the base iPad model usually with a discount on the line fee. 24 month 0% interest for the new base iPad. I’ll take that, even at retail. With an optional by-the-gig sim in there for emergency data.
This mobile account has almost acted as a Apple financing account for so many years.
The promos are still there, just at a lower quality/frequency than before.
Eligible for the ACP if you qualify.
Apple Watch compatible for $10 per line fee.
You can swap SIM cards with other devices even though they don’t like it.
Retail stores so you don’t have to do everything online or on the phone.
I have easily gotten more out of my relationship with Xfinity Mobile than they have out of me.
They seem to be not so concerned with customer acquisition as much anymore and now are actually trying to cut the losses. Are they even profitable now?
I’m still on the ride but I’ve realized that it is indeed slowing down.
Who remembers the $1 LG Charge phones!? Those were awesome. I still have one somewhere.
submitted by Don-Silvio to NoContract [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:22 goarmy007 [WTS] All US Mint, Silver Eagle Proofs Many Years, Apollo 11 1oz Silver, Many 5oz America the Beautiful National Park Silver

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/DYy1Yid
All US Mint (all silver eagles and Apollo 11 coins include box/COA):
2019 Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Silver Proof 1oz - $55 each - 3 available --- Photos show both sides, this is a concave design coin with astronaut footprint on one side and Apollo lander on other side.
2013 West Point 2-Coin American Silver Eagle Set With Proof & Reverse - $210 each - 1 available
2012 San Francisco 2-Coin American Silver Eagle Set with Proof & Reverse - $170 each - 1 available
2008 Silver American Eagle Proof W Mark - $70 each - 2 available
2010 Silver American Eagle Proof W Mark - $70 each - 2 available
2011 Silver American Eagle Proof W Mark - $70 each - 1 available
2012 Silver American Eagle Proof W Mark - $70 each - 4 available
2013 Silver American Eagle Proof W Mark - $70 each - 3 available
2014 Silver American Eagle Proof W Mark - $70 each - 3 available
2016 Silver American Eagle Proof W Mark (30th anniv.) - $70 each - 2 available
2017 Silver American Eagle Proof W Mark - $70 each - 2 available
2018 Silver American Eagle Proof S Mark (San Fran Mint) - $70 each - 3 available
2018 Silver American Eagle Proof W Mark - $70 each - 4 available
2019 Silver American Eagle Proof W Mark - $70 each - 3 available
2020 Silver American Eagle Proof W Mark - $70 each - 4 available
2021 Silver American Eagle Proof W Mark (Type 1) - $70 each - 2 available
2021 Silver American Eagle Proof W Mark (Type 2) - $70 each - 1 available
Slabbed 5oz America the Beautiful Silver Coins PCGS/NGC (FirstStrike/Early Releases) - some have toning, let me know if interested and I can send more close ups
2010 ATB Grand Canyon PCGS FirstStrike Choice BU 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2010 ATB Yosemite PCGS FirstStrike Choice BU 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2010 ATB Mount Hood PCGS FirstStrike MS68DMPL 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2010 ATB Mount Hood PCGS FirstStrike Choice BU 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2010 ATB Yellowstone PCGS FirstStrike Choice BU 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2010 ATB Yellowstone PCGS FirstStrike MS68DMPL 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2010 ATB Yellowstone PCGS FirstStrike MS68PL 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2010 ATB Hot Springs PCGS FirstStrike MS68DMPL 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2010 ATB Hot Springs PCGS FirstStrike Choice BU 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2011 ATB Glacier NGC Early Releases Gem Uncirculated 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2011 ATB Gettysburg NGC Early Releases Gem Uncirculated 5oz - $200 - 1 available
5oz America the Beautiful Burnished Version US Mint Box w/ COA Coins - some have toning, let me know if interested and can send multiple photos of both sides.
2010 ATB Yosemite Burnished with Box/COA 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2010 ATB Yellowstone Burnished with Box/COA 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2010 ATB Hot Springs Burnished with Box/COA 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2010 ATB Mount Hood Burnished with Box/COA 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2010 ATB Grand Canyon Burnished with Box/COA 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2011 ATB Gettysburg Burnished with Box/COA 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2011 ATB Olympic Burnished with Box/COA 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2016 ATB Theodore Roosevelt Burnished with Box/COA 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2014 ATB Arches Burnished with Box/COA 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2014 ATB Everglades Burnished with Box/COA 5oz - $200 - 1 available
2019 ATB War in the Pacific Burnished with Box/COA 5oz - $200 - 1 available

5oz America the Beautiful in Plastic Capsules Uncirculated (originally from Apmex)
2010 ATB Yosemite 5oz - $180 - 1 available
2010 ATB Grand Canyon 5oz - $180 each - 2 available
Will accept Zelle or Venmo (FF, no comments in remarks). Will only ship first class if less than 2 SAE Proofs for $5 or equivalent weight, otherwise will ship priority for $10.
Insurance extra, buyer to cover cost if desired.
Will provide tracking and ship promptly after receiving payment.If any additional questions at all, please ask below or chat.
Please comment below before chat/PM.
Willing to ship first to high feedback buyers only.
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2023.06.02 23:20 cblguy82 Potential new buyer: Things to know, consider, ask etc especially as 1st time EV owner

I need to pickup a new vehicle after my lease is up in a couple months. New lease deals on ID4 Pro S FWD model seem to fit my price range.
I've read here and there about electric vehicles but would like to get guidance on things you wish you knew or maybe I should consider planning for on as a first time EV buyer.
What other factors, questions etc... should I consider with possibly going into EV for the first time that you all have experience with and which you now know versus not back then?
submitted by cblguy82 to VolkswagenID4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:19 Ok_Cardiologist_8204 Lost black cat in Upper Lonsdale area

A bit of a longshot but if someone has seen her or a cat that looks like her, please let me know as I'm desperate to get my cat home.
My cat, Dixie, has gone missing. She was last seen at home on Monday, May 15th near W St James Rd and Chesterfield. My husband and I were out of the country visiting sick family and our housesitters negligently let her outside at night even after we left explicit instructions for them to keep her indoors due to local wildlife.
When we are home, we use a GPS tracker to let her outdoors during the day and the housesitters took it off before opening the window and letting her out. Because of this, she is not wearing a collar. However, she is microchipped.
We think she was rather unhappy with the housesitters and when she got out she came to look for us and has therefore gone out further than her normal territory. It's been two and a half weeks but we're still hopeful she is out there. Please let me know if you see any cats in your neighborhood that might be her or that look like her but aren't one of your usual outdoor neighborhood cats.
We would love to get Dixie home safely as she is greatly missed. If you do see her, please don't chase her as she can be rather skittish.
submitted by Ok_Cardiologist_8204 to NorthVancouver [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:18 photoc21 And yet, these are snatched up within minutes. Keep those drivers busy while I take real orders, thank you!

And yet, these are snatched up within minutes. Keep those drivers busy while I take real orders, thank you!
3 pictures. Yet I can get a $15 one bag pickup from a Walmart Neighborhood Market nearby that literally never has a car waiting at the pickup area. "Opportunities " lol Customers, if you're wondering why your order from Walmart takes forever to show up, this is why LOL.
Btw, what is with the app showing anywhere from 30 - 85 opportunities when it's literally 2 Walmart pickups?
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2023.06.02 23:09 Renaishance 王丹自己就是那个他口里的伪君子

王丹自己就是那个他口里的伪君子 submitted by Renaishance to China_irl [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:05 BuccosBot Game Thread: Cardinals @ Pirates - Fri, Jun 02 @ 07:05 PM EDT

Cardinals @ Pirates - Fri, Jun 02

Game Status: Pre-Game - First Pitch is scheduled for 07:05 PM EDT

Links & Info

NLC Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Milwaukee Brewers 29 27 - (-) - - (-)
2 Pittsburgh Pirates 28 27 0.5 (107) 4 - (-)
3 Cincinnati Reds 26 30 3.0 (104) 7 2.5 (103)
4 St. Louis Cardinals 25 32 4.5 (102) 10 4.0 (101)
5 Chicago Cubs 24 31 4.5 (103) 11 4.0 (102)
Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Cardinals Jack Flaherty (3-4, 4.81 ERA, 58.0 IP) No report posted.
Pirates Roansy Contreras (3-4, 4.33 ERA, 52.0 IP) No report posted.
Cardinals Lineup vs. Contreras AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Donovan - LF .400 1.055 10 0 2 0
2 Goldschmidt - 1B .375 1.125 8 0 0 0
3 Gorman - 2B .500 .900 4 0 1 1
4 Arenado - 3B .200 .633 10 0 0 3
5 Contreras, Wn - C .250 .650 4 0 0 0
6 Burleson - DH .286 .857 7 0 1 0
7 DeJong - SS .000 .500 1 0 0 0
8 Walker - RF .000 .000 3 0 0 2
9 Edman - CF .286 .786 7 0 0 0
10 Flaherty - P - - - - - -
Pirates Lineup vs. Flaherty AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Marcano - SS .000 .000 2 0 0 1
2 Reynolds, B - LF .167 .551 24 0 0 6
3 McCutchen - DH .667 1.417 3 0 1 0
4 Suwinski - CF .750 2.300 4 1 2 0
5 Santana - 1B .000 .143 6 0 0 3
6 Bae - 2B .500 1.000 2 0 1 0
7 Hayes - 3B .167 .611 6 0 0 1
8 Palacios, J - RF .000 .000 2 0 0 1
9 Hedges - C - - - - - -
10 Contreras - P - - - - - -

Division Scoreboard

MIL 2 @ CIN 1 - Bottom 2, 2 Outs
CHC @ SD 09:40 PM EDT
Last Updated: 06/02/2023 05:40:56 PM EDT
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2023.06.02 23:04 backwardstalking How the hell do so many people go over 20 in active school zone times and not get penalized?

I get licked going 24 in a 20 school zone and now that I really am aware of staying under 20, people continuously pass me and will be going 30+. How are they not getting tickets?
Additional question - can I dispute a speeding ticket in a school zone if there were no marked signs indicating as such, ie speed limit and hours? Driving towards City Park across from Jesuit, there are no signs or anything but just school written on the road. But going the other way towards the interstate there are signs. I wasn’t going very fast but knowing this city I will still get slapped w a fine and seeing if I can dispute it.
submitted by backwardstalking to NewOrleans [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:00 happykitchencode Start up for today making healthy juice for today

Start up for today making healthy juice for today
WantJoin Soundproof Quiet blender Removable shield, for your ideal life .Crushing ice easily. making smoothie or healthy juice starting up for today.
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2023.06.02 22:53 puberty1 Rell micropatch is live; buffs to all of her stats and basic spells + passive

Rell's winrate has been quite low since her midscope, so targeting a number of changes to add power back to her kit. If this doesn't get her to a good place, we'll look to add more (either in a micropatch or for 13.12).
Base Stats - Starting out, we're looking to bring her up to parity with other engage tanks with her defensive stats, and bumping up her regen to keep her from getting poked out of lane. Overall she's now baseline tankier than old Rell.
P - Adding a bit more steal per stack
Q - Giving her some of her base and scaling damage back to her Q, AP ratio should help jungle out a bit, but also gives a boost to some support builds.
W - Reverting some of the nerfs to W that came with the midscope. Her W1 > Q combo should be much more reliable, and her overall CC duration is now higher than old Rell.
E - Adding a bit more kick to the E damage, especially early game, and increasing the starting speed of her ramping E movement to help her cover more distance and feel the speed earlier. This isn't getting a buff to the jungle mod because the boost to the max health damage should be a pretty big win there.
submitted by puberty1 to leagueoflegends [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 22:52 SamTheGeek The new Outfront information screen also has a two-screen version

The new Outfront information screen also has a two-screen version submitted by SamTheGeek to nycrail [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 22:51 hodsct59 Belmont Park And Woodbine Choices For 06-03-2023

I have chosen five races at Belmont Park and 2 races at Woodbine on Saturday June 3, 2023 that I am willing to take a shot at and hopefully find my next nice score. I will not be betting the last race at Belmont individually, but it is the last race of the late P5 which I will take a couple of small shots at. I have always preferred to get as many shots as I can to hit some type of exotics in one or two races but believe spreading in any pick type sequences is not the best use of my money. Much prefer using a few dollars every race and get more opportunities every day compared to putting all my eggs in one sequence and watching them all break when one horse or race does not go as expected.
Belmont Park 4th Race: Maiden Special Weight --- Purse $75,000 --- 3 YOs & Up NY Bred Fillies & Mares --- 7 Furlongs Turf:
1)Ace Up Her Sleeve (12-1) Has 10 lifetime starts with 4 starts and 3 thirds since the beginning of this year. In her last three starts she was tried twice on the AWT in sprints against open company and then shipped back to NY to face state breds in a turf sprint, but race was moved to a muddy dirt track where she was well beaten but managed to get up for third. One slow work since at Delaware Park. Dialed In - Clearly Cheating by Broken Vow. 3x3 to Storm Cat, 4(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Blushing Groom, 5(C)x5(C)x5(F) to Secretariat. As usual, most interested in her broodmare sire, Broken Vow, to figure out what distance is best for this runner, and I believe turf sprinting is the answer for this one. Broken Vow as a G2 SW on dirt but plenty of his progeny has won on grass up to a mile and he has a daughter (Broken Dreams) similar bred to this one's dam that won 3 stakes turf sprints including 2 of them G3 stakes and banked just shy of $400K. Fits with these.
6)La Chance (50-1) Has started 10 times in her career and has one second in 4 starts this year as her only board finish in her first ten starts. She will need her best effort yet but has the bloodlines to upset this field at a huge price. Her last two races and her recent works gives a clue that improvement is on the way after getting a trainer that acts like he knows what he is trying to achieve and gets her first real chance on grass. Looking At Lucky - One Wise Cowgirl by Wiseman's Ferry. 4x5 to Clever Trick. Her sire, Looking at Lucky, was a Champion 2 YO and Champion 3 YO on dirt in the U.S. and broodmare sire, Wiseman's Ferry, won a couple of G3 dirt stakes at 9 furlongs but is best remembered as sire of Wise Dan, who was good on dirt to begin his career but took his popularity to an entirely different level by winning 14 of his last 15 starts on grass with 1 second and 15 of 17 overall, with every grass start against either G1 or G2 competition. La Chance's dam, One Wise Cowgirl, has also produced a G1 sprint SW on dirt (Haveyougoneaway).
4)Cerretta (8-1) has started once this year finishing 3rd in a grass sprint but also started 7 times last year with a second and a third her other two board finishes. Has four decent to useful works since her last start which should move her forward. Midnight Lute - Lift by Pulpit. 5x4 to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Raise A Native & Secretariat.
7)Souffle (2-1) started twice last year, finishing second in her first start on grass as the favorite before returning as an odds-on heavy favorite and finished 4th after getting beaten to the early lead and then coming up empty late. This is her first start this year and trainer Clement is good at hiding which one of his trainees is ready to win first back or may need a race or two but normally uses Rosario when he thinks one is live and he does so here also. Will also race with lasix for the first time. Candy Ride - Portmagee by Hard Spun. 5x4 to Mr. Prospector. Both Candy Ride and Hard Spun are known for their high speed in mid-distance races especially but dam, Portmagee, won one 6 furlongs grass sprint in her career but falter both times when asked to go just slightly further.
My Risks: $4 Ex Box 1-6, $1 Ex Box 1-4-6, $1 Tri Box 1-4-6, $.10 Super Box 1-4-6-7, $.50 Super Key 4 with 1-6-7 with 1-6-7 with 1-6-7. Total Risks $25.40.
Race 6: $.50 Pick 5 ---- 6 with 8 with 7 with 2,4,5 with 3,4,5,6,8,9,10,12. Total Risk $12.00.
Race 6: $.50 Pick 5 ---- 6,9 with 8 with 7 with 2,4,5, with 3,6,9,12. Total Risk $12.00.
Race 6: Allowance --- Purse $95,000 --- 3 YOs UP F&M N/W 1x or N/W 2 Lifetime --- 6 Furlongs Turf:
6) Anna Karenine (9-2) was shipped to U.S. late last year and was given the rest of the year off. Returned in March in a G3 stakes and sat close up early behind a crawling pace and faded after a half mile on grass. Cut back to 6 furlongs in her next start, she sat just behind the two early leaders in third, was sent after a half after the front runner had put only early challenger away but could not get by and hung in deep stretch to lose 2nd nearing the wire in this class and conditions. She has 4 more works in typical Brown style but should be getting close to her best effort. Tornado - Ivory Style by Desert Style. 4(C)x5(F)x5(F)x5(F) to Northern Dancer, 5x4 to Danzig, 5x5 to Special. Anna Karenine's 4th dam, Ivory Wand, is also 2nd dam of Elusive Quality, and this dam line flows back through Frizette, an important member of family #13.
9) Redifined (5-1) has one start this year where she tracked a fast early pace but came up empty in the stretch run in an O/C allowance race. However, she broke her maiden in the first start of her career, then competed in 3 stakes races, 2 of them listed and the other a G3 stakes where she placed in all three. She has recorded 3 very good works since her last race and is the one to beat. More Than Ready - Mrs. Boss by Wild Event. 4x5 to Northern Dancer, 5x5 to Nearctic.
5) Dekanter (12-1) has started twice this year which was also her first two starts of her career and finished 3rd on dirt, then won a maiden special weight race on grass in fairly fast time but it was during a small period when Aqueduct's grass course was blistering fast. Has 4 more works since her last start, none that are eye catching but all done on a 7-day then 6-day splits which is what you (or at least I) want to see from grass runners instead of fast works. Kantharos - Morning Rush by Unbridled's Song. 4x4 to Storm Cat, 5(C)x5(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Mr Prospector.
8) Michele M. (15-1) started twice last year, both time on the AWT, breaking her maiden in her first start before finishing unplaced in a Canadian listed stake. She will be making her first start of this year, first start on grass in her career and first start for a new trainer that wins often on grass but tends to struggle with trainees first start on grass. West Coast - Juliamarie by Mizzen Mast. 4x4 to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Secretariat, 5(C)x5(C)x5(F) to Raise A Native. Dam line traces back to Penelope/Prunella and the most influential family #1 in bloodlines history, without a doubt.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 6-9, $1 Tri Box 5-6-9, $5 Tri Straight 6 with 9 with 5, $1 Super Straight 5-6-9 with 5-6-9 with 5-6-9 with 8. Total Risk $27.00.
7th Race: Maiden Special Weight --- Purse $90,000 --- 3 YOs & Up --- 1 1/16 Mile Turf:
8)Redistricting (3-1) is a first-time starter. It looks like his training started under another barn, then was a private purchase by current owner (private or purchases away from sales are not reported in most cases), then has a consistent work pattern for current trainer Brown with only one small break in his training that lasted 10 days until the day after the Ky Derby (likely concentrating on runners already entered to race). None of his works are eye catching but his last 9 works have all been at 4 furlongs officially, which is the normal Brown pattern. Kingman - Cascata by Montjeu. 4x4 to Kris, 5x4 to Northern Dancer.
1)Certified Loverboy (20-1) has started once this year where he tracked the early pace for 6 furlongs, then faded near the rail as the slow early pace quicken in a maiden race at 1 1/8 mile on grass, which is likely a little further than he is bred to excel at. Now cuts back 1/16 mile, which fits his bloodlines better and has one useful work since that start and returns to jockey who likely knows him better than others. Mendelsohn - Tasha's Moon by Malibu Moon. 4x4 to Mr. Prospector. Dam family traces back to family #3 which is the family of Sister One To True Blue, a daughter of a Byerley Turk mare who, along with her full brother Young True Blue, is most responsible for the formation of the 2nd X-factor gene family.
6)Ohana Honor (8-1) has two starts this year, the first on GP speed favoring dirt track where he tried to impact the race from well off the pace but had no real opportunity to do so. Next out, he was shipped to Aqueduct and moved to grass for the first grass start of his career where he was rolling in the stretch to just miss winning but also encountered enough trouble to make him late arriving to compete. Trainer Shug has put 6 more works in him since that effort, the first 4 useful works and then 2 easy works just to let him stretch his legs until a spot could be found to race him. Has the look of a trainer who is serious about breaking this one's maiden. Honor Code - Spacy Tracy by Awesome Again. 4x5 to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Bold Ruler, 5(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Northern Dancer. Dam has already produced 3 stakes winners from 6 known foals to race, including this one.
7)Fly Right (6-1) is making his first start of the year after making three starts last year and drew near the rail in every start, thereby forcing jockey to send him early for the lead to avoid being trapped (at least perceived by most). He has 10 works for his return, including last 9 at Belmont Park, but his last 4 works should have him fit and ready. Also goes first-time lasix. Astern - Fly By by Johar. 4x5 to Sadler's Wells, 5x5 to Danzig. 6th dam, Where You Lead, is an important and influential broodmare.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 1-8, $1 Tri Box 1-6-8, $1 Super 8 with 1-6-7 with 1-6-7 with 1-6-7, $3 Super Straight 8 with 1 with 6 with 7. Total Risk $25.00.
8th Race: Allowance --- Purse $80,000 --- 3 Yos & Up N/W 1x or N/W 2 lifetime NY Bred --- 1 1/16 Mile:
7) Shadow Dragon (2-1) has three starts this year, finishing 2nd in a G3 stakes in his first start then giving a half-hearted effort in his next two in G2 stakes company, races he was clearly overmatched in and thrown against them much too soon in his young career. Will find these fits his current ability much better and looks like a solid key in the pick exotics. Has 6 works since his last start and most of them shows he still has a desire to be competitive. Army Mule - Fire Assay by Medaglia D'Oro. 5x5 to Northern Dancer but also has Somethingroyal crossing in the sire line through Secretariat and in the broodmare sire line and dam line through another son Sir Gaylord(x2). Has even more crossing influence through Turn-To & Teddy through multiple sons and daughters on both sides.
6) Ormstown (5-1) broke his maiden in his last start against NY bred in the third start of his career and now tries state-bred winners for the first time. This is a fairly weak field for an allowance race and the reason I landed on this one is I feel he has an ability to rate though he went gate to wire against easier in this last (or at least his bloodlines suggest he should). Bernardini - Sandra by Bluegrass Cat. 2x4 to A.P. Indy, 4x5 to Secretariat, 5(C)x4(F)x5(F) to Mr. Prospector, 5(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Northern Dancer.
My Risks: $8 Ex Straight 7-6. Total Risk $8.00.
Race 9: Pennine Ridge Stakes(G2) --- Purse $200,000 ---- 3 YOs ---- 1 1/8 Mile Turf:
4) Silver Knott (2-1) has one start this year and was overmatched against much better than he will see here. Will be looking to make amends for such a poor showing in last. Probably a little more eager than normal as he was fresh off a break and ended up burning all his energy before the real running began on a slow grass course. Europe does not record works between races as most works on private property and normally have to rely on what trainers tells everyone. Brings a substitute jockey along as main rider stays in England for the Epsom Derby. Lope De Vega - God Given by Nathaniel. 5(C)x5(C)x5(F) to Mr. Prospector. Lope De Vega is a son of Shamardal (from 1st crop of Giant's Causeway and dam was a full sister to Street Cry). Broodmare sire, Nathaniel, is also a 2-time G1 stakes winner on grass but is more famously known as the sire of Enable (15 wins in 19 lifetime starts).
5) Congruent (10-1) has started four times this year with a win on the AWT 2 starts back his only board finish. He switches trainers since his last start and new trainer has put 7 works in him, the first 4 looks like they were leg stretching type works to let him get a good feel of Belmont dirt surface followed by 3 good solid works with two of them grass works. Tapit - Part The Seas by Stormy Atlantic. 4x4 to Seattle Slew, 4(C)x5(C)x4(F) to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Northern Dancer, In Reality & Secretariat.
2) Sharar (12-1) is making his U.S. debut after shipping over from Dubai, switching trainers and given plenty of time to rest and become familiar with U.S. racing. Like a typical Pletcher trainee, he put in a few non-descript works but works improved in his last two after he was switched to grass, which he had already suggested in his first two starts he did not like the feel of Dubai's dirt (possibly did not care from Belmont dirt either). Upset potential at good odds. Gun Runner - Sacre Coeur by Saint Ballado. 5x4 to Herbager.
8) Far Bridge (9-5) has three starts in his career, with all 3 coming this year and he has 2 wins and a second, losing his perfect record in his last start when beaten a nose. However, I will take a stand against him for the win as his two works are typical Pletcher works, but his last was not an improvement which is normal for one of his trainees just before a start. Could be the track switch but more likely last took a little fitness from him. Your call, as he certainly has the bloodlines to beat these. English Channel - Fitpitcher by Kitten's Joy. 5x5 to Northern Dancer.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 2-4, $1 Tri Box 2-4-5. Total Risk $16.00.
Race 10: Maiden Claiming $40K --- Purse $45,000 ---- 3 YOs & Up New York Bred --- 1 1/16 Mile Turf:
3) War Prince (9-2) 4(C)x5(C)x5(F) to Northern Dancer.
4) Atlanta's Acuna (6-1) Complete outcross in first 5 generations.
5) Fluorescent Bay (20-1) 5x3 to Icecapade.
6) Just For Luck (12-1) 5x5 to Northern Dancer.
8) Silent Running (10-1) 5x5 to Secretariat.
9) Thethrillofvictory (5-1) Complete outcross in his first 5 generations.
10) Sea Cruise (30-1) Complete outcross in first 5 generations.
12) Bad Larry (4-1) 4(C)x5(C)x5(F) to Mr. Prospector.
No bets on this race but using these in last race of P5. Total Risk All Bets: $125.40.
Woodbine June 3,2023:
5th Race: Maiden Special Weight --- Purse $111,600 --- 2 YOs ---- 5 Furlongs:
7) Call The Question (8-1) started once and finished last but had only 3 furlongs works with one poor gate work before that start in 4 1/2 furlongs and did not try after a poor break. Now has two more good works since that start, a 4-furlongs followed by a 3-furlongs gate work that is much better and now stretches out to 5-furlongs where she should get a better break from gate. 5(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Mr Prospector.
6) That Girl Artemus (6-1) is a first-time starter. Her 4-furlongs two back is very good followed by another good
4-furlongs work from the gate. If she breaks as well as she has shown, becomes a candidate to wire the field. 4x5 to Mr. Prospector.
2) Pipit (5-2) is a first-time starter. Has a good gate work two back at 4 furlongs followed by an easy 4 furlongs work. Attracts top jockey with an above average trainer. 4x4 to Mr. Prospector, 5x5 to Secretariat & Sir Ivor, 5(C)x5(C)x5(F) to Raise A Native, 5(C)x5(F)x5(F) to Northern Dancer.
9) Miramichi (15-1) has one start on the AWT at 4 1/2 furlongs, but drew outside on a rainy track which is usually the worst place to be, and the one just inside her got better break and she chased them throughout as they pull away while closest to the rail and she lost third at the wire to a late runner. Returns in two weeks but has another good 4 furlongs work since that start.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 6-7, $1 Tri Box 2-6-7, $.20 Super Box 2-6-7-9, $.30 Super Straight 2-7 with 2-7 with 6-9 with 6-9. Total Risk $22.00.
Race 7: Royal North S(Can-2) --- Purse $175,000 --- 4 YOs & Up F&M --- 6 1/2 Furlongs Turf:
2) Bay Storm (3-1) has three starts this year with 2 seconds and one third. She has been an ultra-consistent runner throughout her career, missing a placing once in her 14 lifetime starts. While this looks like a step up for her into G2 company, it is actually a step down in class as she has missed twice to odds-on G1 winning fillies in her last 5 starts while 2nd both times, including beaten a nose by one of them. She will be going back on lasix for the first time in a while. 4x4 to Storm Cat.
8) Baby No Worries (12-1) has started four times this year, winning her first start in an allowance race on the AWT at TP with a good late kick to get up in time, then finishing 2nd in a small stakes race at same track in her third start using a good late kick again to just miss before finishing 3rd in her last start against the probable favorite in here in a G3 stakes race at this track with another good late kick. She has the look of finally putting it all together as she gets more racing experience and is also moving back to grass. 5x5 to Hoist The Flag & My Charmer.
5) Our Flash Drive (9-5) has started once this year and made it a winning effort in a G3 stakes race on the AWT at her home track here. She switches back to turf here where if she has a weakness, it is on grass as only one of her stake wins have come on that surface. However, all her grass tries have been in the U.S. where the competition is usually much tougher and since she is back on her home turf, so she deserves to be the favorite. One useful work since her last start. Outcross in her first 5 generations but has Nasrullah influences on both sides.
6) Sweet Enough (20-1) has started 3 times this year in two G3 stakes and a listed stakes race in the U.S. and has not placed. However, in all three starts, she was beaten by horses that would be vying for favoritism in here and her last indicated she is near to regaining her best form. Trainer is one of Canada's best and he has put 5 more works in her, the last three very good and indicates this filly is still moving forward. She will be racing on lasix for the first time this year. 5(C)x5(C)x5(F) to Mr. Prospector.
My Risks: $5 Ex Box 2-8, $1 Tri Box 2-5-8, $.20 Super Box 2-5-6-8, $1 Super Key 2 with 5-6-8 with 5-6-8 with 5-6-8. Total Risks $26.80.
Total Risks Both Tracks $174.80.
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2023.06.02 22:50 bornfree254 Faith Kipyegon breaks the world record 🔥

Faith Kipyegon breaks the world record 🔥
She set a new record of 3:49.11 at the Golden Gala in Florence. I'm so happy I watched it, it was such a sensational run. Faith is now an Olympic champion, world champion and world record holder. Truly the G.O.A.T in 1500m.
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2023.06.02 22:49 s2kong [S] [USA-CA] Contax G1 w/ 28mm, 45mm, 90mm, TLA Flash

Selling as I'm shooting mostly digital now. Kit served me well.
Contax G1 w/ 45mm F2, 28mm F2.8, 90mm F2.8 TLA-140 Flash Everything works great with the camera and the lenses. Camera has some marks around the body and some slight lcd bleed. Lenses are in excellent condition, no scratches/haze/fungus.
Comes with everything pictured:
Looking for $1200 shipped net to me. Paypal G&S preferred. I believe I have one sale on photomarket but have a bunch of sales over at mechmarket Must leave a message here and PMs only (no chat)
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