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2023.06.02 23:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Dan Wardrope – Click & Deploy Sales Android (

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2023.06.02 23:33 ShootingIn8k (Selling) Just dropped some prices! D&D 4K, Ant-Man 3, Creed 3 4K, 65, 3:10 to Yuma, Tar 4K, Missing, EEAAO, Cocaine Bear, Alien 6-film Collection, Babylon 4K, Rocky 1-4 4k, Training Day 4K, Smile 4K, Belly 4K, Pulp Fiction 4K, Reservoir Dogs 4K, Bullet Train 4K, Clerks III 4K, Highlander 4K, etc!!

Question for people who also sell/buy on DCS. When is the ideal time to post? When are you looking to buy on a regular basis? Also have you noticed the formatting failing recently? I used to be able to copy and paste my previous posts and just remove the ones I've sold. Now it bunches everything up and the bulletpoints no longer function. I had to bring an older version into a word proccessor. Just werid and frustrating.
Trying to clear out my codes! If someone wants to buy every single code for a deep discount HMU I’ll sell orders of $100 or more for 40% OFF, $200 for 50% OFF, $300 for 60% OFF, $400 for 70% OFF and $500 for 75% OFF!!
Just went through and dropped some prices! Not interested in discussing discounts on single codes.
Codes Never Split
Paypal f+f
New Pickups
• 3:10 To Yuma - $6 4K Vudu (1 Left)
• 65 - $7 HD MA (1 Left)
• 80 For Brady - $7 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Alien 6-Film Collection - $12 HD MA (2 Left)
• American Frontier Trilogy (Wind River, Hell or High Water, Sicario) - $9 HD Vudu (1 Left)
• Amsterdam - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Ant-Man: Quantumania - $8 4K MA (1 Left)
• Ant-Man: Quantumania - $6 HD MA (1 Left)
• Babylon - $7 4K iTunes (2 Left)
• Banshees of Inisherin - $6 HD MA (1 Left)
• The Batman - $6 4K MA (2 Left)
• Beast - $6 HD MA (2 Left)
• Belly - $7 4K iTunes/Vudu (1 Left)
• Beverly Hills Cop II - $8 4K Vudu (1 Left)
• Bodies, Bodies, Bodies (A24) - $7 HD Vudu (1 Left)
• Bullet Train - $7 4K MA (1 Left)
• Call Jane - $5 HD Vudu (1 Left)
• Clerk III - $6 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Cocaine Bear - $8 HD MA (1 Left)
• Creed III - $12 4K Vudu (2 Left)
• Creed Trilogy - $18 HD Vudu (1 Left)
• Devotion (2022) - $8 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Don't Worry Darling - $5 HD MA (2 Left)
• Dreamgirls - $5 HD Vudu, iTunes (1 Left)
• Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Theives - $10 4K iTunes/Vudu (2 Left)
• Empire of Light - $6 HD MA (1 Left)
• Escape From LA - $8 4K Vudu, iTunes (1 Left)
• E.T. - $6 4K MA (1 Left)
• Everything Everywhere All At Once - $6 HD Vudu (2 Left)
• The Expendables 1-3 - $5 HD Vudu/iTunes (1 Left)
• The Fablemans - $5 HD MA (2 Left)
• Fantastic Beasts 1-3 - $6 HD MA (1 Left)
• Flashdance - $6 4K Vudu, iTunes (2 Left)
• For the Love of Money (2021) - $5 HD Vudu/GP (1 Left)
• Frozen (Disney) - $6 4K MA (1 Left)
• Frozen II (Disney) - $6 4K MA (1 Left)
• Green Mile - $6 4K MA (1 Left)
• Heat 4K - $6 4K MA (1 Left)
• Highlander - $7 4K iTunes/Vudu (2 Left)
• Hot Seat (2022) - $6 HD Vudu/iTunes (1 Left)
• Interstellar - $6 4K itunes/Vudu (1 Left)
• Jaws - $5 4K MA (2 Left)
• Jurassic World: Ultimate Collection (6 Movies) - $18 HD MA (1 Left)
• Knock at the Cabin - $6 HD MA (1 Left)
• Licorice Pizza - $5 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Lightyear - $5 4K MA (2 Left)
• Lilo & Stich 2-Film Collection - $7 HD MA (1 Left)
• The Lost City - $6 4K MA (2 Left)
• Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Mack & Rita - $7 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Magic Mike 3 - $7 HD MA (1 Left)
• Marlowe - $6 HD MA (1 Left)
• M3gan - $7 HD MA (1 Left)
• Men (A24) (2022) - $6 HD Vudu (2 Left)
• Menu - $6 HD MA (1 Left)
• Midsommar - $5 HD Vudu (1 Left)
• Missing (2023) - $9 HD MA (1 Left)
• Moonfall - $6 4K iTunes/Vudu (2 Left)
• Nightmare Alley - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Nope - $6 4K MA (2 Left)
• The Northman - $6 HD MA (1 Left)
• The Old Way (2023 Nick Cage) - $6 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Pearl (A24) - $5 HD Vudu (2 Left)
• Plane - $8 4K Vudu, iTunes (1 Left)
• Pulp Fiction - $7 4K iTunes/Vudu (2 Left)
• A Quiet Place 1 & 2 - $8 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Rambo 5-Film Collection - $12 HD iTunes/Vudu (1 Left)
• Rambo: First Blood - $12 HD iTunes/Vudu (1 Left)
• Rambo: Last Blood - $12 HD iTunes/Vudu (1 Left)
• The Requin - $6 HD Vudu (1 Left)
• The Rescuers 1 & 2 - $8 HD MA (1 Left)
• Reservoir Dogs - $6 4K iTunes/Vudu (2 Left)
• Rocketman - $6 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Rocky: The Knockout Collection 1-4 - $18 4K Vudu (2 Left)
• Seriously Red - $6 HD Vudu (1 Left)
• Shazam: Fury of the Gods - $9 4K MA
• She Said - $6 HD MA (1 Left)
• Smile - $7 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Sonic 2 - $5 4K iTunes/vudu (1 Left)
• Strange World - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Spinning Gold - $7 HD MA (1 Left)
• Supercell - $7 HD VUDU (1 Left)
• SuperPets - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Taken 1-3 - $8 HD MA (1 Left)
• Tar - $9 4K MA (1 Left)
• Thor Love and Thunder - $6 4K MA (1 Left)
• Till - $6 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Top Gun Maverick - $7 iTunes/Vudu (2 Left)
• Training Day - $7 MA (2 Left)
• Turning Red - $7 4K MA (1 Left)
• The Untouchables - $6 4K iTunes/Vudu (1 Left)
• Walking Dead Final Season (Eleventh) - $8 HD Vudu (1 Left)
• Warm Bodies - $5 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• West Side Story (2021) - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Where the Crawdads Sing - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• The Wolf of Wall Street - $6 4K Vudu/iTunes (3 Left)
• The Woman King - $7 4K MA (1 Left)
• Young Sherlock Holmes - $5 HD iTunes/Vudu (1 Left)
• Columbia Classics Vol. 3 - $36 4K MA (1 Left) $6 per title (Not for sale individually)
  1. It Happened One Night
  2. From Here to Eternity
  3. To Sir, With Love
  4. The Last Picture Show (Director's Cut)
  5. Annie
  6. As Good As it Gets
• Fifty Shades Trilogy - $6 HD (1 Left) (1st and 2nd are Unrated and 2nd should redeem in iTunes and port in 4K)
• Game of Throne Season 4 - HD iTunes/vudu $3
• GOT: House of Dragon S1 - $18 4K Vudu (2 Left)
• Ghosts: Season One - $7 HD Vudu
• Jordan Peele 3-Movie Collection (Nope, Us, Get Out) - $12 HD MA (1 Left)
• Now You See Me 1&2 - $8 HD Vudu (1 Left)
Disney/Marvel/Star Wars (Unsplit, No DMR)
• Avengers: Endgame - $6 4K MA (1 Left)
• Avengers: Endgame - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Beauty and the Beast (Live Action) - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• The BFG - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Black Panther - $5 HD MA (2 Left)
• Call of the Wild - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Captain Marvel - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Cruella - $8 4K MA (1 Left)
• Disney Nature: Bears - $5 HD MA
• Finding Dory - $5 HD MA (2 Left)
• The Finest Hours - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Frozen - $5 HD MA (2 Left)
• Inside Out - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Iron Man 3 - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• The Jungle Book (Live Action) - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Maleficent - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Moana - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Oz The Great And Powerful - $5 HD MA (2 Left)
• Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Saving Mr. Banks - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Sleeping Beauty - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Star Wars: Force Awakens - $5 HD MA (2 Left)
• Star Wars: Rogue One - $4 HD MA (3 Left)
• Star Wars: The Last Jedi - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Thor: Dark World - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Wreck it Ralph 2 - $5 HD MA (2 Left)
• Zootopia - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
4K Movies
• Almost Famous - $7 4K iTunes/Vudu (1 Left)
• Arrival - $6 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Bad Boys for Life - $5 4K MA (1 Left)
• Bourne Legacy - $5 4K MA (1 Left)
• Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - $5 4K MA (1 Left)
• Deadpool - $5 4K MA (2 Left)
• Despicable Me 2 - $4 4K iTunes (3 Left)
• Dirty Dancing - $6 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Escape Plan 2 - $4 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Fast & Furious 6 (Extended) - $4 4K MA (1 Left)
• Fast & Furious 7 (Extended) - $4 4K MA (1 Left)
• Fate of the Furious + Extended - $3 4K MA (Extended Director's Cut is HD) (FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE OVER $5)
• Fifty Shades of Grey - $5 4K MA (1 Left)
• Force of Nature (2020) - $4 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Hidden Figures - $5 4K MA (iTunes Redeem) (1 Left)
• How to Train Your Dragon 2 - $6 4K MA (1 Left)
• The Hunger Games - $4 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - $4 4K iTunes (2 Left)
• The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 - $4 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Jack Reacher - $5 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Jason Bourne - $5 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Justice League - $5 4K MA (1 Left)
• Kingsman: The Golden Circle - $5 4K MA (1 Left)
• Life of Pi - $5 4K MA (iTunes Redeem) (1 Left)
• The Martian - $6 4K MA (1 Left)
• Mile 22 (2018) - $5 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Mission: Impossible: Fallout - $5 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Pitch Perfect - $6 4K MA (1 Left)
• Red 2 - $5 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• The Revenant - $6 4K MA (1 Left)
• Secret Garden (2020) - $6 4K iTunes (1 Left)
• Secret Life of Pets - $5 4K MA (1 Left)
• Star Trek: Into Darkness - $4 4K iTunes (3 Left)
• Transformers: Age of Extinction - $5 4K iTunes (HD VUDU available) (2 Left)
• Transformers: The Last Knight - $5 4K iTunes (HD VUDU available) (1 Left)
• Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 - $4 4K iTunes (2 Left)
• xxx Xander Cage - $5 4K iTunes (1 Left)
HD Movies
• 12 Years A Slave - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• 2 Guns - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• 42 - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• About Time - $4 HD MA (2 Left)
• Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• The Amazing Spider-man - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• American Hustle - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Anchorman 2 - $4 HD iTunes/Vudu (1 Left)
• Book of Life - $4 HD MA (2 Left)
• Boyhood (Linklater) - $5 HD iTunes/Vudu (1 Left)
• Breaking In (Unrated) - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack - $3 HD MA (1 Left)
• A Christmas Story 2 - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Dolphin Tale - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Escape From Planet Earth - $4 HD Vudu (1 Left)
• Extremely Loud Incredibly Close - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Ferdinand - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Flight - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Focus - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• A Good Day to Die Hard (Extended Edition) - $4 HD MA (2 Left)
• Grease 2 - $4 HD iTunes/Vudu (1 Left)
• The Greatest Showman - $4 HD MA (3 Left)
• The Hate U Give - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Home - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• The Host (2013) - $3 iTunes Redeem Port to MA (1 Left) Not Bong Joon-ho
• Hugo - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• If Beale Street Could Talk - $6 HD MA (1 Left)
• Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Kung Fu Panda - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Les Miserables - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Marvel's Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Midway - $4 HD Vudu (1 Left)
• Noah - $4 HD Vudu/iTunes
• Now You See Me - $4 HD Vudu/iTunes (1 Left)
• Paddington - $5 HD Vudu (1 Left)
• Parental Guidance - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• The Possession - $4 HD Vudu (1 Left)
• Prometheus - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Reclaim - $4 HD Vudu (1 Left)
• Rise of the Guardians - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Robocop - $4 HD Vudu/GP (1 Left)
• Safe House - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Second Act - $3 iTunes (2 Left)
• The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - $3 HD MA (1 Left)
• The Secret Life of Pets - $3 HD MA (1 Left)
• The Shack - $4 HD iTunes/Vudu (1 Left)
• Silver Linings Playbook - $4 HD Vudu
• Sinister - $4 HD iTunes, Vudu, GP (1 Left)
• Skyfall - $4 HD Vudu/GP (2 Left)
• Sleepless - $3 HD MA (1 Left)
• Son of God - $3 HD MA (1 Left)
• TinTin (Speilberg) - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• Trolls - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Turbo - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Unbroken - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Underworld: Awakening - $3 HD MA (1 Left)
• Vivo - $5 HD MA (1 Left)
• When The Game Stands Tall - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• White House Down - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Zero Dark Thirty - $4 HD MA (1 Left)
• Zeros and Ones (2022) - $5 HD Vudu (1 Left)
submitted by ShootingIn8k to DigitalCodeSELL [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:27 Vepr12AllDay [WTS] Vortex Razor HD Gen II 5-20x50 RZR-52006 EBR-2B MRAD $1075 Shipped!

I have a Razor HD Gen II 5-20x50 RZR-52006 EBR-2B MRAD for $1075 Shipped! Price includes the premium American Rifle Co. M10 35-36 Scope rings, Vortex Bubble level, Sun Shade, Bushwhacker Caps, UPS 2nd Day Air Shipping, Full insurance, and PayPal G&S.
The glass is 100% perfect. The body has a couple tiny scuffs and is free of any dents or damage whatsoever. Overall 9.5/10
Long time seller on several other platforms with 100% perfect feedback everywhere for 15+ years
Vepr12AllDay is my YouTube and my Gunbroker handle
Vberezanskiy on TacSwap
VforVandetta on AKfiles/
FireRescueDeals - eBay
Same PayPal email for 15+ years
I'll be on hand today and tomorrow for any fresh timestamp/facetime/phone call that you might need for any further questions or concerns.
Thanks for looking!
Dibs and pm
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2023.06.02 23:09 diversification I just signed a provisional registration - is that an enforceable contract to buy the vehicle?

tl;dr -- I just walked out of a Toyota dealership, and while I didn't leave with a vehicle, I did sign a 'provisional registration' for the new vehicle. I signed it "just so the sales person can leave" and I did so before we were finished talking financing. It was a one page document with the upper right being a registration card.
Question: was that someone a contract forcing me to purchase the vehicle that I signed? They made it seem like it was just so they could toss it in the car, earmark it for me once we finished the financing, and that would be it, but now I'm concerned. I called back and left the finance manager a voicemail asking this, but they're now closed.
More details -
We continued talking prices, and options after I did that, and it was determined that they wouldn't be able to compete with the pre-approval I got from my CU. As I only received the pre-approval when I was walking in, we agreed I'd go back and obtain the check, then come back in with it.
As a part of the discussion, one of the things I was told multiple times despite pressing was "the pulse break sensor ~$400, and the all weather coatings (undercoat, seat protection, ceramic coat) for $1,200 can't be removed. We put them on every vehicle we get, and so we have to charge them to you. I pressed them on it and they insisted those additional costs are fixed, and the only thing we could do is swap out and pick from the other menu items (things like dent protection, and wheel protection) of an equivalent price.
I got out, called another dealership who simply had much less in the way of supply, and asked if they tack anything like that on. He immediately said no and that's why their wait-list is much longer, is if someone wants to they can leave with the car at sticker without anything else installed.
I'm sure I did stupid stuff in here, but I'm hoping I didn't commit to the purchase somehow. Can anyone speak to this?
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2023.06.02 23:03 JohnQ417 [WTS] Vortex Razor HD GEN II-E 1-6 with ADM QD mount, Streamlight TLR-1, etc.

Vortex Razor HD GEN 2E 1-6x LPVO with JM-1 BDC reticle
Brand new, never mounted or fired and comes with everything from factory. Only opened for Serial # and pictures. Decided I'll keep my Viper PST instead.
Vortex Precision ADM QR Cantilever Mount - 30mm 2" extended. New, opened for pics. Heavy duty /sturdier version of the ADM Recon.
$1285 for both (Trying to sell as a bundle, but split price: $1150 optic and $215 mount)
Streamlight TLR-1 + Daniel Defense Flash Hider Combo
300lumen with Glock Key, in great condition with very little salt. DD Flash hider also low to no salt.
$98 for both ($84 if splitting the light)
GG&G "Dually" FSP Pic Mount for lights - $23
LBE AK Modern Brake 14x1 LH- $20
All prices are shipped. Not interested in trades atm. Paypal F&F no notes please. Personally recommend securing the payment with a credit card through F&F for peace of mind as an alternative to G&S as I do this myself for larger items.
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2023.06.02 22:54 TheCuriousSpaniard Everything you always wanted to know about tapas and never dared to ask

As some of you may know, there's a legend that in certain cities in Spain, they serve a "tapa" for free with each drink you order. In this case, specifically in the city of Granada (and province). Well, this is true, but it needs some clarification. First, let's define what a tapa is: It's a small portion of food, an appetizer, that is usually served in bars when you order a drink. There are some exceptions, for example, they don't serve a tapa with an infusion or a coffee. Although, recently, some cafés have started the practice of serving a small sweet tapa with coffee or infusion. It could be a cookie, a chocolate, a mini pastry... However, it's not yet widespread.
On the other hand, let's define "free." The tapa is never truly free. When you see the expression "free tapa," it means that the price of the drink already includes the tapa. Generally, the combination of a drink and a "free" tapa has a low price, but sometimes it can be a trap because if you don't want the tapa, you'll still have to pay the same price for the drink as if it came with a tapa. Or even worse, since the tapa is "free," the establishment is not obligated to serve it every time, but in those cases, you'll still pay the same price for the drink. Typically, it's around 2.5€-3€, depending on the bar, the drink you order, etc.
What can we expect from a tapa? Generally, it offers quantity rather than high quality. However, that doesn't mean you'll be served cat meat or fried flies. In fact, it's not fair to say "low quality." What I mean is that the ingredients used are typically inexpensive. Chicken, eggs, vegetables, and so on. Although they may not be expensive, they can still be of excellent quality. So, forget about Iberian ham, caviar, and oysters with lemon.
Are the tapas good? They're f*cking awesome, mate! When I mentioned "low quality" earlier, I already clarified that it wasn't the right word. I should have said "humble ingredients." But if there's one thing Spanish cuisine is known for, it's creating incredibly flavorful dishes with humble ingredients. Examples of this are "migas" (bread crumbs dish), salmorejo (cold tomato cream with garlic, bread, and olive oil), paella (rice with various ingredients), callos con garbanzos (pork tripe cooked in a flavorful sauce, usually spicy, with chickpeas), russian salad, Spanish omelette (made with eggs, potatoes, and onion. There's a silent civil war in Spain regarding the inclusion of onion in the Spanish omelette. If you're a decent person and not a despicable creature, you'll be on Team Onion), etc. There are also other common tapas like mini hamburgers with fries (sometimes not so mini), meat in sauce, pork loin ring, sandwiches, fried fish, etc. The variety can be extensive.
Where will they serve me a tapa? In bars, bar-restaurants, and some cafeterias. But during "kitchen hours." This means that you shouldn't expect to be served a tapa at 10 am or right before the bar is about to close. They won't serve it to you in a restaurant. In fact, it would be annoying or ridiculous to ask if they serve tapas in a restaurant. As I mentioned before, in bars or any place that also includes the word "bar" (bar-restaurant, bar-cafeteria), they will serve you a tapa, but not always in all cases. As we mentioned earlier, the tapa is meant to be a complimentary offering, so the bar reserves the right to serve it to you or not. It's not a matter of chance; there are some unwritten rules. If the kitchen is closed or they have specific hours for serving tapas, they will adhere to that time frame. Outside of those hours, you might get lucky and be served a cold tapa or some chips with olives or something similar. Also, in some places, and this is becoming more common, if you order a portion or a dish from the menu instead of tapas, they will stop serving you free tapas.
Can I choose my tapa? In some places, yes, while in others, no. If they allow you to choose your tapa, you and your group can only choose two varieties per round. If they don't let you choose, the tapa will be the same for everyone in a round, but the tapa in the next round will be different. In many places, they also allow you to order extra tapas for an additional cost. In those cases, there is usually no limitation on the variety. After that, you can do whatever you want with your tapa. Eat it all, leave it untouched, share it, give it away, feed it to a stray cat, or even throw it at the bald guy at the next table... What you do with your tapa and your life is not the concern of the waiter or anyone in the bar. The only person who might give you a disapproving look is the bald guy if you happen to hit him on the head with your burger.
Where can you find the best tapas? Usually in residential areas away from the city center. The more touristy and commercial center of the city offers an advantage to the bars located there due to their prime location. They don't necessarily need to attract customers with the best or largest tapas because they already occupy a privileged place in the city. However, there are also very good options in the city center. Sometimes on a slightly hidden street or in some bars that, despite being well-situated, make an effort to serve excellent tapas. But in general, if you're looking for the ultimate tapa experience, the best areas would be places like the neighborhood of La Chana, El Zaidín, Ronda... Neighborhoods that are a bit further away from the center.
So enjoy your stay in Granada, recharge your energy with the diverse tapas from the bars, don't go overboard with the beer, and leave a tip if you don't want to experience the "mala follá" (bad mood) of the Granada waiters. Greetings!
P.D.: If you're planning to come to Granada by air, you can do so through Granada Airport, although it's more likely that you'll land at Malaga Airport. From Malaga, you can come by bus or train, but if you prefer to come by taxi or private transfer, I recommend checking out Shine Malaga Transfers through their website at They are friends of mine, and I would vouch for them without hesitation... Plus, the boss is my cousin. Best regards!
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2023.06.02 22:50 humpy_dumpyy New hire takes advantage of tip pool

For context, I'm a college student and I've been working at a Korean-owned sushi restaurant with a high turnover rate for over 18 months. Initially, I was hired as a hostess, then immediately thrown in as a server on my first shift, and halfway through that shift, they put me behind the bar to make sushi and bartend. Since then, I've picked up duties in the front and back of the house and the restaurant owner's office. I have been asked to rewrite the menu, come up with new drinks for the bar, do payroll, create the schedule, etc. I also bartend, serve, manage to-go orders, assist line cooks, work alongside the head sushi chef, and run the sushi bar when the head chef is away. When I have to serve or bartend, I still am responsible for my kitchen duties. For instance, if I take a table, I also will be making their food and drinks. I am the only employee that does this besides the boss (don't worry she pays me for the extra work lol). We recently had a new hire who is my coworker's roommate, who I will refer to as A. My co-worker, let's call her Susan, was really upset when A was first hired because A had applied behind her back, then lied to our employer about her experience and availability. Susan had her hours cut since A had asked for 3-4 days a week. Susan and I both work this job since our parents don't help us out financially, and Susan had told me that A wanted a job for extra spending money since her parents cover rent, tuition, etc. Within the first 2 weeks of working, A calls in every Saturday to attend some concerts. I was annoyed at first with her work ethic; however, when she was actually on the clock, A was fairly suited for the server position. She had never had any service experience prior, so I was impressed. Then my boss asks me to do payroll, and I notice that A's average nightly tip out is significantly lower than any of the other servers, including mine. There was one weekend where I took 5-6 tables total, and A had opened and closed, but our total in tips was the same. I figured she was new she probably is still learning how to interact with customers. Also, I'm not the owner, so it's not my problem. A continues this lazy work ethic of trying to leave early or calling in sick if she wants to go out with her friends instead. My coworkers and I have an established relationship of not being friends or family, but since we are a small business, we help each other out when business gets crazy. If one of us is scheduled to leave early, but several 4+ tops walk in, that person typically stays to help situate the closing staff with the rush. We cover each other when our boss is erratic or angry, and we only do all this for each other, because it is mutually reciprocated. So last night, I am closing with just A, because it's a week night and it's slow. A few tables walk in when A is in the bathroom, so I decide to seat them for her while I am making the sushi for her current tables, and I bring them water, menus, set the table, etc. She takes awhile and a few of these people immediately just start ordering through me with no warning. I decide to make their drinks and appetizers since it's slow and I can keep track. After the 3rd table orders, I put all the orders in the system under my name just so I don't forget. A comes back from the bathroom, and I tell her where I seated the people in the system so she can transfer the orders to her name, assuming she will continue serving the tables. I was so wrong. I had to continue making drinks for these tables, checking up on them, bringing them extra napkins, make their food AND bring it out to them, etc. all while these bills are being put under A's name in the system. The funny part is A isn't even the one entering their orders into the computer, MY BOSS IS. A is just looking at her phone, or trying to chit-chat with me and the line cook all while my boss is hauling in the kitchen for to-go orders. When A does her nightly tip out she boasts about how the tables I took tipped 22-25%, and proceeds to exclaim she made "good money" tonight despite it being slow. I wasn't making any tips that night since I was scheduled as head sushi chef. The entire tip pool that night was going to A. In case you were all wondering, last payroll her average tip out was 13.7%, and that is just as a server. Yes, I am typically dealing with fewer tables than the other servers when I am helping out the front of the house, however, I am still making sushi, drinks, and cooking, and I never let my average dip below 20% or else my coworkers would come for my throat since our tips are pooled. I am not asking for advice or anything, I just wanted to vent, because I feel like A should be fired, however she is Susan's roommate and I don't want to start beef at my work place. But none of my other coworkers would have ever done that to me. It's just straight up disrespectful. I've helped my serving coworkers with their tables before when they are busy or distracted, but I've never sat, waited, and cashed their entire table out for them. If I did, they end up helping me with my duties behind the sushi bar. Has anyone else experienced this type of behavior from a new hire at the restaurant they work at? If so, I wanna hear, it because I can't believe I just let her get away with that. And yes I'm going to let her get away with it because I'm not a snitch lol. The head server already doesn't like her, and she doesn't have the best social standing at work, but it's work so we try to keep it professional. I am thinking of confronting her though, if she continues this behavior.
TL:DR the new hire at my workplace thinks she can just mosey around work like its a hangout spot and doesn't put in her part for the tip pool.
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2023.06.02 22:49 ArrVea Todays upfront meal LAX-SEA 6/2 Korean BBQ sandwich and lime packets

Todays upfront meal LAX-SEA 6/2 Korean BBQ sandwich and lime packets submitted by ArrVea to AlaskaAirlines [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 22:47 The_Eternal_palace Go forth and enact change. 001

⟨⟨ Chapter 001 ⟩⟩ Don't thank the «GODS»
Without warning; the direction left became urgently Tuesday. Up became a distant relative. Backwards became fictitious. And the popcorn I’d been eating became a puddle of vomit at my feet. — That last one being what I would consider “normal” allowed me to realise that whatever had happened had now stopped happening.
I stumble around in the darkness for a few seconds before a light shines up ahead. Someone else had gotten to the exit before me, opening the door allowing light in. Some part of me is trying to remember a common saying that warns against going towards the light. But right now, disorientated and in the dark, it feels instinctual.
I left the cinema room and made it out to the lobby. I bumped into someone, but just as I utter a reflexive “sorry”, someone else bumps into me. More and more people keep entering the lobby. Be it as a response to the general panic, a desire to escape the growing crowd, or something deeper; everyone seem to gravitate towards the buildings exit. Out onto the street and in the parking lot.
One leg after another, I walk without giving much thought to what's going on around me. Or to what happened back in the cinema. Going forward in a daze, carried along by the crowd.
After the exit acts as a bottleneck, The crowd is able to spread out after getting outside. I find myself leaving between the people ahead of me, pushing towards the front of the crowd.
As I’m too busy watching my footing to give the slowing crowd or my surroundings much thought. It wasn’t until I reached the outer edge of the crowd proper that I was able to take in my surroundings more fully. And it was like I woken up. The daze I was in had me on autopilot until this moment when I set eyes upon the world around me.
Where should have been a car park in the outer suburbs, instead I find myself looking up at thick vegetation. Thick distinctly alien vegetation.
“Ah crap, we got isekaied.” someone to my right said. I was internally glad someone else came to that conclusion. It would have been kind of embarrassed if I was the only one.
Around me a few more dazed people pushed forward to the edge of the crowd before seeming to wake up. A quick glance over my shoulder suggested that they were quite a few more people to come out. So I decided to walk over to the side out of everyone's way.
I started talking to myself, thinking out loud. “alright, alright, if we've been isekaied.... Hmmmm.... Is it sci-fi or magic?”
I looked over at the forest again. Tall thin trunks, or two to three trunks per tree. Then with a few large leaves hanging down. Everything is coloured a cross between olive green and chalky white.
“It looks like it fits the magic variety better. Then again, it's not like I have firsthand experience with this. And any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic anyway.”
“Yo, what’s up?” A guy comes up. He gives me a casual head nod greeting. As if what was going on was just any other normal day. “names Steve.”
“Mac. I was just trying to figure out what's going on”
“Well you are already doing better than that lot. Half of them are in denial, and the other half are in a panic.” Steve gives a friendly smile, suggesting the comment was at least partly in jest.
“Are You familiar with isekai stories? Where the characters get transport it to a planet full of magic and monsters.” I asked him.
“Like the wizard of Oz?”
“no...” I paused, thinking about it “well, yeah. Sort of.”
“But less singing, right?” he smiled “nah, sorry. I’m more of a fan of Doki Doki Sims.”
“Anyway....” I said “There's usually magic involved. If we can open up the magical interface, then we can start using magic. In some stories it is voice activated. We just need to know the right words to say.”
“Hocus pocus! Alakazam!!” Steve said enthusiastically. There was an awkward pause for a second before Steve continued “welp, I'm out of ideas. Let me know if you managed to figure magic out.” And with that he was off just as quickly as he came.
I felt a little lost for words about the whole conversation. And needed to take a moment to gather my thoughts again before continuing.
“menu? Open menu? Stat window?” I started listing off all of the variations I could remember from different books that I've read. “Help desk? Open log? Open system? Initiate system?”
I looked over towards the crowd. It was quite sizable, definitely over a thousand people. I'll thinking about Steve I suddenly hung my head and a mix of shame and defeat.
Taking a deep breath I said “Hippity Hoppity, show me my magic properties.” Time seem to slow down as I focused on the world around me. Watching as.... nothing happened. I let out a sigh. “thank «GOD» it wasn’t that one.” But this time something did happen. A cold shiver ran out my spine, and I was gripped with a deep sense of fear.
I could tell, with every fibre of my being, that I had gotten the attention of something powerful beyond measure. Like if I was an ant, and I just gone be attention of a farmer who held a shovel in one hand and a 20L Jerry of pesticide in the other.
My life flash before my eyes. And then, a moment later, the feeling of soul crushing dread and helplessness had passed. In its wake was left the more mundane type of trauma associated with near death experiences, and a message etched into his mind.
“You are not worthy to seek audience with the pantheon of «GODS». Not yet.”
I sat there in stunned silence for what felt like hours, it was probably less than 5 minutes. I didn't know what to think, I didn't know what to think about. Getting isekaied onto an alien world was surprisingly easy to come to terms with. Finding out that «GODS» exist, and then having one such «GOD» directly speak to you... That is a lot to take in.
My turmoil of inner thoughts was snapped back into focus when someone came over to talk to me. A middle-aged woman, probably late 30s. I looked up at her and saw that she had a very worried look on their face.
“Was that you? Did you... draw their attention?” She asked.
I opened my mouth to respond, but at the same time I glanced over her shoulder at the rest of the crowd. EVERYONE was looking at me. There was no movement in the crowd, no sound of talking. Everyone had stopped what they were doing to look at me, personally.
It was unsettling.
Everyone must have noticed when the «GODS» spoke to me. Or perhaps the «GODS» contacted everyone at once. Which probably was the case. It just seems more efficient than to contact each person on a case-by-case basis. Not that supremely powerful being must be concerned with efficiency.
After realising I hadn't answered the woman. I looked back at her, but still couldn't find the words to say.
“Please don’t do it again.” She said. And all I could do was manage a weak nod in response.
When the woman turned to leave, I followed behind her. As I entered into the crowd, people started talking again. At first in hushed whispers as I passed. Then as the general volume got louder, normal conversation seemed to resume.
I looked around and realised I didn't have anywhere specific I was trying to go. Nobody else came up to start a conversation. And I felt too a self-conscious at the moment to join in with random group.
So with nothing better to do, I went back into the cinema to claim an isolated corner as my own. It was my hope that some of my more immediate problems would be solved after a few hours sleep.
. ⟨⟨ Chapter 002 ⟩⟩ Food, shelter, and an obsession with magic.
It has been 3 days since we've arrived here. For me, these last three days have been... troublesome.
TITLE ⟩ Attention of the «GODS» You have gained the attention of the God's once, and thus are more likely to do so again. +⟩ You have a weak aura of ‹Divine touched› +⟩ All humans have a partial geas. It now takes significant effort for humans to utter the name of any «GOD».
My unfortunate choice of words on the day we arrived resulted in me getting a title. And the rest of humanity getting a slightly different title. For all other humans, as well as for myself, we are unable to speak the name of any «GOD» unless we really, really mean it. Which is honestly probably for the best. Humanity is probably lucky I got the «GOD’S» attention by thanking them instead of by using some creative cuss words. The part of my title that has been given me problems has been the weak aura of ‹Divine touched›. About 1/3 about the humans have become actively hostile with me. While the other 2/3s have remained politely neutral, although slightly distant. With a very small number, let's call it a rounding error, have become creepily friendly toward. Not in a way that suggests any sort of mind control, just a cultish fascination. As for everyone else; humanity seems to have adapted surprisingly well to our new reality. All of our first world problems have taken a back seat in the face of more immediate issues. Food. Shelter. Our obsession with magic. It was on the first day, after I had already retreated inside, someone else had unlocked the secrets of magic. There's no key phrase that needed to be spoken. All that is required is for a person to enter a deep meditative state. From there it is rather intuitive. Spells, classes, titles, bloodline traits... All the things I had expected to find, in quantities far exceeding my imagination. At some time in the near future I need to sit down and dedicate an hour of three going over the system. But not right now. The other two priorities that have kept us all busy — food and shelter — have been partially solved thanks to magic. Our primary shelter, what I had originally thought to have been a cinema complex, turned out to be an amalgamation of at least a dozen different earth buildings. Including a cinema, an office building, an apartment building, a subway station, a mattress retailer, a Chinese restaurant, The Fiction section of a library, a classroom that used to teach forklift certificates..... And other random things. It was either a failed attempt at selecting a variety of buildings that we might need in this new world, or it was a highly successful attempt at taking the most obscure choices for the greatest variety. I have already seen at least a dozen people using magic to help reshape the central building. Internal plumbing and rearranging the hallways where the top two priorities. An internal electrical grid is apparently the current attempt at improving our home building. But apparently electricity, and physics in general, aren't working the way we expect them to. I guess that's the price to pay for having cool magic. For reconstructing the building, the most common magics in use have been: Geomancy, Wood Magic, Metal Smithing, Drawing Runes, and various other types of magic that don’t fit a common naming convention. Maybe all magic should just have -mancy attached to the end of the word. It works for hydromancy, pyromancy, geomancy, etc. Although adding the -smith suffix works for a lot of magics as well: Metal Smith, Wood Smith, Rune Smith. I can deep dive the linguistics of magic another day. Last but not least – Food. The limited supply of earth food that got teleported in with us quickly became a rare delicacy that is making a select few people rich on the black market. Is that for the majority of us, We have become hunters and gatherers once more. With the aid of magic to Find, identify, kill, purifier, butcher, and cook. An attempt at agriculture is being made. But it has not yet borne fruit; Both literally and figuratively. . After all that rambling on about world building and exposition and stuff, we come back to the most important part of any action adventure story....
Action and adventure (duh)
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2023.06.02 22:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Dan Wardrope – Click & Deploy Sales Android (

[Download Course] Dan Wardrope – Click & Deploy Sales Android (
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.02 22:39 trentcrimm-indep Explain the connections between interest rates, the robust labor market, and practical solutions to lower housing and food inflation?

It seems there is a connection to me between interests rates held too low, Fed money printing, rampant food and housing inflation, and the resilient labor market.
You view of any of these aspects?
We printed so much money, it flowed into corporate buybacks, equities and real property. So how will a solution work focused on tamping inflation by raising rates? Is Reich or Jon Stewart right we are doing this on “the backs of low wage workers”?
1) How should the Fed navigate interest rates?
2) What is sound tax policy to spread tax burden more efficiently between corporate profits and medium to lower income workers, yet still benefit small businesses (that generate the majority of jobs)?
People have to work more hours to cover essentials. Yesterday in the US, Macy’s Costco and Dollar Tree all indicated recessionary forces and customer spending pullback for essentials. That said, I understand corporate profits and oligopolies are the reason food prices are high.
Commentary on forces, your views welcome:
-Combining Macro and Demographics, Gen X, Millennials and younger who are not home owners have a long wait ahead, and still rental housing prices that are too high. The rent eats first.
I believe home prices will not correct until 2024, as the bid ask spreads in commercial multifamily and residential are too wide. We won’t see meaningful corrections until loans are up for renewal, and we uncover how regional banks won’t lend (due to rising interest rates).
3) And current homeowners stay out as they cannot replace their low mortgage rates. Any solutions here?
We also have market forces that are quite different-does that change recommended policy?
-low housing starts, (do we have lower household formation too?), crisis of affordable housing.
-social media news (see bank run for Silicon Valley), Yardi software extracts highest possible rents, and a demographic baby bust in western countries not fully replaced with immigration.
I’m leaving out unpriced externalities like climate change, but seems we are —spending prolifically now before we need it —we used up all the gas with pedal to the metal zero percent rates, when the workers in the economy needs support.
Help an Econ minor out? Non homeowner here struggling with housing, food and daycare inflation.
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2023.06.02 22:32 thecordcutter UPDATE #2 [with PICS]: I created a Cordless Tool database. Now I need some tool junkies to help me make it better!

UPDATE #2 [with PICS]: I created a Cordless Tool database. Now I need some tool junkies to help me make it better!
Back for another round. 2 months goes by fast.
Just wanted to update on some the progress that's been made to
  1. Revamped the data collection process
  2. 50 new tools each week going forward
  3. beefed up product info for circular saws
  4. added leaf blowers.
  5. NEW - pricing from authorized distributors
  6. NEW - Spec comparisons on product pages
  7. NEW - ability to compare any tools dynamically (just circs and blowers for now)
  8. June will be focused on mowers and trimmers

Data Process

I had to rework the data collection process because it wasn't very organized or complete to be frank. I think I've got something now that is fairly efficient, but it can always be tweaked of course.
I should be able to get about 50 tools/week without it causing a lot of pain and suffering but I will sacrifice my mental sanity for you guys and do more if I can. So if you check in weekly, you should see new products flowing in. I'll be doing the data dumps on Thu/Fri.

New Products

Due to the issues I mentioned earlier, I haven't been able to add many new products to the database in the past couple of months. It was quite a humbling experience, to be honest. I had to start the whole process almost from scratch.
To get things going, I decided to use the circ saws as my starting point and built out the entire process from there. I went ahead and updated all the circ saws with whatever information I could gather from their respective brand websites.
So, for now, they're as complete as they can be. However, there are some brands (*cough* Yellow *cough*) that don't provide much detail about their products. So, I'll have to do some more digging using alternative sources like manuals and videos, to fill in the gaps (stay tuned).

New Leaf Blowers

With all that said, I've started adding the Leaf Blowers with the most popular ones first. The data on the blowers, for the most part, is fairly robust, given the fact that there's only so many specs and features you can get for essentially a product that pushes air. For the month of June, besides the blowers, I'm going to focus on mowers and trimmers, mostly because it's that time of year.
Milwaukee's there I promise

Authorized Distributors

As mentioned by MilwaukeeTool (Mackenzie) and some others, there wasn't any Authorized Distributors in the list and if there was, there wasn't a way to distinguish. The goal has always been to have tool pricing from ALL sources, especially AD's but it just wasn't possible for me the last update.
This time around, I've been able to start getting the AD's into the DB. I started with the most common stores amongst all the brands. So there's about 7-8 in total that I went with, each product having about 5-6 AD's on their product pages.
Not all products are up-to-date here, as I go through each category, I plan on fixing these links and adding in all the AD's as I go. But for now, the circ saws are good to go as well as the blowers. In the other categories, it's hit and miss.
AD's and "Other" Offers are separated by a tab. You can click back and forth to see the pricing between them and make decision based on your needs and comfort level. Sometimes an AD will actually sell a product on Walmart or Ebay, and thus I've added them into the appropriate tab.
I left Amazon in the "Other" tab no matter what the brand is. The problem with their system is in how they implement their "buy box". So one day it could be an AD selling and the next day a random seller. It's hit and miss. It just makes it hard for me to know for sure. But I've found their Customer service to be good overall if I've had any issues. YMMV, so just exercise caution.
Please be aware that NOT ALL prices will show up for the AD's. Some I've been able to parse on a 7 day update cycle and others I've just added the link. So for now, even if the price doesn't show up, the link will still take you to the exact page of the product your interested in. It still makes it quicker than searching around. But I intend to have all the pricing in there at some point.
I wish this could be more consistent and I understand how it can be somewhat disappointing to see it on some page and not others. But over time, it should just continue to get better and better.
Apologies in advance.
Authorized Distributors
\"Other\" Offers

Spec Comparisons

This is something I just thought of recently and decided to add into the product pages. I'm kind of testing it and not too sure how I feel about it. If this is something that is interesting to people I can do more with it.
How it works:
It's just a simple scale that pulls the data for the tool category of the page that you are on and then adds a marker to the scale based on how that tool compares to the others (in the same category) in the entire database.
I used natural language instead of numbers to (hopefully) make it easier to see at a glance. Maybe adding a tool tip with the numbers could be advantageous, not sure.
So if you look at the example below, the weight of this Circ saw is about middle of the road compared to the other circs in the DB. It's not the heaviest saw, but it's not the lightest either. From there you can extrapolate the other 3 data points using the same logic.
Each section on the scale represents 20% (more-or-less)
If it doesn't make sense, let me know.
Milwaukee circ saw data comparison
Here's a blower example as well to show how each category will be different. Again, the data is only compared against tools from the SAME category. So the Weight and Length are compared to the other blowers in this case.
Makita blower data comparison

Dynamic Comparisons

Finally! You can now compare ANY 2 (or more) tools that you want - no need to login!
I have enough data that it makes sense to start rolling this out. It's only available for the Circs and the Blowers for now. But it will be site-wide hopefully in the next 2-3 months.
How it works:
Just click the little cross button the corner of the tool card and it will add change to a check mark when it adds to your comparison tray. Once you have the tools you want to compare, you can click the button in the menu and review your tray and then "compare"
Compare the tools you want by clicking the compare button
I'd only recommend comparing 2 at a time on mobile and 4 at a time on desktop. It's not a smooth scroll (yet), so it just works better if you stick to those guidelines.
Show Differences:
If you click on the "show differences" button, It will grey out all the specs and features that are the same for the tools you are comparing.
This should make it easier to see only what's different about the tools. The more tools you add, the less useful this becomes because of the variations in the products.
A note about empty values: Especially with the circ saws, you may experience a bunch of empty values. That's mostly because I could not find the data from the manufacturer. I will be doing a second round, as mentioned earlier, to fill in those gaps so the comparisons will become more robust and actionable over time.
Show differences

Dimensions and Data Standardization

One of the questions I posted a little while ago was about tool dimensions and overwhelmingly most people want the data shown as decimals and not fractions. So on the categories that are "complete", again, circs and blowers, they all should be decimal at this point.
The other categories will be hit and miss until I run the process on them.

Filters & Search Bar

I've started introducing more filters to the category pages. It's not as robust as I want it to be, but it's slowly getting there. I would warn that some of the filters (like the "platform") may not yield the results you're happy with as not all the tools have been labelled with their platform. This again came down to the data I could get direct from the manufacturer but will be updating this.
Search Bar:
When in doubt you can always lean on the search. It is SPECIFIC to the category your in and will search through the title and the description only for your keywords. I've built out the descriptions on the circs and blowers (the others will be coming soon), so there's plenty of data in there to grab with this filter.
NOTE: Sitewide search is not yet possible, but something I will be delivering in the future.
Search bar

I'm Done

Okay - that's it for now.
I appreciate all the feedback and encouragement as it helps me work through the challenges. This is by far the most complicated thing I've ever tried to conceive and seeing it come to life is very rewarding. I'm hoping you get as much use out of it as I intended it and I can't wait to see how this evolved over time.
More updates coming soon...
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2023.06.02 22:12 sgt_deacon T14s Gen 2 Intel vs X13 Gen 3 AMD, trade in worth the effort?

Hi, I recently purchased the following T14s Gen 2 Intel from Lenovo on the "clearance" deal:
So far so good, but I noticed the following laptop at a close price. To be clear, looking at the 21CM0006US on the doorbuster sale:
So, the comparison I found is the processor is a decent bit better (Intel i7-1185G7 vs AMD 6850U), larger storage, and WUXGA vs FHD. T14s does have 3 year warranty vs 1 year for X13. Overall it seems like a good jump for the $40 increase which boils me down to a few questions:
  1. What are peoples thoughts on the X13 and T14s? It seems like the difference is pretty minor. I believe the T14s would have a bit larger battery, different chassis material, and slightly larger screen. Am I missing anything important?
  2. The X13 comes with the "privacy guard" screen, this looks like the biggest standout negative of that configuration. What are your thoughts on this? I've mostly read bad things about it, not sure if it's a deal breaker?
  3. How is Lenovo with returns? From what I read online as long as you have the original packaging and accesories (which I do) you should be fine. But what experiences have people had?
  4. Any other general thoughts? Worth the hassle?
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2023.06.02 22:02 KeyMusician486 Perilla

Pickled Korean Perilla leaves-Kkaennip Jangajji
Korean BBQ Meatballs wrapped in Perilla another member gave me this idea
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2023.06.02 21:57 DeliveryCats Living the Dream

In 2000 I wanted to take over my local taxi region. Now we have technology to connect people and the mega-apps have paved the way to mainstream.
It's time for us to re-claim our power as PROFESSIONAL couriers.
You provide the best service you can, day after day. You put into the job all of the extras that go along: endless maintenance; dealing with weather, traffic, and parking; endless out-of-stock issues; the risk and associated insurance that goes with excessive driving.
You deserve proper compensation.
There are good customers, and they do pay for these services.
Imagine if we ran our own delivery networks in our own towns. We could connect nice customers with competent drivers. With a co-op model 90% of what the customer pays goes to the driver. I see no markups for food or groceries in my plan. Instead, those $5 in markups, $5 in fees, and $3 tip will turn into $12 for the driver and $1 for the co-op itself.
Would customers pay $13 to have food delivered, on top of the restaurant's menu prices? It seems like a lot of them already do, and order from 3 miles away. I might offer an $8 one-mile special, but the price needs to meet the real-world cost of on-demand courier service. We don't want to gate-keep but workers have to get paid or the job can't get done. People talk about poor neighborhoods not tipping, but tip or not, delivery has to have a cost. My own answer to this is that I'd absolutely pick up two orders from the same restaurant, going to the same address, for the single delivery fee. Then people could split the cost with their neighbor or whatever. (The app would have a pairing feature, but safety has to be the top priority.
In my little 3-mile square area I think I could build up demand for 10-20 drivers (rotating - not everyone works all the time) with the busiest times seeing maybe 10 on at once.
Passengers, food delivery, convenience store runs, regular 2x grocery orders/drops....
This is my dream.
I'm at the stage of working on the app, with two drivers and two cars ready for a way to connect us up with customers who are fed up with the status quo.
I'm ready. I'd call my co-op the Northwood Runners, because that's the main shopping center in the middle of my 3-sq-mi area.
Meanwhile, I should start my new 9-5 next week. Yay. But I'll get this project funded one way or another.
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2023.06.02 21:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Dan Wardrope – Click & Deploy Sales Android (

[Download Course] Dan Wardrope – Click & Deploy Sales Android (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Dan Wardrope – Click & Deploy Sales Android
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Generate Leads That Lock Out Your Competitors & Have Clients Begging For More, With A ChatGPT Fueled Sales-Android

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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.02 21:31 TabakRules Hyde Lounge?

I’m flying into town to go to game 2 with my brother, but I find myself with no real plans for game 1. I was looking at watch parties (Stadium Swim, Mackenzie River BBQ, etc), but prices for the Hyde Lounge are now under $200. Has anyone ever done this before? What can I actually expect? Am I watching the game on a TV while standing? Might still be worth it to be in the room where it… you know.
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2023.06.02 21:30 GABE_EDD The Pre-Built Gaming PC Database [June 2023]

Link To Database

>>> <<<


You can use this tool to find good value pre-builts or to look at how much worse of a deal buying a pre-built is compared to building yourself. I created a simplistic way to quantify the gaming performance of a computer, taking into account the CPU, GPU, and price. It's supposed to simplify the process for selecting a good value pre-built, even for someone who knows nothing about computers. It's not perfect because it doesn't take into account for RAM, storage, etc. But, the meat and potatoes of both gaming performance and price are compared across many pre-builts across many companies.


I’ve helped people out on PC subreddits for a while, and all too often I see people asking if a pre-built is a good deal or not. The world of pre-built gaming PC’s can be a confusing one. With so many new people entering the space, I felt like something needed to be done. I have attempted to create a gaming performance per dollar database where people can go to see what pre-builts are a good deal, and people who build PC’s themselves can see how much money they’re saving or how much performance they’re gaining for the same price point.
My first stab at doing this was to rebuild as many pre-built computers as I could on and see how much money I would have saved buying the parts myself rather than buying the pre-built computer. Then record the data and show which ones were good deals. I did this for a while until I realized that it was very inconsistent because many pre-builts use 12th gen intel and RTX 30 series cards, which are no longer in production, causing prices to fluctuate and be inconsistent. So, I had to come up with a new way to go about it.
I decided that I would find a way to quantify the gaming performance of the computer, and then compare that to how much it costs to calculate a performance per dollar score for as many pre-built computers as I can. And that’s exactly what I did. The method for quantifying gaming performance isn’t perfect, far from it. It only takes into consideration the CPU and GPU the computer is using, and then how much the machine costs. So, take this data with a grain of salt. The CPU and GPU are both the most expensive and have the most impact on gaming performance, so generally it gives you a pretty good idea of the performance of the machine. Things that are not taken into account that are a factor for gaming performance include the RAM type, capacity, and speed, the storage type, the motherboard chipset, features that are exclusive to Nvidia cards, etc. There can be instances where the scoring system I came up with is not a great representation of the value and performance of a computer, but in the grand scheme of things, it does provide a decent metric for measuring gaming performance per dollar. So how does it work?


The method I came up with will cause some controversy, but bear with me. The data I used is meant to be reflective of game performance; not Cinebench scores, not video editing, just purely 3D game FPS. So, here are the stipulations for this project.
Now, if you clicked on those links and noticed, the CPU’s gaming scores are in the few-thousand’s and the GPU relative performance scores are in the low-hundreds, or even less than 100 in some cases. So, I need a way to scale this. I think it’s safe to say that the GPU is about twice as important as the CPU for gaming performance. How did I arrive at twice the importance? Typically, you spend about twice as much on it. It’s fairly normal to see a PC build with an $799 GPU and a $399 CPU, or a $300 GPU paired with a $150 CPU. In theory, I think it’s somewhat fair to say it’s about twice as important.
So, with that in mind this means that the GPU’s score needs to be about twice as high as the CPU’s scores for their weighted total gaming performance. So, I simply multiply their relative performance to the GTX 1080 Ti by 60 and *poof* their scores are in the neighborhood of about twice the CPU’s scores. So, the total score for a PC will simply be:
CPU Gaming Performance Score + (GPU Relative Performance to GTX 1080 Ti * 60) = Performance Score
And then…
Performance Score / USD Price = Final Score (Performance to USD Ratio)
Well, I know what you’re thinking, and this is where the controversy will stem from, what about all the other components? The RAM, the storage, the chipset, etc? Well- our goal is to determine how much gaming performance we’re getting for our dollar, the CPU and GPU are the most expensive components, and they also happen to be the most important components for getting the best gaming performance. Other components like RAM and storage are pretty easy and cheap to swap later on, the “meat and potatoes” of the PC are where this is focusing. Trying to introduce more scores and more components would complicate things significantly. So, it’s not a perfect system, but it gets the job done. There’s beauty in simplicity, right?

The Best & the Worst

To my surprise, there were actually some decent deals out there. Most of the deals that were acceptable were towards the budget-end of the spectrum, typically in the $1000 or less range. Naturally, PC parts diminish in performance per dollar as you go up in performance, and this is reflected severely in the upper-end of the spectrum. In some cases, you can be receiving a third the performance per dollar when compared to building it yourself…
My scoring system scores DIY on average performance per dollar at about 11.5, while Falcon Northwest scores an abysmal 4. I was actually shocked when I saw the prices they were asking for the systems they’re offering. Sure, they’re good systems, but not at the prices they want… I think this is because of many of the components in the computers having Falcon Northwest logos and things on them, so they must contract companies to make these components, or print their logo on them, or something. But even then, if I wanted a little bird head sticker on my computer, stickers aren’t expensive, and why would I want that anyway?
Another contender for the worst performance per dollar score is Digital Storm, scoring 5.1, purely because as I was clicking through the pre-built computers, I did not change a single option. On Digital Storm’s website, it’s very easy to simply click on a $3,000+ computer, hit “add to cart”, and check out. Doing this makes you pay over $3,000 for a computer with a GTX 1650 for crying out loud. All of their computers have GTX 1650’s by default. But, if I’m a noob and I have no idea what I’m doing, I might simply think “Well, they want $3,000 for it, so it must be good right?”. I think this reflects back on the purpose behind this article, finding these companies and trying to shed some light on just how terrible some of these companies are.
On the flip-side NZXT offers the best performance per dollar I could find among pre-built gaming computer companies, coming pretty close to DIY across the board at a score of 9.1. I imagine this could be for the same reason as Falcon Northwest, strangely. Because NZXT is a large manufacturer in the case and cooling industries, they can get and use these components for pennies on the dollar, contributing to the value of their pre-builts.
Lenovo Legion comes in second place, with a score of 8.7. However, not much to say about them, they offer pretty solid deals across their selection. Tied for second place, we also have HP Omen & Victus, which I was very surprised to see up here. I thought they’d be another Alienware or something. Upon looking at HP’s line up, we find they offer some very budget conscious machines that offer great performance per dollar, but are lacking in overall performance. Their upper-end of the spectrum is a mixed bag of bad deals and okay deals.


I hope people make good use of this tool, I’ll try to update it every once in a while, or otherwise make a new one in the future. It took quite a bit of work to compile, working on it off and on for a couple weeks, changing the formula and completely re-doing the entire thing at one point. If your heart is set on buying a pre-built I hope you can use this data to pick one that fits your budget and offers you the most performance per dollar you can get. If you love building PC’s yourself, then use this data to justify why pre-builts are generally lacking in value.
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2023.06.02 21:28 Federal-Increase-301 I want to buy a gaming laptop for my bday, but i cant decide.

I want to buy a gaming laptop for my bday, but i cant decide.
The Tuf is 12th gen , rtx 3070 8GB And the Rog is ryzen 9 6900HS , rx 6700S 8GB. They are the same price
submitted by Federal-Increase-301 to laptops [link] [comments]






RP=ANY RANK (1-8000)


RP=ANY RANK (1-8000)


RP=ANY RANK (1-8000)


RP=ANY RANK (1-8000)












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2023.06.02 20:56 Tiatoohip Could use a recommendation

Can anyone recommend a slightly more mature game or one where the Mc is the center and focal point of the story, i.e. Mc is the most important part of the story and not just part of the story
(I hope I explained it ok)
What platforms do you have available?
Pc and Switch
What languages are you ok with? English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc
English text
How much do you want to spend, or do you want to play for free?
I'm happy to pay and price doesn't matter
What games have you already played and what did you like about them?
Our Life: Beginnings & Always (One of my favorite games,I love how personal it is and Cove is my ideal irl man)
OZMAFIA!! (I loved the story and art)
AMNESIA™: MEMORIES (This was my first slightly more mature otome game and I have a special love for one of the characters)
Dandelion - Wishes brought to you - (My first otome game)
Olympia soiree (I think it was interesting with the inspiration of Japan folklore)
Piofiore: Fated Memories (YANG!!! Yes, I am one of them)
What level of plot and romance are you looking for?
Heavy on romance, I like a good plot, but I'm not into too many details about the world and Magic and supernatural things are especially welcome
What character or plot tropes do you like?
Jealous, obsessive, possessive and toxic (yandere)
Do you have anything that you really dislike in otome games?
Tsundere (If they directly belittle you and is just mean)
Shotacon (It's just not my thing and I find it a little uncomfortable when my LOVE interest calls me sis)
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2023.06.02 20:53 Saltiest_Sailor [WTS] Complete BCM+Aero+BRT 5.56 Upper - 11.5" / Complete Law Tactical Folder Gen 3 Setup with POF Buffer Tube and IWC Sling QD Endplate / OD Green AR Furniture Set Magpul Grips + FCD A5 Tube + Milspec Selector

- Payment Methods That I Accept: PayPal Friends and Family, Zelle, or Venmo Friends Payments.
- I DO NOT Accept PayPal Goods and Services or Venmo Goods and Services Payments.
- If the Payment Provider asks that you put a note, just put food emojis. No firearms/firearms accessories related notes.
//////////////////////// ITEM(S): ////////////////////////
- Additional Pics of BCM+Aero+BRT 11.5" 5.56 1/7 Upper with BRT EZ Tune Gas Tube Upper - Tuned to work 100% unsuppressed and reduce gas to the face when suppressed: Around 100 Rounds of use on the uppebarrel. The BCG has seen around 200 Rounds.
This is the nicest 11.5 upper I have ever shot, very accurate and gassed to perfection for 100% reliability unsuppressed and reduced gas blowback when suppressed.
Tip to Butt on the Upper: Surefire CTN 5.56 Flash Hider, JP Enterprises Double Crush Washer, Black River Tactical Optimum Chrome-Lined 1/7 11.5" Car-Gas Barrel, Black River Tactical 0.073" EZ Tune Gas Tube, Black River Tactical .750 Gas Block (Pinned), BCM MCMR-10 Handguard, Troy M4 Fixed Front Sight, Impact Weapons Components M-Lok Sling Mount, Haley Strategic Picatinny Sling Mount, Aero Precision AR15 Forged Upper Receiver, HM Defense Reinforced Cam Pin Hole AR15 BCG (Nitride), Radian Raptor CH, and Daniel Defense Fixed Rear Sight.
Assembly Notes: Gas block pinning done by Black River Tactical, barrel nut is installed to BCM's torque specs with Aeroshell 33 Anti-Seize Compound. Surefire CTN Flash Hider is neutral timed with Aeroshell 33 Anti-Seize Compound (wipes off with a rag or brush if you don't know what this stuff is... you should, however). Loctite is on the screws of the crossbolts of the handguard, both iron sights, sling mounts, as well as the set screws on the gas block.
Gas Tuning Notes: Even though Black River Tactical sells their 11.5" Optimum gassed barrels claiming they are gassed well for suppressor use, I noticed that they were still overgassed unsuppressed. I worked my way up in BRT EZ Tune gas tube sizes up to 0.069" which gave me 100% reliability unsuppressed, then went up 1 size larger to 0.073" for to ensure absolute 100% reliability.
Price Breakdown - Prices with strikethrough represent the price if you were to buy the item brand new, following that is what I am asking/Your Price:
Surefire CTN FH $155 $100 + Barrel with Gas Block Pinned $350 $280 + EZ Tune Gas Tube $65 $45 + BCM Handguard $172 $140 + Troy Front Sight $55 $40 + IWC M-Lok Sling Mount $18 $10 + Haley Pic Sling Mount $35 $22 + Aero Upper Receiver $70 $50 + HM Defense BCG $159.95 $80 + Radian Raptor CH $85 $65 + DD Rear Sight $98 $75
If bought new = $1,263 /// Your Total = $907 Shipped
- Additional Pics of OD Green AR15 Furniture Kit: Used, all in good condition.
Not splitting for now.
If you buy this New, prices are: MVG $20 + K2 Grip $20 + Safety $17 + FCD Tube $78.00 = $135 Shipped /// Your Total Price is $90 Shipped
- Additional Pics of Complete Law Tactical Folder Gen 3-M Setup: Good condition, around less than 50 rounds of use. Comes with 2 of the installation wrenches and comes with POF Carbine Length Enhanced Receiver Extension and Impact Weapon Components QD Sling Mount Endplate installed.
Price Breakdown - Prices with strikethrough represent the price if you were to buy the item brand new, following that is what I am asking/Your Price:
Folder for $250 $190 + Buffer Tube $44 $30 + IWC Sling Mount End Plate and Castle Nut $18+$5 $10+2 = Total $327 $245 Shipped
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