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2023.03.22 07:58 Odd_Presence7868 AITA for asking my boyfriend about his female best friend?

I 27f and my “boyfriend” 27m have been seeing each other since June last year. I have some issues from past relationships hence why I haven’t dated before him since I left my child’s abusive father. I have spent a long time working on me. About 4 years. He has also been single a while. The shortest way I know how to say this is he has said before he has commitment issues. But we spend every day after work together. He has never asked me to be his gf but we talk about buying a house together and a future together. He has asked about the adoption process with my son. Has joked more than once about us moving in. I have met some of his family. It seems my love language is words of affirmation..the one thing he says he can’t do because of past relationships. But he has a female best friend who he has no problem giving words of affirmation too on a regular basis. They pass notes everyday and say things that doesn’t necessarily seem like things you say to just a friend, things like “I am only at peace when I’m with you”. He won’t take her calls near me and he walks away to respond to text messages or closes out real quick if I’m near. She is married. Everyone at work thinks they are in a relationship to the point management has talked with him about it. And that when he first talked with me I asked him if they were. I think they are having an emotional affair. I’m not sure if he realizes it or just doesn’t care because she is his world. We have never been to a movie when he wasn’t texting her the whole time. He has to respond to her constantly and checks to make sure he doesn’t miss her messages. But half the time it’s pulling teeth for me to get a response message wise. He does call me on his lunch break everyday unless she isn’t at work. If she is not there I don’t hear from him at all until he’s off work. I told him when I brought it up in the beginning if he was in love with her it was ok. I just needed to know so I could protect me and not get attached. He only said I don’t think that’s the case. That was the end of discussion. He makes her coffee every morning. Sends her selfies on a regular. This week I was needing words of affirmation and he said he likes me enough that he sometimes uses other words to describe it. Maybe love? I have no clue. Because he doesn’t like to open up to me much. But he is always confiding in her. But everyone at work has told me I’m just a place holder until she isn’t married anymore or decides she wants him. I just feel like a fool and I’m hurt. I definitely have strong feelings for this man. AM I THE ASSHOLE for feeling frustrated in this situation? I want more than anything to trust him… but my gut is screaming at me and almost a year later I can’t continue to ignore it… I apologize for the length 😶
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2023.03.22 07:50 DenCooper89 Why has my bitcoin transactions not confirmed yet since yesterday?

There are several reasons why a Bitcoin transaction may take longer than usual to confirm, even if it has been pending for a day or more. Here are some possible reasons why your Bitcoin transaction may not have confirmed yet:
  1. Low transaction fee: If you did not include a sufficient transaction fee when you sent your Bitcoin transaction, it may take longer for miners to confirm it. Miners prioritize transactions with higher fees, so if your fee is too low, your transaction may remain in the mempool (the waiting area for unconfirmed transactions) for an extended period.
  2. Congestion on the network: If there is a high volume of Bitcoin transactions being sent at the same time, it can lead to congestion on the network, which can cause delays in transaction confirmations. This can happen during times of high market activity or when there is a surge in demand for Bitcoin transactions.
  3. Network issues: Occasionally, there may be network issues or technical problems that can prevent Bitcoin transactions from being confirmed. These issues are usually temporary and are resolved quickly.
If your Bitcoin transaction has not confirmed yet, the best course of action is to wait patiently. Bitcoin transactions typically confirm within 24 hours, but it can sometimes take longer. If your transaction remains unconfirmed for an extended period, you may want to consider contacting the support team of the wallet or exchange from which you sent the transaction for further assistance. They may be able to provide additional information on the status of your transaction and help you resolve any issues that may be causing the delay.
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2023.03.22 07:43 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper Courses List (Complete Bundle)

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2023.03.22 07:40 InternalNarrow5806 AITAH for not wanting my fiance's mother in my daughter's life?

I (24f) took a trip in march due to family emergency and left for a month out of state. My fiance (26m) came down to visit and help me move back home. A few weeks later we found out I was pregnant and we decided to tell strictly immediate family due to how early along I was. His mother instantly made the remark stating that our child wasn't his. After arguing for a few weeks she dropped it.
As my pregnancy progressed she would either make comments about me either not looking pregnant enough or I looked too pregnant. Saying things such as " you aren't showing yet, you're just fat" or "after you lose all that weight then we can look for wedding dresses."
Due to how she was during my pregnancy I discussed with my fiance I absolutely refused to have her in my delivery room. Instead I wanted his stepmother as she had helped me every step of the way in my pregnancy and was my largest support system. He fully supported me in my decision saying it was my body my choice and we told his mother. Later on that night she called us at midnight and stayed on the phone for 2 hours.
Instead of trying to understand why she completely reversed it on me saying I'm not considering her feelings and I'm hurting her. Telling me it's completely unfair and proceeded to tell my fiance' he had until the day I give birth to change my mind. Completely ignoring my decision. And had told us the whole family is on her side and saying that we were inconsiderate.
She decided to throw a baby shower to "put the past behind us" and to "make amends." To state this ahead of time I do not mind anything from thrift stores or anything that is a hand me down. It's time for us to open the gifts and I kid you not everything I opened was torn or so old it was falling apart. My daughter received books for her library that were falling apart with every touch. Clothes and headbands that were torn, withering, or molded. After everything we went through we left instantly.
I went into labor 6 weeks early. And had visitors until I was getting ready to push. During that time she made comments about my weight once again saying I can't go dress shopping until I lose my birthing weight. Trying to ignore it due to the excitement of meeting my daughter. After my daughter came out she was more than than my fiancé and I and she instantly made comments saying she wasn't his daughter until it turned more into a yellow due to her jaundice. After the doctors explained what was going on she immediately discussed watching our baby and how much she loves her grandbaby.
I refuse to take my daughter to her house. I tell my fiancé I want nothing to do with her but he wants me to make an effort because she doesn't see her often. Am I the Asshole?
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2023.03.22 07:38 FuarkThis Are we actually capable of defending ourselves?

Just a quick rundown, I’m just your average ccw holder. Go the range 2-3 times a month. I have been carrying for a couple years now and I don’t have formal military training or anything. So I was wondering How capable are you guys and including me, when you have to defend yourself with a firearm in a real situation?
I was thinking about how different it would be and how much anxiety/ adrenaline would be running through your mind. The ability to keep shooting and be accurate while also possibly getting shot back at or attacked. It almost feels like going to the range is kind of useless if such a situation happened. It kind of bothers me because I know that I don’t have the skills and I’m sure most ccw holders don’t either.
So what can I do to even become someone that is proficient in being able to defend myself with my firearm. I’ve seen some videos and attended some course but it all seems so Larpy/fake.
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2023.03.22 07:33 Eli_franklin What are the practices you follow to retain female employees at your workplace?

Hey guys,
I Know that it is more likely for women to be exploited because of their Gender than men at their workplace and also, working married women carry to workplace the weight of personal household tensions and are always living on a tight rope between work and their responsibilities at home. I have seen this to be a major Reason for women employee Turn-over at work, this Majorly results in loosing out on very talented, productive women employees at work, which is why, I would really like to hear your ways of retaining female employees at work, what are the practices you follow or maybe a suggestion to what I can undertake to solve this issue. This question is open to working women also, please do share your thoughts on what you expect from a company hiring women. This will really help me out, thank you in advance! :)
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2023.03.22 07:33 jhnbsomerscz4gm Casetify Discount Code Reddit

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2023.03.22 07:32 SuperTiredDuck Tired of my husband relying on me for help instead of him helping himself

I (38f) have been married (39m) for almost 15 years. Both of us grew up in abusive homes, so had a lot to heal from. We’ve been there for each other in many ways.
He recently realized he probably has autism after our son’s diagnosis. This honestly helps explain many things that have been endlessly frustrating for me. (Missing things, not remembering things, me having to repeat things a lot, misunderstanding social situations) I don’t however feel that it should be an excuse to continue in hurtful behavior. It feels like he’s stopped really trying to grow and is using being neurodivergent as an excuse.
The last few weeks in our relationship have been terrible. We’ve had 4 different times where he’s been (imo) incredibly hurtful or thoughtless or defensive. This used to happen all the time but the last few years it’s only been maybe a few times a year if that, so this is a lot for me. I feel that I am the one that carries our family emotionally and have to guide him through what to do to function and be healthy or he just spins his tires and talks in circles. I’ve been through many years of therapy to face my pain and heal. He’s tried a couple times but stopped. I have told him countless times to please try again, and he says he will, but it hasn’t happened yet. It’s been a lot of “I’m so stupid, how could you be with me?” and me reassuring him that he is loved and worthy of love. And I absolutely genuinely mean that. But last night I finally just cracked.
During dinner he casually mentioned that this would be his last year volunteering at a camp we’ve been volunteering at together for over a decade where he has a prominent role. It’s a camp for abused and neglected kids, so if anyone deserves our kindness, it’s them. Plus they come from similar upbringings to my husband and myself. He had mentioned a few times in the months prior that he hadn’t wanted to do it this year, but I thought he was just stressed from our recent move and encouraged him to give himself time to process things. He hadn’t mentioned trying to work through his feelings about it at all since then, so I was very surprised and disappointed. I didn’t say anything for awhile and then said that I didn’t appreciate him dropping abandonment bombs on me like that, especially in front of our kids (6&8) so I couldn’t talk about it. I was honestly very grumpy the rest of dinner and then apologized to my kids. It was very hurtful to me that he no longer wanted to volunteer with me or help these kids. When I asked further, he said it was too difficult and he wanted to take a break indefinitely. I stated that if he’d gone to therapy like I’ve been suggesting that he might be able to face his own pain and not be triggered at camp. He said that he would go to therapy and would sign up that evening. (He did not sign up.) Said that it’s his life and he can do what he wants. Then shifted from that to say that maybe he needs the break to heal. If he actually put in significant effort there I might believe him, but I haven’t seen that. I’ve seen him withdraw and play video games. He hits a struggle in life and flounders until I gently guide him on what to do. And I really, really don’t like doing it because he often doesn’t seem to learn for next time. I’m happy to help, but not when it feels like voluntary helplessness. I want to be his friend, not his mom. I constantly tell him he can learn and process these things in therapy. I’ve been patient, but the constant repetition for over a decade I guess has worn me down. I want him to be happy and healthy and confident within himself, and not need my constant validation.
So I feel like suddenly dropping out without even discussing it is a poor reflection on his character and it just broke me. I’ve been holding us together for a long time and dealt with him being very unkind to me for over a decade of our relationship before he made some changes. He has made an effort since then. I’ve been consistent, caring, and helpful throughout. I get frustrated sometimes, but it’s minimal.
But I yelled last night. I told him how hurtful this was, to just make a big decision like this without discussing it with me and during a time where he’s in a big transition mentally with the possible neurodivergence. It felt like nothing I said mattered. I got so frustrated that I finally just broke, and said it wasn’t fair to me to be trapped in a relationship with someone who wasn’t trying. (Divorce is not an option for me bc I will literally die without his health insurance.) He then told me that he’d looked it up and I would get his life insurance even if he took his own life, so is that what I wanted? As I am someone who struggled with severe s. ideation for many years but did not give in to it, that felt like a slap in the face. Not only to me, but to our children.
He tried talking to me more after that but I kind of just shut down. He apologized and I thought we might make some progress, but then he went back to being defensive and talking in circles. I went to take a shower and when I got out he was pretending to sleep.
I don’t know what to do anymore. I love him and I think he loves me but it’s not the same. He doesn’t love himself so that can only extend so far. I’m so angry bc I’ve been there for him through so many difficult times, even when he’s been awful to me. I’ve given him many chances and room to grow. I shouldn’t have yelled and I own that. But I’m just so defeated. What am I supposed to do if he won’t help himself? He isn’t a bad guy overall. Has made mistakes but I think he has tried to do better. I would honestly say he’s significantly better than your average guy. I just… I need a partner. I’m so tired.
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2023.03.22 07:31 Awildafricanelephant Knee/leg impact injury - any possibility of something more serious?

23M Asian, 6' 0", 150lb
So around 3 months ago, I ended up taking a fall on some metal stairs. I fell at a sideways angle and ended up hitting the left-side of my right knee (not kneecap, the part more to its left) as well as the left side of my right shin. It hurt for a bit and I ended up with some bruising, and a decent-sized lump on my shin, but nothing too serious as I was able to walk right after getting up and all seemed fine.
Fast forward to today - everything seems more or less ok. I can play sports and lift weights without issue. But there is still a noticeable bump on my shin (i'd say around 1cm diameter, definitely gotten smaller), and sometimes (maybe a couple of times a day) I will randomly feel a somewhat light, sharp pain on both the shin impact point as well as my knee. Sometimes when I run, I still feel a bit of extra pressure on the shin point.
Is there any chance there's some kind of injury that's worth getting checked out? Or do these seem like non-issues that will just get better with time?
Thank you!
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2023.03.22 07:13 watzup777 2CR does not care about you

I have been in 2CR for over 3 years now and the best advice I can give is never go to 2CR.

2CR does not care about you. They don't care if you are spending money on school, they don't care about your health, and they definitely make your last few months miserable if you decide to ETS.
I am currently enrolled in a Master's program and German language classes (as I am ETSing here and going to live here in Germany). German classes are pretty much all but a requirement to stay here if you want to get out and work on the economy here.
I have been working from 0600-2000 every day for the past 2 weeks (including weekends from 0900-1800) due to training going on right now.
I asked if I could get off work at 1700 on class days and was told "classes are a personal choice and therefore do not take priority over work hours". I have been told this my whole time in 2CR.
The biggest slap in the face is this: dinner is from 1700-1800. When coming back from dinner, all that happens is either A) sitting in the office messing around or B) cleaning the MP. Why is it necessary I waste my time and miss classes for that?
Therefore, I have failed tests and assignments and almost needed to redo/repay classes back. (I know a few soldiers here who have failed and needed to pay back the money as well).
I ETS in less than 9 months (Nov 19). I have been trying to get a SkillBridge program set up with a company. The dates would be around May 25th to Oct 1st. I would then outprocess from the army in October and ETS after 2 weeks of terminal leave and sell the rest of my days (around 60). Right now, if my command team accepts, the company said they would auto higher me when I ETS. However, my command team is currently not accepting the program due to it being during 2CRs main field exercise of the year (in Aug-Sept). Either way, if they accept it or don't I would not be there due to the amount of ETS leave I have and having Phase 1 and 2 complete by then. One soldier should not cause this much disruption for one field exercise. I wont even be in the unit as soon as it is over anyways. Why destroy a guaranteed job for a soldier who is getting out soon? Especially since it is not a state side ETS and makes it a bit more difficult?
The clinic here is one of the worst clinics I have been to. Too many times I have been sick and told to just leave and they cannot do anything. Just today I had a soldier go to sick call, test negative for COVID, but then get told they are not testing for flu because "they cannot give SIQ for it anymore anyways" and to just "ask your CoC for some time off" which obviously the answer was no. She is currently throwing up in the motor pool bathroom because she is forced to do PT still.... That is what they think about your health.
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2023.03.22 07:07 moralestransp Cheap and Convenient: Your Ultimate Ride to the Airport

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2023.03.22 07:07 GlassChopsticks I hate that I feed into the "all girls are bad at videogames" stereotype...

...because I'm a girl and I am bad at videogames.
I play games for fun, and recently I realise that I'm just no good at.... really any of the ones I've committed hundreds of hours into.
That by itself isn't bad per se, you can do things because you enjoy them regardless of your skill level, but I feel like I'm perpetuating the stereotype just by existing. And it sucks, because no one is going to be super good from the jump. But because I'm female I feel like there's pressure to be good, otherwise you're just proving the gaming misogynists right.
It makes me so frustrated that I'm terrible at something that I enjoy so much. It doesn't help that particularly vocal people (typically men...) will keep dogging on you that all girls are bad at video games because you're not doing good enough by their standards.
Anyways, to the women/enbys that are good at video games, I'm sorry for making the rest of you look bad :')
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2023.03.22 07:05 Neither-Ticket-262 Made a post here a few days ago

So I made a post here a few days ago. Hella creeps in my dms now. I messaged a mod but no reply. What gives?
Its funny though, most of them ignore me after I call them out on being in denial about being a pedophile. Some of them feel ashamed or judged or something, and tell me im in the wrong for judging them. like sir I was molested as a child, what's your excuse? At least I'm sane enough to say these things are wrong. I'm not the one trying to take advantage of people who were molested as children for my own sexual gratification. What miserable people.
Its kinda fun though. Its like cathartic in a way to be able to tell pedophile after pedophile to fuck off. Even more fun when I can tell their big mad. Maybe a few years ago I would've let some of them take advantage of me, so it honestly makes me feel so proud of myself that I've come this far.
Healing is possible guys. You don't need to just embrace it and focus on the pleasure. I promise you can overcome these addictions, and get to a point where your no longer triggered to the point where you lose control of yourself.
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2023.03.22 07:01 firecracker42 Genuinely bewildered why the Minutemen, Railroad and Brotherhood have to…

Blow up the Institute. There are very good reasons for all 3 factions to, instead of literally blowing up the Institute and at best saving what few scientists would heed the evacuation order, to instead commence a hostile takeover of the Institute HQ for themselves, killing those that fight back, which would mostly be the branch heads, the Coursers, and Father, gaining control of the pre gen 3 synths to set their faction as “The Institute” and therefore stop attacking them and random wastelanders, and assuring the compliant scientists and faculty that all that is going to happen is a changing of the guard, with new goals that don’t abuse the wastelanders, or at least a “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” situation when it comes to the Brotherhood.
Minutemen: They can use Institute technology and the knowhow of the compliant scientists to rebuild the Commonwealth, exponentially increasing the rate of human development in the Commonwealth and the East Coast as a whole.
Railroad: They can personally control the Synth making process, to ensure that all future Synthkind is, instead of being slaves of the Institute, are allowed to pursue their own individual interests, as well as keeping track of all Synths to find and help the ones in need.
Brotherhood: Now, I know the Brotherhood finds the Synths to be abominations, but Synths aren’t the only thing the Institute makes. There is no reason why the Brotherhood, while definitely shutting down the Synth making process, wouldn’t recruit and integrate compliant scientists into the Brotherhood’s science team, like how they do with Madison Li, and to study and use Institute technology for their own devices, that literally being the main purpose of the Brotherhood, gathering, studying and archiving technology, paternalistically keeping it away from wastelanders while using it for their own purposes.
Blowing up the Institute is such caveman mentality. And I know, the average wastelander probably does want the Institute to be obliterated because all the Institute is for them is basically a post apocalyptic Gestapo, and they don’t know or care about anything salvageable from the Institute. But by that logic, we should destroy surviving Nazi era buildings in Germany because the Nazis built them.
On a final and unrelated note, you should’ve been able to, using your spouses DNA, revive them as a gen 3 Synth and use them as a companion.
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2023.03.22 07:01 melancholydrift How can a guy be nice but not too feminine?

I see this a lot with women. They want a guy who is kind and nice but not too nice because then that makes them “feminine”. They want him to be masculine and assertive but also in touch with his feelings but at the “right time” this doesn’t make any sense to me. Obviously don’t be a push over and too nice but if you’re really kind and can talk about how you feel and be there emotionally that now makes you “too nice” and not assertive. How can you go about this when you are assertive and masculine and not too “kind or nice”?
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2023.03.22 06:44 ThrowRAuser-123 (21 M)e; my bestfriend sends his hot photos and videos to my girlfriend (20 F)

Throwaway account because he knows my main account and follows it.
whenever i'll write he*; I am referring to my bestfriend* and her; I am referring to my girlfriend
we are in a relationship and I have her socials and whenever they talk, my bestfriend casually sends his hot photos and videos, even though he has a girlfriend, and many girl-friends, he sends it to my girlfriend. The problem is he forgets that she's my girlfriend, and many times he treats her like she's one of her casual friends and I feel like he doesnt respect the boundaries.
So, I tried to explain this to my girlfriend and we had an argument and in midst of it, I told atleast I wouldn't send my hot photos and videos to her girlfriend or your bestfriend or anyone in this world rather than you, but then she told me that you are forgetting something and that is everybody in this world. I mean, at-least a sensible person wouldn't flex himself or show his self obsession while he is in a relationship, but if he doesn't care of his own boundaries, I dont care about whatever he does with his other girl-friends, but at-least, don't do this shit to my girlfriend.
and, other times, he would purposely make my girlfriend jealous because he would showoff his lifestyle ie, partying, telling my girlfriend that he pulls a lot of girls. he is on bumble and dating apps even when he is in a relationship, him telling something about himself that would purposely made him stand out from others.
and, mostly, he'd treat her (my girlfriend) like one of his casual friends and he doesnt respect the boundaries of the bro code.
I told him the other day that introduce me to your girlfriend, I want to talk to her, and he denied it.
I feel pretty dumbass and I regret that I told my bestfriend and my girlfriend to talk with each other (even though it was a year ago) i regret it. he is clever enough to not let me talk to his girlfriend, to that extent that he wouldn't even let me follow her on instagram and there he is talking to my girlfriend daily, and doing some very casual shit without respecting the boundaries.
I even told my gf to stop talking to him, and she agrees to me for the most of the part but still whenever he sends her a text, she texts him back or whenever he sends her a post, she ends up replying to him rather than double tapping him.
what can I do about this? I dont know I am too insecured about this or I am just straightly overthinking at this point
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2023.03.22 06:43 jsgunn The Mother of Heroes Part 12

This happened in the final few weeks of my senior year. I was getting ready to graduate, and trying to decide if I should pass the reins to Amy 3, Pepper or Hannah the eviscerator. I'd undecorated my room, and was getting some studying done for finals, up way past my bedtime when there was a tap tap tap at my window. I looked to see a figure silhouetted against the dark night. I pointed towards the front door and, with a sigh, went to meet the person who'd be keeping me up.
I should have known who it was when I grabbed the door knob and felt it was ice cold. Not realizing the value of these omens, I opened the door to see Dahlia the harpy. She was certainly in a state, hair a mess, cheaters molting, with streaks of mascara running down her face. Her eyes were red from crying. I mean redder than usual. In a pitiable voice she asked "are you Shannon?" I said that I was. She asked if I still let anyone come to me with any problem. I said I did. She said "we haven't met, but my name is Dahlia. Will you help me?"
I stood slackjawed for a moment until a sniff snapped me out of it. I took a moment and thought WWHD (what would Helga do) and decided I would. So I invited her in, grabbed two pints of butter pecan, and sat down. I grabbed two pints because I didn't want to split one with her, and because I knew I'd need my own to get through this one.
She took a bite and then just sorta melted back into her human form, and for a minute just cried. When the wailing subsided, I asked her what her trouble was.
"I'm pregnant." She said. I'll admit with some guilt that the first thing I felt was relief. I was afraid she'd killed an adventurer and was trying to dispose of the body, but by now I'd handled unexpected pregnancies enough to be back on familiar territory. Then through the sobs she explained "I haven't seen my boyfriend in six months and I got lonely and…"
The relief gave way to white hot rage. She'd taken the one guy who had shown any interest without also being either insane or with one foot in the grave, and she had the audacity to do this? "WWHD" I whispered to myself. I realized I'd crushed my pint in my fist and forced my hand to unclench.
Dahlia continued "and Ethan is coming out in two weeks for graduation and I don't know what to do. I could sleep with him and then say…"
"FUCK" I shouted and sprang to my feet. It took everything in me to not strangle that woman where she sat. She looked up at me alarmed and afraid and I shouted "I SPILLED MY ICE CREAM AND I NEED TO GET A TOWEL." I shouted this loud enough that a few curious heads peeked out of their dorms.
Hannah asked if I was ok as I walked by. She heard me muttering "don't kill her don't kill her" and asked if I wanted her to take over.
I replied "no, but I'm going to need you on standby for afterwards. For me." I made it back to my room, screamed as loud as I could into my pillow, got a towel, composed myself and returned to face the monster. I cleaned up the spilled ice cream and was about to sit down, but then I looked at her and my eye twitched and I said "HANG ON LET ME PUT THIS IN THE LAUNDRY."
I was something that resembled composed when I finally got back, less than three minutes after my outburst, and I was able to pick up my ice cream and resume the conversation. Now given its prevalence in the story, it may surprise you to find out that while I do like butter pecan, it isn't my favorite. I don't know why it became the universal comfort ice cream of my college days, but it seemed everyone liked it and it worked to cheer them up so I didn't question it. The rest of that pint, though, tasted like ashes.
Dahila explained that when she told the father she was pregnant and it was his he'd literally run away, blocked her on everything and last she'd heard he'd left the state. Given that Dahlia was an eye eating harpy this response was understandable but absolutely detestable.
"Deliah, honey." That word was a struggle to get out. "Why would you do that? The thing with Ethan?"
She looked up at me and there was only despair in her eyes. "Because if I don't I… I'm… I'm afraid."
"Afraid of what, honey?" I asked.
Her answer was a whisper. "I can't do it on my own." And in that moment I felt a little better about not slamming the door in her face. I let her comment hang for a minute and she continued. "My mom was a single mom, and I never knew my dad and she… I don't want to be like her." Her voice broke. "I can't be like her, Shannon. Please."
I realized what she wanted. She wanted my approval to go ahead with Ethan, for me to tell her that that was the right thing to do. And if she wanted me to tell her that, it meant that she knew it was the wrong thing. I considered my next words carefully. "Dahlia, you're a senior. You're about to graduate. What kind of degree did your mom have?"
"She got her GED when I was nine."
"Well there you go, honey. You're already miles ahead." I said, false sunshine in my voice.
"But what if…"
"Yeah, the job marker sucks right now. But you're Dahlia the h…" I was going to say harpy. "The mighty. You can do this."
"But Ethan… what if I need him?"
I wanted to pull a Hannah, to verbally give her the ol KA LI MA and verbally rip out her heart, but I held myself in check. "Dahlia, you know that this plan of yours is wrong." I said, a little more sternly than I meant to. She started to protest but I interrupted her. "It's also setting you up for misery. You'll live in fear. What if he finds out? What if he realizes? What if he does the math and realizes that you can't deliver at a full 40 weeks if you've only been pregnant 32 weeks. What if he does a DNA test for one of those heritage websites? He might not know, but you will, Dahlia. You'll always know, and it will eat you up inside. What happens if, in ten years, you get in a fight and get drunk and decide to tell him, just to see how much it hurts him? Because it will hurt him. It will kill him. Do you think he's earned that?"
She just cried. She cried and cried and cried. And finally, in the smallest voice, she whispered "no".
"Then you have to do the right thing."
"I can't!" She shouted, then cried some more. "Will you help me? Please?"
Come to Shannon with your problems! She'll always do whatever she can. I got the number from her, and with each digit I dialed I cursed the stupid reputation I'd cultivated. I almost came close to even considering to curse Helga for believing in me.
The phone rang, and with each a sprout of hope blossomed in my heart, hope that it would go to voice-mail. And at last my prayers were answered! "It's Ethan, leave a message. If this is mom, hi mom!" Beep. I hung up, relief flooding into me. I tossed my phone down on the table and took another bite of ice cream.
Then I heard it.
The wrrr wrrr wrrr of my phone vibrating on the table. I recognized the number. Dahlia looked at me, a silent plea in her eyes.
I answered it on speaker. "Hello?" I said.
"Hey, I missed a call from this number?" Ethan said, from his voice he'd been asleep.
"Hi is this Ethan? Hi, my name is Shannon McMatthews, I'm the RA of dorm 6." I waited a moment for a reply.
Well I suppose that one was on me, I didn't give him much to go on. "Now don't worry" I was about to say that nothing was wrong but that wasn't the truth. "She's not hurt, but I'm here with Dahlia. She needs to talk to you."
I clicked it off speaker and slid my phone over to Dahlia, who took it in shaking hands. I said "I'll give you some privacy. Come knock on my door when you're done."
She did a few minutes later and from her expression I knew how the call went. I just took my phone back and hugged her. She didn't want to talk more, so I walked her back to her dorm, returned to my own and then cried my eyes out. I told Hannah what had happened, and then without explaining to them what was wrong, she got the other girls to come out. And I cried. Because it's me and I guess that's my thing. I realized I'd been burying my feelings. That I didn't want this to end with graduation.
Pepper started it. One by one they took turns telling me about how I'd helped them, about when I'd been there for them, about what I'd done for them. They told me they loved me, how much it meant to just know I was there. Rachel said she thought of me as a big sister. Amy 2 said I was like the mom she never had. Hannah said I'd given her a voice. Girls, if any of you are reading this, know that it was a pleasure and an honor to have been there for you. I remember every single thing you said, I've written it on my heart and the memory of that night is one I cherish dearly.
Classes the next day could fuck right off, though.
I talked to Dahlia a few months ago, and found she'd really turned herself around. Brayden (of course) is a really cute kid. Dahlia herself is doing great. She works for a non profit helping single mothers. She did a bunch of therapy and is working on her MSW. I asked if she was dating anyone and to my delight she said "not at the moment, but it's fine, I might want a man but I don't need one." She's also stopped eating eyes. Well, she's stopped eating HUMAN eyes. So that's a start.
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2023.03.22 06:40 zavierowen Trezors

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2023.03.22 06:39 doc_brietz XBOX - Co-op Etiquette part 2

A few days a go I posted my list of co-op/pvp etiquette and grievances. Since then I have been playing quite a bit and I have a few more.
  1. 100/100 times when I am busy on a hard part doing ER Parkour or helping a newbie and someone invades, its annoying. I am not going to be all formal and wave/curtsy yada yada. That's just me. I want to get it over with. If I can get a cheap shot I take it.
  2. I am about to the point where I am getting tired of the blue ring for hunters. More times than not, I am getting called into a fight club where hunters are brought in for an invader and everyone else watches and emotes each other. I have gotten to the point where if I see no one actively fighting the red guy, I bounce. I also bounce if I get put in a spot where I can't reach you for a while, but that's just the game spawning me in a stupid area. If you do hunteinvader fight club, I am out. I see this more times than not and it's annoying.
  3. Speaking of...If I get summoned to help in limgrave, and I see no tree sentinel, I am out. Trying to spawn invaders so you can get a 3 on 1 with the high ground never goes how you think it will. They all either run off and waste time (99% of the time) or cut out themselves. It's a waste of time for trick the invader fight club. This makes joining the summoning pool annoying. I know you think you are trying to get one over on them. That ain't how it ends up. And don’t chase them. It’s pointless.
  4. Back to what I said last time: Most of my co-op summons are just for boss battles. I am not that great but I try. I don't mind at all. What I hate is when they run off and run through the door before I get ready. You didn't clear out Castle Sol and you wanna aggro everything and run to the end? Nah. Not me. This is usually followed by them dying in about 15 seconds. I carry buffs for myself and others. Maybe we should use them?
  5. One other thing about Hunters: Thank you! I appreciate the help. I will always allow you first dibs and never waste your time. I am about to the point where I am done with it. That 1 time in 10 where we win and gank the red guy makes it worth it.
  6. Lastly, I enjoy Deeproot/Underground River Runs. I am game from start to finish. What am I not game for? Crossing the Lake of Rot. That's all you. See you on the other side.
  7. Speaking of other places I hate besides Lake of rot: War-dead Catacombs. The only thing worthwhile in there is the gravity spell under the floor. It’s needlessly hard and the bad guys respawn. When you get invaded there, it’s a death trap. Please: Go in, get the spell, and get out. It isn’t worth cleaning it to the end. The spell is under the floor in the beginning room full of guys that just keep coming. Never mind the really hard dudes halfway through. I would rather do Fire Giant over and over than that place ever again.
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2023.03.22 06:27 Sundered_Soul Just picked up the first game and have a couple questions

Hello everyone. Just learned about this game and decided to pick it up while it's on sale. I didn't know River City Ransom was a long running series. I haven't played the original for NES in years. This looked really good and I like the role reversal idea for the protagonists. Also the music slaps too much.
I do have a couple questions regarding combat mechanics.
1) Is there a trick to using the block/parry mechanic? It feels a little disconnected from the rest of the combat and isn't very responsive when I try to use it. It also feels utterly useless once I start getting hit.
2) Is there a way to dodge besides the tiny hop up or down you do double-tapping up on the d-pad? Everyone else is doing all these cartwheels and flips and I'm here doing these wimpy hops.
I admit I'm not very good at these kinds of games, but I still enjoy them. If you have any additional tips beyond the questions I asked, I'm all ears. I would like to improve my skill and anything that can help is greatly appreciated.
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2023.03.22 06:21 theonlywebdancer Hello right minded people!!!!!

I'm webdancer and I am a conservative. I'm mot a libertarian nor a full republican even though I vote that way, I am somewhere in between the two
I want to start a coffee clutch where people in the Southwest Missouri area particularly focusing on the tri-lakes area, can meet, have a great cup of coffee and sit have a discussions on what's going on.
If your interested you can contact me @ [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). I am not a racist, bigot or a supremacist, if you are then, need to answer. That's not at all what it's about!!!!
If you want to talk: the 2a, freedom seeds, politics then let's sit and talk
Thanks Webby
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