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2023.03.22 07:55 Dumdums267 Why does my ( 24 F ) partner ( 22 M ) initiates friendship with mostly women ?

TL; DR Most of his friends are online and his previous relationship was long distant…most of the people he follows on Instagram are girls.
I’ve questioned why he doesn’t try befriending guys from his courses and he says he does but the only guy friend that hangs out with him is my gay friend WHOM I’VE INTRODUCED.
He has no understanding of boundaries and how he shouldn’t be vulnerable with everyone… while I minimise contact with any potential men ( I am straight ) to avoid misunderstanding if there’s no clear clarity. I’ve communicated this with him as well.
He also announced that he is a bisexual after couple of months of us dating… I am the first person he actually physically dated.
We’ve been in a relationship for 7 months now.
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2023.03.22 07:55 TheGreatCornhol10 How to disable playing with the black pieces?

I’ve been playing chess seriously for a couple of months now, and I’ve noticed lately that the white pieces seem to have some sort of advantage because they move first. I even put the starting position into the chess.com engine and the starting evaluation is around +0.5, give or take. Despite the obvious unfair disadvantage of playing with the black pieces, I’ve been given the black pieces for around half of all the games I’ve played. Is there any way to adjust the settings so that you only play with the white pieces until chess.com patches the first-move advantage?
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2023.03.22 07:55 tokyogool Good substitute for egg whites? (For protein)

Hey all, I’m looking for a good protein alternate to egg whites. I hired a personal trainer a few months ago who instructed me to buy egg whites to eat for the protein content.
Well, the price of egg whites has skyrocketed and I can’t afford it anymore. Nearly $7 for a 32 oz carton.
Any suggestions for alternates? I was just going to do chicken.
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2023.03.22 07:54 exit143 I'm not sure if I should contact my son's birth grandma... any advice?

Hi there,
My son is 8. We adopted him when he was a month old. Birth mom and dad said that they didn't want to have contact until our son was 18. Birth Grandma said that she wanted to have a relationship. His birth parents never signed papers, so we had to go through the abandonment paperwork. During that time, our agency said to not have contact with the family until it was all done. When the judge signed off over a year later, we reached out to the birth grandma. She said that it was a very emotional time in her life and she would reach out when she was ready. That was over 7 years ago.
I was thinking about them all tonight and I started a search... one thing led to another and I found her address. I desperately would like them to know my son, but I want to respect their boundaries. Our agency shut down a year and a half ago, so I don't know how the birth family would reach us.
Should I let it be or should I write a letter?
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2023.03.22 07:54 MainMathematician257 I feel like God is punishing me because I was born in a toxic family

I know it makes no sense from the title but lately I've been thinking about this.
Just a little bit of background my family is very toxic. I grew up in an Asian household and my parents do not exactly love each other. But they are co-dependent so they will never get divorced. It's very hard to elaborate and also my relationship with them is also very weird. Staying with them is like a ticking bomb, if everything goes well, then nothing happens. But if something goes wrong or if one of them goes crazy, they will make sure I'll suffer emotionally. I feel very desperate about the situation, things were horrible when I was high school and living with them. It got better after I got into college and I only have to deal with them during breaks. Hence, I never look forward to summer break because that means I have to endure them for 3 months. I had a sister but she did college out of state and after she graduated she also got a job out of state. So, she's not been living with my parents for a long time and she always says that's the best thing has happened to her and how her mentality got so much better after moving out. That's why it's very hard for me since I feel like I get stuck living with my parents and I will never escape from them. Everyday, I count down the days that I will save enough money to move into my own apartment after I graduate. My mental health and personality got affected from living with my parents. I have anger issue, anxiety, panaroia, insomnia, misphonia, etc

I think that's why it's very hard for me to make friends or even develop a relationship. I don't really trust anyone and seeing my parents' relationship makes me don't believe in love. Everyday for me is just school and work. All I think of is how to achieve efficiency and accomplish your goals. I think that's why I don't really want to have a significant other not only because I don't want to get hurt but I also don't want to make that person suffer because of me. How can I learn to love someone or be in a relationship when I all see is my parents fighting and screaming/ yelling at each other everyday? I think that's why God is purposely taking away my chance of having any friends or a loved one that cares about me because I don't think I'm deserved to be loved. Maybe I'm destined to be alone and lonely so that nobody gets hurt when they're involved with me. When I think about my life this way, it makes me feel much easier to accept my reality bc I don't have any other ways to resonate this.
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2023.03.22 07:54 6seasonsnam0vie Travelling for transfers?

Due to reasons, we can't get our embryos tested (PGT-A) where we live. We've had 2 losses before and at least one was definitely due to chromosomal abnormalities. So we definitely want to do PGT-A testing.
In order to do this, we have to send the embryos out to a place that can do testing and give us the results. Then we have two options: either send the embryos back to where we live and do the transfer here, or travel to the other place and do the transfer there.
Initially we wanted to do the first option because we're not very comfortable with travelling right after transfer. (It would be a ~1hr flight.) I also want to manage my diet and activities fairly closely after transfer, and it'll be harder to do so if we stay there for 1-2 days before coming back.
However, we were just told that for the first option (i.e. sending the embryos back here for transfer), there would be significant added legalities - most significantly, an added wait time of several months. This is very discouraging for us as we just don't want to wait unnecessarily. Our doctor also told us that she has had many patients who travelled for the transfer and it was fine.
So now we're reconsidering the second option. Does anyone have any experiences to share of having to travel for their transfer? How did you do it? Was there stress from travelling / being in an unfamiliar place? I'm aware that I have a tendency to overthink and over-worry about things that are actually going to be fine. Any tips for how to make it a smoother process would be so appreciated.
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2023.03.22 07:54 Tinkerbell4075 Could a lost coil cause severe anxiety and depression?

I am wondering if there is anyone who has experienced something similar and found that it had been caused by the coil. I had the coil fitted 4 years ago and after a painful insertion I had a great 2 1/2 years with it , but 18 months ago I started with irregular bleeding , I began experiencing heart flutters and dizziness,which caused me to excessively worry that I had heart problems( I have had numerous tests and it has been confirmed that my heart is in great shape). This was put down to anxiety. In October last year things escalated rapidly and I could not leave the house, eat or sleep , my period became extremely heavy with intense cramps which resulted in my G.P prescribing sertraline. These have helped slightly but I find I have 2 good weeks the n 2 anxious weeks. 3 weeks ago I requested a coil check because I could not feel the strings. The nurse said that the coil was definitely not there and has booked me in for a scan which I have next week. The more I think about it the more I feel the recent decline in anxiety and depression has been caused by the coil either expelling or moving. And my question is if it has moved and lodged somewhere else could it cause these symptoms ? Has anyone else experienced this? Sorry for the excessively long post .
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2023.03.22 07:54 DevelopmentActual [LFS][PS][RON] Coming Friday 8 PM CET

Hello we are 3 friends who started playing Destiny couple of months ago. Now we are looking forward to experience our first raid. We would be hyped to have a Sherpa guide us. Powerlevels are over 1800 and we have discord.
Cheers and see you in destiny
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2023.03.22 07:53 lackadaisyrye I'm scared to get tested for ADHD.

I am 18F and for several months now, I've suspected that I have ADHD. I am a very fidgety person and have been since I was a little kid. I constantly need to bounce my legs (to the point where people around me get bothered by it) and keep my hands moving by picking my hair, skin, or rubbing my fingers together. I have also had very poor time management, poor organization skills, and extreme procrastination issues ever since I can remember, though for most of my life I've just chalked it up to me being lazy or not working hard enough (and so have my parents).
Throughout my elementary school years, I was always top of my class, with perfect grades and a status as a "gifted" student, though I always had trouble focusing in class and would often get told off by my teachers for talking or scribbling things on my paper instead of paying attention. I would also have a hard time following long conversations which led to my friends getting upset with me. In middle school my time management and procrastination worsened but I still was able to maintain my grades, so I never really thought anything of it. Teachers never had anything bad to say about me and I had a few close friends. My parents always used to scold me when I seemed to switch conversation topics within seconds and I would often interrupt people mid-conversation.
In high school, I move to a new city during COVID and this really affected me. I had a lot of trouble making new friends because I was scared that the students at my new school would find me weird or off-putting. I struggled with all of the things I did before, like procrastination, time management, and poor organization skills, but since I went to an extremely competitive high school I wasn't able to keep up with the pace anymore. And no matter how much I tried to do better and work harder, I just couldn't do it. My grades took a massive hit throughout my sophomore and junior years of high school and I felt horrible about myself. My girlfriend of nine months broke up with me and said that she felt like I didn't pay enough attention to her. I talked to a therapist and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. However after six months I made zero progress in therapy so I decided to stop. Now that I am a senior my mental state is much better, but my attention issues are still a big problem and have caused a lot of strain between me and my parents.
A few months ago, my mother, who works with children with special needs, told me that she thought I had ADHD or something when I randomly started switching topics mid-conversation again. I wasn't sure if she was being serious or not, but when I researched it a bit more and listened to testimonials of people who have ADHD, I've found that my experiences seem to match up with a lot of the symptoms, especially with the inattentiveness symptoms. But when I asked my mom if I could get tested, she insisted that I was exaggerating and she didn't actually mean what she said. She also told me to not "self-diagnose" myself.
I am going to college this year and I am worried that if I do indeed have ADHD, then leaving it undiagnosed could cause me to suffer a lot at college. If it turns out that I have it then it would just give me some peace of mind, because so many behavioral problems of mine would finally have an explanation and I would be able to know what exactly it is I need to deal with. However, I really don't want to go to the doctor and make a fool out of myself since I am technically going to be there based on a "self-diagnosis." If my diagnosis is negative then I'm going to be really lost, because then I would honestly have no idea what's wrong with me. Nobody in my family has been diagnosed with it, and I've also heard that women tend to get diagnosed less. I don't know, I'm just really worried.
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2023.03.22 07:53 providence1178 JMS Jung Myung-seok's witness refuses to testify in court... Expecting trial delay.

Summary of the article: Although a witness for the defendant was scheduled to testify, no witnesses attended the court. The judge proceeded with the trial without them and plans to first hear from the victim's witness.
The trial of the self-proclaimed JMS Church leader Jung Myung-seok (78), who was handed over to trial on charges of continually molesting or attempting to rape foreign goddesses, is expected to be delayed as the witnesses requested by his side are not attending the trial.
On the afternoon of the 21st, Daejeon District Court's 12th Criminal Department (presided over by Judge Na Sang-hoon) held the fifth trial on the charges of attempted rape, attempted sexual assault, attempted sexual molestation, and sexual molestation against Jung.
Earlier, many of Jung's lawyers resigned, and only two lawyers attended the trial that day.
Although a witness was scheduled to testify for Jung's side at the trial, no witnesses attended, and the witness testimony did not take place.
The judge expressed concern that Jung might flee, considering his past history and whether he had accomplices, and revealed that there were difficulties with bail.
In response, Jung's defense counsel argued, "We requested five witnesses, but the court instructed us to finish all witness testimonies within three hours. We can only have one to two witnesses testify in that limited time, which is not in line with the defendant's right to defense or the principle of a trial focused on the truth. The prosecution's witnesses have all testified, and it is not right to exclude witnesses from the defendant's side. We have an obligation to discover the substantive truth by requesting at least 15 witnesses and to guarantee the defendant's right to defense."
In particular, they emphasized that witness testimony is necessary to address issues of doctrine and brainwashing, and that even if the focus is on concentrated psychology, efforts should be made to discover the truth regardless of the length of detention. They stressed that one to two witness testimonies, which are not among the five requested witnesses, are not significant.
The prosecution stated, "Most of the witnesses requested by the Jung family have already been interviewed in the form of statements or testimonies, including reference witnesses. Sufficient statements have already been obtained during the investigation, and there is no need for a newspaper publication."
However, the court had already decided to proceed with the testimony of Jung's witnesses on that day, but Jung's defense lawyer did not bring all the requested witnesses to the court and insisted that they cannot testify all the requested witnesses if their testimony is refused.
The prosecution raised its voice, claiming that Jung's defense attorney's behavior was intended to delay the trial, but the defense attorney rebutted that it was not his intention to delay the trial.
In addition, two witnesses who were questioned during the investigation changed their statements and delivered an opinion that they had made false statements at that time. The prosecution plans to submit this as evidence after completing the investigation.
The court plans to discuss the testimony of Jung's witnesses after conducting the examination of the victim, scheduled for 2 p.m. on April 3.
Meanwhile, Jung was sent to trial on charges of sexually assaulting and attempted rape of a Hong Kong national, A (28), 17 times from February 2018 to September 2021, at a training center in Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do. It was also revealed that he forced himself on an Australian national, B (30), five times at the same training center from July 2018 for five months.
The prosecution believes that Jung used brainwashing and rendered his followers helpless, calling himself "messiah", and then committed the crimes.
Previously, Jung was sentenced to ten years in prison for sexually assaulting a female follower, and was released in February 2018.
From December last year to January of this year, three additional female followers of Korean nationality filed a complaint with the Chungnam Provincial Police Agency.
Kim Do-hyun, Reporter ([email protected])
Original report: https://n.news.naver.com/article/003/0011754674
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2023.03.22 07:53 Strict-Most-8481 Seeing birthday number

My birthday is 7/28. I have been seeing this number almost daily for months, whether it’d be on a clock, stats in sports or even right now as i watched a tik tok of people playing basketball and the two players were wearing a 7 and 28 jersey. What does this mean?
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2023.03.22 07:53 Bad-at-Coding How has it affected you over the years?

I'm a guy, 27 recently made a comment on a thread that made me think about it for the first time in a long time.
10 years ago we got together, everything was fine for the first few months but then she became paranoid, controlling, and physically abusive. It started when I would visit her while her parents were out and she would hit me if I cooked something the wrong way, and after deep conversations about our insecurities she would make fun of them. One time I had a cold and couldn't meet her in town 3 miles away to walk her back to mine so she turned up at mine, came upstairs, and poured fresh coffee over me while I was still in bed. I really did love her though and she would always say sorry.
I got a place at a university on the other side of the country (UK) and would visit her on weekends. I came back with bruises and scratches. My flatmates knew the cause and tried to make me see sense but I didn't listen.
I was on fluoxetine (Prozac in America I think) and my sex drive plummeted. If I wasn't in the mood she would choke me, scratch my neck, and hit me with books or anything nearby, or threaten to call 999 and tell them I forced myself onto her. Afterwards she would threaten to go to the authorities if I left her as there would be recent evidence of intercourse.
After over a year of this I somehow made some good friends and one day just ghosted her completely, then spent months feeling like I had made the biggest mistake of my life until I could look back on it objectively. I made a promise to myself that I would never be hurt again, got into self improvement and started following a lot of PUA gurus and redpill, just before the media picked up on its controversy. I built my confidence back while trying to enjoy random hookups, every time I felt like I was winning some sort of mind game with the random girl and getting back at my ex when really they probably just liked me.
Unfortunately theres some things I can't get rid of sexually - a girl dug her nails in too hard once and I almost had a panic attack, same with lip biting, or any sort of pain in the bedroom that's supposed to be kinky. My current partner asked me to be less gentle the first time we slept together and I had to explain why I felt sick thinking about intentionally causing any sort of pain to someone I have feelings for.
It's been 10 years and every now and again I look her up on social media. She's doing well in her career, and she has a new boyfriend every now and again. I hope she's different now and isn't causing them pain, though I would be lying if I said I didn't sometimes make all her threats over FB public for everyone to see.
It took years for me to get past what she did and though I accept what happened and wouldn't be the person I am today by getting through it in one piece, I can't help but imagine where I would be if I had never asked her to go with me to a fireworks display on bonfire night.
Anyone else want to vent? Ive always been vague with people when talking about it so this is the first time I've put it into words, mods please delete if it's irrelevant/innapropriate
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2023.03.22 07:53 zando_calrissian I think I fucked up… screamed at a customer, chased them out of my dive bar with an empty bottle ready to smack them…. But he fucking deserved it.

This guy has been coming to my place for about 6 months. At first he’s trying to get on my good side but when I lay down the law and tell him it’s last call or closing time it’s a different story. He kicks off with “I’ve met the owner” “I’ve had a drink here after hours before”
Last time he was here, he went behind the bar after we stopped serving and claimed it was to get a napkin, I screamed at him then but I forgave him ultimately cuz he was drunk.
Today, he came back for the first time since that going behind the bar incident. He was a passive aggressive dick. At one point saying “you’re only getting a dollar today” and tipping me exactly that.
Deja vu, I’m trying to get him out and he’s trying to explain why he knows he is allowed to stick around after hours. He wouldn’t budge so I just exploded.
Anger leaves me feeling shame. And I hate the fact I got my bar a bad yelp review. But fuck that guy in the eye hole.
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2023.03.22 07:53 lilacgalact Have your bipolar partner broke up while on a mania episode?

That’s what happened to me. He was extremely drunk, after being missing for 3 days and called me over the phone with his brother on the line saying he is over with me, I’m breaking up with you and laughing saying he is happy. This is over one month now and he has not apologized, he is staying at a rehab which let him go anywhere, he does not want to take medications…. We were married! Is that serious or it’s just the mania? At the same day he said that, he was talking about having kids with me. What should I do? Should I wait longer until he can realize he was a psycho with me? I have not tell him anything yet, but he used to love me so deeply and now acts like I don’t exist
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2023.03.22 07:52 accapitalmarket US regional banks lead stock markets higher, FOMC in count down

US regional banks lead stock markets higher, FOMC in count down
US regional banks jumped sharply on hopes that FRC is returning to better shape and the contagion is largely under control. Regional banks including U.S. Bancorp (USB), KeyCorp (KEY) and Comerica Inc (CMA) all finished significantly higher.
Riding on this wave of optimism, we also saw a relief rally in commodities. USOIL (WTI) was up nearly 3.0% after fears of an imminent global downturn faded overnight.
While confidence is slowly returning ahead of FOMC, Gold has suffered heavy casualty as the safe haven was sold off amid rising optimism. Having declined from 12-month-high ($2,009), XAUUSD (Gold) failed to guard its $1,969 support level but eventually managed to stop at $1,941.
If we zoom out on the hourly chart, we might be able to see a head and shoulder pattern. Distance from the peak to neckline is about $40, and if we replicate this distance beneath the neckline, we would reach an estimated support at $1,929 ($1,969 - $40).
Seeing that the rebound is currently taking place at $1,941, it may represents opportunities for those either expecting dovish signals or further fermentation of the banking crisis.
US30 Daily

On the indices side, US30 and SPX500 have gathered more momentum and broken through their respective resistance levels (4,000 for SPX500 and 32,056 for US30).
SPX500 H4
Let’s see what FOMC brings us. #Trading
Disclaimer: The information contained in this market commentary is of general nature only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You are strongly recommended to seek independent financial advice before making any investment decisions. Trading margin forex and CFDs carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Investors could experience losses in excess of total deposits. You do not have ownership of the underlying assets. AC Capital Market (V) Ltd is the product issuer and distributor. Please read and consider our Product Disclosure Statement and Terms and Conditions, and fully understand the risks involved before deciding to acquire any of the financial products provided by us. The content of this market commentary is owned by AC Capital Market (V) Ltd. Any illegal reproduction of this content will result in immediate legal action.
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2023.03.22 07:52 Leisure-Lawn Complete Guide on Spring and Fall Clean up Services

Complete Guide on Spring and Fall Clean up Services
Spring and fall clean up services are important for maintaining the health and appearance of outdoor spaces such as gardens, lawns, and landscapes. Spring clean-up involves preparing the outdoor space for the growing season by removing debris and dead plants that have accumulated over the winter months, pruning and trimming trees and shrubs, and aerating and fertilizing the lawn. Fall clean-up involves preparing the outdoor space for the winter months by removing debris and dead plants that have accumulated over the summer months, clearing out gutters, pruning and trimming trees and shrubs, and covering delicate plants or shrubs with burlap to protect them from harsh winter weather. These services are typically provided by landscaping companies and can help to improve the overall health and appearance of the outdoor space, as well as prepare it for the upcoming season.

These services are commonly offered by landscaping companies and typically include tasks such as:
Spring clean-up:
· Raking and removal of leaves, debris, and dead plants that have accumulated over the winter months
· Pruning and trimming of shrubs and trees to promote healthy growth
· Aeration and fertilization of the lawn to encourage new growth
· Removal of any winter protection measures such as burlap wraps or stakes
· Mulching of garden beds to help retain moisture and suppress weed growth
Fall clean-up:
· Raking and removal of leaves, debris, and dead plants that have accumulated over the summer months
· Clearing out of gutters to prevent blockages and potential water damage
· Pruning and trimming of shrubs and trees to prepare them for winter
· Aeration and fertilization of the lawn to prepare it for winter
· Covering of delicate plants or shrubs with burlap to protect them from harsh winter weather
These services can help to maintain the health and appearance of your outdoor space, and ensure that it is ready to thrive in the upcoming season.
Benefits of choosing Spring and fall clean up services
Spring and fall clean up services offer a range of benefits for your outdoor space. Some of the key benefits of these services include:
· Improving the appearance of your outdoor space: By removing dead plants, debris, and other clutter, your outdoor space will look cleaner and more attractive.
· Promoting the health of your plants: Spring clean-up services can help to remove any winter damage and prepare your plants for the growing season, while fall clean-up services can help to protect your plants from harsh winter weather.
· Preventing pests and diseases: Removing debris and dead plants can help to prevent the buildup of pests and diseases that can damage your plants.
· Enhancing the overall value of your property: A well-maintained outdoor space can add value to your property and make it more attractive to potential buyers or renters.
· Saving time and effort: Spring and fall clean-up services can be time-consuming and physically demanding, so hiring a professional landscaping company to handle these tasks can save you time and effort.
Overall, spring and fall clean up services can help to ensure that your outdoor space is healthy, attractive, and ready to thrive in the upcoming season.
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2023.03.22 07:52 GamerGG7267 Why is my Life so hard?

I'm a 17 year old with high functioning Autism (Asperger's), and I feel like giving up.
I'm not a optimistic person, I used to be, but bullies and bad teachers quickly erased that part of me. I used to go to school, but I dropped out in the 10th grade due to overwhelming stress.
But now I'm wondering if that was the wrong decision to make.
I now work at in retail and is too chaotic. No sense of schedule, and the acting manager seems to care more about the business and making himself . I rarely see my real manager, but thankfully he's nice. They're always telling me I'll do something I enjoy before taking it back and make me talk and server customers. If there is one thing I hate most it's talking to people.
My old job I worked at was a KFC. It was horrible and I wasn't treated great. One of the workers there would sexually harass me. I didn't tell on them until 3 month later because I was saving up for a Gaming Computer and that was the only way I could get money. And I didn't want to tell people about my problems.
My schooling situation was horrible. Lack of discipline and rules. Kids could vape in the bathroom and all they need to do is put the vape in their pants and the school can't search them. No one gets expelled no matter how horrible they act. A kid once broke a junior's arm and threatened to kill teachers and got off with a week's suspension. The teachers like to pile on work and didn't care about how stressed you were. Thankfully there were a few nice teachers, but they still couldn't do anything about the bullies and horrible workload.
My family is nice and take great care of me, but sometimes they act like they know my limits. What I can and can't do. And they use this excuse to push me into and make me do things I am uncomfortable doing.
I used to have a small group of friends at school that were nice and funny, but since leaving, we haven't been able to contact each other as much. I've started to slowly drift apart from them and mostly just stay by myself. I miss them, but due to my anxiety, I can barely call them.
The only things that truely bring me joy are Video Games, music, and writing. But I can't do those all day no matter how much I want to.
I have been diagnosed with Autism, Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. And I've been going to therapists and psychologists for multiple years now and none have help me. I'm starting to think maybe I can't be fixed. Maybe I'll just remain broken.
Suicide is something I have considered since I was 12 years old. Pretty young, I know. I would go through with it, the only problem is I hate pain, so I'd need to find a painless way to go. And what's sad is that I know ways to go that are Quick and Painless. My parents always try to guilt me and say that I'm not that selfish. I'm a nice kid, always wanting to make them happy even if I don't like it. But I'm starting to believe I should be allowed to be selfish just this one.
I just don't know what to do. And I'm running out of patience.
What should I do?
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2023.03.22 07:52 TeapotUpheaval SVT episodes, NHS refusing cardiology referral

F30. I’ve had these transient episodes of PSVT for some years now, following an Epstein Barr infection when I was 22. I’ve had a cardiology referral before, with a 3 day monitor. It caught nothing, so they diagnosed me with “Anxiety” and sent me away with a low dose of Propanolol if I wanted it.
These heart episodes are making my life a living hell. They are destroying my relationships and my ability to function in my daily life. I used to work, but now I don’t. I’ve had to give up my job because I couldn’t cope with the interrupted sleep (they specifically wake me up from a sound sleep, usually around 3am). This is obviously very frustrating for both myself and my partner.
Went to ER with chest pain after the last episode, and the ER doc wanted to get me a 21 day heart monitor - which would definitely catch it as my episodes appear in clusters, a few times a month. There appears to be a hormonal component to it.
I’ve completely cut out caffeine but the effect that has had on it has been minimal.
Now, the NHS is saying that they will refer me to cardiology when my anemia is sorted. But, it’s never sorted - at least, not without iron infusion therapy (I have IBS and don’t tolerate oral tablets well).
I did have an iron infusion months ago, which picked my Hb levels to no longer anemic - but didn’t get the referral then either. On the contrary, I heard nothing from my GP, for months, and now I’m back to being anemic again - it’s so hard to maintain my iron levels without routine IV iron, and the only time I get it is if I’m in hospital for another reason (last time was Gynae related).
I’m beginning to lose hope that this will ever be resolved and worry that I’m just going to drop dead of an unidentified cardiology issue.
Is there any way I can get the cardiology appointment and have my cardiologist take me seriously instead of attributing it to anemia like last time, because my resting HR is 60bpm, these SVT episodes are a very distinct and immediate jump to a hr of about 170-200bpm, and they aren’t anxiety related at all. They also definitely aren’t anemia related because even when I am no longer anemic, I still get them. Twice monthly, around the times I ovulate and right before my period. Predictable as clockwork.
I just want them to stop because they make me afraid to sleep at night and as a result I have developed pretty terrible insomnia, and depression due to the constant fear of wondering if something is severely wrong with me.
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2023.03.22 07:51 Immediate_Guess_9853 Navigating coparenting

Im a mom to a 16 month old her dad and I split when she was 11 months. We agreed not to go to court and just sort it out ourselves he is responsible with expenses but insists on coming over every night to do bedtime routine with our daughter and idk how much more I can take. My daughter loves it which is why I let him but I feel its not good for my mental health in trying to move on. Anyone have experience with this should I let it be for my daughters sake?
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2023.03.22 07:51 Rescuebobs How long is too long waiting for warranty?

I've been having a non stop flash when trying to PC game in 4k with my 4080 for months now. Case has been open for 3 months with them giving me the runaround (your case is still being reviewed BS). What can I do? Should I sell the damn thing? It's annoying.
I'm sure getting a lawyer would be counterproductive?
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2023.03.22 07:51 Extra_Speed_1844 I am feeling so much guilt about a situation regarding my relationship. F19 M20

Okay, let me start this off with saying I am feeling so guilty and ashamed about this situation. I have not been able to eat for over a month, lost 5kg, on lexapro now and struggling with negative obsessive thoughts about this situation.
Okay. Me and my boyfriend have been dating since we were both 16. We are in a very loving relationship, but I have lost of all my friends and was not feeling attractive and was feeling very insecure. It is lovely hearing how beautiful I am by him, but i genuinely felt disgusting and horrible and also lonely. So, I downloaded discord to try and talk to people to make myself feel better and less lonely (as friends of course). I started talking to this guy on discord (NOTE: I ALWAYS PREFACED TO the guy THAT ME AND HIM WERE FRIENDS, NEVER ANYTHING MORE.) for about a week. To my regret, the conversation got flirty and I mentioned a few sexual comments in which I DEEPLY regret, I sent him a bikini picture too. When I was in this conversation, I didn’t realise what I was doing and genuinely didn’t realise this would hurt my boyfriend. I was talking to him for about week as friends and we called once before i realised what I had done. Our conversations mainly consisted of him talking about another girl he liked, but I stupidly never told the guy I had a boyfriend because at the start of the conversation I wanted to talk as friends. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks and I stopped eating, got prescribed lexapro for my anxiety, would wake up in the morning with the most gut wrenching anxiety, vomit in the morning due to the anxiety and have countless obsessive thoughts about the situation and about every possible scenario that could happen when I told my boyfriend about this. I couldn’t even be alone, I was constantly thinking about suicide as well. (THE FLIRTY CONVERSATIONS WERE ONLY ONE OR TWO, MOSTLY LEAD BY HIM.)I didn’t tell my boyfriend for a month about this, deleted discord and cut off all contact AS SOON as I realised what I had done. I did download discord once more two weeks after I quit because I was so paranoid he would find my socials and tell my boyfriend before I did. Fast forward a month of hell, I have just told my boyfriend three days ago and to my surprise he is NOT MAD AT ALL. Not one bit, he says he knows it was a mistake and FULLY forgives me for this, and our relationship is 100% fine. I still feel so guilty and am still having these obsessive thoughts. My boyfriend has been so mature about the situation but I am feeling SO GUILTY. Our relationship is 100% fine and I have just started to eat again. I am thinking that my brain will never get back to normal and will have this anxiety forever. I am making myself believe that I am a horrible person. (NOTE: I told my boyfriend EVERYTHING that happened and he is still okay with it). I just don’t know what to do from here even though everything is fine in our relationship, I just feel like a horrible person. I did tell him his voice was nice which could be perceived as flirting as well, but the part of the earlier conversations that got sexual i deeply regret. I love my boyfriend with all my heart and I think i just got wrapped up in feeling attractive outside my relationship and getting some attention. I just wanted an outsiders perspective on this and to know if I am a horrible person or not.
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2023.03.22 07:51 lenkallll Got in the state, movement and then nothing

I’ve been manifesting my sp back more than a year now. After a few months I learned to get in the state of the wish fulfilled and whenever I got there and truly felt we are together, he texted me. Something neutral, nothing special. But normally we are in no contact. And I always get so happy that we will be soon together even in 3D but every time it ends very bad. He always texts me after that I have to move on or something like this. Then I get sad and have to go back within where everything is fine which is always too demanding after reading his message about moving on etc. Why it always gets this bad when Im in that state and truly feel we are together?
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