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East Blue: Grand Line RP (A One Piece Roleplay)

2013.12.21 17:52 East Blue: Grand Line RP (A One Piece Roleplay)

The subreddit for the East Blue in GLRP. A roleplay based within an alternate version of the One Piece universe. Gol D. Roger has started the age of piracy, but where it goes after that is up to you. This Subreddit is currently not in use, but feel free to check out our active Subreddit, /GLRP_NorthBlue/

2013.07.08 22:22 Marques_King The Grand Line: Grand Line RP (A One Piece Roleplay)

The subreddit for the Grand Line within the GLRP. Making it here is a sign of strength, character, and that you're probably in over your head. But, don't worry. If you've made it this far then you can surely keep it going. Just remember to stay weary of mushrooms, bats, and falling road rollers. ------------------------------------- This subreddit is currently inactive for the time being. It made be made public again at a later date.

2023.03.22 03:09 chenhli [WTS][MI] GHK AK105 GBB Rifle, EMG BLU GBB Pistol w/ Steel Upgrades and Streamlight TLR1-HL, DyTac JagerWerks F9 Glock Slide

Hello all,
I have a few airsoft guns and part to sell (no time stamps since now I have enough flairs).
Airsoft Guns (all GBB)
1. GHK AK105 GBB with Upgrades
** The items with double asterisks are genuine parts for real firearms, not airsoft replica.
Building this gun was such a fun project, and from the list of included items I'm sure one can appreciate the effort and time I spent to find and install all the parts. I'm selling this gun now because I'm getting more into firearm training nowadays and I've decided to only keep a few airsoft guns for plinking in the basement. I love this gun and I enjoy shooting it very much (even just cocking the gun is very satisfying because of all the steel parts), but I'm just not using it enough nowadays to keep it.
The bolt and the fire control group are all steel upgrades from Hephaestus or W&S and they operate very smoothly together. The gun shoots and cycles smoothly with full-auto rate of fire at roughly 600 RPM using green gas or higher using CO2. I don't really need to say much about the quality of the SLR gas tube and M-LOK handguard given that they are made for real firearm, and in my personal opinion they are one of the best-looking AK gas tube/handguard in the market. The LCT stock is very nicely made and it provides very good cheek weld for optics at different heights installed on either the gas tube, on a dust cover mount (not included), or on a side optic mount.
Feel free to PM me for videos of the gun operating/shooting. Please only PM me if you are serious about buying.
Please also note that I'm not looking for trading and I will not be parting out.
A couple things to note:
2. EMG SAI BLU with 2 Mags, Full Steel Upgrades, and Streamlight TLR1-HL Weapon Light
I spent a lot of efforts on building this airsoft pistol with pretty much the best parts available. The RA-Tech steel slide and outer barrel are beautifully made. There are two sets of mag release/back strap for you to change out - one black and one brass, which are also from RA-Tech (much better quality than the original ones from EMG). You can chose between unthreaded outer barrel and threaded outer barrel, both of which are made of steel and have very good quality. The internals are also massively upgraded with many steel parts. Please note that from my own testing, I found out that the gun works best with both the CO2 mag and the green gas mag using the original hammer and valve release (both of which were made to withstand CO2 power), but I will also provide you with the Guarder steel hammer and valve release in case you want to change them out. I also stippled the frame for better texture and more friction. This pistol is a lot of fun to shoot, especially with the CO2 mag (very strong recoil).
I will also provide you with many spare parts such as loading nozzle, springs, valves, gas route, mag base plates, etc.
The TLR1-HL is a genuine Streamlight product, not a reproduction. The condition is pretty much new. All keys for installing on different rail system are included. Please note that batteries are NOT included.

1. DyTac JagerWerks F9 Slide Set for Elite Force/VFC Glock 17 Gen4
I built this slide set to use on my Elite Force/ VFC Glock 17 Gen4 airsoft GBB pistol (not included). This is a complete and functional slide set with all required internals and upgrades included.
Please feel free to message me for more pictures of the items.
No parting/splitting for each of the items listed above. No trading.
I only accept PayPal Goods & Services for payment. Also, I will ship within continental US only (lower 48), and I will not ship to places where Airsoft guns are not allowed. Please note that by purchasing those items from me, you verify that you are at least 18 years of age and you have confirmed that airsoft guns and parts are permitted by your state and local laws.
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2023.03.22 03:05 mx3552 Management overview and AMA

Management Overview:
Nicholas Kadysh Founding CEO, President
With over a decadeof experience as a Public Affairs and Regulatory expert, Nick Kadysh is the founder and CEO of PharmAla Biotech, a Toronto-based Life Sciences company focused on the manufacturing and development of MDMA and MDXX-class molecules.
Prior to launching PharmAla in 2020, Nick led government relations and regulatory departments for a number of large corporations, including acting as Head of Corporate Affairs for JUUL Labs, as Government Affairs & Public Policy Leader for General Electric Canada, and as Director of Public Affairs for Red Bull Canada.
Nick gained a deep understanding of government as a campaign and legislative staff member in multiple levels of government prior to joining the corporate sector, most recently directing the Outreach department of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition at Queen’s Park in Toronto. He has also worked as a policy advisor at the Parliament of Canada.
Nick is trilingual (English, French & Russian) and is a graduate of Queen’s University. He lives in East Toronto with his wife, Olga, and two daughters, Milena and Sasha. He is active in non-profit and community initiatives in Toronto, including fundraising for Toronto East General Hospital and as a member of the board for Yonge-Dundas Square.

Carmelo Marrelli Chief Financial Officer
Drawing upon more than 20 years of financial reporting experience, Carmelo Marrelli, also known as Carm, specializes in management advisory services, accounting and the financial disclosure needs of the Marrelli Group’s extensive public client base.

Harpreet Kaur Vice President of Research
Harpreet has over 12 years experience as a Research and Development leader in fast-paced industrial settings across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cannabis sector. Before joining PharmAla, Harpreet was the Director of research and development for one of the world’s largest medical cannabis companies. During this time, she nurtured her exceptional technical skills across clinical development, commercialization and regulatory affairs helping Tilray register and launch products across the EU, UK and globe. Prior to her work with Tilray, she began her career with Sun Pharma.

David Purcell Director of Sales
As Director of Sales, David Purcell is responsible for executing the overarching sales strategy for PharmAla and will use his experience and expertise to drive revenue and deliver value to our clients.
David brings over 20 years of business and product development experience to PharmAla in both the private and public sectors. Prior to joining the team, David was the Chief Commercial Officer of Shelter Cannabis, where he oversaw the Business Development, Sales, Marketing, and Client Care teams, and directed the successful expansion of select cannabis products to new markets throughout Canada. David also led the expansion of the Cannabis Career Training program at Kwantlen Polytechnic University by developing new programs, facilitating the expansion of lab, extraction and testing facilities, and built partnerships with key Canadian and international institutions and industry partners, which built a scalable network of educators for National and International markets.
David lives on Vancouver Island and enjoys gravel cycling and golfing in the summer and skiing in the winter and likes developing his palate with novel culinary experiences. David is also particularly interested in behavioral economics and firmly believes in promoting sustainable business practices.

AMA - MARCH 9, 2023
Question 1: Where do you foresee the next countries granting regulatory approval? Is it safe to assume that Health Canada and UK/EU will follow is relatively quick succession to the FDA?
Answer: I think Australia has proven that regulatory permissions on these molecules don’t necessarily follow a pattern that can be predicted. Our goal is to be quick and nimble into markets when they flip. I’ve been honest that we didn’t see Australia coming, and I don't think anyone REALLY saw it coming. Easy to be a monday morning quarterback. But, it validated our thesis! And we’re more than happy to take advantage of our advantage here.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 2: Do we have any minimum projections for what we intend to ship on July 1st?
Answer: We’re currently in the middle of demand planning with our partners. We’re very confident we can meet initial demand with our stock of inventory, but it’s incredibly hard to predict what demand will be. If there is one authorized prescriber on July 1, the number is X. If there are 50 prescribers, the number is 50x. Long term, our goal is to use our IP and processes to on-shore manufacturing in Australia, and improve COGS, as well as remove import/export barriers. We can do that because we don't have to feed a facility in Canada, and IP is portable. (edited)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 3: In the Skerrit interview you posted, he mentioned that Australia would only be importing GMP products to start. Is it correct to assume that from an MDMA supply perspective, it is MAPS and us at the moment who are the only two companies that can fulfill this Or have we seen addition competition enter the mix?
Answer: I think Secretary Skerrit was speaking to the fact that as yet there are no real GMP manufacturers in Australia that can manufacture at scale. It takes time to scale manufacturing in Pharma. Obviously we’d love to find the right partners to do that manufacturing here, which is part of the reason why I’m speaking to you from Australia right now. Regarding MAPS, they can’t supply the Australian market because it would put their FDA application at risk. We strongly support MAPS' work, and would love to support them with drug supply, if they'd like. But I’ve always said that there will be other folks who enter the market, and begin manufacture. Our first-mover advantage is only that. But as anyone who has ever worked in commercial products knows, ultimate success goes to those who achieve operational excellence: distribution, shipment, import/export, price, customer relationships. We think we have that in spades, and we hope our customers agree with us. That’s how I define success – happy customers.
Competition is actually good and healthy. If you look at mature industries, there are often several big players. I used to work at Red Bull Energy Drink (best job ever), and there are 3 - Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar. Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper. Having several solid competitors actually helps grow the pie for everyone. (edited)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 4: Is there a plan in motion to trade on the Australian ASX as well as the U.S. OTC?
Answer: We’ve previously announced that we intend to trade over OTC, and that news will come when it comes. Regarding an ASX listing, it’s quite challenging to do as a foreign company, so I think that’s less likely – but I won’t close the door on it, it just depends on the nature of the emerging market here.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 5: Is there a possibility of manufacturing MDMA in Australia? Since your not tied down with your own production plant. And would that cut down on exporting headaches?
Answer: Yes, absolutely! I spoke to this in my annual shareholders’ letter. We just need to find a trustworthy partner for manufacturing in Australia – someone appropriately licensed, with the facility we’d need, and a high reputation for manufacturing excellence. A great relationship with TGA wouldn’t hurt either.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 6: Do you anticipate being able to manufacture enough product to satisfy initial demand in Australia come July 1?
Answer: Again, demand planning for a brand new market is super hard. But we believe we already have enough to satisfy demand already made and in inventory. The challenge will be building distribution and supply chain here in Oz, not to mention landing the product in-country in the first place. It's not as turnkey as slipping it into a fed-ex box, people.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 7: With mind medicine signing a PO with another company. How does this move affect Pharmala come July 1st?
Answer: We have a great relationship with Mind Medicine. I don’t mind telling you that I met with Peter and the Mind Medicine team just a few hours ago. They purchased materials from us back in April of last year – and we’re still waiting on them to get the import permit for that inventory. I don’t want to get into the reasons why Peter decided to do what he did, as it’s not my story to tell, but I’ll just leave it at the fact that as a Charitable endeavour they have very different pressures on them than a commercial entity. We really like MMA, and we’ll do anything we can to support them in Australia.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 8: What is your 2023 Revenue Projection?
Answer: Once there is a public revenue projection in the wake of the Australia regulatory change, you’ll see it in our public filings. No such announcement has been made yet.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 9: There been lots of talk about buyout. Is this something you would consider if the condition were right or would you reject?
Answers: Yes – just like with financing, only a very silly CEO would categorically say no to a potential buyout offer. It just has to be an appealing offer that works for shareholders, and ideally preserves the upside potential for us in what we’ve built. Also, like.... guys, I like what I do. I don't do well with being bored at home, and my wife would have something to say about it. I think we have one of the best teams in the business. It's what I'm most proud of when I think of PharmAla - the amazing team we have, how committed everyone is to our mission, how hard they all work day-in day-out. Not to mention how much more they could all be making if they weren't at a startup.
So, anyone who wants to buy us out had better take care of my people.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 10: Where do you think our SP would be trading in in say 6 month to 2 year once other part of the world open their door?
Answer: Sorry, I don’t have a crystal ball. The stock will trade how it trades! I'm super gratified that the stock price has grown, and that more people are paying attention to our story. Big, big thank you to the folks on this board who saw our potential early... but then again, I don't think I need to thank them too much, because they've been rewarded financialy as well lol. But in all seriousness, we really do value the folks who invest in the company. I do stuff like this AMA to show that.
And to the folks who sold and took profit: good for you. It's a market, it needs both buyers and sellers. I don't get upset at people who sell the stock. My job as CEO is to give people more reasons to buy, not to try and invent reasons for them not to sell.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 11: Is the cost to manufacture our MDMA more expensive than our competitor who does them in house?
Answer: I obviously don’t know exactly what the COGs are for our competitors, but I have strong reason to believe that our material is cheaper. I... also still haven't seen a Certificate of Analysis for GMP material other than ours and MAPS, which is kind of how we would know that we truly have a competitor in the MDMA space. Lots of competitors in Psilocybin which we retail for Mindset (great partners!!!), but relatively little of it is synthetic. Most is natural source. Which is fine, but presents quality control challenges.
Also, not to throw people under the bus, but I've seen some invoices from people in this industry which would make your eyes water. Our goal is to make a profit, yes - a good one, even - but I can't jive with charging so much that you put your customers out of business.
But back to cost for a second: we don’t have expensive facilities to maintain, and I’ve often said that I believe this to be a competitive advantage. I’ve also previously announced that we intend to on-shore manufacturing in Australia, which will further reduce COGs.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question 12: Would like to better understand our IP porfolio in regard to competition, Where do we stand, What is the game plan?
Answer: Our goal with our novel molecules – one of our patent applications was published last month – is twofold: 1) Improve the safety of MDMA while preserving its efficacy 2) Research a new indication for our novel analog, which is Social Anxiety in an Autistc Young Adult population.
That doesn’t mean we can’t use our novel analogs for previously researched uses, like PTSD – we can, and we think it’s better, because of its improved safety profile. But we also want to break new ground, because our analog has shown great preclinical results, and we think we can get a new indication off the ground. It's an orphan indication, no treatments currently available. And the two businesses are synergistic, as I've often said. Eventually we would love to use the distribution channels we’re establishing in places like Australia to ultimately drive sales of our patented analogs, once they're approved.
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2023.03.22 02:14 kevinbevindevin Just some reflections about the doomed Latoya Cantrell recall campaign

Two months ago I made a post about the then-likely doomed recall campaign and correctly predicted (but's it's clear as day) that the recall is doomed. This will be my last post about Teedy because I don't think any further discussion about her is helpful for the city that I grew up in that many, including myself, has a special place in their heart. Here's my two (or three) cents of what came out from the saga and hope I don't repeat myself:
  1. As I said in the other thread, Teedy is simply an epitome of who we are as a whole: half-intelligent, selfish, poor policymaking, and incompetent. The recall campaign isn't that much better. Remember, it's still the voters in Orleans Parish who overwhelmingly reelect her just a little more than a year ago. Despite her unpopularity according to polls, she actually has fans (and in my opinion as unintelligent as many MAGA supporters). I hate to call specific private citizens out, but just go to her Facebook comment section and see some of the comments or posts such as this, this, and this (before you complain, they opted to make them public). If you notice these comments, they offer zero policy reason as to why they are supporting her (i.e. I support John Bel Edwards because he expanded Medicaid and restored TOPS). It's simple: Teedy thinks her voters are idiots and I think she's right. She took advantage of them and they got exact what they wanted except we also get f**ked by her.
  2. According to news outlets, the huge chunk of voters who signed are not voters of Orleans Parish. I hate to unnecessary talk about race, but the people who signed it are overwhelmingly white. In other words, many who signed it are likely Jefferson Parish voters who identify themselves as New Orleanians who participated in white flight and moved to JP back in the days. Sorry, but United States doesn't elect metro mayors that encompasses an entire metro area. Your mayor is Cynthia Lee-Sheng, not Teedy. If you wanted the good of the city, you should have stayed and promote policies that are good for NOLA, not moving to JP and bitch about what happen in NOLA.
  3. Some people called that I am obsessed about her. It's not about she herself. It's about her destroying the city. The good side is that her low approval rating means that the next mayor (whether it's Helena Moreno or whoever is stepping up) wouldn't be as brazen as she is and will (I can only hope) better take care of the city. It still need the people keep a close eye of the city government and continual city engagement. Despite the failure of the recall campaign, I hope that people are waking to the fact that the municipal government is poorly run and that we can have the potential to be better.
NOLA still has a great foundation such as being a top tourist destination, relatively decent bike infrastructure in Baton Rouge standards, strong culture like Mardi Gras, Gumbo, and Yaka Mein, and beautiful homes that we can dream of owning. But, I think we can bring the energy to make the city a better place instead.
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2023.03.22 00:13 SirRaisinBran [ESSAY] The Hidden Oddities of Area Zero

This is a collection of oddities, real world inspirations and possible clues that hint to the true purpose of Area Zero and other mysteries in Paldea. My intention was to compile this into one big Theory of Everything, but all of this has been sitting in a Google Doc for a month and a half and I don't see how I can tie it all together with the information we currently have. I figured that I might as well talk about the discoveries I have made because if I had not compiled all of this into a reddit post, it might never have happened. My hope is that it will open up some new discussions about the games, and that someone else may see something that I can not.

Let's start with Area Zero. In the Scarlet/Violet books, the page discussing the strange symbol found in A0 has a few qualities that I have not seen discussed so far. It's titled "Mysterious Plates", plural, and even shows a second plate below the main plate containing the two intersecting triangles. This second plate is strangely never mentioned or shown again anywhere else. It appears to be longer in width and much shorter in height than the one we see in A0, and contains a long string of undecipherable text.
This mysterious second plate is not the only strange thing about this page of the book. The top image is drawn so that the symbol plate has its right side obscured behind rocks, but the bottom image gives you enough of a view to see that it doesn't contain anything to the right of the two zeroes. The map of Paldea and its accompanying text is strangely missing. The drawing is from the side and far away, so the plate is at an angle where it is difficult to make out certain details, but it certainly appears to not be wide enough to contain the mysterious symbol AND the map of Paldea.
That's not all about the metal plate, however. The entire thing, as seen when you yourself go into A0, seems to be based on the concept of a Kilometer Zero location marker. This is something that can be found in many countries across the world, which is why it seemed so strange to me that I have not seen any discussion about this. Regardless, the Kilometer Zero markers are typically placed in locations where multiple roads, railways or other routes of transportation come together in a central location. The marker was popularized by the Roman Empire, which is where the phrase "All roads lead to Rome" originates from. GameFreak makes this connection even clearer by having Hassel say almost that exact same line during one of the Art classes, "All roads lead to Area Zero".
Finally, if you look at the Kilometer Zero marker used in Spain it's clear that GameFreak took inspiration from this specific one for the metal plate of A0. It's located in the center of the country, in Madrid, and has an interesting history. The plaque was removed in 2002 in order for the town square to undergo renovations, and when the plaque was put back the construction crew accidentally put it in the ground upside down, so the north point was facing south and vice versa. This was fixed in 2007, but two years later in 2009 the plaque was removed and a new one was put in. Could this also be the history of the metal plate in A0? While I have yet to think of any implications of this, could it be possible that the A0 plate was found upside down and has been kept that way since Heath's expedition?

GameFreak pulled from numerous parts of Chinese mythology/folklore when putting together Area Zero and the story around Paldea, as the Treasures of Ruin are inspired by the Four Perils and the Kitakami Legends are inspired by Momotaro. Once the DLC was revealed, specifically its logo, I was able to make another similar connection. A not very well known piece of Chinese folklore is that of the Eight Treasures, or the Eight Precious Things, which are eight auspicious symbols that signify good luck and fortune. They had a similar cultural role to the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism, but beyond that the similarities end.
What the Eight Treasures are exactly varies depending on the source, as the symbols are pulled from the Hundred Treasures of Chinese folklore. The more commonly used Treasures seem to correlate to the eight symbols found on the corners of both the SV logo and the DLC logo. I will point out what I believe to be the Treasure that inspired each symbol, and this is where you can find a more detailed analysis on the Treasure's symbolism.
Starting with the upper left corner of the Scarlet/Violet logo, the Metal Plate inscription is based on the Double Lozenge, representing two hearts joined together to act as one mind. The hexagon in the bottom left is the Jewel, sometimes depicted as a Pearl or Flaming Pearl, containing generative energy and the ability to grant wishes. The four circles in the top right seem to be the Double Coins and the spiral in the bottom right seems to be the Wish Granting Ingot. The symbols in the DLC logo are harder to identify, but I believe the top right is the Mirror Lozenge, the Blueberry academy logo (that looks like an '8') in the bottom left might be inspired by the Coral treasure, and finally the bottom right symbol is the Wish Granting Scepter that is associated with the wish granting ingot. The upper left DLC symbol is too obscure for me to make any direct connections. While I have not drawn any definite conclusions on what these inspirations indicate for the symbols, it certainly seems to indicate the true nature of the Tera jewels and what secret wish-granting powers they may have.
The last thing I'd like to mention about Area Zero is that it seems to be heavily inspired by the Taoist concept of "Grotto Heavens", are worlds believed to exist hidden within the crust of Earth, often times inside the hollow center of a mountain. They are said to receive no actual light from the stars, but rather from "the root of the essence of the sun... its light matches the sun of the outer world". A0, as many have noted, is always lit no matter the time of day.
The mythological locations of Mount Penglai and Mount Kunlun) share some similarities to Area Zero, both of which are believed to be Axis Mundi of the world (a celestial pole, like Yggdrasil from Norse mythology). Mount Penglai is also known as Horai, the name given to the mountain in a short story written by Lafcadio Hearn. It is said to be the home of a cabal of immortals known as the Eight Immortals, although Penglai is found on just one of the mythical islands the Eight Immortals are said to reside on.
Lafcadio Hearn does not share many similarities with what little we know of Heath from the Area Zero Expedition team, but the book Hearn published his many short stories in, including that of Mount Penglai, was titled "Kwaidan". This certainly sounds similar to Koraidon, but I must admit it is a loose connection.
Mount Kunlun, a separate mythical paradise, connects to Paldea through its western/southern river (the direction the river flows from varies) that is known as the "Scarlet RiveWater)". Beyond just the name, in the announcement trailer for Scarlet and Violet there are three globes that can be seen in the room. One is a regular globe of the Earth, one is a regular globe of the Moon, and then the third is a globe depicting the Earth with red colored water instead of blue. If the globes were placed there with thematic intent, I believe the red globe was meant to create the connection between Paldea/A0 and Mount Kunlun. Both Penglai and Kunlun share other similarities to Area Zero through generic paradise tropes that I will not go into here, as the Scarlet RiveRed Globe and Kwaidan/Koraidon felt the most significant and this post is already long enough.

As Scarlet and Violet introduced us to the first open world in the series history, it is understandable that the cardinal directions (North, South, West, East) would receive a bit of attention. What stands out in GameFreaks inclusion of them, however, is the colors associated with each direction.
If you look at what colors different cultures associate with the cardinal directions, you will not find a single society in history that had the same associations as Paldea does. In all my research, I could only find two pieces of cultural or fictional media that shared the same Cardinal Colors. In Buddhism, the Mandala Of Avalokiteshvara (Compassion Buddha) and the Mandala of the Medicine Buddha are sometimes depicted with these Cardinal Colors, but these depictions are not easy to find.
For the second instance, the Land Of Oz from the books by L. Frank Baum see the same setup of Blue/Yellow being opposite one another, red representing the south (which itself is rare enough), with some depictions using purple to represent the North and others using green. This would not seem to connect to Pokemon if not for the fact that the games have actually referenced the Wizard of Oz before. In Generation 1, if the player clicks on the TV in their home the text box indicates that Stand By Me is currently playing, the plot of which seems to have inspired the final act of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, The Way Home. In the Gen1 remakes, FireRed and LeafGreen, the same reference is made as long as the player chose the male protagonist. Even Sun and Moon included the same Stand By Me reference as well. However, in FLG, a different film is referenced if the player chooses the female protagonist, The Wizard of Oz. Once again I admit this is a flimsy connection, but with one of these two films being an obvious inspiration for the story of Scarlet/Violet, it opens up the possibility that the Wizard of Oz might have also been used as inspiration.
That is all I could find on the inspiration for the choices made for the Cardinal Colors, however certain ways GameFreak utilized the Cardinal Colors of Paldea stood out to me, and I have not seen any discussion on this either. Here are two diagrams demonstrating some ways the Cardinal Colors may have more to do with the Legendary Pokemon of the games than we have realized. Specifically, the shrines encasing the Treasures of Ruin across Paldea are located in the four corners of the region, with their colors being a combination of the Cardinal Colors closest to them. The fire-type Chi-Yu is found in the NorthEast, so its shrine is a combination of blue and green, cyan. This is true of all four of the Treasures of Ruin. If you look at the four new Pokemon introduced in the DLC The Teal Mask, each Pokemon incorporates a Cardinal color in their design, with Ogerpon being the only outlier. Of course, we have barely seen Ogerpon's actual design without the mask, and even then in the image we do have it has a yellow-colored eye which is the only color not utilized by another Pokemon.
Then there is the Mesagoza Type Compass that sits in the center of the city, which has the types arranged in a seemingly random order. I tried to figure out if maybe these Cardinal Colors or the corner colors have something to do with the Type Compass, or the color wheel found in the Art Room, but so far I have had no luck. However the compass is odd in that it has 12 points rather than the 8 points or 16 points typically seen on compass roses, which supposedly is normal of a Japanese Compass Rose but I have yet to find a depiction like this outside of a single DeviantArt image. Beyond the colors, not much else seems relevant to the cardinal directions, although there is one part of A0 that sticks out to me.
While it is difficult to figure out which direction you are looking towards when you enter A0, it is possible to see the Zero Gate above the clouds where you land if you get high up enough along the sides of A0. A link to a screenshot of this is included near the end of the post. Based off of this, it would appear that each river in A0 is coming from a lake located on the cardinal ends of the area. While the North, West, and South rivers all flow down into the bottom of A0, the East river is the one that takes you to the cave with the four circles pointing towards the cardinal directions. This is the only river that does not flow into the crystalline depths below. Given that Part 1 of the DLC seems to take place in the Eastern area connected to Paldea, it makes me wonder if there is any relevance to this river being the only one to not connect with the others.

There are a number of strange things throughout the story that seem to connect to the moon, specifically its strange orbit that is scarcely commented on anywhere. While most of the observations in this post are just that, observations, I feel strongly that the moon plays a role in the overall plot of Scarlet and Violet, and will be a focal point of the DLC.
When developing a video game, nothing is particularly easy to implement. The easiest thing to do in game development is doing something again. Taking a feature you have already developed, and copy and pasting it to something else in the game. Knowing this, I would like to discuss the strange behavior of the moon as opposed to the typical behavior of the sun.
Imagine you are standing idly in Paldea while facing the Northeast at night, you watch as the sun rises in the East like it does in the real world. You can watch as it crosses the sky over the course of the day, eventually arriving in the West where it disappears over the horizon. Once the sun has set, you look back over at the Northeast direction expecting to see the moon rise over the horizon. The stars start to appear and the sky darkens, and yet you see no moon. If you were to then look back over at the Northwest direction, if you do so quick enough, you can see the Moon suddenly just appear in the West. Not only that, if you watch it over the course of the night you can see it go from West to East, the opposite direction it would normally travel, and then disappear by fading into the sky as the sun starts to rise once again. The sun has a proper orbit, it rises and sets in the correct locations and arcs across the sky. The moon on the other hand does not rise, it does not set, and it moves across the sky in a straight line. Most may chalk this up to a development bug, but I see an intended behavior. Like I said, once you've implemented something once, here being a circle in the sky rising and setting over the horizon, it's not very difficult to copy and paste it to another giant circle. I believe that this has to have been intentional, especially given that it was not fixed in the latest patch.
That's not all though. Of the four symbols on the Scarlet/Violet logo, one of them seems to lack any sort of context behind its relevance. This would be the bottom right spiral found in the Poco Lab. Even the metal plate inscription has some sort of commentary attributed to it, so that players can at least wonder what its relevance may be. The spiral, however, is left mostly unexplained. That is, if you don't pay attention to the other diagrams on the whiteboard. While the specifics of these equations are a little lost on me, it would seem the two circles found on the Poco Lab whiteboard are depicting calculations relating to the horizon of the Earth, possibly the light refraction of a celestial object. The top diagram appears to either calculate the influence of a satellite on the planets gravity, or a calculation of the true altitude of the satellite. That one could be a number of things, but I believe the bottom one to be a calculation of the true position of the moon based on the principle of the moon illusion. While I can't be certain what the spiral symbol represents, I wonder if it is depicting the strange orbit of the moon that is causing it to appear and disappear in the middle of the sky. Could the "moon's" refraction of light rays) be the relevance of ultraviolet and infrared light wavelengths, which many have theorized to have something to do with Scarlet/Violet?
Based on what we know of the Professor, the last time they left Poco Lab was the final time they set foot outside of Area Zero. These diagrams would have been the last thing they wrote on the whiteboard before going to Zero Lab, where a dozen more strange diagrams can be found on the whiteboards there. If you look at what the diagrams are depicting, each one shows a single circle following a path and/or existing within a strange 3D geometric shape. If I am correct that the Poco Lab whiteboard is the Professor discovering that something is off about the moon's orbit, the whiteboards in Zero Lab might be their attempts at finding out what exactly the orbit is. Could this be why they become more of a hermit, locking themselves in the lab and creating more security protocols to keep other people out? Is it possible they discovered some sort of conspiracy and became the target of those upholding the conspiracy?

While I have already rambled long enough about the suspicious nature of the moon, there's one final observation I would like to make. If you look at the page in the Scarlet/Violet where Heath drew the Disk Pokemon, which we now know is Terapagos, there's still a number of unexplained aspects of the image. The giant disk Terapagos is resting on, the fact that its fur turns into an ocean with ships atop it, the clouds to the left of Terapagos that are completely disconnected from the Pokemon, and the many planets that can be seen in the background. It has already been pointed out that if you flip the image upside down, the black parts of the image actually appear to be crystals encircling the large disk, but there's something else about the image that has yet to be mentioned. The shading of the large disk is strange, familiar even. This image depicts the view of the Earth from the surface of the moon. It is the same exact shading. Looking at the Disk as a large celestial object from the upside down perspective, suddenly makes its appear as if the artist is looking up into the sky, past the Tera crystals of Area Zero, seeing a large object very far away. After all, it's common knowledge that Terapagos might be inspired by the many myths of a World Turtle that carries the Earth on its back. Looking at the drawing upside down, it almost appears as if that were the case here.
Of course, then there's the whole problem with how Area Zero could possibly be on the moon and/or some other satellite object, and then why Earth has the weird hexagonal shapes covering its visible portion. This could always be attributed to simple Human error with the artist not fully comprehending what they were seeing, but that certainly would not be a satisfying answer. Another theory I hope to discuss more of one day is that the clouds seen inside the Great Crater are teleporting anyone who enters to Area Zero, and vice versa, but I'm still working on how exactly that would fit with what we know about A0 and Terapagos so far.

One final piece of folklore I'd like to mention is the beliefs of a Daoist school from 400 C.E, known as both the School of the Numinous Treasure and the School of the Sacred Jewel (also known simply as the Lingbao School). While I'm not sure if this actually a source of inspiration for these games, I certainly found some of the aspects and beliefs of this Daoist sect interesting. It's also another piece of spiritual beliefs that have connected to the old Chinese story Journey to the West. This story has had connections to many things I have already talked about, like the Grotto Heavens and Axis Mountains I mentioned earlier. Frankly, anything I found in Chinese mythology that seemed like it might have been inspiration for these games had some sort of connection to that tale, and so as a result it may have been a bigger piece of inspiration that I realized.
Lingbao cosmology is based around the idea of a mountain known as the Jade Capital being the center of the heavens, the Axis Mundi housing the Celestial Worthy (creator god). There are three subsequent deities, the Lord of Celestial Treasure, Lord of Sacred Treasure and the Lord of Divine Treasure. Each deity also resides within its own Grotto Heaven. It was believed by Lingbaoists that time was divided into cosmic cycles, and at the end of each era a deity related to the color associated with that era would descend to Earth provide Humanity a piece of Cosmic teaching. Two types of eras/cycles can occur, one ending with the moon causing a flood that resets the universe, and the other ending in total apocalypse. Before the apocalypse a select few of those who were given the Cosmic teaching, those that actually correctly learned the teaching, would be gathered up by the Queen Mother of the West (A central character of Journey to the West), and taken to a land of bliss not impacted by the apocalypse.
After reading through much of the Journey to the West, I believe that Geeta was inspired by the Queen Mother of the West and plans to take those who follow her to Area Zero when an apocalypse is eventually started, either by her or by natural forces/a Pokemon. This is mostly because I hope that they do something interesting with her character, but partly because it just seems very much like a story GameFreak would tell, especially given the writing of villains in Pokemon games and how recently they have represented big corporate powers.

I hope that many of these topics fuel the theorizing parts of your brains, as I know that they have for me. Of course this post is formatted the way it is because I have not been able to come up with a cohesive theory that utilizes all of these oddities, as well as the bullet points below, but maybe one day it will click for someone.

- If you get on top of the Academy using the Cyclizar Paradox, you can access the outside of the conservatory-like structure. The Academy exit connected to it is the color red, as well as the door used to enter the treehouse-like structure. As far as I can tell, based off of the intro sequence of Violet I found on YouTube, the doors appear to be red no matter the version. Also, the doors to the conservatory have what might be the second metal plate sitting above it with the text blurred, I imagine intentionally so that anyone like me climbs up to them, we don't discover any secrets.
- The hexagonal symbol in the bottom left of the logo may be depicting the six satellite dishes found around Area Zero, rather than the time machine or the Tera jewel/crystal itself.
- Student IDs are only mentioned two times, both mentions are by the AI Professor. First is when the Professor says the player's ID, 805C393. 805 because that's how many years since the Academy was founded, I presume 'C' is the semester (A is spring, B is summer, C is fall), and 393 because we joined the Academy late in the semester. Penny is 803B121, which tracks with that logic as a year and a half before was when she formed Team Star. Strangely, Nemona is 805C001. This means she registered with the school at the beginning of the current semester, and was the first to do so. This does not line up with what Giacomo says about Nemona taking over Student Council president a year and a half before the events of the game. Also - the previous Director mentions that his assistant tried to coverup the Team Star incident by destroying "digital records", no mention of physical records. We assumed this coverup caused the pages to be ripped out of the Student Registry book found in the Academy Library, but this does not track. Was someone trying to hide Nemona's previous ID? This might explain why the Professor felt it was necessary to create the Pokeball Locking security system, as it has to do with ID numbers. Nemona would be able to use Pokeballs with a new ID, up until the final battle where the AI Professor locks ALL ID's other than their own.
- Zero Gate is not the only thing that can be seen above the clouds in Area Zero. On top of the fact that the ledge it rests on looks nothing like the ledge seen in Paldea, the ridges seen above the Area Zero clouds are a completely different shape than the walls of the Great Create of Paldea, appearing more like a mountain range than a crater. Here some screenshots I took.
- Another reason for why I assume the cardinal directions are the way they are in Area Zero, despite the minimap not functioning from within the area, is because of this promotional artwork GameFreak released prior to Scarlet/Violet hitting the shelves. You can see that to the right of the Zero Gate is a waterfall, and the distance between the two appears to be the same as the distance from where you spawn in Area Zero and the closest waterfall to your left. What's most interesting about this image, though, is that the waterfall depicted in the image is not present in the final game. This would have been the only think linking the Crater above the clouds to the grotto below the clouds, and for whatever reason they decided to remove it in the three months between releasing the image and releasing the games.
- The Kitakami Legends each seem to each have a European heraldic charge) depicted on their design. Given that the Koraidon/Miraidon designs on the front of the Scarlet/Violet books are based on how lions and other animals are depicted in heraldry, this seems like a safe assumption. Okidogi has two crescents#/media/File:BlasonJean_Leliwa(selonGelre).svg) underneath its eyes, and the shape on its chest seems to be the shape of the heraldry shield#/media/File:Swiss_Escutcheon.svg) itself. Munkidori has a maltese cross#/media/File:Maltese_cross.svg) on its stomach. Fezandipiti has a cross moline#/media/File:Cross-Moline-Heraldry.svg) at the end of its tail. Ogerpon is yet another outlier here, just like with the cardinal colors, but one could argue the five pointed star on its chest is its charge, which is called a mullet#/media/File:Blason_de_la_ville_de_Deh%C3%A9ries(59)_Nord-France.svg). Also - on the left side of the top floor of the Entrance Hall you can find a strange shape hanging from a light fixture. It appears to be the water-bouget charge.
- Mount Penglai is the home of the Eight Immortals. The Adventure into Area Zero page in the Scarlet/Violet book depicts seven individuals descending into Area Zero, and we can assume that Heath or whoever illustrated the page was not depicted. Was the Expedition team made up of only eight people? With the prevalence of the number '8' in the games and DLC (Blueberry Academy logo), could this have any significance?
- AI Professor mentions that the energy of the Tera Crystals can "alter the organic functions of living things". The future Paradox Pokemon seem to be actual living Pokemon despite being made of machinery. If "Dream Theory" ends up being partially true, then I wonder if the Tera function that 'created' them (summoned, resurrected, there are many possibilities) possibly healed the Professor by turning them into a cyborg. The research journals suggest the assistant mentioned is the AI Professor, but certain discrepancies in them and the AI Professor's dialogue suggests that is not the case.
- In the Scarlet/Violet book the Director depicted to be shaking Heath's hand has a little piece of hair on his forehead that looks like a crescent moon. The two founders of the Academies depicted by the busts on the top floor of the entrance hall have hair that looks like Grapes and Oranges depending on the version, so theres a precedent for hair shapes of Academy figureheads having double meanings. This is the reachiest reach in this entire post, but I thought I'd include it.
- A pet theory I have had since the release of the games is that Geeta runs a secret society in Paldea that is orchestrating events from the shadows. The compass logo of the Elite Four is reminiscent of an all-seeing-eye, which is largely where this notion came from (The 'eye' portion of the logo is also identical to the marking on Lusamine-Nihilego's legs). If this is truly the case, then I imagine its based on the mythical La Garduna secret society of Spain, which historians are unsure ever actually existed. Secret Societies are also a common trope of Academies and Universities. A real world example that the games may be hinting at with the Paldean Pokemon Gimmighoul is a collegiate secret society at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, called the Order of Gimghoul.
- Every time the Professor summons a Paradox Pokemon from the time machine, the Pokemon falls from the machine in a Master Ball - seemingly just having been caught. In multiple locations within Paldea, including the Player's bedroom and Arven/Penny's dorm rooms, there are scattered boxes with a company logo depicting Tauros. Inside of the Zero Lab, however, the Professor has a large amount of boxes with the Delibird company logo. Most of the settlements in Paldea, like Medali outside of Zero Gate and Levincia where the real estate company is, have warehouses with the Delibird company logo. Is this the company that is providing the Professor with such a large amount of Master Balls? Does this mean that the Delibird company is a subsidiary of Silph Co., or some other Pokeball-manufacturer?
- Penny mentions that Nemona's dad is on the board of the Rotom Phone company. Nemona then mentions how her sister will "take over the family business". Does Nemona's family own a separate corporation from the Rotom Phone company, as 'take over' suggests ownership of the business rather than simply being a part of an executive team. On top of that, we know that the company producing Rotom Phones - or at least the cellphones that the Rotom possesses - is Macro Cosmos, based off of this concept art from Sword and Shield where you can see their logo on the unpossessed phone.
- If you start in the United States and dug a hole straight through the earth, you would end up in China, as the classic saying goes. This is called an "Antipodal Point". The Antipodal point of Madrid, give or take a few dozen miles, is a large isolated mountain in New Zealand with a lake named "Crater Lake" sitting at its peak. If Area Zero's clouds are in fact a portal to multiple locations, and the inscribed symbol was inspired by the Double Lozenge (two hearts joined as one), then could this location in North New Zealand be the other location connected to A0?
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2023.03.21 22:03 A__European [3] US State Highways NM Speedrun #55 (1 min timer)

Challenge link: https://www.geoguessr.com/challenge/UTeyIYMjmWQUetIT
Deadline: March 28, 8 pm UTC (9 pm CET).
You are facing a U.S. state route sign. Do you recognize the state without moving? How fast can you find the route number on the map? You have just one minute! Good luck and have fun! :-)
Please post your score as comment in this thread if you want to have it counted for the leaderboard (every posted score counts!).
Here are the results for challenge #54. Congrats to rtlewis123 for winning the challenge.
Rank Reddit Name Result Percentage Points
1st rtlewis123 24951 100.00 100
2nd bdm6985 24640 98.75 98
3rd saladpants77 24627 98.70 98
4th solarsensei 24378 97.70 97
5th kuhl_kuhl 23370 93.66 93
6th SirRedDiamond 19496 78.14 78
Total standings of season 1:
Rank Reddit Name Points
1st bdm6985 1069
2nd saladpants77 1028
3rd solarsensei 972
4th \Rooster\ 697
5th kuhl_kuhl 655
6th rtlewis123 586
7th gobluetwo 480
8th LunacyEcho 471
9th wtf_are_you_talking 369
10th postmen21 293
11th SirRedDiamond 196
12th PatriotsFTW 186
13th WorshipIceJJFish 100
R1: Tennessee. Knoxville, the third largest city of Tennessee, is easy to find on the map. Oak Ridge is not far away. Therefore, the area where you had to look for our location wasn't very large. When you turned around you could see a secondary highway sign for the TN-170. 11 perfect scores. :-)
R2: Illinois. The sign to the "Riverfront Park" suggested that we were close to a river. The "Marina" tells us that the river is large enough for boats. Therefore it was a good idea to look near the larger rivers for our location. 7 perfect scores. :-)
R3: South Carolina. US 321 runs through the entire state from north to south. Scanning along US 321 for the state highways should have helped to find the location. 12 perfect scores. :-)
R4: Nebraska. No numbering system in this state. I don't know if there are any other clues to narrow down the area. Some players found NE-41. The general direction of NE-41 is east to west with long straight east/west sections. Our location was in a long curve. Furthermore there was a railroad close to our location. There are not many sections along NE-41 with a railroad next to it. 2 perfect scores. :-)
R5: Idaho. Most of Idaho's major cities are located in the Snake River Plain. Therefore, it was a good idea to look for the highway in the mountainous, sparsely populated areas. Many players found ID-57 in northern Idaho. However, you had to zoom very far into the map to see the POI for the "Falls Inn" while scanning along the highway for our location. 4 perfect scores. :-)
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2023.03.21 18:37 Beefofterror [WTS] **SAMPLE BUNDLE** & 5ML/10 ML Decants for TF, Kilian, PDM, Creed, MFK, Viktor&Rolf, YSL, Prada, Hermes, Mancera, Versace, JPG, Dior, Azzaro... (decant)

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Azzaro Wanted by Night 10 ml

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2023.03.21 17:51 Skapis9999 [Personal Opinion Mega Thread] Places to eat in Thessaloniki

Έλληνας εδώ, I see that many people, mostly tourists, post here to ask for recommendations for places to eat in the city. I will try to sum up all my experiences in different places in the city. Feel free to add your own opinions and suggestions.

Fast Food:

  1. Giok Balik. Near the White Tower Great Gyros, I recall that it was a bit less in quantity. I visited from time to time for the cooked food too. I love their Thai chicken. Pastitsio and mousaka were nice too.
  2. Savvikos in multiple places across the city. Ladadika, Aristotelous Square, Toumpa, and some others I can't recall/find them. Great gyros, a bit more expensive but with nice sauce. I mostly eat the "gyrlou".
  3. ΓΡΝ, in Toumpa while there is one store in One Salonica Mall too (haven't been there). Great gyros and nice pansetes.
  4. Μίμης, the legend himself Mimis is probably the cheapest nice place to eat Gyros. I love both the stuffed and non-stuffed burger in sandwich. (Για τους Έλληνες εννοώ το γεμιστο μπιφτέκι). I doubt that the guy there understand English.
  5. Katsamaka was a nice place for gyros. I can't remember what I ordered but it was great lol.

Difficult one
  1. I love the burger from Brothers in Law, near Agia Sofia, in Toumpa, and near Ladadika. I hate their french fries and their bans are average
  2. Tarantino in Ladadika is great but a bit more expensive. You can find it in Agora Modiano too. Check Agora Modiano section for more info.
  3. There are more but I have to try them
Thessaloniki is "the cheap Pizza" city. You can find cheap pizza by piece everywhere. Do not hesitate to take a piece. The standard price is 1.5 euro per piece. My favorite places are:
  1. Avanti Pizza. Of all the low-quality but tasty 1.5-euro pizza places Avanti is the best. I love Margarita
  2. The Last Slice is the best place to buy nice Pizza. 100% times better than the next one. The slices there are twice as big as the other places but they cost more than 3 euros. I highly recommend it.
  3. High School Pizza Bar. A nice place near the sea. Nice view, a nice environment. Different than the previous ones
  4. Πίτσα Σάκης. Low quality but I include for sentimental reasons because it is old and traditional
  1. ThessBao in their two locations in Plateia Eleftherias and near the White Tower. The only place for bao bans. I like them. I suggest the Pulled pork with black beer and honey.
  2. Salento amazing place for salentina, salciccia, and similar Italian sandwiches. Every time I go there it rains... sad. It's over Aristotelous square.
  1. No good falafel in the city. If you have ever eaten a falafel from a person born in Northern Africa or Middle East skip this category. If you haven't... there are plenty of good falafel places in the city lol
  2. Falafel Taste Middle East , near the White Tower is the best palce you can eat falafel in the city( according to me). You can find it in Agora Modiano too (see Modiano category)
  3. Falafel House is nice too
  4. Giok Balik has falafels too (see gyros category)

Slow Food:

Ψησταριές/κρεατικά/rotisserie-barbecue style/meat:
  1. Τηγανιές και σχάρες. Two restaurants in Ladidika and near the French institute. In the past, I used to select for delivery one of the 6 menus. When visiting the restaurant I enjoy Kontosouvli which is just amazing. Any of the three (pork, chicken, or sheep). The "hanged" souvlaki is great too. In the restaurant ,in Ladadika they have some amazing stuffed mushrooms too.
  2. Diagonios near the white tower. It serves gyros too which is a bit less "fast-food like" but its specialty is Soutzoukakia.
  3. Many years ago I had been in Ta Vlahika in Kalamaria. Great time, some may say that it is a traditional place to eat meat.

  1. Zythos in Ladadika with much more traditional food. I love Kotsi. The atmosphere is a bit more "old".
  2. Ergon Agora amazing place near Agia Sofia. I higly recommend some great dishes.
  3. Deka Trapezia near the White tower is my favourite place in the city. Small portions but.. wtf they are amazing. a bit more overpriced I suggest the french fries which are not like the common ones. Anything with fish is amazing.
  4. Haroupi in Ladadika is great for Cretan cuisine. My favourite one is Γαμοπίλαφο.
Asian Food:
  1. There is a bit weird and underground place to eat Indian food near Svolou Street. It is called Nargis
  2. No good Chinese and Japanese food found yet. Most of the ones I have tried are a bit overpriced and marginally above average.+ I forget the names all the time lol

Agora Modiano:

Agora Modiano is one of my favorite places to eat in Thessaloniki. It's a Stoa Market, an enclosed market in English. It has multiple, mostly fast food, restaurants to eat.
Right one the following brands (talking about eating) are there:
  1. Pescaderia (no review yet)
  2. Oshsenkopf (German brand with mostly hotdogs. I enjoyed a lot some friends of mine didn't. Probably the only place in the city I have found fast food with sauerkraut and enjoyed)
  3. Hatzi dessert shop. (check review in another category)
  4. Terkenlis (check review in another category)
  5. Aivali (I have been in their main restaurant. Their main restaurant is by the sea, and while I used to love it right now I would not suggest it. Only the view is great)
  6. Avgothiki (no review yet)
  7. Falafel "tastmiddleeast" (check falafel category)
  8. Tarantino (check burger category)
  9. Mister Mpampatsikos (no review yet)
  10. ΓΡΝ (check gyros category)
  11. Picco is a place where you can find Pinsas. It's nice, tasty, and big portions but a bit expensive. I suggest sharing one Pinsa between two people.
  12. Cevicheria (no review yet)
  13. Hive2o (no review yet)
  14. Estrella (it's a brunch place but I am not familiar with the "genre". I would suggest finding another place for brunch though.

PS. A second post will follow with taverns, bougatsa, pastry etc, cooked food, Mexican/Caribbean, and meme places to eat. I apologize for my poor English. I am free for suggestions and corrections
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2023.03.21 16:02 i_MiLK Anatomy of an Upset: How the Princeton Tigers Punched Their Ticket to the Sweet Sixteen

March Madness back, and it’s been better than ever. I’m still trying to process everything that happened through the Rounds of 64 and 32 and the twists and turns that have occurred over those four days. A bevy of close games, game winners, the second ever instance of a 16 seed upsetting a 1 seed, and the most shocking thing of all: 12-14 seeds went 1-11 in the first round! How did all those vulnerable 3-5 seeds survive against arguably the best mid-major crop in tournament history? I’ll tell you who did not survive disappointment though, Arizona and Missouri. Those two power conference schools lost to the 15 seed ivy League representative Princeton Tigers. It’s somewhat surprising that Princeton even got here in the first place. They lost 3 quality starters to graduation from last year’s team that finished top 30 in offense on Kenpom, and then had to face both Penn and Yale in the Ivy League tournament who all finished within a game of each other in the Ivy standings at the end of the regular season. However, Princeton made it, and they’ve made the most of their opportunity in the Big Dance. For the third straight year, a 15 seed has made it to the Sweet Sixteen. How did these Princeton Tigers do it? Let’s find out.

Princeton is a team mainly a team known for their distinct offensive style, but it was defense that won the day against Tommy Lloyd and the Arizona Wildcats. The Maui champs were a top 10 offense for basically the entire season for a second straight year under Coach Lloyd, but were held to 55 points and a 79.7 offensive rating against Kenpom’s 138th ranked defense entering the tournament. How did Mitch Henderson and Princeton do this? Princeton, at the obvious size disadvantage against the skilled twin towers frontcourt of Azuolas Tubelis and Oumar Ballo, designed their defense around keeping the ball out of the restricted arc as much as possible. Arizona’s personnel makes this very difficult however, since the Wildcats shoot 37.8% from 3 as a team, which is good for 20th best in Division 1. Of course, you can’t just let the 69.4% close 2P% Tubelis and the 75.5% close 2P% Ballo get their on the block either. Luckily, the way Arizona runs offense can offer a natural solution for a less talented team to try their luck at an upset. See, the Cats loooooooooooooooove their high-low looks between their bigs. Usually it’s Tubelis getting the ball at the free throw line since his face-up game forces opposing 4s to guard him from out there, but Ballo has developed the skill to receive the ball in those areas and make plays for himself or his frontcourt partner at the FT line. This opens up a lot of deep duck-ins or seals that the UA bigs feast on. No offense is 100% unstoppable though, and Arizona’s offense is no different.
Princeton head coach Mitch Henderson knew that his defense would have to give up something, so he decided to give up the most inefficient part of the floor to the Wildcats’ offense. Princeton is already pretty good at naturally encouraging mid-range shots defensively (they rank 75th nationally in highest defensive mid-range shot share at 29.1%) but they cranked that philosophy up to 11 against Arizona. Princeton would sag off of whichever Arizona big was at the FT by 5 feet or so to utterly eliminate the high-low game while also sticking to UA’s perimeter shooters. They were willing to try their luck with floaters and bet that their shot selection would outdo Arizona’s. Tubelis and Ballo are actually solid from mid-range at 41.5% and 44% respectively, but that’s not a high enough percentage to produce high-efficient offense if you take away the other options. Even though the Wildcats hit a couple contested shots from floater range early, Princeton was totally fine with the process. Just look at how each Ballo floater hits back iron and front iron respectively before dropping through the net. Despite the early make and an early Tubelis 3 from the right wing, Arizona was not comfortable taking these shots all night. Azuolas specifically lost any sense of aggressiveness as the game went on. The more he got the ball at the 3pt or FT line completely unguarded, the less confident he got knowing the Tigers were going to force him into middies. You will rarely see an All-American look for his shot less than Azuolas that night, and it mucked up the entire Wildcat system. This forced Arizona to abandon those high-low looks and run more traditional ball screen offense late in the game. The problem was that Princeton was well prepared for this and played with excellent defensive structure. Here, Courtney Ramey gets the inside ball screen from Ballo and looks to get penetration initially by rejecting the ball screen. Despite the step, Tubelis’ man gets to easily slide across the lane to stop the drive while Tosan Evbuomwan can bump down and get a hand on the dump off. Pelle Larsson doesn’t help things either since his cut would have brough Tosan into the paint anyways. Diagonal cuts from the weakside on drives can be deadly with the right timing and spacing, but this instance should be a relocation to the corner 100 out of 100 times for a wide open trey. Regardless, Tubelis’ lack of shooting & spacing allowed Princeton to cut off the drive early in the first place. This with a minute left in the game highlights how much trouble Arizona had finding breathing room against the Tigers. The point of attack cuts off the drive while the lowest man can come off of Ballo, Tosan can bump down on that, Matt Allocco can split the difference on the weakside shooters, and Caden Pierce can provide an additional presence in the paint with Tubelis one pass away. No chance for a good look or even an offensive rebound with 4 Wildcats just standing still, and the shot is returned to sender anyways. The best example of Princeton’s defensive principles was probably this possession late in the 2nd half. The sag off of Ballo allows Zach Martini to closeout to Kerr Kriisa under control because they’re fine if he pops that long two, and the impeccably timed peel switch from Allocco produces a massive turnover to get the ball back in Princeton’s hands. Arizona even got burned by this defensive strategy on their last possession of the game. Laying off the bigs in space took away an early Ballo roll and also allowed Princeton to contain Ramey when Tubelis popped off an empty-side ball screen. This forced a Ramey chuck, which forced a Kriisa chuck, and Princeton danced their way into the Round of 32.

And my goodness did Princeton make a statement in the Round of 32. Now, I can’t say I was completely surprised by this because Missouri shouldn’t have even been playing in this game to begin with because they should have lost in the R64 to Utah State. Don’t let the 65 points fool you, Missouri’s defense was awful versus the Aggies, and that defensive ineptitude came back to bite them against a team that could actually make the open shots they typically do make. Let’s get back to Princeton’s positives instead of Missouri’s misery. This time, it was Princeton’s offense that led the way, although their defense showed quality to match. Coach Henderson’s squad was able to create so much space building off their traditional Princeton principles with Tosan handling the ball up top and shooters all around the 3pt arc. Here, Tosan operating at the elbow triggers a D’Moi Hodge double for a quick turnover but Tosan is able to use his size and length to kick it out to the top of the arc and force closeouts. Kick, swing, and the fake swing freezes Kobe Brown enough to ensure he commits to closing out the passing lane instead of the shooter, leading to a wide open end-of-clock 3 for Ryan Langborg. Even with another non-shooting big in the game like Keeshawn Kellman, Princeton was able to create a ton of space for guys like Langborg and Tosan to exploit. Despite this possession taking place with those non-shooting bigs on the floor, Missouri’s aggressive perimeter pressure and lack of rim protection lead to an easy look at the rim for the Ivy League star. Just look at where the Missouri defenders are located; Nick Honor’s glued to his man in the weakside while the other Mizzou guards are defending split action 26 feet from the hoop. Noah Carter is simply too slow to guard Tosan in space and Brown is just off in his own little world despite being the primary help defender. The orange Tigers didn’t run just their Princeton elbow stuff either, they confounded Missouri’s defense with plenty of ball screen action as well. Here, poor ball screen contain by Aidan Shaw in a shallow drop gets the senior Langborg screaming downhill to the rack which forces Carter to step up from the dunker’s spot, which leaves Kellman wide open underneath the hoop since Nick Honor is once against glued to a guard at the arc and unable to bump down and help the helper. Of course, one of the staples of Missouri’s defense is their fullcourt press. It’s helped create a ton of turnovers and has ruined many offensive days. However, Mizzou’s press was completely ineffective against Princeton, in fact it probably hurt the yellow Tigers more than it helped. See, the problem with going with running a 100 press like Missouri did on Princeton is that their 5 is their primary ball handler, which means that one of your bigs either has to guard 94 feet of space against that big, or the offensive team can hunt a big and force him to guard 94 feet by inbounding the ball to his man. Tosan was able to bring the ball up with relative ease and was able to use his quickness, size, and handle to blow by his man and get to the rack where he could finish versus non-existent rim protection.
Princeton had every answer against Mizzou’s man defense, so Missouri head coach Dennis Gates opted to go with a zone in the 2nd half. Running zone against a team full of high-caliber spot-up shooters and ball handlers that have consistently blown by their man for paint touches just leads to more quality looks for the offense, and this game was no exception. If you’re wondering why Missouri’s zone didn’t work despite the idea of a zone keeping dribble penetration to a premium, it’s because man defense and zone defense have a lot of similar concepts off the ball. If your man defense sucks at helping out others and playing connected then, spoilers, your zone defense is going to suck too because they still need to do all of those same things! I’m not even blaming Coach Gates for trying this option, he had to throw out some sort of changeup because the extended man-to-man defense was getting constantly gashed. I actually think the zone did a bit better job of forcing Princeton to think about things and stagnate the offense a little bit, but if I show every instance of Princeton getting a wide open 3 from the zone you’ll be reading this post all day, so I’ll just leave you with this example. The Jersey Tigers are already up 17 in this clip but it does a great job to highlight how Princeton was able to extend the floor and cause Missouri all sorts of problems. Sean East doesn’t realize he should be the one bumping up to Allocco after the ball is swung to the wing so a small is on the ball instead of a big. He doesn’t Allocco blows by the slower big, East can’t help 1 pass away off of Langborg, Kobe’s forced to step across the lane, Hodge doesn’t help the helper, and the dunk after he dump off is uncontested with 5 minutes to play. This possession at the 4 minute mark of the 2nd half sums up how things went for both teams. Princeton’s ball handler is composed facing the press and is able to manipulate an undisciplined defense into conceding a wide open look from deep. I have no idea what DeAndre Gholston is doing as the last man back. I learned backline responsibilities in 2-2-1 and diamond presses while I played in middle school, AAU, and two different high schools, and the single most important thing I needed to do as the last line of defense was to always be on the same side of the ball. I didn’t need to be hugging the sideline or anything, but I did need to be close enough to react to the nearest pass, so Gholston planting himself outside the paint on the left side of the key while the ball is in the middle of the floor and there are shooters in either corner is just begging for trouble, but that’s how thin Princeton was able to stretch Missouri’s defense.

Can Princeton Keep It Going?
I mean, Saint Peter’s made the Elite Eight last year, so why not right? In reality, Creighton will offer a much different set of challenges than they faced with Arizona and Missouri. Ryan Nembhard, Trey Alexander, and Baylor Scheierman can similarly stretch defenses to their absolute limit with their shooting, and even Kalkbrenner isn’t afraid to let one rip from beyond the arc. Preventing post touches and above the rim finishes for Kalkbrenner won’t come as surprisingly smoothly as it did versus Arizona. Plus, Princeton is going from facing no rim protection against Missouri to facing one of the most intimidating defensive anchors in the entire country. All those layups and easy penetration for inside-out basketball shouldn’t come as easy against the presence of Kalkbrenner and his drop coverage. At the same time, it probably makes the most sense for Princeton to dare Kalkbrenner and Arthur Kaluma to beat them with jump shots, since it’s the best of uneasy options like the Arizona matchup. We’ve also seen plenty of instances of Creighton going ice cold from 3, and that possibility will always give Princeton a chance with the amount of shooting the Tigers have in turn. Not only that, but we know how thin the Blue Jays’ depth is too. The affect of foul trouble looms large over any game Creighton plays in. I would expect Princeton to play with a shooter at the 4 for most of the game instead of the Tosan-Keeshawn frontcourt pairing. I think Mitch Henderson will try to use that shooting and spacing to lift Kalkbrenner out of the paint as much as possible to force him and the Creighton defense into difficult decisions between whether to protect the paint or concede good 3pt looks. The odds will be once again stacked against Princeton with the great quality and versatility of Creighton’s starting 5 on both ends of the floor, but Princeton has already beaten the odds twice and could very well do so for a little while longer. Long. Live. March.
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2023.03.20 23:32 mrkec [27617-Raleigh,NC] [FS/FT] Obsession 1st Ed, Yellow & Yangtzee, Ora et Labora, Night of the Magicians, Falling Sky, Churchill, Paths of Glory, Naga Raja, Munchkin:Adventuretime, more [W] Mostly $$, possible trades incl Prodigal's Club, Endless Winter, Crokinole, Wonderland's War

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Two versions of the post -- top has limited details, bottom has detailed description of condition, links to bgg for each and board game oracle for many, and comparison pricing. If it is too much, don't look at it. It also isn't in the same order as the top part.

1st version -- less details

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[3-4][6.8, 1.85] Hit Z Road- \$10 -- Great shape, incredibly thematic, cool design. Zombies, auctions, dice chucking, and death. Just wish it played better with 2p. * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/176083/hit-z-road * geekmarket: \$14-\$20 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/pO0UVrVjC6/hit-z-road \$28
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[(new/sealed)][7.9, 2.9] Pandemic: In the Lab- \$25 -- Still sealed * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/137136/pandemic-lab * geekmarket: \$30-\$70 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/As7KSd02ms/pandemic-in-the-lab \$32-\$45
[(new/sealed)][7.9, 2.12] Pandemic The Cure: Experimental Meds- \$28 -- Still sealed * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/207017/pandemic-cure-experimental-meds * geekmarket: \$25-\$30 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/5Xa4tzeKiz/pandemic-the-cure-experimental-meds \$38-\$55
[4] Naga Raja- \$20 * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/244191/naga-raja * geekmarket: No US listings * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/Pr7hsx9nXB/nagaraja \$32-\$40
[4] Maracaibo- \$40 * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/276025/maracaibo * geekmarket: Outlier at \$20, most \$40-\$65 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/JrsCNCAZai/maracaibo \$54-\$75
[4] Imhotep- \$15 -- Mar'23: 3min Boardgamer called this is runner-up for "Foundation" (gateway) game of the year * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/191862/imhotep * geekmarket: \$20-\$24 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/yMVoGosSUu/imhotep \$27-\$40
[4] Floating Market- \$30 * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/170202/floating-market * geekmarket: \$15-\$30 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/lkRu2H9Y87/floating-market \$40-\$80
[4] Ora Et Labora- \$60 -- Box opened, but components sealed/unpunched * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/70149/ora-et-labora * geekmarket: \$49-\$65 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/kikV4PtmzG/ora-et-labora \$70 (out of stock everywhere but 1 place)
[(new/sealed)] Fort- \$15 -- Still in shrink wrap * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/296912/fort * geekmarket: \$10-\$20 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/AHLFH70TzL/fort \$21-\$30
[4] Biblios- \$35 -- Out of stock * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/34219/biblios * geekmarket: \$35-\$50 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/mgkdl9_XvG/biblios OoS
[2:box, 3-4:components] Compatibility- \$20 -- Box shows lots of wear, components all present. I really like this game, if you have a group of folks that are willing to actually talk. Selling 1 of my 2 copies. * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2604/compatibility * geekmarket: (no US listings) * Ebay: 65 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/hT4FyL2OTU/compatibility out-of-stock
[3-4] Just Desserts- \$8 -- Opened, great shape, probably played only 1x-2x * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/18946/just-desserts * geekmarket: \$14 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/2YN0Df4ejG/just-desserts \$14-\$20
[(new/sealed)] Sellswords Olympus- \$10 * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/199907/sellswords-olympus * geekmarket: (none) * Ebay: \$20-\$30 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/KXR8x2oD1G/sellswords-olympus \$40
[4] Jumanji- \$5 -- Punched, but looks otherwise new * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/1751/jumanji * geekmarket: \$4-\$20 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/yam2j0hhPx/jumanji
[3-4] Fund Manager- \$10 -- Has 93/100 of the consumable score sheets; missing Korean instructions * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/39191/fund-manager * geekmarket: (none) * board game oracle: (no entry)
[3-4:components, 3:box] East Front: The War in Russia 1941-1945- \$15 -- Guessing complete based on source, but there's no detailed component listing * bgg: (none) * geekmarket: (none) * Ebay: 15
[4] Curious Cargo- \$15 -- Probably not original bag. We should have loved this. Not sure what didn't click. * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/312251/curious-cargo * geekmarket: \$10-\$35 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/DYm-qubmgY/curious-cargo \$18-\$35
[3-4] Favor of the Pharaoh- \$20 -- Out-of-stock * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/171011/favor-pharaoh * geekmarket: \$15-\$25 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/HLE4Vf7OEs/favor-of-the-pharaoh out-of-stock
[box:3,components:3-4] Mad Gab- \$5 -- both box and components in good shape; all cards present * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/764/mad-gab * geekmarket: \$8-\$15 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/6CC4Nrjkiy/mad-gab-card-game \$9
[box:3, components:3-4] Ladies Night: The Game- \$2 -- Missing manual. Box has some wear (scratching, discoloration, a small crush spots), but components look unused * bgg: (no entry for this version) * geekmarket: (no listings) * board game oracle: (no entry)
[box:2-3,components:2-3] Monopoly Vintage Edition- \$10 -- Missing manual and dice. Can't find a full component list, but (except for dice and instructions) it has the basic component list shown on the back. This is the wooden case edition. Both box and components show wear. * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/19616/monopoly-vintage-game-collection * geekmarket: (no single listings) * Amazon: \$110 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/7Um4geG5AJ/monopoly-vintage-game-collection (no listings)
[4] Histrio- \$25 -- All components verified present. 99% sure I was the first player of the game (the stage hadn't been assembled yet) and we only played 1x. With >2 people, I think this would be a keeper as a game of bluffing and deduction. We didn't care for the dummy player variant needed for 2p only. * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/182120/histrio * geekmarket: \$34-\$45 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/Mb-rToUDJB/histrio \$48-\$55
[4] Quartz (Spanish language)- \$75 -- Spanish language version, has an english translation manual as well as some English language stickers that haven't been applied. Has 5 extra cards, unsure why. Fairly certain that this was never played. * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/172881/quartz * geekmarket: \$90-\$100 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/LRKU_JKHt-/quartz out-of-stock
[4] Nacht Der Magier- \$40 * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/19996/nacht-der-magier * geekmarket: \$50-\$80 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/pi5dY-hRU8/nacht-der-magier OoS
[(new/sealed)] Gentes Expansion: New Cities- \$3 * bgg: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/234138/gentes-new-cities * geekmarket: \$5 * board game oracle: https://www.boardgameoracle.com/boardgame/price/o2RM9n_n2i/gentes-new-cities out-of-stock
submitted by mrkec to BoardGameExchange [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 21:49 cmbeegs Aaron Tveit Bootleg Gifts

Hi all!
I've decided to gift some miscellaneous Aaron Tveit bootlegs I have because he is amazing, and should be enjoyed by all =)
Link to mega folder: https://mega.nz/folde2FJTGYBQ#JVQez9S17BDrKrmBMuT3sg
Show info below:
Video Wicked Broadway 8 March 2009 VOB + Smalls SJBernly master
Cast: Nicole Parker - Elphaba, Alli Mauzey - Ginda, Aaron Tveit - Fiyero, Anthony Galde - (u/s) The Wizard, Jayne Houdyshell - Madame Morrible, Cristy Candler - Nessarose, Alex Brightman - Boq, Timothy Britten Parker - Doctor Dillamond
Notes: Aaron’s final performance, great quality

Video Catch Me If You Can Pre - Broadway, Seattle WA 4 August 2009 VOB SunsetBlvd79 master Cast: Aaron Tveit (Frank Abagnale, Jr.), Norbert Leo Butz (Agent Carl Hanratty), Tom Wopat (Frank Abagnale, Sr.), Rachel de Benedet (Paula Abagnale), Kerry Butler (Brenda Strong), Linda Hart (Carol Strong)
Notes: This is a great capture of the show. The show is filled with wonderful talent. Aaron and Norbert have a great chemistry together and Aaron has a huge voice. Kerry and Felicia both have great songs and great vocals. The show itself is very sleek and mod.

Audio Company Regional - Barrington Stage 15 August 2017 M4A Untracked totallyoffbway master
Cast: Aaron Tveit (Bobby/Bobbie), Ellen Harvey (Joanne), Lawrence Street (Harry), Kate Loprest (Susan), Jane Pfitsch (Jenny), James Ludwig (David), Mara Davi (April/Andy), Rebecca Kuznick (Kathy/Theo), Nora Schell (Marta/PJ), Lauren Marcus (Amy/Jamie), Joseph Spieldenner (Paul), Peter Reardon (Larry)
Notes: Stellar performances all around! Includes a very intriguing 25 minute talk-back with director Julianne Boyd, Aaron Tveit and most of the cast.

Video Moulin Rouge Broadway January 2022 mp4 diamondsareforever master
Cast: Ashley Loren (Alt Satine), Aaron Tveit (Christian), Eric Anderson (Harold Zidler), Sahr Ngaujah (Toulouse-Lautrec), Ricky Rojas (Santiago), Tam Mutu (The Duke), Robyn Hurder (Nini), Jacqueline B. Arnold (La Chocolat), Holly James (Arabia), Jeigh Madjus (Baby Doll), Kevin Curtis (Pierre)
Notes: Very steady video from the orchestra. There are two very brief dropouts in act 2 but apart from that a nice steady video of this spectacular cast. Trader Notes: this video has a watermark overtop, but I cannot find the version without the watermark

Video Concert Aaron Tveit Live at Barrington Stage 19 July 2001 mp4 Proshot - livestream
Set List: 1. Live in Living Color (Catch Me If You Can) 2. I’ve Been (Next To Normal— Tom Kitt Version) 3. Untitled Song “Remember” (Unfinished Peter Pan Musical) 4. Marry Me A Little (Company) 5. Falling (Harry Styles) 6. Les Mis Medley- I’ve Dreamed A Dream/ On My Own (snippets) / Bring Him Home (Full Song) 7. Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen) 8. Why God Why(Miss Saigon) 9. Sandy (Grease) / Heart and Soul (Hoagy Carmichael) Medley 10. If I Loved You (Carousel) 11. I Believe in Us (James Bay) 12. How Glory Goes (Floyd Collins) 13. Goodbye (Catch Me If You Can) 14. ENCORE: Your Song (Moulin Rouge — Movie Version) credit for set list: loveable22 on tumblr
Notes: Singing beloved theatre, rock and pop favorites, Aaron's performance — available for one weekend only — is sure to delight. Aaron dazzled BSC audiences in Company (2017), for which he won Broadway World’s Regional award for Best Vocalist of the Decade, and is currently starring in Moulin Rouge! The Musical. Aaron’s Tony-nominated performance is hailed as “staggeringly impressive” (Stage Left) and “gorgeous” (Entertainment Weekly).

Audio Moulin Rouge Broadway 28 February 2023 MP3 Tracked and Untracked SparklingDiamond master Cast: Aaron Tveit (t/r Christian), Ashley Loren (Satine), Eric Anderson (Harold Zidler), David Harris (The Duke of Monroth), André Ward (Toulouse-Lautrec), Caleb Marshall-Villarreal (Santiago), Jessica Lee Goldyn (Nini), Tasia Jungbauer (Arabia), Jacqueline B. Arnold (La Chocolat), Jeigh Madjus (Baby Doll), Kevin Curtis (Pierre)
Notes: usual disclaimers: recorded from the can-can right next to where the actors tend to enteexit, so beware a lot of stage creaking and footsteps. pardon any sounds of drinks and/or ice. Rouge, baby. Aaron and Ashley are superhuman. special shout-out to the way André runs across the stage before "Raise Your Glass", because it's so silly and I love it.
submitted by cmbeegs to BootlegGifts [link] [comments]