Best Running Shoes in India 2017 (November 2017)

If you are a regular runner like me then you definitely know that buying a pair of Running Shoes is a challenge nowadays. When I am looking to buy a new pair of running shoes I know that I need a light, comfortable and stylish running shoes that will not hurt my feet and prevent me from injury.

I know a lot of people struggle to find a good pair of running shoes for themselves and that’s why I am publishing the  list of best running shoes in India (Updated October 2017). This post will save you tons of time and effort in doing research yourself as I’ve already done the research for you and shortlisted the Top 10 Running Shoes in India.

Best Running Shoes India 2017

Best Running Shoes in India (Updated October 2017)

Top 10 Running Shoes in India 2017 (Updated October 2017)

Comparison of 10 Best Running Shoes in India 2017
Shoes NameColors AvailableSizes AvailablePrice on FlipkartPrice on AmazonRating (Out of 5)
REEBOK MEN’S TRANSIT 2.03 Colors6,7,8,9,10Check Price on FlipkartCheck Price on Amazon4.1
PUMA MEN’S PLUTO DP RUNNING SHOES3 Colors6,7,8Check Price on FlipkartCheck Price on Amazon4.1
NIKE REVOLUTION 36 Colors6,7,8,9,10,11Check Price on FlipkartCheck Price on Amazon4.1
PUMA MEN’S ARON INDsold outsold outSold Out on FlipkartCheck Price on Amazon4.0
ASICS GEL-NIMBUS 186 Colors4,6,7,8,9,10Check Price on FlipkartCheck Price on Amazon4.5
POWER MEN RUNNING SHOES4 Colors7,8,9,10Check Price on FlipkartCheck Price on Amazon4.3
ADIDAS GALACTUS 2.0 M2 Colors6,7,8,9,10,11Check Price on FlipkartCheck Price on Amazon4.4
SKECHERS GO RUN VORTEX2 Colors9,11Check Price on FlipkartCheck Price on Amazon4.2
NIKE DOWNSHIFTER 74 Colors6,7,8,9,10,11,12Check Price on FlipkartCheck Price on Amazon4.2
ADIDAS ADISPREE 10 M1 Color9 onlySold Out on FlipkartCheck Price on Amazon3.9

1. Reebok Men’s Transit Runner 2.0 Running Shoes

The Reebok Men’s Transit Running Shoes is one of the best shoes available in the range of 2,000 – 3,000 INR for runners. These shoes are light weight, stylish and comfortable for the long distance runner. We can call these shoes as the most comfortable sports shoes.

These shoes are ideal for people who are looking for a pair of shoes that they can use for Running and other indoor sports like Badminton, Table tennis and Lawn Tennis etc.


Reebok Men's Transit Runner 2.0 Running Shoes


Reebok Men's Transit Runner 2.0 Running Shoes

2. Puma Men’s Pluto DP Running Shoes

These puma running shoes are comfortable, light weight and ideal for any sports activity. Its made up of Synthetic material which means it can be used for other sports like tennis and while playing Cricket on Grass grounds.

Available in 13 different sizes on Amazon this one is one of the bestselling men running shoes. You can also use these as your Gym shoes.

3. Nike REVOLUTION 3 Running Shoes

This is a superb pair of Running shoes from Nike. The shoes are not only light and comfortable but also affordable as well. The shoes comes with a soft and non-slippery rubber sole for the revolutionary comfort. The outer material used is Mesh and the laces are rectangular type not the round laces. Nike Revolution 3 Running shoes are available in 8 different colors and six sizes (6 – 11). See all available colors here. 

10 Best Running Shoes in India

4. Puma Men’s Aron Ind Running Shoes

Puma is one of the world’s leading sports brand in designing, developing, selling and marketing of  footwear, apparel and accessories.

These Puma Aron Ind Running shoes are made of soft and flexible sole so that runners will find it easy to bend their feet while running. When it comes to comfort, style and ventilation the shoes rank right up there at the Top. The shoes are very light weight and with a good grip that helps a runner to run for a longer duration.

It is recommended to buy one size higher if you have a wider toe because the shoe has a narrow front end. Available in six different colors and the black color which is my personal favorite.


Puma Shoes

Men's Aron Ind Running Shoes

5. Asics GEL-NIMBUS 18 Running Shoes

Asics never disappoints when it comes to Running shoes. This 25-year-old American lifestyle and performance footwear company is now the second largest shoes brand in the USA. Besides this fact Skechers is my favorite brand for my daily run. They are a little more expensive than the Nike’s and Reebok’s but I guarantee that once you experience the comfort of Skechers you will never go for any other brand. The only reason why this pair of shoes is at rank 6 is because its price is much higher than other brands ones.

These can also be used for walking especially for older age people as the shoes are super duper light weight. If you are looking to buy shoes for your parents look no further and buy these ones.

10 Best Running Shoes in India

6. Power Men Running Shoes

Power Sports Shoes belongs to the famous old shoes company Bata and I am sure you would be surprised to know that Power designs all its shoes in Canada as per Power’s website.

This model from Power has made it to the Top 10 list because of its comfort, design and weight. The sole of these shoes has a fine grip preventing you to slip on plain surface. The inner and outer material used is nice and helpful for squats in gym as its sole is a bit thick and high.

A small improvement I see in these shoes can be the laces to be more round instead of the rectangular shape. But laces are something you can replace anytime on your own.

10 Best Running Shoes In India


7. Adidas GALACTUS 2.0 M Running ShoesGreat for walking and Running

Adidas has been selling the Adidas Galactus 2.0 Running shoes since a long time in India and they are very successful pair of shoes. Adidas is very well known for its comfort, quality of material and outer sole. Not only these shoes are good for running they are damn good for walking as well. You can also use these shoes in your Gym as the outer sole is non-slippery and can be used on any floor.  

It is advisable to buy one size bigger than your usual size because the front part of the shoes is not broad and quite narrow. Therefore people with broader feet can have a problem wearing these for longer duration. 

Top 10 Running Shoes India 2017


This pair of shoes is one of the Bestseller Running shoes in India under Skechers brand. These pair of shoes are ultra lightweight and cushioned running shoes featuring blurred logo and textured overlays.

The Skechers Go Run Vortex Running Shoes are lightning fast, comfortable, responsive and designed for speed. Its lightweight and durable sole provides multi-surface traction. Air mesh tongue with elastic tongue-position keeper straps for stable and secure fit. I really liked the sole because when you walk it really softens the steps and it is easy on your back.

9. Nike DOWNSHIFTER 7 Running Shoes

Nike has been introducing various Running shoes in India since last few years under the “Nike Airmax” brand. But the Nike Downshifter 7 shoes are one of the best nike sports shoes for men. These shoes can be used for your regular runs as well as part of your workout during your Gym. Because of its super lightweight you will feel comfortable in walking, running, playing, gyming and other sports activities like badminton and Tennis. 10 Best Running Shoes in India 2017

10. Adidas Adispree 10M Running Shoes

Adidas has been selling a number of shoes for Runners but Adispree is clearly the bestseller out of all other ones. Price wise it is a little more expensive than other Adidas shoes but be assured that Adidas Adispree shoes will give you the comfort, look and ventilation that you are looking in a Running shoe.

These shoes are available in six different colors on Amazon and you can choose the one that you like or matches with your Jogging tracks.

It is recommended to buy one size higher than your original size because the structure of the shoe is very slim and will be tight for people with a little wide feet.


Adidas Men's Adispree Running Shoes

Conclusion – While there is a huge variety of running shoes available online it all depends on an your preference about selecting a pair of running shoes. Usually people don’t consider the price when buying a new pair of running shoes because a pair of good running shoes should last one  year depending upon your usage. We have prepared the list of best 10 Running shoes in India after doing a deep consumer research. Now it should be a lot easier for you to pick the right running shoes for yourself and go out for Running.