Best Step Counter in India

There are plenty of Pedometers in India that are available online from the most basic ones like Healthsense Pedometer to some advanced ones like Fitbit Flex. There are a lot of step counters online that you can choose from starting from a range of 1500 Rs.

Ideally we suggest that you don’t buy any pedometer below 1200 Rs. because the quality and accuracy of those bands is really bad. Some will have a really bad quality strap and some others will give you an inaccurate step count that is of no use.

List of 5 best step counters in India

Fortunately I’ve spent approximately 37 hours to research and share the best step counter in India.

Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker

The Fitbit Zip activity tracker is currently the best pedometer in India mainly because of two main reasons listed below.

Accurate Step Count

The Fitbit Zip is the most accurate pedometer for step count. My research tells me that consumers have tried all other pedometers out there in the market but nothing beats Fitbit Zip when it comes to step count.

Battery Life

Fitbit Zip is the clear winner for Battery back up as compared to other fitness trackers in the Indian market. There is absolutely no need to charge Fitbit Zip and therefore it means literally you can use the Fitbit Zip 24/7. The battery will need to be replaced after 4-6 months depending upon usage.


GOQii Fitness Band

The GOQii fitness band is an all round fitness tracker to track your physical activity that includes the step count. The reason why it is one of the best step counter is because of its Accuracy. It gives an estimated accuracy of 95-98% of the actual steps you take.

It also tracks your sleep, calories burnt, water intake and other things. You can read the full review of GOQii fitness band here.

Xiaomi MI Band 2

The MI2 Band is one of the most economical and best selling fitness tracker that includes the pedometer feature. The pedometer is pretty much accurate giving you an estimated accuracy of 90-95% of actual steps you take.

The MI 2 Band also has great analytic presentation of your physical activity in a day, a week and a month. This enables you to see your progress and motivates you to move forward.

The battery back-up of MI band 2 is stunningly 2 weeks, depending upon your usage. Therefore you don’t need to charge it every 2nd or 3rd day. Complete value for money.

Boltt Beat HR

I hope you know that Boltt is the first Artificial Intelligence based fitness tracker that has been launched in India and that’s making news. Don’t tell me you don’t know about Boltt because if you don’t know anything about Boltt then you need to watch this video.

Boltt uses AI to give you feedback on your physical activity. Some people who have used the step count feature in Boltt tracker have given a feedback that it gives an accuracy of around 95% of actual steps taken. Pretty good!

Inbuilt with an AI Health coach that interacts with you, motivates you and gives feedback on your health and lifestyle ” when connected with the Boltt Health App.

The battery back-up of Boltt is quite impressive as well. Most users who have used Boltt have given a feedback that the battery lasts for 7-8 days quite easily.

MevoFit Drive (USA)

Mevofit is a US based start-up focused on improving health and fitness of individuals across the world. The company has launched the fitness tracker MevoFit Drive and other fitness merchandise.

The Mevofit Drive has recently been launched in the Indian market and it has received a good positive response and feedback from the users so far.

Consumers are overall happy with the band’s performance that includes step count/pedometer, look and feel, display, sleep tracker, remote camera control and Anti-theft feature.

Besides this, MevoFit is the only app which makes you earn and not pay. All the rewards that are earned in the app can be used to buy exclusive MevoFit gear.

They use their own App Mevofit that you can download from App Store or Play store and sync with your Mevofit band.

Some of the noticeable features of Mevofit Drive fitness band are

  1. Activity & Sleep Tracker: Keeping a smart record of your daily workouts, calorie burns, track runs, steps, sleep patterns and active time
  2. Multiple Utility Modes: A range of various sports modes in offering from Running, Basketball, Yoga & Biking/Cycling etc.
  3. Battery: The battery back-up is pretty decent that lasts 5-6 days.
  4. Reminders & Alerts Option: Stay connected with the social media. Receive all updates & latest feeds, loss or theft alerts and other important reminders.
  5. Bluetooth Compatibility: Easy syncing of your personal data with the Mevo app through Bluetooth
  6. Easy Charge & Display: ‘Touch & Swipe’ operable device with bright display and USB direct charge feature.

You also have an option to buy three colors of the band altogether – Black, Blue and Red color.

Overall this fitness tracker is worth every penny you spend.

Things to consider before buying a pedometer


The most important thing to consider when buying a pedometer is its accuracy. A pedometer has to be accurate to be really useful to you. Imagine you get out of bed, get ready and drive your way to go to office in your car and your pedometer shows step count of 5000 steps. This is because you used accelerator, brake and clutch while driving. But if you were not walking then the pedometer should not show 5000 steps, right?


If you sweat too much while walking, running or doing any physical activity then you definitely need to consider if the pedometer is waterproof or not. Good brands like Fitbit Zip are sweatproof and splash proof protecting your step counter from sweat and rain.


One thing that I always need whenever I am walking or running is the GPS. The GPS helps me in deciding which route covers how much distance. So when I look at my previous day’s walking or Running history in the MAP I can see that I ran 5 Kms yesterday so that helps me in deciding if I should take the same route to cover 5 Kms again or a different route.

Just a piece of note that using GPS will consume more battery of your pedometer than usual.


Your pedometer should be able to give you useful analytical data based on your physical activity. If you have been walking since last few days than the pedometer watch should be able to tell you roughly how many total steps you’ve taken and how many calories you’ve burnt and distance travelled. It should also be able to tell you your resting time, sleep time etc. Some pedometers like Fitbit zip, Xiaomi MI and GOQii have their own apps where you can view various graphs, trends etc. However some cheap ones that are available in the market might give you some bullshit data.


Perhaps the most important thing some people need to consider is the battery of the pedometer. The battery backup of a pedometer really depends on your usage and varies from person to person. The usual battery back-up of Top 3 Fitness trackers are listed below but it might vary for some people depending upon usage.

Battery back-up of GOQii Band: 7 – 10 days

Battery back-up of Xiaomi MI band: 10-15 days

Battery back-up of Fitbit Zip: Replaceable battery that lasts upto 6 months (no need to recharge)

Battery back-up of Boltt: 7-8 days


If there is a slightest doubt in your mind that you might lose your hard earned money by buying a defective or cheap product that will not last long then you need to consider the warranty of the pedometer. Some cheap products that costs less than 1000 Rs. will not give you any value or warranty.

You will notice that people still buy these and later leave frustrated comments in their feedback that it was a waste of money. I have never gone that route in my life where I bought a cheap product and later complain about it.


The pedometer watches listed above are the best in India. You can go for any of these depending upon your budget. At the end of the day a pedometer should be easy to use like a watch. It should provide you with valuable insight that will motivate you and push you to achieve your fitness goals.


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