Best Fitness Watch for Women in India: Updated June 2017

Which is the best fitness watch for women in India?

There are plenty of fitness watches and fitness trackers for men from a variety of brands like Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone and GOQii. But what about our Indian women who have also stepped up recently to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

A recent study done in India showed the women in India are less health-conscious as compared to Men. Infact if you go to your nearby Gym you would find 70% of males as compared to females working out. With the increase of internet, mobile apps and e-commerce women in India have become more and more conscious about their health and fitness levels.

In a market dominated by males is there any fitness watch made for women? Fortunately we’ve done the research and shortlisted the best 3 fitness watches for women.


1. Withings Activité

If you are one of those who don’t like bright and jazzy looking bands on your wrist and looking for a smart and sober watch that can also serve your purpose of tracking your steps, physical activity, heart rate and other activities then Withings Activite could be the best bet for you. The best part of this fitness tracker is that nobody else will identify this as a fitness tracker if you’re wearing this on your wrist except you.

Withings Activite comes in 3 different models at different price points in India. Lets look at all models one by one.

Withings Activité Sapphire

This watch is made of calf leather, sapphire crystal and stainless steel that looks absolutely stunning on a female’s wrist. It can analyse your swim workouts, track steps, running, calories burned and distance, sleeping patterns and also has a silent vibration alarm system. Withings is so generous that they will give you an extra silicone watchband for sports activities.

The only downside for this watch is its quite expensive as compared to other fitness bands and smart watches in the Market. But trust me your wife will will love you if you gift her this fantastic swiss-made wrist watch cum fitness tracker. Check price on Amazon.

The watch is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.



This simple but Stylish fitness band has been designed by the French Consumer electronics company Withings who are well known globally for their design and innovation in connected health devices, wi-fi scale, blood pressure monitor, and activity tracking watches.

Withings Activite Sapphire


The second dial on the watch displays the percentage of the goals you’ve set-up that are completed. For example if you’ve set up a goal to walk 10K steps per day and you’ve completed 5K steps today then the second dial on the watch will show 50.

You will be able to easily sync this watch with your smart phone to track your step count, sleep and other activities. This band is also water resistant unto 50 meters therefore you can also wear this watch while you go on your next swim.

Health Mate App

You can access all the data on your smartphone via their Withings Health Mate App.


The other big benefit you will get from this watch is its long battery life. You don’t need to charge this every day or every week. The battery will last for up to 8 months and after that you can go to any watch shop in your neighborhood to get a new battery.

The Smartwatch really adds value and is the perfect fit for those people who don’t want to wear a fitness tracker on one wrist and an analog watch on the other wrist.


Withings Activité Steel


Made of stainless steel, chrome hands and silicon strap this one is perfect for those ladies who are looking for a combination of fitness band and good looking watch. You can wear this watch at office and later when you don’t need to remove this when you are going for your Zumba or Yoga classes. Check price on Amazon.


Withings Activité Pop

This version of Withings Activitie is a basic smart watch that will track your basic activities – steps, running, calories burned and distance.

Like the other two models this one is also water-resistant unto 50 meters and you can wear this while swimming. The best part about this one is that its much more affordable as compared to Withings Activitie Sapphire. Check price on Amazon.

2. Misfit Shine 2

Before reviewing the fitness tracker lets first understand a little bit of background about this wonderful company. This six year old consumer electronics company has a very interesting profile. Misfit first product, Shine was launched via a crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo five year ago.

The campaign reached its goal of USD 100K in just 10 hours. The company and raised $846,675 in its campaign that lasted just over two months. In 2015, Misfit was acquired by Fossil Group.



The Misfit Shine 2 fitness band is a perfect fitness tracker for women who like a little bit of Style during their work out. The band certainly gives a sleek and sexy look to make a bold statement when you’re working out in the Gym or during your Zumba session.


The Misfit Shine 2  lacks a full display like other smart watches in this segment. It has 12 tri-color LEDs along with capacitive touch that you can use to toggle between various modes.


Misfit Shine smart watch will not only track your activity progress, step count, calories burned and distance but it will also monitor your sleep patterns. It will also let you set up your daily fitness goals. You will also be able to share your progress with your friends. You get all your data when you sync Shine 2 with the Misfit app.

It gives you an accurate step count with the use of 3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer technology. The band will vibrate when you receive a call on your mobile when you’re away from your mobile.

You also get a clip with the Misfits band that can be hung onto your shirt, tracks or shoes if you don’t want to wear the fitness band.

Water Resistance

The band is made of aircraft grade aluminum and is water resistant Upto 50 meters.

Misfit battery change

Like Shine 2 requires no frequent charging everyday or every week. The watch battery lasts up to 6 months you can easily find a replacement battery from any watch shop easily in your neighborhood.

Misfit shine app

The Misfit band can be easily synced with your iPhone, Android or Windows phone. You can easily access all your data using the Misfit App. You can also use the band with other apps like LoseIt!, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal and IFTTT.

3. Apple Smart Watch (Series 2)

Last but not the least one on the list is the Apple Smart Watch for women who already own an iPhone and looking for a smart watch that they can wear all day long, during their working hours and after work as well.


The apple smart watch makes a style statement when you’re wearing it on your wrist and busy while giving a presentation to your colleagues or clients. It looks great on your wrist during your daily running/jogging activity or during your Gym workout.


Apple Watch Features

The Apple Smartwatch syncs easily with your iPhone and displays your messages, notifications etc. We did not hear any complaints from any users regarding the sync.

You can also get a detailed data during specific workouts like cycling, running, and elliptical. If you want to use another Fitness app with this band you can also do this as it easily integrates with other favorite apps like Runtastic etc.

You can control the music directly from the watch without the need to scroll through your phone.

Water Resistance

Its water resistant and therefore you can watch it during your bath or swimming workout. Needless to say that the Apple watch is a fantastic choice for girls who are looking for a full fledged watch with Smart look and useful to keep a track of their fitness levels.

Inbuilt GPS

The Apple Smart Watch is useful for people who have an iPhone and are looking for a Smart watch or fitness tracker to monitor their physical activities. For an iPhone user it is strongly suggested to go for this Apple Smart watch. On the other hand if you own an Android phone or a windows phone you should look at other fitness bands in India.