GOQii Fitness Band Review (March 2018)

Updated review of GOQii Fitness Band (March 2018)

The GOQii fitness band has been designed and launched by an Indian entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley Vishal Gondal. He was also the founder of couple of Gaming companies in the past. Here is his story on why he founded the GOQii band and how it differentiates from other fitness bands in the market.

I’ve been using the GOQii life fitness band since last last 5 months now. I had taken the GOQii fitness band with 6 months subscription and I suggest you should atleast take 6 months subscription if you are seriously interested in making any improvements to your health and fitness level. This is because it takes time for your body to adjust to your eating and sleeping habits.


The GOQii health coach encourages you to make important dietary changes, workout and sleeping patterns so it is necessary to continue working with the coach for atleast six months. If you follow your coach guidelines for six months you will ingrain the habits of a healthy lifestyle. Believe me all GOQii coaches are specialists in health, fitness, diet and exercise.

My GOQii subscription comes to an end next month and I think this was a 100% value for money. I reduced 12 Kgs of weight, reduced my waist size and most importantly have attained good habits to live a healthy lifestyle instead of a sedentary lifestyle.

GOQii Fitness Band Review 2017


GOQii App

The GOQii App is compatible with both Andoid and iOS.When you download the GOQii App on your smart phone you will get an option to select your fitness coach depending upon your requirements. I was given an option to select one out of the four female coaches to guide me. Each Coach has a brief summary mentioned in their profile highlighting their education, medical degrees and specialization.

I chose my fitness coach who specialized in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. Since I was overweight and wanted to shed few kilos I selected this specific coach so that she can help me in my exercise routine and guide me in my eating habits.

Goqii Fitness Band Review 2017

I was surprised to see that the fitness coach was so good that she first understood my entire routine and then told me that we will make small improvements in our daily life so that your eating habits and physical activity gets changed over a period of time.

She explained me that slowly but steadily we will make the changes and we will be able to meet our fitness goals. The point she was trying to make here was that if she tells a person to make 10 changes in our daily activities and diet in one day then it would be very difficult for the person to follow all these changes.

But if you ask a person to follow 1-2 activities during the day for a period of 3 weeks those things becomes a habit. For example I told her that I usually drink four cups of tea every day and she told me to reduce 1 cups of tea per day and replace it with one cup of green tea for a period of 3 weeks.

Once I am able to follow this then I will reduce two more cups of regular tea and will replace it with Green tea. This is a brilliant approach to make a change in our daily lifestyle and make it a long term habit.

and Yes your fitness Coach keeps track of your daily activities and they keep a regular  interaction with you on their App.

This is how the GOQii App on your Mobile screen looks like when you open the App.

GOQii Fitness Band Review 2017

GOQii Band Features

Apart from the regular features like step counter, calorie counter, heart rate etc. the band comes with a variety of other features listed below

  • Goal setting (ability to set up your fitness goals – total step counts, etc.)
  • Reminders – Very helpful for those who need to be reminded every 2-3 hours to eat and drink water at regular intervals.
  • Syncs easily with smart phone – the band vibrates and displays if you receive any calls, texts or WhatsApp messages on your phone.
  • Regular Health and Fitness Articles on the Mobile App to help you in self motivation and gain knowledge about fitness, nutrition and exercises.
  • Tracks your sleep automatically (have to keep wearing it while sleeping)
  • You can log your water intake, food and other activities like Running, Swimming etc. that you’ve done during the day.

GOQii Fitness band 2017 Review

  • Karma Points that you accumulate when you meet your fitness goals and you can use these points to donate towards a good cause towards society. A fantastic initiative by GOQii to help the needy.
  • Health Locker feature allows you to add and store your health records in their App either by uploading it directly. If you have a medical report from Thyrocare you can directly add the report by entering the Order number.
  • Last but not the least you can also consult with a doctor via this app. The doctor has the access to your reports via the App and your profile – Weight, Height, Age etc. and you can easily book a consultation call with a Doctor. GOQii doesn’t recommend consulting with their doctors for emergency.GOQii Fitness Tracker/Band Review 2017

GOQii Band Charging

One of the most important things where GOQii scores over other fitness trackers in the market is its battery back-up. The battery easily lasts for 2 weeks. I usually sync it with my phone couple of times during my day and I only need to charge it once in 2 weeks. It has an inbuilt charger that you just need to remove it and plug into your laptop’s USB point for 2-3 hours and its good to go for the next 2 weeks.

GOQii Strap

The GOQii Strap is made of silicone material to give the smooth and comfortable fitting. The best part is you can actually remove the tracker from the band to clean the moist and sweat that the band has taken after your workout, running or walking.

GOQii Blog

The GOQii Blog is also an excellent resource to gather knowledge on various subjects. From Diet and nutrition to physical exercises and stress management GOQii publishes various articles on their blog that you can access right from your Smart Phone.


  • The GOQii coach not only monitors these activities but also very much interact with you on a daily basis to help you meet your fitness goals. This is where the band scores high over most of the other fitness bands in India.
  • The step count is very accurate – gives about 95-98% accuracy. I’ve personally tried and tested it and compared it with other fitness trackers in the market.
  • The sleep tracker is accurate when you’re wearing it. I have always been wearing it throughout the day and wear it even while sleeping. The tracker shows accurate sleeping hours in the GOQii App.

The key benefit of GOQii Smartband is the personal coaching system where you will get the support of a personal coach to monitor your daily activities like diet, exercise, sleep and overall fitness goals.


  • Heart Rate monitor is not accurate – Not the best choice if you are looking for fitness tracker with heart rate. In fact GOQii knows about this and they’ve recently launched a different tracker for detecting your heart rate accurately. Its a little more expensive than their regular band but certainly a good one if you are a Runner, Swimmer, sportsperson or an active bodybuilder. Check it out here on Amazon – GOQii heart Care tracker with personal coaching
  • The display of the band in bright sunlight is not good. You will struggle to see anything in bright sunlight.
  • Although the app is quite good but I feel it could have been more user friendly. You have an option to manually log your food and water intake, activities such as running, cycling, swimming etc. It has an inbuilt mechanism which calculates the calories burned depending upon the time you input for these activities.

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GOQii Band Price

I must admit that GOQii is one of the best fitness trackers in India. Its currently priced much below the expensive ones like Garmin and Fitbit however the other fitness trackers like Garmin, Fitbit and TomTom offers more advanced features like GPS, heart rate monitoring, better display, alarm vibrator etc. With a price range of less than Rs. 2000 I believe this fitness band offers true value for money. You can see yourself that they have more than 1300 reviews on Amazon with an overall rating of 4 out of 5 and mostly good positive reviews.

Should you buy the GOQii Band?

If you are someone who is looking for ways to make a change in your lifestyle and need a trainer to push you then this is absolutely the right band for you. However if are already an active runner, swimmer, regular gym-er, athlete or any other sports fanatic and need to monitor your heart rates, step count and other activities you should definitely check out some other advanced bands like Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung and Sony etc.