Hug Smartwatch Review (Feb 2018)

Hug Smartwatch Review (Feb 2018) – World’s first Gesture controlled Smartwatch.

Hug is an Indian company which is based out of Hyderabad. It was started by Raj Neravati who comes from a technology background and has worked in the US for several years. The innovative smartwatch has certainly hit the Wearable market with a storm and has been a bestseller in the smartwatch segment in India. The company has won few awards from international communities since the time they’ve launched the company in 2016.

Hug Smartwatch Review 2017

Hug Smartwatch Review 2017

HUG Smartwatch is the world’s first and only gesture control Smartwatch that provides a new way of interaction with digital world. The watch is one of the lightest smartwatches ever made weighing 46 grams. It is power packed with functions like Gesture control, Personal Safety (SOS), Fitness Tracking, Nutrition, Calls, Notifications, Remote Capture, Find my Phone, and more to make it a perfect addition to consumers digital lives.

Hug Smartwatch Review 2017

Unique Features

Certainly this is one of a kind smartwatch in India focused on innovation and ease of use for the fitness freaks. The HUG smartwatch provides 2 unique features that other smartwatches in the market do not have.

1. Gesture Control

With the help of hand gestures like Push, Pull, Up, down you can do various things with this smartwatch – Play/stop/pause music, increase/decrease volume of music, play a game using your VR device, do a powerpoint presentation and also fly a drone.



2. Personal Safety

With the push of a SOS button your loved ones will be notified incase of any emergency like Accident, fall etc. With your prior permission, Hug smartwatch reflexively reacts to threat situations and sends a distress signal to your closed ones, not to mention nearby emergency services. You can also setup a hand gesture as sign of trouble, for situations where your discretion is key.

This gesture-based safety can be turned on/off using the touchscreen on the smartwatch.


Other usual Features of Smartwatch

The HUG smartwatch has all those basic and usual features that you get in other smartwatches mentioned below

  • Step Count Tracking, distance covered, heart rate monitor, calories burned, Laps etc.
  • Track your food intake, water intake along with different activities performed throughout the day.
  • Call notifications – Pair with your smartphone to view your call logs and make/receive calls directly from this smartwatch.
  • Sync various applications like watsapp, outlook, facebook etc. to view messages on your smartwatch.
  • Location Tracking – Use the “find my phone” feature to locate your smartphone if you lose it.
  • Music Control – Play music either by touching the screen or by hand Gestures.
  • Alarm – Vibration alarm so that nobody around you gets disturbed.
  • Taking Pictures / Selfies – You can click photos on your mobile phone by using remote capture feature on the smartwatch.


The battery for HUG smartwatch is a major let down and needs to be improved. Other devices in the wearable market have an average battery back up of 7-10  days so HUG needs to improve its battery. You can easily charge the battery which is at the back side of the watch and it has a magnetic charger.

Water Resistance

The company claims that the device is splash proof and not water resistant. Therefore I would not dare to wear this smartwatch in the shower or swimming pool.


The watch is compatible with both Android (4.3 or higher) and iOS (9.0 or higher)

Strap & Colors

The Hug Smartwatch comes with a Rubber Strap of a decent quality. You have an option to buy either the black or white color watch. The demand of the black colored watch is more than white and therefore the white colored watch is much cheaper than the black one.


After reading the entire article I am sure you would be able to see many benefits of the HUG smartwatch. At the price range of approximately 10K INR the watch gives you a real value for your money.



The only improvement area of the HUG smartwatch I feel is the battery as it only provides 1 and half day battery back-up and therefore you need to charge it every alternate day. I think HUG innovation is a smart company and they will soon make an improvement in its battery.

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