Garmin Vivosmart HR+ (Undoubtedly the best Fitness Tracker for Runners)

Garmin Vivofit HR+ Fitness band Review

The Garmin vivosmart HR+ fitness band is an activity band with 24/7 optical Heart Rate and built in GPS. Garmin has always been known for its specialization in the GPS technology but most recently this 28 year old American multinational company has entered wearable technology to compete with the likes of Fitbit and Apple.

It is without a doubt the best fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor currently available in Indian market. Do you want to know why? Read on..

Smart Look 

The Garmin Vivosmart HR has a two-tone texture that really gives a smart look. It looks a bit thick on the wrist as compared to Fitbit Charge HR however it provides a pretty good display for reading your data.


The display screen is touch enabled and pretty low resolution and not as bright as it should be to help during that bright sunlight day. But the display is certainly better than the Garmin Vivosmart HR.


Garmin Vívosmart HR+ automatically syncs with your smartphone throughout the day to save your stats to our free online community.

Heart Rate Monitoring 

If you swipe through the screen on your Garmin Vivosmart HR+ you will get a glimpse of your daily activities – step count, calories burned, stairs climbed, distance and above all the Heart Rate. You can see the last four hours of your heart rate in a Graph.

Garmin Vivofit HR+ Heart Rate Monitoring

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  • Doesn’t requires purchase of a separate heart rate monitor
  • GPS feature tracks your running/cycling activity
  • Accurately tracks the heart rate and step count.
  • Ability to track each activity – Running, Swimming, Cycling etc.
  • Can be integrated with 3rd party apps like MyfitnessPal


  • Expensive than other Fitness Trackers
  • Can be integrated with 3rd party apps like MyfitnessPal
  • Sleep tracker is not accurate
  • Battery lasts unto a Week only (with GPS switched on, battery lasts only 8-10 hrs)

For detailed calorie tracking, you can create an account at MyFitnessPal and link it to your Garmin Connect account. This allows you to compare calories consumed to total calories burned, which vívosmart HR+ records throughout the day.

You can buy this fitness band directly from Garmin India. Check its price here

If you buy the Garmin Vivofit Fitness band from Amazon then you might be able to save yourself few bucks. Check the price on Amazon.


In short, as an activity tracker the Vivosmart HR+ is a fantastic and accurate device. While it’s chunkier and less of a looker than the Fitbit Alta, to pick one example, it’s filled with rich data which is guaranteed to delight.

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