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2023.06.03 00:58 Wilhelmina3 My anxiety and depression is ending my marriage

Right now it’s hard for me to write this. I cannot stop crying and screaming for over more than a week. I’m so hopeless and I cannot speak with anyone. So if you’re kind to read my long long story I much appreciate. I’m (35F) and I’ve been married for almost 7 years and I’ve been battling with hard depression and anxiety since 2013. I met my husband on 2012 he lived in Spain and I lived in Mexico. So when he met me I was not the person I am now. He moved to Mexico to work and live with me however shortly before I got mugged and that event unleashed my anxiety. At the beginning I thought it was more of a PTSD but later I discovered through therapy that getting mugged was just the hand that opened my past of neglected childhood, constant reject, lots of self demanding, a toxic need to be independent, the frightened child that was despised by their family and felt lonely… getting mugged was a cruel way of remind me that I couldn’t get control of my life by myself and that I wasn’t that un breakable wall I thought I was to protect myself… So all this got translated as anxiety, agoraphobia, hypochondriac behavior, depression, social anxiety…. And my husband went through all that until one day he told me how much he suffered that I wasn’t doing anything to improve and how miserable he felt because of me not taking care. I felt so deep those words that I went constantly to therapy and took meds. 6 months later I was so so much better: I was working in an office, I was going out more, I felt like my old self was getting back to me, even my husband and I talked about having a baby….. until early this year I was diagnosed with diabetes, and just like the mugging incident that triggered everything all over again. I started to repeat old behaviors. As you can imagine I panicked I didn’t want to go back I was so happy we were happy… so different from last time I immediately called my therapist and we started to work on it again. But this is no magic and I had lots of rough days, with depression, apathy, hypochondria and agoraphobia. And I knew I was battling every single day with that, fear, diabetes medication that was beating my stomach and mood and I had to take strength to get better but it wasn’t easy. So fast forward to last week, husband and I went to Mexico (we live in Spain) I wanted to look for some family confort as previous months were awful. My husband got pretty bored and was telling how much he regretted going to Mexico and that I wasn’t doing anything for him besides being with my family (which I just get to see once every year) so one day I took him on a day out just for the two of us and he dropped the bomb: he said that he was exhausted from my anxiety and depression attitude and that he wanted us to separate temporarily that he now doesn’t want to have children with me anymore because of my hypochondriac behavior that I could stay in Mexico if I wanted… my whole life is in Spain: my job, my healthcare and even my debt! I felt so confused but I decided to come back and I promised I would change for better. Now I’m here just got back from hospital (kidney stones) and he is so cold and distant. He said that he needs to feel that he wants to spend time with me. I feel so lonely, vulnerable and I feel again like the unwanted, always rejected child. I feel so tiny and miserable. And with a inflamen kidney i cm not do much besides crying and feeling desperate and so anxious more than ever I don’t want to star all over in loneliness im so afraid this is not my country but I also don’t want to go back th😢 thank you so much for reading. Sorry for my bad English
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2023.06.03 00:58 navybarbie Reference check

I checked the box stating I would not like my current job to be contacted.
My current job found out due to the supervisor that did the interview asking one of their employees to ask their friend whom I work with about me. Their friend turns out to be my supervisor and my supervisor told her supervisor.
How would you go about handling this, or is this just my bad luck?
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2023.06.03 00:58 DuchessOfDinos [38F] Looking for someone to click with [relationship]

Hi, I'm looking for a wholesome, long term relationship with a man, preferably around my age. I'm Canadian, love animals, scifi and horror, pc gaming, dinosaurs and frogs. I would say I'm a very caring, understanding person with fairly bad anxiety. My love language is quality time. If interested, please DM me and if you're going to be vulgar, don't bother. Please DM with age and what you'd like in a relationship 💚
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2023.06.03 00:58 chrisribe Do you wet the bed ? ;)

This is my 1st printer so I am wondering if this is a bad or good habit I developed.
When applying glue stick to my cold plate it tends to not be super even. Being a bit OCD I like even things. So I take a paper towel and "wet the bed" a little then apply the glue stick. I sometimes will apply the glue then wet it to even things out.
It has been working pretty consistently for me.
Anyone else wet the bed ? :D
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2023.06.03 00:58 MjolnirPants Gary and the Nightmare: Part 3

Part 2
It's coming, Inanna sent to him. Gary looked up from where he'd been peacefully sitting on the bench, waiting for everything to go down. He used his limited skill to push the mental connection to her into a different shape. He carefully followed the instructions Jerry had given him, adding knowledge magic in a certain shape until his awareness of Inanna's words expanded into an awareness of the area around her.
From there, he spotted Suzanne and expanded the magic further. A little love magic, a little knowledge magic, blended together just right, and he could feel her fear. There was a new fear; strong and vibrant, filling her body and making her nerves sing. But he could also feel the old fear. A face that was the source of it, as well as something the poor girl desperately wanted.
He dug into the old fear, knowing that time would slow in the real world. His concern for the girl drove him to dig, until flashes of memories, the source of the fear, began to reach him.
Flash. A leather jacket with the sleeves cut off. A woman wearing it, long scars running up and down her arms. The face belonged to that woman, Gary saw, as she turned to Suzanne. Even twisted into an expression of disgust, Suzanne knew every detail of that face.
"Motherfucker," she said, "You filled your diaper again, didn't you?"
Flash. There was a man. He was the biggest man Suzanne had ever seen, with muscular arms and a fat belly. The man was nice, but still scary. Suzanne liked his kind of scary, though. He had scars on his face, one of which gave him a permanent sneer. His name was Mister Liam. He had a leather jacket like mommy's, but his was covered in patches. He had a big skull on the back, and numbers and letters that didn't make words all over. Mommy used to tease Mister Liam that he hadn't earned his jacket, and Mister Liam would tease Mommy the same way.
Flash. "Where's my fucking car keys, you little shit?!" Mommy was angry, which was scary. A stinging slap that made her see stars filled her awareness. "My keys, Suzanne! I saw you playing with them!"
Flash. Mommy was asleep on the couch. It was one of the deep sleeps that she had when she put the rubber band around her arm. Mister Liam opened the door. "Hey Stace, you want to..." he stopped when he saw Mommy on the couch and ran over to her.
"You stupid bitch," he muttered, taking the rubber band off her arm and slapping her in the face.
"Why are you hitting Mommy?" Suzanne asked.
"I need her to wake up, punkin'," Mister Liam said. He shook Mommy's shoulders until she started moaning.
Flash. Mister Liam was standing over the man who'd climbed in the window. Both of them were covered in blood. The stranger was crying, like a little kid, and Mister Liam was breathing heavily. Mommy burst into the room. "What did you do?!" she screamed at Mister Liam.
Flash. Mister Liam was kneeling in front of her. "This doesn't mean we can't still be friends, punkin," he said quietly. "It just means that Mommy and me aren't going to be the same kind of friends we were before."
Flash. Suzanne curled up on the bus stop bench as the rain poured down. It took a long, long time for the bus to come. The doors opened and she got up and ran inside. Even the few feet from the bench to the bus soaked her.
"Can you take me to Mister Liam's?" Suzanne asked. The driver, a heavyset black woman, drew her brows down in concern. "Do you know where Mister Liam lives, honey?"
"Suzanne!" Mommy's voice sounded angry as she ran up. "Suzanne, get off that bus!" Mommy grabbed her by the arms and yanked her off. "I'm sorry!" she said to the driver, whose frown changed as she regarded Mommy.
Flash. "I'm sorry, Stacey, but you're not in a position to raise a little girl. She needs to go into a foster home." Suzanne looked up, wondering what that meant.
Flash. "Do we tell her?" Miss Beth's voice could be heard through the walls from where Suzanne was playing with a doll.
"Jesus, Beth. How do we tell her? It's her mother."
"She deserves to know, Percy."
"I know, I just... Let's not tell her right away, okay?"
"How long do you want to wait?"
"I don't know. Maybe until she asks about her."
He pulled back out just in time to catch Inanna's next words. -ou ready?
Born ready, he sent back.
Okay, I'll try to give you a head's up-Shit!
What's wrong? Gary sent.
Percy and Beth are back, shit, this isn't good...
Gary cursed and prepared to teleport back.
Shit, Inanna sent, right before he left. We're all coming to you. Me, Suzanne, Percy, Beth and the bugbear.
Gary cursed under his breath. He prepared a wet blanket and brought his sword and shield out of hammerspace.
It only took a second for all of them to appear. Well, almost all of them. The three humans and the former goddess appeared next to the illusory bed. Suzanne was crouched down, clinging to Inanna's leg with a look of abject terror on her face.
The two adults both looked startled, knees bent, eyes casting about.
"Holy shit," Percy said.
"Get the fuck out of here!" Gary barked. "Now! Now! Now!" Both of them reacted to the force with which he shouted the command and took off.
They hadn't gotten more than a half dozen steps before an indistinct black shape appeared in front of Beth and she screamed. The black shape lunged at her, and her scream turned wet and then cut off. Gary rushed forward as Inanna collapsed from the effort of teleporting multiple people who weren't in physical contact.
Beth fell to the ground, a mess of blood and meat and the shape surged at Percy.
"Beth!" he shouted as he drew back a fist and punched at the bugbear's head. The thing flashed into solidity for a second, and Gary caught a glimpse of a white, demonic face before Percy's fist slammed into it. The thing had glowing red eyes, deep creases all over its face, large prominent fangs and a head of snarled black hair.
The thing flinched at the punch and growled, a deep, inhuman sound, fading back to indistinction as soon as Percy hauled his fist back for another.
"Kill you," it intoned in a sepulchral voice. Percy hit it again, and for a brief second, Gary thought the enraged man might actually take the beast down.
Percy had a good stance, and he threw his punches from the hip, hitting hard. But the bugbear wasn't an opponent in a boxing ring. When Percy swung the fifth punch, the bugbear flashed into solidity a split-second early, its maw stretching open wide and clamping down on Percy's fist with its fangs.
The man screamed as the bugbear bit his fist right off. Blood sprayed, a heartbeat pulsing it out right as the bugbear pulled back. Gary reached the best and swung his sword, igniting it with a thought as he did.
The bugbear screamed this time, adding its unnatural voice to Percy's as the flames licked at its smokey form. The fire seemed to catch on it and the flames flowed out, engulfing it and making the silhouette more distinct.
Percy fell back and the bugbear fell on him. Gary heard his scream get cut off, and then watched his head bounce away, face still wearing an expression of shock and pain.
Gary growled and slashed again and again, each cut drawing a screech from the beast and making the flames engulfing it burn brighter. The creature jumped away, and then turned to face Gary. Its glowing red eyes bored into his and Gary felt... Something, happening.
"Take the shot," Boss said. Gary's hand trembled, making the crosshairs jump.
"You okay, Johnson?"
"I... I can't. It's my friend."
"Fuck it," Boss snapped. He raised his own rifle and sighted in.
"No!" Gary shouted, grabbing his barrel and yanking his aim off.
"God damnit!" Boss shouted. Chris ran up and grabbed Gary by the shoulders. "What the hell, Gary?" he asked.
"He's my friend," Gary said. "And the other one's Nat, baby!" He looked around, confused. How could they not know this?
The two running figures made it to a wall and climbed over.
"FUCK!" Boss screamed, then he grabbed his radio. "Everybody romeo tango bravo, right fucking now. Split up and get back north. We're fucked." He grabbed Rog, their RTO and spun him around. "Call it in. Mike foxtrot."
"Shit," Chris barked. Gary turned to see Boss bringing a spotting scope up to his eyes. Gary raised his rifle as Boss said "No way they didn't see us."
They were a couple of boys. Just kids. Running away from the men with guns.
"Drop 'em, Johnson," Boss said.
"They're just kids," Gary responded. Boss' hand came down on Gary's shoulder. "I know, brother," he said, his voice soft. "But you know the deal."
Gary sighted down the first one, but his hand began to tremble. The crosshairs jumped around, ruining his shot.
"They're just fucking kids, Boss," he said. The two figured reached a wall and climbed over it. They were gone.
"Shit, what do we do?" Chris asked.
Boss rubbed his face and thought for a second. "Fuck it," he said. "Charlie mike. Most likely, those two were just scared."
They picked back up their course. They made it almost all the way to the high point that was their destination when the first mortars fell.
"Scatter!" Top shouted, grabbing Boss' strap and yanking him away from where he'd been talking to Rog. Gary looked quickly around, spotting Chris and running in the same direction he was.
Another mortar fell behind him with an ear-splitting crunch, followed by a shout of pain that drew itself out into a scream. He spun to see Top laying on the ground, bloody. His right leg was a couple yards away, and the stump was pumping blood in a great big spray.
"Top's down!" Gary said, squeezing the transmit button on his radio.
Another mortar hit and Gary saw Rog cartwheeling through the air. This was bad, they'd dialed in directly on them. Gary froze, unsure of what to do. He looked between the spot where Rog had fallen and the direction where Chris had stopped to wait for him.
"Fuck," Gary muttered. He turned to Chris and ran, but then a mortar fell right on top of the man he loved in secret.
"Noooooo!" Gary screamed.
Chris' shout of "Shit," caught Gary's attention. He turned to see two small figures running away as Boss watched them through a spotting scope.
This was wrong, Gary knew.
"This..." he said. "This already happened."
"What are you talking about, Gary?" Chris asked.
"This already happened," Gary said again. "This isn't real, it's... It's a memory or something."
"What are you talking about?" Chris asked. Gary heard the suppressed crack as Rog took the shot. He looked up to see both figures mounting the wall. Rog had missed.
"Fuck," Boss muttered. "Come on, let's get the fuck out of here."
They made it less than half a mile when the trucks appeared and bullets began to whiz past them. Gary and Chris found cover behind a small shed and the others scattered. Gary leaned around one corner and dropped the man running a truck-mounted PKP before he could light up their cover.
"Shit, they stirred up the whole fucking valley," Gary muttered. He turned to coordinate with Chris, but found him laying on the ground, a neat hole above his left eye.
"Fuck," Gary said, then a hot explosion on the side of his head cut off everything.
"Shit," Chris shouted, causing Gary to spin. Boss already had a spotting scope up, and he was tracking two figures running away from them.
"What the fuck?" Gary muttered.
"Gary, you need to drop them," Boss said.
"This is some kind of trick," Gary said.
"It's not a trick, those two spotted us!" Chris responded. He raised his rifle and sighted in on one of them. Before he could shoot, an indistinct black figure appeared and rushed them.
"What the fuck?" Chris shouted as the blurry figure fell over both boys. A second later, Gary heard the screams.
"What in the hell is that thing?" Boss asked as it rose and began to move towards them.
"Whatever it is, fucking shoot it," Rog said, raising his rifle and firing. Gary, Chris and Boss joined in, followed a second later by Top and the rest. They unloaded full magazines into the thing, but it never even slowed. It hit Boss first, throwing him back like a rag doll with his armor and the flesh beneath it shredded. He crashed into Top and the both of them went tumbling in a tangle of limbs.
Gary swung his rifle butt into the creature, but it passed right through. A clawed hand lashed back out at him, easily carving through the ballistic plate in his armor and sending a spurt of blood arcing out. The blood passed through the creature to splatter Chris in the face.
"Gary!" he shouted. Gary stared at him, his arms no longer responding to his brain's commands to move. The creature spun on Chris and rushed forward. As the blood splashed back through the beast again to drench Gary, a word came to him.
"Bugbear," he muttered. Then he fell over and darkness took him.
Chris shouted "Shit," making Gary turn.
Anger flooded through him. This was bullshit.
"How many fucking times?" he asked. The two figures in the distance were so small...
"What the fuck am I supposed to do?!" he shouted. "I didn't have any fucking choice! If I let them go, we all fucking die!"
Growling deep in his chest, he raised his rifle and quickly sighted down. He recognized Jerry's haircut on the boy, a brown mop atop a face much younger than he remembered, but familiar nonetheless. But it didn't matter. He fired, causing the figure to throw up its hands and fall.
He lined his crosshairs up on the bouncing braids that terminated the cornrows of the other figure and pulled the trigger the instant the crosshairs swept onto them. That figure dropped, as well.
"You fucking happy?!" he shouted, making his teammates wince and stare at him in confusion.
"Is this what you wanted, you blurry little shit?! You want to make me fucking shoot them? To kill two fucking kids?"
Gary spun, searching for the indistinct figure. All he saw was Afghanistan, his team and two small, dead bodies.
"I did it fucking once, you sad excuse for a boogyman!" Gary shouted. He pulled the magazine from his gun and angrily slapped in a new one, stuffing the old one into the empty slot the new one had come from.
"I fucking did it in the real fucking world!" Gary shouted. "You know that, you vicious shit-stain? And I'd do it again, too. I didn't have any goddamn choice, you hear me?"
Chris and the others looked concerned, now. None of them had said a word, but Gary was beyond caring. Gary was furious in a way he hadn't felt in a long, long time.
"GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE, MOTHERFUCKER!" he roared. He glanced at his rifle, which was wrong. This was the rifle he had carried back then, not the one he carried now. He unclipped the sling and threw it down, then reached into hammerspace for his gun, but then he stopped.
Not the gun.
He drew his sword, instead. The moment the blade appeared in his hand, it lit up with an intense heat. The flames weren't even visible, only the shimmering distortion in the air. Gary felt his eyebrows and beard singing, so he called up his shield, adjusting it to block heat and claws, instead of bullets.
There was still no sign of the beast. Gary drew his shield out of hammerspace.
"You gonna make me find you, motherfucker?!" he yelled through a sneer of disgust and rage. He got no answer.
"That's it," he muttered. "I'm coming, you motherfucker. Fee Fi Fo Fum, Gary's coming to get him some."
He stomped off in search of the bugbear.
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2023.06.03 00:58 shortylikeamelody I hate this life.

You get one shot and this is fucking it. It’s such a joke.
It seems like everyone gets to succeed but me. Everyone else my age is having more fun and has friends. I don’t fit anywhere. I’ve never really had someone I felt close to apart from my ex and he’s long gone. My life is dull and pointless without him.
I thought cooking was my thing but it turns out being a chef wasn’t worth it. I hate work. Every day I go in dreading it and I leave feeling the same dread. Everything is a massive effort and I’ve been yelled at so much it doesn’t even have an affect anymore.
I regret so much. I wasted my time in school and now I can’t do anything worthwhile. Why did I have to be born? I want to die but I’m too stupid to know how to kill myself. I told my dad I was suicidal and he got angry and said I have nothing to die for. Well screw him. I know my life isn’t bad to an outsider but you try living with the turmoil that are my thoughts and not being suicidal.
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2023.06.03 00:57 FazbearKing87 New Perfume

Looking to impress people with a cool party trick? Or are you wanting a drink to enjoy at a later date? Then try the brilliant taste of all-new…
Exotic Aftershock
Thanks to its unique blend, just one sip of this will cause your body to cease all movement, wherein after you recover you’ll experience all the flavour in one quick burst! The more you drink at once, the longer the bodily shutdown and the more intense the flavour when you recover!
Note: Do not drink while commuting, conversing or operating machinery. If doing so leads to injury and/or death, that is not our fault. You should have better drinking habits
Note: Yes, this is coming from someone who regularly drinks perfume. Regardless of the hypocrisy, your health and life choices are not my concern. But seriously, drink sensibly, dying is bad for both of us
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2023.06.03 00:57 thateliguy02 New Bumper. Already scraped.

New Bumper. Already scraped.
I’ll take most of the blame. I was backing out and there was a pole in the blind spot. Thought i missed it but got out and saw it. I know it’s not bad but it’s a week old new bumper / respray so it sucks.
This car is the nicest thing I own - how do you deal with scratches / scrapes on your daily? Seems like every time I find a new one i get depressed lol
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2023.06.03 00:57 fhumes Tips on dealing with unsupportive people and parents.

How do I actually progress in an environment that does not support my self improvement journey while I fight endlessly to better myself? Like I have been trying to improve so bad and I have been trying to do better and im really trying my best as a 18 year old but dealing with this lack of support just makes me so unmotivated and all it does is make me feel bad about myself so what do I do in this situation??
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2023.06.03 00:57 ezreal3k Backyard usage, right and privilege. Brooklyn NY USA

‘yard access. Tenant have the right to use the side yard and backyard.’
Original intent was that tenant can use it but cannot ask me to make any changes or make it better for example, cleaning or mowing it. In another part of the lease also mentions that if they wish to use, they also need to maintenance it in which lawn mower will be provided. But they would have to do the work.
Did I use bad English phrases or is there a case for my tenant to make me clean up the backyard and/or do other improvements on it so their kids can use it?
Please help. Thanks.
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2023.06.03 00:57 ClassicalMoser Ultimate Organizer Project Finished!

Ultimate Organizer Project Finished!
You love Root. You can't get enough of it. You've bought everything Leder Games sells – Not just the expansions but the clearing markers, the mats, the hirelings, all of it. Not stopping at that, you also got the 3D Buildings from BGExpansions on Etsy. Then the problem came – how to store it all neatly?
This is my answer to the problem. After a labor of love over a few months of tinkering and several kgs of filament in bad prints, I've landed on a solution that will store everything in a way that's incredibly easy to use, in just the core box and one expansion box, with no lid lift.
Here's the Thingiverse link:
Each faction has one self-contained tray with a neat and tidy space for every component. There's a closing lid on each box so no worry about tumbling, vertical storage, etc. The names are inscribed on each faction box in the original game font, and the distinctive meeples and faction components can all be seen at a glance.
There's an additional tray to hold the deck, ruins, ruin items, and setup cards, a tray to hold the dice, clearing markers, craftable items, mountain path covers, and the three standalone hirelings, and two more trays the other ten hirelings, all the landmarks, and the other components required to play with hirelings and landmarks.
Between these, everything you need to play root any way you want is included in this box, with a few notable exceptions:
  1. The game boards do not fit. I use the excellent mats anyway so there was no reason to make extra room for unused components.
  2. There is only room for one deck. If you don't have Exiles and Partisans, that's not a problem, and if you do, I don't know why you would want the base game deck.
  3. The bot boards do not fit. An additional expansion box could hold any mix of game boards or bot boards you choose, but since I never use either (I find the hirelings more fun than the bots, which now feel almost entirely unnecessary), I didn't consider them for this project.
  4. If you've purchased 3D miniatures to replace your meeples, this doesn't accommodate that. I didn't feel the need to support those since they're not only obscenely expensive and terribly fragile, but they also take away a little from the original screen-printed meeple aesthetic that made root famous in the first place.
  5. On a similar note, this organizer accommodates the screen-printed wooden landmarks, but it does not fit the 3D landmarks from BGExpansions. I wish I could say this was a choice of preference, but in all honesty I could not find any way at all to fit the 3D landmarks. I was torn on which I preferred already, so I made the choice to use the ones I could fit.
  6. Coin capsules are required for Corvid plots and Keeper relics. 3D Waystations are supported but Plots are not. The Duchy crowns go in the burrow, which will fit either the wooden or plastic versions.
  7. I cannot absolutely guarantee this will fit your sleeves. I can guarantee that all pockets will accommodate some sleeves, and some pockets will accommodate all sleeves, but some may not fit larger or thicker sleeves. I originally benchmarked the card thickness around 0.5mm which is rather thin. In most cases I updated it to 0.58 or 0.6mm, though I am not certain I double-checked this everywhere. The main deck box itself is very spacious and will accept very heavy-duty sleeves. Every pocket also offers about 3mm extra width and length for each card.
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2023.06.03 00:57 BlazeKingYT I beat Greenpath Hornet after 10 hours! :D

Is that good or bad?
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2023.06.03 00:57 Asleep-Milk3512 Find my iPhone is triggering me badly

 I have a horrid fear of being cheated on, I have been cheated on in the past, and I have a fear of abandonment so bad that I am pretty prone to codependency. I was in a long distance relationship for a year and a few weeks ago moved in to his apartment. 
Im thrilled to be here, I love him, he is my favorite partner I’ve ever had, and my best friend. I have a severe fear of being cheated on. I have struggled with even hearing about his coworkers. I’ve tried to bite my tongue and tell him to make me uncomfortable with these things because I need to get over it. Right when I moved out here he turned find my iPhone on for both of us. It’s a kind of nice gesture, especially with him being my only point of contact in this state. Only I know he can look like he’s home all day if he just switches location to something like his iPad or EarPods. Sooooo of course I’m checking it non stop. And then at that he can always see me coming home from work. 3 days in a row I saw the same girl coming from our apartment building when I get home. She makes eye contact with me and I smile but my gut tells me that’s his other girlfriend. It threw me into a full on panic attack on the third day and he got mad at me. I told him I just want him to hold me and tell me I don’t have to worry but he says getting accused of being a shitty person this much makes him not want to be close to me like that. At this point he doesn’t want to hear it and he says he’s given me enough reassurance. I realize the average person wouldn’t move a partner in from out of state if they had a local affair partner. I’m trolling adultery Reddit, I used my old phone to hide at work on wifi to try and come home “early” and surprise him and now that’s my only goal on the daily. To come home and see them together because that’s all I can see in my head. Right when I started my new job he took a two week break between his- so he’s gonna have all this free time, untracked, and it’s making me feel so horrible. I want to quit and stay home, I want to hide microphones and cameras. I feel crazy. I feel like there’s no way to get out of this without breaching serious trust or pushing him away with lashing out. I can’t ask for reassurance because of his take on it and also because I know that doesn’t fix the problem it actually makes it worse. I’m lost and dying over this and desperate to fix this. His stance is that the last gf he had like this cheated on him, and he’s going to get tired of hearing about it one day and snap. (We’ve dated twice. This is honestly our main problem) I asked for what he thinks I should do and of course he wants me to “just stop” and “get over it” that I spend “too much time justifying why I have these fears” and that I need to “just decide to not have them anymore.” Like bro I wish I could I’m in agony. Admittedly other than me being sensitive and looking for anything that could be a sign of cheating (and getting delusionally creative over it) I actually don’t think he is cheating on me. But I still can’t stop feeling like and treating him like he is because it’s taken over my brain.
I’m lost because all of his responses border on defensive, which I get but doesn’t help. I also feel like I’ve ERPd the hell out of this but like… it doesn’t matter. I would rather be dead than cheated on so. The outcome is pretty miserable- it’s me packing my car and leaving again which. I guess is whatever but the implication is that I legit will never trust again and will basically mean my life goal (finding a forever person) is pretty much fucked and I’m over it all. I’ve been through this before I can’t even believe I trust anyone now as it is (which I mean.. I guess I don’t) and I just can’t stand not knowing what’s real. I am constantly sick to my stomach. I know if he is cheating it makes him shitty and not me. I try gas myself up and remind myself how much of a catch I am and the confidence seems to help on good days- but when my body is literally physically reacting to the anxiety of me not being enough for my partner that’s a hard thing to maintain or even fake. I have a coworker whose bf cheated on her and now they live together but I can’t ever imagine that. I don’t want to lose him but I’d never feel safe or be able to look at him again. I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask her for advice on how she figured out to trust again- but I think in my case it’s beyond trust issues at this point.
Sorry this is long as fuck. I’m at my wit’s end and I think he’s getting there too. (I have a therapist but since I’ve moved and everything it’s messy and hard to see her)
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2023.06.03 00:57 Annual_Water_5340 Womans dirty

Womans dirty
And of course the emotional swings of this black slut, review it second by second as you read my commentary
0:02-0:06 fear - was caught
0:12 mockery - she's amused at how humiliating it is, he's not going anywhere
0:24 assault - it was ME who got caught cheating, not you, from the category you caught me - so you're bad because you were watching
0:45 celebration and disdain of the liar - it worked, this sucker fell for that crap
0:48 ABSOLUTELY indifferent - at the end she doesn't even look at him once while saying her declarations of love, he's just an inanimate object to her. All she was and is interested in is making sure the resource provider doesn't suspect he's a fucking sucker and the victim doesn't get off the hook.
Just a fucking soulless animal, carry the stones.
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2023.06.03 00:56 roliruliltt What is that night pitch noise after BOV?

What is that night pitch noise after BOV?
I’ve been driving like this for quite a while not thinking too much of it, but now I’m curious as to what makes this noise. Is it bad? The sound im talking about is audible on 1st and 2nd mini pull, i left 3rd one in just for sound :)
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2023.06.03 00:56 roseeee2 (7g APE) I just had the most beautiful experience of my life

I’ve done shrooms twice before this trip but never at such a high dose. I was going through a really bad depression, I flunked out of school and I had no self-confidence. I tried everything from medication to weed but it seemed like those only brought me temporary happiness. I had read stories online about heroic doses changing your mindset but i knew it could either be for the better or for the worse. I decided to take my chances and consume 7 grams of albino penis envy. I made sure that I had a comfortable environment and I even played a slide show of space on my tv because space really calms me. After about an hour in, it felt like I was floating in space myself. All sense of time was gone. I felt like I could travel to any reality and any time period. I had lived a million lives. I then saw my own life in third person. I saw from an outside perspective just how mean to myself I was. I was suddenly transported back into my body but I was no longer in my room. I was in the most beautiful garden with a lake of liquid diamonds where I was greeted by Aphrodite herself who told me that I was created as the personification of beauty. She then called up 12 beautiful sirens who erupted from the water and they each gave me their own blessing. I cried so hard. It was like they were worshipping my body, but not in a sexual way. It was beautiful. I never felt so connected to womanhood in my life. I then suddenly saw myself in my 20s (I’m 19). And I thought I was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Things get a little hazy after this but I do remember suddenly feeling like I was god and that everything that exists also doesn’t exist at the same time. Have you seen the movie Lucy? The scene where she’s able to manipulate her body into anything she thought of happened to me. I was everything and I was nothing at the same time. It was like I was the universe experiencing itself. It made me realize just how beautiful life is and that I shouldn’t take my life for granted. I need to treat the body that I’m in with just as much kindness as I would another person.
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2023.06.03 00:56 icecreamlover43 So Overwhelmed :/

I'm 19f and in my sophomore year of college. I have to take summer classes this summer in order to catch up because I dropped out in the middle of the term last semester during a depressive episode. I've changed my major SOOO many times. I always get excited about a new subject, change my major, and then lose interest in it. I'm already behind in my degree but this keeps putting me even further behind. I also work a part-time job, and balancing it with a full-time course load is a BATTLE. This spring semester I was just taking my basics so it wasn't that bad but I am about to be a business major and I'll have to take math-heavy courses and it'll keep getting harder from there. IDK how I will be able to work during that. I also want to join a sorority to make friends (I barely have any lol) but again IDK how I'll manage it with school and work. I am medicated and registered with my school's disability services but still feel overwhelmed. In order to keep my scholarship, I have to take 15 credit hours per semester so taking a reduced load isn't an option. Any advice?
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2023.06.03 00:56 UncleDrewski Am I Alone in Thinking Vanessa’s Not The Worst ?

I can’t stand Yoly and Lexi’s attitude towards Vanessa and their own lack of self awareness . Yes , Vanessa isn’t this saint of a person and you could definitely argue that she wasn’t there for the right reasons but honestly are there any good reasons to be on this show ? This is a reality TV show , not the best place to find true and real love and for Lexi to think she’s a better person because they’re there for the “right reasons” is a bit rich for my taste and I think they’re taking themselves way too seriously . Vanessa makes it very clear her intentions from the very beginning , love it or hate it , and Rae absolutely knew what they were getting in to by choosing to go with Vanessa . It was unfair for Vanessa to be constantly attacked the way she was by both Lexi and Yoly when you could argue that Lexi “emotionally cheating” on Rae and what Yoly did with Xander was way worse but for some reason it’s different because they’re immersing themselves in the experience . I thought it was unfair for people to point fingers at Vanessa for stuff they did the same, but it’s excused because they are “in it for the right reasons”. This show was made to help people learn and grow as each person has their own things to work on, but it seemed like only Vanessa was in trouble for learning and growing. I didn’t like the whole ganging up on her either because it left no room for Vanessa to explain herself because she was dismissed and ignored while some people got away with stuff just because it wasn’t Vanessa. Yoly and Lexi would comment on anything Vanessa said or did, but would turn around and do similar stuff yet they both did not need to defend themselves just because they picked who the bad person was going to be (Vanessa) since the start. Only on episode 6 so I’ll see if my mind changes but I’m more upset with the lack of everyone’s self awareness and I truly believe that anyone who would go on this show probably aren’t the best people anyways .
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2023.06.03 00:56 a_health_poster Olumiant Question - Dosage

I was prescribed 4mg Olumiant and I'm just wondering if it's OK to just take half of a pill daily to start off with? I think my AA isn't bad, as in, it's not AU, and my main goal is to prevent flare ups from happening again - I have the ophiasis pattern and I've never had an area that hasn't regrown.
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2023.06.03 00:56 PepperAntique Wait, is this just GATE? (374/?)

Previous / First
Writer's note: And things wind down.
Tune in next week for date night.
"So you're the two Muck Marchers that we had in the healing ward?" James asked with only mild disbelief. "On all... furry now?"
"Deep Sea Assault Force operatives." Driscoll corrected as the three of them stood in the castle's entryway. The battle was effectively over, and all that was left was recovering the injured or dead while also resettling the displaced civilians to temporary housing. James and the two were-folk were somewhat unnecessary as the royal army operated like a well oiled machine.
"Not anymore we're not." Five said in response. "And come on Driz. Even we called ourselves Muck Marchers some times."
James waved his hand dismissively. He didn't really care what they called their former unit. "And you're...." He gestured at the two of them. ".... members of the folk?" He asked uncertainly.
They both nodded.
"I was almost dead." Five said, her large squirrel eyes looking down for a moment as she remembered the drugged out haze she'd been in as a matter of comfort and survival. "Weren't a lot of other options."
"And I was only a few steps behind her." Driscoll added.
"Right." James said. He'd been aware of both of their states when he and Amina had left. ""Fair. And now you're not only were's... but also armed and dressed like ninjas."
Driscoll shrugged. "Only went for the change so that I could get back at the Agency." He said with a nod at the stream of injured soldiers and civilians being brought in on stretchers. "This is a start."
"This is a shit show." James said softly. "What the hell happened? How'd all of-" He gestured at the same scene. "How'd all this get kicked off?"
"Believe it or not, that part was Vickers too." Five answered. "He smelled the golems without even seeing them. Said you fought one kinda like what was out there. He remembered the scent even though he'd still been human back then. Investigated it."
"And caught the Agency off foot." James realized. "Nice."
James smiled and nodded as he saw Veliry enter the castle next to what at first appeared to be a walking door. Then the door turned and James saw Alixan carrying it in both hands. Veliry waved him over to them as Alixan leaned the large slab of wood up against a wall.
James turned back to the two former Muck Marchers.
"Look um... I don't know what you two and Vickers worked out with the King. But get those weapons turned in with Werner and the.... well, I guess it's an armory now if we're arming our soldiers too. Then just.... I don't know, help out. Or go zonk or something. Just don't make any trouble until I know what's going on."
"We can do that." Driscoll replied. "But what's zonk?"
"Is he gonna be okay?" Five asked uncertainly. "The chief I mean. He looked pretty bad. I've never seen anyone burned like that."
James thought about it for a second. "I don't know." He admitted. "Vickers is a tough old bastard. But elemental fire is one of the few things that can do lingering damage to you guys. Depends on what the healers say." Then he shrugged. "Gonna have to get him a can of tuna or something if he makes it though." He said softly, though with their heightened senses both of the Muck Marchers heard him anyways. "Behave." He said with a pointed finger as he moved away and towards the two mages.
Amina was still going over the casualty list from the "battle" when her father finally returned to the command room.
The royal guard took assassination attempts seriously, King Farrick's own grandfather had been assassinated nearly two centuries earlier and so their protocols for defending against an attempt were intense. Even with the battle over, getting him out of his bunker was an affair of frustrating checks, double checks, and triple checks. And that was before they even took into consideration the fact that the current threat was from "people" who were being puppeted by an enemy through magic. And the fact that the Guardian herself was one of the people who was supposed to be part of the process only made matters worse.
"I understand that its over." He said as he laid a hand on her shoulder, startling her out of her reading and reminding her of how tired she was. Her feet hurt, and she was reminded of what James had said about them only a few days before in a different part of the world. "Such as it can be." Her father finished.
"Yes." She replied as she placed the scroll on the table in front of her and then stepped aside so he could resume his rightful place. Then softly she said. "I don't know how many more of these we can take." She pointed at a crudely drawn map of the affected area of the city. "Our people I mean."
King Farrick nodded, then tilted his head a bit as he noticed the jar sitting on the table. Normally only water or tea, and occasionally light snack foods if a situation took long enough, were the only foods allowed in the command room. The rule was in place to prevent vital documents form getting damaged, and to ensure that nobody was intoxicated during a time of crisis.
"Are those... onions?" He asked as he pulled one out. His eyes narrowed as he smelled the, surprisingly spicy, pickling brine on them. Then he pulled one out and took a bite. He himself hadn't eaten since he'd been spirited away. Yet another protocol in case the would be assassins were also trying to poison him. "Mmmm. Bit hotter than I like. But tasty."
Amina let out a low chuckle.
"You're not surprised to see me back?" She asked.
"Of course I am dear." He said as he swallowed the bite he'd taken. "And happy. And also curious as to why."
She nodded. Then she pointed at the pickles.
"James and I have some good news." She said as she sat down in one of the chairs and began loosening her boots. She decided then and their to stop wearing boots for the foreseeable future.
"Oh?" The King wondered as he turned his chair to face her. He had known from a glance as he entered the room that the situation was, for all intents and purposes, handled for now. "And what's that?" He asked as he took her hand in his. "What could possibly cause MY eldest daughter to set aside decorum and snub those damnable southern zealots by cutting her trip off early?"
Amina smiled. Then kissed his hand.
"You're going to be a grandfather." She said softly.
King Farrick looked down at the spicy pickled onion in his hand, suddenly realizing why she had them. Then he smiled warmly.
"Well then." He said as he offered it to her. "At least one good thing happened on this most terrible night."
Amina took the onion happily and took a bite of her own. Then she watched as a drop of brine dripped off and down onto one of her boots. It landed next to some of the dried brown blood that she'd stepped in earlier, and the smile faded from her face.
King Farrick saw what she looked at and glanced over to where a few of the castle staff were scrubbing at the stones near the door.
He couldn't let his daughter stay down like that.
"Your mother...." He began as he gave her hand a squeeze. Amina looked up at him curiously. "Also liked spicy things when she was carrying you and your siblings." Then he nodded as the memory came back to him. "But in her case it was cheese. Spicy food and cheese. She'd literally wrap peppers in that creamy cheese that they make over in the Nedari peninsula"
Amina smiled again. "That actually sounds fantastic." She admitted.
The King smiled and laughed gently. Then he gestured at the room around them, and all the people bustling within it.
"Go rest now daughter." He said. "You were not even supposed to be here tonight. I'll see to the rest of this." Amina was too tired and sore to argue it, even if her soldierly instincts told her to stay and see it through.
And as she stood up her father embraced her in a hug. The room quieted for a moment, then everyone made the determination NOT to interrupt what was clearly a moment with the royals, and resumed as they were.
"I think you're going to have to go fetch cheese next. Onion boy." One of the junior officers whispered to the one that had procured the onions earlier. They said it as quiet as was possible given the room's noise level. Even as juniors they knew not to let on that they had been listening.
Nguyen paused to drink from the canteen he'd been given from their new supply room as he took a moment to rest. He'd spent the last few hours helping the other Earth personnel as they did the most menial of tasks needed right now, moving supplies from one spot to the other. This of course only began AFTER several of the royal guards had ensured that their weapons had been returned to storage, and that all of them had been accounted for.
When it had become clear that they'd missed the action, albeit only by minutes, Nguyen and the new ACTING first sergeant had put their people to task helping move the injured and later getting supplies distributed to wherever the Petravians needed them. In this case they were helping move and unpack large tents. A past time that any soldier who'd spent any amount of time in the field knew how to do.
What had surprised him, wasn't that they were setting up tents. It was WHO they set the tents up for.
He had expected them to be used for the wounded, or the Petravian soldiers who had been called away from their homes so they could have a place to rack out for a bit. And he wasn't wrong about that. A few of the tents were being used for those purposes. But most of the tents were being used for the displaced citizens of the city. Those tired, confused, and scared people who had already been refugees in the buildings they'd been living in. Nguyen was surprised to learn that those buildings had been hastily built for them after their previous homes had been destroyed less than a year before. For many of them this was the second time the King had needed to temporarily house them on his own castle grounds with their military tents. Though the few he managed to talk to HAD mentioned that at least this time it was summer, and that for the most part not many of their houses had been outright destroyed.
He was reminded of a humanitarian mission he'd done after the War on Earth had ended. He'd been helping displaced Floridians set up a series of conex houses in one of the resettlement camps that had been needed after much of the Florida coast had been made unlivable. If anything, he thought these tents might have been the better option.
This is what we should have been doing over here. He thought as he saw Perkesse and another soldier lifting up the central support pole for one of the tents while others kept the lines taut. We should have been helping.
"Watch out top." Someone said as they trundled along. They and one of the marines were carrying one of the large red crimson bundles between them.
"I'm not top anymore." He corrected them as he moved out of the way. "Now it's just Sergeant. Williams is First now."
"Uh huh." The Marine said as she passed, clearly not buying it.
And just like that Nguyen was snapped out of his thoughts and moving to get the next bit of work done.
There was gonna be a lot of it to do if they wanted to make up for what they'd done.
What he'd LET them do.
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2023.06.03 00:55 fragileego3333 Scotty

I’m rewatching in preparation for Season 3 and oh my God, Scotty sucks. Like not just because he’s evil but I honestly wish they had written him to be a little…nicer. Every time he’s on scene I want to skip. He is just absolutely way too illogical and a POS. To the point where I cringe hearing him talk to Gideon. The fight scene between them? Seriously? Why won’t Gideon stand up for himself at all?
Just kinda would’ve liked his character to be more like “do this or I’ll get you….nahhh I’m just kidding….or am I?”
Instead he’s straight up murderous and nothing he says is in any realm of reality. I understand he is a bad guy, but dang dude, he has no redeeming qualities. None.
I kinda forget what ends up happening (I’m only on Episode 3) so I’m not sure if he gets what’s coming to him or if he turns around. But I really just think he sucks as a character in an otherwise good show with well written characters.
I don’t know why I’m venting about something so stupid but whatever. Excited for Season 3!!
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2023.06.03 00:55 bologne Improve bed drainage

Hey gang. I just filled my raised bed. It's 12" deep so far, but I intend to make it 18 when I can hit up my Amish guy for some cheap lumber. It's filled with some degrading old logs, a bunch of compost and topsoil. Right now the box is filled to the tippy top, not much room to add until i get the additional lumber.
I got overzealous to plant and forgot to add peat, vermiculite or those other good drainage boosters. How bad did I screw up? What's the best way to augment my soil without killing my plants?
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