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Buying a car - concerned about MOT advisories

2023.06.02 23:19 TheFlashyN00B Buying a car - concerned about MOT advisories

So I am in the market for my second car and currently considering an NB MX5 for £3500. I just want something cheap, reliable, and fun. My only car is a 2014 seat Ibiza which I bought back in 2018 with 30k on the clock.
I don't really use my car too much as I work remotely with the occasional trip into the office once every couple of months (30 mins drive each way). I mostly use my car purely for pleasure with the exception of driving to the gym and giving people lifts.
I have come across a 2004 MX5 with 80k on the clock for just under £3500 and a 3 month warranty. After never buying a car this 'high mileage' or this old, I am a bit cautious of what to look out for. I checked the MOT history and the last MOT had the following advisories:
- Nearside front inner suspension component mounting prescribed area is corroded but not considered excessive wing/chassis
- Offside front inner suspension component mounting prescribed area is corroded but not considered excessive wing/chassis
- Oil leak, but not excessive
I know it is not a lot of detail, but is this a 'red flag'? I don't know too much about working on cars, and don't have the equipment but I would be willing to learn. The most I have ever done is changing the air filter, windscreen wipers and putting a spare wheel on.
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2023.06.02 23:16 CM_Archangel He has all the abilities of the Fantastic Four!? Check out Super Skrull's kit int he weekly blog here:
JUNE 2, 2023
Greetings Commanders,
Here's your Battle Plan for June 3rd through the 9th - all dates are Pacific Time:
June 4th - Orb Blitz
June 5th - Spoils of War - Battle in War - 2:00 PM (PDT)
June 5th - Sister Grimm - Blitz to earn Nico Minoru shards
June 5th - Ebony Maw Legendary Event (Repeating)
June 6th - To Infinity ECM
June 6th - Ruff Riffs - Open Intergalactic Orbs and Open Gold Orbs
June 6th - Battle of the Barks (WEB) - Earn Blitz Credits
June 7th - Strike Pass Season 35 featuring Gwenpool
June 8th - Star-Lord (Annihilation) character shards and Red Stars available
June 9th - Monster Mash Quick Rumble - Blitz with Dark Hunters
June 9th - Payday
The next chapter in the epic Dark Dimension saga is rapidly approaching, with a target release date of June 27th at 5:00 PM (PDT)! Rewards have been improved compared to the previous Dark Dimensions to match the new challenge.
Dark Dimension VI nodes will require a full team of 5 characters per trait requirement, so you’ll eventually need at least 20 characters in total to complete it. This is the order in which the nodes will require the specific traits:
Missions 1-2: No trait restriction (any Gear Tier 18)
Missions 3-5: Global (Legendary EXCLUDED)
Missions 6-8: Cosmic (Legendary EXCLUDED)
Missions 9-11: City (Legendary EXCLUDED)
Missions 12-13: Legendary (non-Horseman)
Missions 14-15: Legendary and/or Apocalypse
As with previous new chapters of Dark Dimension, there will be a huge celebration following the first player to complete Dark Dimension VI fully.
The winner will personally receive the following:
A promotion to 7 Red Star of an eligible character of their choice (from a list of eligible characters)
> This cannot include any character that currently does not have 7 Red Stars available, like Apocalypse.
The player’s name, representative of their personal profile, is immortalized in an in-game environment.
> The name will be decided in conjunction with the dev team, and a choice must be made within 7 business days of being contacted after completing Dark Dimension VI.
> The name must be appropriate for in-game use and should represent the player, not a 3rd party or a general statement.
> The dev team will choose the name if the above criteria are unmet.
The general player base will receive the following:
The winner will get to choose two characters to allow players to individually decide which one of them they can receive 100 character shards and a 5 Red Star promotion for.
> A list of eligible characters for the winner to choose from will be provided.
A community poll to determine two Blitzes that will be run based on the characters (non-Legendary, non-Apocalypse) that the Dark Dimension VI winner used to complete nodes.
> Any tampering with poll results, such as the usage of bots, will be disregarded in determining the winners.
Select “10 for 10” offers.
The Fantastic Four have faced many formidable foes, but few were as equally matched as Super Skrull. His real name is Kl’rt, a Skrullian warrior who was gifted the ability to emulate all the superpowers of the Fantastic Four. This makes Super Skrull an incredibly powerful Villain, able to challenge the strongest of Heroes.
The first completion of Dark Dimension VI will grant 310 character shards of Super Skrull (5 Yellow Stars) and a 2-Red Star promotion.
The second completion of Dark Dimension VI will grant 500 character shards of Super Skrull (to get to 7 Yellow Stars) and a 4-Red Star promotion.
Traits: Villain, Cosmic, Bio, Brawler
Speed: 124
Basic - Skrull Barrage
If the primary target has Exposed, clear all Barrier on the primary target.
Attack primary target for 400% Piercing + Chain to 3 adjacent target for 370% Piercing.
Flip 3 positive effects into negative effects on each target.
Gain Defense Up for 2 turns and Safeguard for 2 turns + Barrier self for 10% of this character's Max Health.
If this character spawned with or has 2 or more VILLAIN allies, this attack ignores Defense Up.
If this character spawned with or has 2 or more HERO allies, apply Disrupted to each target.
This attack can Chain to Stealth targets. Counterattack breaks this Chain.
This attack gains +200% Extra Focus and is Unavoidable.
ISO - 8/Counter Attack/Assists:
If the primary target has Exposed, clear all Barrier on the primary target.
Attack primary target for 300% Piercing.
Flip 3 positive effects into negative effects on the primary target.
Barrier self for 10% of this character's Max Health.
If this character spawned with or has 2 or more VILLAIN allies, this attack ignores Defense Up.
If this character spawned with or has 2 or more HERO allies, apply Disrupted.
This attack gains +200% Extra Focus.
Special - Bending Flames - Energy Cost: 3/3
Attack primary target for 450% damage + apply Exposed.
If this character spawned with or has 2 or more HERO allies, apply Ability Block for 2 turns to the primary target.
Attack primary and adjacent targets for 400% damage + reduce Speed Bar by 20% for each target.
If this character spawned with or has 2 or more VILLAIN allies, reduce Speed Bar for all targets by an additional 40%.
Clear Stealth on all enemies.
Gain the following positive effects:
> +2 Defense Up, up to a maximum of 5.
> +2 Offense Up, up to a maximum of 5.
> 3 Deflect.
> Immunity for 2 turns.
> Gain Stealth.
This attack gains +500% Extra Focus and cannot be blocked, dodged, or counterattacked.
Ultimate - Psionic Super Nova - Energy Cost: 3/6
Apply Trauma for 2 turns to the primary target.
Flip Defense Up on all enemies.
Attack all enemies for 700% Piercing + apply Heal Block for 3 turns and Offense Down for 2 turns.
If this character spawned with or has 2 or more VILLAIN allies, this attack deals an additional +300% Piercing.
If this character spawned with or has 2 or more HERO allies, apply Trauma for 2 turns to all enemies.
Barrier self and all allies for 30% of this character's Max Health.
This attack gains +1,000% Extra Focus, is Unavoidable, and cannot be blocked or counterattacked.
Passive - Fantastic One
The first time this character falls under 50% Health, clear all negative effects from this character, heal self for 50% of this character's Max Health, and gain Stealth.
While this character has Stealth, allies gain +20% Damage Reduction.
On Stun, clear all Stun and apply Stun to the attacker.
When an enemy gains a positive effect or when this character or an ally gains a negative effect, heal self for 5% of this character's Max Health + fill this character's Speed Bar by 10%.
Lower Armor for all enemies by 25%.
Gain +50% Max Health. Allies gain +25% Max Health.
Gain +10% Damage and Focus + 10% for each HERO ally, up to a max of +50%.
Gain +10% Armor and Resistance + 10% for each VILLAIN ally, up to a max of +50%.
Enemies with Exposed cannot gain Safeguard, Deflect, or Evade. This does not prevent prolonging the duration of effects already on the target.
When an enemy with Exposed is attacked, this character attacks all enemies for 5% of this character's Max Health and Barrier this character for 5% of this character's Max Health.
Blast off on a quest to recruit Knowhere's ally-healing guard dog, Cosmo! Join the “bestest dog” in this upcoming Event Campaign Mission (ECM) as she leads Knowhere in a high-stakes standoff against a deadly threat.
Each node in the "To Infinity" Campaign rewards fragments for the Intergalactic Orb, which contains Cosmo character shards and certain characters with the limited-time Intergalactic trait (non-Legendary), which you can filter for in your roster. You'll need at least five characters with the limited-time "Intergalactic" trait to attempt the Heroic Difficulty, which also rewards Teal Gear.
The running time has been reduced from 14 days to 7 days, but the first-time rewards, Gold and gear node rewards, and the related Intergalactic Orb items have increased. This is to help streamline the experience and provide a more rewarding and focused daily experience.
In tandem, Korg's Intergalactic Tour is making a stop with the Ruff Riffs Event (details below) running for part of the ECM. The adventure begins on June 6th at 2:00 PM (PDT).
Nick Fury is calling in a supply strike, recruiting willing Commanders in your Alliance to battle in Alliance War. Big payloads of T2 Level 1 and Level 4 Ions, along with Iso-8 Orbs are up for grabs. Synchronize watches as the operation begins June 5th at 2:00 PM (PDT).
Grab your keytar as Cosmo is going To Infinity by laying down some sick tracks in this tandem event. Fetch and tear open Intergalactic Event Orbs and Gold Orbs to score the Ghost Stompers and a festival-sized stash of Rock Concert Tickets. You’ll also earn character shards for characters with the Intergalactic trait, Augmented Astral Energy, and T2 Level 4 Ions. Top Commanders on the Leaderboard will be rewarded with 7 Red Stars for Cosmo and T2 Level 5 Ions. The jams start June 6th at 2:00 PM (PDT).
Cyber support for Ruff Riffs will operate simultaneously and get even more Ruff Riffs milestone progress into your paws. Deploy your forces into Blitz to bring home as many Blitz Credits as possible to take advantage of the second prong in this attack on June 6th at 2:00 PM (PDT).
The charismatic Knowhere Brawler with blinding dance moves is reporting for Alliance War action! You can blast off your Knowhere team when his character shards become available on June 8th at 2:00 PM (PDT) in the Elemental Gunslinger Orb for 675 Power Cores, which gives you a chance to earn up to 180 shards for Star-Lord (Annihilation).
You can also grab tons of Star-Lord (Annihilation) shards from his special offers in the Supplies Store. Upon your next game login after a purchase, you'll get backstage access to limited-time deals on Gold, Training Modules, and other resources to power him up.
Make sure to open Red Star Orbs starting on Star-Lord (Annihilation)'s release day, when he'll have an increased drop rate - signaled by the Inbox announcement.
S.T.R.I.K.E. is elevating the ruthless Dark Hunters team to lead the charge in Blitz for the upcoming Quick Rumble. Claw, bite, and blast your way through waves of enemies to extract Rock Concert Tickets, Ability Materials for roster upgrades, and Blitz Credits. The melee begins on June 9th at 2:00 PM (PDT).
Get ready for Season 35 of S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass:
Start Date: June 7th at 2:00 PM (PDT)
Featured Reward: Gwenpool
Firestar to the Basic Orb, Ultimus Orb, Mega Orb (replacing Magik), Premium Orb, and Supplies Store in the near future. Be on the lookout for an Inbox alerting you to this update.
Gwenpool will soon be available to purchase Red Stars directly for Silver and Gold Promotion Credits.
Jam out with this Friday Free Claim (available until June 3rd at 2:00 PM (PDT)) that'll help your progress in Stone Cold Spiders with Campaign Energy, Korg's Intergalactic Tour with Rock Concert Tickets, and give your Knowhere Support, Cosmo, the shard zoomies:
6,000 Rock Concert Tickets
100 Campaign Energy
5 Cosmo character shards
Until next time…
Good luck, Commanders!
**Please note that the information in this blog is subject to change before going live in the game.**
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2023.06.02 23:11 mnormababab Spark Plugs And Engine Problems

I have a Kubota Z725 with a Kohler Cv742 it has 540 hours recently I have had a problem with the engine running just a little weak when at full throttle not much but just a little to where when I engage the blades the motor the handles of the machine have excessive vibrations. But only sometimes I can get the mower to go 5-10 hours no problem and then boom sounds weak. I put new air filters, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter and spark plugs. The attached spark plug came out after about 15 hours and the other spark plug looked new still.
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2023.06.02 22:54 Spiritual_Buy_3439 New FFU on the way! Does anyone else have the same or similar model?

New FFU on the way! Does anyone else have the same or similar model?
Super excited to get this going! I’m using a SAB currently so this will be much less constricted.
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2023.06.02 22:49 Spiritual_Buy_3439 New FFU on the way! Does anyone else have the same or similar model?

New FFU on the way! Does anyone else have the same or similar model?
I’ve got a New FFU on the way! Does anyone else have the same or similar model? This is my first real flow hood/FFU, and I can’t wait to start using it! I’ve been using a Stihl airbox and a Gordoteks style HEPA filter unit since I started. This will make agar and sterile work much less constricting!
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2023.06.02 22:48 xaosl33tshitMF Suspicious! I'm not sure what Vince/the rest of the team behind Colony Ship cooked up for me, but if it's DEPOT A 2.0, I'm sure it'll be a fun, light walk in a park, especially since they have similar sadistic tendencies to the ones Styg has.

Suspicious! I'm not sure what Vince/the rest of the team behind Colony Ship cooked up for me, but if it's DEPOT A 2.0, I'm sure it'll be a fun, light walk in a park, especially since they have similar sadistic tendencies to the ones Styg has. submitted by xaosl33tshitMF to underrail [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 22:47 The_Eternal_palace Go forth and enact change. 001

⟨⟨ Chapter 001 ⟩⟩ Don't thank the «GODS»
Without warning; the direction left became urgently Tuesday. Up became a distant relative. Backwards became fictitious. And the popcorn I’d been eating became a puddle of vomit at my feet. — That last one being what I would consider “normal” allowed me to realise that whatever had happened had now stopped happening.
I stumble around in the darkness for a few seconds before a light shines up ahead. Someone else had gotten to the exit before me, opening the door allowing light in. Some part of me is trying to remember a common saying that warns against going towards the light. But right now, disorientated and in the dark, it feels instinctual.
I left the cinema room and made it out to the lobby. I bumped into someone, but just as I utter a reflexive “sorry”, someone else bumps into me. More and more people keep entering the lobby. Be it as a response to the general panic, a desire to escape the growing crowd, or something deeper; everyone seem to gravitate towards the buildings exit. Out onto the street and in the parking lot.
One leg after another, I walk without giving much thought to what's going on around me. Or to what happened back in the cinema. Going forward in a daze, carried along by the crowd.
After the exit acts as a bottleneck, The crowd is able to spread out after getting outside. I find myself leaving between the people ahead of me, pushing towards the front of the crowd.
As I’m too busy watching my footing to give the slowing crowd or my surroundings much thought. It wasn’t until I reached the outer edge of the crowd proper that I was able to take in my surroundings more fully. And it was like I woken up. The daze I was in had me on autopilot until this moment when I set eyes upon the world around me.
Where should have been a car park in the outer suburbs, instead I find myself looking up at thick vegetation. Thick distinctly alien vegetation.
“Ah crap, we got isekaied.” someone to my right said. I was internally glad someone else came to that conclusion. It would have been kind of embarrassed if I was the only one.
Around me a few more dazed people pushed forward to the edge of the crowd before seeming to wake up. A quick glance over my shoulder suggested that they were quite a few more people to come out. So I decided to walk over to the side out of everyone's way.
I started talking to myself, thinking out loud. “alright, alright, if we've been isekaied.... Hmmmm.... Is it sci-fi or magic?”
I looked over at the forest again. Tall thin trunks, or two to three trunks per tree. Then with a few large leaves hanging down. Everything is coloured a cross between olive green and chalky white.
“It looks like it fits the magic variety better. Then again, it's not like I have firsthand experience with this. And any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic anyway.”
“Yo, what’s up?” A guy comes up. He gives me a casual head nod greeting. As if what was going on was just any other normal day. “names Steve.”
“Mac. I was just trying to figure out what's going on”
“Well you are already doing better than that lot. Half of them are in denial, and the other half are in a panic.” Steve gives a friendly smile, suggesting the comment was at least partly in jest.
“Are You familiar with isekai stories? Where the characters get transport it to a planet full of magic and monsters.” I asked him.
“Like the wizard of Oz?”
“no...” I paused, thinking about it “well, yeah. Sort of.”
“But less singing, right?” he smiled “nah, sorry. I’m more of a fan of Doki Doki Sims.”
“Anyway....” I said “There's usually magic involved. If we can open up the magical interface, then we can start using magic. In some stories it is voice activated. We just need to know the right words to say.”
“Hocus pocus! Alakazam!!” Steve said enthusiastically. There was an awkward pause for a second before Steve continued “welp, I'm out of ideas. Let me know if you managed to figure magic out.” And with that he was off just as quickly as he came.
I felt a little lost for words about the whole conversation. And needed to take a moment to gather my thoughts again before continuing.
“menu? Open menu? Stat window?” I started listing off all of the variations I could remember from different books that I've read. “Help desk? Open log? Open system? Initiate system?”
I looked over towards the crowd. It was quite sizable, definitely over a thousand people. I'll thinking about Steve I suddenly hung my head and a mix of shame and defeat.
Taking a deep breath I said “Hippity Hoppity, show me my magic properties.” Time seem to slow down as I focused on the world around me. Watching as.... nothing happened. I let out a sigh. “thank «GOD» it wasn’t that one.” But this time something did happen. A cold shiver ran out my spine, and I was gripped with a deep sense of fear.
I could tell, with every fibre of my being, that I had gotten the attention of something powerful beyond measure. Like if I was an ant, and I just gone be attention of a farmer who held a shovel in one hand and a 20L Jerry of pesticide in the other.
My life flash before my eyes. And then, a moment later, the feeling of soul crushing dread and helplessness had passed. In its wake was left the more mundane type of trauma associated with near death experiences, and a message etched into his mind.
“You are not worthy to seek audience with the pantheon of «GODS». Not yet.”
I sat there in stunned silence for what felt like hours, it was probably less than 5 minutes. I didn't know what to think, I didn't know what to think about. Getting isekaied onto an alien world was surprisingly easy to come to terms with. Finding out that «GODS» exist, and then having one such «GOD» directly speak to you... That is a lot to take in.
My turmoil of inner thoughts was snapped back into focus when someone came over to talk to me. A middle-aged woman, probably late 30s. I looked up at her and saw that she had a very worried look on their face.
“Was that you? Did you... draw their attention?” She asked.
I opened my mouth to respond, but at the same time I glanced over her shoulder at the rest of the crowd. EVERYONE was looking at me. There was no movement in the crowd, no sound of talking. Everyone had stopped what they were doing to look at me, personally.
It was unsettling.
Everyone must have noticed when the «GODS» spoke to me. Or perhaps the «GODS» contacted everyone at once. Which probably was the case. It just seems more efficient than to contact each person on a case-by-case basis. Not that supremely powerful being must be concerned with efficiency.
After realising I hadn't answered the woman. I looked back at her, but still couldn't find the words to say.
“Please don’t do it again.” She said. And all I could do was manage a weak nod in response.
When the woman turned to leave, I followed behind her. As I entered into the crowd, people started talking again. At first in hushed whispers as I passed. Then as the general volume got louder, normal conversation seemed to resume.
I looked around and realised I didn't have anywhere specific I was trying to go. Nobody else came up to start a conversation. And I felt too a self-conscious at the moment to join in with random group.
So with nothing better to do, I went back into the cinema to claim an isolated corner as my own. It was my hope that some of my more immediate problems would be solved after a few hours sleep.
. ⟨⟨ Chapter 002 ⟩⟩ Food, shelter, and an obsession with magic.
It has been 3 days since we've arrived here. For me, these last three days have been... troublesome.
TITLE ⟩ Attention of the «GODS» You have gained the attention of the God's once, and thus are more likely to do so again. +⟩ You have a weak aura of ‹Divine touched› +⟩ All humans have a partial geas. It now takes significant effort for humans to utter the name of any «GOD».
My unfortunate choice of words on the day we arrived resulted in me getting a title. And the rest of humanity getting a slightly different title. For all other humans, as well as for myself, we are unable to speak the name of any «GOD» unless we really, really mean it. Which is honestly probably for the best. Humanity is probably lucky I got the «GOD’S» attention by thanking them instead of by using some creative cuss words. The part of my title that has been given me problems has been the weak aura of ‹Divine touched›. About 1/3 about the humans have become actively hostile with me. While the other 2/3s have remained politely neutral, although slightly distant. With a very small number, let's call it a rounding error, have become creepily friendly toward. Not in a way that suggests any sort of mind control, just a cultish fascination. As for everyone else; humanity seems to have adapted surprisingly well to our new reality. All of our first world problems have taken a back seat in the face of more immediate issues. Food. Shelter. Our obsession with magic. It was on the first day, after I had already retreated inside, someone else had unlocked the secrets of magic. There's no key phrase that needed to be spoken. All that is required is for a person to enter a deep meditative state. From there it is rather intuitive. Spells, classes, titles, bloodline traits... All the things I had expected to find, in quantities far exceeding my imagination. At some time in the near future I need to sit down and dedicate an hour of three going over the system. But not right now. The other two priorities that have kept us all busy — food and shelter — have been partially solved thanks to magic. Our primary shelter, what I had originally thought to have been a cinema complex, turned out to be an amalgamation of at least a dozen different earth buildings. Including a cinema, an office building, an apartment building, a subway station, a mattress retailer, a Chinese restaurant, The Fiction section of a library, a classroom that used to teach forklift certificates..... And other random things. It was either a failed attempt at selecting a variety of buildings that we might need in this new world, or it was a highly successful attempt at taking the most obscure choices for the greatest variety. I have already seen at least a dozen people using magic to help reshape the central building. Internal plumbing and rearranging the hallways where the top two priorities. An internal electrical grid is apparently the current attempt at improving our home building. But apparently electricity, and physics in general, aren't working the way we expect them to. I guess that's the price to pay for having cool magic. For reconstructing the building, the most common magics in use have been: Geomancy, Wood Magic, Metal Smithing, Drawing Runes, and various other types of magic that don’t fit a common naming convention. Maybe all magic should just have -mancy attached to the end of the word. It works for hydromancy, pyromancy, geomancy, etc. Although adding the -smith suffix works for a lot of magics as well: Metal Smith, Wood Smith, Rune Smith. I can deep dive the linguistics of magic another day. Last but not least – Food. The limited supply of earth food that got teleported in with us quickly became a rare delicacy that is making a select few people rich on the black market. Is that for the majority of us, We have become hunters and gatherers once more. With the aid of magic to Find, identify, kill, purifier, butcher, and cook. An attempt at agriculture is being made. But it has not yet borne fruit; Both literally and figuratively. . After all that rambling on about world building and exposition and stuff, we come back to the most important part of any action adventure story....
Action and adventure (duh)
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2023.06.02 22:46 Economy_Employment_1 Trying to find this exact font from a 1982 Honda Prelude air box to make a new one, anybody has an idea what it might be ? Thanks

Trying to find this exact font from a 1982 Honda Prelude air box to make a new one, anybody has an idea what it might be ? Thanks submitted by Economy_Employment_1 to identifythisfont [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 22:40 notadouchecanoe Air in catridge filter housing

Air in catridge filter housing
Hi, new pool owner here and looking for some info I haven't found a good answer to yet.
We have a pentair CCP240 system, which has 4 catridge filters in it. When I read the manual, it makes it sound like I should purge the air from the housing each time it's opened.
My main question is around the automatic pool pump timer. If we set it to turn off and on, should the housing stay full of water, or does it drain and then need to have the air purged? Or is this fine too let the air blow through the filters daily when the pump turns on?
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2023.06.02 22:32 thecordcutter UPDATE #2 [with PICS]: I created a Cordless Tool database. Now I need some tool junkies to help me make it better!

UPDATE #2 [with PICS]: I created a Cordless Tool database. Now I need some tool junkies to help me make it better!
Back for another round. 2 months goes by fast.
Just wanted to update on some the progress that's been made to
  1. Revamped the data collection process
  2. 50 new tools each week going forward
  3. beefed up product info for circular saws
  4. added leaf blowers.
  5. NEW - pricing from authorized distributors
  6. NEW - Spec comparisons on product pages
  7. NEW - ability to compare any tools dynamically (just circs and blowers for now)
  8. June will be focused on mowers and trimmers

Data Process

I had to rework the data collection process because it wasn't very organized or complete to be frank. I think I've got something now that is fairly efficient, but it can always be tweaked of course.
I should be able to get about 50 tools/week without it causing a lot of pain and suffering but I will sacrifice my mental sanity for you guys and do more if I can. So if you check in weekly, you should see new products flowing in. I'll be doing the data dumps on Thu/Fri.

New Products

Due to the issues I mentioned earlier, I haven't been able to add many new products to the database in the past couple of months. It was quite a humbling experience, to be honest. I had to start the whole process almost from scratch.
To get things going, I decided to use the circ saws as my starting point and built out the entire process from there. I went ahead and updated all the circ saws with whatever information I could gather from their respective brand websites.
So, for now, they're as complete as they can be. However, there are some brands (*cough* Yellow *cough*) that don't provide much detail about their products. So, I'll have to do some more digging using alternative sources like manuals and videos, to fill in the gaps (stay tuned).

New Leaf Blowers

With all that said, I've started adding the Leaf Blowers with the most popular ones first. The data on the blowers, for the most part, is fairly robust, given the fact that there's only so many specs and features you can get for essentially a product that pushes air. For the month of June, besides the blowers, I'm going to focus on mowers and trimmers, mostly because it's that time of year.
Milwaukee's there I promise

Authorized Distributors

As mentioned by MilwaukeeTool (Mackenzie) and some others, there wasn't any Authorized Distributors in the list and if there was, there wasn't a way to distinguish. The goal has always been to have tool pricing from ALL sources, especially AD's but it just wasn't possible for me the last update.
This time around, I've been able to start getting the AD's into the DB. I started with the most common stores amongst all the brands. So there's about 7-8 in total that I went with, each product having about 5-6 AD's on their product pages.
Not all products are up-to-date here, as I go through each category, I plan on fixing these links and adding in all the AD's as I go. But for now, the circ saws are good to go as well as the blowers. In the other categories, it's hit and miss.
AD's and "Other" Offers are separated by a tab. You can click back and forth to see the pricing between them and make decision based on your needs and comfort level. Sometimes an AD will actually sell a product on Walmart or Ebay, and thus I've added them into the appropriate tab.
I left Amazon in the "Other" tab no matter what the brand is. The problem with their system is in how they implement their "buy box". So one day it could be an AD selling and the next day a random seller. It's hit and miss. It just makes it hard for me to know for sure. But I've found their Customer service to be good overall if I've had any issues. YMMV, so just exercise caution.
Please be aware that NOT ALL prices will show up for the AD's. Some I've been able to parse on a 7 day update cycle and others I've just added the link. So for now, even if the price doesn't show up, the link will still take you to the exact page of the product your interested in. It still makes it quicker than searching around. But I intend to have all the pricing in there at some point.
I wish this could be more consistent and I understand how it can be somewhat disappointing to see it on some page and not others. But over time, it should just continue to get better and better.
Apologies in advance.
Authorized Distributors
\"Other\" Offers

Spec Comparisons

This is something I just thought of recently and decided to add into the product pages. I'm kind of testing it and not too sure how I feel about it. If this is something that is interesting to people I can do more with it.
How it works:
It's just a simple scale that pulls the data for the tool category of the page that you are on and then adds a marker to the scale based on how that tool compares to the others (in the same category) in the entire database.
I used natural language instead of numbers to (hopefully) make it easier to see at a glance. Maybe adding a tool tip with the numbers could be advantageous, not sure.
So if you look at the example below, the weight of this Circ saw is about middle of the road compared to the other circs in the DB. It's not the heaviest saw, but it's not the lightest either. From there you can extrapolate the other 3 data points using the same logic.
Each section on the scale represents 20% (more-or-less)
If it doesn't make sense, let me know.
Milwaukee circ saw data comparison
Here's a blower example as well to show how each category will be different. Again, the data is only compared against tools from the SAME category. So the Weight and Length are compared to the other blowers in this case.
Makita blower data comparison

Dynamic Comparisons

Finally! You can now compare ANY 2 (or more) tools that you want - no need to login!
I have enough data that it makes sense to start rolling this out. It's only available for the Circs and the Blowers for now. But it will be site-wide hopefully in the next 2-3 months.
How it works:
Just click the little cross button the corner of the tool card and it will add change to a check mark when it adds to your comparison tray. Once you have the tools you want to compare, you can click the button in the menu and review your tray and then "compare"
Compare the tools you want by clicking the compare button
I'd only recommend comparing 2 at a time on mobile and 4 at a time on desktop. It's not a smooth scroll (yet), so it just works better if you stick to those guidelines.
Show Differences:
If you click on the "show differences" button, It will grey out all the specs and features that are the same for the tools you are comparing.
This should make it easier to see only what's different about the tools. The more tools you add, the less useful this becomes because of the variations in the products.
A note about empty values: Especially with the circ saws, you may experience a bunch of empty values. That's mostly because I could not find the data from the manufacturer. I will be doing a second round, as mentioned earlier, to fill in those gaps so the comparisons will become more robust and actionable over time.
Show differences

Dimensions and Data Standardization

One of the questions I posted a little while ago was about tool dimensions and overwhelmingly most people want the data shown as decimals and not fractions. So on the categories that are "complete", again, circs and blowers, they all should be decimal at this point.
The other categories will be hit and miss until I run the process on them.

Filters & Search Bar

I've started introducing more filters to the category pages. It's not as robust as I want it to be, but it's slowly getting there. I would warn that some of the filters (like the "platform") may not yield the results you're happy with as not all the tools have been labelled with their platform. This again came down to the data I could get direct from the manufacturer but will be updating this.
Search Bar:
When in doubt you can always lean on the search. It is SPECIFIC to the category your in and will search through the title and the description only for your keywords. I've built out the descriptions on the circs and blowers (the others will be coming soon), so there's plenty of data in there to grab with this filter.
NOTE: Sitewide search is not yet possible, but something I will be delivering in the future.
Search bar

I'm Done

Okay - that's it for now.
I appreciate all the feedback and encouragement as it helps me work through the challenges. This is by far the most complicated thing I've ever tried to conceive and seeing it come to life is very rewarding. I'm hoping you get as much use out of it as I intended it and I can't wait to see how this evolved over time.
More updates coming soon...
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2023.06.02 22:30 Masklyy PC acting weird after doing some stuff

I took my pc outside to blow off some dust. it was fairly moderate temperature outside, a bit windy but that’s it. I think I left it outside for 60-90 minutes, thinking it’s fine. I had taken off the side panels to clean those aswell. So it was completely exposed to the environment. I then took it inside to also clean the top off my psu with 99% isopropyl alcohol, because I had previously placed a usb hub with a “sticky pad” on it (I had removed the usb hub and placed it elsewhere a week prior when building the pc and everything worked just fine. The glue had remained and was very resilient to get off. I used coffee filter paper first, but seemingly it wasn’t enough so I then used regular toilet paper. The surface of the powersupply contained 2 lines of narrow gaps that were the result of putting it together during manufacturing. I happened to use quite a lot of isopropyl alcohol, but it was still moderate.
I also had to mess around with the cables in the back of the pc because I used the 8pin lian li strimer and I use a 40’s nvidia RTX card which means you get this adapter that connects the card with the 8pin lian li strimer. Due to the orientation I had to twist this adapter, which worked just fine but you can change the orientation of the strimer so I decided to do just that. I used a grounded wrist strap while doing that aswell.
The pc worked just fine before I did these things.
The reason I provide all these seemingly useless details is because when I boot the pc up, it’s acting weird. First time I booted it up after doing the stuff I mentioned above it booted up into safe mode. I notice the fans are now way louder than before and pulling more air, so they’re probably going at max speed. The bottom and front fans rgb doesn’t light up, and previously I had adjusted the rgb of all components using software to be set to static white but for some reason only the ram and motherboard remains static white. I plug my keyboard and mouse and the rgb of my keyboard is completely messed up aswell. How should I go about trouble shooting?
submitted by Masklyy to PcBuild [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 22:29 Nillsf Prepaid maintenance - scam?

Bought a 2021 CX-5 with a prepaid maintenance plan for 3 years in 2021.
Went in on my 4th maintenance now, and for the second time my dealership is charging me for services not included in the plan. First was about $100 for a cabin air filter, today was $229 (AFTER discount) for a brake fluid flush. They even recommended a tire alignment service for $139 today, also not included.
When I was sold the prepaid maintenance, I was told the only service I'd owe on would be tires. I can't help but feel scammed by my dealer, but not sure if that's accurate or if I'm misunderstanding prepaid maintenance plans.
submitted by Nillsf to CX5 [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 22:18 Boki_23 Make sleeper or new car?

I bought a 2004 v40t4 two years ago, have driven it for a year now as soon as I got my license. He's a little rough on the outside and the engine is hanging on thin strings too because he hasn't been kept stock. I just can't let go of my first car... I really wanna make a sleeper Volvo wagon to keep up with my friends who drive BMW M's and AMG's.
I already upgraded the turbo and air filter, completely cleaned out the engine and replaced some parts, now the steering is giving up, need new wheels asap and fresh paint.
Is it really worth it to dump money into this car (are repair parts going to be available in the near future) or should I keep it as is and save for a newer car.
submitted by Boki_23 to Volvo [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 22:11 wordslinger99 Echolalia be like

Echolalia be like submitted by wordslinger99 to aspiememes [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 21:50 WhiteBoxStudio Seeking feedback on first chapter of general fantasy novel. [3,667 words]

Thank you very much in advance.
At the crossroads of shattered dreams and whispered promises, Iria, the fabled port city, stood as a testament to the bittersweet allure of freedom. Like the thorny embrace of a briar, its streets intertwined with the hopes and sorrows of generations. It was here, amidst the misty twilight that caressed the cobblestones, that the Briar Thorn Tavern emerged from the depths of history, a sanctuary for weary souls seeking solace from the burdens of existence. Within its timeworn walls, the essence of Iria's foundation permeated the air, as if the tavern itself carried the weight of the city's destiny.
The Briar Thorn was more than a mere tavern—it was a haven, a hearth that welcomed the downtrodden, the restless, and the lost. Its aged beams, polished by countless hands, exuded the warmth of an ancestral embrace. The whispers of ancient tales echoed in every nook and cranny, intertwining with the hushed murmurs of patrons seeking refuge from the tempestuous world outside. Here, adventurers found respite, their journeys converging in a symphony of shared experiences.
Deep beneath the streets of Iria, a labyrinthine network of tunnels and caverns whispered secrets of a forgotten past. Legends spoke of the Nords, who sculpted these subterranean realms with a mystical glow that once illuminated the city above. Whispers carried the stories of Gillikristr, the visionary founder of Iria, whose sacrifice quelled the unearthly power that threatened to consume the city. Within this hidden realm, the House of the Red Grave stood as a poignant reminder of the struggle for emancipation. Weathered gravestones, adorned with intricate carvings, paid homage to the Caledonian and Iournenain slaves who dared to defy their chains.
As the doors of the Briar Thorn swung open, a kaleidoscope of sensations flooded the senses. Thorny roses, reminiscent of the House of the Red Grave, adorned the tavern, their crimson petals an homage to the sacrifices made for freedom. Within, the cavernous chamber unfolded like an amphitheater, its tiers of benches teeming with anticipation. Laughter mingled with the resonant notes of musicians, filling the air with a vibrant symphony of revelry.
In this enchanted realm, patrons embarked on a journey beyond the boundaries of mundane existence. The Briar Thorn embraced them, weaving their stories into the tapestry of Iria's ever-evolving narrative. It was a place where the past danced with the present, where the weight of the world momentarily lifted, and where the echoes of forgotten heroes found solace in the hearts of the living.
Adorned in her finest party attire, Isabel navigated the bustling crowd, fiery curls flowing like molten copper, half pinned up and half dancing freely in the wind. Her lute accompanied her, while she, a half-dwarf, wore a unique half-leather, half-silk bodice dress in eggshell white-yellow, adorned with red trim. A wide belt cinched her waist, with a well-maintained sword hanging at her hip. With ethereal grace, she weaved through the throng until finding solace in a quiet corner of the lively pub, fixated on an intricately engraved ledger.
Dust motes mingled with the blue-white illumination of the lamppost, as the pub owner's middle daughter opened the book and studied its contents. Her green eyes fixated on precise rows of figures. A faint murmur escaped her lips, a silent conversation with the ghosts of numbers.
Her mischievous grin curved upon porcelain features, reflecting the intrigue that stirred within her. With a single finger, she traced a curving figure on her account, a sly grin curling into an incredulous smile. The past month had been exceptional, favored patrons generously bestowing their coins. A mysterious benefactor, surely taking notice.
'Och gods...the ink's bleedin' through,' Isabel thought to herself. The accounts, usually orderly and precise, now seemed to mirror the joyful chaos surrounding her.
'Guess I'd best get this in order before folk start gettin' drunk an' cause too much a' ruckus...'
After nearly several minutes of writing she leaned back in her chair, stretched, and yawned hard. Her weary green eyes glanced over the darkening floor of the inn, and she raised a hand to rub at her jaw. She tried her her best to avoid the calls of the raucous crowd in favor of getting the ledgers out of the way.
It was to no avail. The strain of the work clearly taking its toll, she let out a determined sig and closed the ledger, setting it aside with the intention to revisit it.
Isabel's gaze shifted from the ledger book to the adorned walls. Festive decorations filled every corner, transforming the tavern into a celebration itself. The tantalizing aromas from the kitchen hinted at delightful treats prepared with extra care, each dish a tribute to the upcoming revelry. Amidst the lively crowd, vibrant decorations, and alluring scents, Isabel felt a sense of purpose and excitement. It was clear that a grand festival was approaching, and she was determined to create unforgettable memories for the attendees.
With a resigned sigh, Isabel straightened herself, her red stilettos scraping the stone floor as she prepared for her tavern rounds. Her green eyes sparkled with determination as she surveyed The Briar Thorn's lively atmosphere. Adjusting her party outfit, she ensured every detail was perfect. This was her moment to shine, to captivate the hearts of those gathered. Stepping forward as the tavern doors swung open, she embraced the spirited celebration that awaited her and the people of Iria.
"Guid evenin' tae ye all! Ye're lookin' bonnie, ye are. Micht I tempt ye wi' a warmin' ale or a cool stout? Or maybe a cider? We've a special brew fer ye tonight. Our cider's been aged in dragon fire-hardened casks."
In the midst of the vibrant tavern, all eyes converged on the resplendent figure that graced the stage of the Briar Thorn. A flame-haired maiden, adorned with an intricate tapestry of freckles, commanded attention with each movement, a testament to her practiced grace and unyielding confidence. The air crackled with anticipation as the bard's emerald eyes met those of her audience, mischief sparkling within their depths. With a playful wink, she set off a chorus of hearty laughter, an orchestration of mirth resonating through the space.
Among the sea of eager faces, a burly man, boasting a thick black beard and wielding an imposing war hammer, raised a hand, his voice booming above the fray. "I'll take two."
Suppressing a contagious burst of laughter, Isabel delicately clasped a hand over her lips, a radiant smile illuminating her features. "Two ciders, then, comin' up," she responded with a melodious lilt.
Unyielding in their desire for libations, another voice chimed in, belonging to a stern-looking woman whose scowl mirrored the sharpness of the war axe slung across her back. Leaning forward in her chair, she waved her hand, demanding attention. "We'll take two as well."
The large man, undeterred by the rising clamor, added his voice to the mix. "Three, then. And a pitcher of your best stout, if you would be so kind."
Amidst the boisterous revelry, the tavern erupted in a chorus of laughter, cascading like a waterfall of mirth. Isabel, ever the enchantress of the stage, acknowledged the uproar with a graceful bow at the waist, her every movement a testament to her showmanship. "Of course. I'll tend to that in a moment," she assured, a playful wink accentuating her words. "Now, as I was sayin', I'll get yer orders in a minute."
A burly man, his eyes twinkling with mischievous delight, directed his attention toward Isabel, a crooked smile gracing his lips as he ran a hand through his bushy beard. A war hammer nonchalantly slung over his shoulder and a massive war axe tucked in his belt added to his formidable presence. "Hey Izzie, yer gonna be performing tonight? Or do I need tae bless the dancers again?"
In response, Isabel's laughter danced through the air, a joyous melody in harmony with the crackling firelight. "Nah, I'm performin' tonight. Though ye might have tae beat my record," she teased, her voice laced with a playful challenge. A sly wink directed at her brother punctuated her words. "I think I might set a new one."
The burly man's eyes widened, their dark depths shimmering with excitement. "Aye? That's impressive! That's better than our last record. Did ye hear about that?"
Isabel's curiosity piqued, her emerald eyes narrowing as she shielded them from the flickering firelight, sweeping the room in search of answers. "No, I dinnae," she replied, her voice filled with anticipation. "Who was it?"
With a conspiratorial lean forward, the man shared his knowledge in a hushed tone, as if guarding a precious secret. "Our new patron. We're to be blessed by him tonight. We've a few others too, but the lads were talking about him earlier."
A spark of excitement ignited within Isabel, her voice taking on a hushed tone to match the weight of the revelation. "A patron? That's wonderful! Who is he? Does he have a name?"
Isabel's vibrant emerald eyes widened with eager anticipation as the burly man confirmed the identity of the mysterious patron.
A man with hazel eyes, clad in an intricately embroidered jacket and pants of fine silk, strode confidently toward the stage. The crimson-lacquered armor that adorned his form seemed to shimmer in the light, like the ruby at the end of a rosebud. A regal demeanor seemed to permeate every gesture as he surveyed the crowd, his posture betraying the confidence of his stature. With an easy grace, he settled on a chair, his eyes locking with those of Isabel's. A smile played on his lips as he motioned for her to join him, a clear command in his demeanor.
A wide smile stretched across her face, illuminating her freckled visage. "He's a bard like me?" she exclaimed, her voice laced with excitement. "I cannae wait!"
With a quizzical expression, the man raised an eyebrow, leaning in closer to share a whispered revelation. "Not exactly," he revealed, his tone tinged with intrigue. "He's quite different. I don't think you'll see many of his kind at The Briar Thorn, if you know what I mean."
Isabel nodded, her curiosity now piqued, her mind conjuring visions of the enigmatic newcomer. "I do. I've been told they're rare," she confided, a soft giggle escaping her lips. "I wonder what he looks like? I hope he's not one a' them."
In response, the man chuckled, his cheeks flushing as he met her infectious smile. "I doubt it. He should be back in a few. Left his ledger with Gerik."
The mention of the ledger prompted Isabel to stifle another burst of laughter, her hand pressed against her mouth. "Och, that was his? I was in there earlier, and it's a mess," she admitted, a mischievous glimmer in her eyes.
The man's face contorted into a perplexed grimace, his confusion evident. "Aye? You looked like it was all in order." He shook his head, puzzled. "Weird. Guess he's just new... though that doesn't explain why he speaks so... peculiarly. Claims he's from Draigfell, yet he talks like he's from a different continent."
Isabel chuckled, her voice laced with amusement. "He's from the north. Maybe he's more... formal? Aye, that sounds like it," she pondered, her eyes distant as she mulled over the possibilities.
The man shrugged, leaning back in his chair, his tone one of indifference. "Aye, that makes sense." He raised his hand and signaled to a busty lass who was weaving through the crowd toward the bar.
Eyes glued to the mysterious patron, intrigued, Isabel leaned forward with her curiosity eager to unveil the mysteries surrounding the enigmatic Micah. "Aye? What does he say?" she inquired, her tone infused with genuine interest.
With a bemused shrug, the man struggled to articulate his observations. "Ah... nothing much. Just strange," he confessed, his voice laced with a mixture of intrigue and perplexity. "Maybe he's just not used to taverns."
The burly man, his eyes glimmering with excitement, clasped Isabel's shoulder and pulled her into a warm embrace. "He's coming back here later tae join us. Maybe ye can find out why this Micah fellow left us so much gold. You'll have tae tell me later."
A smile blossomed across Isabel's features as she leaned forward and hugged her brother tightly. "I will," she promised, her eyes twinkling with joy. "But I cannae tell ye why ye're getting so much coin."
"We'll figure it out, ye'll see. Ye better get ready to perform," he insisted. "An' get that ledger in order."
Isabel nodded and turned toward the kitchen, her steps sure and graceful. "Aye, I will," she assured. "I'll be back with yer drinks soon."
With a parting smile, Isabel gracefully glided toward the kitchen, her freckled face glowing in the flickering light. The tapestry of laughter and merrymaking resonated within her as she emerged, ready to fulfill her promise of delivering three orders. The Briar Thorn Tavern thrived with the boisterous banter of adventurers, their stories and camaraderie filling every nook. Amidst the lively crowd, Isabel weaved her way, greeted by a raising mug and reciprocating with a mischievous wink. Laughter harmonized with the crackling firelight, but her focus remained on the enigmatic patron.
After deftly fulfilling the orders and sating the thirst of eager patrons, Isabel embarked on a purposeful journey toward the table where the enigmatic Micah sat. A flicker of anticipation ignited within her, a fire stoked by the allure of the unknown. Every step she took exuded a captivating showmanship, a ballet of grace and poise. As her emerald eyes met his hazel gaze, a current of intrigue surged through her veins, ensnaring her curiosity in its enigmatic grasp.
Approaching with measured elegance, Isabel bestowed upon him a subtle bow, a testament to her refined demeanor practiced countless times. Her movements, like a finely choreographed dance, exuded an air of cultivated grace. The sweep of her arm and the dip of her head were executed with precise control, each gesture crafted to convey both respect and a hint of playful intrigue. It was a performance perfected through countless repetitions, a display of practiced finesse that now played out before Micah's watchful gaze.
"It's good to see ye're 'ere," said Micah, his tone measured and confident, his Draig accent adding a sing-song lilt to his words. His hazel eyes glimmered with intrigue as he studied her, a curious smile gracing his features. "I see Gerik raised 'is children well. 'ow are ye feelin'?"
Isabel's eyes narrowed as she scrutinized his face, studying him as if she were peering into the depths of his soul. Her demeanor remained composed as she regarded the enigmatic Micah. "I'm fine. We've been talkin' about ye," she admitted as she twirled a lock of hair between her fingers.
Micah nodded, his posture betraying his composure. "I'm sure ye have," he said.
'Ah dinnae know ye," Isabelle asked, twirling a lock of hair between her fingers. "Do ye want me tae get ye somethin' tae eat?"
"I'm fine," Micah said, as he brushed off the concern with a casual flick of his hand, his grin spreading like sunlight on a dew-kissed meadow. The charm in his words danced with the musicality of a whispered melody, ensnaring Isabel's attention further into his web. "I'm Micah, a fa'miliar face 'at 'as graced these walls fer twenty-five years. The bonds o' friendship 'ave woven through the tapestry o' time, connectin' yer family and mine in a shared 'istory."
"So ye're a bard, like me," Isabel exclaimed, her eyes dancing with excitement and anticipation. "I've heard rumors of yer arrival at the tavern. Tell me, what 'appened tae yer band? Where have they gone?"
"I'm the last o' me band," Micah admitted, a tinge of melancholy seeping into his voice as he reminisced about his companions. "They were swept away by a tempest, lost to the unforgiving storm. I miss them dearly. They still visit me in dreams," he confided, a solitary tear glistening in his expressive eye.
Isabel's voice resonated with warmth and empathy as she extended her condolences. "I'm truly sorry tae hear o' yer loss," she offered sincerely. "Ye dinnae speak much 'bout yerself, but I'm eager tae know ye better. How 'bout we share a meal together? We can talk and ye can share yer story."
"That would be delightful," Micah replied, his countenance softening as he bestowed her with a genuine smile. "I would enjoy that greatly."
A genuine smile graced Isabel's freckled visage, brimming with delight. "Wonderful! I'll fetch ye a meal," she promised, her voice tinged with enthusiasm. "What tickles yer fancy?"
"Anything will suffice," Micah responded, his tone imbued with sincere interest. "I have the coin. I'll be waitin' 'ere for ye."
Isabel's smile blossomed as she nodded in agreement, his genuine tone assuring her of his welcome. She directed her attention towards the bustling kitchen, her mind ablaze with thoughts of crafting a delectable menu for her newfound companion. The tantalizing scent of freshly prepared cuisine mingled with the symphony of clinking pots and pans, captivating Isabel's senses.
'I reckon a savory meat pie or a plate of spiced vegetables would be to his likin'. I don't think he's fond of overly spicy fare.'
Isabel's imagination swirled with culinary possibilities as she surveyed the kitchen, her eyes darting between the diligent kitchen staff and the array of tantalizing ingredients. Contemplating her options, hands confidently resting on her hips, she made her way towards the bustling heart of the kitchen, her gaze lingering on the savory treasures at hand.
After careful consideration, Isabel selected the perfect meal that would both cater to Micah's palate and ignite his taste buds with delight. A sly smile played upon her lips as she emerged from the kitchen, carrying a plate brimming with culinary delights. The aroma of the freshly prepared feast permeated the air, adding to the festive ambiance of the tavern.
With a warm smile gracing her features, Isabel approached Micah, the alluring scent of the food enveloping them. "Here ye are!" she exclaimed, her eyes sparkling with anticipation. "I've got somethin' special for ye. Ye're bound tae love it."
"I have no doubt," Micah assured her, his curiosity piqued as he returned her smile. "Thank ye kindly."
Placing the plate before him, Isabel gestured towards the enticing dish, her eyes shimmering with excitement. "Go on now! Give it a try!" she encouraged eagerly. "It's one o' the tavern's finest specialties."
As his gaze fixated upon the presented meal, Micah's eyes widened in pleasant surprise. "A fine choice," he acknowledged, curiosity lacing his words. "Though dinnae ye 'ave a performance soon? Shouldn't ye be preparin'?"
"I shall," Isabel urged with a playful glimmer in her eyes. "Just try it."
With a glint of mischief in his eyes, Micah nodded, his fingers gently tracing the contours of the freshly baked crust as he studied the meal before him. "Aye, I will," he assured, his brogue adding a touch of charm. "I'm sure it'll be a feast for the senses."
Isabel's fiery waves of hair, tamed and cascading down her back, framed her face with a wild elegance. She slipped into her performance costume, the fabric embracing her like a second skin, its deep green hue accentuating her curves. The subtle reveal of skin hinted at a hidden sensuality, while the golden cuff, shaped like a wolf's mouth, added an enchanting touch. She could almost feel the spirit of Caledonia whispering through the intricate design, igniting her spirit.
A knock on the dressing room door interrupted her reverie, and the voice of Archie, the stage director, filtered through. "Isabel, are ye ready? The stage awaits."
She turned toward the door, a radiant smile illuminating her face. "Almost there, Archie. Just a few finishing touches."
Stepping out of the dressing room, Isabel found Archiewaiting, his eyes widening with awe at her transformation. His voice softened, filled with admiration. "Isabel, ye look absolutely stunning. The crowd won't ken what hit them."
Isabel's laughter danced through the air, her voice carrying a mixture of excitement and determination. "Thank ye, Archie. But it's not just about the looks. Tonight, I'll weave a tale that'll stir their hearts, ignite their spirits, and leave them yearning for more. Tonight, Caledonia will come alive on this very stage."
Archie, resonating in her words, nodded, his eyes reflecting a profound understanding of her power. "I have nae doubt, Isabel. Ye possess a gift—a voice that carries the stories of our land, the dreams of our people. They'll be captivated, enchanted by yer every note."
Isabel took a final deep breath, feeling the energy of the night pulsating through her veins.
"Together, Archie," Isabel whispered, her voice filled with determination. "Tonight, we'll create magic."
And with that, they stepped into the hallway, the sounds of anticipation and muffled conversation filling the air. The stage awaited, the audience yearned, and Isabel was ready to cast her spell, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who would join her in this symphony of life.
The curtains drew back, revealing the expectant faces of the crowd, their eyes alight with anticipation. Isabel took her place at the center of the stage, her gaze sweeping across the sea of faces, her voice a velvety caress that cut through the silence.
"Listen closely, mah friends," she began, her voice filled with a tantalizing blend of mystery and longing, her Scottish lilt enchanting every syllable. "For tonight, I shall unveil the hidden melodies that reside within the soul of Iria. Tonight, we embark on a journey of love and loss, triumph and despair. Let yer hearts be swept away by the stories that dance upon the threads of our existence."
And so it began. The tavern exploded with applause as Isabel gracefully stepped to the side of the stage, beckoning to her audience as she sang the opening verse of the ballad. All fell silent as the rain battered the cobblestones outside, protecting the warmth of the firelight.
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2023.06.02 21:45 diyguy73 FLOWMASTER 615029 DELTA FORCE PERFORMANCE PANEL AIR FILTER 07/2020 Ford Trucks

FLOWMASTER 615029 DELTA FORCE PERFORMANCE PANEL AIR FILTER 07/2020 Ford Trucks submitted by diyguy73 to eBayitemsforsale [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 21:35 sushidumpster001 is this legit

is this legit
pls tell me it is the fucking site wouldnt accept intl payments
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2023.06.02 21:30 jdtomchick Is this an alarming amount of oil on the spark plug?

Noticed recently that my Ruckus is running a little rough. Seems to be vibrating more than normal. If I give the bike full throttle all at once it seems to bog down for a second and catch up, but if I ease the throttle slowly then it seems fine. I did a full carb clean, fresh gas, and checked the air filter (never been replaced). No mods. Has about 2,100 miles and it’s a 2017. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.02 21:27 Tori-Vega-fan The first Victorious Air Boeing 767-200ER

The first Victorious Air Boeing 767-200ER
The first B767-200ER is comming to LA from Amsterdam where it's got the Victorious Air outfit.
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2023.06.02 21:26 jertung Mansfield, MA tix avail.

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2023.06.02 21:19 Alpinia_KR Kaiserreich Beta 0.25.1

As pleased as we are with our Ukraine rework and the great reception it received, no large rework like this would be complete without some last-minute bugs that crept in on the final stages of testing. To remedy this, this hotfix should get rid of the most game-breaking bugs, and keep things running more smoothly. Enjoy!
New Decisions
Music Mod
Other Changes
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2023.06.02 21:18 roboIndyee Songbird-Chapter 8

Memory transcription subject: Fox Harris, UN Mechanized Infantry
Date[standardized human time] October 9, 2136
I had awoken the next wobble, it looked to be mid day already as I slowly swung my legs out of bed. I looked at my holopad to look for any messages and news. One from Thomas and Ramirez checking up on me, made my morning a bit better, told them I was alright and to stop being a bunch of babies. Asked where they were, their message came in a minute later.
[Still floating around in space, apparently resources are still being shifted around for some big defensive op going on.]
Scrolled down one more.
I looked, dumbfounded as my pad scrolled the message from my commander.
"Due to ongoing events, the Federation may be making an Offensive push against Terra. If the situation degrades, you may be recalled temporarily to defend Terra and safeguard allies. Given your current location, possible temporary posting would most likely be to defend Venlil Prime from Federation Incursion. Once able, please report to the local UN garrison commander for additional information and medical testing of ability to perform duties."
I nearly dropped my tablet all together. The Feds were gonna go after Venlil Prime? What did they ever do to deserve that?!
The Feds are going after Terra. I pull open all the contacts on my pad and start furiously typing in family and friends. I send group messages to get ready for possible attacks in the coming days. Most of them had already heard, confusing me that I'd be getting the information later than others. Usually it's the other way around.
I knew my family had a secret bunker pretty close to where they lived, so i wasn't too worried, 'course i didn't know what the Feds were capable of, so it did stay in the back of my mind, haunting my thoughts.
I hopped out of bed with a new purpose, though that purpose did send a flash of pain up my side as I landed on my feet, so maybe dial the purpose down a bit. I walk over to my footlocker, remove my helmet from the box's surface and start going through what remained of my wardrobe and gear. I paused, expecting to see something different inside the box while my brain told me I was being stupid for expecting it. The clothes I had been wearing when I got smoked had all been cut away or ruined by blood. Damn shame, that combat shirt had been one of my favorites.
I picked up an OD green shirt with my spotted-green camouflage pants. Loved the built-in knee pads on those things, lord knows they had saved my ass on multiple occasions. My vest and gear were all still in the box as they had been in a hurry to offload me, surprising me though
was the pistol still lodged in my thigh holster.
Damn, they must've really been in a rush, huh? Usually the quartermaster would've wanted this back, heck i think i had a bunch of sensitive equipment still on my gear, goggles, radio, emergency transponder, a shitton of ammo and my pistol. Felt kinda disappointed I had the ammo for my rifle but not the rifle itself. Oh well, can't win them all, right? I heard the door click open right as I quickly slid my pants over my butt. Oh thank god. I turned to See Tajir holding some medicines on a tray. I gave them an awkward but warm welcome, my face as red as a tomato. I knew it was them who had comforted me during my nightmare, and for that i was beyond thankful! Just didn't really know how to go about expressing my thanks to an alien like that. Once I had my uniform on, I left my room. I didn't like the visor all that much, so I went with my gray balaclava and helmet's tan sun goggles. The elevator ride down was both parts amusing and sad, as an unfortunate Venlil doctor was trapped with me going down to the lobby floor. 'Course I didn't do anything to exacerbate the situation, but I could tell he was terrified. I looked over at the trembling alien without turning my head, my eyes masked by the goggles.
"Dude. I'm just standing here."
"I-I know, I can't help it."
"Fair enough. Sorry."
The Elevator opened to the lobby floor and the doctor nearly sprinted out of the confined predator box, not looking back as he cleared the lobby in under 5 seconds. I chuffed behind my mask, before walking across the lobby floor. I hadn't technically been discharged from the hospital, but I could make a quick run to the UN building and come right back without too much of a fuss hopefully. I stopped short of the doors, took one last breath of sterilized hospital air before stepping outside.
The bright sun hit my goggles as they luckily filtered out just enough light to keep my eyes from hurting as I looked at the populous around me. Like seeing them from inside my hospital room again, I saw Humans, Venlil, and a couple other Federation species going on about their daily lives as I stood outside the hospital doors just taking in everything.
I slowly looked down to my holopad, typed in the address to see how far the UN building was from my location. Five klicks. Not impossible, but I'd rather not show up to my new commander dripping with sweat and completely exerted. What's the public transportation here like?
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