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2023.04.26 06:25 Feitan_SleeperOP Rotogrinders or Stokastic for mlb cash games?

Im slumping an i cant win to save my life
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2023.04.24 16:24 lordbettington MONDAY 4/24 MLB WEATHER

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2023.04.23 17:18 ShareMaster15 SUNDAY 4/23 MLB WEATHER

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2023.04.22 15:06 ShareMaster15 SATURDAY 4/22 MLB WEATHER

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2023.04.21 15:52 21Team_Parlay FRIDAY 4/21 MLB WEATHER

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2023.04.20 16:48 21Team_Parlay THURSDAY 4/20 MLB WEATHER


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2023.04.18 16:25 LuckyGuySometimes TUESDAY 4/18 MLB WEATHER
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2023.04.17 16:54 LuckyGuySometimes MONDAY 4/17 MLB WEATHER
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2023.04.16 16:41 AllStarPicker SUNDAY 4/16 MLB WEATHER
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2023.04.15 15:57 21Team_Parlay SATURDAY 4/15 MLB WEATHER
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2023.03.26 01:25 Scared_Cucumber_5254 Fox out tonight

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2023.03.16 17:24 ryanx182 Hanifin and Moore off the power play on daily faceoff and rotogrinders.

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2023.02.15 23:25 okayyesno Sleeper's current strengths and weaknesses

I did a small case study on Sleeper, would love your feedback and thoughts.
Sleeper sits at the crossroads between a traditional yearly fantasy football app and a DFS app. Most people are familiar with the yearly or seasonal fantasy football team, where friends, family, and co-workers get together to build a fantasy football team that will last them the extent of the NFL season. ESPN and Yahoo are two most popular companies that offer a yearly fantasy football product.
The advent of DFS and sports gambling represents differentiation in the fantasy sports landscape, one that offers more diversity in games, wagers, and opportunities to gamble. The two most popular companies in this space are DraftKings and FanDuel. Sleeper and Yahoo are both at the intersection of yearly fantasy football and DFS. This positioning allows Sleeper an opportunity to convert each cohort into the style of play and keep users engaged and spending money on the platform. Sleeper boasts a modern, customizable experience for its users. There is tremendous flexibility in yearly fantasy football league creation that ESPN and Yahoo fail to offer. Sleeper has been praised for its user experience; both setting up a league and managing an individual team are effortless and enjoyable. They’ve clearly landed on a fantastic product development process that puts the user first. Their initial goal was to build a fantasy sports platform for untapped and overlooked markets, namely casual users and women.
Sleeper doesn’t stand out in terms of overall ratings compared to their competition (Yahoo fantasy 4.3 Google/4.8 App store, ESPN fantasy 4.6 Google/4.8 App store, and Sleeper 4.4 Google/ 4.7 App store). Additionally, there is scathing feedback on the apps reliability, functionality, and navigation. I analyzed the most recent 100 comments on Sleeper from Google Play, and over 52% of users referenced some version of lag and/or bugginess to using the app and 11% had negative feedback on the app’s navigation.
There are smaller, more tactical studies that should be conducted to improve the user experience, namely, the navigation needs to be tested and reexamined. Likewise, there are non-research related actions such as improving the platform’s reliability. While the navigation study is important I would argue that the higher priority is to understand who is using Sleeper and why do they choose Sleeper over the competition? Answering this question will not only improve the user’s experience but also have a chance at increasing the bottom line.
Sleeper’s north star was building a fantasy sports app for “women and casual fans.” While the gender demographics are unknown, the app is ironically drawing a lot of praise for its customizability, 16% of reviews from the previously mentioned Google Play analysis cited “customizability” as a reason for enjoying the app. “Customizability” is popular for more advanced league settings, rules, and levels of play. This review summarizes this positive feedback:
“The alternative to ESPN and Yahoo I've been looking for. They have more customizable league settings which is important for me. If you want an interesting and challenging league setup then this is what you're going to want. If you're just running the basic roster and basic setup then there’s really not a whole lot of reason to change over from whatever you were using but if you are the more than casual fantasy playeowner this is the much better choice.”
Once Sleeper knows who is using their app and why, they can enhance their platform to ensure that they are meeting their users’ needs and build a product that can draw audiences away from their competition. But is this the best strategy for Sleeper?
In an uncertain market, with uncertain opportunities for funding, the need for current and future cash flow has probably never been greater. It’s worth noting that “acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.” It’s more prudent to first increase efforts on getting the most out of your current user base before you attempt other strategies or funding avenues.
Why is cash flow important, not only in an uncertain market, but for Sleeper especially? Sleeper is a privately held company, and they’ve most recently raised $40 million back in September, 2021. Recent estimates show that they generate 10 - 20 million a year with a small team (57 employees), but like most startups it’s a decent guess that they’re depending on funding. Regardless, compare Sleeper to the revenue generated by their competitors on an annual basis:
In terms of revenue, Sleeper is by far the smallest fish in a big pond. If at any point Fanduel or Draftkings shifted into yearly fantasy it would be a major blow to Sleeper’s momentum. ESPN likely wouldn’t make a move into DFS because of their family brand identity with Disney, but it would be lucrative to say the least.
Yahoo is Sleeper’s closest competitor given that they too straddle yearly fantasy and DFS. Yahoo has much less diversity than FanDuel, DraftKings, and Sleeper in terms of sports and games, but it prides itself on low, transparent overhead costs to the user. The lack of sports diversity also offers Yahoo DFS higher user concentration and an opportunity at higher payouts. Yahoo’s DFS has a similar interface, security and rules compared to DraftKings and FanDuel, but its real strength is in its brand identity.
Yahoo’s DFS product pales in comparison to its yearly fantasy user base. For Yahoo, their goal is likely to convert existing yearly players to their DFS product. According to Rotogrinder: “Yahoo may have the largest user-base of any DFS site that it can tap into, as the number of users in Yahoo’s regular season long offering far exceeds any DFS site.
For Sleeper, the potential of catching and passing Yahoo, and the rest of their competition are an uphill battle. Raising another round of funding in this uncertain market will likely mean a down-round in terms of valuation (although I bet they'll raise soon regardless). While there are smaller DFS companies that could be acquired by Sleeper, it’s unclear how those purchases would increase revenue going forward, and Sleeper definitely doesn’t have enough money to buy out one of their larger competitors. Their two options for exits would be to get bought out by a competitor or go public - both at a time when Sleeper is not at their fittest nor exiting in the frothiest market.
Sleeper can run ads and charge for an ad-free version of the app, but Sleeper has prided themselves on being an ad-free service, and this might put a dent in their renowned user experience. Instead, Sleeper generates additional income through a token model. They have animated team mascots for $5-$20, but this feature comes with mixed-reviews (over half of the reviews that mentioned mascots were negative).
In this current market, many companies, including Sleeper’s competition, are retracting and rethinking their positions. Sleeper could strike while your enemy is wounded and seek to convert new users by attracting the Yahoo and ESPN communities. Additionally, Sleeper could offer more lucrative payouts and offer a wider diversity of games as compared to FanDuel and DraftKings.
However, without knowing the inner workings of the organization, it appears as if getting the most of their current user base is likely the best approach. That process starts with understanding who you users actually are.
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2023.01.07 16:38 InvestigatorHot5670 What are some other NBA DFS Ownership sources for aggregation purposes?

I'm trying to come up with a list of ownership sources to use for aggregation purposes and have the following:

Any other good ones that I can add to the list? Thanks
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2022.12.25 21:08 Appropriate_Mix3421 Rotogrinders pOwn

Does anyone know anything about how this field is supposed to work? I took it at face value (percentage of teams who have a given player) but if I sum, for example, the projected ownership for all goalies in the NHL for a given day it doesn't come out close to 100. Is this just noise in the estimates, or am I mistaking what these numbers are?
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2022.12.05 17:16 HatchimalSam The Waivers, tips 5–8

The Waivers, tips 5–8
Tip #5: Grab guys who are about to get minutes. Pretty obvious. The starter goes down with an injury or gets traded. Who’s the backup? Who’s the guy to fill in those stats?
Ideal situation last season: Dejounte Murray goes down and you grab Tre Jones.
Of course, sometimes it doesn’t work that way. On some teams, a starting PG can go down and there are 2 backups who split the minutes. Then to make matters worse, the Center (who’s deeeefinitely already owned) is stealing even more of those assists.
Yes, this is a Nuggets tweet.
Tip #6: Grab your backup ASAP. Somebody else’s player is injured? Sure, consult Josh Lloyd to see who the pickup is. Your player is injured? Grab the backup ASAP, just in case.
Last season, I lost Chris Paul due to a wrist injury. Cam Payne was the backup. But I stalled to see who else was out there.
And missed him. He became a great backup PG; I even have him now as Paul heals up. So grab your backup ASAP.
Injury Sources:
  • Rotogrinders twitter (or app) for breaking news injuries for the bigger names.
  • CBS’s injury report for complete list and how long everyone’s out.
  • And Josh Lloyd’s youtube/podcast/twitter for a focused answer as to who the real benefactor is.
Tip #7: Grab guys your opponent wants. This one’s a little conniving. But very fun.
Whether it’s because they’re the #1 seed or a rival or whatever, just take the guys you know they want. Heck, you might even be able to trade the players to them (doubtful, but possible). Does he need assists? You nab Monte Morris. Rebounds? You steal Andre Drummond.
Advanced: You can save this move for the playoffs if you want, to not tip your hand in how aggressive you are.
Tip #8: Grab guys who are HEALTHY. Pretty obvious, right? I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. I add a guy and somehow don’t notice the ‘DTD’ next to his name. When in doubt, wait. And periodically check NBA Fantasy Labs on twitter.
Feel free to read more here.
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2022.11.24 19:24 2kfan In game injury notifications?

I was wondering if there was an app that updates you on any injuries or if a player goes to the locker room in real time? I have rotogrinders and they're great at updating statuses before the game but I don't think they do real time in game updates.
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2022.10.08 15:52 TheKoppolo How many value plays do I necessarily need to make lineups work? (NFL GPP)

I was using LineupHQ on Rotogrinders and it couldn't build a single lineup for me despite having OJ Howard, Zay Jones, Rondale Moore, Stevenson, cheap DST, etc. NOTE: was only using optimizer to see if any lineups could be built with my player pool. This is a reoccurring problem for me in that I need value plays but I find myself adding bad value plays just for the sake of making lineups work. I really thought my lineups would be fine this week given I had plenty of cheap plays this week but nope. Can't make any lineups work for some reason.
1.) How can I avoid this problem? Like I said, I'm playing value plays already but the pieces still aren't fitting. It's very frustrating because now I have to alter my player pool and force in plays I don't even like.
2.) How much value plays do I need to make lineups work? (Player pool wise)
The problem with my lineups is I'm finding that even with cheap RB's like Jeff Wilson and James Robinson, I still need 2 players with average salary of $4600 often times because of expensive stacks like Josh Allen or Hurts.
I'd really like to know how people approach this problem. Do you go back to the drawing board and take out some good expensive plays to be able to free up space?
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2022.09.15 23:39 stayready40 Rotogrinders chrome extension question.

So is the RG chrome extension for Draftkings only for premium members now? I use to be able to see overlay and what not on DK but cant seem to see it anymore?
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2022.09.04 17:13 JaySpeaking MLB DFS pitchers/stacks for DraftKings (9/4/22)

At the top: Fried, Lodolo, Carrasco
Mid-tier: Mikolas, Giolito, Montas, Lopez, Marquez, Manning (secondary)
Value: I got nothing from here.

Top Three Stacks:
  1. Mets
  2. Rangers
  3. Red Sox

There is PLENTY of it today. Rather than copy and paste it all over, especially since I can’t update this much during this weekend, just check in with Roth where he posts his updates at . You’re going to want to stay on top of this if you’re playing today.

My PayPal and Venmo are below if you ever feel like my analysis has helped you in any way.
PayPal: JHolland1981
Venmo: JHolland81
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2022.08.31 16:38 ChrisJr03 CFB DFS

Does anyone in here play College Football DFS pretty regularly?
If so what sites do you use to do your research? Are they pay sites, i.e. Rotogrinders? (I would use if I could afford).
If they're free sites, which ones?
I've dabbled in college football a little bit but the information seems harder to come by, or maybe I don't know where to look.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions/advice!
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2022.08.22 19:30 JaySpeaking MLB DFS pitchers/stacks for DraftKings (8/22/22)

At the top: Scherzer is the best pitcher on the slate, matchup doesn’t ever concern me with Mad Max and factoring in the Yankees recent struggles too, like him a lot. Good spot for Urias against the Brewers, like him a lot.
Mid-tier: Good spot for Cabrera against the A’s, like him a lot. Good spot for Sonny Gray against Texas, like him quite a bit. Montgomery has looked good recently for his new team, Cubs strike out a lot, like him quite a bit. Good spot for Thor against the Reds, like him quite a bit. Good spot for Springs against the K-heavy Angels, good price, like him maybe the most in this tier. Odorizzi is a secondary option for tournaments against the Pirates.
Value: This tier is a flaming bowl of crap and that’s an offensive comparison for flaming bowls of crap.

Top Three Stacks:
  1. Braves
  2. Phillies
  3. Cardinals

From Roth:
[EDIT] A few dicey spots and NYY popped up on the most recent report with some serious risk on an O/Y. I am not playing tonight and have something going on soon and won't be able to update through lock, so if you're playing, you're going to want to follow Roth for all the latest updates:
YELLOW : CIN @ PHI - A bit of a tighter window in PHI, but I think the same general thought applies... worst of the rain is clear by gametime, any evening storms should hold just west until first pitch. We shall re-evaluate this afternoon with a look at live radar, but I'm leaning towards uninterrupted play as the most likely outcome.
YELLOW : ATL @ PIT - Really not a lot of rain, just some ill-timed spotty downpours that could cause a delay.
[EDIT] ORANGE / YELLOW : NYM @ NYY - Update: Models now ARE popping storms over NY, so the risk here is significantly higher than it was as of the morning write-up. We'll still need a pregame radar check to really know.

My PayPal and Venmo are below if you ever feel like my analysis has helped you in any way.
PayPal: JHolland1981
Venmo: JHolland81
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