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Send a text message to any phone number with the last digit one number higher or lower than your own.

2023.06.03 00:05 Dragoncheeze [Question] about the safari app extension

With safari allowing extensions in iPhone is there an app that allow background video for YouTube or it limited.
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2023.06.03 00:05 LAUREL_research Seeking Autistic LGBTQIA+ Adults in the US for Survey

We are seeking US-based LGBTQIA+ Autistic adults to complete a survey on community participation barriers and support for LGBTQIA+ autistic adults in the United States. The LAUREL Collective is a research collective spearheaded by Dr. Elizabeth Schmidt at Lincoln Memorial University in collaboration with LGBTQIA+ autistic researchers nationwide and is focused on identifying barriers and supports to address community participation and inclusivity for LGBTQIA+ autistic adults. This research has been approved by Lincoln Memorial University's IRB.
In 2021 we completed a large qualitative study with LGBTQIA+ autistic adults in the United States and found a number of barriers to employment, education, social/recreational, and healthcare settings that are impacting people’s mental health. We also learned of a number of recommended strategies to reduce or mitigate the effect of these barriers. We are now asking any LGBTQIA+ autistic adults in the United States to complete this 10-15 minute survey to share your perspective on the suggested recommendations. This information will help us in identifying the best strategies to reduce and mitigate the effects of the identified barriers.
If you are an LGBTQIA+ autistic adult in the United States, please consider taking this short survey by clicking the link. If you know someone who is LGBTQIA+ and autistic, please send the flyer or link to them!
Anyone with questions can feel free to DM us on here (you'll be in contact with one of the autistic researchers, Jess). If you'd prefer off Reddit conversations the PI's email is a click-able link on the Qualtrics link.
FYI: For this study we have been getting the question if self-diagnosis is allowed. We understand getting a professional diagnosis is a privilege and thus we accept self-diagnosed autistic folks.
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2023.06.03 00:05 Village_Standard Ik everyone has their life problems but I can't keep this anymore

I'm not gonna get into the sob story of my childhood but I've been experiencing severe depression and derealization for the past five years. I bottled up everything and said to myself this is just a phase I should man up and get through it. But for the past 3 months I've been sent to university.having daily suicidal thoughts and researching means to do so. I'm surrounded by fake people here. The world is going to shit and I don't see a point in living. I'm medicated or intoxicated 24/7 just to function. I barley leave my room and mostly isolated from society. The only reason I stay alive is because just Last week I opened up about these thoughts to the only person I trust. (My mom). And she broke down over the phone. I'm a bum that barely gets shit done wasting everyone's time. If I have to suffer for the rest of my life and live like an addict zombie then so be it as long as I don't hurt the person who took care of me for all my life. I just hope maybe one day my suffering would end without having to take matters into hands. Atleast outlive my mom so she wouldn't have to feel pain.(ps. I'm too broke for therapy money truly make the world go around).
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2023.06.03 00:04 Sudden-Train7163 Should I go no contact with my family

Sorry for any format issues on mobile. Throwaway account. So I have a family that was very abusive to me before I moved out. I didn't have stable housing for a while as my father keeps kicking me out as well as a mother who would nit stop him when he would put hands on me. My father has not laid hands on me since I was 16 I'm 24 now. He stole 70k from my college fund and refuses to pay me back. I moved out and our relationship got a lot better. However I'm growing more and more tired of my family not just my parents either. A week before my wedding I received a phone call from my sister in which she claimed her husband was joking with her about not wanting to come to my wedding to which I replied he does not need to come if that's how he feels and she claimed she was messing with me but it's a weird way to mess with me. Now me and her husband have never gotten along but I thought our relationship was improving however I recently realized he's been making a lot of nasty comments about me behind my back and even did so to my best friend at my wedding. Additionally I asked my father not to speak at my wedding and he ambushed me with a speech anyway afteri told me no less than 20 times I didn't want that and when confronted with rhe fact I didn't want this speech he told me I was over reacting as it was a toast but I really don't see the difference. Him and my mother attempted to lecture me in front of my in laws over a joke a made that was clearly a joke. And my father yelled at me on my wedding day for making funny faces at my husband and told me I needed to behave. He also spent the entire evening talking about my sister and brother in law and I truly didn't feel like he even cared it was my wedding. All My friends said he was rude and dismissive to them when he spoke with them. And I have spoken with him about his behavior and how he makes me feel multiple times and nothing changes he can't take accountability for his actions should I just give up and cut my losses and contact at this point? Unfortunately he pays for my college should I suck it up till I'm out of college or stop talking to him now? TLDR: My family has been real jersey to me and I think no contact is my best option
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2023.06.03 00:04 Terantius Li-ion; Series of short charging cycles?

Li-ion; Series of short charging cycles?
Batteries in general have a somewhat limited number of charging cycles. However, from what I've been able to gather, all research on this refers to charge-discharge cycles.
Could you charge a Li-ion battery for a short period of time, pause to check voltage, and then start the charging back up without incurring a penalty on battery life?
Short context:
I want to build a "smart charger" which only charges a 24 V Li-ion battery to 80% of capacity.
There are no such chargers for any such battery pack. So I'm going to have to use an Arduino, relay etc. The hardware side is the easy part. The plan is:

Please forgive my ass-ugly block diagram. I'm dead tired & half drunk, as student culture dictates.
Please forgive my ass-ugly block scheme. I'm dead tired & half drunk, as student culture dictates.
I studied electrotechnical engineering for a 1½ semesters before switching mains. We didn't get to batteries before I called quits.
Now I'm the proud owner of an el-cheapo battery bike. I can't afford to buy a new one, so I need to make this one last as long as possible. It uses a li-ion battery.
Now, to minimise battery wear (specifically plateau-voltage degradation) you should only charge a battery to 80-90% of capacity.
The plan is to use an Arduino to turn the battery charger on & off, while checking voltage intermittently. So the protection circuits etc. will all be charger-native. This will work only as a light-switch before the charger.
Now, I know MORE than enough to build an Arduino to control it. I've built more advanced ones, and have worked with 220 V in other projects. I also have someone to double-check my connections, making sure that everything's safe & hunky dory.
The question is: Will this murder my (by my standards) stupid-expensive bike battery, or will this save the battery's life?
Other solutions:
I've tried adding an ammeter in series, to stop charging when I < preset. This ended up tricking the charger that the battery was fully charged at 50%, while it continued to supply 0.1A current indefinitely. So I'm not doing that again.
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2023.06.03 00:04 junisims What’s the best smart phone camera that’s not an iPhone

Looking to get a new phone and looking for the best smartphone that’s not an iPhone. Looking to use the selfie camera and front camera equally.
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2023.06.03 00:04 finnwittrockswhore Wanna end it all

I feel so worthless. What good am I if I’m too anxious to do anything. I can feel my families frustration with me. I cant go into the store , can’t sit in a restaurant, I can’t do anything because I’m so depressed and anxious all the time.
Today I needed to do something important for my dad which required me speaking to someone I’ve never met face to face and I just couldn’t do it. It was a business thing and I just know my dad is pissed at me. I was crying on the phone and he just made a disgusted sound and hung up. I hate myself so much.
I go to work (the only place I really don’t get anxious thankfully) but I guess that isn’t enough. I just wish someone would comfort me just once in my life but they never do. My family sees me as weak and treat me like I’m weird. Maybe I am.
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2023.06.03 00:03 jschreiber77 If Uber Continues To Bother You So Much, Put A Fork In Them

Hey everyone,
It's rather obvious this subreddit is more for posting how shitty Uber is as a company. A smaller percentage involves Nubers/Ants asking the same questions over and over again, etc.
As most of us know, Uber has decreased wages significantly over the last six months (for the vast majority of us). Any driver claiming to continuously get $1 per mile seems suspicious to me (perhaps people who post this content work for Uber), unless you're supplying total proof of these numbers. So, if you've made posts today, yesterday or in the past six months about how awful Uber is and you're tired of driving because you feel Uber is absolute shit, just QUIT. There has to be other opportunities out there that are better and keep you sane.
Life is way too short to have to put up their BS. If anything, explore other gig jobs that interest you and/or will cause less stress/frustration. No...I don't want to give you the impression I'm Mr-Know-It-All, I'm not. Just simply stating that if you don't enjoy it anymore, perhaps it's best to drive doing something else or get out of this industry altogether.
I'm open to hear your thoughts, what you plan to do other than Uber and why you would continue to stick with them when you're making half of what you used to six months ago.
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2023.06.03 00:03 ComicCrusaders The Arkham Asylum Files: Panic in Gotham City, A Groundbreaking Augmented Reality Gaming Experience AVAILABLE NOW! @infinite_RH#gaming #AR

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2023.06.03 00:03 klaise1 dealing with agent

The background noise at the call center is so loud, it sounds like people are literally screaming on the phone. It is so hard for me to hear the agent and vice versa! I want to reduce my bill and he's telling me what I paid each month over the last year. I know what I paid! WTH!!
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2023.06.03 00:02 nicki714 always voice cracks while on speed

I just listen to music, do things on my phone or play games. I don't scream and IF I talk, then not much. But still, when i tell my roommate something for 2/3 minutes, I have voice cracks almost continuously, I never had that in my life before (and shouldn't, Im female,20) and dont have this while sober, but on speed, every. time.
Does anybody else have this??
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2023.06.03 00:02 Outrageous_Habit_153 Unlinking facebook accounts

I used to manage the social media accounts for a business. However, since I left, I have been unable to get the accounts to log out and disconnect from my personal Instagram and Facebook. Whenever I open the profile of the business, I try to log out on that account alone, and it logs me out of everything. Then, when I log back into my personal account, the business accounts pop up right with it. I have tried everything I can to get them off my phone and unlinked to me. Can anyone help me?
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2023.06.03 00:02 ChiberiaPolarVortex How do you manage off-site user credentials in Windows Active Directory?

Hey guys, I'm a help desk tech and recent graduate who works for a charity organization which has employees around the country. The IT team only consists of 2 people (me and the IT manager), and I went to school specifically for networking infrastructure, but because the IT team is only 2 people and the supervisor isn't around much, I'm alone most of the time and basically got thrown into the fire and do miscellaneous stuff. Since I don't specialize, every day is different. For example, one day I could be working on user permissions for our cloud NAS, the next day I could be managing Office 365 enterprises licenses, then the next day I could be cutting, striping, wiring, and crimping CAT 5 and CAT 6 cables. I have real--world problems now that weren't discussed much in school, every day is different because it's random.
Sometimes I work in Windows AD. Every once in while I have to reset a password and it works 99% of the time. However, about a few weeks ago I had an issue where I was trying to reset a remote user's password from Windows Active Directory who called me over the phone. The client's computer is joined to our local AD domain but the client himself works in our Virginia office whereas I'm in Chicago, even after changing and applying a temp password for the user, Active Directory had no affect on the client's computer and he was unable to change the remote user's password. I'm learning on the job so I came to sysadmin for advice,
  1. Does the client have to be connected to our network for Windows AD to implement changes? Why was I able to change a user's account before but not then? The only difference I can think of is that in the past, I was changing passwords for on-site clients whereas this person was off-site.
  2. If the user has to be connected to the network like I suspect, then how exactly does Windows AD authenticate off-site users?
I need to know in the future in chance I have to manage another off-site user.
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2023.06.03 00:02 allthecolorssa What type of genre or market could this good team vs evil syndicate novel fall under?

This takes place in modern day but has some "medieval kingdom drama" vibes to it as well. It's mainly inspired by Tom Clancy and GI Joe.
Alerick is heir apparent of the Abaroughs, an English aristocratic clan that recently organized itself into a skilled team of swordsmen and sharpshooters bent on stopping the boldening Poison, a centuries-old network of killers responsible for the murder of Alerick's parents.
After homeless waif Lara deftly saves his cousins from assailants, Alerick becomes interested in her skills. Realizing that she's the only other orphan he's ever met, he welcomes her in with open arms, and the pair grow as close as siblings.
But as Lara's superior leadership and combat skills are revealed, Alerick's newfound envy causes him to burn bridges with his whole clan. Befriending a sympathetic hermit, he's groomed into believing Lara will kill him and take over. Addled by envy-driven paranoia, an attempt to off Lara results in him inadvertently killing his own aunt. Knowing he'll never be forgiven, he runs away and is recruited into a Poison cell, finding a new army in the ones he once sought to stop.
A bloody massacre at the UN committed a decade later by a masked Poison operative leads the Abaroughs to the discovery of a deadly new superweapon developed by Alerick's cell- and that the perpetrator is none other than the former heir himself.
As the Abaroughs start a dangerous mission to get a hold of the weapon and stop their ex-scion, Lara is forced to contend with the one who gave her everything, as Alerick seeks vengeance on the family and the girl who he would once have died for.
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2023.06.03 00:02 weak_small_sad At what point can I blame genetics?

TL:DR - following good programs, training hard, eating well, and still making minimal strength progress and little to no aesthetic progress. Listened to Episode 99 about genetic differences, and curious how one can differentiate between a lack of progress resulting from training/diet issues, and just unlucky genetics.
I've been training consistently for three and a half years. In that time I've made what I feel is fairly poor progress, particularly when compared to my peers (I know I shouldn't compare to others but I think it still gives a rough idea of potential progress in a timeframe) despite what I am 99% sure has been hard training, following good programs (5x5, then 5/3/1, then SBS for last 18 months), and maintaining good nutrition.
I've been putting the lack of progress down to one or more of the usual factors: not eating enough, not training hard enough, not following a program enough, not recovering enough etc. And have addressed these as adequately as I think I possibly can. I follow programs and their progression, I track calories to the dot and eat in a good surplus (using MacroFactor), stretch, walk, do cardio, and get 8 hours of sleep every night. Even with those changes, my lifts have come to a very slow grind at (in kg) 100/130/140 B/S/D for the past six months.
I can live with those numbers, but what really gets me is the total lack of aesthetic progress. I am still skinny and people are surprised I lift, with no real visible progress beyond bigger thighs. I have been following a bulk/cut process, having so far only done one cut after the first 18 months of training. The goal was to cut until I had visible abs, but by the time that was achieved I had lost almost all strength progress and was worryingly skinny even though I was in a very small deficit. Now I've been bulking since then, and it's been a bit better but still look to have made very little progress with even my wife admitting she can't see much difference.
This whole time I've refused to blame genetics and said it's something I'm doing, and it's been super upsetting. It was only very recently that I listened to EP 99 - Differences in Gains Between Individuals, and What You Can Do About It that I thought maybe I just picked the wrong parents and slow progress is my lot in life. I had already accepted that below average width shoulders meant I'd never be a champion powerlifter, and that sleep apnea meant I wouldn't recover as well as I'd like, but could I also simply just be a low responder?
The question is, how I do know that? How can you figure out where to draw the line between bad diet + programming, or just genetics?
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2023.06.03 00:02 LlaughingLlama GW4 Stopped Showing Incoming Calls from Paired Phone

So about a month ago I realized that my GW4 Classic isn't showing incoming calls from my Galaxy phone: no vibration, and nothing on the display to show me who's calling and allow me to decline or answer the call.
I can't seem to find any setting on my phone or my watch to look at to see why this is happening. I would like it to vibrate and show the caller info and such.
Any pointers or things for me to look at?
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2023.06.03 00:02 Voopnx Undiagnosed hand pain for last 5 years

Hello fellow experts of Reddit,
For the last 5 years I have been suffering from a constant pain in both of my hands from the fingers to the wrists, The pain is most prominent in those regions, but as of late, especially the wrists.
We have been through the medical loophole, and have heard many diagnoses, and sought out all sorts of treatments from traditional to alternative.
We’ve ruled out carpel tunnel, radial tunnel, reynodes, and a bunch of other stuff.
The pain is generally constant, but is aggravated through cold or exertion.
It’s usually “manageable” and I’ve gotten used to this level of pain, but when it flares up it can be excruciating. It gets to the point where picking up my phone or even a pencil can be difficult. (I’m typing with the aid of speech to text atm)
The current diagnosis is dystonia, but we haven’t had much luck in terms of treatment.
Any and all insights would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.03 00:01 Arschgeige96 AITA for taking a picture of a couple getting engaged then trying to find them on social media so I can send it to them?

I’m an amateur photographer and I was on a trip last weekend and happened to walk past a man proposing to his gf, and I whipped my camera out and took a quick picture. I didn’t think it turned out that well and they had someone next to them taking pictures on their phone so I didn’t bother sending it to them.
I went to edit my pictures when I got home and after playing around with Lightroom and cropping it a bit it turned out REALLY well, contrary to my previous belief.
I thought I should try to get the picture to the couple in case they liked it so I’ve put it on a few relevant Facebook groups and got people to share it in the hopes that they or somebody they know sees it. I’ve had a few hundred shares so far but nothing yet.
Everybody has been trying to help me find them to the best of their ability, but one guy commented on the picture saying “If someone took a picture of me without me being aware of it AND put it on the internet I sure as hell wouldn't like it, no matter how good the intention may have been” and I’m wondering if he has a point? Also, I’ve tried to post it on Reddit but every sub I’ve tried has removed it on the grounds of privacy.
I know the numbers speak for themselves, but that comment has really made me think and I would HATE to be violating someone’s privacy like that.
Should I delete and take the picture down or keep trying to search for the couple?
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2023.06.03 00:01 BigFarmerJoe Preparing For The Coming Battle

So this is a long story but I need some advice from men who have successfully gotten sole custody, preferably in KS.
Found out around 2 mo ago that my stbxw had been cheating on me for close to a year with a coworker I had highly suspected. Found months of pictures and texts, including texts detailing how "honored" her AP felt when my son wanted to cuddle with him in my bed after his intercourse with my wife. Including discussion of giving him "the best blowjob of his life" if they can "get my son to play on his tablet" in the next room for a while.
Near the end I was putting our son to sleep most nights as she was out partying with her boyfriend. Needless to say, all trust is now gone and reconciliation is a non possibility.
The texts I uncovered show that she has been neglectful of our son (he is 2 and can't be left alone.) Also, clearly prioritizing herself over her family, over her son or her son's father. Also, emotionally abusive for confusing him and having him cuddle with a shirtless stranger in my bed.
My son tried to tell me about it, at one point, and she covered it up, later texting her boyfriend that they were going to have to start being more "careful" because my son was telling me about "mommy's English.
The incident bothered me enough to start getting suspicious. In retrospect I can tell that even at his age he felt like something was wrong and was trying to tell me in his baby talk broken english.
I was a SAHD for a year and a half while my son was crawling, it was at this time her affair began. She makes like 55k a year. After her affair started, she started complaining to me about "money issues" as if she was struggling to pay for food, which was odd, because my small business paid all the utilities and rent on our marital home, and her only expenses were food and cahealth insurance and her phone bill.
I had been out of the workforce for a while, but was able to fairly quickly secure a job at a food processing manufacturing facility doing 12 hour days euther 3 or 4 days a week so as to be able to provide childcare on the remaining 3-4 days. The rest of the time she was either "watching" him with her boyfriend at my house or her mom was watching him because she would drive 30 mins to her "mom's house" most days when she wasn't working.
I switched jobs in January after saving up almost 10k from the factory to a job I enjoy more, but pays less. I was tired from the factory and wanted better work/life balance and to spend more time with my family and to work on my marriage, which due to not knowing about the cheating, I was under the impression could still be saved. She was angry about making less $$$, and also because I had more flexibility in my schedule so that made her cheating harder.My current part time job pays 15-20k, but remember, my utilities and housing are all taken care of by my other part time job, without it being taxable income on a payroll, so that's really just insurance/gas/food money.
So my lawyers told me that sole custody to start isn't going to be possible in KS, despite the mountain of evidence of being an unfit parent described above.
We have a temp plan in place and I have my 2 1/2 yr old son 7:30am sunday-7:30pm Wednesday. I got her to agree to this by pointing out that even though I would have him during the day most days, she would still have him for an equal number of hours. She took the bait. I now have my son the majority of the time he is awake.
She has moved back in with her parents who now watch my son 2-3 days a week for her as she is at work. They also watch him when she isn't at work, so she can run errands and go on dates without our son. She claims she has rearranged her work schedule to spend time with him, but I don't believe her due to her social media that I observed prior to finally blocking her forever.
In the last week, she declined to spend memorial day with him despite not working and it having been previously arranged because she had "plans" to do "yard work and housework" with her parents. She had me drop him off at dinnertime and pick him up the next morning. In addition, she had me keep him an extra night on top of that because she needed to "work late" on Wednesday night and wouldn't be able to pick him up.
I now know what "working late" means. She had a scheduled night with her boyfriend and I was acting as her free babysitter.
So far, she really is turning out to be a deadbeat. Hasn't given me a dime despite the fact that I now buy the majority of the food her son eats, spend vastly more time with him than she does, and am struggling to afford my life and am having to greatly adjust my lifestyle to support a child on 15k a year. I'm sure the thought hasn't even crossed her mind.
What's worse, my lawyer wrote up the amount that I contributed to the family finances, which was the entirety of housing and utilities (I manage a business and in exchange recieve housing and utilities, but no cash.) And when he adds that to my income, I might end up STILL being required to pay child support to her despite spending way more time with my son.
So, she's going ti get her babysitter and I might have to write her a check for the privilege of being cheated on in my own bed and finding pictures of it, despite having been a SAHD, despite making way less money than her, despite spending way more time with my son. If that happens, the only way to not be so financially crippled that I have to either go back to the factory or go on food stamps and welfare would be to try for sole custody.
But the real reason I want sole custody is simply because it would be best for my son. It would be better for my son to see his dad doing a job that doesn't make him miserable and not financially crippled due to his mother's selfish actions.
I hope she wants to remain present in some fashion, but I'm starting to think the likelihood of that is low.
The way she seems to be fading back from his life, I don't think she's going to fight very hard. It's clear to me exactly where her priorities are, and my son isn't above herself or her boyfriend. Oh sorry, "fiance." Yes, they have been ENGAGED since at least January. I found out about the infidelity in late march. We're not fully divorced, yet.
Her time with our son while we were married was limited to an hour or so in the morning after doing her makeup for an hour and a half while I watched my son in the next room so he wouldn't mess with her makeup stuff. Then an hour or 2 in the evening, if he was lucky, before he would fall asleep. Near the end I was often getting him to bed on my own.
She does have him more nights than I do right now, and I'm worried the courts won't care that most of the time she spends with him, he is asleep or she is working and not actually spending the time with him. I think she is spending maximum 1.5 days with him during the day, likely less because she gets easily "overwhelmed" and always needed constant breaks from my son. It wasn't odd or uncommon for me to watch him on days I was working as soon as I got home for basically the whole night. I am watching my son solo for 4 full days a week.
Then there's a pesky thought in the back of my head about the odd fact that she brought up my will 3-4 times in the last year, a few of them during arguments. She was worried that my parents would deprive her of my inheritance if I died. Why would I die? There were texts between her boyfriend and her about how much she was going to get in the divorce. At one time her boyfriendcsaid "Wouldn't it be nice if we could skip all this not-fun stuff and go straight to you, me, and (insert son's name)...?"
I don't have any more direct proof than that, but I am of the impression that they were at least in the early stages of planning my murder. Maybe not seriously planning it, but discussing it, hopefully in jest. I've asked my lawyer and don't think I could get a DA to issue subpoenas of their phones without better evidence than a strong suspicion.
So, a woman capable of treating me in this way, of considering my murder, should probably have very little contact with my son. I know that she is an objectively bad person and I'm starting to feel like her involvement might harm him more than it ends up helping him.
My goal is now to have my son Sunday morning - Friday evening so that he goes to school in my town, not hers, which is 30 mins away. I want his time to be spent with the person who always puts him first, I don't want him being second fiddle to her boyfriend or to her, I don't want to see him neglected like I know she will do.
3 of the last 4 times I have picked him up, he has has new injuries. For some reason he never seems to get scraped knees or facial wounds or a bruised ass when he spends 4 days with me. I don't suspect physical abuse at thus time, I just think he's being allowed to run around and nobody is watching him.
I just need to say yes every time she decides to prioritize herself over her son, which will happen frequently, I am starting to infer. My hope is that over a long enough time period I will be able to establish a pattern of spending so much more time with him that a judge might be persuaded that I am the primary parent and award me sole custody.
I really am not doing this to "win" vs her or to "beat" her. I became a parent expecting to have some help raising my child. But she won't even spend holidays with him. She can't even pick him up, she does her best to convince me to do it. If it means more time with my son, I can spend the gas $$$.
But I am bleeding cash. My close to 10k in savings from the factory has dwindled to an emergency fund of 1500. I'm skipping meals to lose weight but also to save the food I have for my son. He hasn't ever gone hungry once and he won't, now. Maybe I should apply for food stamps, but I'm worried that could effect my likelihood of getting custody because it would make it look like I can't afford to have him for more meals. This is NOT a request for a handout, don't need one. I have plenty of family and friends who would help me if my cupboards were bare, and thankfully they are helping me afford my lawyer.
It's just really infuriating how much she has screwed me and my son over, both emotionally and financially. The thought that I might be cutting her a check when she makes more than 3X my income would be adding insult to injury. She has actually financially profited from this, so far, not counting her legal fees. I'm sure her parents are now buying most of her food and she still doesn't pay rent or utilities. Now she doesn't have to pay for my health insurance or car insurance or cell phone, so she's saving hundreds monthly and I'm going uninsured health wise and only have basic liability for my car.
I like my lawyers so far, but they said child support is all determined by a "worksheet" and haven't yet shown me what that worksheet is. Either way, I would want sole custody even if it didn't alter CS. Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.06.03 00:01 gongas95 HELP! Can’t connect my cameras to my IPhone.

HELP! Can’t connect my cameras to my IPhone.
So I have a 5Div and a R, and for the past year or so I was no able to connect my cameras to my iPhone, i think it’s something related to IOS not supporting Wi-Fi with no internet, I guess. I put the picture to show what it always says to me right before disconnecting from the network. Any of you know how to solve this?
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2023.06.03 00:01 Training_Force_4283 Why would a women hide being a escort?

Personally I thought escorts love getting paid until I met this one women a couple months ago that I’ve been dating we hangout have a good time together and she doesn’t ask me for money or anything crazy
Tbh sometimes she even pays for things like our dinner and breakfast but recently I saw a message in her phone that reveals that she might be lying about what she does for work so my question to you guys is why would a women not reveal being an escort? Even if she wasn’t really interested in me and she only took my number to try to turn me into a client later I figured she would of at least told me so she could try to sell me
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2023.06.03 00:01 Y2K-Guru rmadart3NoiseoffsetSD1_v10:1.0

This Lora is used in a number of posts here and there on the web, but I can't find it anywhere. Gotta clue for me? Civitai has a number of such images, but I can't find the Lora there.
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