Best Digital Weighing Machine for Home in India (Updated for 2019)

Looking for the best weighing machine for your home?

Below are the top 3 weighing machines you can consider.

Our Pick – Top 3 Weighing Machine for Home

In case you’re in a hurry, here are my top three recommendations for the best weighing machine for home.

#1 #2 #3
MEDITIVE Digital Personal Human Weighing Scale 180 Kg with... Omron HBF 375 Karada Scan Complete Digital Body Composition...
MEDITIVE Digital Personal Human Weighing Scale 180 Kg with... Omron HBF 375 Karada Scan Complete Digital Body Composition...
  • Made from 6 MM tempered glass
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Displays weight as well as room temperature
  • No sharp edges
  • Accuracy of 90 grams
  • Made from toughened glass
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Large LCD Display
  • Accuracy of 100 gms
  • Expensive as it comes with a lot of features
  • Memory Support – up to 4 previous readings
  • Body fat analyzer
  • Skeletal Muscle analyzer
  • Uses 4 AA battery
₹ 1,199 Price not available
Check on Amazon Check on Amazon

Trying to lose weight?

It can be an uphill battle to lose that stubborn fat.

In this battle, you need to get all the help you can, and a weighing machine at home is a useful weapon in this.

You must have heard this before“What Gets Measured Gets Improved”.

Legendary management consultant Peter Drucker famously said these words 40 years ago, and they are equally appropriate today.

If you want to reduce your body weight then you continuously need to track your weight over a period of time.

And to track this, you would need the best digital weighing scale (preferably at home).

You need a weighing machine that will accurately show you your body stats that includes not just your body weight but also your BMI, body fat, etc.

Keeping a track of your body weight is vital to your health in the long run to eliminate the risk of critical diseases. It has become so easy nowadays to keep a track of your body stats by keeping a personal weighing scale for yourself at home.

Buying weighing scale online is one of the best decisions most people have made who successfully transformed their body.

But just like any other product that you buy online, buying a weighing scale online also comes with its own challenges.

There are various weight machine brands available in India and it could confuse you.

We have done extensive research for you and shortlisted 10 Best Weighing scales in India.

Below I have compared the top 10 weighing machines for a home in India. You can go through the detailed reviews where I have mentioned all the good features and the shortcomings (if any).

These reviews will definitely help you gain awareness and understanding of the best features, pros, and cons of each weighing machine.

Let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Weighing Machine For Home Use in India

Below is the table that shows all the weighing machine (for home use) covered in this review.

9.5 / 10
MEDITIVE Digital Personal Human Weighing Scale 180 Kg with... MEDITIVE Digital Personal Human Weighing Scale 180 Kg with... 9.5 / 10 ₹ 1,199 Check Best Price
Omron HBF 375 Karada Scan Complete Digital Body Composition... Omron HBF 375 Karada Scan Complete Digital Body Composition... 9.0 / 10 Price not available Check Best Price
9.0 / 10
8.5 / 10
8.5 / 10
HealthSense CN500 & Mix (PS 135) HealthSense CN500 & Mix (PS 135) 8.0 / 10 Price not available Check Best Price
Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness... Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness... 8.0 / 10 ₹ 899 Check Best Price
7.5 / 10
Hesley Inc Bluetooth Digital Weighing Scale With Smartphone App... Hesley Inc Bluetooth Digital Weighing Scale With Smartphone App... 7.5 / 10 Price not available Check Best Price

Now let’s have a look at the detailed reviews of each of the weighing machine for home covered in this article.

1. Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Zen Rechargeable Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Dr. Trust is an American multinational Healthcare company backed by the technically sound and efficient team. It works dynamically to provide best-in-class healthcare products (such as weighing machines, nebulizers, thermometer, oximeter, etc.

It is one of the one of the most accurate weighing machines that you can find in India.

All their healthcare products are imported from the USA and available online on Amazon.

It’s a great product from Dr Trust and comes with a lot of features:

  1. It’s made of strong 6 mm tempered glass and can measure up to 180 Kgs. It has a large LCD display which shows the weight as well as the temperature.
  2. It has a rechargeable battery (500 Mah) that can be charged using a USB cable (which comes with the machine).
  3. It uses the patented ‘Accu Gauge’ technology and has a precision of 0.2 lb (~90 grams). This makes it one of the most accurate weighing machines in India.
  4. Other useful features include auto off (to conserve battery), low battery indication, and overload indication.
  5. It has a smooth finish with no sharp edges, which makes it safe even around babies.

This weighing machine is packed with a lot of features and comes with an affordable price tag.

The reason we have ranked this as the top rated machine is because it’s high quality and packs a lot of features at a reasonable price.

2. Equal Digital Weighing Scale

MEDITIVE Digital Personal Human Weighing Scale 180 Kg with...
  • Capacity: 180 Kg and High Accuracy of 100 grams. It can be run on both 2...
  • Automatic On/Off and Low Battery Indication and Elegant Print with Compact...
  • Large LCD Display and Big Platform Size of 28 cm by 28 cm
  • This type of weighing scale is introduced for the first time in India
  • It can be charged with a USB wire of a normal mobile phone and the wire is...

The Equal digital weighing scale is a high quality product made of toughened glass.

It has a capacity of 180 KGs and is a high accuracy of 100 gms.

It comes with  a rechargeable battery that you can charge using a USB cable (that comes with this weighing machine). In one charge, it can work for 3-4 months.

It comes with many useful features such as auto on/off, large LCD display, low battery indicator,

What stands out to me is that this weighing machine does everything that it’s supposed to and comes at a very affordable price.

3. Omron HBF -375

Omron HBF 375 Karada Scan Complete Digital Body Composition...
  • Step on analyser function
  • Reading displayed are skeletal muscle pervent, fat percent and subcutaneous...
  • Memory Support with 4 Memory Presets
  • 1 operation mode and comes with body fat monitor, 4 AA batteries and...
  • 1 year brand warranty from date of purchase

Omron is a market leader in the healthcare equipment industry headquartered in Japan.

This is a great body weight measuring machine from Omron that boasts of an effective weight management plan where it displays a progress chart and same age weight comparison to curtail weight gain.

If you are looking for the best weighing machine for home use then the Omron HBF -375 has to be your best choice.

It is one of the most accurate scales for weight.

This is also the most expensive weighing machine in our list – and the features it offers completely justifies the price.

It features a full body sensing technology that generates an accurate analysis of the visceral fat level, body fat, body weight, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle percentage, and subcutaneous fat percentage.

The Omron HBF-375 comes with a step on analyzer function and it is an ideal machine for effective weight management for the full family.

It also displays your BMI (body mass index) to indicate the optimum levels of fat according to the dimensions of the body.

BMI = Weight (Kg) / Height (M) / Height (M)

So if a person weighs 100 Kilograms and is 1.9 Meters tall has a BMI of 27.7

4. Health Sense PS 126

HealthSense is one of India’s fastest growing and leading healthcare brands based in Bangalore, with a wide product portfolio consisting of weighing scales, BP monitors, pedometer, massager, humidifier and more since its inception.

HealthSense Personal Scale is one the best bathroom body weighing machine in India without a doubt. Its inbuilt sense-on technology automatically detects and switches on the machines when you stand upon the device.

This digital weighing scale has the capacity to measure a maximum weight up to 180 Kgs and a minimum of 5 kgs. It will also give you an indication when the battery is about to be finished. Above all other features, this digital weight machine is ultra lightweight which makes it easy to lift and place anywhere in your home. You can also change the Unit from KG to Pounds easily.

The HealthSense digital weight machine will automatically switch on once you step on this machine and will display your weight for 5 seconds after you step down from the machine.

There is absolutely no doubt that this weight machine gives you accurate results due to its inbuilt G Sensor technology and certainly one of the best weighing scales in India.

5. Dr. Trust Absolute Personal Digital Scale Weighing Machine

This is the second Dr Trust weighing machine that we have features in our review (the other one is our top recommendation in weighing machines).

This weighing machine has a large display with useful features such as auto calibration, auto on/off, low battery indication, over load indicator, etc.

It has a high precision sensor and can measure up to 180 Kgs on weight.

It’s a sturdy weighing machine which has been built with durable ABS material. The bottom of the machine is equipped with skid proof strips to make sure it stays in place (especially useful in bathrooms).

It uses 3 AA size batteries, and it’s auto off feature ensures that these battery work for a long time. It also has a weight conversion option, so you can check your weight in KGs or Lbs.

It has a smooth finish with no sharp edges, which makes it safe even around babies.

The reasons we have ranked this as the top rated machine is because it’s high quality and packs a lot of features at a reasonable price.

6. Omron HBF-212 Body Composition Monitor

This fantastic machine is one of the best body weighing machine in the Weight machine category.

This weighing machine would suit those people who are a little tight on budget but want to buy a machine that can monitor their weight, BMI and metabolism, and body fat percentage.

It serves a great purpose if you combine this weighing scale with a fitness tracker because the fitness tracker will measure your heart rate, step count, activities while the Omron Body Composition monitor will give you detailed stats about your body composition. This will keep you motivated to perform better day by day and keep a track of your overall health and fitness levels.

The Omron 212 comes with a scratch-proof LCD display and sensors installed in its circuit so that it can be used in all temperatures.

It comes with a memory chip that can store unto 4 users so that other family members can use the machine and each one can save their data.

It also displays your BMI (body mass index) to indicate the optimum levels of fat according to the dimensions of the body.

Using the proprietary Omron Karada Scan, the machine comes with a body fat monitor and 4 memory presets which enables to store the data of up to 90 days and help you track progress.

Last but not the least the Omron body composition monitor not only measures your body composition but it can also weigh anything from 2 KG to 150 KG.

7. Health Sense Soft-Grip Personal Scale PS 135

HealthSense CN500 & Mix (PS 135)
  • Precious Design with Stylish Aluminum Side Plated;Healthsense India...
  • G Sensor for high accuracy, Sense On Technology;Weigh range 5-180 Kg, Unit...
  • Large LCD with Blue Backlight and Black Font
  • It is a normal tendency of weighing scales to display minor variations...
  • Battery replacement is required if weighing scale does not light up

Who needs boring weight machines that you see at the doctor’s clinic when you have a Stylish digital weight machine like Health Sense.

With a large Large LCD display and a low battery and ERR indicator this Personal scale scores as one of the best weighing machines in India.

Whether you’re a personal trainer or just trying to get back in shape, this HealthSense Personal Scale PS 135 is an affordable solution for keeping up with weight management goals.

It has Four Precision Sensors to ensure accuracy is very easy to use and extremely accurate.

This HealthSense PS 135 scale is consistently reliable and provides the motivation you need to help keep yourself on track and meet your health goals.

The HealthSense Personal Scale’s proprietary “Step-On” technology features easy-to-use activation software that gives you an accurate readout of your weight to the nearest 100 grams.

8. Hoffen Digital Elecronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale

Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness...
  • High precision strain gauge sensor system
  • Tempered Glass 280 x 280 mm
  • Capacity 2.3 -180 Kg
  • Note: Kindly use the product on flat hard surface

What customers liked about Hoffen Digital Scale 

  • Several users mentioned its a nice product, very accurate, good packing and great customer support.
  • Couple of customers said there is no variation in weight. It shows same reading for same person after weighing multiple times.
  • Some users also wrote that this digital scale has a firm and strong body. Slim and sleek too
  • One user mentioned that it also displays correct room temperature.

What buyers disliked

  • Some users experienced that the readings were not consistent when used at the same time.

9. Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale

Key Features of Omron HN-286

  • 4 sensor accuracy technology
  • Automatic On/Off function
  • Ultra slim design
  • Precise body weight management
  • Tempered glass for safely
  • Precision display to the closest 100g

Another fantastic digital weight scale from Omron is this Omron HN 286 model. This Japanese company has been known to create various medical equipment like digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors and nebulizers.

Just like HealthSense the Omron digital weight machine also gives you accurate weight by using the G-Sense technology. The weight machine will automatically switch on once you step up on the weight machine and will shut down once you step down from the machine.

It uses a 4-sensor technology and has four sensors at each corner of the scale to help weigh even 100 grams.

It has a tempered glass for safety and has a stylish design so that you can place it anywhere in your home. It is priced a bit higher than others but overall a damn good fitness product that you must have to monitor your weight. You will see this weight machine at a lot of clinics.

10. Hesley Inc Bluetooth Digital Weighing Scale

Hesley Inc Bluetooth Digital Weighing Scale With Smartphone App...
  • Body Composition Monitor:This body fat scale collects 10 physical indices,...
  • Free Friendly App - Download our APP "OKOK INTERNATIONAL" for FREE in Apple...
  • Explosion-proof Tempered Glass - It makes the scale safer to use with 6mm...
  • High Quality Product - Auto calibration, high precision sensors measure in...

Hesley is among the Top bestselling digital weighing scales in India.

Although we could not find anything about the company on the web, the address mentioned on Amazon is of Bangalore (Bengaluru). We believe that this Bangalore based company is importing these products directly from China and selling them on Amazon under their private label.

Using the BIA (Bioelectric Impedance Analysis) technology, the Hesley Bluetooth Smart Scale is able to offer you Body Composition Analysis including body weight and BMI.

The scale is super easy to set up. You just need to download the KeepFit App from Google Play or iOS App Store and connect your phone to the scale via Bluetooth.

Now create your user account in the App, and you’re good to go! Smart Tracking Progress on App & Sync with Google Fit, Apple Health.

The KeepFit App lets you create user profiles for 5 people, making this scale perfect for the whole family. With the KeepFit App, you are able to set personal goals, track the progress every day using charts and/or reports. With a price range of just above 1000 and below 1500 the Hesley weighing scale offers a complete value for money.

Some Important instructions to get the best results from your digital weighing scales

  • Always place your scale on a hard and even floor to ensure the greatest accuracy and repeatability.
  • Avoid keeping the weighing scale on carpeted or uneven surfaces
  • Weigh yourself at the same time each day, before meals and without wearing any footwear
  • The best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning when you wake up
  • If you weigh yourself twice and you get two different results (variance of 500 gms) then it means your weight lies between the two.

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