Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker Review

About Boltt

Boltt is a global wearable technology company headquartered in India that manufacturers smart shoes, fitness trackers, and sensors that work with the paired app to give athletes and their coaches valuable metrics to help make informed training decisions.

The company has been founded by the Indian duo Arnav Kishore and Aayushi Kishore. They have received a huge response from the Indian market.

“We have more than 700 workouts based on different principles of running. Those training plans are calculated on nutritional intake you’ll need, the amount of sleep required for recovery for example. There’s a voice coach and a wellness coach inside the app. You can chat in real time and it will take into account all of the data you log through the nutritional panel and the wearable. It doesn’t feel like a robot.”

– Arnav Kishore – Founder of Boltt

Boltt Product Offerings

Boltt currently has three product offerings for its customers

  • A smart shoe with an embedded stride sensor
  • Fitness Tracker for the wrist
  • The app which can also track your nutrition intake and other things.The App can be integrated with other fitness trackers if you would like to use just their AI platform with your Fitbit, Garmin, Tomtom, Jawbone, Polar or any other fitness trackers.


Design of Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker

Overall the tracker has a fairly good built quality with a unibody design which means it only has one piece.

The straps are rubberized and quite comfortable for normal users. At least we have not seen any complaints regarding the strap quality.

Screen is unibody and attached to the strap. It has a touch screen so you can toggle between various options by just tapping on the red button on the screen.


Boltt Beat comes with an OLED display and the screen resolution is quite good. A little light in the direct sunlight and this is something the company needs to improve.

Battery Life

The company claims that the device’s battery is of around 7 days and after that it can be recharged. It varies from one person to another, based on their usage. If you switch on the Continuous heart rate sensor then the battery will last only 2-3 days.


  • Personalized Health and Fitness Coaching using Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Activity Tracking – calories burned, distance, steps, flights climbed, running, walking and active time.
  • Intelligent motion & automatic sleep detection – measures quantity and quality of sleep toss and turns & REM & Light sleep stages.
  • Access Weight Loss Coaching based on your targets. The plans include a combination of diets and exercises.
  • Log all your meals / click a picture of your food and get detailed micro and macronutrient breakdown in the App’s Diet Panel
  • Get Live Audio & Text Coaching by the personalized AI Coach- it gives dynamic insights on sleep, nutrition & activity. It whispers live instructions during workouts.
  • Notifications – Social media alerts, sedentary reminders, call and message notifications via the Tracker
  • Heart rate sensor has two modes – Sports and Standard. There is also an option to switch off the heart rate sensor to preserve battery life.

But if you are looking for a much-advanced fitness tracker with an accurate heart rate monitor then trust me you have better options to choose.

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How Boltt’s Coaching Methodology works for you?

The company states that they use artificial intelligence to track, monitor data and give advice to individuals depending upon their lifestyle.

Boltt Beat helps you to perform better during workouts. It tracks hourly calories, distance, step count, flights climbed, running, walking and active time.

Although there have been cases of buyers complaining about the accuracy of their tracker we really faced not much issues with their accuracy. The tracker gave us a 95% accuracy for step count and 98% accuracy for sleep.

Meet “B” – The Virtual Boltt Coach

Boltt has defined their coach that is named as ‘B’. It is Boltt’s Artificial Intelligence system that will interact with you daily as a 24/7 coach to give insights into nutrition, sleep and training.

Through the app, you’ll be able to talk to your coach ‘B’, log food from a million different types and take part in 200 different, guided fitness sessions that can give you real time feedback.

Its an interesting concept thats launched first time in the world in fitness trackers. Boltt has kept the price range very much affordable to tap the lower end of the customer base.


CEO Arnav says “one of the key features is how you can set priorities on the app on how you get data from the sources. “You can set the activities to come from Apple Watch and something else from the Fitbit,” he adds. And it is not all artificial intelligence, Boltt plans to draw on the knowledge of its “global board of influencers and advisers” ranging from marathoners, triathletes, data scientists and biokineticists, nutritionists and sleep experts”

Source: Indian Express

Boltt Beat Fitness Activity Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Band with Free 3 Months Health Coaching

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as of August 30, 2019 4:08 pm


  • Beat is your 24x7 heart rate monitor that comes with personalized health and fitness coaching (for 3 months), the fitness tracker is the perfect convergence of aesthetics, technology and fashion.
  • With continuous heart rate monitoring , Beat helps you to perform better during workouts, it tracks hourly calories, distance, steps, flights climbed, running, walking and active time.
  • It comes with intelligent motion and automatic sleep detection, it measures quantity and quality of sleep, toss and turns and REM and light sleep stages
  • The tracker comes with a subscription of the Boltt health app, the app is in- built with an AI personal coach, the coach tracks your fitness, sleep and nutrition and helps you stay on track with your goals. It whispers live instructions during workouts. Log all your meals/click a picture of your food and get detailed micro and macro nutrient breakdown in the App's diet panel
  • Access weight loss coaching based on your targets, the plans include a combination of diets and exercises, the battery life is 72 hours

Product Description

Warranty: 3 Months Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support Activate Your Boltt App Subscription Here: FAQ: Q: How to sync Beat 2.0 to Mobile Phone? A:Kindly activate your mobile bluetooth and device location Start a New Device Search Click on Beat 2.0 result to connect Q: Which version is this device? A:This is updated beat 2.0 Q: Once personalized health coaching subscription is over, can I still use the android app for activity , sleep and heart rate tracker? A: Yes, you can use the Android app for tracking sleep, activity and heart rate. Q: Dose it support android device? A: Yes. It supports Android Device. You can download the Boltt Track App from the play store. Q: How to Charge the device?A: This fitness tracker has a built-in USB charger. The wristband pulls away from the screen and there's a usb insert, plug it into a USB charger (smartphone USB charger or PC USB port) to charge the device. Please remove both two sides of the band, one...

How to setup Boltt App with your Android or iOS device?

You need to sync the Boltt fitness tracker via Bluetooth with the Boltt App on your smart phone. We read a lot of reviews where people faced some difficulty about setting up and syncing the device with their mobile.

Therefore just to make sure that nobody faces a problem setting up the device we’ve included the following video made by the company to explain the set-up process step-by-step.


If you follow these steps then there should not be any issues syncing your Android or iOS device. But if you still face any technical difficulties don’t worry because the company gives you a 30 day guarantee for any manufacturing fault.

Is Boltt Beat the right choice for you?

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that can give you notifications about whatsapp, sms, calls etc. then you can buy this fitness tracker. Its very much suitable for beginners who are looking to lose weight and follow a diet plan.

It is also ideal for people

If you are one of those people who have always wanted a coach to assist you and give regular feedback, motivation, and data analysis then Boltt Beat is the right choice for you.

Even for some people who play sports like football, basketball or any field sports, this fitness tracker can be very useful for you.

Having said all this, in our opinion Boltt Beat is ideal for a basic level user who is looking to change his/her daily habits – eating on time, sleeping on time and working out on a regular basis. This tracker will help you to monitor your daily physical activities and get you disciplined. We have rated the Boltt Beat as one of the best budget fitness trackers in India.

If you are an advanced level user and would like to have a fitness smartband that will also measure your heart rate during various activities – cycling, swimming, running then you can look at these advanced fitness trackers.

If you are already using another Fitness Tracker and would like to use Boltt’s coaching system you can do it by just signing up for their subscription based service. More details below.

Price of Boltt Beat Fitness Tracker

When you look at the price of Boltt Beat it is nowhere near the likes of Fitbit, Garmin, Tomtom and others. If you have a limited budget of less than 5K then Boltt Beat could be your ideal choice.

When you buy the Boltt Beat tracker it automatically comes with their coaching system that we explained earlier in this article. You have a choice to take 3 months, 6 months or 12 months coaching system.

While there is a very slight difference of price between 3 months and 6 months subscription you should ideally aim for 12 month subscription. This will save you the hassle of renewing it at a later stage and consuming your time and efforts.

However if you have some extra cash and want to go for a much higher end fitness band with extra features then you can look at some other high end smartwatches or expensive fitness trackers.

Boltt has been very successful so far in the Indian market. They are also targeting the international wearable market and are shipping their products to all parts of the world.

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