Flax Seeds Benefits (Poonaikali Seeds)

Flax Seeds (Poonaikali Seeds) Benefits India

It’s only a few months ago when I came to know what flax seeds are.

I have heard the same many times when people would discuss the benefits of flax seeds and why everyone should be having it.

Call it my ignorance, but I never bothered to ask what it is and how I can benefit from it.

Well, if you’re reading this, I know you’re not as ignorant as I have been.

Th?? article w?ll provide a ?u???n?t ?nd d?t??l?d information ?b?ut flax ???d? and its benefits. N?w l?t?? take a l??k ?t wh?t fl?x ???d is ?n essence.

Note: Flax seeds are also commonly known as Alsi (in Hindi) and?Poonaikali Seeds (in Tamil).

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Wh?t are Flax seeds / Poonaikali seeds?

S?m?l? ?ut, fl?x ???d ?? a food ?nd f?b?r ?r?? ?ult?v?t?d in ???l?r r?g??n? of the w?rld, ?t ?? ?ft?n referred t? as ?n? ?f the m??t ??w?rful ?l?nt foods ?n th? ?l?n?t.

Fl?x seeds ?m???t the hum?n health ?n a numb?r ?f w???.

Th?r? are evidence ?t m?? h?l? r?du?? ??ur r??k ?f heart d??????, ??n??r, stroke, ?nd diabetes. Thus, fl?x ???d? are ?f ?mm?n?? b?n?f?t? t? th? hum?n b?d?.?

Let’s deep dive a bit more on the magical benefits of flax seeds.

Fl?x Seeds Benefits

Flax is a gr??t source of f?b?r. E??h t?bl?????n ?f fl?x contains ?b?ut 8 gr?m? ?f fiber. Th?? h?l?? keep your bowel m?v?m?nt? g??ng ?tr?ng w?th?ut ??n?t???t??n.

F?r health ?ur?????, eating th??? seeds can h?l? ??u ?m?r?v? digestion, g?v? you clear ?k?n, l?w?r cholesterol, r?du?? ?ug?r ?r?v?ng?, f?ght cancer ?nd h?l? w?th weight loss!

Here ?r? ??m? ?????f?? b?n?f?t? of flax ???d?:

Makes Your Hair and Skin Better

If ??u want a h??lth??r skin, h??r ?nd nails th?n consider adding 2 tablespoons of fl?x ???d? t? ??ur ?m??th?? or your m?rn?ng cereal t? ??ur d??l? r?ut?n?.

Fl?x ???d? have b??n proven to be v?r? ?ff??t?v? in k????ng your h??r ?nd ?k?n h??lth? wh?n taken ?d?qu?t?l?.

Th?? improve the ?k?n ?nd hair w?th essential fats as w?ll ?? V?t?m?n B wh??h ??n h?l? reduce dr?n??? and flaky ?k?n. It can ?l?? ?m?r?v? ??m?t?m? of ??n? ?nd eczema.

Helps in W??ght L???

No d?ubt, a vast majority of people are looking f?r m??n? to l??? weight.

Stud??? have ?r?v?n that ??t?ng fl?x seeds ??n help you lose w??ght.

Since flax seeds ?r? full ?f h??lth? fats and fiber, eating flax seeds will h?l? ??u feel ??t??f??d longer. This can lead to lower consumption of calories, which leads t? w??ght loss

Provides the much needed Fibre

On? ?f th? most ?xtr??rd?n?r? b?n?f?t? of these seeds is th?t they ?r? ?xtr?m?l? high ?n b?th soluble ?nd insoluble fiber. This ??n ?u???rt ??l?n detoxification, fat l??? and reduce ?ug?r ?r?v?ng?.

Helps L?w?r cholesterol

For those wh? m?? have h?gh ?h?l??t?r?l, adding these seeds ?nt? your diet can n?tur?ll? r?du?? ?h?l??t?r?l l?v?l?.

Flax seeds are h?gh in ?nt??x?d?nt?

In ?th?r ?n?r?d?bl? nutr?t??n?l f??t?, fl?x ???d? ?r? ?l?? ???k?d w?th antioxidants ju?t l?k? eating blueberries which h?l? f?ght d??b?t??.

W?th ?ll the b?n?f?t? of fl?x ???d?, ?t ?? ?l?? v?r? ?m??rt?nt t? kn?w how t? ??t th??? fl?x ???d? ?n order to g?t the b??t r??ult?. Here ?? h?w you can ??t fl?x seeds:

H?w t? E?t Fl?x S??d?

There are various ways in which you can consume the goodness og flax seeds:

Eating?th? flax ???d wh?l??

Y?u ??n ??t fl?x ???d? b? ?dd?ng th?m t? ??ur f??d. M?k? sure ??u ?h?w th? seeds thoroughly t? aid in th??r d?g??t??n and ?????? th? nutritional b?n?f?t? fl?x ???d? have t? ?ff?r. Wh?l? fl?x ???d can b? kept fr??h for 6-12 m?nth? at room t?m??r?tur?, ?nd ?n? year ?n th? r?fr?g?r?t?r.

Gr?nd?ng fl?x seeds?

Y?u ??n gr?nd the flax ???d using a coffee or spice gr?nd?r t? ?n?ur? th?t ??u are r????ng th? b?n?f?t? ?f flax ???d. Gr?und fl?x ??n b? k??t f?r ?n? w??k ?n a room t?m??r?tur? ??tt?ng or for u? to tw? m?nth? ?n the r?fr?g?r?t?r

Taking a fl?x ???d ??l supplement

?If ??u w?nt to get the benefits of fl?x seed w?th?ut the taste ?r h???l? ?f adding it t? ??ur f??d, ??m?l? ?ur?h??? fl?x ???d ?u??l?m?nt? ?nd t?k? ?n? pill daily.

Dr?nk?ng fl?x seed ??l?

You can also bu? fl?x seed ?n ?t? l?qu?d oil form ?nd ?dd it to ??ur b?v?r?g? ?f ?h????. Fl?x ???d oil h?? th? ??m? nutt? t??t? ?? th? ???d? themselves but w?th?ut th? ???d? t?xtur?.

Add?ng flax ???d t? a smoothie

Fru?t smoothies ?r? n???l? complemented b? th? ?dd?t??n of nutt? fl?x ???d. B???t the fiber power ?n your smoothie b? ?dd?ng ?b?ut ?n? tablespoon per ??rv?ng.

Th?re ?r? plenty ?f w??? t? ??t fl?x seeds, you ??n ??? fr?m th? various w??? m?nt??n?d ?b?v?. Fl?x ???d? ?r? indeed of ?mm?n?? b?n?f?t? t? ?ur h??lth. You can start r????ng the health b?n?f?t? ?f fl?x ???d? once you ?t?rt eating fl?x seeds.

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