Pebble – Superhit Smartwatch Company that closed down…

In 2015/2016, Indian smartwatch market was really heating up.

People were warming up to this new gadget and most of the people were finding a utility in it (given how sedentary our lifestyle has become in the past 20 years).

And just like any other market, Indian smartwatch and fitness band market saw some really great entrants.

One such promising startup was Pebble Technology Corp.

Yes, I used was – because this startup doesn’t exist anymore.

Then why are we even talking about it – because it’s products are promising and still available in the market?

So if you’re in the process of buying a smartwatch in India, or are already considering buying a Pebble smartwatch, this review is right where you should be.

Pebble Technology Corp

Pebble Technology Corp. was a start-up company that was started on Kickstarter (a crowdsourcing platform) in the year 2014.

The company is very well known as the makers of the “first smartwatch in the world”.

The company later developed a line of smartwatches including the first commercially successful smartwatch, the Pebble Smartwatch.

The company had a massive success on Kickstarter?where it raised a whopping 10.3 million in just 1 month.

Later they also launched two more smartwatches Pebble Time and Pebble Time steel and raised 20.3 million on Kickstarter.

Pebble Technology Corp Time 501-00020 Smartwatch (Black)
There is no manufacturer/seller warranty on this item.; There are no software updates available
₹ 25,436
Pebble Technology Corp Time Steel 511-00024 Smartwatch (Black)
There is no manufacturer/seller warranty on this item.; There are no software updates available

The smartwatches were delivered to people all over the world as people ordered them via the Kickstarter website. This was the most successful crowdsourcing campaign in the history of Kickstarter.

But here comes the sad part.

Pebble officially shut down their operations in December 2016 and sold its intellectual property to Fitbit. They filed for insolvency in the US in December 2016.

If you don’t believe me then check out their founder?s profile whose name is Eric –> here that shows he is no longer associated with Pebble.

But still, Pebble smartwatches are being sold in India on online websites including Amazon you know why?

Because Fitbit has acquired Pebble?s engineers along with the intellectual property. So practically Pebble is still alive but now in the hands of Fitbit (which are market leaders in this segment in India and I can personally vouch for the quality of Fitbit fitness bands).

When did Pebble Launch in India?

Pebble Technology Corp. launched their entry in the Indian market in 2016 May with smartwatches starting from 6,000 INR to 16,000.

Since then the company has sold thousands of smartwatches on this platform – Amazon.

Even though some people know that this company has closed down, they still want to get their hands on this watch.

Here are a couple of reasons why Pebble Smartwatches are still popular and a good smartwatch option:

  1. Pebble watches connect to both Android and iOS phones, so they can display notifications from the phone. Its online app store distributes more than a thousand Pebble-compatible apps from many third-party developers, including ESPN, Uber, Runkeeper, and GoPro.
  2. The average battery life of any Pebble watch is around 8-10 days which far exceeds any other smartwatch in the segment be it Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone or Polar.

With over 1000 apps built into the Pebble smartwatch, you can almost do everything whether its text/call/social media notifications, play music, monitoring stock prices OR monitor your sleep etc.

As of January 2015, Pebble sold more than 1 million smartwatches, which speaks volume of their popularity and success at that time.

Are Pebble Smartwatches Waterproof?

While all Pebble watches are water resistant they have one model – Pebble Time which is just splash proof which means you cannot wear it while swimming.

Rest all other variants are water resistant up to 30 mm.

This is not a deal breaker. While there are some fitness bands that are waterproof, and I am sure this is where the industry is moving, most of the smartwatches and fitness bands are still water resistant.

Pebble Smartwatch Display

All Pebble smartwatches have an inbuilt e-paper screen which means your screen is always turned On and shines clearly even in the brightest sunlight.

You don’t need to press any button or touch the screen for displaying time, notifications etc.

Pebble Watch Price In India

There are multiple variants of the Pebble watch in India starting from Rs. 6,000 and it goes up to Rs. 16,000.

Their latest smartwatch which has a built-in heart rate tracker comes at approximately Rs. 12,700.

Still, the Pebble watches are cheaper than the likes of Garmin, Fitbit, and TomTom that have same or more features.

Should you buy the Pebble Smartwatch?

If you are looking for a great smartwatch in India and your budget is between Rs. 6,000 – 12,000 then you can look at the below Pebble watches and buy the one that you like.

However, a caution of advice for you is that Pebble does NOT offer any warranty and software updates on any of their watches. This is because of the reason that the company has ceased operations, but Fitbit is still running this company.

If you ask me, I would recommend you to buy one of the Fitbit or Garmin smartwatches. If you’re looking for a good fitness band, I recommend looking at GOQii (which has become my personal favorite in the past few months).

Below are some options you can consider instead of the Pebble Smartwatch:

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch, Small (Black/Silver)
Track steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes; See simplified heart rate zones for quickly checking exercise intensity during workouts
Fitbit Ionic FB503WTGY Smartwatch (Blue and Grey/White)
Start dynamic personalized workouts on your wrist with step-by-step coaching
−₹ 1,000 ₹ 23,999
Fitbit Versa Health and Fitness Smartwatch, Onesize (Black)...
4+ day battery life; Refer User Manual for Setup instructions and Troubleshooting steps under 'Product details
−₹ 15,001 ₹ 9,999

You can look at the below Pebble smartwatches and all their functions to select the best smartwatch for yourself.