Review of Fitbit Surge – Why it’s not a Wow Fitness Band

Let me be blunt by saying that the Fitbit Surge is a fantastic watch when it comes to its features like the GPS and the continuous heart rate tracking.

But?honestly, I don’t think it deserves the Ultimate Super Smartwatch Title added to its name.

Fitbit Surge Full Review – Not a wow Smartwatch

The Fitbit Surge delivers the data and statistics you need to measure your effort and maximize your training time with the help of built-in GPS, multisport functionality, and automatic, continuous heart rate tracking.

You also get activity tracking, automatic sleep detection, music control, and text and call notifications, and you have everything you need to stay connected, motivated and in the zone to meet your fitness goals.

Design and Band Quality

From the first look, the Fitbit Surge looks a little big on the wrists because of its design and big display.

It has a button on the side to help you toggle between the screen display if you are not comfortable with the touchscreen.

We heard few complaints from end users about the quality of the band that the band starts getting bubbles after a couple of months.

This is not the first Fitbit band to face this problem though. A lot of other Fitbit fitness band straps have a tendency to bubble in a few months (especially when you sleep wearing it).

GPS Functionality

The one feature that really gets you excited after hearing is the inbuilt GPS feature in this smartwatch. This is something useful for Runners and marathoners.

Battery Life

The battery life of the watch is approximately 5-7 days depending upon the usage of the GPS feature. If you use GPS everyday on your runs then it will definitely last only 3-4 days. If you are a Marathon Runner and use GPS feature the battery would only last 1-2 days.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Like many other fitness trackers, the Fitbit Surge has a heart rate monitor that will give you a pretty accurate average heart rate for your run. Don’t expect a 100% accuracy for heart rate but it is certainly close to between 90-95%.

Sleep Tracking

Surge has the fantastic feature to detect when you are sleeping. That means you don’t have to remember to tell the watch that you’re going to sleep so that it can monitor your sleep patterns.

Apart from these above features, there are some other usual features that you also get in other smartwatches. Some of these features we have mentioned below.

  • Activity tracking
  • Silent alarm
  • Exercise tracking
  • Caller ID
  • OLED Display
  • Music control and notifications

If you are using Fitbit for the first time and wondering how to setup and sync it with your smartphone then this video will help you.


  • Accurate GPS and heart rate monitoring feature (best for Runners)
  • Automatic Sleep Tracking
  • The food database is very good and easy to use


  • Design is not professional (cannot wear at your workplace)
  • Size of the smartwatch looks big on the wrist
  • Band gets bubbles after few months of usage
  • Not Waterproof (you cannot swim)
  • No warranty available in India

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