Running Tips

If you are someone who is thinking to start running or have just started running to stay fit and looking for running tips then you have come to the right place. 

These Running Tips will guide you why it is important to include running or jogging as part of your workout plan.

When the question is how to run fast or how to run faster most runners look towards what they can do on the road, track or running machine.

Strength Training for Runners

Strength training can and should focus on exercises for runners and workouts directly related or otherwise.

Almost anything that will strengthen the body is a good workout for runners. A strong body, particularly strong abdominals, is the hallmark of every man and woman of note in every distance of running. As the old Navy refrain goes; “You can’t fire a cannon out of a canoe”.  That is, strong bodies are the foundation from which we can build and we all know what happens when something is built on a weak foundation.

Let’s look at some areas below the neck that need to be strong and some simple specific exercises for runners that will get that cannon firing, as it should. The classic lunge is going to strengthen the gluteus, the quad muscles and the hamstrings, which are vital to our forward thrust in running.

Running can be seen as series of one-legged bounds as you only ever have one foot on the ground at a time and in order to be successful in this endeavor great balance is required.

Exercises to do before Running

Almost everyone has trouble keeping their balance when doing lunges but don’t take that as a sign you are doing them wrong. Doing them as we all pretty much do, shaking and wobbling down and up, gives us the actual compensation needed and ones effort to regain balance while doing lunges is what is strengthening us where it counts. Do a set of four to six lunges before every run you do and within six months you’ll see your increased “running efficiency” (your ability to run faster using less energy) translate into faster and more enjoyable running.

The strongest runners at a glance are the sprinters. But sprinting before you get strong enough can lead to injury so how do you build a Sprinters body outside of fast track or treadmill workouts? The answer is hills. As Frank Shorter famously said, “Hills are speed-work in disguise”. They enable us to also strengthen the calves and hips, as well as the Glutes, quads and hamstrings we are building up everyday with our lunges. After regular workout of thrusting up hills you are going to find running on the flat an easy task. I’d recommend you do ten to thirty seconds up at a slow but purposeful pace followed by the same time down, times eight, once every ten days or so.

Do the down hills at an easy pace dictated by the incline and gravity. Keeping the down hills fast and smooth will work your core as you fight to keep your balance adjusting to the steeper angle and increased pace.

Strength training for runners is as important as running itself because it will prevent injury and the easier it is to move across time and space the more you’ll enjoy being a runner. Whether it relates to miles run or strength built the legendary coach Arthur Lydiard’s quote rings true: “The bigger the base the higher the Pyramid”.