Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30 Smartwatch Review

Sony launched their 3rd Smartwatch SWR50 in India last year after they entered the wearables market and launched Sony Smartband SW30?and Sony Smartband2.

The earlier two smartwatches have not been a big success because Sony still needs some time to make a big mark in the Wearables market. Sony claims that this smartwatch makes life simpler and smarter.

Let’s see if it really does what they claim.

First Impression of the watch gives a very neat and smart look.

It really is different than other smartwatches in the market due to its shape, size and rubberized look.

It has a decent look if you are wearing this to your office or college but it gives more of the sporty look due to its rubbery design. Definitely, the watch cannot compete with other smartwatches in the market like Pebble and?Garmin.

There are additional rubber straps available in black and yellow colors that you buy at additional cost.

The watch also comes with a full metal – stainless steel band to give a more formal look rather than the rubber sporty look.


The watch comes with 1.6-inch and 320 x 320 resolution which is pretty much decent as compared to other smartwatches like Samsung.

The display is brilliant especially when it dims when the display dims the trans-reflective display still shows the clock while saving battery life – thus it serves the main purpose of having a watch.

You do not need to touch the screen or stare at the watch to bring on its display and see the time.

Battery Life

The battery life of SWR50 ?is not good as compared to other smartwatches in the market like Pebble.

With functions such as GPS and music control, the battery only lasts a day to a maximum of 2 days.

I don’t really blame Sony for this because they’ve tried their best to include a good battery life but because people usually use GPS, music and other advanced features on this smartwatch the battery life gets reduced to 1 to 2 days.

Hopefully, Sony will soon launch another smartwatch with a better battery life.

Water Resistance

The Sony SWR50 is at its best when it comes to water resistance.

With an IP68 rating for water protection, you can wear this watch while you go for that swim.

The smartwatch is water resistant up to 10 meters of water which means you can wear the watch while swimming.

Sony warns that you should not wear this watch deeper than 10 meters of water and for longer than 30 minutes. They also warn that the water should be fresh water and you should not wear this in seawater or lakes.

Other Useful features

Accurate Step count

The Sony smartwatch uses the accelerometer to detect exactly what activity you?re doing.

It pretty much gives an accuracy of 90-95% for your step count.

Music Control

The SWR 50 has an impressive offline performance.

You can save your favorite tracks in the smartwatch and leave your smartphone at home when you go out for the run.

Just pick up your bluetooth headphones and wear your SWR50 and head out for the Run (So no wires and no mobile phone in your pocket)


Some people have left negative reviews about the GPS to be unstable.

Sometimes the watch doesn’t record your run on the GPS which is a big let down and you cannot monitor your running or workout.


The watch has an inbuilt compass that lets you be an intrepid adventurer, and still find your way home for a cup of tea after your adventure.


You will get all your messages and Facebook notifications on the smartwatch because the watch is powered by Android Wear.

Your favorite apps including messaging, social media, news and music, will automatically sync with your watch.?

Built in Wifi

Because the watch has a built-in Wi-Fi you can now interact with apps on your watch instead of picking up your phone.

Get notifications, reply to messages and much more, all on your wrist.


Android 4.3 and onwards


With a price range of approximately Rs. 30K I feel a watch is a decent gadget for someone who wants to shift from Goqii and Fitbit.

I would certainly not recommend the SWR 50 to someone who is looking to buy their first smartwatch.

With a decent sporty look and advanced features like voice control, music, GPS and water resistance the Sony SWR 50 smartwatch is certainly worth giving a try.


Q: Can we make calls and receive calls via this Sony smartwatch without even touching phone? Does it have built-in speakers to hear phone ringing or microphone to receive calls?
A: It doesn’t come with an inbuilt speaker, but you can attend call if your phone is connected to Bluetooth headset and this watch in parallel, without taking the phone out. The watch does vibrate during any calls or messages. You can just swipe in your watch and can hear/speak via Bluetooth headset. There is a microphone located in the watch to use voice command features.

Q: Can I reply to messages by texting through it?
A: Yes, you will be able to reply to normal messages and WhatsApp messages via voice command but ?NOT texting.

Q: Can I see WhatsApp messages on the watch and reply?
A:?Yes you can see the Whatsapp messages but can only reply using the voice command feature.

Q: Can I sync Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to see my news feed and updating status?
A: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp notifications are shown. But not the news feed and status update are also not possible.

Q: Can I connect the Bluetooth headset and watch with my phone at the same time?
A: You can connect your Bluetooth headset & watch in parallel with your phone which helps in attending calls as mentioned earlier. You can connect a Bluetooth headset only to your watch to hear songs if you downloaded the same from mobile to hear offline. This helps in taking only the headset & watch outside while running, keeping your phone at home. Usable memory to download songs is 2gb out of 4gb.

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