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2023.06.02 23:15 kydwykkydd I really want to change my name

(22f) im really not ballsy enough though. the most I can say for my natural disposition is that im quiet/reserved, im not much and idk what to say about my self non specifically. I dislike nearly everything about myself, but my name and my voice are probably at the top. I dont know how I want to come off to people as, there's nothing specific about me on the inside, I really dont know what would work for me and it kills me. which is why my voice and my name are at the top of my self hatred. they're like the two things that basically shape/define yourself before you get the chance to. I hate my voice and the way my mouth moves when I talk, but there's nothing I can do about that aside from not talk much, it keeps me from wanting to speak my mind honestly.
But my name I can change, and im at a point where I dont know anyone, life is shit and very stagnant that if I were to do it, now might be the best time to reinvent myself before I try and get out there in the world. Im not unfamiliar to having an unstable name. My mom was single when she had me, so legally I have her last name, then throughout school she hyphenated my last name w her husbands. I reject any relation to her husband, who has been there for my whole life, so dad I guess, but he disgusts me in so many regards and has been very fucked up and emotionally neglectful throughout my life. so I dropped his name in high school. ive grown to, as a whole, not consider my family my family. I also think Im built like that towards them regardless, they've just given me tons of reasons to not like them. ever since I was a kid ive known there's something lacking in the way I feel about them, I never loved them like I would see everyone else love their families. Everyone outside of my immediate family is very arms length anyway. this was only fueled by my moms increasing alcohol issues. I just want nothing to do with the name that was given to me from this origin.
I just want a new name but idk how similar or far and random I should go. or where to start when even thinking about it. if I should look at first names that have the same letter as my current, if I should base it off my middle name, or should I just take a random name I like, if I should take my biological father's last name as im kinda entitled to it, how I should even navigate last names? so many questions. it's hard cause names should be fitting, and I heard of a study about how we subconsciously and subtly mold ourselves to our name as we age but like many on here, identity is a struggle, and ive never had a sense of identity before, and as I said my name is one of those things that I feel holds me down. anyone relate?
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2023.06.02 23:15 Ah3445 29[M4F] Virginia or Near New Poly group chat

Hey I made A New Poly chat group for fun and for finding different connections, like friends, Relationships and partners If you want to join message me and I'll do my best to get you added. Just really creating A community that's in Virginia and the near states so let me know.
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2023.06.02 23:15 Jam_Warrior SoC core mission problems.

Is it me or is mission 1 in the new book, The Crucible of War, really unbalanced? Three objectives are placed, alternating players and starting with the player with strategic advantage, and then the player with strategic advantage picks a side of the board. I fail to see how that doesn’t result in two objectives sat right right on the deployment zone border of the player with strategic advantage, and one right on the border of the other player (the objective placement restrictions don’t stop this). Knowing who will pick board edge there’s no incentive to put them anywhere near the middle. Surely it should be that one player places two objectives and the other picks board edge? Then you’re incentivised to set up a more faiinteresting fight.
And then mission four (Take and Hold) tells you to place objectives in the opposing player’s deployment zone, but also to pick deployment zones after all objectives have been placed! Quantum.
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2023.06.02 23:14 Ah3445 29[M4F] Virginia or Near New Poly group chat

Hey I made A New Poly chat group for fun and for finding different connections, like friends, Relationships and partners If you want to join message me and I'll do my best to get you added. Just really creating A community that's in Virginia and the near states so let me know.
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2023.06.02 23:14 BttrNutSqrl Debt Advice Needed

I have way too much debt and struggle to pay it off. I'm considering bankruptcy. My only issue is that I need to keep one or two of my credit cards.
I'm being re-housed in the near future as my current home is part of my regions plan to demolish the complex I live in.
I need to be able to replace a few furniture items, my washer & dryer. I have no one to help me.
So if I do bankruptcy what are my options. I am on ODSP (Ontario Disability).
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2023.06.02 23:14 william_raymond Okay, it is finally out! My latest Docker GitHub Pages/Jekyll video

Earlier this year, I asked you to watch my video explaining how you can manage GitHub Pages on nearly any computer using Docker.
I want to thank everyone who gave me great feedback, such as ensuring the video includes high-quality subtitles for automated translation, overriding themes, and noting issues with README and License files. Editing the subtitles took quite some time (A.I. might be good, but it could be better... yet), but I hope the effort pays off for non-English speaking viewers!
I did receive some feedback to break the hour-long video into multiple videos, but I did not do that for reasons.
Here is what you will learn:
✅ About GitHub Pages and Jekyll
✅ About Docker
✅ How to build a Docker Image (template) to build any GitHub Pages website
✅ How to override themes
✅ How to fork an existing GitHub Pages website into a Docker container
🎉 Much more!

P.S. The old video using Alpine Linux is no longer listed on my YouTube channel, but it is still available to watch if you linked to it for other people. I renamed it to "OLD" in the title and provided a link to the new video in the description.

Edit: Adding the link and fixed some grammatical errors.
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2023.06.02 23:13 AriaTudor BRECOURT MAP QUESTION

OK, so this may be a bit petty, however I’m curious to know if I’m wrong with my assumption..
I like to visit places of note where the 101st saw action. So while I was rewatching BOB, I paused to see the map Colonel Sink used in episode two where he was showing Winters and the rest of the assault team where to go to take out the battery near Brecourt.
The map referenced Bryant Road and Collins Road (please see first screenshot). Wanting to see for myself the area in and around Brecourt, I went to Google maps to locate these roads and noticed two pins (or whatever those location markers are called) for Bryant and Collins Roads (second screenshot). The roads are named after men that died on D-Day (again, screenshots of markers are below). If Collins and Bryant Roads are named after fallen soldiers, how the heck did they wind up on that map Sink referenced?
I’m guessing it was an accident made by whoever created that map prop… or am I missing something?
Sorry for the rambling post, I can be a bit long winded. 😉 And please forgive me if I seem a bit petty. ☺️
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2023.06.02 23:13 cuzter Is anybody having trouble finding the record out in the wild?

Is anybody having trouble finding the record out in the wild?
After a trip to my local record store, guitar center, FYE, and 3 barnes & nobles I finally snagged one (the last copy they had too). They sold out everywhere... even when I went to fye, I had asked the girl at the counter like "oh do u have..." and she cuts me off and says "...avenged sevenfold?" 💀 just wanted to know if u guys are having a similar experience? Also I love the record and hope yall do too (:🖤
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2023.06.02 23:12 jamierm00 I don’t really know how to prove this but 8 eggs literally just got taken off me

I don’t really know how to prove this but 8 eggs literally just got taken off me
To summarise, recently I bought a box from the store to get lots of incubators at once (i’m relatively new to this game so don’t hate me for any misused terminology) and set every single one of the eggs that I had (a full storage) to hatch, I just checked back today and 8 of the eggs have disappeared and have 100% not been hatched. What has happened to these eggs? Has the app glitched because I had too many eggs hatching at once???
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2023.06.02 23:12 Ok-Astronaut-1243 timestamptz clarification

I use a Python application to enter values into timestamptz fields.
I was thinking about using timestamp without timezone and making sure I enter everything as UTC time to keep things simple, but wanted to try sticking with timestamptz per recommendations.
I just want to be clear on what's going on.
I entered times in three different ways. These are all read from PGAdmin.
using 2023-06-02 16:54:35.707913-04 using datetime.datetime.utcnow(): 2023-06-02 20:58:21.17909-04 using "now": 2023-06-02 16:54:35.862879-04 
So I believe the "-04" is just to try to make it more readable to the client by converting what's internally stored to the timezone in the clients configuration file somewhere (EST for me).
However, I think this also means that Postgres is always interpreting any timestamp entered into the table as being in the clients timezone, then converting it to UTC to be stored internally? So using datetime.datetime.utcnow(), Postgres adds 5 hours before internally storing it because it assumes the given timestamp is in in EST time. But given its already UTC time, that would be incorrect.
So is it true when entering values into a timestamptz field, I need to make sure the timestamp is always in the time of the clients timezone?
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2023.06.02 23:12 Electronic_Load4447 What could happen to my phone?

Hello guys, good afternoon and I hope you are doing well. Let me tell you that I have a third generation iPhone SE, which I bought in early January. Whereas, yesterday I went to a store to buy two pairs of jeans and well, I always carry my phone in my jeans' pocket. However, when the phone is in my pocket I have it turned around with the screen facing the thigh so to speak.

On the one hand, when I entered the fitting/dressing room and after taking off the jeans I was wearing in order to try on the other pairs, I left my phone inside the jeans' pocket and put it on a small bench that was there. Once I had finished trying on these pairs of jeans and when I put on the jeans I was wearing, I hit the iPhone screen with my toes (with both the big toe and the long toe).

Unfortunately my phone doesn't have a tempered glass screen protector, just next month I was going to buy one. Since the moment I bought the phone, I made the mistake of putting a Hydrogel screen protector on it, which does not protect it at all, because it is practically pure plastic, unlike tempered glass, which is hard and that is why I was going to get it removed next month to put the tempered glass screen protector instead.

What kind of damage could happen to the screen?

I tell you that fortunately I have AppleCare.

Is it necessary to remove the Hydrogel screen protector to see if the screen has any damage or scratches?

Thanks in advance and have a good afternoon.
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2023.06.02 23:12 Worf_In_A_Party_Hat Someone hit me on my Ebike in Waterbury a little more than a week ago. They apparently stopped for a second and drove off. Longshot: does anyone know people near Pro Pig?

Sorry for the long title.
Apparently, a sedan slammed into me, which launched me off my bike into the intersection. Of course, they took off.
I spent three days in the Burlington ICU and another four or so days in the regular area.
They completely destroyed my clavicle, and broke eight ribs, one of which punctured my lung.
This is not some kind of "look at me" post, I am honestly posting everywhere I can to just try to find information.
My helmet has a really nice scrape on it, so that is cool.
Weird thing? The bike is PERFECTLY fine. Just some scratches.
I am not a litigious person, but damn right I want to sue.
TL;DR If you know someone who lives near the Pro Pig in Waterbury, hit me me.
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2023.06.02 23:12 Terrible-Parsnip5731 Not much of a question

If you have seen my posting history on this subreddit it is nearly all on about a few watches for ages and which ones is the best but to conclude this meaningless story I have decided to go with the f-91w as all these watches seem to bulky for my tiny 6.5 inch wrist, it does what I need it to do and last but not least I can hopefully get better Casio’s in the future and start a collection 🤞
Thanks for your help everyone for helping me on this small but important journey of mine to buying a Casio watch
Edit: I have a few watches in mind and what ones to get ikr the royale, the ones I have previously mentioned, GW-M5610U-1ER and hopefully one watch at the end of my exams with me and my mates will all get
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2023.06.02 23:12 Jonbb20 Are SE users better at sizing people and situations up than other types or is just me?

I live in the hood so obviously theres alot of people that are usually up to no good, and I've noticed most people im around at a bar, gas station, walking up the street, stores, anywhere really, will stare people down for about 10 seconds trying to figure out if they have bad intentions or are up to no good but with me and a handfull of others we just need a second or 2 to figure emm out. Is that something you all have ever noticed between different types or people ?
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2023.06.02 23:12 ricokong What are some examples of games you think pushed boundaries only for no other game to follow?

I'll start.
Ape Escape - The main "collectibles" trying not to be collected
Ape Escape is a collect-a-thon platformer, but I don't blame you if you never thought it was that kind of game. Instead of just reaching stationary coins, the main "collectibles" are monkeys you don't just have to reach, but actually catch. And they don't want to be caught!
At the start of the game, they start running away while throwing banana peels, and later in the game, they even get guns to defend themselves with. Some similar games like Spyro have thieves that run away from you while holding collectible items, but it was never the focus of a collect-a-thon platformer. The challenge was mostly just finding and reaching the collectible and this didn't really change for newer games.

Red Faction: Guerilla - Realistic destruction engine
Red Faction: Guerilla has a fun and impressive destruction engine when it comes to its structures. Every small part of a structure is secretly made out of even smaller parts, which results in very realistic looking destruction once you start hammering and using explosions on structures. Both during and outside of missions it was just so fun to blow stuff up.
Most games didn't have destructible elements, and those that did definitely were not anywhere near the level of RFG. I believe later entries in the Battlefield series have this now (haven't played them myself), but developers sure were in no hurry to copy this.

Halo 3 - A whole bunch of modes and stuff (especially for a console game)
Halo 3 was a very hyped game in 2007, and one of the few who truly delivered in my opinion. The previous Halo games were already loved by many for both their campaigns and multiplayer, so I wasn't surprised they delivered here as well in H3.
Halo 3 surprised me with a lot of good stuff. They added a theater mode for watching replays of previous played games, and Forge, a map editor. Forge pales in comparison to map editors on PC and Far Cry on console, but I still thought it was a big deal for a game that's already packed with so much stuff. The campaign could now be played in online co-op and there were a quite the number of ranked and casual playlists. And of course custom game hosting with support for those edited maps and game types. Oh, and you could share customised maps, game types, and screenshots with other players. Other games didn't follow its example at all at the time. 15 years later Halo: Infinite didn't bother either.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - NPCs living their own lives
The stiffness of Oblivion NPCs is a meme at this point, but one thing that always made me feel the world is more alive than it actually is, is that a lot of the NPCs have schedules and needs. This is especially noticeable in the cities. A lot of the NPCs walk around or work, collect and eat food (including intentionally placed poisoned apples that kills them), and go and sleep in their beds at night. Contrast this to your average RPG where most NPCs are stationary, only existing there for you to interact with them, and they only appear in other places when certain in-game events trigger. Sadly that is still the norm and I miss this kind of immersion.

Mirror's Edge - A first person perspective game focused entirely around parkour
I don't think this one needs a detailed explanation. I know it's not the only first person perspective game with parkour elements, but it's the only game I know that's entirely focused around parkour. I never expected it to spawn an entire genre, but I really liked the concept.
That's it for my examples. I'd love to hear your examples or thoughts.
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2023.06.02 23:12 unhingedmaniaccc my mental is failing

Hi, 17 yr old FTM here. I'm struggling with my mental health.
I've always struggled with it, febuary this year was worst for me but i got little better.
as of a few weeks ago my mental has plummeted, i nearly got kicked out of my abusive household, i constantly get yelled at, misgendered, dead-named, threatened etc. Ive started having bad thoughts again about sh and such things and im really struggling, i thought i got better and im sitting here crying. I've begged my parents to let me go to the psych ward, get me a therapist but they are little help. I also have really bad anxiety (and possible bpd, autism and adhd) which has been causing me panic attacks to point of paralysis. I guess im hear to just say im struggling, even if im all happy with friends sometimes, as soon as they all go to bed, or parents yell at me again it all goes, and im struggling so badly to not cave in and just stop yknow? i just needed somewhere to write this because im alone and afraid constantly.
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2023.06.02 23:12 Flat_Regret32 voluntarily not listening to people

I know this makes me sound like I'm a jerk but it's legitimately hard for me to listen to people and care about what they say. I know I'm a hypocrite because of course I expect people to listen to me when I talk. I have a legitimate hatred of people and it's so hard to not let that seep out in conversation. So many people in my life have spoken to me like I'm a toddler and assume I don't understand things. As a kid, I was spoken down to in nearly every conversation with my dad. Now, one bad conversation sends me into a rage where I feel pure hatred and nothing else. I feel like I genuinely want to hurt someone when they misunderstand me or give me a bad vibe. I hate life and I hate being alive. Fuck everything.
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2023.06.02 23:11 No-Cupcake3648 What kind of government does Splatoon have?

I was thinking about this recently, because I noticed a post here from this subreddit that shows that bathrooms and washrooms in the world of Inkopolis are genderless.:
In addition to that, Inklings and Octolings seem to not really have a specific gender, and in the character design screen, they appear to be gender non-conforming. So it seems that the squid world is very progressive in relation to social issues, like LGBTQ+ rights, and their is no real mention in the games of gender discrimination, and recently Octolings have been incorporated into Squid society, where they live peacefully with the other species of sea creatures in the game. So with that, we can rule out the world of Splatoon as being a Fascist, Ultraconservative, or Theocratic society, as it seems to be pretty inclusive towards all different groups of animals.
But we can also rule out Splatoon as being a Socialist, Communist, or Anarchist Society as well! This is because corporate bosses like Mr. Grizz exist. In either one of these types of societies listed before, there would be no bosses, as workers would collectively own and manage the factories and workplaces through Workplace Democracy, and Mr. Grizz bosses around his workers in a very autocratic way.
We can even rule out Splatoon as being the typical type of Liberal Democracy like what the United States has, as the world the Inklings live in uses a form of Electrical Energy to avoid pollution, in the form of the Zapfish and the Great Zapfish that powers their society. Most Liberal Democracies throughout the world seem to be pretty reliant on fossil fuels and methods of energy production that cause harm to the environment, and Splatoon seems to for the most part, avoid this by using electricity to power their cities (yes, I am aware of the green polluted water that exist near the dams in the Salmon Run stages, but I am just talking about the MAIN type of energy they use to keep their houses warm and their gaming systems on).
After looking through all of this, there are only one type of society that I can say that Splatoon is: Splatoon is a Social Democracy, that seems to be culturally Center-Left to Solid Left in regards to protecting and caring for its gender non-conforming citizens and a lack of gender discrimination in the society(?), and economically Centre-Right to Solid Right in regards to forms of energy that they use to power their cities. In other words, it is a capitalist society, but one that tries its best to reign in the more destructive elements of Capitalism to make it less harmful for the good of society, and is very accepting and open towards many different groups of the population, like its gender non-conforming citizens.
What do y'all think? Let me know in the comments, and if I missed anything important that confirms my suspicions.
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2023.06.02 23:11 MassiveThanks Lost wallet

I was at the Mumford Walmart and when I was walking from the store to my car I think it fell out of my pocket. It's pretty big, pink with my driver's license, health card, debit card everything in it. I've torn the house apart and it's not here, and I've checked with Walmart to see if anyone turned it in, and I walked around the parking lot. If anyone finds it please PM me.
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2023.06.02 23:11 NotAwesome4th [WTS/WTT] TJB Carter, Black Oxide Leatherman Surge, INIU 15000mAh Powerbank

The James Brand Carter: C- (see below) $60TYD
Gray Primer G10 Scales + Green thumbdisc, VG10 blade. Edge is factory, some minor rubbing on scales, however knife was disassembled by my nephew who wanted to try knife maintenance. Slide lock spring was bent during reassembly and has led to minor gap between scales and backspacer. Otherwise everything else is fully functional. Includes box. No warranty from TJB or me, this is an as-is sale.
Black Oxide Leatherman Surge: A- $100TYD
Never carried, comes with the original file and little sleeve to store file and saw + sheath. Exterior was cleaned and reoiled but factory oil still present on pivots. Needs a bit of breaking in. No box. Ended up being too bulky for me.
INIU 15000mAh Power Bank: A $25TYD
Purchased off amazon, brand new in box. 15000mAh powerbank with 45W USBPD out, 30W USBPD in over the USB Type-C interface. Box includes all original accessories (little mesh travel pouch + USB A to C cable). Can include additional 100W USB C to USB C cable for another $10. Seal has been broken to inspect contents.
Everything ships out from NYC on next USPS business day or same day, unless otherwise communicated. PPFF and Venmo greatly preferred.
Msg me if you have any questions. Open to trades for machined pens primarily but shoot your shot if something interests you.
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2023.06.02 23:11 Carnadge 31 [M4F] Northwest Georgia/EST USA - Creative guy looking for a long-term relationship

How’s it going!? I’m a 31-year-old, 6’1” tall, light-skinned Black guy living outside the Atlanta, GA area, looking for and hoping to find a woman to date long-term! I’m ideally looking for someone who is open to a serious relationship (of course with time after getting to know one another and dating) eventually if things go well and connect between us. More on that below but a bit about me first.

About Me:

About You and What I’m Looking for:

If you like what you read, fit what I’m looking for, and think that we could be a match for each other, go ahead and send me a DM or chat message!
Please shoot me a selfie or photo of you and a short bio when you message me.
How about we go out for coffee, ramen, a game of mini-golf, or explore a convention together?
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2023.06.02 23:10 BayAreaPF [Offline][PF1e][San Francisco - San Jose, California] Looking for 1 more player for a freshly started campaign!

Hey there guys;
My group is looking for an additional player for a Pathfinder 1st edition game.
Half the group has completed two campaigns together, the other player is a new addition; we've started a new game and are looking for one more member to round out our group.
Previously we've run strictly Adventure paths, this time it's a little more free form - still in the world of Golarian, built off Modules, but much more player directive. We're a game in, starting in the port city of Bloodcove; think swords and sandals campaign with some Pirate flair.
I'm looking for a player who isn't by any means an expert role player, but someone who is comfortable getting into it. Pathfinder 1e experience isn't necessary, though I'd like you to be familiar with D20 systems and down to do your homeowork. Looking for someone who is excited to build on an existing world, add their own elements, and build a story.
Campaign is largely around intrigue, exploration, some travel, and building the characters. Medium fantasy, would say 75:25 not combat to combat. I would say typically you could expect a session or two with 1 to no combats, then an adventure leads you away to wherever, where its a bit more traditional "Fight monsters, overcome obstacles, obtain treasure."
Currently we're meeting 2-3 times a week on Sundays, though we're actually looking to get some weekday games into the mix after work. Currently we play in North San Jose (Near the airport) at my house, though more than open to playing whoever is close, central, and comfortable.
Group is late 20s early 30s, we typically enjoy some beers with our games, and overall run a more grounded serious campaign with sillyness when well, you want to be silly.
Hope this all sounds good, would love to talk to someone interested sooner than later. Shoot me a message here and we can talk more details!
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