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2016.10.23 04:13 robbence 4chan/x/ - Paranormal Board

For good /x/ posts, past and present. The board itself hasn't seen much good content these days, so let's re-live the best-of, and keep up with good posts here.

2023.02.28 20:44 Paradox Anon wants a keyboard shortcut for meme arrows

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2023.01.04 06:12 alphashitlord_ 4chanX fork fucked up 4chan permanently

UPDATE: deleted my cookies and that seems to have fixed it.
Not sure if this belongs here or on another sub, but after downloading the Mozilla version of 4chanX I noticed that it didn't work with blue boards and captchas weren't appearing, meaning I couldn't post. Removing the extension just made all the problems worse, because now there's straight up not an option to reply or even to update the thread.
Any possible ideas of how to fix this?
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2022.09.22 09:49 yagci_saksakci 4chan'da vpn kullanmadan postlamak ve resimleri görmek

Bilgisayarda ben bu yöntemi kullanıyorum hala çalıştığından yeni bir şey denemiyorum.
mozilla indirin
ayarlara gelip dns over https etkinleştirin
üstteki adres çubuğuna about:config yazıp
network.trr.mode yazıp değeri 3 yapın
network.dns.echconfig.enabled true yapın
network.dns.use_https_rr_as_altsvc true yapın (büyük ihtimalle bu zaten true olacak)
eklentilere gelin https everywhere ve tampermonkey veya greasemonkey veya violentmonkey birini kurun(https everywhere ve diğer üç eklentiden istediğiniz birini)
google amcaya 4chanx yazıp siteden scripti indirin
artık 4chan.org ve 4channel.org'a girebilir, sfw ve nsfw boardlarda resimleri görebilir ve post atabilirsiniz.
Telefonda yapmak için kablosuz ayarlarına gelip Ip'yi dhcp'den statik olana alacaksınız daha sonra dns1
ve dns2 yapacaksınız. githubdan kuroba dev(4chan uygulaması) indirip postlayacaksınız. Kuroba devde nsfw boardlarda resimleri görürsünüz ama post atamazsınız. post atabilmek için open in browser'a basarsınız ordan postlarsınız. E ozaman kurobayı niye indirdin direkt tarayıcıdan postlasak? Evet olur ama kuroba 4chanx gibi kullanım kolaylığı sağlayan özellikleri var uzun süre 4chanla haşır neşir olanlar bilir.
Aynı şekilde bilgisayarda da dns'i mobilde olduğu gibi ayarlarlayıp postlayabilenler varmış ben denemedim isteyen deneyebilir. 4channel.org/int ctrl+f yapıp /t yazarsanız türkiye generalini takip edebilirsiniz bekleriz.
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2021.08.06 18:14 itaita13 Chrome not letting me post on 4channel boards (4chan)

Basically none of the sfw 4chan boards let me post since sometime last night. I try to click on reply and the window wont load or even respond. The only thing that changes is the address bar gets a # at the end but nothing happens after that. The weird thing is its not a total site issue as i can post on any of the nsfw boards using the old 4chan.org address with no issues.
Anybody have any idea what might've caused this? Ive tried clearing all cookies and disabling adblock. I use the 4chanx extension but after completely removing it and its scripts in violentmonkey nothing pops up. Im completely out of ideas on what to do to fix it.
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2020.10.10 15:38 HansRegenkurt 4chan play videos with new tab, not the same page, resolution?

Today i installed firefox plugin 4chanx for many reverse image search (yandex, iqdb), but I dont liked and after I deleted. But 4chan started to open videos in new tab, so what can I do?
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2019.02.28 22:42 Stealsfromhobos Latest Tampermonkey Chrome update removed saving changes in Incognito?

I use 4chanX in incognito pretty regularly. A couple weeks ago I noticed its thread watcher wasn't keeping added threads after I closed the incognito session. It only works if the changes are done in a regular window. There used to be an option "Store data in incognito mode" under TM's advanced security settings and now it's just gone. Is it gone for everyone else? Is there a workaround to get scripts to save changes in incognito?
Its not just the one extension. I can modify and delete any extension and they revert back next browser launch.
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2018.09.01 03:11 BlackSparkz No audio or can't unmute webms from 4chan

Basically my title. Mute/unmute button doesn't work and the 4chanx extension I'm using, I turned on unmute audio automatically.
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2018.07.30 17:11 ZWE_Punchline 4chan not loading in Chrome properly, neither is 4chanx.

Disclaimer: I only use it for an scp video game and league of legends.
Anyway, I was trying to get on my favourite shitposting thread (lolg) and for some reason none of 4chan is loading properly. I've cleared cache and cookies, but to no avail. Other boards won't update, and have been stuck like this for 5 hours. How in god's name do I fix this?
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2018.06.04 03:17 iopq ublock origin blocks 4chanx accidentally

4chanx with tempermonkey on firefox gets blocked by ublock origin, when I disable it it works
it's not the fault of the lists themselves, since I can use easylist with abp and it still works just fine
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2017.11.08 00:54 legacykernelcaller69 Problem opening pictures and webms on 4chan

When I open pictures on 4chan in a new tab the page is just totally blank and if I open a webm it first shows the first split second of the webm and then it looks like some kind of weird glitch thing and stops working.
I use windows 10, 4chanx and Ublockorigin if that matters. My firefox version is 56.0.2 but this has been going on since August sometime I think. It was definitely all through September and October though.
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2015.01.17 23:23 MelanisticPolarBear Anyone has a 4ChanX script that works with the new captcha?

I'm looking for one that retains the original feel of 4ChanX (Not like most other forks) but is usable with the new captcha
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2014.12.16 20:01 blackjackel Reddit gold feature that filters subreddits out from r/all does not work, breaks reddit.

I'm using the reddit gold feature that lets you filter out subreddits from all, here are my filtered-out subreddits:
/4chanx /AdviceAnimalsx /Androidx /arresteddevelopmentx /atheismx /awwx /catsx /Celebsx /circlejerkx /cringepicsx /DotA2x /fantasyfootballx /foodx /FoodPornx /funnyx /gaybrosx /gentlemanbonersx /GetMotivatedx /GlobalOffensivex /hearthstonex /hockeyx /HumanPornx /leagueoflegendsx /Musicx /nbax /nosleepx /photoshopbattlesx /pokemonx /PS4x /reactiongifsx /shittyasksciencex /soccerx /sportsx /tifux /treesx /TrollXChromosomesx /wowx /youdontsurfx
When I click "top" then "Week" or "top" then "month", it only shows me like 4 posts. Something is seriously wrong. The links I'm using are: http://www.reddit.com/me/f/all/top/?sort=top&t=week and http://www.reddit.com/me/f/all/top/?sort=top&t=month
And again, I only see like 4 posts each time
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2013.11.27 14:26 eethomasf32 [feature request] Desktop notifications

I would love to get a notification through chrome's or firefoxes desktop notifications feature, when someone replies to a comment of yours. It's possible in 4chan x and works great, maybe someone can replicate this.
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2013.08.16 15:00 BrotoriousNIG [feature request] Image search links

When RES identifies a link as an image and puts the little preview icon in, I'd like to be able to perform an image search from a number of image search providers. This is a feature of the 4chanX extension and would be very useful as part of RES.
It would simply insert the URL of the image into the appropriate part of the URL for a search in each individual image search provider.
Image search providers could at first be Google Images, Tineye, iqdb.
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2013.06.22 23:01 TJM21M How do I made post? (4chanx issues)

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2013.02.06 06:17 WasteofInk 4chan took most of 4chanX's features and implemented them in an easily toggled internal extension. Why has Reddit not done this with RES?

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2012.01.24 04:46 iryw 4chanX is a botnet O.O

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