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2023.06.03 00:17 iknowyouright What should I do with these EE bonds my MIL gave us?

Hi personalfinance. As a portion of a wedding gift, my MIL gave my wife and me 3 different series EE bonds totaling $1250 that will reach 20 years maturity in 6 years, and expire in 16 years
According to Treasury Direct, the current total value of the bonds is $865, and each bond has an interest rate below inflation.
With cost of living and inflation what it is, is it worth it to hold onto these bonds until maturity, or reinvest that money elsewhere for a better return even if we lose out on some of the final value of the bonds? I feel like they're just sitting there, losing the inflation race and becoming worth less every day.
Thank you for your time and help!
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2023.06.03 00:16 drassell Real talk, im on a 1563 day streak and i just want to stop

This streak has been with me for so long, its become part of me, i am not learning anything anymore, i have pretty much stopped talking the courses seriously, switched language for a while to rekindle my love for language learning, which worked a bit, but just Duolingo doesnt cut it for me, i would need external help, but i am not motivated enough to do it. I went back to my previous language just to realize i had lost so much knowledge, and with no way to properly practice a section, i am just super demoralized, i do not want to end my streak by leaving it in the dust, but i cannot keep on like this.
I do not think i am the only one in this situation, i am curious to here you guy’s thoughts.
That being said, i am most likely to keep the streak in the eventual hope that i get the motivation that first stated me on the half a decade long journey.
As a side note to new comers to duo, take note of my story and be careful growing attached to your streak, breaks are important. And call duolingo: bongolingo (its really funny.)
Here attached is a photo as proof for the streak.
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2023.06.03 00:14 ndisnxksk Is he a good candidate for meds?

Hello! I have had my dog for almost 3 months, he’s a 2-3 year old border collie mix rescue. We work on his dog reactivity every single day and have been working with a trainer for about 2 months. She’s taught me a lot but I feel like he isn’t really making any improvement because of his anxiety. I’ve been waiting for the 3 month period, but not much has changed.
On walks, he is trying hard to be good at heel walking but he is CONSTANTLY on edge. He hyper fixates on what seems like nothing and only sometimes can I easily get his focus back. I don’t think he has really ever enjoyed a walk, is always stressed and tense. The only thing he really enjoys is being able to run around off leash and play fetch, which we can’t always do.
I live with room mates and barks every time the key goes in the door (when they are coming in). He barks at night when they get home late or he hears someone in the house even if we are asleep in my room. His separation anxiety has gotten better, but he howls when I leave him home alone on and off for very long periods of time.
is this enough to make him a good candidate for medication? It seems like a lot of dogs on meds are much more severe. I want him to enjoy the things we do and not always feel so on edge. I have taken him camping and on a boat, and he has so much fun. But only when no other dogs are around. I know some of it is probably genetic, but I see what seems like 20 different border collies in my neighborhood and their body language is so different.
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2023.06.03 00:14 Extension_Carry6844 [CA-BC] [H] QK65, JJW Playtray, MT3 WoB, KFA white on navy, Red switches [W] PayPal, ETransfer

Playtray Used a couple times to hold screws, bearing never spun on the track. Really good condition, just a couple of tiny specks in the ano (shown in pics). Ball is included. 100$ CAD/75$ USD OBO
Drop MT3 WoB Mounted twice and used off and on for a couple weeks, just didn’t like the profile for the board I got them for. No shine or wear 60$ CAD/45$ USD OBO
KFA White on Navy Full set with white accents. Mounted for about 3 days but sold the board. No shine or wear 40$ CAD/30$ USD
88x RK Reds Stock switches, decent enough for a budget build. 5$ CAD/USD or free with anything else
QK65 silvesilver Flawless finish. Hotswap pcb and comes with aluminum and POM plates. All foams are included, along with silicone dampener and all the original accessories (gaskets, extra screws, standoffs, screwdriver, etc.). Will include the original owlstabs as well. Currently built on alu with KTT roses and TX AP stabs, which can be included for extra. 255$ CAD/190$ USD OBO
Open to negotiating within reason. Buyer will have to cover shipping, I can ship letter mail or parcel depending on size within canada. Local to Van Island
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2023.06.03 00:13 Jayy514 Lost my best friend yesterday morning

It was 5 am and my alarm went off on my phone to get up for work I have(had) 2 senior dogs I went downstairs where my laundry room is and it's also my dogs favorite place to sleep cause the floor is nice and cold and I said good morning Diego! As I was grabbing my work clothes but noticed he was not making any sound and I turned around and dropped to his bed where he always sleeps half on it half off hes a Lab x Newfoundland dog so hes very big 140 lbs I grabbed him out of panic and turned his him towards me and his eyes were grey and his tongue was hanging out his mouth I was in shock screaming for him to wake up and realizing he was dead and I could not control myself and started to scream I woke up my wife by calling her name and she came down and Diego was dead and we don't know why he was completely fine the night before he loved to snuggle and be as close as possible to us and any human who showed him love all he wanted in life was to please us and he was the best dog I loved him so much its hurting writing this but I relive this moment over and over in my head and its driving me insane and I cant stop crying.
This was 5:15 am by now and our vet isnt open so we had to wait till 8 am our vet told us we had to bring him there or pay for a service to bring him there which was asking too much money we just couldn't afford it so we had to put a blanket and sheet down and turn him over onto it and wrap him up and then pick him up with another sheet and put him into the car and drive to the vets. I'm absolutely traumatized by everything. Like I said he was fine laying on the sofa with us the night before we were petting him he was even playing cause he just always acted almost like a puppy even at 12 years old.
The vet says he could of had a tumor that wasn't causing him pain that was attached I side somewhere that burst or he possibly had heart failure. Like i said at first glance I thought he was just sleeping cause hes always in that position so the vet and we think it must of happend in his sleep.
So that was the end of my best friend Diego just like that out of no where.. I can't sleep properly I cant stop crying my other dog I love him so much too and hes getting old and I'm having anxiety that it could happen to him and I just cant go through that again I'm 32 years old my wife and I got these dogs when we were 19-20 they're my everything.
I just cannot believe hes gone all his toys and fur and his smell is still around its heartbreaking. He had such a big presence in this house not just because of how big he was but because he always just wanted to be loved and was always around. I'm sorry if my grammar isn't correct but I'm still in disbelief and I feel like I'm in a never ending nightmare and just don't know where to go from here.
Thank you to everyone who read this far. Diego was a tall big beautiful blonde boy and I don't know if I'll ever find another dog that fills this void this hole in my chest. When I would have a bad day we was always there to hold onto and cuddle with and hes just gone now and it's just the ultimate worse feeling I've ever had in my life. The worst part is I keep replaying finding him in the basement on his bed over and over in my head. I'm so sorry Diego I wish I was there for whatever happend to you so I could of said goodbye.
I love you Diego so much...
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2023.06.03 00:12 yesyepyea What are yall doing about meds (Adderall) suddenly not working?

I've been getting the same generic adderall from Walgreens for years. The peach round ones with b 973 printed on them. I thought I was lucky because this Walgreens wasn't affected by the shortage, until my refill yesterday.
I take two 20 mg a day and feel nothing, even after doubling my dose out of frustration. I can't focus, have no motivation, feel sluggish, and get headaches. The worst side effect is that I am STARVING all day. I suffer from PCOS but adderall has always helped with my appetite. Another weird thing is that these pills don't have that bitter taste anymore.
I've seen the other threads about this but besides getting with your doc, what are yall doing about it? Would contacting the pharmacy do anything? I refuse to take another one and want my money back
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2023.06.03 00:11 Koanto 4.4l T3 Humidifier LED screendead after less than a month.

As of this afternoon the 4.4l Humidifier T3 from ACI had the LED screen fail. It still puts out moisture but I have no control over how much or timing etc. It was not hooked up to a controller. It had all ports sealed with the rubber fittings etc.
Not super impressed for a less than 20 days of usage failure. Just a warning to others. I have opened a support ticket but in the meantime I have to scramble for a replacement. My other ACI gear has been solid so far otherwise.
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2023.06.03 00:11 Professional_Plate71 I have 20 barsz of 5 mg Xanax.

If I take one 5 mg Xanax a day for 20 days will I experience withdrawal
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2023.06.03 00:11 Large-Ad2416 Can I get hrt in Georgia when I live in Florida?

All my appointments just got cancelled, and I’m not sure I can survive being forcefully detransitioned. I can’t find a way currently to get an appointment in Florida. Is there any way I can go out of state for help, or do I have to immediately move? I only have 20 days of hrt left.
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2023.06.03 00:09 Positive-Objective48 Advice on titrating?

My monthly psychiatrist appointment is coming up and last time he said he was willing to bump my prescription up to 30 mg of Adderall XR up from 20 mg. The 20 mg clears up some of the brain fog and makes me feel a bit more awake, but noticeably has little effect on my non-work days. I recently tried potentiating it using baking soda and only today realized that might be why I've been feeling so restless and fidgety lately. This introduces a problem because I feel like I'm not getting enough of the supposed "good effect" of Adderall but indirectly boosting it with baking soda exacerbated my boredom without any of the benefits like alertness, motivation, sociability, etc. I don't know how to proceed from here and I'm not too keen on telling my psychiatrist that I tried strengthening my medication, so I need some outside opinions first, any would be appreciated.
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2023.06.03 00:09 Recent_Sock_665 it finally happened. i was prompted to tip at the airport self-checkout station.

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2023.06.03 00:08 Latter-Awareness-789 [USA-PA] [H] RYZEN 7 3700X, TRIDENT ROYAL ELITE(B-DIE), FANS, STEAM LINK [W] PAYPAL, LOCAL, MICRO/ITX MOBO

Have a few parts to sell off, all prices are OBO. Also looking for a b450, x470, b550, x570 itx/micro board. Anything but asus, DM with board and price.

**Item** **Description** **Price(Shipped)**
Ryzen 7 3700x Used with no issues for a couple years now, still works great no bent pins $100
Trident Z Royal Elite Silver 2x8 16GB Basically brand new used one time. B-die 4000mhz cl 14-15-15-35 $150
Case Fans Various brands msi, cooler master, corsair, nzxt and some off brands. all fans work. $20
Steam link **NOT WORKING** Been sitting in my desk drawer for years, pulled it out the other day and would not turn on. Was disassembled to check voltages and power supply is the original and puts out the required 5.1volts. comes with steam link controller. $15/ free with any other purchase
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2023.06.03 00:08 NadashMLF Hall Of Fame ( #2 - June 2023 )

Hi again everyone !
I know I'm late, I'm sorry but I was very busy those last days. So here we go for this second edition of the Hall Of Fame, you were a lot more to participate this time and I wanna thank y'all, I'm so glad it works this well ! :)
Let's not lose more time and let's see the new rankings. Some have " [#1] " next to their score, it means they participate to the first edition but not this one ( so no BF score )
Overall Ranking
  1. Affectionate-Tutor83 ~> 12 285
  2. Kwwwiiik ~> 7 998
  3. carsor876 ~> 4 586
  4. Humphosaure ~> 4 474
  5. Cowboyski ~> 3 731
  6. HikariKatna ~> 3 506
  7. Somerandomguy700 ~> 3 469
  8. baister09 ~> 3 431 [#1]
  9. PelvoDelFuego ~> 3 014
  10. strawberryjamveins ~> 2 863
  11. NadashMLF ~> 2 711
  12. Whadupp6969 ~> 2 567
  13. MayDuran ~> 2 566 [#1]
  14. Vortex_2322 ~> 2 559
  15. Smonster42 ~> 2 487
  16. Zefirotte ~> 2 388
  17. Snoo-27292 ~> 2 354
  18. FeriaStar ~> 2 204
  19. buutske_jr ~> 1 996 [#1]
  20. ClafoutisRouge ~> 1 416 [#1]
  21. funio10 ~> 1 126 [#1]
  22. KnightBreaker_02 ~> 1 099
  23. titanfceus ~> 892
  24. Content-Ant-491 ~> 855
  25. Mindless-Cobbler-515 ~> 588
  26. Aware-Newspaper-8115 ~> 345 [#1]
  27. Assassin2132 ~> 294
  28. Accomplished_Run_120 ~> 273
  29. Senrub482 ~> 185 [#1]
Best Achievers
  1. PelvoDelFuego ~> 1 025
  2. baister09 ~> 1 025
  3. Affectionate-Tutor83 ~> 1 025
Best Shiny Hunters
  1. Affectionate-Tutor83 ~> 1 306
  2. Humphosaure ~> 1 305
  3. PelvoDelFuego ~> 1 300
Best Doctors
  1. Affectionate-Tutor83 ~> 1 175
  2. baister09 ~> 1 106
  3. Kwwwiiik ~> 996
Best Battlers
  1. Affectionate-Tutor83 ~> 8 779
  2. Kwwwiiik ~> 4 738
  3. Humphosaure ~> 2 197
Voilaaaaa ! :)
For the next edition, if I got enough time I will maybe do something less " ugly " than a Reddit post for a ranking this big ( like on Canva or else ).
Third edition is planned for August 1st so be there on the last July days to submit your new score ;)
See y'all and don't forget to click'em all !!!
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2023.06.03 00:06 SexyDoorDasherDude it finally happened. i was prompted to tip at the airport self-checkout station.

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2023.06.03 00:06 busybeeworking Not having a political opinion could become the most powerful political stance.

TLDR: It is doing political work while being apolitical. You approach issues like an investigative journalist and listen to others without giving your opinion. You solve problems by asking people who are directly affected for ideas, you ask experts how to execute those ideas, and you ask people who can identify large-scale patterns to identify what preventative measures need to be taken and predict whether the ideas will succeed. Public figures who call themselves apolitical or say they "don't do politics" are often conservative but just don't want to admit it. Everyday people who say they "don't do politics" tend to more simply feel like their own opinion doesn't matter because they don't know enough to have an opinion. Activists often say that the only way to make change is to have an opinion and be loud about it- but the most powerful stance could be by committing to action while withholding it. So how is it done? The first step is to identify both your own opinions and face your uncomfortable biases, especially biases against groups of people. Identifying all the biases you have is really important to make sure the way you do your work doesn't exclude important people or ideas. This is essential to prevent conservative people from pretending they aren't pushing an agenda when they actually are. You can figure out your biases by identifying the biggest influences of your ideas, and understanding the original source if it was information passed along. You can also identify bias by considering who you would and would not have a conversation with, or who you would not have a conversation with as an equal. You have to be so comfortable in seeking your own bias that you can get feedback from others on what biases you have, and are okay with being called out. That's how you know you're ready to do the work. Here's what that work looks like: As someone committing to action while withholding your own opinion, the work you do is seeking the opinions of others and organizing to make their vision come to life through tangible implementation. You want to think about this similar to an entrepreneur, but add a few additional things: 1. Identify a problem. 2. Listen to people for ideas on how the problem can be solved. 3. Listen to people on how to execute the idea. 4. Listen to people on how to execute the idea in context of the environment. The people you want to ask for feedback are really specific- the people described in the above list are very, very rarely working professionals. Why? Because people don't take them seriously. They don't feel obligated to share their expertise with people that don't value their deep knowledge because of an unwillingness to implement what's learned, seemingly intentional repetition of mistakes, unresolved group dysfunction, and child-like immaturity. Lived Experience Expert This is the person who has the problem. Ideally they share their experiences anonymously. Anonymity is important for protecting identity, general harm reduction, and to allow people to speak freely without the influence of public opinion or professional consequences. You can think of lived experience experts as people who investigative journalists would want to interview. Since we are thinking about this like an entrepreneur: To succeed, entrepreneurs must provide a solution to a problem. It starts with an idea. Is the idea something that needs to be solved, can be solved, or should be solved? Is it a solution for a problem that only exists for the entrepreneur, otherwise known as "scratching an itch"? Scratching-the-itch types solutions, as well as solutions created without input from communities and solutions priviledge disasters is a big reason for societal dysfunction and problems never being solved. Developing a solid idea is what the Lived Experience Expert helps with. Listening to them while taking an apolitical stance, and withholding your own opinion, is an easy way to avoid the negative effects of solutions priviledge even if you aren't ready to radically identify, acknowlege, and seperate yourself from your worldview. Solutions Expert This is a person who is both extremely knowledgeable, intellectually gifted, and creative as well. Their wide knowledge base includes information about the problem and ideas on how to execute solutions in the most efficient and effective way possible. How do you identify these people? If you are an expert in your field, solutions experts are the ones that know significantly more than you despite never having held the job a day in their life. If you don't understand what they are saying, you can respect them by asking for sources and leads on information and doing the research and intellectual labor yourself. The next step necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur is how to execute the idea. People often say that ideas are cheap, and the real question is whether you can make it happen. This is what the solution expert helps with. They aren't executing the solution themselves, they give feedback on how to go about making the idea tangibly happen in the most efficient way possible. I've heard often in politics that people often have the same ideas but disagree on how to execute it- this debate doesn't make sense when we have evidence and history to look at what works and what doesn't, and that's why withholding your own political opinion and listening to the solution expert is so important. Forecaster Expert This is a person who can accurately estimate future events by studying and tracking historical, societal, cultural, economic, and environmental patterns. The forecaster must have a knowledge base that includes information relevant to the problem needing to be solved. I don't have any good ideas on how to find a forecaster expert; I personally haven't developed a way to identify the difference between people who know whats going to happen and people who are catastrophizing, innaccurate, or misguided, as seen in the phrase "economists have predicted nine out of the last five recessions". Years ago there was a German academic who used fictional literature to accurately predict civil unrest; Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale is a perfect example of this. You may need to combine the knowledge of multiple different forecasters as books regarding civil unrest may leave out key forecasts on the environment, astronomical events, and related patterns. The next step to success as an entreprenuer is mitigating external factors and related preventative action. A solid idea executed perfectly can fall to ruin through poor timing and seemingly unpredictable events. Anyone who's lived through a pandemic or similar event knows how quickly plans can go to crap. A Forecaster Expert who knows pandemics happen about every 100 years can give you a range of time to prepare for events and backup plans or alternatives to take into consideration. But that's not all they do- the most important thing they can do is predict whether your solution will succeed or not, why, and what needs to change to stay on course with the goal.
That's how to politically solve the world's problems without being political.
This idea was inspired by the concept of transcending paradigms in systems thinking, created by Donella Meadows. Donella Meadows described 12 ways systems can be changed, and the most effective and most important out of those twelve is through transcending paradigms. You've probably heard social justice advocates discuss changing paradigms. That's the second most important way to make change. Transcending paradigms goes beyond that- it's about being aware of your own worldview and understanding that it's not superior to others. It is comparable to meditative enlightenment.
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2023.06.03 00:06 GrapefruitOk5122 No PMO for 90+ Days; Stuck in Flatline

I quit watching porn around mid February and stopped masturbating towards the end of February. It’s been over 90 days now and the entire time since the start I’ve been stuck in a flatline and for the most part I’ve noticed nothing different (I haven’t done PMO this entire time no relapses) . I’m 20 and was regularly masturbating and watching porn almost Daily since I was around 11-12 years old.
Does anyone have any advice or tips for me for how to get out of my flatline it feels quite gloomy being stuck in one the entire time and not being able to get out of it.
My testosterone levels are fine, I eat healthy mostly, I workout regularly (cardio & weightlifting), I take zinc/magnesium/vitamin d3 supplements as well.
Any help is appreciated thanks.
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2023.06.03 00:05 jzmcfresh Healthcare for brother moving back to Kitchener after 20 years

I’m just hoping someone can offer some clarity or suggestions of who to ask.
My brother was born in Canada, but moved to the US about 20 years ago for school and settled there afterwards.
He’s decided to move back home to Kitchener now.
He has his citizenship and passport. But his health card and other information have obviously expired.
It’s my understanding that after 90 days of living here, he is eligible for healthcare like any other Canadian. But what happens in those first 90 days if he needs healthcare?
Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.03 00:05 SeaworthinessOdd9912 Would you call this relapsing?

I woke up this morning with my shorts wet,then I remember I had a dream having sex. This is my first time having a wet dream I'm 20 m and I havent watched porn or fapped for 7 days now I need advice.
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2023.06.03 00:04 Sudden-Train7163 Should I go no contact with my family

Sorry for any format issues on mobile. Throwaway account. So I have a family that was very abusive to me before I moved out. I didn't have stable housing for a while as my father keeps kicking me out as well as a mother who would nit stop him when he would put hands on me. My father has not laid hands on me since I was 16 I'm 24 now. He stole 70k from my college fund and refuses to pay me back. I moved out and our relationship got a lot better.
However I'm growing more and more tired of my family not just my parents either. A week before my wedding I received a phone call from my sister in which she claimed her husband was joking with her about not wanting to come to my wedding to which I replied he does not need to come if that's how he feels and she claimed she was messing with me but it's a weird way to mess with me. Now me and her husband have never gotten along but I thought our relationship was improving however I recently realized he's been making a lot of nasty comments about me behind my back and even did so to my best friend at my wedding.
Additionally I asked my father not to speak at my wedding and he ambushed me with a speech anyway afteri told me no less than 20 times I didn't want that and when confronted with rhe fact I didn't want this speech he told me I was over reacting as it was a toast but I really don't see the difference. Him and my mother attempted to lecture me in front of my in laws over a joke a made that was clearly a joke. And my father yelled at me on my wedding day for making funny faces at my husband and told me I needed to behave. He also spent the entire evening talking about my sister and brother in law and I truly didn't feel like he even cared it was my wedding. All My friends said he was rude and dismissive to them when he spoke with them. And I have spoken with him about his behavior and how he makes me feel multiple times and nothing changes he can't take accountability for his actions should I just give up and cut my losses and contact at this point? Unfortunately he pays for my college should I suck it up till I'm out of college or stop talking to him now?
TLDR: My family has been real jersey to me and I think no contact is my best option
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2023.06.03 00:03 UnDead_Ted Daily Wisdom Friday, June 2nd 2023

Daily Wisdom Friday, June 2nd 2023
“He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.” — 1 Pet 1:20
By “these last times” is meant this present dispensation, the dispensation of grace under which we live, and they are called the last times chiefly for two reasons–
1. Because Christ was manifested in the last days of the legal dispensation of the old covenant, which now, as decaying and waxing old, was ready to vanish away (Heb. 8:13), which it did when at the destruction of Jerusalem the whole of the temple service, including the sacrifices offered there, was brought to an end.
2. Another reason why the dispensation under which we live is called “the last days” is because it is the final revelation of God. It is “the time accepted,” “the day of salvation,” of which all the prophets have spoken (2 Cor. 6:2; Acts 3:24).
Christ is now upon his throne of grace; the great, the glorious, the only Mediator between God and men is now at the right hand of the Father; the Intercessor who is able to save to the uttermost all who come unto God by him, seeing he ever lives to make intercession for them, still lives to plead, as an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous, as the great High Priest over the house of God. But he will leave the throne of grace to take his seat on the throne of judgment; and then “these last days” will close in all the glories of salvation to his friends, in all the horrors of destruction to his foes.
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2023.06.03 00:02 drLWalker016 Found this.

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2023.06.03 00:02 Vaporized_Dreams New to Harmalas - Questions

I've tried searching this Reddit for answers but am still confused, hoping I can get some guidance. I have some premixed 2:1:1 TetraHydroHarmine (THH):harmine:harmaline HCl, weighing 170mg. I'm looking to take this prior to smoking enhanced leaf or changa. I've read some people say 20-40mg and others say 150mg or more. If I'm doing sublingual, what dose should I be going for with this mix? Unfortunately, I don't have much of this stuff, so I can't spend a few days testing various doses before my trip. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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