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2023.06.03 00:43 CapIndividual8784 Little red riding hood is skipping through the woods on her way to her grandmothers house

When suddenly the big bad Wolf jumped out of the bushes and yelled Raaaaaaaaaa I’m going to fuck you.. Red yelled no, you’re not you hairy bastard you’re gonna stick to the script let me get into grandmas house and then you’re gonna eat me..
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2023.06.03 00:43 ykilcher [D] Paper Explained - RWKV: Reinventing RNNs for the Transformer Era (Full Video Analysis)

We take a look at RWKV, a highly scalable architecture between Transformers and RNNs.
0:00 - Introduction
1:50 - Fully Connected In-Person Conference in SF June 7th
3:00 - Transformers vs RNNs
8:00 - RWKV: Best of both worlds
12:30 - LSTMs
17:15 - Evolution of RWKV's Linear Attention
30:40 - RWKV's Layer Structure
49:15 - Time-Parallel vs Sequence Mode
53:55 - Experimental Results & Limitations
58:00 - Visualizations
1:01:40 - Conclusion

Paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2305.13048

Transformers have revolutionized almost all natural language processing (NLP) tasks but suffer from memory and computational complexity that scales quadratically with sequence length. In contrast, recurrent neural networks (RNNs) exhibit linear scaling in memory and computational requirements but struggle to match the same performance as Transformers due to limitations in parallelization and scalability. We propose a novel model architecture, Receptance Weighted Key Value (RWKV), that combines the efficient parallelizable training of Transformers with the efficient inference of RNNs. Our approach leverages a linear attention mechanism and allows us to formulate the model as either a Transformer or an RNN, which parallelizes computations during training and maintains constant computational and memory complexity during inference, leading to the first non-transformer architecture to be scaled to tens of billions of parameters. Our experiments reveal that RWKV performs on par with similarly sized Transformers, suggesting that future work can leverage this architecture to create more efficient models. This work presents a significant step towards reconciling the trade-offs between computational efficiency and model performance in sequence processing tasks.

Authors: Bo Peng, Eric Alcaide, Quentin Anthony, Alon Albalak, Samuel Arcadinho, Huanqi Cao, Xin Cheng, Michael Chung, Matteo Grella, Kranthi Kiran GV, Xuzheng He, Haowen Hou, Przemyslaw Kazienko, Jan Kocon, Jiaming Kong, Bartlomiej Koptyra, Hayden Lau, Krishna Sri Ipsit Mantri, Ferdinand Mom, Atsushi Saito, Xiangru Tang, Bolun Wang, Johan S. Wind, Stansilaw Wozniak, Ruichong Zhang, Zhenyuan Zhang, Qihang Zhao, Peng Zhou, Jian Zhu, Rui-Jie Zhu
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2023.06.03 00:43 rodriguezkevin The weirdest meet, manga version - vol 1 ch 8

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2023.06.03 00:43 Weary-Ad1978 what to do when one rat hates new guy

This is going to be a weird post due to all the info- I posted more info in my last post (especially about my previous bonding with my three others) but I did not get a single response. I have three bonded rats (Mouse, Niko, and Ollie) I bonded them since they were all single rats. My bf and I adopted a fourth rat named Juniper. Niko and Ollie are okay with Juniper (They like him but haven’t cuddled yet I guess lol) Mouse, however, HATES the new guy. We have tried bathtub bonding as well as putting them in a smaller cage that has no scent of any of them and Mouse still can’t get along. We have tried this countless times at this point but Mouse always fights the new guy (obviously it’s not just normal tussles lol.) We are at the point where we don’t know what to do. We have tried vanilla extract, we have done anything we can think of and we are lost. A potential idea is to give new guy to my friend and find him a new friend but that’s something I’d rather avoid if possible because I already care so much for him. If there are any other ideas, please let me know. Any questions, please lmk and I’ll respond.
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2023.06.03 00:42 Noahzipp Car Salesman Lied (or is extremely uninformed)

I'll keep this as short as I can--
I went to get my car serviced and they wanted to look at it and offer me their trade in promos, blah blah blah... He showed me a few cars and I said I'm not super interested unless he can lower my payment while also putting me in a new or lightly used car. Otherwise, I'm not interested.
After looking at a few nice cars, the salesman asked me for Social Security # which prompted me to ask him if they're planning to do a hard credit inquiry, because if so, I am not planning to leave in a new car unless you blow me away with an offer, so don't bother.
He said "no its just a soft pull so we can get a ballpark rate for you, we only do hard pulls when you agree to buy the car." I consented to the soft pull and then when I got home (after not buying the car or doing anything of that nature) I got a notification from Discover that they performed a hard inquiry on me. I am upset because I was planning to apply for a new credit card and buy a house in the immediate future, but I am afraid this is going to lower my credit score a bit more than I'd like.

Am I overreacting? Is there anything I could/should do?
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2023.06.03 00:42 coloursouls Is it normal for a friend to disappear when you start to get closer?

We're both 30
Like I understand ghosting a strangeacquaintance(still shitty..) but a close friend, someone you've even called best friend and have gone out with before, is that normal? Especially if it's the second or third time it's happened?
We had been getting very close again over the past month-this after she had already disappeared for a few months when we had a few dates planned- talking a lot, texting, touching, teasing, flirting, just being completely comfortable and childish around each other. And what was I supposed to think when she came back like this after months of not talking? So I just reciprocated and we bonded more than ever. She even texted me to come to her place one night but then got ill and has been ghost town since
She's answering my texts if I write her, fairly quickly too, but just seems to have no "want" in talking, not the same energy we always had at least, so I end up not wanting to text her either. She's going through some things in her life too but like I said we're close friends so you'd think she'd tell me what's going on. I don't want to let it go cause I love her as a friend or potentially more but it does suck to be stuck like this
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2023.06.03 00:42 Lost-My-Mind- Would you go to the stadium just for the food?

Let's say these vendors all were open on days there was no game. They just open up the stadium, you walk in, you buy some food, and you go.
You don't pay an admission fee. There's no game. There's just food vendors. Would you go just to be in essentially a food court?
I guess the team shop could be open too. Give the whole place some hours like noon until 8pm for non-game days. Or maybe since they serve alcohol, you could stay open until 4am, while the bars close at 2:30am.
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2023.06.03 00:42 csgladwell Live resin cart opinions

Live resin cart opinions
Taking a trip up to TC tomorrow from Chicago. Thinking of stopping at Jars Saugatuck to take advantage of some good deals. I was going to get 12/$100 splash carts, then save the remaining 3 grams of purchasable concentrate for live resin carts or stiiizy pods. I am looking for opinions on 989 extracts live resin, element live resin, cresco live resin, or stiiizy pods. Please let me know your favorites and what you recommend based on pricing.
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2023.06.03 00:42 rubymusic_43 Am I the jerk for going to church?

Before anyone asks, jumps to conclusions, or calles me a Karin or whatever, let me explain.
I am a special needs girl with Aspergers Syndrome (Autism) and ADHD. I also live with my single mother. And we're the kind of family who has low income.
This was something that started to happen when I was still in high school. Probably when I was 16 or 17. Somewhere around there, I guess. But, recently the old pastor at the church (I usually attend to) had left, for whatever reason it was he had. Really nice guy. Respectful to everyone, minds his own business, and supports anyone at the church in need for help. Details are very fuzzy, so, I don't remember much of what he said.
He announced that starting the next day, a new pastor will come in and take his position, since he'll be leaving. I was a bit sad, but, I was thankful to him for everything he's done until that day.
Like he said, after church ended, a new pastor came in and introduced herself. Let's call her "Anna" . After "Anna" introduced herself and explains she's the new pastor who will be permanently filling in for the previous pastor, we interacted and got to know each other for a little bit.
She was really nice too.
At first, I thought I was gonna get along with her well. But...I was wrong.
In my 2nd or 3rd year of highschool, my mother came up to the pastor and asked her for the churches' wifi password for me, so I can do schoolwork and graduate, job hunt etc. in my spare times, since we didn't have internet at home. She agreed and told me the wifi password and I was able to use it anytime as I needed to.
Like my mom said, I used the wifi to do schoolwork online. And when I was finished, I job hunted.
Gradually overtime, "Anna" started to complain to me about the whole wifi thing, even though I always take a break from it, grab a bite to eat and rest a while at home. I'm not even inside the church building during those times when church isn't open. Instead, I sit outside on the premises.
And around winter time, I stay in the house.
I don't recall what it was I said to her, but I was being polite.
Keep in mind. I was still in school.
This was where things got worse after that.
As school started drawing near to the end and summer is approaching, the complaining from the pastor continued. Until one day, when "Anna" complained to my mom, making it sound like my mom is a really bad mother and upsetting her, after we kindly asked the pastor for help in getting groceries home for us, as a one time only thing, since we don't have a car and have unintentionally bought too much groceries.
Originally, I was gonna repay the favor to the pastor and thank her for helping us, but when she made it sound like my mom is a terrible mother, raising me, I got really pissed off, knowing damn well my mother isn't a terrible mother.
And when someone makes me mad, I get really scary.
After that happened, I immediately gave the pastor the riot act and told her she has no right to treat my mother like a child, nor does she have the right to tell my mom how to raise me "the right way" and that before, I was originally gonna repay her as my way of saying thanks, until she started running that mouth about my mom.
Since then, "Anna" immediately had went silent and never said a single peep about my mother.
But now, her complaining about me using the wifi had resumed. Mostly to me this time, since after I gave her hell for what she said to my mother.
To make things worse, "Anna" changed the wifi from 10:00 am through 9:00 pm to 10:00 am through 2:00 pm. She even called me out during bible study at church by talking about anger, which is something I had issues with during grade school but managed to get it under control until now.
Because of this, and the wifi time limit being shut off, I failed my current grade and had to repeat it again, because my schoolwork wasn't finished and wasn't turned in on time. I even lost the chance to get the job I wanted because of that.
One time, she went outside and said I was "intentionally killing the baby birds" one day, when I was sitting outside a few feet away, near a bird's nest and watching the mother bird feeding her babies. Both the bird and I were minding our business too, only "Anna" scared the mother bird off when she went outside, before accusing me for something I didn't do, that she did.
It also made me really mad that she's calling me an animal murderer, because 1) I'm an animal lover. 2) I don't have the heart to hurt or kill them, and 3) my mother has a degree in veterinary and is very knowledgeable about animals. And she told me I definitely wasn't doing anything wrong to the bird, and the birds are perfectly fine.
Because if I was really messing with the birds and the nest, I would've got attacked by them instead.
After I left the church permesis, I talked to my friends and explained the situation about it and we all agreed on one thing. "Anna" is being irrational and self-centered. She wasn't being a good pastor either, because a pastor is supposed to do the things a pastor normally does at church. Not complain constantly to a church member about them using the wifi and things of that sort.
My mother, who's also the church's minister, is the perfect example to a good pastor. "Anna" was the opposite.
As of right now, I'm currently looking for advice on how to deal with this and make the pastor leave me alone as well.
Since then, I've completely stopped going and really hate attending churches now
So, am I the jerk for going to church, not expecting all for this to happen?
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2023.06.03 00:41 QuietRing5299 Send Information Between Raspberry Pi Pico W's Anywhere Using MQTT

Hello All,
Recently made a tutorial on how to connect Raspberry Pi Pico W's using MQTT. The only thing you will need is an active internet connection and more than one Raspberry Pi Pico W connected to the internet!
This is a great methodology to build a distributed system with IoT!
I use the HiveMQ broker to do this which is free to set up, followed by some brief setup in MicroPython/Thonny.
I go over all details in the video, be sure to subscribe to the channel would be awesome to show your support! Thanks, let me know if you have any questions in the Youtube comments.
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2023.06.03 00:41 bridgeb0mb i dont know

i dont want to be gay so fucking bad.
i don't want to have sex with women. id rather just watch lesbian porn for 30 seconds and then feel repulsed by sex again for another day or so. i want a man to love me. im a girl, how am i supposed to fall in love with a woman? is falling in love truly that fucking inspecial? not what i thought it was my whole life?
why do i have days where i am sure i am straight? yet my sexuality is on my mind every fucking day? if i was straight why would i be thinking about this every day for years? being gay feels like settling to me, somehow. has anyone ever felt that way? is it just me? like i would be missing out on something my whole life if i was gay? am i just obsessed with the idea of heterosexuality? do i just seek the approval of men that much? why do i feel like i would never be satisfied with a woman? like i could never take it seriously? like a girlfriend would always just feel like a best friend i like to fuck?
i want a man to want me. i want a man to whisper dirty shit into my ear. ive only been with three men in this life. the first one i wasn't attracted to. i was young, senior year of high school, and our friends pressured us to be together. he was moving away soon, i wouldn't see him again. we were good friends and i was happy to have him in my life, but i didn't exactly respect him. he was funny and we did fun things together but he was immature. i wasn't attracted to him bc he wasn't himself yet... if that makes sense. we were young and he hadn't come into the person he was supposed to grow into at all yet. i just did intimate stuff with him for the experience. just bc why not? we were good friends but we didn't care about each other like that. it just seemed like the thing to do. i have no regrets, i really couldn't care less. we didn't do too much. just kissing and hand stuff. i didn't want him to see me naked. he was rude about my reluctantness to do more. not super "in my face" asshole about it all, just ignorantly rude. a couple times he straight up asked me if i thought i was a lesbian bc i wouldn't go further with him. he wasn't outright mean when he said that, i think he thought he was being genuine. i didn't want to give him real reasons why. i didn't want to tell him we were moving too fast and that i had no experience prior to him. i didn't want to tell him i just wasn't ready and that i feel really insecure and uncomfortable in my body. i didn't explain that i felt weird taking my clothes off while we were in the basement of a peer i hardly knew bc he was staying with a friend for the summer since his family had already moved. i didn't want to tell him i wasn't attracted to him very much at all. in another couple weeks we would never see each other again. so none of it mattered.
the next man was a few years later and i still don't know if he knew he took my virginity. i wasn't attracted to this man either. but it was more than that. i was absolutely so physically repulsed by him. that's why i fucked him most nights for a year or so. i couldn't live at home with my family anymore but i couldn't find a place to live at the same time. it was so hard. i don't know what i hated more, life or myself. so i shacked up with this unfortunate loser of a human being. he barely showered. he neglected and abused his dogs and cat. he neglected his son he had partial custody of. his house was so disgusting you could hardly walk through it. he would leave his dog's shit and piss on the floors for months. the entire place was filthy, top to bottom, left to right, every direction. we would just get stoned every night. we would lay on his roof and look at the stars. he would massage my body until i stopped flinching. and eventually we started having sex. ill never know why i did it. i mean i guess that's a complete lie. i guess that's just some stupid shit i tell myself. he was so fucking ugly. unredeemably ugly. not just unattractive, not average. he was gross. he made my skin crawl. i would let him fuck me and i would feel like i was going to pass out. i don't know. it's so basic to admit but it was like self harm. that's all it was. cliche. nothing deeper. i heard a rumor that his last longterm girlfriend claimed he physically abused her. he insisted that she started hitting him in their relationship. when they broke up she lied to all his friends saying he would beat her instead. his friends believed her and turned on him. he is a shitty, creeper lowlife man. but really he's just a loser. that was the worst part. he was just an absolute loser. he wasn't evil. i started things with him assuming his ex was right. i didn't care about my life at all and it was my last attempt at coping with existing for just a little bit longer. i hadn't tasted food in a few years, and my body had been completely numb every day for longer. i fell asleep at night day dreaming about getting my ass handed to me. i wanted him to hit me so bad. but he wouldn't. and the way he talked about his ex... i couldn't possibly think any lower of him but i believe he was telling the truth. the way he would flinch in his sleep was evidence as well. so selfishly of me, i begged him for months to hit me. i lied and said it was a kink. he would get so annoyed with me. he didn't like when i asked that. i told him constantly that he could trust me. that i genuinely wanted it and that i wasn't going to switch up on him and suddenly claim he abused me. i was so self centered and careless i just kept asking. over and over. all the time. one day i was laying on his bed and he was standing next to the bed. i slipped it into conversation, so casually and out of the blue like i always did, like a joke. i said "and now is the part when you hit me right?" and he slapped me across the face. he said "there. im never doing it again" and he never did it again. i looked back at him like such a child. my eyes were so wide and my opened mouth grin spread across my face so slowly. i couldn't believe he finally did it. it felt like the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me. he risked so much doing it. it felt like the truest form of trust i had ever gotten to experience with another human and for a second i got to experience sensation. i still think about it all the time. he slapped me across the face so suddenly and the only thing i felt was the warmest joy. he lost his friends and his reputation to his last girlfriend who framed him for being an abuser. yet i didn't care at all, and begged and begged him to hit me until he finally did. i am so sorry ******.
i still have nightmares about him all the time. about him finding me again, just appearing somewhere where i am. about someone in my life witnessing him. when i just used his home for somewhere to hide. he lived in the middle of nowhere, isolated. we had sex so many fucking times and i never came once. i never convinced myself he was attractive. the only time i wanted him was when i layed with him at night and i was the big spoon. i have no idea why. i would wake him up and he could feel in between my legs that i wanted him. but it was never as wet as it is when i see a naked woman on my stupid fucking phone screen.
the next man was my first real boyfriend. real as in we were really dating. real as in we hung out together in public and introduced each other to our friends and family and that we had an anniversary. and went on dates. he insisted on us being in a serious relationship, tho i never was in it 100% bc i knew he was going to move away at some point. we were together for 8 months until he moved to another country across the world. now that it's over i am mad at him for all the right reasons. i don't tell anyone, not even him, but i know for myself. but while he was here and we were together we had fun together. i let it happen bc i deserved it and i still think i do. i would do it again. i needed to know that i was worthy and capable of really dating someone. i needed to truly try it out. i deserved to be close with someone, to dote on them and be doted on properly, without feeling shame or disgust. we would have sex and i enjoyed it. but it wasn't so easy for me. it was hard to let him see me naked. i hate my body so much and i have a couple abnormalities that i was taught my entire life to never let another human witness. he didn't care. he never brought them up. when i did he acted like he didn't know what i was talking about. and i think he meant that. i wanted to be present while we were intimate so badly. but i would dissociate every time. i tried so hard not to go away but i always did. i would float away just about a foot above his body, to the right of us. just past his left shoulder while he was on top of me. just like i had with the man before him. and also just like the man before him, when he would fuck me all my racing thoughts would narrow down into one single, loud monologue. like one loud voice i could basically actually hear in my head. i would be thinking so clearly about something so specific. thinking about my dissociating problems itself most of the time. i couldn't reel myself back in. i always thought it would be easier if i was with him fully in the relationship in the first place. if i was able to give myself to him 100% in general, instead of constantly knowing it was all going to end at some point soon due to him most likely leaving the country. if i could just be with him in the moment in any given moment when we were together, not focused on the future. i would have loved to love him while knowing he was just in my life, and not just in my life temporarily. i would have loved to experience him while not having to think about the future, bc the future didn't matter since he was in my life and there would be no indication that he wouldn't be any time soon. but i always knew that he was going to leave.
he wanted to know why i wasn't ravenous in bed like he was. he repeatedly told me that he didn't want to pressure me into doing anything ever but that he had insecurities about me not being attracted to me. he wanted reassurance. i enjoyed sex with him, i thought about it every night before bed on all the nights we weren't sleeping in the same bed together. i thought about it all day at work, completely distracted, missing things, dropping shit. i wanted it all the time, but my body still didn't react the way it does when i see a titty on my stupid phone. but especially when i was with him in person. all the daydreaming of me having my way with him left my mind when i was in his room alone with him. then i would become cagey and dissociate. and as much as i tried to explain all of those issues about my own uncomfortablilities and insecurities to him, he said he believed me. he replied with things that made sense. he said he understood. but i didn't feel like he did. i never came with him either.
growing up i wasn't taught what masterbation was. i started at a very young age (3 or 4), which i have learned as an adult is a suspicious thing. i wasn't arroused by people at that age of course, just things and feelings.ol or just at random. my parents never told me what it was. not till much older. they would just yell at me. let it happen by never explaining anything to me, and then just yell at me. i had no idea what i was doing. when i got a little older and finally found out what it was, i was absolutely disgusted with myself. i wanted to start over on life. i never got over the shame. i feel like i will never be able to climax in the presence of someone else.
so i masturbate to women on the Internet. quickly. and then i just move on with my day.
i think i am going to be alone forever.
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2023.06.03 00:41 DeathReaper130 This Is How I Think Breanna Stewart Can Be Stopped

So for a little background, Breanna Stewart is by far considered the best WNBA player in the league now. Her offensive talent is amazing and we can see it pretty much every game that she plays. It's been very clear that almost no team in the WNBA has been able to stop her offensively as she's averaging 25.8 points this season and has a career average of 20.5 points per game over a career of 6 seasons (plus the little of this current season so far). Furthermore, I was reading an article earlier today talking about how the WNBA failed in stopping Stewart. All of this combined got me thinking about what I've noticed about Stewart's playing style and if there's a way to actually stop her offensively and I think I may have found a potential solution to this.

Part #1 - Understanding Breanna Stewart's Game:
First, we need to do is understand a little bit of Breanna Stewart's game. She's probably one of the best all-round scorers in the game as she can easily score efficiently from the paint, mid-range, and beyond the arc. She had great handles and footwork for a forward so she's able to get around the court with ease. Furthermore standing at 6'4, she has a height advantage over most of the defenders who guard her. She knows when exactly to drive to the paint and when to hold the ball to shoot a jumper from either the mid-range or beyond the arc. With all this combined, it makes sense why WNBA teams have a tough time stopping Stewart as she has a wide arsenal of moves that can outmatch most defenders.

Part #2 - My Solution To How To Defend Breanna Stewart
The first thing to mention, in terms of defending Breanna Stewart, is that the defense has to be a team effort rather than an individual effort. If a team is relying on a single defender to try and stop Stewart, that's already a mistake to begin with. With her height advantage and footwork, Stewart can easily 1 v 1 any player in the league when given the opportunity. She knows exactly when she is able to drive in the paint for an easy shot and when to hold back and take a jumper. Most Forwards / Centers guarding her is not fast enough to stay with her and would easily lose a 1 v 1 if Stewart brings that forward / center who is defending her out to the mid-range / beyond the arc area. Furthermore, most guards would have a tough time defending Stewart and she'd have a huge height advantage being 6'4, making it easy for her to shoot right over her defenders. So if a forward / center or a guard can't defend her 1 v 1, the question then arises: who can defend Stewart? The answer to this question is pretty much no one can defend her 1 v 1. The solution to this is to always defend her with 2 playerss to an extent. The first thing that needs to be done to stop Stewart from getting easy baskets in the paint is to switch the team defense to zone. By having a zone defense, the team is essentially packing the paint with 3 players down low and 2 players at the top of the key. There's a clear advantage of playing zone against Stewart. The first thing is that a zone defense will eliminate any easy layups / back cuts Stewart normally gets by blowing past her defenders in the paint. She'll have to face atleast 2 people in the paint every time she gets in and then make a choice to either shoot the ball or pass it away to her teammates. Furthermore with a zone defense, her shot quality will take a dip as she's have to deal with more defenders than normal.

Now with the paint covered to an extent against Stewart, the next thing we need to do is apply pressure to her whenever she gets the ball. As previously stated, the team defense has to be a zone. Therefore whenever Stewart gets her hands on the ball, two players (one player down low and one wing on the side Stewart is on) have to apply pressure on Stewart and attempt to trap her. If Stewart is on the top of the key or wings, one of the two defenders up top have to play the primary ball pressure on her while one of the forwards down low rotate up and apply secondary pressure against her, depending on which side of the court she is on. By having two defenders on Stewart to an extent, she'll be forced to either take a lower quality shot for her standard or pass the ball away to her teammates once again. This two player pressure from the zone defense needs to be applied on Stewart at all times whenever the ball is in her hands.

For the next part, I'll be sharing a reference to the court in zones with this image:
Each of the zones are numbered from 1-6. Zone #1 is the area in the top of the key and beyond. Zone #2 and Zone #3 are the two areas on the left and right which are considered the wings and beyond. Zone #4 and Zone #5 are the two ares on the left and right considered the corners and beyond. Finally, Zone #6 is considered anything inside the paint. Now going back to the defense on Stewart, we established that we have two player pressure on her and the paint for covered to an extent. Thus, we take a look now at Stewart's jump shot from both the mid-range and beyond the arc. Once again, Stewart is very capable of shooting from these areas so she can't just be left open here.

One of the first things that I noticed about Stewart's game is that, aside from taking a majority of her shots in the paint, the next majority of her shots come from the top of the key and the wings, in the image link above, that would be Zones #1, #2, and #3. Furthermore, I noticed that Stewart rarely takes any shots in the corners (Zones #4 and #5). Watching her play in the games both this season and last season, Stewart almost always took the ball to the paint for a shot or dribbled around the court until she took a shot in Zones #1, #2, and #3. Only in situations where she was open to an extent or forced to take a shot did Stewart end up shooting from the corners, Zones #4 and #5. Even furthermore, the one big thing which I noticed about Stewart's game is that she hates going into Zone #4 for a shot, the right corner. For some reason almost every time she is in Zone #4, she always does her best to get out of this zone or pass the ball to her teammates. For example this year while watching the Liberty games, I noticed how Stewart rarely takes any shots from Zone #4. I did a little research on Stewart's shooting from Zone #4 for this season and it turns out that she only took 2 shots from there and made 1 of them. If we take a look at Zone #5 for Stewart this season, she has only taken 3 shots and missed all of them so far this season. So far this season, Stewart has taken 61 shots from the field. That means that of those 61 shots, she only took 4.92% of all her shots from Zone #5 and 3.28% of all shots from Zone #4. This was actually very surprising looking at these numbers considering she's known to be someone who can score from anywhere on the court.

Now since the 2023 season only just started, the sample size is very little to say that Stewart doesn't like shooting the ball from the corners in Zone #4 and Zone #5. Therefore, I also researched on all the shots that Stewart took from those two zones in the 2022 season where she played 34 games. Out of the 34 games Stewart played in the 2022 WNBA season, she took a total of 540 field goals. Of these 540 shots, only 69 shots came from both Zone #4 and Zone #5. In Zone #5, Stewart went 16-47 from the field (34.04%). In Zone #4, Stewart went 9-22 from the field (40.91%). If we take a look at the 6 playoff games Stewart played in 2022, she 6-10 from Zone #5 (60%) and 3-3 from Zone #4 (100%). For reference, Stewart took a total of 113 shots in these 6 playoff games. That means that only 8.84% of all shots came from Zone #5 and only 2.65% of all shots came from Zone #4.

The interesting thing to see between Zone #4 and Zone #5 is the FG% and attempts. Stewart is taking more shots from Zone #5 but it still shooting worse than when she takes shots from Zone #4. In the 2022 regular season, she took almost more than twice the number of shots from Zone #5 than Zone #4, despite shooting much worse from Zone #5. From all these stats, shooting patterns, and areas where Stewart shoots the ball from, we can clearly see that Zone #4, which is the right corner, is a problem to her for some reason, as she's unwilling to take shots from that area unless she is forced to.

This is what I think defenses need to do in order to stop Stewart: force her into Zone #4 on the court and force her to take more shots from there. Overall, the defensive scheme to stop Breanna Stewart is as follow:
1) Establish a 2-3 zone defense with 3 forwards / centers down low and 2 guards up top
2) Always have a two person defense on Stewart whenever she gets the ball in her hands from the forward and guard depending on which side of the court she is on. If she's up top at the key, then the second guard comes in to help. The primary guard is always the main defender and the secondary forward or guard is the help defender who still stays nearby and provides pressure but doesn't commit fully to Stewart.
3) Force Stewart to dribble right and take her into Zone #4, the right corner. Zone #4 is by far the are on the court which Stewart tries to avoid and rarely takes shots from. By forcing her into this corner, she'd have to either force shots or pass the ball away.

The biggest thing with this defensive scheme is to pressure Stewart at all times and get her into uncomfortable situations. The reason for this is that she will have to either take bad shots or pass the ball away to her teammates. If as a team you limit how long Stewart has control of the ball, that's a big win already. Furthermore, I'd much rather have the rest of the Stewart's team (the Liberty as of the year) be the ones taking the shots rather than Stewart herself. In terms of the Liberty this year, Ionescu is the only other pure scorer on the team. The rest of the team is able to score but they all have different primary roles (Vandersloot playmaking, Jones in the paint, etc.). Therefore rather than allowing Stewart to easily reach her 20-25 points per game, I'd definitely use this defensive scheme to limit Stewart to an extent and have her team try and step up offensively. Let me know what you all think about this.
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2023.06.03 00:41 Warriorinshingarmour This is a poem by Imam Shafi “let the days go forth”.

This is a poem by Imam Shafi “let the days go forth”.
It’s a beautiful poem and is what I would consider to be a tear jerker. When I watch the video it helps me being able to put into perspective of what the dunya means, what our approach should be in this worldly life, and how we conduct ourselves as people and as Muslims.
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2023.06.03 00:40 DarkSideMoon Host Fraud/property issues, Airbnb support refusing to even acknowledge the fraud.

Friend of mine Booked an Airbnb for a group of us for a music festival about a year out. 3 months prior, host cancels due to permitting issues. No worries, shit happens.
She finds another property over the same dates, similar price, etc and books. The day before we are supposed to arrive the host reaches out to say that there are “emergency repairs” and we “might” not be able to check in on time. We offer several solutions (it was allegedly a broken shower door) including her locking off that room, late check in, etc. She won’t bite on any of those (again, fine, shit happens). She says the repair should be done in time for us to check in.
Day of we message her several times, she says they are working on it in the afternoon and it should hopefully be done in time, then refuses to give us updates for hours. We arrive in town, show up to the property to find it completely vacant. No workers, no cleaners, etc. my friend pulls up Airbnb to possibly find an alternate host and noticed the property we are booked at has an active listing for our dates at 2x the price!. When called out on it the host claimed it was a “glitch with Airbnb”. She then offered to “modify the reservation” and put as at another one of her properties (albeit much smaller and way further from our event). My friend accepted the modification because well, at least it’s a place to stay and otherwise we’re literally homeless for the weekend (all the other hotels and airbnbs are booked due to the festival). While she’s waiting for confirmation, I pull out my phone and notice that our Airbnb is still relisted for double the price.
I put in a reservation request and asked the host if it would be available for immediate check-in. She responded yes in about 15 minutes while still ghosting my friend on details about the other Airbnb. Within a half hour we had the code to the original Airbnb on my account before the host had even sent the details to my friend for her “reaccomodation”. We mentioned nothing to the host about this since she had already lied to us multiple times and we were afraid she would try to kick us out mid stay and we’d already missed half the day of music dealing with this nonsense. My friend was able to cancel her original reservation (although not without a huge fight with the host about it).
We checked in to the original property and it was, frankly, a dump. The TV was broken, most of the furniture was stained, towels that had literal shit stains on them, the porch was missing half the railing, exposed electrical in the bathroom. On top of all this, there were zero signs the bathroom door had been replaced. There was soap scum on it. There were no boot prints. The caulk was dry and hard as a rock. There were no discarded glass protective plastic or other signs of construction. Again, because this host had already proven herself to be untrustworthy and somewhat hostile, we catalogued everything but did not report it at the time, fearing retribution from the host.
At check out, I sent detailed screenshots of all of this to Airbnb along with the major issues (including safety issues) that the property had. Today they said there was nothing they could do because I “didn’t give the host a chance to fix it while we were there”
  1. I’m not sure how we could’ve had the host fix the pricing issue when she already lied about it and that is something that should be doable after the fact
  2. What was she going to do, get a construction crew out there on Memorial Day weekend to rebuild the porch?
  3. The other issues were blatant and gross but not the reason I’m requesting a partial refund.
All I want is the price difference between what she let us book at and the fraudulent second listing price. I’m at my whit’s end as to how to escalate it because Airbnb support won’t respond at all regarding the pricing/fraud issue, only saying “we’ll we can’t refund you for a broken tv after the fact”.
I don’t really care about the TV or porch or electrical. those issues were icing on the cake and I just wanted Airbnb to be aware that they have a listing with code violating safety issues.
Any advice on how to escalate from here? I’m fine with getting the price difference back and calling it a day. I would be fine with the host getting in trouble with Airbnb for it but no refund. I would be fine with the property being delisted until repairs are made (it is still available for booking today).
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2023.06.03 00:40 bob-ross-chia-pet Asking for oat milk, still getting dairy?

I haven't knowingly had dairy in about 3 years. Over the last 2 weeks I've been through the Tim Horton's drive through by my work 4 times and have been ordering an iced oat latte in the afternoon. I have also been VERY bloated and uncomfortable for the last 2 weeks or so. I have a bunch of acne that suddenly appeared and I've been very lethargic. I didn't know why any of this was happening but it kind of clicked just now. When I order oat milk, it shows up as "WHT MLK, OAT MLK" every time on the screen. I didn't think anything of it, I thought it was just showing up in their system strangely but that they were still just using oat milk. Could they be putting both milks in my drink mistakenly? This would line up time-wise with the symptoms I've been experiencing. I'm gonna start bringing my own coffee for the next month or so and see if my symptoms go away just in case. Someone let me know if this could be a common mixup at Tim Horton's please
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2023.06.03 00:40 Bballer015 Good Deal?? --- Lenovo - Legion Slim 7i 16" Gaming Laptop

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2023.06.03 00:40 MysteriousEgg1724 Fuck everybody and everything

I hate everyone. I hate this old fuck giving me advice like I'm a fucking idiot. I hate this young cocksucker cuz all he does is fuck girls, get drunk and watch tiktok like that's just an amazing fucking life. Seriously fuck you and your non-existent brain. I can't even sit down and have an actual conversation without some bullshit floating around.
Just shut the fuck up. And fuck those stupid girls that are down to fuck with you. They're just as annoying as you are.
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And you know what happens when these fuckfaces have children. They give the child an iPad or something they get addicted to it. Discover porn and also become brainless fucks when they grow up. And every fucking parent their kid is a gift from God, real fucking unique. Ho fucking Ho. HO FUCKING HO. WE FUCKED FOR 5 MINUTES, HE FINISHED INSIDE ME, I GAVE BIRTH, IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF. YEAH LET THIS LITTLE FUCK DEAL WITH THIS CUM STAIN OF A WORLD. IM SURE HELL APPRECIATE IT. WHATS THAT? YOURE 18? GET THE FUCK OUT. WHAT'S THAT? YOURE GAY? FUCK OUTTA MY BLOODLINE, NOT MY CHILD. WHATS THAT BAD GRADES? NO FOOD FOR YOU. WHATS THAT YOU THINK FOR YOURSELF? BACK TO FUCKING SCHOOL. SCHOOL SCHOOL. GRADES. ONLY A.
FUCK PARENTS. Parents are the combination of 2 fuckfaces fucking. And then the cycle continues.
Man fuck everybody. Like get the fuck away from me bitch. Don't come near me. Don't talk to me. Don't ask me any questions. Leave me the fuck alone. I don't wanna hear your bullshit story. Go fuck yourself. Go on, to another cocksucker just like yourself. YOU DONT WANNA HEAR WHAT I HAVE TO SAY. YOU WANNA HEAR YOUR OWN THOUGHTS BEING REITERATED BACK AT YOU. SO FUCK YOU. AND YOU DONT CARE ABOUT MY DAY, SO FUCK OFF. AND TRUTH BE TOLD I DONT CARE ABOUT YOURS EITHER.
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2023.06.03 00:40 OneDescription8981 Can’t get new upstream o2 sensor in

Have spent 3 fucking hours trying to get the new sensor to thread properly, it requires you to push the sensor in to the hole while also turning it CW at the same time, which is almost impossible to do with the the way it’s situated plus all the crap back there. Finally when I think I’m actually twisting it in it just rotate back CCW as soon as I let go. I thought the hard part was getting the old one out but that took me like 45 minutes, getting the new one in seems to be the tricky part. Before you ask, yes, it’s the correct part. What’s the secret? Any tricks?
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2023.06.03 00:40 Kafka_in_November Octopus Tentacles as 'Independant' Creatures - Bad Idea?

Hello DMs. I'm a fairly new DM running DoSI and the level 2 party is about to reach the Spore Servant Octopus in the Seagrow Caves. I was thinking it would be cool if the tentacles were independent creatures which could be chopped off.
I'm thinking this allows the body to 'hide' underwater and pop up after a round for the purpose of it being cool as hell. Would also mean it takes up more map space to make for a more epic seeming fight at a low level.
I'm also hoping the extra action economy will help even the fight as the base statblock is CR 1 and fairly weak. My question is; what do we think of this?
46 - hit points for the 'head' 6 - hit points for each of the 8 tentacles
I've lowered the creatures health a small amount to account for it being split somewhat over the tentacles.
Tentacles can be moved after the body moves, to any space within 15ft (they occupy their own 5ft squares like creatures) of the body. Hit +4 dealing 1d4 bludgeoning damage.
Tentacles can only attack and be moved, saving throws targeting them use the main statblock which is the body. Tentacles get no attack of opportunity.
My hope is creature can ambush the part with tentacles, surfacing on the 2nd round to give them the option of either going for the tentacles or focusing the head. I'm anticipating the tentacles not being able to fit in around the players to help with the outrageous difference in action economy I've proposed.
Please let me know what you think. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.03 00:40 pleasejustgoaway414 Letting it go

I ended up in a relationship that was short but lasted way longer than it should have. First they dumped me but we got back together. Throughout both times we were together, they would turn things back on me in arguments, treated me badly emotionally, acted insecure (I had to throw away a project I was excited about because they didn’t like it) and in all honesty it caused me to spiral and act out and feel less emotionally grounded— there was never any reassurance or real tangible support. They used their mental illness as a shield from accountability and refused to acknowledge how their words and actions hurt me for months until I finally got fed up and left. You can be mentally ill and not be an ass. I wish I had left in a more gentle way— I did it very suddenly— but I was crying every day. The arguments were stressful and nothing I was trying was working. I wasn’t happy even though I thought I wanted to be with them. For so long I felt like I was walking on eggshells just to try to get them to love me the way they did in our first few months together. Not every moment was horrible, but many of them were. As a result I sometimes feel upset about the mixture of good and bad. I’ve since moved on and feel reconnected with my support network (I was isolated from them for much of that relationship), and feel more confident and capable and healthy. They want to get back together but I definitely do not want that. But I guess I just need to let go of the nagging thought I have of like, “This person thinks there was nothing wrong with our relationship when it was so bad for me and I wish they would just own up to it and do better for the next person in their life.”
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2023.06.03 00:40 Massive_Chair_7374 Undergrad feeling like a failure

So I got a position in the lab like a month and a half ago and he offered to help me get a publication and a research project but it’s a tight deadline of training and so this past month I’ve been going into the lab for hours but I keep messing up. I also had a meeting with my PI and he said I should’ve understood this stuff already and know the basic stuff about my project and he was hoping for me to be a little more ahead . I feel like a such a let done cause of that. I don’t get why but I have not been getting the results I need for my pcr reactions and it’s making me upset cause I should’ve been done with it about two weeks ago but I still have no good results. I also hate that it takes hours to get results and I can’t be staying there that long like :( I just feel like a loser cause all the other undergraduates are getting good results and way ahead and whenever I ask about something I feel so stupid because the answer is usually right there :(
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2023.06.03 00:40 Euphoric-Dealer-5992 M17 [chat]. No lim chat I’m open and honest. Fun before I go to sleep

Let’s talk about anything no lims and just have some fun before I go to sleep
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