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2023.06.03 01:15 idkaboutlifeandstuff Getting stood up and I don't know how to cope with the pain of this one.

Hello, throwaway here, on to the story: Over the last few weeks, I've gotten to know a girl I really like via Bumble. We live in different cities 3-4 hours away from each other, but she was in mine 2 weeks ago to make a first visit as she considers moving here for studying in a year. That was coincidentally the day I saw her, and complimented her on Bumble that I like her and that I'd like to take her out on a coffee date in either of our cities, as where she lives is my old hometown and I could just pay my parents a visit.
We matched and began talking, shortly after began facetime calls, and have been calling each other everyday for the past one and a half weeks, excluding last weekend when she was on a trip and had no connection. The calls were initiated by her every single time as she phoned me after her shift ended, we talked on the phone until she got home, and then switched to facetime video until we went to bed each day. That means, we were already talking for roughly 30 hours by now, and had a great time together. I really felt comfortable with her and felt like she did too, for example when she fell asleep to my singing this tuesday and the next day apologizing for it, stating that she just felt so calm and relaxed that moment that she just couldn't stay awake (to be fair it was really late, she already wanted to go to sleep earlier). I didn't mind at all as I thought it to be really cute and felt that this was an intimate moment shared for us.
Without going into more detail, I hope that gives you the gist of the picture. I feel like we really bonded, grew close, and got to know each other.
Then, thursday evening happens: She calls me per usual at around 9 pm as her shift ended, and we began talking on the phone. The beginning was great, she told me about her day, that she felt really happy, that an issue at work resolved itself regarding a coworker dispute she got, and up until then I felt that everything was going fine. But then, she started talking about one negative incident she had with a customer that day, that the customer complained about an item not being available in her size and that there were too many overweight people in our country and that all manufacturing just considers overweight people yadayadayada. The customer sounds horrible IMO and I tell her that, straight up. She at that point is pretty much rage-ranting, as her mother seems to have an illness or condition that makes her overweight, so the customer's comments made it personal for her. I just wanted to calm her down, so I told her that I think "those people just externalize and project their own problems, and focus on other people's issues to never handle their own issues. They won't change, and you can't change them, so it's futile to let it get to you. She was just mean." to which she replied "You know what? I won't tell you anything anymore. My bus is here, so I will hang up now. Bye." In one swoop she dropped this bombshell of a situation on me.
The only thing wrong I can see in this situation is that I attempted to rationalize things, and I just shouldve said something to the likes of "sounds like you had a bad day, and Im sorry for that (as I care about you, at this point, even though I don't consciously want it, I really care deeply about you)".
She never mentioned anything she was unsatisfied with me about or the likes before, so this came out of the blue for me. It seems that she feels I'm a bad listener, which I really don't get where she's coming from, as I've started taking notes on her stuff because it's just so much input over the last two weeks that I couldn't keep up otherwise and I don't want her to feel as if what she's saying didn't matter to me.
After I immediately reached out that I'd like to sort this out, that I'm sorry, that I didn't want to hurt her feelings in any way, all I've got back was a "Leave me alone!" from her. I still don't know for sure, what she took issue with.
After our second facetime call at the beginning of us getting to know each other, we scheduled a date for this weekend, June 3rd. I would visit my parents, and go on a date with her. We already made plans on what we wanted to see and to do in the city, and I felt that we were both pretty excited for the date. On thursday, before the chaos call, I went shopping for some new sneakers in my city, and remembered that there was a hobby shop with crochet utensils that she liked and ordered all her stuff from, which she wanted to visit the next time she was in my city. So I went there and bought her some yarns of wool in colours I like as a little gift, that's the level of excitement and (admittedly over-)investment for the date I had. I wanted to tell her about that, but never got the chance. Now, it's the night before our supposed date, I left her alone after she told me, I'm sitting here at my parents' in my old room and she messaged me "I'm cancelling the date, I won't show tomorrow." which leaves me devastated. She also deleted her bumble account as a side note, which didnt really matter for us as we've took everything off Bumble pretty early on, but it's something I've noted and feel is important to mention, too
I've already talked to friends and family, and all tell me that "yeah, its understandable this hurts" but "you mustn't overinvest this much in a person. You wanted too much too fast. You gotta listen and don't try to explain everything, thats probably what scared her away" and the ol "theres plenty of fish in the sea". Yeah, I get all that, and I know that I've got to move on, I can't force her to go on a date with me, and that probably any hope for us two is now gone. I know this all, but it still hurts. I know that it's okay to hurt, and that I can still do stuff with other people, and that this behavior shows me that it wasn't meant to be anyways. But it just still hurts. I really grew to like her, and I wanted this to work out. This was the first girl in a long time I was comfortable with and whom I felt I could trust. And now all I feel is disappointment in myself for being in a situation that hurts so much, that I feel like I did it all wrong, that I can't understand what's going on and am just left in chaos, that I was so deceived to whom that person actually is and how she treats me now, it really feels like a microcosm of chaos, like sitting in a hurricane of shit and it's all just flying around you and smashing into you and every hit is a gut punch.
I don't get it. And I feel devastated, and just hoped that this weekend might hold something good for us. Dear reddit community, I admit that I am shit at emotions, and how to properly handle them, so please teach me: How do I make it not hurt anymore?
I'm going to bed now, so please don't be mad that my responses won't be immediate. Im sorry, and all responses are greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.03 01:15 L1axx [AUS] Looking For Players or Player Willing to help me Improve / Grind

Hi I'm a Sliver 1 Player and I'm look for players or a team/group that would be willing to help me grind and improve at the game I have a faceit and esea account if you want me to play those as well my work schedule is a bit inconsistent but I can contact you via discord / any other social media to let you know when I'm available
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2023.06.03 01:15 MycologistCorrect863 Don't do business with healthcare finance direct.

I paid my bill at the beginning of the month. It was not due until the end of the month but I feel like that's irrelevant. I called healthcare finance direct to tell them not to run any credit cards or bank accounts this month since I already paid through their online portal. The male representative started behaving very rudely. I believe they have horrible customer service. This isn't my first time dealing with their rude male employees. They'll talk over you, ask you rude questions, etc. The company supports their representatives being rude to their employees and encourages it. I also believe a certain male representative has an obsessive fixation and stalks my smile direct club account. When I mentioned I paid my bill at the beginning of this month, the male representative asked me why I'd do that. That the person in the chat told me that it was against their companies rules to pay early. The way he questioned me was as if I was a child. I told him he wasn't getting my bank account information or my credit cards. I wasn't interested in autopay due to their previous attempts to run credit cards to try and get late fees racked up on my account or take out more than what they were supposed to. I believe the representative got mad because I paid early and that would make it hard for healthcare finance direct to charge my account with a late fee. They're like we'll refund you the money and you can pay it on your due date. It says on our company website that you can't pay early. I told him even on days where it was due, they'd charge me a late fee before the day was over and I had a chance to pay. This representative was acting very rude and creepy. I told him to transfer me to smile direct club to cancel my account because healthcare finance direct is a headache to deal with. Smile direct club kept transferring me back over to healthcare finance direct club. So, the female representative from healthcare finance direct blatantly lied to the smile direct club representative. She wanted to intentionally mess up my account. I know it was intentional because I gave my phone number, zip code, name, and email address. There was no way this accident should have occured. What happened was the female representative from healthcare finance direct gave smile direct club another person's account. A company that identifies as a healthcare company gave me someone else's government name and account details. The smile direct club representative was like, uh ill transfer you back. I know for sure healthcare finance direct did it on purpose because I stated my name multiple times and the name they said wasn't anywhere close to my actual name. When I get transfered back to healthcare finance direct the male representative was waiting to harass me again. He was like, why would you tell the smile direct club representative that you were going to pay today after he asked me if I was going to pay again. Mine you, I already paid at the beginning of June so why would I pay again? He was like, well you should have told her that. He kept trying to talk over me, was very sassy, and told me if smile direct club doesn't close out my account he's going to charge me if the account is placed off hold. I told him to stop talking over me, that he needs to listen better, and transfer me to where I need to go if he can't help me. Do not do business with healthcare finance direct or smile direct club. I'm so sick of these companies. Every month there's an issue. They expect to get paid twice a month and like to charge late fees. Healthcare Finance Direct has very creepy employees. Even the managers and supervisors are weird. They'll get fixated on certain customers. Knowing they gave me someone else's legal government name and account makes me feel uncomfortable. They are foreigners. I'm not trying to be xenophobic when I say this. I'm American. I noticed every customer service representative has a foreign accent and the males are very creepy. They talk over you, try to argue with you, and ask for additional money throughout the month. I'm always being harassed by the male employees over my bank account and credit cards. Smile Direct Club claims that healthcare finance direct isn't a fraudulent company but it sounds fraudulent to me. I'm always being threatened with the contracts they make. Do not do business with these companies. I feel very unsafe and creeped out.
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2023.06.03 01:14 BamboozlingBear How to file a complaint against customer service?

Bought PS + Extra recently and saw it went on discount today. I thought it was no big deal as I have contacted support many times and they were able to compensate me with the difference each time.
Waited 30 mins for support, after finally getting to speak to one the dude kept insisting I was not eligible for a refund due to it being out of the 14 day window. This was not true, so he then started insisting it was because auto-renew is not eligible for compensation.
After asking if I could speak to somebody else about this issue, he kept pushing back by saying “what do you mean by that?” and “who exactly do you want to speak to?”
Finally after getting his supervisor, he asked me to wait a long time as he does some “deep research.” He finally gets back to me and says there are no issues with my account being able to make purchases… What?
After again explaining the issue and sharing a recent Reddit thread of someone who was able to get a partial refund he thanked me for contacting support and closed the chat… 90 mins wasted :(
Conveniently, when I tried to share feedback I got an error page!
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2023.06.03 01:14 Physical-Impression6 $40 from NetSpend and $8 from me (USA)

$40 from NetSpend and $8 from me (USA)
NetSpend is offering a $40 sign-up bonus for ordering their prepaid card through a referral link and depositing $40 or more. Although NetSpend does charge fees for using their cards, the bonus does pay out quickly. Plus you can refer as many people as you want to maximize your gain!
To Get the $40 Bonus + $8 from Me:
  1. Sign up using my referral link:
  2. Verify email address.
  3. Wait several days for physical debit card to arrive.
  4. Activate your card and log into your account.
  5. Deposit $40 or more from another bank using the routing number and account number showing on your account page under Home/Prepaid Account/Account Info.
  6. Your $40 bonus will post the same day your $40 deposit settles.
  7. DM me with your full name and the date when you received the bonus. Upon confirmation of both our payouts, I will send you $8 via CashApp, PayPal etc.
  8. To save on the fees, I recommend using/withdrawing your money in the following ways:- Store/online purchase using your card ($1.95 fee)- Withdraw at a nearby "MoneyPass" ATM ($2.95 fee)- Buy something at a store which can give your remaining balance in cash ($1.95 fee, mostly)
  9. Refer friends and family members for more rewards. $40 is awarded both to the person referring and the person referred.
  10. If you choose to close your NetSpend account, you can easily do so any time by going to "HELP & SUPPORT" -> "Close Account" on your NetSpend account page, or calling 1-866-387-7363.
You might choose to keep your NetSpend account open, since you can opt in for a nice savings account yielding 5% APY with no minimum balance. Please do note that they charge an inactivity fee of $5.95 after 90 days of having no transfers from/to your NetSpend "Prepaid" account. You can set up a recurring auto transfer from another bank to get around this.
Member-to-member transfer (FlashPay) is free of charge. If you have a friend or a family member to refer for an additional bonus, you could take advantage of this feature and funnel all your funds to one account and then withdraw the sum from an ATM to avoid paying the fees multiple times.
Here is a list of stores that offers cash back upon a debit card purchase.
The $40 referral offer is good through 6/30/2023.
USA only.
Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions. Thank you so much for using my referral link, in advance!
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2023.06.03 01:13 BeelzebubParty For the past few years I have been trying to watch every cinderella movie ever made, and I would like to share with you all some of the weirdest ones i've seen.

I posted this on movies and some one recommended that i post it here since i go in depth with this. I apologize if my post doesn't fit in well here, as I have never posted here before.
So, I have ADHD and one of the symptoms of my adhd is an intense hyperfixation on cinderella. It also helps that my homelife is very tumultuous so i am quite attached to her, i even have a cinderella collection. So I decided to make it a hobby of mine to engage with every single cinderella related thing i could find. Movies, games, youtube videos, stage musicals, tv series, comics, whatever it is, i have made it my mission to consume it. I'm basically an expert now.
I also believe these movies are very intriguing as a they exist in their only little niche genre that nobody really cares to take a closer look at. Cinderella movies can range from horror, to porn, to childrens fairytales, and many other genres you wouldn't really expect. They're also fascinating to me as they show how rising up above abuse is a story that stands the test of time and must be retold again and again. I think these movies deserve a little more than just a cursery glance when you pass by the bargain bin at walmart. With all that being said lots of these movies get pretty weird and i would love to share them with you.
  1. Cinderella: once upon a time in the west
Starting off with one of the weirdest ones, this Cinderella is an anthropomorphic Elk, not only that, she's also a tough as nails old western cowgirl. Her fairy godmother is an anthropomorphic male goat who's a native american shaman, and it's handled just as stereotypically as you'd imagine. She gets in a bar fight and loses a tooth and that ends up being the glass slipper replacement. Oh, and instead of horses they ride ostriches. This is surprisingly not the first cowgirl cinderella i have ever seen.
  1. Cinderfella
Ahhh Jerry Lewis, one of the funniest and most annoying people in film history. He stars in this 1950's genderbend version of cinderella with a very 1950's mentality. The fairy god father in this movie is said to be the original fairy god father from the cinderella tale, and that women lied and erased male history because "women are like russians, they wanna claim they invented everything". He is only helping fella so men can confidently snap back at their nagging wives that keep complaining their husbands aren't prince charming, because this will somehow settle the score. This movie is pretty cringe and it's treatment of women only gets worse from there, but even as a very liberal gay woman, i found this movie entertaining for what it was.
  1. Year of the fish
Wow! An actually good movie! This movie is a very artsy foreign film with an all asian cast, based on one of the oldest iterations of the cinderella story, before charels perrault came and wrote abour pumpkins and glass slippers. Ye Xian is a very demure and kind 17 year old who has been sent to work at her great aunts brothel under the guise it's a salon. She is forced to be a maid after she refuses to have sex for money and then her uncle sexually harrasses her. This movie has many many hilarious lines you would not expect from a cinderella movie. "Your momma should of taught you how to suck dick" "he likes you to touch his butt hole", at one point yi xians fairy god mother threatens to cut her tits off. This movie is incredibly fucked up and depressing, and i really respect it for that.
  1. Elle: a cinderella story
One of the worst movies i have ever seen is no doubt Elle: a cinderella story, Elle is a wannabe country singer working as an intern at a record label for 3 ungrateful pop stars. The story itself is your rather standard modern cinderella fair but where this movie gets really weird is the characters and dialouge. Elle herself is incredibly snotty and mean, she makes fun of eating disorders and other people with no remorse, and she is never held accountable. This movie is a very poor rip off of the much better movie, another cinderella story, i wouldn't reccomend anyone watch this unless you're very drunk with friends.
  1. Rags
What is Keke palmers best preformance? I'm sure some of you would say Nope or any actually good movie but i'm here to tell you that you're aaaaalll wrong! Her best role was in the movie rags, where she plays a knock off beyonce dating a knock off russelbrand and fills the prince's role in this hip hop cinderella story. Charlie prince is just your average pasty white boy who dreams of being a rapper, but his stereotypically new yorker step dad insists he must be a janitor. This movie was aired on nickelodeon and you can tell it really really wanted the success disney channel had with it's "a cinderella story" series. I always got this movie confused with let it shine and i'm not really sure how? Anyways there's not much to really say about this movie but it's interesting how Keke plays the prince in this movie and then went on to play Cinderella in the stage version of rogers and hammersteins cinderella.
  1. A cinderella story: Star struck
The fourth installment in the epic a cinderella story series, this movie stars Bailee madison, who you might know from the haunting hour or the good witch. She plays finely, a wannabe movie star farmhand but her metrosexual influencer stepfamily look down on her for being southern. She ends up cross dressing tk go to an acting audition and things just get weirder from there. Instead of two step sisters though, Finley has one step sister and a really gay step brother, who even mentions that Finley's cross dressing persona, Huck, might be gay, which is surprisingly progressive for these movies. There's some jokes about tik tok and a really cringey subplot where Finley's step sister is attracted to Huck. It's awful. Although this is surprisingly not the first time there's beenna cross dressing cinderella story.
  1. Cinderella (2002)
Yet another absolutely terrible movie, i almost feel bad picking on this cause i suspect it was some kind of passion project. I cannot imagine a studio would actually fund this and think it would make money. Cinderella is named Zezolla in this movie and she is incredibly annoying, bratty, and self righteous. Instead of a god mother we have a mermaid in a cave. 98% of this movie is green screened and Lucy Punch appears in this movie, with this being, no joke, her THIRD time playing an evil step sister in cinderella movies. Iconic. This movie is bad. Do not watch it.
Honestly i could keep going but i suspect anybody who actually bothered to read this far is getting bored. Despite how bad these movies are i am glad i watched them and i respect the people who made them for trying to tell cinderella's story in new, intriguing ways. I love that this story about survival and abuse has so many movies about it, that's incredible.
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2023.06.03 01:12 YaMaM0 I cannot login into my google play account, why

I have an account on my facebook and on my google play. When i try to go to my google play i press on it then continue, after that it loads for about 2sec and it says error check your internet or smt.
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2023.06.03 01:12 401kind My therapist secretly showed up outside my apartment. I secretly visited his sister's grave. This is a wild ride. I just need grace.

MASSIVE TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ mention of various forms of abuse including SA, mention of suicide in some detail, mention of death
I understand this is the internet and I cannot expect people to have grace or mercy on me for any of this. All I can do is ask that if you’re going to give me your input, that you try and be as kind as possible. My heart is hurting and I really don’t feel I am in a place to hear that I need to entirely -drop- this therapist right now. My background of abuse and trauma will hopefully explain why that is, but I am not ready to let go. I am mostly posting this to vent, but also hoping that if anyone does have any advice that could help me even just in the short term with coping, that it will be gently shared.
I will try and keep this as short and sweet as possible but there’s a whole lot of history here. I am 27F, and I grew up in an unimaginably abusive home. Sex trafficking, severe physical, sexual, and emotional abuse from my father and my older brother (very patriarchal family), and a slew of very complicated and scary health issues including a liver disease and cancer. My family set me up to never be able to move out or live independently because they genuinely have viewed me to be their property. The severity of this can hopefully be summed up in just a few example:
Was never allowed to even get myself a glass of water in the kitchen or learn to cook Was not potty trained and had to rely on my mom to go to the bathroom into my teenage years Drinking only from sippy cups until teenage years Location monitored on my phone Every credit card transaction / finance watched closely Could not move away from college
My brother was allowed and able to do all these things, but I was not. My entire life, teachers and “adults” that were supposed to catch these things did not even bat an eye. They instead placed me in remedial classes and ESL assuming that I just had a learning disability or a language barrier (which I do not). When I told teachers in the past about my abuse, it was handled extremely poorly and no authorities ever got involved. My life felt worthless; meaningless. Like I could scream from the rooftops of my school that I was being abused and no one cared.
This past January, I did the unthinkable. I left my family and got my own apartment. Friends, therapists, coworkers, everyone who remotely knew me has been pushing me to do this for years and I genuinely thought I would die in my situation. I developed severe Stockholm syndrome so a huge part of my lack of leaving was due to my own internal thought patterns. I did it through the help of my current therapist, which is my… fourth? therapist that’s attempted to help. The last ones took advantage of how naive I was and hurt me (one of them has been arrested). This therapist, however, invested everything to get me out. He really wanted to see me free. And I am forever grateful for him.
I started seeing this therapist early in 2022 when I was still living with my family. I became severely bedridden and could not even go to the bathroom without my mom or dad escorting me. My anxiety and panic were at an all time high. I was on a leave of absence from work, and this therapist was the only reason I had for HAVING to get out of bed and forcing myself to drive, and most days I couldn’t even do that. He was patient, compassionate, and was willing to go to great lengths to help. Though mostly irrelevant, he’s 45M. He got into school for counseling later in life so when I started seeing him, he was just an intern under the director of the practice. At the time, the director of the practice was seeing an old time friend of mine (who happened to recently become my coworker). My friend had gotten concerned about why I wasn’t showing up to work and why I was struggling so much. I didn’t want to open up to her about it because I couldn’t open up to anyone at the time. However, my friend asked the director of the place if she knew anything about me. The director broke into my therapist’s file under the guise of “he is my intern, I can look at his stuff” and then relayed all of that information to my friend. It became an entire case against the state board and I fought tooth and nail to get that director in trouble. In the end, nothing was done and in retaliation, the director fired my therapist and I had to wait until my therapist found a new job in order to see him (he was pre-graduation by just a few weeks so he couldn’t ethically talk to me until he had another practice). During the worst moments of my life, I was without my therapist (no fault of his, and he checked on me frequently), but it was really only for a few weeks. To me that was a lot since I had been going 2-3 times a week, sometimes 4 because of my situation.
My therapist had gone out of town briefly and came back with a crystal he got. He told me when he purchased it he knew he wanted to give it to someone. And he said that it made him think of me and he wants me to have it. He said he wants it to be a reminder that he cares and others care and that it represents my truth to hold close. Months later, he went on another trip and said he got sage that someone gave him that was super special and he wanted me to have it. He was very invested in making sure I felt like he cares and has my back. I was never into spirituality in the same way as him so I respectfully accepted his kindness but kind of scoffed at him. It became more of a joke.
The director of the previous practice had tried to harass me with a fake number, as well as to my therapist. She wanted to try and get us to drop the case, I guess? When I continued to get texts from fake numbers, my therapist asked me to give him the number that was blowing up my phone. It turns out, timing was absolutely terrible. My brother (who moved out of state) was the one who started harassing me. My parents/brother allowed me to go to therapy to “work on my panic attacks” but they began hating the fact that my therapist was helping me become independent. My brother was outraged and texted me anonymously to kill myself. Because I still thought at the time that it was the director of the place, I went ahead and shared the number with my therapist. And that’s how it all began.
Things got out of hand over the months. My therapist felt extremely protective of me and a “savior complex” kicked in. The reasoning for this is worth noting / important. My therapist lost his sister to suicide when they were young, and he also lost his father shortly after. His sister apparently had also been assaulted and my therapist had mentioned to me before how he views me as a friend, someone to protect, like a sister. He admitted his struggle with transference and said his main and only concern was to get me to move out of my family’s house. To take a leap of faith. He was desperate to do that. He offered to help me get an apartment near him so he could help me out, he offered to babysit my dog for me (my golden retriever is my emotional support animal that my parents have used as a bargaining chip), he offered to see me in therapy 5 times a week if I just moved. I just wasn’t ready. But my brother would not relent.
My therapist still does not know that I know this, but my brother showed me some of the videos my therapist sent him. Three separate threatening videos. In them, my therapist was shirtless with a ski mask on saying he was part of the FBI and that if my brother didn’t behave himself, that he would have his people come after him. My brother said that I was threatening him and that if I didn’t get this man to stop, it would be trouble. My therapist got extremely activated and decided to take it as a challenge.
My therapist also at some points asked my brother “how to assault me” because he wanted to know what my brother did/wanted him to admit it. But if an outsider saw the texts, it would seem like my therapist was asking to participate in assaulting me. It looked HORRIBLY incriminating.
I got the courage one night. Drove my dog over to my therapist’s house and moved in with a friend while I apartment hunted. My therapist was incredibly proud of me and poured so much love and care into my dog. I truly felt hopeful and optimistic and I eventually applied for my own apartment and got approved. Because of severe Stockholm syndrome and lack of knowing how to do ANYTHING, I would end up visiting home (somehow, they allowed that and I did not die!)
Long story short (I am not super comfortable going into this part), people from the temple I was sex trafficked in (linked with my family), showed up and assaulted me at gun point in a van. I told my therapist. He was extremely upset on my behalf and called the police. He told me it was essential that I get restraining orders and that I stop going over to my parents house even if I have Stockholm syndrome. He said he could no longer be patient on that because I was actively being attacked. I told him I was still too nervous to go no contact and I could tell he was frustrated with me.
My brother / someone from the temple decided to start things up once he figured out the person he was texting earlier was in fact my therapist. He threatened my therapist and challenged him to meet up. My brother was bluffing but my therapist took it seriously. My therapist arranged to meet him outside my apartment at 9pm that night. I had a weird gut feeling so I texted my therapist that night and asked him not to do anything stupid, but I had no idea what he had up his sleeve. Without telling me, my therapist sat outside my apartment waiting for my brother (who never showed) to meet him. Why my therapist chose to meet him RIGHT OUTSIDE my new residence was extremely irresponsible.
I went to take my dog out to the bathroom that night and my friend and I were hanging out. She noticed a dark car with someone sitting and staring with a mask on. We walked closer and it was my therapist. I yelled at him because I was so worried he would’ve gotten shot or attacked and that he would get hurt as a result of trying to fight. My therapist apologized and was so embarrassed. He awkwardly said “you weren’t supposed to know about this…” and drove off full force. We hopped in my friends car and followed him to wherever he tried to run off to. He then promised me he would leave. About 20 mins later, my friend and I decide to go out to get food and we see him sitting in another part of my apartment complex still ready to fight. I was so upset that he lied to me multiple times and that he was risking his life. What would’ve happened if he got attacked? But my therapist apologized again and said “I just need to look him in the eye” implying he was ready to kill.
As my therapist had told me, his sister had passed away from suicide when they were young. He admitted to have transference in a way where he viewed me in a sisterly way. For a while, I continually had dreams about his sister and it was very weird. I told him I don’t believe in a lot of things like crystals or burning sage but that these dreams felt incredibly vivid. In the dreams, her sister was assuring me that my therapist was sent in my life to be the brother I couldn’t have. That he was sent to me as a brother, and I to him as a sister.
Just within the span of days after he showed up to my apartment, I was hospitalized due to complications with my liver, and I reached out to my family for help. My therapist was upset with me for interacting with my family at all. My therapist even visited me in the hospital and said that I don’t need to call my family for help and that I have him and my other friends who will have my back. After I was discharged from the hospital, I asked my therapist if I could take my dog back for at least a weekend (he took my dog in while I went to the hospital in order to help me. He said he would hang onto him while I recovered and caught up on rest). So when he gave me my dog for the weekend, out of guilt, I took my dog with me to visit my family. I just felt the need to run back. My dad manipulated me a lot about missing my dog so I felt obligated.
I admitted to my therapist that I had taken my dog to my parents for the weekend (after I already gave him my dog back). My therapist was so upset about it. He had put so much love and time into my dog and helping me, and then I took him back to the hands of my abusers. This is when him pulling back began. He felt like he was doing all of this extraneous stuff for me and I was just taking steps back.
As he got over his frustration a little bit, I became very suicidal to the point where I purchased a rope and planned it out. I made him the beneficiary of my bank accounts as a thank you to him for everything. He told me he would do what he could to help me. He said I could bring my dog back to him if I just need a life break. He didn’t know I had the rope but he knew I was thinking suicide. When I went back to drop my dog off, I admitted I had a rope. I gave it to him. He realized I was genuinely going to kill myself and was so grateful I told him the truth. He told me he would be there for me to help me through it. Showed me grace and compassion and everything.
No warning. No indication. My therapist immediately pulled back. Hard. He told me to call him later that week (I usually have therapy 3x a week but he was out of town), and so I did as he said and called him to update him. He immediately flipped out. “Ugh, I cannot be in anything extra to your therapy space. I am going through things on my own and I need to pull back. I can’t take calls any hour of the day anymore. I can’t take your dog. You don’t even listen to me anyway. You do what you want and go to your parents. So, I don’t know what to say. I am committed to you as your therapist but that’s it. If you feel suicidal outside of that, go to a hospital and get sedated.” I was absolutely crushed and felt so awful and guilty like I did something wrong. I didn’t want to bother him. I didn’t want to lose him. He made me feel loved and cared for (platonically, as a brother) and I felt so safe with him. Until this moment. He was very hung up on the fact that I kept going home to my family despite his efforts.
After calming down he explained how he feels like he needs to step back because his emotions shouldn’t affect my therapy and that he’s doing it to help me. But it felt very selfish. He over exerted himself by showing up to my apartment and sending threatening videos when I never asked for it, all because HE wanted to. And now he pulls back because HE wants to. None of his decisions were based on what I would feel, but what would best serve him.
Because my therapist stepped back so hard, I relapsed and said “screw it” / went back to my parents. I still had my apartment but I backslid majorly.
During this time I was so distraught. This therapist made me feel supported. And no, I didn’t attach onto him in an unhealthy way where he became my only hope. But he did feel like the brother I wished I had, and he felt like such a deep and important part of my life and I was devastated.
I started having dreams again about his sister and I cried. I felt like I was given this gift and then it was taken away.
My therapist began telling me that he thinks I should have additional support in this season especially while he “takes a break from extraneous stuff” with me. He said when he was younger and going through things, he had two therapists.
A week later I told him I found a second therapist and he said: “ummm I don’t know. I feel protective over that. Maybe don’t get a second one. Find a support group but I don’t want you seeing another one.”
I stood my ground and said I might still find one and he said “well then make sure the other one is a woman and is closely in touch with me.”
It felt very wishy washy and he did a lot of similar things like this for a while.
But when I listened to him and decided against a second therapist, he pulled back again. He said he wouldn’t take any more texts or calls outside of session once again and made me feel like an obsessed freak when I wasn’t even really doing much at all. Or asking for anything.
My therapist is a famous author and singesong writer. Online, it’s very easy to find his sister’s name and I did some digging and found out where her grave is located. I was feeling really awful, like I was grieving the loss myself which is so incredibly psychotic. I know. But it more so felt like I was grieving the loss of this brotherly love I once felt from my therapist. But it’s been a couple months at this point and he still refuses to take texts or calls, and is very argumentative and angry in sessions. And I just wanted to take some flowers to the grave in private, not tell him, and just accept that he can’t be what I needed him to be for me.
When I went to the cemetery, the place was huge. So I had to go into the office and ask for the location of his sister’s grave. They gave me a piece of paper with her name and grave location on it and I eventually just threw it in my wallet. My dad stumbled upon my wallet while I was at home one of the days and noticed the last name and asked me if I was still seeing my therapist. They don’t like him for obvious reasons. But I admitted to my parents that I do still see my therapist and that he’s more like family than they’d ever be. They abused me. But I stood in my truth. At the end of the day I will not deny that my therapist DID help me immensely and if that means I have to be abused for the truth, I’ll do it.
He knew that I was hiding something. I told him my family was abusive again but I didn’t say why. He spent an entire session saying he needs to know what happened. I said no multiple times and that I didn’t want to talk about it. He used language like “you have to tell me before you leave my office” and “if you care so much about me you’ll tell me.” He even told me he was going to take my hand and promise me that he won’t react. He held it and looked me in the eye and promised he’d meet me with compassion. I refused. He then asked me if I’ve been lying to him. Deceptive. It broke me and I felt like it was just such an insult. But I stayed strong and he apologized for bothering me about it.
Last week comes around and it feels like such a hindrance. He’s continuing to be short with me and not answer my texts, not taking emergency calls, and just… is continuing to be cold. I even texted him that I was genuinely feeling suicidal and he told me he can’t help me outside of session. Period.
So then after my latest session, I told him I’d text him what happened because I was too uncomfortable to say it. I told him I visited his sister’s grave, about the dreams, everything. I said I felt really hurt at his pullback and how it felt selfish.
He responded by gaslighting me endlessly and it absolutely crushed me furthermore. He responded as follows:
“Ok crystals and dreams? I don’t believe in them. I don’t believe that was my sister. I don’t know how I feel about you visiting her grave. I am not your brother and I can’t be your brother. And yes it was a nice gesture I guess but clearly you are focusing on the wrong thing. Let’s not talk about the weeds and the details. Let’s focus on you.” And completely shut down any further conversation about it.
In the past I have insisted and begged him to process him showing up at my apartment with me because I am still shaken up. He just always says “I never should’ve gotten involved like that but we are NOT going to talk about this ever again” and has always refused to hear how I felt about it.
He went back on vacation this past weekend and refused to take my call when I needed help, refused to text me, or anything. I called off work two days in a row because I was so devastated at his anger toward me and the gaslighting. It felt so unfair. I wanted to talk to him over the weekend because I was genuinely so hurt and felt like I truly lost him. He didn’t care.
I had an appointment in person tonight. First in person one since I told him about everything. I am embarrassed and feel so guilty that I visited his sister’s grave behind his back. It makes me feel psychotic. But at least I was honest and didn’t wait until I got caught / did not gaslight him.
I have a major surgery tomorrow and he won’t help me with my dog. I’ve gone back to my parents for now until I am recovered.
I want to tell him how hurt I am but I have tried that. He never understands. I miss him. As a brother.
I ended up going to session and he asked me why I feel off in therapy. He literally said “other than me slightly having to pull back right now what have I really done?”
I don’t know if I ever can get him to see my side or my pain in this.
I was seeing him three times a week and one day he randomly cancelled my third session, and every week after “something came up” that day and he just kept canceling. Eventually he just exploded and said “I DO NOT work that third day anymore.” Without giving me any explanation or time to adjust or heads up. Like he clearly needed a break.
I was in the hospital just now for my surgery and I wanted so badly to reach out to him for support. I couldn’t. My heart hurts knowing that I once had this brotherly love in my life that I had lost.
Even now in session he uses the analogy of “if you were my sister” or “if you were my wife” after knowing I am clearly struggling with accepting he has pulled back. He used to say I am his friend over and over and now he just acts so cold. I know he’s trying to maintain boundaries. I know. But too late. He screwed with my emotions SO much.
I have horrible, horrible OCD and my brain keeps trying to do stupid things to fix this. I also keep asking myself over and over:
1. Will he ever take my dog back if I really needed him to? (obviously I can find other pet sitters but my brain is so hung up on —— if I asked him in an emergency situation, would he refuse?)
2. Will he ever stop ignoring my texts? I’ve reached out to him about being suicidal. About being in a state of panic. Previously, he would call me and stay on the phone with me while I got through an attack. I AM NOT EXPECTING THIS. I do not expect him to be available on demand. But his SUDDEN extreme pull back makes me think that I was the one that did something wrong.
3.Does this mean he emotionally does not care about me and my situation anymore? Did he just turn his emotions off? Did he ever even care? He would make me send him a text every day listing three things I am grateful for as a means to check in. He would also randomly send me quotes from books he was reading that he thought I could relate to. All facilitated by him. All of this has randomly stopped and it makes me feel like he hates me. Is it at all possible that this is a reflection of him not caring?
4.Is his pullback a temporary extreme and will he readjust and go back to being there for me? Or is this a permanent shift, likely? Can I expect things to even out or go back to him investing care and time? Again I KNOW the focus is on me having to do that for myself. I know I CAN move on from this if needed but I really, really began to love him (PLATONICALLY like family) and having him around. It breaks me so much. It was so important to me to have him.
I have been taking major time off of work and from seeing friend or leaving my house. I have completely self isolated. Refused medical treatment against doctor’s advice. Risked my job by calling off so much. Taking a leave of absence. Become bedridden. I know it sounds like I’ve become obsessed with fixing this situation and that seems psychotic and sad. But given my history with everything I have been through, this therapist had given me hope to feel like someone had my back. Losing him feels like a major major loss that’s soul crushing. Yes I have other people and no he cannot be my focus. But this is how I feel and I cannot help it. I do not want to be shamed for it. It just freaking hurts.
Again I know the majority of people will want to come at my therapist or me for doing wrong things. I know it doesn’t seem like this, but he really isn’t intentionally manipulative or gaslight-y, he’s just trying to regulate himself.
I have grace for him. And for myself. So please, please try and respond with compassion. I don’t want to lose him. But I feel like I kind of am.
What are your overall thoughts, in the most gentle way possible? Was I wrong for telling him the truth about the grave?
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2023.06.03 01:11 Acrobatic-Monitor516 about to buy premium but confused about sync and backup

Hi there, few questions

-if i create an account using my google account, will it sync my notes between all devices? if so, how often does it sync ? i mean can i just write a note on my phone , and pick up my laptop ? or does it only sync as often as it does backup, aka max every 1 hour ?
-what's the point of backup ? aren't all the notes backed up in the cloud anyway? so even if i lose all my devices, i could just sign in to my account in upnote, and find all the notes thanks to upnote cloud , am i wrong ?
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2023.06.03 01:11 Lexsam-8 Credit Card Floating-Getting Off the Boat

Hi, my husband and I realized we needed a budget when our ability to pay off our credit card every month was not going to happen this month (June). For background: we are high income earners living in HCOL area with two children. We spend every dime we are earning and last month, we spent more obviously. This is obviously not where we want to be.
On May 31st, I signed up for the free trial and started categorizing everything utilizing our bank accounts and credit cards to try to determine where money was going and how much was needed in each category. Here is my issue: I’m very confused about where to start reconciling. For example, the credit card is currently due on the 6/7 for April/Mid-May charges and bills. I currently have bills coming out of checking and on the credit card. I have no idea how much I can afford to pay the credit card for amounts already incurred. Some of those bills are autopays on the credit card and are not due for another month and a half. I’ve allocated for them in this month in the software. Even if they are showing up on credit card statement right now, they are not due until August 6th?!? I’m confused about how I’m supposed to account for bills on autopay that are due on this month but not due until August. They aren’t technically due and how do I ensure I will have the money to pay when they are due.
It feels like such a mess. I attended a ynab webinar that was super helpful. The advice was to pay minimum amount on CC and start there. But that feels so scary so I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this and what was done to correct the issue.
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2023.06.03 01:11 agent919 My friends tax return was stolen!

Someone managed to steal my friend bobs tax return just before he was meant to receive it, they essentially logged in to bobs account and changed the bank details after bobs accountant lodged it. He has reported it though it has been several months and he's struggling financially, borderline homeless and could really use the money. Is there any way I can hire a lawyer to pressure the ATO or help bob out? They have essentially suggested they will need to track and recover the money before paying him. Since this isn't bobs fault, and arguably theirs, it doesn't seem fair they are holding my friend bobs money and him accountable?
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2023.06.03 01:11 jaylen402 SnapChat Hacks 🔥

My base price is $50.. it’s a VPN method using a VPN to bypass the 2 step verification on the accounts. It allows me to hack up to 3 accounts at once. So, you will send me up to 3 usernames that you want hacked in the correct order that you want them hacked:
1. 2. 3.
You must download VPN 360 in the App Store for the bypass of the 2 step verification. When your ready, send me those usernames and I can help you!
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2023.06.03 01:10 Mobile_Economy3297 Overwatch comp

I need 4 masters players to help me with my placement matches on my alt account.
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2023.06.03 01:10 Hive_once_more YOOOOO

Who else is active on this account? It’d gone unused for years, and then all of a sudden, I (the original creator of the account) got like 20 e-mails from replies and bans on this account
I had even logged out like two years ago cause this account was just collecting dust
Why the hell are we banned from trans
I can’t explain how funny it was to check my e-mail and have that be the first message I saw
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2023.06.03 01:10 Specialist-Jaguar965 End of a marriage

My marriage is over after one fatal mistake I made, I incurred 30k in debt helping out my son and family members also buying shit I don’t need well needless to say I failed to tell my spouse about it and he is pissed! He wants a divorce and the debt didn’t impact him one but my son is paying it also 3 years ago this man I loved so many years had a mental breakdown and walked out on me and our daughters forcing me to put 2 months of a lease buy out on a credit card also moving into an apartment it was rough but eventually we found ourselves back together again and he just found out about the debt so here I am about to be divorced on my birthday he says he can’t trust me and i recently used his Expedia account to look at a trip we have coming up he freaked out accusing me of hacking his email and his Expedia account, first of all I never accessed his email they sent me a code to my email as it was on the app too so help me feel ok with ridding myself of this person who seems to hate me
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2023.06.03 01:10 Jerjetonyoutube Problems logging out

I’ve been playing Fortnite on my Nintendo switch since season 9 and recently got a PlayStation when I was logging into Fortnite on the PlayStation I put in the information of my old account I used to play on my iPad when I was a kid now I can’t log out of the iPad account because when I do it just puts me on the home screen and logs me back in
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2023.06.03 01:10 hhajiwnl Ps5 to ps4 help

Question, so I bought diablo 4 on my PS5 and then downloaded it on my ps4 for my girlfriend to on her account on my ps4 but she keeps getting the license error. Any suggestions or can this not be done?
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2023.06.03 01:09 Wise_Field_8265 Allowing users to disable OneDrive Files On-Demand?

With this setting enabled, it enables Files On-Demand by default. If I disable it, it forces all files to download locally. I figured if I set it to "Not Configured", it wouldn't force one way or the other and allow users to decide, but it exhibits the same behavior as it being Enabled, and doesn't allow a user to go into the OneDrive settings and click "Download all files" as its grayed out and says "Downloading all files isn't available due to your organization's policy"
Can't find any other GPO-level settings to alleviate this. Are my only options all or none? I guess can set up two configurations and have one group membership based, but that's not ideal. Any points in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
All of my searching is leading me to unrelated articles, mostly pertaining to sharing files with other people. Not allowing users to "Download all files" in OneDrive for Business.
This doesn't seem to be grayed out for Macs, as I'm able to initiate a full OneDrive download through mine signed into the same account.
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2023.06.03 01:09 daboywonder2002 Resume critique needed(Have Health IT certiifcate but no industry exp)

I have applied to several IT jobs in the hospital. Right now I do application support with some business analyst duties. I've gotten rejected for business and data analyst jobs at a hospital. I even got rejected for a tech support position at OPTUM health. I am beyond frustrated and need a job right away. Please let me know if there are issues with my resume. I am very flexible. im not tied to one job title. Application analyst, clinical informatics specialist, data analyst, business analyst. And I am open to relocation. Please I really need some feedback because I Can't even get an interview. I have tried Chat gpt and am still getting rejected.
Results-driven technical analyst with experience in troubleshooting and resolving complex technical issues, analyzing data, and implementing solutions to improve performance and customer satisfaction. Proven history in database management, data analysis, customer service, and project coordination. Effective communication and problem-solving skills, with a keen eye for detail and a collaborative approach. Proficient in utilizing tools and technologies, such as Microsoft Office Suite, remote control tools, and ticketing systems. Passionate about delivering exceptional technical support and driving continuous improvement. Seeking to leverage my skills and experience to contribute to the success of a dynamic technical team
Technical Support Business Analyst Dec 2010-Present
Database Management and Data Analysis
· Experience in managing servers, administration computers, and delivery computers for a computerized testing company, including data replication, data extraction, and transformation tasks.
· Proficient in analyzing candidate exam results and generating reports to identify performance metrics and trends.
· Skilled in monitoring and ensuring data integrity, security, and availability for accurate and reliable data analysis.
· Knowledgeable in database system optimization and data management best practices for effective data analysis.
· Use SQL Server Management Studio to manage databases, including creating and updating user accounts, checking for last password updates, and executing SQL queries to retrieve and analyze data.
Technical Support and Troubleshooting
· Analyze and resolve technical issues by using internal processes, critical thinking skills, and technical knowledge.
· Use internal systems and tools to manage cases and find the best solutions for customers while adhering to client policies and internal procedures.
· Collect and analyze data to identify trends, issues, and opportunities for improvement, and work with internal stakeholders to develop and implement solutions.
· Prioritize and manage tasks effectively, ensuring timely resolution of customer issues.
Project Management and Collaboration
· Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify customer needs, translate them into clear product requirements, and develop and implement solutions.
· Use project management skills to communicate with internal and external stakeholders and ensure successful onboarding of new clients and testing sites.
· Oversee the implementation of modern technologies and systems, serving as a technical consultant to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.
Quality Assurance and Compliance
· Evaluate case reports and complaints, perform root cause analysis, and implement solutions to improve customer satisfaction and testing outcomes.
· Develop and maintain standard operating procedures, quality improvement plans, and technical reports to ensure resolution of technical and procedural issues.
· Train and educate site personnel on software usage, standard operating procedures, quality improvement, and regulatory compliance, ensuring adherence to company policies and procedures
Software Support Analyst Oct 2006- Dec 2010
Computer Sciences Corporation, Newark, DE 2004 to 2006
Monitor Analyst
· Application and systems monitoring ensuring consistent performance levels
· Monitors and maintains the production job schedule to ensure performance
Wilmington University Wilmington, DE
· Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
· Healthcare Information Technology Certificate
HIT Certificate Competencies
· Improve quality and safety of health care for patients through use of clinical decision support systems and best practices of health care technology.
· Evaluate coordination of care and disease management telemedicine technology.
· Use computer applications to analyze patient data for the effects of databases on health care costs and quality of care.
· Support legal and ethical management of electronic medical records.
· Identify clinical workflows, process mapping and change management relating to Electronic Health Records (EHR) implementation.
· Apply system project management and the triple constraint of scope, schedule and cost factors.
Hampton University Hampton, VA
· 101 credits completed toward Bachelor of Science in Biology
Linkedin Learning Certifications
· Business Analysis Foundations Competencies May 2023
· Learning Excel Data Analysis May 2023
· Windows 10 and 11, Server 2012 and 2016
· SQL Server Management Studio: Knowledgeable in using SQL Server Management Studio for database management, including restoring and backing up databases, searching and checking SQL databases for various data, and performing routine maintenance tasks such as checking password updates and user accounts.
· Root cause analysis and solution implementation
· Technical writing and documentation
· Active directory
· Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook)
· Remote control tools (Altiris, Remote Desktop Manager, ISL Online, Quick Assist, pcA Quick Connect)
· Electronic document management systems (SharePoint, Company knowledgebase)
· Ticketing systems (Remedy, ServiceNow)
· Data Analysis and Reporting
· Strong Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills
· Excellent Communication and People Skills
· Team Collaboration and Leadership Abilities
· Knowledgeable in SQL and able to create queries for data analysis
· Project Management and Practice
· Computer Applications
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2023.06.03 01:09 haley4221 Hiring Affiliates in the Pet Care category

Hi everyone!
I set up a ShareASale merchant account last month and would like to get affiliates who have blogs or social media pages that are tailored to pet care and more specifically cat care. The comission is set at 10% and my most purchased product is $200. My services are all virtual so can be advertised to any location but are only available in english so affiliates working in that language is essential. I am open to assist in writing articles about my service or working with affiliates to create ads for social media that is tailored for a specific audience if that is needed.
My website is:
Please DM me if interested.
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2023.06.03 01:09 dieltronix Support My Mom's Food Journey! - Discover Authentic Algerian Cuisine on Instagram -

Hey fellow Redditors and food enthusiasts,
I'm excited to share with you an incredible culinary experience straight from the heart of Algeria. My amazing mom has been sharing her passion for food on Instagram, where she showcases mouthwatering recipes and traditional Algerian delicacies.
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