Roof rails for honda odyssey

BUILT, not bought!

2015.07.26 22:36 jess_in_chains BUILT, not bought!

A subreddit beyond Honda. A place for people to share/discuss and submit questions specifically related to building/boosting your B, K, D, F, H, J series motors! CR-V, Acura Integra, CRX, Accord, Pilot, Odyssey, CR-Z, HR-V, Civic, Fit, Ridgeline, Insight, Crosstour, S2000, Prelude, Del Sol, Passport...BUILD ALL THE THINGS!

2023.06.03 00:51 clr1107_x Help creating a local network with Gigabeam

Hi guys,
I have two Ubiquiti AirMax Gigabeam 60GHz LR units and I can't quite get my set up to work, and even then I'm not sure on its limitations.
I wish to beam a university network connection to a remote area (with permission but not cooperation) for use. Essentially, my plan was to have the AP on a uni building's roof and on the other end plug the Station into a network switch, and then magic. Devices in the building are on their own local network and can communicate, and can all access the Internet by the Uni's gateway.
What I didn't consider is how this would work in terms of IPs. As it is the Uni's network we need our end devices in our remote building to all use DHCP. We'll have a WAP connected to our switch so devices can connect via WiFi.
How should I configure the two units to get this setup?
Confusingly I managed to get my laptop to work (plugging directly into the unit, sans switch), which had been on uni wifi, but when I plugged a computer that did not already have an IP, i.e., did not have a DHCP lease, it did not acquire one.
Note: when I say 'permission but not cooperation' I mean the building are letting me use their ethernet port, but the central networking team won't help with anything.
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2023.06.03 00:51 ElectronicFootball42 What essential elements make a cohesive theory? Specifically, if someone wanted to propose something "big"?

Not me. I don't have a theory.
But I like reading about people's "theories of everything", or different cosmologies, and stuff. Some of it is recognized as legitimate/not-crazy (if fringe), but much of it quickly goes off the rails in one way or another. That's the fun part for me, and why I read them.
I got curious, though. A lot of those radical theories are written by layman, amateurs, or crackpots. They're not in academia. How would they go about getting their ideas out there in a serious way?
Like hypothetically, some Einstein/Newton type character comes about again and they're just some guy who works at Walmart. They have an idea for a new, more fundamental way of looking at the world, that answers at least some open questions, and provides some form of proof based in logic, data, experiment, whatever.
With all the noise, how would such a person go about being taken seriously? How would they know how to structure their ideas? Where would be the appropriate forum for an amateur to get their ideas out?
And for the sake of the question, they're too poor and disadvantaged to enter academia. So that wouldn't count.
context: was watching some physics YouTube and I found a video by a Dr. Collier, talking about crackpots in the physics community. And it just got me thinking.
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2023.06.03 00:50 CatsAreFlexible [PC] [Mid 2000's] Colourful fairytale-like game about Vikings?

I'm thinking about this game for so long already I almost start thinking that I've just made it up myself at some point, but it's always worth trying. I'm sure I was playing this game on PC and not on my laptop, so it must've been before the second half of 2006. Graphics-wise, game was kinda similar to the first 3D Zeldas, but way more colourful than them, all of it was giving a tale vibe. All I remember is one location, probably a starting one, this makes me think that I've never left it for some reason. The area was medium size, but probably cause of poor rendering it was tightly surrounded by a white fog. Looking around, there were houses, they were built either with orange bricks or grey stones with red roofs, I don't know which version of my memory is correct. Around them there were low, grey stone fences. Both the buildings and the fences were somehow rounded – low poly, but rounded, like in a child's cartoon, no sharp edges. Paths between buildings were somewhat yellow, like a light dirt combined with a straw. I don't remember the protagonist's gender, but I think they might've had a blond braid, but not longer than reaching right under their neck. I also remember something like an axe, but I can't tell if it was an element of the environment, or the protagonist's weapon. To be fair, I'm not even sure if the game had any weapons. If this helps anyhow, I'm from Poland, but I doubt it's a title exclusive for my country. I believe in you guys.
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2023.06.03 00:46 player_vsa General Questions about how/what to drive for a comute as an expat and how to properly register the license.

Hey there,
After going through the Wiki and some research within the sub and outside, I think I ended up with more questions then I started. I'll try to sumarize it here, but if necessary I break it down into other posts.
My goal is: to understand what license I can get and to decide for a bike for commuting, from home to work, for 2 people, me and my wife. I'm taller(185 and 150cm) than her and also I'm on the heavy weight side (110kg). Distance is about 10km (20km round trip) every workday. I have the chance to pass through the A12 (highway?), to arrive faster at home. I'm opting for a smalleweaker bike just for the commute and maybe ocasional drive though the country/areas close by Antwerp, performance and reparability are top priority. Longest trip might be to the coast. I have a B license since 2012. I haven't done any course here in Belgium, just exchanged the license from my country to here.
I learned how to ride many years ago(on a motocross bike, I don't remember the model). I don't have that much knowledge about the topic (maintenance, how to investigate issues on the bike, etc) but I'm also not completely ignorant to it. I like to dive into this area (my father was also a mechanic).
Questions about the license are:

General questions about motorcycling.

Suggestions for a first timer.

Apologies if the questions are silly or dumb, is just that I have no contacts or close friends to explain how things here in Belgium work, and the driving school I contacted is not getting back to me.
Thanks a lot in advance, your support is much appreciated.
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2023.06.03 00:46 jhbigz I asked ChatGPT to write a lyrical analysis of Fixxxer

Just for funsies, I asked ChatGPT to write a lyrical analysis of one of my favorite Metallica songs, Fixxxer. It starts off great, but then hilariously goes off the rails.
Prompt: Provide a lyrical analysis of "Fixxxer" by Metallica
"Fixxxer" is a song by Metallica from their 1997 album, "ReLoad." It is a powerful and introspective track that delves into themes of self-discovery, personal transformation, and the desire to break free from the constraints of one's past. The song combines heavy instrumentation with thought-provoking lyrics, resulting in a deeply emotive and cathartic listening experience.
The title itself, "Fixxxer," is a play on the word "fixer," which typically refers to a person who solves problems or arranges things. Metallica, however, adds an additional 'x' to emphasize the idea of breaking free from a fixed or confined state. The use of the triple 'x' suggests a more intense and forceful desire for transformation.
The song begins with an ominous, slow-building guitar riff, setting a brooding atmosphere. James Hetfield's raw and emotionally charged vocals enter, capturing the listener's attention as he sings about feeling trapped and suffocated by his past. The lyrics paint a picture of someone who has been molded by external influences, but now yearns for personal liberation:
"Dolls of voodoo all stuck with pins
One for each of us and our sins
So you lay us in a line
Push your pins, they make us humble
Only you can tell in time"
These lines suggest the presence of external forces or people who have exerted control over the protagonist, metaphorically represented by dolls and pins. The act of "pushing pins" symbolizes the imposition of constraints or manipulation, leading to a sense of subservience and humility. However, the protagonist acknowledges that only time will reveal the true effects of these influences.
The chorus of the song carries a defiant and determined tone, reflecting a strong desire to break free and rediscover one's individuality:
"He's the Fixxxer
He's the Fixxxer
He's the Fixxxer
He's the Fixxxer, Fixxxer, Fixxxer"
The repetition of the title emphasizes the central theme of personal transformation and taking control of one's life. The Fixxxer represents the inner strength and determination needed to overcome past limitations and reclaim one's identity.
As the song progresses, Metallica explores the concept of redemption and the power of self-discovery. They acknowledge the scars and wounds carried from the past but also emphasize the potential for growth and healing:
"Leave me the empty shell of my life
Too much the sickness in me
Bleed on me, sickness in me
Bleed on me, sickness in me
Bleed on me"
These lines express a willingness to confront the pain and darkness within, recognizing the need for catharsis and release. By acknowledging the "sickness" within themselves, the protagonist embraces the opportunity for transformation and growth.
In the final moments of the song, Metallica's instrumentation intensifies, building to a climactic conclusion. The lyrics express a sense of defiance and liberation, as the protagonist breaks free from the chains of their past:
"Don't look now, things just got worse
The images just burst
Begging it to stop, bleeding hands
Got to break it up before it's born"
These lines convey a realization that change is necessary, even if it is accompanied by pain. The metaphor of "bleeding hands" suggests the effort and struggle required to dismantle the old and make way for the new.
Overall, "Fixxxer" by Metallica is a deeply introspective and powerful song that explores themes of personal transformation, breaking free from past constraints, and the journey towards self-discovery. Through its compelling lyrics and intense instrumentation, the song invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences and embrace the potential for growth and change.
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2023.06.03 00:43 big_luscious [WTS/WTT] Geissele, HK, Radian, Microbest


Please comment here and then PM me, I will not be responding to chat.Prices are negotiable and include shipping (CONUS only, unless noted). Paypal preferred (add fee if using G&S). Stuff for sale/trade (items are new unless noted):
Radian Talon ambi, black - $50
Radian Raptor, black (blem) - $65ea
Microbest chrome BCG, phosphate extractor - $130
Microbest chrome BCG, chrome extractor - $125
HK 416 / MR556 Geissele 10.5" SMR, Gen 1, DDC (blem) + Rail Mounts - $400
HK417 / MR762 Geissele SMR, DDC (blem) - $325
HK G28 Stock, black (like new) - $325
HK Piston Rod Assembly for HK417/416 - $100

Add ons only:
Geissele bandana - $5ea
Geissele stickers (1 pack free for each non-add on item)

Interested trades:
New or lightly used M9 non-threaded barrel
ADM Recon 30mm Mount, standard or 1.93" height
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2023.06.03 00:41 bridgeb0mb i dont know

i dont want to be gay so fucking bad.
i don't want to have sex with women. id rather just watch lesbian porn for 30 seconds and then feel repulsed by sex again for another day or so. i want a man to love me. im a girl, how am i supposed to fall in love with a woman? is falling in love truly that fucking inspecial? not what i thought it was my whole life?
why do i have days where i am sure i am straight? yet my sexuality is on my mind every fucking day? if i was straight why would i be thinking about this every day for years? being gay feels like settling to me, somehow. has anyone ever felt that way? is it just me? like i would be missing out on something my whole life if i was gay? am i just obsessed with the idea of heterosexuality? do i just seek the approval of men that much? why do i feel like i would never be satisfied with a woman? like i could never take it seriously? like a girlfriend would always just feel like a best friend i like to fuck?
i want a man to want me. i want a man to whisper dirty shit into my ear. ive only been with three men in this life. the first one i wasn't attracted to. i was young, senior year of high school, and our friends pressured us to be together. he was moving away soon, i wouldn't see him again. we were good friends and i was happy to have him in my life, but i didn't exactly respect him. he was funny and we did fun things together but he was immature. i wasn't attracted to him bc he wasn't himself yet... if that makes sense. we were young and he hadn't come into the person he was supposed to grow into at all yet. i just did intimate stuff with him for the experience. just bc why not? we were good friends but we didn't care about each other like that. it just seemed like the thing to do. i have no regrets, i really couldn't care less. we didn't do too much. just kissing and hand stuff. i didn't want him to see me naked. he was rude about my reluctantness to do more. not super "in my face" asshole about it all, just ignorantly rude. a couple times he straight up asked me if i thought i was a lesbian bc i wouldn't go further with him. he wasn't outright mean when he said that, i think he thought he was being genuine. i didn't want to give him real reasons why. i didn't want to tell him we were moving too fast and that i had no experience prior to him. i didn't want to tell him i just wasn't ready and that i feel really insecure and uncomfortable in my body. i didn't explain that i felt weird taking my clothes off while we were in the basement of a peer i hardly knew bc he was staying with a friend for the summer since his family had already moved. i didn't want to tell him i wasn't attracted to him very much at all. in another couple weeks we would never see each other again. so none of it mattered.
the next man was a few years later and i still don't know if he knew he took my virginity. i wasn't attracted to this man either. but it was more than that. i was absolutely so physically repulsed by him. that's why i fucked him most nights for a year or so. i couldn't live at home with my family anymore but i couldn't find a place to live at the same time. it was so hard. i don't know what i hated more, life or myself. so i shacked up with this unfortunate loser of a human being. he barely showered. he neglected and abused his dogs and cat. he neglected his son he had partial custody of. his house was so disgusting you could hardly walk through it. he would leave his dog's shit and piss on the floors for months. the entire place was filthy, top to bottom, left to right, every direction. we would just get stoned every night. we would lay on his roof and look at the stars. he would massage my body until i stopped flinching. and eventually we started having sex. ill never know why i did it. i mean i guess that's a complete lie. i guess that's just some stupid shit i tell myself. he was so fucking ugly. unredeemably ugly. not just unattractive, not average. he was gross. he made my skin crawl. i would let him fuck me and i would feel like i was going to pass out. i don't know. it's so basic to admit but it was like self harm. that's all it was. cliche. nothing deeper. i heard a rumor that his last longterm girlfriend claimed he physically abused her. he insisted that she started hitting him in their relationship. when they broke up she lied to all his friends saying he would beat her instead. his friends believed her and turned on him. he is a shitty, creeper lowlife man. but really he's just a loser. that was the worst part. he was just an absolute loser. he wasn't evil. i started things with him assuming his ex was right. i didn't care about my life at all and it was my last attempt at coping with existing for just a little bit longer. i hadn't tasted food in a few years, and my body had been completely numb every day for longer. i fell asleep at night day dreaming about getting my ass handed to me. i wanted him to hit me so bad. but he wouldn't. and the way he talked about his ex... i couldn't possibly think any lower of him but i believe he was telling the truth. the way he would flinch in his sleep was evidence as well. so selfishly of me, i begged him for months to hit me. i lied and said it was a kink. he would get so annoyed with me. he didn't like when i asked that. i told him constantly that he could trust me. that i genuinely wanted it and that i wasn't going to switch up on him and suddenly claim he abused me. i was so self centered and careless i just kept asking. over and over. all the time. one day i was laying on his bed and he was standing next to the bed. i slipped it into conversation, so casually and out of the blue like i always did, like a joke. i said "and now is the part when you hit me right?" and he slapped me across the face. he said "there. im never doing it again" and he never did it again. i looked back at him like such a child. my eyes were so wide and my opened mouth grin spread across my face so slowly. i couldn't believe he finally did it. it felt like the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me. he risked so much doing it. it felt like the truest form of trust i had ever gotten to experience with another human and for a second i got to experience sensation. i still think about it all the time. he slapped me across the face so suddenly and the only thing i felt was the warmest joy. he lost his friends and his reputation to his last girlfriend who framed him for being an abuser. yet i didn't care at all, and begged and begged him to hit me until he finally did. i am so sorry ******.
i still have nightmares about him all the time. about him finding me again, just appearing somewhere where i am. about someone in my life witnessing him. when i just used his home for somewhere to hide. he lived in the middle of nowhere, isolated. we had sex so many fucking times and i never came once. i never convinced myself he was attractive. the only time i wanted him was when i layed with him at night and i was the big spoon. i have no idea why. i would wake him up and he could feel in between my legs that i wanted him. but it was never as wet as it is when i see a naked woman on my stupid fucking phone screen.
the next man was my first real boyfriend. real as in we were really dating. real as in we hung out together in public and introduced each other to our friends and family and that we had an anniversary. and went on dates. he insisted on us being in a serious relationship, tho i never was in it 100% bc i knew he was going to move away at some point. we were together for 8 months until he moved to another country across the world. now that it's over i am mad at him for all the right reasons. i don't tell anyone, not even him, but i know for myself. but while he was here and we were together we had fun together. i let it happen bc i deserved it and i still think i do. i would do it again. i needed to know that i was worthy and capable of really dating someone. i needed to truly try it out. i deserved to be close with someone, to dote on them and be doted on properly, without feeling shame or disgust. we would have sex and i enjoyed it. but it wasn't so easy for me. it was hard to let him see me naked. i hate my body so much and i have a couple abnormalities that i was taught my entire life to never let another human witness. he didn't care. he never brought them up. when i did he acted like he didn't know what i was talking about. and i think he meant that. i wanted to be present while we were intimate so badly. but i would dissociate every time. i tried so hard not to go away but i always did. i would float away just about a foot above his body, to the right of us. just past his left shoulder while he was on top of me. just like i had with the man before him. and also just like the man before him, when he would fuck me all my racing thoughts would narrow down into one single, loud monologue. like one loud voice i could basically actually hear in my head. i would be thinking so clearly about something so specific. thinking about my dissociating problems itself most of the time. i couldn't reel myself back in. i always thought it would be easier if i was with him fully in the relationship in the first place. if i was able to give myself to him 100% in general, instead of constantly knowing it was all going to end at some point soon due to him most likely leaving the country. if i could just be with him in the moment in any given moment when we were together, not focused on the future. i would have loved to love him while knowing he was just in my life, and not just in my life temporarily. i would have loved to experience him while not having to think about the future, bc the future didn't matter since he was in my life and there would be no indication that he wouldn't be any time soon. but i always knew that he was going to leave.
he wanted to know why i wasn't ravenous in bed like he was. he repeatedly told me that he didn't want to pressure me into doing anything ever but that he had insecurities about me not being attracted to me. he wanted reassurance. i enjoyed sex with him, i thought about it every night before bed on all the nights we weren't sleeping in the same bed together. i thought about it all day at work, completely distracted, missing things, dropping shit. i wanted it all the time, but my body still didn't react the way it does when i see a titty on my stupid phone. but especially when i was with him in person. all the daydreaming of me having my way with him left my mind when i was in his room alone with him. then i would become cagey and dissociate. and as much as i tried to explain all of those issues about my own uncomfortablilities and insecurities to him, he said he believed me. he replied with things that made sense. he said he understood. but i didn't feel like he did. i never came with him either.
growing up i wasn't taught what masterbation was. i started at a very young age (3 or 4), which i have learned as an adult is a suspicious thing. i wasn't arroused by people at that age of course, just things and feelings.ol or just at random. my parents never told me what it was. not till much older. they would just yell at me. let it happen by never explaining anything to me, and then just yell at me. i had no idea what i was doing. when i got a little older and finally found out what it was, i was absolutely disgusted with myself. i wanted to start over on life. i never got over the shame. i feel like i will never be able to climax in the presence of someone else.
so i masturbate to women on the Internet. quickly. and then i just move on with my day.
i think i am going to be alone forever.
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2023.06.03 00:41 therealCatnuts Inflation Reduction Act - solar structure

I’m adding Solar this year to my home, taking advantage of the 30% federal income tax deduction in the Inflation Reduction Act. My question is about how much of the surrounding costs can be included in that deductible amount.
I know I can deduct my electrical panel and service amps upgrade, and I know the structure needed to hold the panels/inverters/etc is included, and costs of a needed new structure/pad/etc would be included, but I have an odd one.
I looked at Solar 2-3 years ago and they determined my current roof line wouldn’t support it, not the right surface areas facing the right directions at supportable angles or heavy enough roof structure. So to both make a roof for solar and to add two bedrooms, I changed my entire back roof line and added a level to the back of the home that added ~250sqft of interior rooms. Cost of this addition is roughly $25K for the structure and roof, another $10K to finish interior.
Can I deduct some or all of this additional house structure I added to accommodate Solar if it also created liveable bedrooms?
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2023.06.03 00:40 DarkSideMoon Host Fraud/property issues, Airbnb support refusing to even acknowledge the fraud.

Friend of mine Booked an Airbnb for a group of us for a music festival about a year out. 3 months prior, host cancels due to permitting issues. No worries, shit happens.
She finds another property over the same dates, similar price, etc and books. The day before we are supposed to arrive the host reaches out to say that there are “emergency repairs” and we “might” not be able to check in on time. We offer several solutions (it was allegedly a broken shower door) including her locking off that room, late check in, etc. She won’t bite on any of those (again, fine, shit happens). She says the repair should be done in time for us to check in.
Day of we message her several times, she says they are working on it in the afternoon and it should hopefully be done in time, then refuses to give us updates for hours. We arrive in town, show up to the property to find it completely vacant. No workers, no cleaners, etc. my friend pulls up Airbnb to possibly find an alternate host and noticed the property we are booked at has an active listing for our dates at 2x the price!. When called out on it the host claimed it was a “glitch with Airbnb”. She then offered to “modify the reservation” and put as at another one of her properties (albeit much smaller and way further from our event). My friend accepted the modification because well, at least it’s a place to stay and otherwise we’re literally homeless for the weekend (all the other hotels and airbnbs are booked due to the festival). While she’s waiting for confirmation, I pull out my phone and notice that our Airbnb is still relisted for double the price.
I put in a reservation request and asked the host if it would be available for immediate check-in. She responded yes in about 15 minutes while still ghosting my friend on details about the other Airbnb. Within a half hour we had the code to the original Airbnb on my account before the host had even sent the details to my friend for her “reaccomodation”. We mentioned nothing to the host about this since she had already lied to us multiple times and we were afraid she would try to kick us out mid stay and we’d already missed half the day of music dealing with this nonsense. My friend was able to cancel her original reservation (although not without a huge fight with the host about it).
We checked in to the original property and it was, frankly, a dump. The TV was broken, most of the furniture was stained, towels that had literal shit stains on them, the porch was missing half the railing, exposed electrical in the bathroom. On top of all this, there were zero signs the bathroom door had been replaced. There was soap scum on it. There were no boot prints. The caulk was dry and hard as a rock. There were no discarded glass protective plastic or other signs of construction. Again, because this host had already proven herself to be untrustworthy and somewhat hostile, we catalogued everything but did not report it at the time, fearing retribution from the host.
At check out, I sent detailed screenshots of all of this to Airbnb along with the major issues (including safety issues) that the property had. Today they said there was nothing they could do because I “didn’t give the host a chance to fix it while we were there”
  1. I’m not sure how we could’ve had the host fix the pricing issue when she already lied about it and that is something that should be doable after the fact
  2. What was she going to do, get a construction crew out there on Memorial Day weekend to rebuild the porch?
  3. The other issues were blatant and gross but not the reason I’m requesting a partial refund.
All I want is the price difference between what she let us book at and the fraudulent second listing price. I’m at my whit’s end as to how to escalate it because Airbnb support won’t respond at all regarding the pricing/fraud issue, only saying “we’ll we can’t refund you for a broken tv after the fact”.
I don’t really care about the TV or porch or electrical. those issues were icing on the cake and I just wanted Airbnb to be aware that they have a listing with code violating safety issues.
Any advice on how to escalate from here? I’m fine with getting the price difference back and calling it a day. I would be fine with the host getting in trouble with Airbnb for it but no refund. I would be fine with the property being delisted until repairs are made (it is still available for booking today).
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2023.06.03 00:39 LazerFace1221 car update issue

I bought a car today, and traded in my old one. When I went to add it to my Uber account,it says it won’t be approved until I can get an inspection, but I wanted to work this weekend. I know if I were doing regular Uber with passengers I could never get away with using a different car for a couple of days, but with Uber eats I think I probably can, right? Do customers even see what kind of car I’m supposed to be in? Or is this a risk I shouldn’t take, in case a Karen wants to complain that I’m in a silver Honda instead of a black Kia?
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2023.06.03 00:39 photopchelp Looking for a small vehicle with good cargo capacity and front seat comfort

I'm looking for what might be a contradiction: a small, comfortable, cargo-oriented vehicle.
My wife and I go on a lot of road trips. Right now we drive a beat up 2008 Sienna XLE with all the rear seats folded down or removed, which we love because it's super easy to load up for road trips: the dog crate can go alongside suitcases and groceries no problem. In a pinch my wife can easily climb into the back to grab something from a bag or give the dog some water while I pull over. And the front seats are electronically adjustable and pretty comfortable. We also like the AWD because we do a lot of snowy mountain driving.
We have the funds now to upgrade vehicles. We're also moving to a city and don't want to be the people parking a giant vehicle on the street. We want something smallish and very comfortable with enough cargo room for a decent-sized dog crate, bags, etc in the main cabin. We would also want AWD, strong lane keeping, blind spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise. Budget could go as high as 55k but ideally would be closer to 30 (or even maybe the Soul if people like it).
A hatchback or station wagon is preferable to an SUV because we like to load things onto the roof and my wife is 5' 2".
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2023.06.03 00:38 skifans Milan to Tirano disruption this summer - affects Bernina Express passengers continuing to Italy

The Bernina Pass is one of the most stunning rail routes in Europe - and a popular option for people interrailing. Lots of people continue beyond Tirano to Italy - and there are unfortunately 2 separate causes of disruptions on the Milan to Tirano route this summer affecting anyone thinking of doing that.
Firstly pre-planned engineering work has closed the line between between Tirano and Sondrio from 11th June to 10th September 2023 - with that section being replaced by buses.
Secondly on the 19th May 2023 a landslide on a different section of the same line as closed the line between Lierna & Bellano. A replacement bus is running non stop between Lecco and Colico - the reason for using these further out stations is so that the bus can stick to the highway rather than going down the local lakeshore roads. The smaller villages between Lierna & Bellano are being served by a replacement boat service. At the moment there is no public date for how long this will last.
Interrail passes are accepted on all the replacement buses and ferries but if using a mobile pass you may need to add them manually.
If you want to travel this route (the Bernina Pass is stunning!) you will therefore need to:
Get a train from Milan to Lecco. Then a bus from Lecco to Colico. A 2nd train from Colico to Sondrio. Then a 2nd bus from Sondrio to Tirano. (or the reverse in the other direction).
As well as the extra faff this will add about an extra 30-45 minutes heading South (Tirano -> Milan) to the end to/end journey times, and 60+ minutes heading North. Particularly if you are heading North and have a reservation in one of the panoramic carriages rather then using local trains you will need to leave Milan earlier. If have seat reservations beyond Milan that day make sure you will have enough time.
The times for the replacement buses from Tirano to Sondrio are available in the Trenord journey planner at:
More information on the landslide is at: and the times of the replacement buses/ferries can be found at:
At the moment Rail Planner is not showing any service after the 10th June across the whole route - this is incorrect - check both pages on the Trenord website.
Alternatively there are some other routes from Tirano into Italy to consider - these will likley add just as much extra time (and probably more) but it depends on your specific journey - and might be worth considering if you are mostly after a scenic ride through the alps:
There is a bus from Tirano to Lugano. Unusually this is included in interrail though you need a seat reservation. The bus leaves Tirano at 1420 reaching Lugano at 1730. In the other direction it leaves Lugano at 1000 reaching Tirano at 1300. This bus will show in the Rail Planner app for adding to an electronic pass but you must search to/from "Tirano Stazione Bus" rather than "Tirano". This bus does not run year round (and in the shoulder season does not run every day) but is running daily until 22nd October 2023. There is more information at:
Seat reservations for the bus cannot be bought through the Interrail Reservation Service but can be bought through by following these steps: Note that is is very popular - most June departures are already full. With most July departures only having a handful of seats left.
From Lugano regular trains run to Milan.
Another option is to get the local bus from Tirano to Edolo - these are not included in interrail and you will need to buy a seperate ticket. Buses leave Tirano at 0840, 1040 and 1240 taking 65 minutes. In the other direction buses leave Edolo at 0915, 1115, 1515 and 1715. There is no service on Sunday. You can check times at (route A061) or on Google Maps. From Edolo trains run approximately every 2 hours to Brescia. Until late July this line is also replaced by buses between Breno and Edolo. However from 30th July direct through trains will largely return. Again check times from Edolo to Brescia at: - this can be a good option if you are heading more to the North East of Italy (eg Verona, Venice).
Or you could get the ferry from Colico to Como - (the current timetable is only valid until 4th June - hopefully a new one will appear imminently) - there are a few departures a day but journey times vary wildly depending on the number of intermediate stops. Once you arrive into Como it is about a 1km walk to the main San Giovanni station for fast trains to Milan - or the smaller Nord Lago station is about a 500m walk. The ferry is not included in interrail and you would still need to get the replacement bus from Tirano to Sondrio.
A final suggestion is to use local bus 811 between Zernez and Mals railway stations. This avoids the Bernina pass but still gives you a nice scenic right through the heart of the alps. More information on the bus is at - note that the 0934 and 1134 departures from Zernez require advance booking. As do groups of more than 10 on all departures. This can be made through that link. Times can also be found on Google Maps. The bus is not included in interrail - and nor are the Südtirolmobil trains which serve Mals. Once you reach Meran you can switch to Trenitalia and use your pass. Note though the engineering works are also affecting the Südtirolmobil line from Mals to Meran leading to replacement buses over varying parts of it:
And you can of course get one of the direct Zurich/elsewhere in Switzerland to Milan high speed trains - still scenic but not as much as heading right up into the alps! If you can and have the time I do still strongly think it is worth going over the Bernina pass and not trying to discourage anyone from doing so - more just trying to make sure no one gets an unpleasant surprise.
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2023.06.03 00:38 Ooottafv Connecting USB Shields

I am designing a little ARM single-board-computer which has USB power + debug through a USB-C plug (device), as well as two USB-A ports (host), and I'm trying to decide what to do with the shield of the USB ports. As far as I can tell from a casual Google, the shield should be connected to earth ground, but this device is just a development board, so it probably won't have a chassis.
Should I connect the shields to the 0V (GND) rail? If I connect both the USB-A (host) ports, and the USB-C (device) port shields to GND is there any potential problem if I plug in, say, a powered HDD or something? Should I not connect the shields at all or leave them floating? Should I add an extra EARTH layer to the board? Is there a standard?
Thanks for any advice.
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2023.06.03 00:37 Aurelene-Rose [Recommendation] I am loving June Peach

[Recommendation] I am loving June Peach
So yes, stories like Another Typical Fantasy Romance get a lot of attention for good communication, and rightfully so... But I am not sure I've ever seen such a realistic portrayal of what "bad communication" can look like in a relationship. Usually it's dramatic misunderstandings that leave the reader banging their head begging the main couple to just say the painfully obvious things! I don't usually ACTUALLY relate!
So let me sell you on this story (at least up to where I'm at)! I am only on Chapter 30 but so far this one has been a ride. The beginning was very generic regressor story with all the usual "okay so she's lived 3 lives now so she's like 60??" kind of questions and uncomfortable realities that most OI just kind of brush over. Then it confronts or addresses most of those questions, while leaving some for a bit of mystery later.
Then you get the fluffy simping/falling in love, the stereotypical nice OI that feels good but doesn't have a lot of depth with a vaguely mysterious possibly yandere ML... Then some things happen and you get a look at their married life and it turns out, there's an in-between area in the middle of "marriage is perfect let's have inevitable twins" and "why are we supposed to find this clearly abusive relationship as cute?". Love didn't carry them, they have conflicting personalities and kind of crappy communication and arguments that don't escalate to abuse but still hurt. He can come off as needlessly aggressive and reactive, which understandable upsets her... Meanwhile, she is so uncomfortable with "fighting" that she rushes him into making up while he's still processing his feelings.
I've seen enough spoilers to believe that at the very least, things don't go completely off the rails horrible later. But as a person who is tired of cardboard cutout characters that are embodiments of tropes more than they seem like they could actually be people I would encounter, I was really impressed with this one. It did NOT seem like it was going that way at the start, and I hope I'm not getting ahead of myself when there's still plenty of story to go.
But yeah, here's my recommendation for June Peach for those who haven't read it and are looking for a new OI to try or for anybody who started it but didn't give it long before dropping it.. Let's hope I don't have to erase this post later after I finish it....
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2023.06.03 00:37 mb1552 Has anyone here sold their Type R (or another enthusiast car). Need advice on best course of action.

Has anyone here sold their Type R (or another enthusiast car). Need advice on best course of action.
Was wondering what you guys thought on the ability to privately sell my 2019 Civic Type R with 30k miles on it. I love it, but I've decided it's time to start getting my social security checks and get a Lexus ES350...
Since this is an enthusiast car, do you have any advice? I can obviously list it on FB Marketplace, but I'm in a pretty rural area so I don't know if people will bite. Do you go to car forums? Reddit? Carmax/Carvana? How much will I lose on a trade in... should I do it at a Honda dealership for cash?
I got all my service records, have taken good care of the car, no mods, never tracked it, have the OEM wheels with 1 year of driving on it, have brand new cover mats, everything you'd want out of the car... I just don't know if I can find a private buyer in my area.
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2023.06.03 00:34 LibertyState What home insurance limits to use for condo townhouse?

It is my first time purchasing a condo townhouse as an investment/rental property, and was presented with the following default options. House cost is 455k (2hr from toronto), condo fee 300/mo, size 1500sqft.

-Rebuild/replacement cost: 300k (and guarantee replacement cost if condo corp doesn't wanna rebuild after a covered damage)
-Condo loss assessment: 25k
-Water backup/water damage: 50k
-Liability: 1m
-Landlord belongings: 10k
-Deductible: 1k
-The house is 1500sqft, endunit townhouse. The condo corp has liability and rebuild insurance for common areas. The basement is 1/3rd finished (rec room) and rest is unfinished so not much for water leaks to damage, unless water backs up into upstairs or through the roof.
-Condo corp in good standing, 200k reserve fund.

Should I adjust/tweak anything, or are those enough? Is 300k actually enough to rebuild anything in case of say fire? Is water damage coverage enough in case of a flood/backup etc? Thanks
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2023.06.03 00:34 Kritt33 I guess I won’t play Odyssey and Valhalla

I just finished origins less then an hour ago and knew that the next game, odyssey was on game pass so I start downloading it and looking up some reviews. I wasnt on board with the whole rpg aspect at first but but I like the genre, even if it goes against the whole synchronization lore. It’s the earliest AC game, if they want to make it like a fairy tale I think they have the creative freedom to make some of the mythic beasts and stuff. The one problem that made me stop the download was the canon discrepancy. I was minor spoiled for the Valhalla DLC and I’m really annoyed they made a canon of a player choice game. What’s the point of giving me choice if you will take it away? That’s rule one of choice rpgs! I get it was because of the whole sexism with Ubisoft thing (I’ve been hearing that for over a decade now) to not just have a female protagonist but they could have just Not Did That in Valhalla and we would have been fine.
Assassins creed Mirage looks like a return to formula so I’m putting my eggs in that basket. Also a bit sad they never followed up on bayek sequel, there was definitely some potential there.
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2023.06.03 00:33 SoapEatingDisorder Buying my first car for under 8K in New Zealand?

Buying my first car for under 8K in New Zealand?
Hi, I am looking to buy my first car with a budget of 8K. I’d like some help on how the market for used cars in NZ is like.
Requirements: Sedan, 4 Star safety rating or above, cheap to maintain, relatively low mileage. It will be my daily driver for work & study.
I’ve looked at a few 2009 Mazda 3/Axela Sedans and Mazda 6/Atenza for $7,500 (around 150km) and thought it might be a bit overpriced.
I’ve also looked at a few 2006 Honda Accords that I’ve been considering, and one of which was $8,700 (around 90km).
I am unsure if these prices are reasonable, but I think it is a bit high, especially for the accord. I quite like the look/feel of these two models, but please give me recommendations or advice. Thanks.
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2023.06.03 00:33 pendejis Blonde milf pays for car repairment by using dildos on the bisexual and getting railed by the worker

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2023.06.03 00:32 v_perjorative Bent rim

So I've managed to bend the rim on my rear wheel (roof mount bike rack, support arm failed, wheels strapped to the rail). There's about 10mm variation either side of the mean. I've been told I should straighten the rim before working on the spoke tension. What's the best way to do this? My current plan is to use the vice on a wire working bench (plus a couple of planks) to squeeze it back into position. It's this a good idea?
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2023.06.03 00:32 SoapEatingDisorder Buying my first car for under 8K?

Hi, I am looking to buy my first car with a budget of 8K. I’d like some help on how the market for used cars in NZ is like.
Requirements: Sedan, 4 Star safety rating or above, cheap to maintain, relatively low mileage. It will be my daily driver for work & study.
I’ve looked at a few 2009 Mazda 3/Axela Sedans and Mazda 6/Atenza for $7,500 (around 150km) and thought it might be a bit overpriced.
I’ve also looked at a few 2006 Honda Accords that I’ve been considering, and one of which was $8,700 (around 90km).
I am unsure if these prices are reasonable, but I think it is a bit high, especially for the accord. I quite like the look/feel of these two models, but please give me recommendations or advice. Thanks.
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2023.06.03 00:31 EitherConnection9974 I don't agree with modern Yugioh

I was really happy after I finished my Endymion deck (it still needs refinement is not "done" but its playable) but then after playing with actual people I just saw what this game has become with the passing years and I just don't agree with the game and it's direction, modern Yugioh feels wrong.
I think Master Duel as a platform is great and the f2p experience is very decent so this is not really a complain about the app but the game this app is representing which is Yugioh.
But overall the issues I have as a returning Yugioh player is:
Modern Yugioh feels like you were in a boxing match and instead of trading blows back and forward untill someone wins is as if the boxers had a Rope and handcufs and tried their best to tie the other one first and then when one of them is completely tied then now proceeds to fuck him up and win. Its some coward stuff seriously.
I just don't feel the same satisfaction of playing when I played the old DS WC games or even old IRL Yugioh, I feel like the game just changed too much and made it just not fun anymore, no wonder many people prefer other card games even if they lack the complexity of Yugioh they are fun at least and old Yugioh was complex and it didn't needed all of this new stuff that I listed.
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